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Bottom Bear

Bottom Bear



This is a work of fiction that involves consensual sex between adult males. If such offends you or if it is illegal for you to read such subject matter, leave now. No actual events or real people are portrayed. Safe sexual practices are not used but remember, this is fiction. In real life, get tested and play safe.

Copyright, 2008. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced by any means, electronic or otherwise, without express permission of the author.

Sure, have a seat. I'm Fuzzy. Heh, well, yeah; that, too but I meant my name... Fuzzy. My parents called me James Allen but everyone calls me Fuzzy and no, I'm not a 'dirty young man'. Those rumors are lies, all lies! Heh. I do admit that the phrase “bend over, I'll drive” gets my motor runnin'. I just can't help it. I'm never happier than when a big ol' bear is pushing me into the mattress, his weight on me and his cock in me.

I'm a pocket bear, I guess. I was the runt of the litter, everyone in my family is tall-ish. Me, I'm 5'7”. I did inherit the family's broad shoulders. On them, it looks proportionate. On me, well, it makes me look like a little weight lifter. As a kid, I was nothing special, just small. When puberty struck (later for me than most) I noticed the little guy got a lot bigger when he was interested in something. I'm a grower, not a shower; so when he'd come out to play, you noticed. I sort of made made up for lost time by sprouting fur everywhere. My legs and butt have nice long soft hair all over but my chest, back, belly and forearms are pelted with sandy brown fur. I gave up trying shave away the three o'clock shadow years ago; I almost always have a full beard. I'm right at 220#, with a nice tummy. So, broad of shoulder and bubble of butt; oh, and furry of bod!

To make ends meet in college, I flipped burgers at the Commons. My boss called me the Ewok of the Grill; you know, from that third Star Wars movie. I hated the job but it had two advantages. It gave me priority in registration, since I had to be free from 11 to 2 Monday through Friday. That helped me get into some class sections that I would have had to scramble for or miss out on otherwise, and parking was a bitch on campus. I lived off campus, so parking was important. Commons workers had their own parking lot and parking stickers, so no long hikes. Woo fucking hoo,no?

I knew I was gay from an early age but I knew I was 'different' gay. Girlie things didn't interest me. I liked looking at guy's bodies and I loved watching sports; playing some, too. I didn't get too much play time because of my size. I liked tools and I loved cars. The few gay boys I knew of all acted like they were girls. Feh! Not interested.

So, being a late bloomer, I was really frustrated when it came to sex. I knew what I wanted way too long before I could do anything about it. When puberty finally kicked in and things began to work as intended, I went kinda wild. I'd do anything; if it involved cocks and asses, I was your man. I was lucky, I guess; no lasting damage.

First times? Oh, hell yeah, they're important. How was yours? Oh.... damn, I hate hearing that. Your first fuck is important, top or bottom. I was lucky. It was good, for us both.
Oh, you mean 'when'? It was the summer of '82, just before I went to college. He was this guy at work, summer job. We had kinda eyed each other but you know how it is, or was. You just kinda dance around the edges. I'd been real careful in high school and I guess I still was in 'careful' mode. We'd fallen into the habit of going to his place and knocking back a couple of beers after work. Remember getting carded? Heh. He had a brother who was 22 and he kept the fridge stocked.

Anyway, we were over at his place one day after work and he went in to take a leak. I was looking at his shelf of videos. He came out of the can and up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and hugged. Funny thing, I didn't startle, it just felt so damn good. He said his brother was gone for the weekend. I ended up spending the night.

Dan was taller than me, about your height. I'd call him a muscle cub now but who knew about bears then. Nice furry belly, short, thick cock; a beer can. You know, big tip and it didn't taper. You could tell he'd get larded up as he got older but right then, well.... HAWT! Nice padding. We did a whole lot of stuff; hugged a lot, kissed (my first time! and God but that felt great!), got naked. Couldn't keep our hands off each other. Finally got into bed; sucked each other off and even snowballed, belly fucked and came all over each other. Gave each other hand jobs in the shower; spooned most of the night and traded places. The next morning he woke me with his dick prodding my ass. “I want to fuck you.” he said. Well, you didn't have to ask me twice! I'd been hoping he would say those words all night.

We did it doggy style the first time. He had some lube but it wasn't enough. He tried to go in slow but I was nervous and tight and he just wasn't making much headway. We went into the kitchen, decided against corn oil... who wants to smell like a salad, right? Settled on Crisco... oh, stop snickering! He worked some into my butt and then slicked his meat. Man, that went in smooth! I don't think he got much friction but it was good for me. Just a touch of pain when that tip popped past my muscle ring. Of course, he didn't taper, so it was stretching all the way in. He pulled out to get his foot untangled from the covers and I felt really empty. When he came back in, it was a lot easier and felt... well, it felt like I had imagined it would and like nothing I ever thought it would; I was in bear heaven.

He didn't last all that long. Hell, young and horny and excited; but in about half an hour he wanted to do it again and that time he lasted. I really got into it, pushing back and raising up a bit to vary the angle. Neither one of us had much experience but we learned as we went along. At one point, once I was really open, he pulled out and wiped some of the grease off his dick. It was a whole lot better for us both then, a lot more friction and feeling. It really did feel like a fat sausage was up there. He didn't hit my prostate; he was too short or maybe my nut is in deeper... but when he shot, I could feel the heat of his cum. We both had a great time. I didn't tell him then it was my first time. But we did play a couple of times after that and the last time, before we both left for college, I did. Tell him, I mean. He got all pleased and sort of puffed up, I guess it was a feather in his cap. I didn't feel so good about Dan after that but we never saw each other again, so I guess it doesn't much matter. What does matter was that when we were playing he was considerate, he never rushed and always made sure I got off, too. He was a great kisser.

Oh, out the window? Yeah, I know what you mean! Kids! I mean, look at that one! Pull your pants up, you look stupid. What's with that? But, to be honest, in college I did go kinda wild. It was a lot easier to get together with gays there than it was back at home. I found I really liked hairy and stocky, smooth guys did nada for me and the skinny furry ones, were fun but didn't quite scratch the itch; if you know what I mean. Nuh-uh, give me a hairy linebacker and I was happy as a pig in shit. Yep, I really DID have a hairy linebacker. No, really. I did... honest! Dick (oh, hush!) was a tad shorter than the rest of the linebackers on the team. In the yearbook picture of the team, he's standing on tiptoes but he was a good player and I loved watching the games and practices. He really filled out a pair of jeans. Thick thighs and butt, thick middle and broad shoulders. Killer grin. NICE fur.

Anyway, this was after the season was over. They had lost in the first round of the playoffs, so he had some time to catch up on studying. We were in the same dorm, he was just down the hall. We'd chatted off and on and I had kept some beer for him a couple of times in the little fridge in my single room. His roomie was finished with finals early and had gone home for winter break. My last final was still two days away and Dick's was the same day. I'd quiz him on stuff and he'd do the same for me. In between bouts of studying, we'd wander up and down the halls, looking for someone to hang out with; there were fewer and fewer as finals week wound down. Finally, the night before our last finals, we realized we were the only ones left on our floor. First floor still had people and so did the third but ours was abandoned. We watched a little TV in his room and snacked on some brownies an aunt had sent him. We talked about how the team had done during the season and rehashed some bad calls by refs. It got really late; I got up to go and Dick said, “Aw, stay, man. Keep me company.”

Now, I really liked Dick. More than a few times, I had fantasized about seeing just how thick that fur was up close and if the bulge in his pants was more cock or more balls. I sat back down but Dick got up and went into the bathroom. I could hear him peeing and brushing his teeth. He came out and shucked off his jeans and tighty whities and took off his sweatshirt. Damn, that guy had a chest to die for; nice tan and lots of hair all over his chest and belly. You could tell he'd continue to grow more, little stray hairs on the shoulders and back, but he already had a more than adequate crop; and the cock! I think it was the most perfectly shaped cock I have ever seen. I didn't get to see it for that long, though. He pulled back the sheets and blanket and turned to me and asked if I wanted inside or outside.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I usually don't have any problem talking... stop snickering!... but this time I could barely croak out, “Inside.” I don't think I've removed clothes faster than I did that night. I got into bed, he turned out the light and crawled in.

Dorm beds were singles, so it was a bit tight. We had to touch, there was no way around it, but unlike some guys who would have tucked the sheet between us or leaned back as far as possible so's not to touch, Dick just cuddled right up and pulled the sheet and blanket over us. He put his great furry arm over me and was snoring in five minutes.

I hugged his arm to my chest and had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. My dick was so hard it ached; it almost touched the wall. Each time I shifted slightly to settle my head or arm, Dick would sigh or mumble something and readjust his body to accommodate mine. Finally, after a couple of hours, I figured, "What the hell, I'm here in his bed at his invite, spooned with him and he's hugging me tight against him. I really don't think he's going to pound me if I make a pass." So I moved my butt tentatively back against his crotch so we were touching everywhere. No response. I pressed harder, flexing my butt a bit. Dick grunted, pulled me tighter and resumed breathing in my ear; but his cock was definitely growing, poking my butt as he stiffened and he was leaking... big time. My ass was getting slimed with his precum.

I reflected on what I was going to do. Soon, one of us would have to move or Dick's dick would have no place to go. Suddenly, a voice whispered in my ear. Dick was awake. “Lift, buddy.” His left leg was nudging mine and his meaning was clear. I lifted my left leg and Dick's cock sprang up, leaving a thick smear of precum as it moved. Our hands hit as we both moved to position his meat. He laughed and moved his cock up and in against my pucker. I put my leg down and he sighed. “Don't tell anyone, OK?” I nodded and he just slowly moved in and out, lubed by his own precum. He must have gotten longer when he got harder, because as he slicked my butt, he was nosing in, too; and we were still on our sides. It was my turn to grunt as he penetrated.

“Want me to stop? I will, if...” he asked quietly. I shook my head and he worked the rest of the way in. Lodged deep, we lay there while he let his hands roam all over my furry body. “I like this,” he said, meaning my chest and belly fur. “You're back's hairy, too.” He hugged. I pushed back against him and spoke.

“You feel so good. So warm and hairy. You're not too big in me, you can move more if you want or I can roll on my belly...”

“Nah, this is good.” Dick continued the slow lazy pumping. Now, you might think that would be boring, and it can be; but in this case it was getting me hotter and hotter. The lining of my rectum was getting tender and very sensitive. I could feel every stroke all along the length of my tunnel as his meat moved in and out. It was lazy and erotic all at the same time. I couldn't move much, so he was doing all the work but he didn't seem to mind at all.

“I'm gonna shoot, buddy. Want me to pull out?” I shook my head and he drove in deep and unloaded in me. It had to have been a long time for him since he'd fucked; I thought he never would stop shooting. When he was done, he reached down and began jacking my drooling cock. On the fourth or fifth stroke, I clenched my butt tight on his cock and shot one of the bigger loads of my life. His hand filled with my seed and dripped out between his curled fingers. When I finished, he took his sticky hand and, instead of wiping it on the sheet or on my tummy, leaned back and wiped it on his own hairy belly, then pulled me back tight against him.

“Thanks, buddy. That was fucking great.” He sighed in my ear. “Sleep, now.” I thanked him and hugged his arm that was once again cradling my back against his chest. In two minutes we were both sleeping, stuck together.

I figured this was a one shot deal... that he'd deny it; and either never mention it again and behave just like before, or that he'd ignore me completely. Neither happened. We took our finals the next day and by the time I got back from mine he was packed and gone. On the bed in my room was an aluminum pan with the rest of the brownies and a note, 'See you in January', and that's what happened. Once or twice a week, there would be this soft knock on my door and I'd open it and Dick would slip in and give me a hug. “Sleepy?” he'd say and we'd crawl into bed. I got to know every inch of his body that year, both in the dark and in the light. His cock really was beautiful, perfectly shaped; not too thick, so it made deep throating him easy. He was cut, with a perfect pink helmet set on a perfect pink shaft; the tip just a little bigger that he shaft. I loved sucking him and he went quietly nuts when I'd use my tongue again on his tender cock shortly after he'd shot and, oh, he gave the best prostate massages with it. His thick linebacker body was great to lean against, warm and comfy.

I don't know what his roomie thought about his absences; probably that he was sneaking off to get laid in one of the co-ed dorms. Dick sort of exuded masculinity, so that wold be logical. Because of a jog in the hallway, my door wasn't directly visible from any of the other rooms at my end of the hall, so he could step out and walk down the hall and it would look like he was just returning after climbing the stairs. We'd play cards in his room, often with some of his football buddies or others from the floor; or just hang out, listening to music. I don't know how we managed but I don't think anyone ever realized we were asshole buddies.

The last year I was there, we roomed together the second semester. His roomie dropped out without any warning two weeks into the semester. Sharing the room with him saved me some money (shared was cheaper than a single), so I jumped on it when he asked if I was interested. Oddly, we never talked about his sexuality. I know he had had sex with girls before and that he dated them still. I presumed he had sex with them. He was good looking and had a great body and there were lots of girls on campus who made a career of dating the football team. We each had a bed in the room, of course; and by unspoken consent, we always roughed up both beds so it appeared that they were slept in equally and some nights, they were. I guess I assumed that when I moved in, we'd sleep together every night. It worked out that we did that maybe two or three nights a week. I would have loved more but he was content with that. We did sit and watch TV together a lot, me leaning against him or him with his head in my lap, hands idly stoking each other's bodies. Thinking back, we took a terrific chance with that. All someone would have had to do was come in without knocking and.... well, you know. It would have been really hard to be a gay football player then.

I graduated a year before Dick did. We talked a lot about getting together with each other over the summer and staying in touch. We exchanged some letters and I saw him in the Homecoming game the year after I graduated but somehow the getting together never happened. The last I heard, he was married with two kids and living in Colorado, working for a geology firm of some sort. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

Refill? Yeah, thanks, I will take one. Sugar, no cream. Thanks! Hey, you ever been camping? Ha! No, not that kind, I mean in a tent, out in the woods, silly. Ooh, careful, now, this is hot. Well, I was working for the bank by this time and there was this really hot bear in the mortgage department. Man, I wanted his bod so bad. Half the time I had a wet spot in my shorts from watching him. Big ol' bear of a guy. I mean BIG. Fat muscled butt, thick tree trunk legs, heavy belly, broad back.... big feet. He was a really nice guy, too. He was stubborn at work sometimes, dig his heals in and there was no shifting him but other than that, really nice; fun to chat with, lots of interests.

On day he asks me if I'd like to go camping with him. We'd been talking about vacation plans and what we had done as kids during the summer earlier that week. I said I'd love to and we started making plans. I made damned sure I had the same weeks off as he did and we settled on a week. We both had all out stuffed packed and ready days before our vacations started.

Vacation finally came and Terry (his name was Terry) picked me up at my place early Saturday morning. He helped me load up his van and we were off. We talked and sang along with the radio and stopped and had a big breakfast when we were half-way to the national park. We pulled into the ranger station parking area just at noon. Terry took care of the permit and left information as to where we would be hiking and when we would return. He paid a small fee to leave the van there. I unloaded the van and got his and my back packs checked over. I was carrying the food and ground rolls, Terry was carrying the small tent and cooking equipment. We shouldered the frames on and he adjusted mine and I his. We set off at a nice leisurely pace.

We were headed for a small lake about 3 miles from the developed camping area; 'developed' is a slight exaggeration. It was pretty spartan and that meant that there were fewer people likely to be there since it was just a couple of fire pits, a clearing and a picnic table or two. Plus, we were hiking up and away from that area. We talked as we walked, mostly about personal things, stuff we didn't talk about at work, including sex. Terry told me about having been married just out of high school and how that hadn't worked out; no kids, so an easy split. Some dates since, one serious girlfriend who had dumped him a few months ago for a trimmer guy, some sort of gym bunny. I stuck with general stuff but Terry laughed and said he knew I was gay, so it was OK to spill and I did, a bit. At least I told him about not having any steady boyfriend and not really looking for one at the moment; been there, done that, etc.

Anyway, we trudged on past the campground and reached the lake about four in the afternoon. It was hot; a clear bright summer day so we were both sweating. We slung off the backpacks and headed towards the lake. I started to strip and Terry did, too. I was surprised to see he didn't wear undies. I don't go commando but I think guys who do are hot. I think he had the furriest shoulders I've ever seen on a guy. Chest was thickly furred, too; so was his upper back. Oddly, his belly was pretty smooth with just a little trail to his crotch and his butt was almost hairless. His legs had some hair but nothing exceptional. His cock looked sort of average, not real thick, his bush was very thick but confined to just around his cock; you really couldn't see the base of his cock at all. Arms and backs of hands were hairy... mmmmm! MMMMM! Tasty!

I teased him about his thick shoulder fur, saying I could braid it for him. I caught him looking at me and smiling. “What?” I asked. He said he thought I was a hairy little fuck. Then he asked what I was waiting for as he walked to the edge of the lake. I trotted past him and walked a ways in and then dived; BIG mistake. The shallow water was warmish but the deeper water a few yards out was icy. There must have been a spring close by. I surfaced, gasping. Damn, it was cold.

Terry was standing waist-deep in water closer to the edge, laughing his ass off. “I didn't mean to jump right in! It ain't called Spring Lake for nothing!” He swam over to me and I splashed him with water for not telling me. That started a water fight. We horsed around for a bit, cooling off. The water wasn't so bad, once you got used to freezing your balls off. We paddled closer to the shore and I started a game of grab ass.

We tussled and suddenly Terry grabbed me and pulled me into a tight bear hug and kissed me. Not just kissed. Really kissed. Soft lips, almost drinking me in, tongue playing tag with mine. It lasted a long time. When we broke for air, we stood, our cocks jutting from under our bellies, panting a bit. I asked him if he wanted to make something of this and he asked me what I had in mind. “Set up the tent, unroll the sleeping bags and fuck like bunnies.” I said. Well, I always say 'in for a penny, in for a pound', ya know. We walked to the backpacks, my arm around his middle, his arm over my shoulders. We hurriedly set up the tent, not bothering to anchor it and unrolled the sleeping bags inside.

Terry laid down and some of his belly fat moved to his sides. I could see his uncut cock much better now, up and proud, tip oozing precum and foreskin not retracted fully. The hiking and the kissing had made me really horny. I usually like to play and have things last awhile, but I needed that meat inside me. I reached for my backpack just outside the tent flap and unzipped a side pocket where I'd put a tube of KY for 'just in case'. I know, I'm bad; so sue me. I worked a blob into my butt and squeezed some out onto his big paw so he could coat his cock.

I straddled him and slowly impaled myself on his fuckpole. He was bigger now and it was a bit of a surprise how thick he felt. Like me, he was a grower, not a shower. I thought I had all of him in me and stopped and looked at his face. “Why'd you stop?” he asked and put those big paws of his on my hips and pulled me down on him. All that hair at the base of his cock had concealed that he got quite a bit thicker at the base. Those last two inches were a real challenge. He grunted loud and so did I but I made it. I could feel that clump of hair against my asshole as I did a kind of hula on his dick. He was grinning and moaning as I worked up and down on his fuckpole. The more I did it, the easier it got and the happier he got. He bucked, I danced. Then he grabbed my hips again and held hard while he drove up in me. He shouted and flooded my ass with hot cum. I leaned back, getting him in as deep as he could go. I was jacking myself fast and hard, wanting to cum with him. I missed that but shot soon after. I hollered that I was gonna cum and he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, nodding, still buried deep in me. I aimed and managed to get one shot on his tongue, the rest landed on his belly and furry chest.

We stayed that way for a bit until he started to soften and slip out of me. He said I made a real nice hood ornament! I raised up, dribbling cum. We were really messy, between the two of our loads; so we headed back to the lake and rinsed off. We put jeans back on and made a proper camp; I gathered wood while Terry set up the stove and cooked. It was freeze dried chicken alfredo, not bad, actually. We sat across from each other and ate and drank a beer each. Terry insisted that I come over next to him and lean on him. “I'm more comfy than the ground,” he said. We sat that way, watching the stars come out. Later, we zipped our bags together and slept soundly, me cuddled in tight against his warm big belly, his arm across my chest, hairy and protective.

We spent the next five days roaming the area, alone. We met no one else and it was so peaceful, taking pictures, swimming naked in the lake, sunning buck; and, of course, fucking like bears in the woods. I wanted to try butt fuckin' him but his butt was really big and I couldn't get more than my tip in. Still, it felt good and we did that several times; Terry said it tickled real nice.

One night, he pulled me on his belly after I'd ridden him until he'd shot in me. His hands cupped my butt and he urged me to fuck his ample belly. I got kinda wild, really going at it, pumping away for all I was worth, yelling and growling. By this time, he could tell from my face when I was about to cum; and when I was really close, he held me tight against him, hugging and crooning in my ear. I whimpered and groaned as I shot my wad between us. “I love it when you shoot.” he said. “Your face gets all scrunched up and your eyes close up tight.” He started tickling me and that lead to us wrestling and rolling around. We nearly knocked the tent over and in the end, I got fucked again, doggy style. God, we had a great time!

Friday came and we broke camp. The big tube of KY was gone, my ass was happily sore and my tanks really empty. As we put the last of the gear in our backpacks, Terry came up behind me and hugged me, kissing me on the neck. He thanked me for the best vacation he'd had in years and rubbed his bristly face against the back of my neck. I could feel his cock straining against his pants, poking me in the butt. “One last time?” I asked.

He led me over to an old picnic table that sat at one side of the clearing. I unrolled one of the foam ground rolls and put it on the bench part. I got my knees on it and dropped my jeans and boxers, leaning on the tabletop with my arms. I heard Terry unzip and then I gasped as I felt his tongue giving my ass a workover; I hadn't expected that. We hadn't rimmed, so this was a real surprise. He got my asshole soaking wet with his spit, working it in with his tongue, making my butt all slick. He stood and eased all of himself into me. He hunched over me, putting his arms outside of mine, covering me with his big body. I could feel the blanket of his chest fur on my back and the warm softness of his belly against my lower back and butt. I could see his hairy arms and hands, holding mine and feel his hot breath on my neck.

He pumped slow and steady, only gradually picking up the pace. I tell you, I don't think I've enjoyed an outdoor fuck more than that one. There was just something about the rugged location and the contrast to his gentle breeding. It was great... I'll always remember that one. I think it was then that I realized I was kind of falling for this guy.

We got back to work and by Wednesday, he had a memo to report to the branch manager. Later, in the break room, he told me he was being transferred to the St. Paul branch, to head the mortgage department. It was the late 80's, and banks were starting to buy up each other and expand. It was a big step up for him and I sincerely congratulated him. I really was happy for him, but my disappointment must have shown. He told me not to worry, that we'd still go camping. We did, for seven years. Every spring, we'd email each other with our calendars and we'd put in for the same vacation times; those were great vacations. I asked him if he ever played with other guys or if he had a steady girl friend. He said no and that there were some 'possible' girls but nothing definite. “So its just a camping thing?” He smiled and hugged me, said that it was "just a me thing", that he only played with me. My heart sang, let me tell you. We met at a few corporate banking seminars, too; and always roomed together. We spent one Christmas together, too. His last.

What happened? Ah... well, you remember me saying Terry was stubborn at times? One night, he was heading home late and stopped to get beer at a QuickStop. Two young guys tried to mug him. They demanded the beer and his wallet. Now, Terry was big, so I guess he figured he could muscle his way out of it or that the guys would back off. He told them to fuck off and they stood their ground. Terry dug in his heels, got mad and shoved one to the ground and stomped off. He almost got away but the other guy pulled a gun and shot Terry; he died at the scene. I read later that they arrested the guys a few blocks away, thanks to the store owner calling the cops. Both guys were tweakin' hard.

A co-worker of Terry's called me to let me know, he knew we camped together and had started out at the same branch. He found my number on Terry's speed dial. Listen, I didn't mean to get all weepy on you there, shit happens and we move on. I missed him, though. A lot.

Ah, there's my hubby with the truck. Yeah... five years just last month. You got that right... he sure is a handsome fuck and a great bear! And let me tell you, that is the softest beard in the whole world when he.... or is that TMI? Heh. Anyway, I need to scoot. Listen, it was really good talking to you, too; and if you ever want to get together with us, give me a call or shoot me an email. Here's my number and addy. Sure, I'll take a hug. Bears love hugs, you know that, that's why they're called 'bear hugs'. Mmmmmm, oh, nice hug!! You must practice. Heehee. You take care, now.

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  1. Hot story:finding/having someone [long term] like the narrator of this tale is bliss! WOOF!!!