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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 5

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 5
Dwight Milton sat at his desk. It was Monday evening, he was officially off the clock at the station, and he would have left already… except… except what he was watching was INCREDIBLE! It had been recorded Saturday morning and he’d just got the opportunity to watch it now that the rest of the sheriff’s IT department had gone home for the night.

This! This is what Royce had wanted to record! He couldn’t believe his eyes and frankly he was hard as a rock watching it. He was so hard and leaking so much he knew he was going to have to dig out a pair of workout shorts he kept at his desk after he’d calmed down.

These werebears were right out of his fantasy world. He’d been introduced to the concept of humans that became bears as a pre-pubescent boy playing Chambers & Champions, his favorite quasi-medieval sword and sorcery RPG. It had, as he discovered masturbatory sex, fueled his homoerotic fantasies. That had led to the online werebear sex stories by a couple of guys who were apparently partners, and those REALLY got Dwight going.

Not having a husband or even a boyfriend, Dwight counted on his wanking sessions for release. Being a young man in his early twenties meant he had a LOT of sexual energy that needed releasing. This had lead him to fantasizing about some of his male coworkers, a natural since they were the real human beings he interacted with most often in his single life. Some made regular appearances. Erik Haraldsson, his big, beefy, red bushy-bearded coworker in IT was a serious favorite. Erik pushed all of his buttons; tall, nice belly, a goodly amount of muscular bulk leftover from college powerlifting, a nice round belly acquired from sitting at a desk and not working out enough, a great room brightening happy smile and gorgeous ice blue eyes to go with typical male pattern baldness. ‘It’s just such a damn shame Erik is straight’, thought Dwight for probably the 50,000th time as he rolled back the footage of the werebears fucking the man in the sling. Still, he was glad the gentle brute was passing those gorgeous red bear genes down to his three sons.

The other guy that featured in his fantasies was Royce Tobin, the man he’d do just about anything for because, when he admitted it to himself, he had a serious crush on him. He would never dare approach him. Royce… Royce had an air of authority that went beyond his badge. He was the kind of guy Dwight imagined that his parents would call ‘SIR’; and, sadly, was another straight fantasy man from what Dwight could tell. Strictly off limits. Royce had also been instrumental in getting Dwight his job, giving him glowing recommendations and personally vouching for him, so he sorta owed him.

But, oh what that thick, bushy salt and pepper moustache and afternoon stubble, those thick furry muscular arms and that tall, bulky, well-muscled body did for Dwight’s masturbation sessions! Being a thinner, shorter man, big bears made Dwight feel at once turned on, a little intimidated, AND secure all at the same time.

Lost in thought, viewing the video and trying to concentrate on not shooting a load in his pants, Dwight did not notice someone enter the lab and lock the door behind. He was viewing the tall white bear shoving his huge cock into the man in the sling while being fed cock from the other bears standing around when he said softly to himself, “Fuck! What I wouldn’t give to be fucked like that by a big ol’ daddy werebear!”

“Really?” a deep voice packed with masculine authority came from behind him.

Dwight almost jumped out of his skin with a yelped, “HOLY SHIT!” and pushed away from the desk, toppling his chair over and falling on the floor.

The deep-voiced man could not help himself, he broke into a fit of laughter. Dwight looked up to see that the man who had scared the living shit out of him was none other than Royce Tobin. For someone as large as he was, Tobin could apparently move as quietly as a cat when he wanted to.

At first Dwight was angry and then, seeing who it was became profoundly embarrassed and somewhat ashamed, as now Royce knew he was gay… and of course, there was the kinky aspect of this werebear fantasy.

Royce offered the smaller man his hand and helped him up and set his chair back on its casters.

“Now,” Royce said rubbing at his stubble, “You were saying something about what you wouldn’t give to be fucked by a big ol’ daddy werebear?”

Dwight’s face turned beet red and he looked down at his shoes.

Royce chuckled and put his big paw like hand on the side of Dwight’s face, lifting it up to so he could look Royce in the eye.

“I think you and I have quite a few things to talk about,” he said and slipped his big thumb into Dwight’s open mouth, grinning down at him. Dwight began to suck Royce’s thumb and grew stiff as he did so. “Yeah, that’s it boy,” he growled low as Dwight closed his eyes and took the thumb deeper into his mouth, “looks like I found myself a boy who is in desperate need of a daddy bear.”

Royce removed his thumb and, with the back of his hand, brushed Dwight’s smooth cheek. With that, Royce reached down and gave the younger man’s wet crotch a gentle squeeze eliciting a moan from him.

“Unzip your pants and show Daddy what you got, boy.”

Dwight looked toward the locked door and Royce said, “You got no need to worry, son. Daddy’s here! Even if the county sheriff himself were to walk through that door, I’d handle it. Now, open up those pants and show Daddy your cock,” Royce rumbled.

Without further hesitation, Dwight unzipped his pants and pulled his boxers down, freeing his erect cock. Royce whistled low.

“Damn, son! You got nothin’ to be ashamed of!” Royce said and smiled. “I think I want a taste of that cub meat!” And with that he knelt in front of the chair and swallowed Dwight’s cock to the root. Dwight moaned softly and cursed under his breath, gripping the arm rests of his chair. His eyes went out of focus for a moment with the extreme pleasure as Royce expertly worked his cock with his mouth, stopping occasionally to snake his tongue out around the ten inch member and lick his boy’s balls, sending shivers of pleasure through Dwight.

He’d never had sexual contact with anyone before, he was completely virginal; and now to have one of his fantasy men give him head brought him very close to cuming. As his eyes refocused, he saw the video of the werebears. It coming up on the part where the white grizzly started bucking hard and fast and shot his load into the man. He’d been on the edge of orgasm for more than an hour now and, seeing the grizzly shoot his load into the man, knowing what it would do to him, pushed him over the edge.

Dwight managed to get a, “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” out just before he shot into Royce’s mouth. Royce gulped down the first hot load of cub seed, it’s sweet, slightly bitter taste pleasing him, but held the other three or four shots in his mouth as he milked Dwight’s cock with his fist. The cub shook with the sensations of Royce’s tongue on his cock in post-orgasmic sensitivity.

Rising up from his kneeling position, Royce planted his lips on Dwight’s, opening the boy’s mouth with his big hand pinching the sides of his cheeks. He emptied Dwight’s own cum into his mouth, sharing it with him in a deep, rough kiss, rubbing his moustache over the young man’s smooth lips and scratching his chin with the stubble on his face.

The kiss lasted a good two or three minutes as he tongue wrestled with his boy. Finally they parted lips and Royce stood up straight, looking at his disheveled cub.

“So… you’re gay, and you like werebears too?” Royce asked.

“And… You’re gay… Sir?” Dwight asked.

“Have been all my life. Got three cubs at home and you can be my fourth.” Royce smiled and said, “But what I originally came here for was not to collect another cub, though that’s a happy accident. What I need, Son, is a bug in that big white bear’s office. I need more information on him and for that, I need your help again.”

Dwight smiled, “Anything you want… Sir!”

“Also, I need you to remove all the video you’ve recorded from the main server. I know you must have it seriously encrypted, but that’s not good enough. Transfer the feeds and storage to your home device, just like you did with mine. How long will that take, son?” Royce looked at Dwight as he spoke, and once again the word 'son', coming from Daddy, filled Dwight with excitement and warmth he’d never experienced before. It sent tingles from the back of his head down his spine and right to his cock.

“No more than half an hour... Daddy,” Dwight said as he started working at the keyboard. Moving behind Dwight, Royce began massaging his shoulders, watching as he quickly removed the files, rerouted the signals and ran a cleaning program on the system.

When he was done and had shut his PC off, Royce pulled Dwight into a kiss and said, “Do you have the wiretap and bug equipment available?”

“Yes, but I want to use the stuff I have at home. It’s better quality than what the department buys,” Dwight said with a smirk.

“Right. Well, then let’s go. I’ll follow you over, you can grab what you need and then we’ll drive over to the shop from there in my truck.”

“Then you’ll drop me off at home after?” Dwight asked, not daring to hope that Royce would want anything more.

“Well, if you want, I suppose. But your Daddy had something else in mind for the rest of the evening, something that might have you calling in sick tomorrow… and maybe the day after,” Royce said and grinned hungrily. “See, I’m taking a couple of days of vacation to spend some quality time with my boys and I was thinking you might want to join in on that; see if you, me and my boys are all a good fit together. Do you think you’ll be a good fit, Dwight?”

“I hope so, Sir. It’s something I’ve always wished for, to be a good son for a daddy. I will do my best.”

“I’m sure you will, son. Now let’s go. We’ve got some electronics to plant,” Royce said.

After grabbing some equipment at Dwight’s house they headed over to the paint and body shop. Royce parked a block away and headed over to the back side of the shop. The industrial area where the shop was located was almost completely deserted at this time of night, and no one witnessed Royce picking the padlock at the gate, entering and closing the gate and opening the back door of the shop. It was only twenty minutes later that they were finished planting the devices, locking up the door and gate and heading back to the truck. The phone was now bugged and micro camera with mic had been placed to give a full view of Ron’s office.

Back in the truck Dwight had something on his mind. “So, if I may ask, what’s the purpose of the surveillance?”

Royce smiled, pulling a cigar from his black leather vest pocket, beginning to trim it in preparation for smoking as he spoke. “Isn’t it obvious, son? I want to find out everything I can about werebears. You, better than anyone else I know, should understand that. I think you and I have the same desires, the same dreams about this. What would you want from these beautiful beasts? If you could have your fantasies fulfilled by them, what would you want? I think you can guess what I want.”

“So… you… you want to…” and Dwight paused, almost afraid to say it, almost afraid to admit to another his own appetites but managed to get it out, “you want to be one of them.” He quickly looked into Royce’s eyes for fear that he’d misinterpreted his meaning, expecting to be rebuked for the suggestion.

Instead Royce grinned from ear to ear, clamping the stogie in the right side of his mouth. “Yep! I want to BE one of them and I promise you, if you become my boy, you will be one of them too!” He said as he struck a match and began lighting his cigar. He rubbed his crotch as he drew on it, he was so very hard now, admitting his deepest desires to someone for the first time. Dwight smiled back at the daddy bear next to him.

“I would love to be your boy, Sir; and rewarding me with transformation… I would be forever grateful! There’s no way I could possibly repay you for such a gift.” Dwight was trembling with excitement and arousal.

Royce pulled deeply on his cigar, took it out of his mouth and blew on the ember and then replaced it and said, “Let’s not worry about repayment. A father does not expect to be repaid for what he does for his sons, except that they grow to be good, solid, men worthy of his admiration. But, if you want to make me happy,” Royce said, unzipping his jeans, freeing his thick cock, “I’m sure there are ways you can do that.” He pointed to his crotch.

Dwight, not wasting any time stuffed as much of his Daddy’s cock into his mouth as he could, gagging on it a little. Royce put his furry right paw on the back of his boy’s head as it bobbed up and down.

“Watch the teeth!” he said with a growled hiss, “Yeah… that’s it… gonna make you one of my cocksuckin’ cubs… then I’m gonna make you one of my cocksucking werebear cubs!” He began thrusting into Dwight’s throat. Dwight gagged several times and that just turned Royce on more. He watched as a security car drove by on the way to one of the other buildings. No one would disturb him and if they did, he’d flash his badge and tell them to ‘fuck off’. Thinking about how he was going to enact his plan, how he was going to change and in turn change his boys put him close to the edge quickly. Dwight, for a virgin, was a REALLY fast study. He was sucking almost as well as any of his other boys. He was a natural and Royce was sure he’d take to BDSM just as readily as his other sons had.

“You want my sperm boy?” Royce growled out, huffing on his cigar, filling the cab with smoke.

“Mmmmm, hmmm” Dwight responded, his throat milking and massaging his daddy’s cock.

“I didn’t hear that boy!” Royce barked.

“Sir, yes SIR, I need your sperm in me!” Dwight said, immediately diving back onto the huge cock.

“Yes you do! You NEED Daddy’s seed, you need to be fed by a big ol’ werebear Daddy and soon, Daddy’s gonna pump both of your hungry, greedy, ends full of werebear sperm!” Royce was so turned on now, seeing himself with his boys in a sling: captive, helpless, waiting to be bred by his big werebear cock. He saw himself as a grizzly, pounding their holes, reaching a roaring climax and flooding their young bodies with ursine strength and masculinity, bestowing on them the gift of transformation he could now give.

“Fuck!” Royce grunted and pushed Dwight’s head down with both hands until his cock was completely in him, down to the root. He held him there and rumbled around his cigar, “Daddy’s gonna fuckin’ cum! Eat it boy! Fuckin’ eat my werebear cum! Eat it all and don’t spill a drop of my thick sperm.”

His seed gushed into Dwight’s throat, his cock pulsed and swelled, gagging the boy a little; but the young man managed to swallow without spilling any. Shot after shot filled his mouth and he loved it! He loved servicing this beast of a man. It was strong and bitter in flavor, but it was nectar to him. It was Daddy’s essence, filling him. He accepted it into his body with pride, glad to be taking such a precious gift into his body. He felt honored that such a powerful, manly, virile bear would choose him to take his seed… to be his boy. He savored the taste and kept sucking.

Royce shuddered in pleasure and grunted as his new boy suckled. Outside of shooting, this was the best part of a good blow job, the loving service a boy willingly gave to his Daddy. He slowly grew soft and finally, pushed Dwight’s head from his crotch.

The young man sat up and Royce pulled him into a smoky kiss. He pulled on the cigar again, and then took it from his mouth and regarded it for a moment, it was half smoked now and some of the ash was in Dwight’s hair and on his shoulder.

“You know,” he said, “if you’re gonna be my boy, you’re gonna start smoking these, and pipes, right?”

“I understand and I look forward to that, Sir,” Dwight said, “I have always wanted a Daddy Bear to turn me into his cigar and pipe son.”

Royce reached over and pulled Dwight into another smoky kiss, feeding him a little of it. He broke the kiss and Dwight coughed a little. He was feeling a little dizzy from all the smoke in the cab but a little embarrassed that he’d just coughed too.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” He said sheepishly.

“Nonsense, you’re lungs aren’t used to it yet, but they will be soon enough. You’ll be my cigar and pipe cub, soon.” Royce said and patted his boy on the shoulder. “Now, do you want me to take you home, or do you want to come home with me?”

“Please take me home with you, Daddy, Sir! I want to be your son and cub.”

“Good!” Royce said, rolling down the windows as it had gotten a bit too smoky in the cab. “I’m thinking you’re going to be spending tomorrow and the next day with me, aren’t you?”

“If that’s what my Daddy wants, that is what will happen,” he said.

Royce started up the truck and pulled out onto the road, “That’s a good boy!” he said as he tossed the butt of his cigar out the window, headed home.