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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 6

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 6

Royce called home as he drove on his hands free device, there were some things he needed set up before he and Dwight arrived.

“Hello, this is the Tobin residence, Tyler Tobin speaking.”

“Hi, Son, what are your brothers doing?” Royce asked.

“Hi, Daddy! Uhhh, Robbie and Adam are playing GTA and I was just about to *YAWN* hit the hay, what do you need, Sir?” Tyler asked.

“Tell Robbie and Adam to turn off the video game and prepare my play den. I’m bringing someone over and I want you three to participate.” Royce said looking over at Dwight, brushing the back of his hand against his cheek as he spoke then moving down to the young man’s thigh, giving it a squeeze and a pat. Dwight's crotch began to swell. Royce smiled, and patted the thickening cock. Dwight sighed.

Until now, Dwight had never imagined Royce to be this… fatherly; he always seemed so brusque and imposing, which Dwight did admit to himself on more than one occasion rather turned him on. But this was a whole new dimension to the man. He’d explained that his boys were kids who’d been in trouble, gay kids with really no foundation, no place to call home and that he’d pretty much adopted and after they’d come to live with him. Robbie had been the first and as a show of his commitment to their Daddy/Son relationship had decided to legally change his last name to Tobin; something that had filled Royce with pride. And in their turn, his other sons had followed suit. Listening to the conversation between Daddy and Son, just now, one wouldn’t be able to tell that they weren’t blood related. They sounded genuine, not like some roles either of them had chosen to play.

“Awesome!” the excitement in Tyler’s voice was obvious. Tyler liked it when Royce brought friends over for play. “What configuration do you want Dad?”

“Beginner three, I think, though we might modify it a bit depending. You know the routine; lay out my leathers, an assortment of toys, poppers and some cigars from my humidor…”

“What brands and gauges?” Tyler interrupted.

“I’ll leave that up to you, Son. You know what Daddy likes, just nothing too long or too large a gauge tonight. That reminds me; have some coffee ready and the three of you should have some, get Adam on that while you and Robbie do the setup. We’re going to be up for at least the next three hours. Also, drag out the futons, pillows and blankets, we’re going to bear pile together in the living room afterward.” Royce mentally ticked off the items he wanted taken care of, and, satisfied, smiled at the competence his boy was showing.

“OK, about how long until you’re here?”

“We’re across town, probably about thirty minutes.

“Perfect! We should be done a few minutes before you hit the door.”

“OK Son, see you then.”

“Alright, love you Daddy!”

“Love you, too, Son.”

Royce hung up and looked over at Dwight and then fixed his eyes on the road again. “My boys and I play a little rough with each other, but it’s all done out of love. You being inexperienced, we’re going to break you in easy, but there will be some light pain, it’s just part of the territory, nothing serious. Do you think you can handle that, Son?”

Although part of Dwight's brain was occupied with lusty thoughts of servicing Royce and possibly his sons, part of his mind was wondering what he was getting himself into, but thought that if this man had three loyal sons who had been through the same things he was going to experience tonight, how could he hope to ever BE Royce’s fourth son if he couldn’t handle it?

“I will handle it, Sir. I will learn and accept what you give me without complaint,” Dwight said, and thought to himself, ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’.

Royce turned to look at Dwight again, a huge smile on his stubbly face, “You will make me a fine Son.”

They pulled into the driveway and at the door, big red bearded Robbie stood with two steaming mugs of coffee. Royce took one and gave his burly son a kiss. Robbie handed the other to Dwight.

“Come on in,” Royce gestured with his mug. Robbie moved into the living room and Dwight entered after Royce. The other boys were standing, waiting to be introduced. “Dwight, this is Robbie, my eldest, Tyler, my middle son, and Adam, my youngest. They shook hands all around, smiling and saying their hellos.

Then, addressing his three sons Royce said, “Dwight is here, because I’ve decided you three need another brother and I want to know if he’s going to work out.”

A slow grin crept across Robbie’s face, “I was wondering when I might get another little brother.”

Tyler smiled broadly, “We were just talking about that the other day.”

“Oh?” Royce asked.

“Yeah, we figured you might be looking.” Tyler said.

“Well you figured wrong, boys, because this was a rather sudden decision, but one I think will be good for all of us, don’t you think?” Royce asked.

Both Robbie and Tyler nodded, Adam looked down at his feet. To the older sons, another brother meant more opportunities for play and a redistribution of the household chores, making it easier on all of them. Adam, however, was not so sure. He still felt unsure of his position in the family, not so much with Royce, but with his 'brothers'. He timidly spoke up, “Does this mean I won’t be your bottom anymore?” He felt a little pang of jealousy, made sharper by the need to be reassured by Royce that he still had his accustomed place with him.

“Not at all, Adam! You’ll always be your Daddy’s bottom Cub.” He reached out and gave the boy a hug. “And I’m sure your brothers' bottom too. If I’m not mistaken about Dwight here, he’s a switch hitter like Tyler and Robbie, so don’t worry, you’ll have plenty cock to fill you.”

Adam smiled at Royce's warmly reassuring tone. “OK!” he said.

“Well good, that’s all settled! I’m glad my boys are happy about this. Now, drink up! You’ll need that coffee.”

They all drained their mugs.

“Now… let’s get naked!” Royce said, clapping his hands together and rubbing them vigorously.

They all stripped down to their skin, Dwight at first was a little self-conscious, but with encouragement from Royce and his sons, Dwight was soon touching and fondling in foreplay.

After some groping and kissing, Royce moved them into the gym/dungeon, downstairs.

Leather gear was handed out, and soon his boys were wearing harnesses, collars, arm bands and leather jock straps. Robbie donned his leather mask and began packing a pipe for himself.

Royce dressed in his policeman’s leather vest, black leather peaked cap, black leather gloves and chaps. He lit up cigar and gave it to Tyler then lit one for himself. Royce called Adam over and pointed to his cock. Adam immediately knelt and began licking his Daddy’s crotch.

“Robbie, get a jock for Dwight and put some cuffs on his… OH FUCK, take it easy boy, Daddy doesn’t wanna cum just yet,” Royce growled around his cigar. Adam began sucking less vigorously and Royce looked down and patted him on the head, “That’s a good boy. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, get some cuffs on his ankles and wrists and put a hood on him.”

Dwight silently held out his arms and Tyler and Robbie each puffed on their cigar and pipe as they concentrated on their task. When they were done, Royce ordered them to attach him to the St. Andrew’s cross and to bring daddy a pair of suede floggers and a leather covered paddle.  The floggers were a sure bet and the paddle might be used if he felt Dwight could handle it tonight and there was time for it. Probably not for a beginner, but he had been surprised with Adam; that boy LOVED a good spanking, even after he'd been flogged for longer than Royce had expected he'd last.

Royce pulled out of Adam’s mouth. He was rock hard.  He smiled down at his son and rubbed his precum leaking cockhead over Adam's moustache, squeezing a big glob into it, rubbing it in.  He then pulled Adam to his feet, taking the cigar from his mouth, and gave Adam a smoky kiss, licking some of his precum from Adam's moustache, sharing it with him.  

He patted Adam's rump and said, "Good Boy!  Now get me one of the smaller plugs and some lube, Son.” Adam went to the cabinet while Royce moved over to the now restrained Dwight.

He bent in close and whispered in Dwight’s left ear, "You're a sexy lil’ fucker," and the bass in his voice sent chills throughout Dwight’s body.

"Thank you, Daddy” Dwight said simply.

Royce began running his gloved hands all over Dwight’s back and bottom.

“OK son, this is your last chance to say no. You sure you want to be my boy? Because if after taking your virginity tonight, I want to keep you, it means you’re gonna have to do what Daddy says, from now on. I fully expect you to move in here with me and your brothers, to do your share of chores and to pay into the upkeep of the house. I also expect you to be ready for sex when I or your brothers want it. I expect your mouth and ass to be ready to take my cock without hesitation. I expect that if you are awoken in the night by me rolling you on your belly that you will raise your ass up for me to fuck. Do you understand?” The last sentence was said with a lower growl in Royce's voice and the rumble sent another chill through Dwight's body. His cock jerked.

“Yes Sir, Dwight said, I understand completely, and I agree... without reservation.” Dwight replied, sounding as confident as he could.

“Good boy! Right answer, as I had predicted.”

“My Sons? Are you prepared to accept Dwight as your brother, should I decide to keep him?”

The three answered in unanimity, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Well then, now it’s time for the hood.” Royce put the leather hood over his new son’s head and then said, “Robbie, Tyler, open Dwight’s hole up and lube him well. When he’s opened up, Adam, put the plug in him, then I can begin.”

Robbie began. He lubed his fingers. He inserting a thick finger, Dwight grunted in pain. Robbie took his finger out and Tyler drizzled more lube on Robbie’s fingers. He then rubbed two fingers against Dwight’s pucker. “Thanks, man. You ready to get in here?” Robbie asked and puffed on his pipe.

“Yeah, just let me put some more in his crack.” Tyler squeezed out more of the Rifle Grease.

Robbie began making circles with his fingers; Dwight gasped at the sensation. Then Tyler slowly inserted a finger between Robbie’s two fingers. They both began gently pulling his hole open, Robbie pulled left and Tyler pulled right. Soon, Tyler had another finger in and Dwight’s hole was almost ready. They kept at it, waiting their daddy's word on when to stop.

Royce watched his sons and after he determined Dwight was open enough, he told Adam to put the plug in. This model came with a silicone cock and ball ring attached by a strap.

Robbie and Tyler held the grunting Dwight open as Adam began pushing the plug into his ass. The brothers slowly removed their fingers as more of the plug was pushed in. Eventually, Adam pushed the widest part past Dwight’s anal ring and it was in. His ass closed around the end of it and it was in place, training Dwight’s hole to accept something in it. Adam then stretched the strap for the cock and ball ring so that it lay flat against his perineum and stretched the larger ring around Dwight’s cock and balls, and the attached smaller ring around his rigid cock.

“OK, Boys, I’ll take it from here. Entertain yourselves while I go to work, but don't shoot so much you're empty when I'm ready to cum or I’ll lock your cocks up for a month! I want you to save some back for the finale,” Royce said and picked up the floggers. “If this gets to be too much for you, if something is unbearably painful, you are to use your safe word and I will back off. You’re familiar with this, right?” Dwight nodded. “Good, now pick one and tell it to me, son.”

Dwight thought for a moment and then said, “Cerulean”

Royce chuckled, “Interesting choice.” He pulled on his cigar and looked over at his boys who were already spit roasting Adam.

Royce began lightly flogging Dwight rhythmically with both arms, drawing deeply on his cigar as he worked.  It was a soothing, exercise for him and he moved into his Zen state, alternating between Dwight's upper back, his shoulders and his thighs and buttocks.  He payed very close attention to the boy's responses, this was about altering his state of mind, not inflicting damage. He warmed Dwight's skin up with the leather, turning his smooth skin pink. Dwight tried his best to keep still, but he sometimes winced with the repeated strokes of the floggers. He squirmed some, trying to give his rigid cock some room to swell more. Each of these movements cause the plug in his butt to move, which in turn rubbed on his prostate and made his straining cock jerk and twitch all the more. The combination of sensations, the pleasure from his prostate, the need of his erection and the warmth and pain from his back and backside was retraining his brain to associate these sensations with sexual arousal and desire.

Royce began ramping up the force, hitting Dwight a little harder. He wouldn’t raise welts but he’d make sure his new boy would get a good working over.  Next time he'd use a vibrating plug he could program for intermittent pulses or continual vibration while flogging Dwight; but that would be next time and Royce was confident there would be a next time by his reactions to this session. All in all Dwight took it well, and after about a half hour Royce figured he’d done enough flogging for the young man’s first time.

Royce walked up and began running his gloved hands over the hot flesh, sending chills through Dwight’s body. "Good." he grunts, bowing his head to Dwight’s upper back, gently licking a shoulder to taste the sweat and feel the warmth of the now flushed, red skin. Replacing the stub of his cigar in his mouth he reached down and around the captive’s body, taking his son's long rigid cock in his hand, squeezing out some of the precum onto his glove, lifting it to his mouth to taste his boy's nectar. “So you like submitting to Daddy, don’t you?  You like being dominated by your powerful Daddy, don't you?”

“Yes Sir! Thank you. Daddy!” He answered in his hood

He squeezed Dwight’s cock hard, feeling its rock hard firmness, giving it a stroke, as he said it. Dwight bucked as Royce rubbed his chest and played with his nipples with gloved hands; slowly and yet more roughly than Dwight expected, simultaneously squeezing Dwight’s balls, not hard enough to make him feel ill, but firmly enough so that he felt a little discomfort.

“Do you like what your Daddy is doing to you? Do you like how it makes you feel? Helpless, and completely under my control?” As he said the last, Royce squeezed a little harder to emphasize the word ‘control’.

“Yes Sir!” Dwight cried out and Royce relaxed his grip and began fondling Dwight’s balls, rolling them around in his paw.

“Giving yourself to me, without hesitation is the sweetest of gifts. My boys have all given themselves to me, unconditionally; the trust, the devotion, the love. It is a beautiful bond between a daddy and his son. I assure you, that gift will be repaid in full and more,” Royce growled and, then in a whisper in his ear to make sure his preoccupied sons would not hear, said, “When I become the bear, after I change the first time, I will fill you with my seed. I will make you my fourth werebear son, after I have bred your brothers. You will witness their breeding; you will watch me change form and fill them with my sperm. It will be a special treat for you, for keeping our secret. There will be pleasure for you letting the anticipation build as you watch them being bred, knowing that will soon be happening to you.”

“Thank you Daddy.” Dwight said low so only Royce could hear. “Thank you for making me your son and thank you for what you will change me into.”

Just then Tyler, furiously pumping his thick cock in and out of Adam’s ass, exploded in a roar. He cursed a streak around his stub of a cigar as he shot loads into his younger brother. Robbie was encouraging him as Adam sucked his cock.

“Sounds like your brothers are almost ready to join us over here.” Royce said.

Within a minute Robbie shot his load down Adam’s throat, feeding the youngest his thick, sticky seed. After they’d had a chance to recover and help Adam up, kissing him and hugging him, Royce had the three take Dwight down off the cross and move and bind him to the fuck bench, adjusting it so that his hole was at the proper height for daddy to fuck. He then had them begin rubbing his warmed skin down with cloths dipped in ice water.

At first the sensation made Dwight jump, but soon it was soothing and comforting as they calmed his angry skin.

Dwight's cock was at full attention, drooling precum. The boys moved another short, padded adjustable bench beneath the fuck bench so that Adam could lie on it with his head beneath Dwight’s crotch. Adam could then easily take Dwight’s cock into his mouth and began sucking on it, tasting his clear nectar. Dwight moaned in pleasure.

Royce moved his furry body over the top of Dwight, rubbing his smooth, much more sensitive skin with his pelt and said, “I want you to concentrate on not cumming until I tell you to. Adam is very good at reading how close a man is to cumming, but you’re new to him, so, if you’re getting close I want you to let me know and I’ll have him back off. I want you properly edged. Now, what was your safe word again?”

“Cerulean, Sir.” Dwight answered.

“Good boy!” Royce said and smacked Dwight’s right thigh hard.

Royce lay on top of Dwight, pressing his weight down on him, kissing his neck, nibbling on his ears. He, then raised up and removed the plug from his boy’s ass, getting assistance from Robbie to detach it from the cock and ball rings and applying extra lube to Dwight’s stretched ass and Royce’s cock.

He nestled his thick, hard-as-steel pole into his crack. Rubbing back and forth to spread the lube all over Dwight's crack, pushing his head against Dwight’s hole, he tested its receptiveness. He rubbed his thick, stiff, hairy nipples against Dwight’s back, growling with pleasure at the sensation.

“Tyler, rim me.” Royce said and Tyler stepped over Adam, who was still gently suckling Dwight’s cock. Without a word Adam reached up and began fondling Tyler’s cock. Tyler then began to lick and nibble, rubbing his beard against Royce's ass as he began tongue fucking his daddy’s hole.

Royce moaned in pleasure and then said, “Robbie, take this boy’s hood off and feed him your meat. He needs a little something to think about as he’s being sucked and fucked.” Robbie pulled up a stool, took the hood off and positioned his pelvis under Dwight’s head, filling his mouth with his cock.

Royce got right up to Dwight’s left ear, tickling it with his mustache and stubble, "Are you going to be a good boy for Daddy? You going to do what I say?" Royce asked.

Dwight pulled off Robbie’s cock and said, “Yes Sir.”

“Are you ready to lose your virginity to your Daddy? Ready for me to make you my son? Ready to take my meat deep inside you? Ready for my seed to fill your guts?”

“Yes Sir, Daddy, Sir!” Dwight said with a much more enthusiastic response and he realized in that moment he had always wanted to be dominated by a man like Royce, that he’d always wanted to give himself, his first time, to someone this powerful, this masculine, this furry.

“Robbie, give your new brother some poppers. He’s looser than he was, but this is not going to be easy.”

Robbie reached over to a nearby tray and grabbed a small bottle with a silver label.

"I’ll put that to the bottom of your nostrils. Inhale deeply." Robbie said, his voice a lighter growl than Royce's.

Dwight inhaled a few times on both sides, halfway through the second inhale, he felt a rush through his body he’d never felt before. Suddenly, Dwight wanted Daddy’s cock deep inside of him. He wanted to feel his amazing cock disappear in his guts over and over again, and he begged, "Please, Daddy, put your cock inside of me." Dwight was floating, his body tingling and warm all over.

"You want my meat, my seed, boy?" he rumbled in his deep bass and suddenly Dwight realized in this moment that Daddy was not just a man, but a beast waiting to find a way out of his human shell. A way he would soon achieve.

“Oh, YES, daddy!”

With that, Royce began to push into Dwight's still-tight hole. Grunting with the effort, he put his hands on Dwight's butt. Still a bit nervous in spite of his eagerness, Dwight involuntarily clinched his anus. “Boy, I know it's new and feels strange, but trust me. Daddy won't hurt you any more than is necessary, and pretty soon you'll be craving this. You trust me, boy?”

Dwight nodded, unable to speak with Robbie's cock in his mouth.

With that, Royce started a steady forward push, slow but relentless. Dwight nearly choked on Robbie's cock as he felt the ever-increasing invasion. Royce reveled in the heat and pressure on his meat as he continued his entry. He was hung a bit above average, still pretty wide, certainly not as big as Big Ron; but that would come. Yes, that would happen with the transformation to a werebear, he felt certain. In the meantime, the rush of taking Dwight's virginity was heady stuff, making him as hard as he had ever been. He was invading and claiming unmarked territory, changing this boy, making him a man. He felt his tip flare wide deep inside Dwight's tunnel. The whole wonderful feeling of fucking was amped up, both by the knowledge he was the first ever in Dwight's ass and by the anticipation of how he was going to, very soon now, achieve his life's dream. Then, it would be like taking the four of them as virgins, but in a different way as he changed them from man to bear. The thought really turned him on as did the sweet tickling of Tyler's beard, lips, and tongue on and in his pucker; it made things that much better.

Finally, lodged deep in Dwight's warm gut, he leaned forward and said, “OK, son, I am going to start pumping now, slow at first, then faster. You'll see what I mean about liking it when we really get going.” But before I do, I need you relaxed a little more. He instructed Robbie to give Dwight more poppers, Robbie giving Dwight two huffs in each nostril. After a few minutes, Royce slowly pulled out, then pushed back in. The second invasion went much easier, partly due to Dwight getting used to having a cock in him but mostly due to the poppers. Dwight resisted hardly at all, but was still not fully open. Royce focused on the sensations along the length of his shaft as he pushed in and pulled out repeatedly, how good the pressure against his tip as he popped back in each time felt, and how great it felt to bottom out and then deliberately tense to flare his tip before reversing his thrust.

Soon, he was picking up the pace, and not pulling completely out, staying at least part way in on each stroke. Dwight was sucking and tonguing Robbie's cock with growing fervor and expertise, causing Royce's first, and increasingly more dominant, son to growl in pleasure. Robbie would probably never be completely a top because he’d always need Daddy’s cock, but he was shaping up to be far more top than bottom, as was Tyler.

Meanwhile Adam, on the low platform under the raised fuck bench, was getting a fresh blob of Dwight's precum each time his Daddy rammed Dwight's prostate. The taste was sweet, and the musk from Dwight's increasingly sweaty crotch was getting to him. He worked Dwight's cock with every trick he'd practiced on his Daddy's meat over the years. He sucked and nibbled, he used his tongue to lap at Dwight's suspended balls, and he circled the ridge around the new boy's tip. He ran the tip of his tongue up and down the sensitive underside of the straining shaft, and then engulfed the whole thing in his mouth.

Tyler was keeping pace with his Daddy's movements as they picked up speed, fucking his Daddy's hole with his tongue on each backward thrust. He had his hands planted on Royce's butt cheeks, and his face buried in between them. He stopped every once in a while to catch his breath, then dove in again. The room reeked of poppers, sex and male sweat, a favorite mixture of all but Dwight, who was experiencing it here for the first time, though it reminded him of a locker room and the somewhat negative associations he had with that. He was sure, though, that given time this ‘locker room funk’ would become an incredibly powerful and erotic trigger scent. Grunts and moans filled the air almost as thickly as the musky scent.

Finally, Royce growled loudly, “I'm gonna cum! Take my seed, boy! Be my son!” Below him, Adam could see his Daddy's furry ball sack contract and tighten, bringing his balls up tight and close in preparation for ejaculation. Royce thrust forward, hard, and his calves and thighs tensed as he shot deep into Dwight. His legs shook with the force of his orgasm, and Dwight was actually able to feel the hot splash of his daddy's seed inside himself.

“Take my fuckin’ seed, boy! Fuck yeah! Fuckin’ breed my new boy’s ass! Makin’ him mine. Makin’ a real man outta him!” Royce growled it out in a raspy bass filled with power, male dominance and pride. Pride at being the first to breed him and pride that his son was taking it like a man! "Now shoot Son!  Cum in your brother's throat!  Feed him your seed." Royce growled, verbally pushing Dwight into orgasm.

Almost at the same instant that Royce was shooting his semen inside his new boy, Dwight was starting his own orgasm. Adam, from below, saw Dwight's scrotum tighten just after Royce's, and he knew what was coming. He began sucking harder on Dwight's cock and milking the shaft with his hand.  Royce's encouragement was the final push he needed to release. Adam was rewarded by a gush of hot, sweet protein. Dwight writhed in frustration, unable to touch himself or thrust as he wanted to, moaning around the thick cock moving in and out of his throat.  The rush of hot sperm into Adam set him off, he'd been edging since kneeling in front of Daddy during the set up and now, the musk and flavor of Dwight's seed caused Adam to shoot all over his chest and belly.  Moaned around the cock in his mouth, suckling the last drops from it.

At the head of the fuck bench, Robbie saw his Daddy throw back his head and roar “Take my fuckin’ seed, boy!” and surged forward own Dwight's throat. Having held himself in check long enough, he let go with his own flood of cum. He held Dwight's head tight against himself as he unloaded, skull fucking him like he’d been skull fucked by Daddy. Dwight struggled to swallow, but couldn't keep up with the gush of seed, and a good part of it flowed out of the corners of his mouth, into Robbie's thick red bush.

Tyler had been jacking himself as he was tongue-fucking his Daddy. When Royce began pumping cum into Dwight's ass, Tyler stood and shot all over Royce's ass, his sticky seed running down the back of Royce's butt and thighs, streaking the ample fur there with creamy white. Immediately he began cleaning his cum from his daddy’s sweat-matted furry ass and thighs.

There was stillness for a moment, broken only by the rasping breath of the four unbound men, and the frantic gulps of the bound one. After a bit, Royce withdrew his shrinking cock from Dwight's butt and smacked him, one on each cheek. “You done good, boy! You took that like a REAL man! I'm proud of you... son.” He rubbed his hands together and stepped back. “OK, boys, unbuckle him, help him up. All four of you, clean up this mess and we'll adjourn to the living room and cuddle.” He reached for another of the cigars that had been left out for him and lit it, then climbed the stairs into the living room and reclined in the center of the futons.

Once the playroom had been cleaned, the four young men followed Royce up the stairs. They stood at the edge of the grouped futons. “Well, sons.... what do you think. Do you think this boy here will make a good addition to our family?” The decision was totally Royce's, of course, but he did genuinely value his son's input, he’d come to trust their instincts and was glad they had such keen ones.

Robbie, the oldest, went first. “I think he'll do OK.”

Tyler quickly agreed with Robbie, as he often did. “I go along with Robbie. He'll be fine.”

Adam, the youngest, typically didn't speak up too much around the home, keeping any opinions he had to himself, mostly. Royce nudged him with his foot. “Son?”

Adam replied shyly, “I think I'd like to have a…another brother.”

“It's settled then. Welcome to the family, son. Now, the first thing you need to do is to stop shaving. My sons have beards. Period! Even Adam will have one soon, it’s getting thicker each month. Soon he’ll have more than just a mustache like his old man.” He gave Adam a wink. Dwight rubbed the faint stubble on his chin and cheeks and smiled. Royce continued, “Robbie and Tyler, get us each a tumbler of whiskey, Jameson’s neat; and cigars all around. This is to be a masculine celebration! I just got a new son and that calls for cigars and liquor.”

Dwight looked somewhat worried, he was a non-smoker after all and rarely touched anything harder than a beer. Royce saw the concern on his face, “You gotta learn sometime Son, and today is as good as any. After all, your new birthday.” Robbie returned with a tray and Tyler with a box of fine Honduran cigars. The cigar cutter was passed around and soon his sons were lighting up. Royce raised his glass and his sons, cigars clamped in their jaws or held on the outside of the glasses raised theirs. “To my new son and your new brother! To Dwight Tobin!”

“To Dwight Tobin!” the three sons repeated and they all took a sip of whiskey.

“Now, my sons, lay down here next to me and we'll rest up, finish our cigars and whiskey, and in a bit we’ll all sleep together tonight... all the family together.” They piled pillows up so they could prop themselves up to drink. Royce pulled Dwight into a close hug. “Oh, and son... call in sick for the next two days. We need to get you moved in here.” Dwight smiled happily. Soon enough the warmth of the liquor filled their bodies and the cigars were smoked down to nubs and not long after that, they piled together, covers draped here and there over them and they slept.

The next morning, Royce set Adam and Tyler to cleaning out the upstairs bedroom that had been used as storage, and sent Robbie off with Dwight to organize his things for the move.

“What are going to do with all this stuff?” Tyler said, shifting a large box.

“For now, we'll put it in the storage locker downtown.”

“Is there room?”

“Yeah, there is. If not, make it fit. We'll sort out that stuff later. Here, bring that one downstairs, Adam. Load the rest of it in the truck and take it to the locker.” Royce moved his unlit cigar stub in his mouth as he surveyed the room. “This'll do for Dwight. It's a bit small, but since each of you have your own rooms, it's only right he has one, too, even if it IS small. Hop to it!”

Meanwhile, Robbie and Dwight had reached the small apartment that Dwight rented by the month. The landlord was an old geezer who lived in half the duplex, renting out the other half along with the converted garage and workshop in the back. While Dwight started packing his relatively few belongings, Robbie sought out the elderly landlord.

“Hey, old man... You own the place, right?”

The old man started to take offense, but the thick young man standing in front of him was intimidating, and obviously wasn't going to take well to hasty or snotty answers.

“Yeah, I own it. Both places are rented, though, No vacancy. But I know of...”

“Nope, not interested in renting. Come to tell you that Dwight is leaving. He tells me he's paid up through the end of the month, right?”

“Well, I'd have to...”

“Here's an extra week's rent for your inconvenience. That should cover any utility bills. Keep the cleaning deposit.” He handed over the money that Royce had given him earlier, and fished in his pocket for the extra key to the place that Dwight had given him in the truck. “Here's one key, we'll leave the other when the place is empty tomorrow. You have a nice day.” Robbie turned on his heel and walked back to the back of the property and unloaded empty boxes, leaving the old man scratching his head, wondering what had just happened, and why it had happened so quickly. He went back inside his own half of the duplex, counting the money.

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