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Bear Hunt 3 - Chapter 3

*** Chapter 3 ***

Once the long awaited day of Robert’s release from the hospital finally arrived, Brad found himself to be in an odd mixed state of excitement and nerves. Excited both at the joy of Robert’s continued recovery and the start of bringing their lives’ back to some semblance of normalcy. Nervous not just at the responsibility of providing care for Robert, who was still significantly far from a full recovery, but also because, unwilling to add further to Robert’s worries, he hadn’t yet told him that work had been unable to grant him FMLA leave as Robert was not fully recognized as a “spouse” or family member. He planned to burn all his sick leave and vacation and then see, but he knew it wouldn’t be enough. 

His boss Logan understood and was upset at the situation himself, not just because Brad was a highly valued employee with a lot of potential, but because he thought it was wrong to deny him the leave. They had looked into the possibility of a sabbatical, but he didn’t yet have the years of service required. Logan promised to hold the job for Brad as long as was possible, but in the end, it would be unpaid leave with no guarantee of his job being there when he was ready to return. Knowing Robert would insist that he just return to work and he would care for himself, or push himself too hard in an effort to let Brad get back to work faster, he had decided that it is was for the best to keep this secret, this omission, to himself.

Before leaving for the hospital, Brad did one last sweep of the house; making sure that everything was tidy with nothing to trip over between the door and the recently added hospital bed in their bedroom. He was sure Robert would hate it, but the therapists insisted that Brad wouldn’t be able to get him in and out of the regular bed easily enough for proper exercise to aid in his healing, and pointed out that the hospital bed allowed him to sit upright which would be much more comfortable during the day. 

He had made the effort to “redecorate” around it so that the space was clear and looked like a bedroom rather than a hospital room; actually having to push one dresser into the exercise room in order to make it work, another thing he knew would annoy Robert, who liked things to be in their proper place. He had walked the property the night before, making sure everything was in order as best he could, but really not much had been needed. The walk had helped to occupy him and to clear his head at least, though it brought back memories of their games and hunts, which he wasn’t sure they’d be able to do again in the same fashion. He was very careful to make sure all the security systems were properly in place and active as he left, glancing in the rear view mirror to see the gate close as he pulled away.


Pulling into the garage, Brad paused before getting out of the car.
Robert, I have to tell you, I am so sorry for our fight the morning of the accident. I behaved terribly and I feel awful about it.”

Bradley, I’m sorry, too. We both could have acted better, shown more respect for each other, it wasn’t just your fault, and we both reacted poorly.”

But Robert …”

No buts, Bradley. You need to stop apologizing for this, the accident wasn’t your fault, nor was the fight. They just happened.”

I know. I just love you so, and don’t know what I’d do without you.”

I love you too. But with these casts on, I can’t lean over in the car to kiss you and show it” Robert said with a small chuckle and wink. With that, Brad smiled and got out of the car, then walked over to open Robert’s door and help him out, first leaning in to kiss Robert gently on the lips. This elicited a sigh from both men.

Once Robert was out of the car and they were in the house (after watching Brad properly set the alarm system), Brad began to show Robert what had been moved to provide clear paths.

Brad, this was very considerate of you, but you shouldn’t have gone to the trouble. I should be able to navigate my way around our own house.”

Robert, I know you can do it, but the nurses told me something like “an ounce of prevention”. They said it was a lot better to be inconvenienced a little bit this way than to set back progress over something silly like running into a trash can or tripping on something you don’t see.”

I’m not an invalid” Robert replied with a grimace.

No, but you are as close to one as you’ll ever allow yourself to be. So deal with it, big fella, or the nurses say they can still find a spot for you at rehab.”

At first Robert glared at Brad, but then he slowly smiled. “Thanks, Bradley; I don’t say it enough, but thank you for being here with me through this. I know I make a lousy patient.”

That doesn’t even begin to describe it” Brad said with a roll of his eyes. “But you ARE so worth it.”

Robert raised his eyebrow. “If I’m so worth it, how about moving the trash can back. I hate having them under the sink. It’s big enough for me to avoid.”

Ok, fine, we’ll do it your way this time” Brad replied with a smile, knowing that conceding this small point would win him many battles in the future. “I’ll do it after we get you situated in bed.”

Bed? No, how about …”

Robert, the nurse was very clear. Right to bed, the trip home was bound to shake things around a bit, and she wanted you resting for a few hours before we did anything else to make sure everything was still alright. So it is time to get to bed.”

Robert grumbled but acquiesced, knowing inside that this was a reasonable requirement, even though the restrictions had already begun to chafe on him. He began his slow progress to the bedroom, Bradley by his side, chattering away about what was moved and why, looking to make sure Robert approved.

Bradley, you don’t need my permission to move stuff, this is your house too. I actually kinda like some of the changes, opens the place up. I never thought that how we had some of our things arranged made it look a bit cluttered after we consolidated it all, but you’ve made if fit really well.”

Once they reached the bedroom and Robert saw the bed, his face dropped a bit. “I was really hoping to sleep next to you again, Bradley.”

It’s just temporary, Robert. Until you get the casts off and the ribs and everything else inside is healed. Just a few more weeks. I miss that so much too. Now let’s get you ready for some rest. At least you can sleep naked again if you want.”

Bradley, I can’t even begin to describe how annoying those hospital gowns are!”

Well, then, let’s get you that way. I told people no visitors today, so no need to wait until later.”

With that, Brad slowly began to unbutton the loose shirt he had brought for Robert, watching more and more of the black and silver chest fur poke out, until eventually the shirt fell open.

I feel bad you having to do this for me, Bradley.”

Instead of answering, Brad leaned forward and gently ran his tongue over Roberts’ right nipple. This brought a gasp from Robert, and a wince as his still cracked ribs responded to the sudden expansion of his lungs.

You want me to stop?”

No, I really don’t.”

Then hold still so you don’t hurt yourself.”

Brad leaned in again and this time kissed Roberts’ right nipple, as Robert stood stock still and controlled his breathing. He took the nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over it, around it, and then sucked it gently. As it stood to attention, he knew that Robert was enjoying himself, and so he careful ran his fingertips over the other nipple, caressing the soft fur of Robert’s chest as he went, until on the downward side he reached the shaved area where an incision had been made. He gently touched the practically bare skin there, realizing again that his man was not fully healed yet, and brought his hand back up so as not to run into bruises. He slowly moved his mouth to Robert’s left nipple, still playing with the hairy chest, and gently repeated the process of licking it, kissing it, and taking it into his mouth to gently suck while running his fingers lightly over the other side of Robert’s chest then flicking them over his moistened right nipple.

As Robert’s breathing began to quicken, Brad slowly lifted his head, running his tongue up the left pectoral muscle to Robert’s neck, licking his way slowly to Robert’s mouth. He kissed him then, softly, urgently, then leaned away, and removed the oversized shirt, carefully navigating the still-casted arms. He stepped back momentarily, tossed the shirt aside, and gazed at the torso of the man he loved, how powerful it looked even though it was battered and bandaged, at his ruggedly handsome face, and again realized how lucky he was to still have him alive.

Robert watched Bradley gazing at him, saw the reflection of love in his eyes, and worried that his beaten and bruised figured was no longer good enough for Bradley. Not that Bradley would ever turn away and complain, but that he wouldn’t feel man enough to deserve someone like Bradley as a mate and partner. Yet seeing that love, seeing the growing bulge in Bradley’s slacks, Robert felt things could still be complete, and felt his own need match Bradley’s, the tumescence of his cock causing it to throb within the sweatpants he was wearing.

Brad saw the concern and doubt flicker across Robert’s face, saw it replaced by the light of arousal in his eyes and a slight smile, and his own doubts began to fade as well. He stepped forward again, not saying a word, and hooked a finger on each side of Robert’s sweatpants, then began to slowly drag them down, pulling them forward in an attempt to ease them around the now fully engorged member of his lover. He squatted down, dragging the sweats and underwear towards Robert’s knees, swiping his tongue slowly over Robert’s cock head as he did, savoring the taste, causing Robert to shudder involuntarily and lean back against the hospital bed. He dropped to his knees in order to bring the clothing to Robert’s ankles, and softly rubbed his eyelashes over the moistened cock head, feeling Robert tremble at the extremely soft touch.

Lifting Robert’s left leg, he slipped the moccasin off, then the pants and underwear, all slowly and carefully so as not to cause a balance problem. He repeated the process on the right side, running his fingers up and down the strong calf muscles. As with the shirt, he tossed the rest of the clothing aside to be picked up later, then let his hands roam up his lover’s hairy legs, from calf to knee to thigh, caressing them gently, ruffing the fur up then smoothing it back down, before finally lifting his head up again. He breathed in deeply, scenting the heady musk of his man, a smell which never failed to excite him. He glanced upwards at Robert, saw his partial opened mouth, saw the look of desire and love, as he cupped his hands gently on Robert’s ass cheeks and then sank his mouth slowly over Robert’s cock.

He took only the head in at first, running his tongue over it then around it. He felt Robert strain momentarily, wanting to place his hands gently on Brad’s head but unable to do so with the casts, then heard a soft sigh. He knew Robert’s eyes would be closed now, and he’d be focused on feeling what Brad was doing, perhaps frustrated some that he couldn’t guide Brad to what he wanted, but Brad knew how to read his lover’s needs without it. He began his slow progress down Robert’s shaft, little by little wrapping his lips around it then running his tongue over it, occasionally clamping his teeth down enough to very gently scrape but not bite. Every inch or so he would pull back and work the head again, vigorously and quickly flicking his tongue along the frenulum, then wipe the pre-cum which was flowing freely across his lips to coat the shaft of the penis as he sank back down it. He did this over and over, Robert softly thrusting forward now and then with involuntary impatience, until finally he was fully hilted in Brad’s mouth, his cock head lodged deep down Brad’s throat.

At this point, Brad started to swallow, letting his throat massage Robert’s pulsing member, then pulled back enough to take a deep breath, the sensation of the air flow cold across the cock, allowing him to edge Robert all the longer. Finally, it was too much, and as Robert started to growl, Brad pulled him forward with his hands on his ass and gripped tightly, the sensation pushing Robert over the top, and he shot hard directly down Brad’s throat. After the first two blasts, Brad pulled back and ran his tongue over the hyper sensitized tip of Robert’s penis, causing him to cry out in pleasure, and flood his mouth with several more waves of cum, almost more than he could hold before he swallowed most of it.

Concerned that the heavy breathing might be a problem with Robert’s ribs again, Bradley quickly rose up, leaving his arms wrapped around Robert’s waist in light support, and kissed him softly, sharing the last of his sweet and salty cum, enjoying the intimacy of it. They stood there several minutes, kissing each other, being with each other, forgetting the rest. As the kiss broke, Robert blushed slightly, looking downwards.

Bradley, I’d really like to take care of you, but with these casts, I’m afraid I can’t undo your pants.”

Brad giggled. “I live to serve, let me handle that for you.” He quickly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped the slacks, dropping them and his boxers to the floor and kicked them along with his shoes out of the way, then leaned in to kiss Robert against, his hard cock already wet with pre-cum pressing between Robert’s thighs. Robert let it slide in place then pressed his thighs together, at the same time thrusting his tongue into Brad’s mouth, which excited Brad even more. He began to slowly move his hips, grinding into Robert, his cock trapped in the warm confines between his lover’s thighs, sliding back and forth, moaning into Robert’s mouth. He lost himself to the sensations.

Robert reveled in the feeling of Bradley’s partially naked body against him, at how hard and ready he was. He felt Bradley’s hands gently holding each side of his face, his thumbs tracing the line of his beard, fingers splayed wide. Robert bent his knees a bit while spreading his legs slightly, and then tightened them again, causing Bradley’s cock to rub right along his perineum, Bradley’s pubic hair caressing his balls, and shuddered at the sensual feeling. He pushed his tongue across Bradley’s then drew it out, across Bradley’s soft lips, tasting them. Pleasurable as it was, he knew that this relatively dry fucking without additional lubricant wasn’t going to be enough to bring Bradley to a climax, especially as he couldn’t use his hands to stimulate him elsewhere.

Robert spread his legs slightly again, and used his weight to push Bradley back a step, earning a needy whimper from the cub. He shushed him and carefully began to sink down, focused on his balance, keeping his center of gravity stable, eventually getting to a full squat position, but working up a heavy sweat with the effort. “Damn, I got out of shape fast” he thought, just as his prize came into view, the throbbing leaking cock of his cub, his mate. Holding his position still, feeling the burn begin to build in his leg muscles, he carefully licked the slit and brought his tongue back into his mouth, the sweet and sticky nectar causing him to close his eyes briefly in appreciation. He felt Bradley’s hands softly touch his hair, being careful not to ruin the balance he had achieved, being careful to avoid the still healing scars on Robert’s scalp, and felt a burst of joy and appreciation that the man he loved knew him well enough to understand this and not fuss. Slowly, reverently, he brought his mouth back to his target, licking the slit again, then moving his tongue in slowly growing circles around it, eventually coating the whole head in his saliva before closing his lips around it and sucking.

Oh, Robert, that is so amazing, please don’t stop, I’ve needed you so much …”

Robert worked his lips around the edge of the glans, kissing it, caressing it, then lightly his teeth, nibbles and rubbings, increasing the sensitivity, the entire time working the slit with his tongue, feeling the increasing flow of pre-cum, hearing how words escaped Bradley such that they become only moans of pleasure. At that point, he began to slowly engulf the entire cock in his mouth, taking in more and more of the shaft, lavishing it with his tongue, chewing it lightly and playful, dragging the pleasure out for Bradley. He felt his own cock begin to harden again, to drool pre-cum down onto the floor.

Just as he had sunk most of the way down the shaft, it happened. Whether it was him slightly losing his balance and tipping forward, or Bradley involuntarily giving a slight thrust of his hips, his nose came into abrupt contact with Bradley, and suddenly his head was spinning and he saw stars and blackness. Gasping, he fell backwards onto his butt, just as Bradley reached out to grab him, causing twinges of pain through his arms and shoulders. He quickly leaned back into the hospital bed, worried he’d pass out, cursing himself for his weakness.

Robert! Are you OK? What’s wrong?” Brad cried as he noticed the drops of blood beneath Robert’s nose. “Oh no, he’s just gotten home and already I’ve failed him, not taken care of him right” Brad berated himself. By the time the nose bleed had been stopped and the couple determined that they had not re-broken Robert’s nose, the mood had totally deserted them. Brad helped the still naked Robert up and got him settled into bed with a couple of OTC painkillers to help with the headache, having already gone overboard to check for obvious signs of re-concussing him. He fussed about, his shirt hanging over his now flaccid cock, getting everything settled.

Bradley, I’m sorry, I really wanted to make you cum, and then this …”

Robert, I’m sorry, I started it, I’m pushing you too hard, we will take it easier from now on, don’t worry.”

It’s OK, really, it wasn’t you, if I wasn’t such an invalid …”

That isn’t fair, Robert, you are healing, I’m supposed to be taking care of you, I won’t hear another word about it.”

Thus the stage was set for what was to have been a happy homecoming and speedy recovery to become a dream viewed through rose colored glasses. What was to have been a time of healing and nurturing turned into a period of tasks driven by health needs. Each turned in upon himself and built stories of their own failures instead of talking and relying on each other.

Brad fussed and worried constantly, scared he would do something wrong or hurt Robert. He felt guilty that they had fought the morning of the accident, that he hadn’t responded to Robert’s text, that he had hurt him when they got home. He felt that Robert’s military buddies, who had taken to visiting him during his convalescence, would have been better suited partners, that they would have understood his needs better. He did his best to put on a brave front for Robert, being cheerful as he tended his needs, hoping he wouldn’t see that he wasn’t strong enough and needed some comfort himself, that he was unsure each day if he was doing enough.

Robert became more sullen, more and more certain with each passing day that he would never fully recover, that he would always need the level of solicitous help Bradley was giving him, never be the partner that he felt Bradley deserved again. This was fed by the fact that his body was healing only at a normal rate, not the superhuman one he desired. He was withdrawn and surly at the brave front Bradley put on, realizing it was just that, but assuming it was because Bradley knew more about how poorly Robert was doing than he was letting on. He found himself unable to respond to the smiles, instead snapping at Bradley and becoming more demanding. He hated feeling so helpless.

The only time he felt truly somewhat himself was when his ex-military buddies would visit, and then only for a short while as he relived what he came to think of as his glory days. The only time both men felt truly cheered together was when Bradley took care of his sexual needs, usually first thing in the morning when he woke with aching morning wood, and Bradley would either suck him off or grab the lube and give him a slow and tortuous hand job. He had suggested once that Bradley climb on the hospital bed so they could suck each other in a 69, or that he’d suck Bradley off from the bed, but the look of panic on Bradley’s face was enough to immediately sour the mood for both of them.

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  1. Lesson learned: COMMUNICATE with your partner, especially when things aren't going well,for whatever reason(s).