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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 7

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 7

A month has passed since Dwight came to be Royce’s son and the bond between him and his new Daddy and brothers was cemented. Dwight’s beard had come in thick and he grew it full with very little shaving and shaping to alter its natural shape. His new son has a beautiful nut brown beard with red highlights, matching well with his hazel eyes. His body hair is somewhat sparse, but Royce knows that in a few years, all that peach fuzz on his body will bloom into a nice pelt naturally. With the addition of some high quality werebear sperm, courtesy of Ron, Royce, Dwight, and his other sons will be big hairy fuckers.

He had been lucky to witness, via the recordings, the first fucking. With that, Royce could build a timeline as to how long it took a man to change into a werebear. The occult sources that he’d managed to dig up, in addition to those in his own collection, varied in their time frames. Some said as little as a month, which of course was the whole ‘lunar cycle’ myth popular in the werewolf movies. Other sources said four, or six, or nine months. A few said as much as a year. All seemed to be in conflict with each other. Royce is still unsure, and this bothers him.

There are two items they all seem to agree upon: one was not helpful to his situation, but it was interesting in itself and seemed to answer a question he’d pondered as to gender of the transformed. It regarded the first change for a werebear who’d inherited the change from his father. As a side note, mention was made that girls could not become werebears but that they carried the gift and passed it on to their sons. If said female child of a werebear was mated to a werebear, they would produce a werebear son; but if mated to a human, the sons carried the “Blessing of Bahonu” or the blessing of the primal bear God, whatever that meant. Apparently this blessing is not, in fact, the ability to change but to pass that potential for change and a naturally powerful body on to male progeny. All the sources also agree that the first change happens at the beginning of puberty and that it quickly masculinized the young man; within two years after the first change they looked like young, stocky, bearded men of eighteen or more winters.

The second item is much more helpful, and did apply to this situation; that human men suitable for change and who were changed after puberty completed their transformation with a day or so of being in ‘dual-shape’. Their first change is heralded, apparently, by things like becoming extra hairy, or growing fangs, or ‘a beast-like hunger’. That last bit is ambiguous to Royce because it seems to apply to sex or food or both, depending on the translation.

It truly irritates Royce that none of the ancient texts could agree on a timeline. Royce had concluded that length of time for transformation may be different depending on the person, or it could simply be different because the author was repeating tales told to him. Or maybe there wasn’t a difference at all and the sources were different to be purposely confusing to the uninitiated.

It is Friday night and between his legs, naked but for a harness and leather jockstrap, Dwight’s head bobs on his Daddy’s cock as Royce watches the video. His young beard feels good against Royce’s thighs. Royce pulls on his pipe, puffing out a thick cloud of smoke, his left hand on the back of Dwight’s head. His other boys were out for the evening at the movies, and Royce wants Dwight to satisfy his lust while he watches the hot footage.

Royce had decided that the best plan of action was to observe Cody and see how fast he changed. So, Royce monitored the activity and communications in the Paint and Body shop. It would be best to put his plans into action after the young man changed. He noted that Ron seemed to spend a lot of time with Cody. He would call him into the office three or four times a day to satisfy his and Cody’s sexual needs. He assumed this was part of the process of the change. Cody was beginning to develop physically and so was his libido.

Royce also noticed changes in the young man’s stature. He was becoming taller and putting on some beef as well, and it wasn’t just Royce’s imagination. He had compared video of the coveralls fuck with the video of Ron fucking Cody in his office yesterday. Both stripped to the fur, and he could see when they kissed that Cody was a good two or more inches taller than he had been just a month ago. He could see more muscle in Cody’s torso and there was more hair on his chest and back too. Obviously, these were dramatic changes that occurred in just a month, BUT there had been no signs of bear transformation yet. So obviously, the lunar cycle transformation was not true… unless… unless that had something to do with an artifact like he had in his collection.

Royce watches as Ron relights a cigar he’d pulled from the ashtray on his desk and began aggressively ploughing his new son. Royce looked down at his own new son gently sucking his cock and drinking his precum, looking up at him, love evident in his eyes. He paused the video and pulled his son up from his kneeling position. He took the pipe from his mouth and shared a smoky kiss with him and placed the pipe stem in Dwight’s mouth. He then stands, pushes the desk chair aside and positions Dwight in front of him, his son’s hands planted shoulder width on the desk in front of the monitor. He pushes his head down so he could view the screen fully and widens his boy’s stance and raises his butt up for proper fucking. He grabs a cigar, trims it, toasts it and lights it up. Dwight’s hole was always lubed and ready before entering Daddy’s den, so he’d be ready for fucking when Daddy wanted it. The plug he habitually wore sat on the desk to the left of the monitor screen. Dwight now fits Daddy’s dick the way the rest of his sons did, there was no tightness; just a velvety glove feel as Royce pushes his hard cock into his perfectly fitting son.

“Oh FUCK yeah. Start the video up, Son.” Royce pushes into Dwight and begins thrusting to the pleased moans of his son. He growls, puffs of smoke coming from the corner of his mouth as he speaks. “In a few months that will be you and me! Werebear Daddy and changing Son! Look at them! Ron loves his new cub as much as I love mine.” Royce smacked Dwight’s ass hard on an inward thrust. Dwight draws in the sweet pipe smoke regularly, timing it with his push back on Daddy’s cock.

Royce and Dwight watch as Ron changes shape, as fur explodes all over his well-padded, muscular body. Watching the change lights the fuse for both Royce and Dwight, and Royce begins pounding his son’s ass in sync with Ron, and it isn’t long until he is filling his boy’s ass with seed, almost exactly in time with the two bears on the screen. Royce collapses on his son’s back. He takes his cigar in his hand and supported part of his weight on the desk with both arms, rubbing his thick moustache and evening stubble on Dwight’s back as Dwight puffs away.

“That was fuckin’ HOT!” Dwight says.

“Imagine what it will be like when my body is covered in dense fur and I’ve got a foot long, three finger thick cock shoved up your ass!” Royce growled and squeezed another blob of cum out of his cock into his son, the cock head expanding and feeling so damn good, lodged in Dwight.

“Oh, Daddy!” was all Dwight said, and Royce hugged his boy to him.

Royce pulls out of his son and put the plug that sat on the desk back up inside of Dwight. “OK, clean up here and let’s shower up. Then you need to hit the hay and I need to finish reviewing this video before I sleep.”

Dwight wiped things down, puffing away on the pipe as he did so, and then when it had burned out tapped out the pipe and cleaned that out too. Royce was already in the shower and Dwight wandered off to join him. Later, after his sons came back from the movie, Royce continues to review the day’s footage and listen to the phone conversations. He learns that Ron would be visiting some friends a couple of states away and that “…after my new sexy as fuck lil’ cubby’s change…” as Ron put it, he’d be on the road. It was apparent that whoever his friend Olaf was on the other end of the phone, he was either a werebear or sympathetic to them. Royce guesses it was likely the former.

So, Royce begins planning. The best time to catch Ron off guard would be when he left to visit with his friends. Royce would follow him and when he stopped somewhere, he’d slip him some colloidal silver. Royce had read the medieval recipes. They basically amounted to an available holistic remedy available in modern times; colloidal silver. The effects it had on weres, unlike the legends and Hollywood movies, were sedative and didn’t kill them, but incapacitated them so they could then possibly be killed. Shooting a werebear with a silver bullet would likely just piss him off and the silver would probably have to be dug out or it would eventually send him into what was described as ‘false hibernation’ or ‘sleeping death’ as the silver metabolized… something that shed a whole new light on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty who’s finger was pierced by a silver spindle… but the colloidal silver, now THAT was the bear’s bane of legend; the draught that would knock even a strong werebear out. Royce turns off his computer. He has much to do and only a few months, maybe, to do it.

He climbs the stairs and, in his room, finds Adam and Dwight cuddled together in his bed, fast asleep. He smiled and shook them both awake.

“My boys want cuddles?” he rumbled quietly.

“Yes Daddy,” Adam said and Dwight added, “Please.”

Royce crawls into the bed between the pair and pulls them close, pulling the sheet up over the three of them and wrapping an arm around each of them. They draped their arms across his broad furry chest, gently swirling the salt and pepper fur between their fingers and nuzzled their noses into his armpits, sniffing his musky daddy scent, licking to taste it. Royce smiled as he got hard. Life was good!


It was Saturday morning and the sun wasn’t up yet. While Royce was fucking his seed up Adam’s ass again, and Dwight fed Adam his cum; Cody and Bubba were outside the house Bubba shared with Bill and Nick.

Cody had spent the night cuddled with his three brothers, the four of them as two pairs in a very large Alaskan king bed. Cody had lain cuddled up with Bubba most of the night and somewhere around 3:30 am Bubba nudged his new lil’ brother awake with his cock. Their morning fuck completed, they showered, grabbed coffee and were warming up their scoots. Bubba only told Cody they were taking a ride into the country, nothing else. It was Bubba’s responsibility to teach Cody how to ride with Ron’s club, and in the month since becoming Ron’s son, he’d been on a weekend ride and camp with Bubba, as well as half a dozen rides around town after work. This was to be another 'ride and camp' trip, so there was some gear on the bikes; but less than Cody had packed last time. There wasn’t, for instance, the dome tent Bubba had told him to pack the last time. He’d said this time it wouldn’t be needed. Cody guessed they’d be staying over at a friend’s place or something.

About an hour out of town the sun was up and they pulled into a nice little diner called Spoons, a place for bikers and truckers just off the highway in a little town nestled in the foothills. The pair grabbed a large breakfast and hit the road in under an hour.

The ride was beautiful, winding up into the mountains, first through broad leaf forests and little picturesque towns, then further up into the pines and what remained of the snows now that it was late spring.

Eventually they pulled onto a dirt road. A few miles down it they made a right and went for a good ten miles on what was best described as a graded logging road. From the kidney punching bumps on it, it needed to be graded again. Finally, Cody saw a small log cabin-style house with a barn. Bubba signaled and they slowed until they came to a stop out in front of the house.

It was close to noon. The road continued on past the house. “Come on,” Bubba said, “There’s some guys I want you to meet. If we continued on without stopping by, they’d be all bent out of shape when we came back through.” The two kicked out their stands and dismounted the bikes and headed for the house.

Bubba knocked and he heard a growled, “C’mon in, it’s open,” Upon entering Cody immediately was struck with the scent of what he now knew was werebear musk, and of course pipe smoke… and sex. Sprawled on a leather couch opposite a fireplace, complete with a warm crackling fire, was a rather large, very well built, very furry man with a long white beard. The beard was braided on either side of his chin. He was completely naked, a pipe clamped in his jaw and he was slowly jacking a very impressive cock with huge balls hanging beneath them. He reminded Cody of Ron in many ways. He had tattoos like the ones Cody and Bubba wore and on a coatrack next to the couch and leather recliner hung a very well-worn leather vest with the bear logo on it identical to the one Bubba wore, and which was tattooed on both their backs.

“How ya doin’ Uncle Charlie? Don't let us interrupt,” Bubba said with a grin.

“Pretty damn good!” the big bear grunted, “Me, Zed an’ Buck jus’ came outta hibernation about a month back, we had a good sleep an’ well, as usual, had a lot of fuckin’ to do. You can probably tell by how it smells. Need to air out the place a bit.”

“I dunno, smells pretty good to me. How ‘bout you, Cody?” Bubba asked.

“I think you can tell what I think by looking at my package,” Cody said; and the two looked, and then chuckled. Cody was uncomfortably hard. The level of bear pheromones in the small living room of the five room cabin was pretty high.

“You got some nice meat on ya, son!” Charlie said.

“Forgive my manners, Uncle,” Bubba said and reached over and pulled Cody to him, his arm around his shoulders, “This is my newest lil’ brother, Cody.”

Through the earlier exchange, Charlie didn’t stop slowly jacking his cock or puffing on his pipe; but what Bubba said last caused him to stop both actions and a large, lustful, grin split his thick beard.

“My brother sure has some fine sons! Always knew how ta pick ‘em. Me, well, not as good at it; I got Buck and Zed and that’s about as far as I got with family buildin’.” With mention of his sons, Charlie’s cock grew a little wider and maybe an inch longer and Cody noticed the white fur on his body thickened.

Charlie growled around the pipe stem, “Heard ya comin’ miles away, nephew, always can tell it’s your scoot, just by the sound. An’ bein’ just outta hibernation I still need ta be satisfied, you know how it is. An’ damn it if I can get any with my boys bein’ all responsible like; Zed’s out huntin’ us up provisions and Buck has the grader out on the road, flattin’out some of those bumps your kidneys were no doubt complainin’ about on the way up here. I don’t expect them back for a couple of days an’ could use a little… relief… NOW!.” The leer he threw Cody was so completely filthy that it actually made him blush.

“Now, how’s about my new lil' nephew come over here an’ give Uncle Charlie a big kiss?” Charlie raised an arm and gestured with his hand, which was now more paw than hand, for Cody to come over. “Only you ain't so little, now, eh?” He reached out and squeezed Cody, straining cock through the fabric of his jeans as he came closer to the older bear.

The pheromones in the room had increased markedly, and they weren’t just Charlie’s anymore. Bubba’s body had partially shifted, causing the slightly loose biker gear he wore to strain against his changing body making a particularly pleasing cracking sound as he expanded in his leathers. His change was also kicking out pheromones. Cody’s head swam, he felt dizzy and before he knew what was happening he was in Uncle Charlie’s arms, lying with him on the couch, they were kissing and it vaguely registered in his mind that Bubba was pulling his boots and pants off. Charlie pulled on his pipe again and forced his tongue down Cody’s throat, feeding him sweet chocolate-vanilla smoke. Cody was lost in a haze of pleasure, first suckling on Charlie’s big fat nipples, then burying his face in Charlie’s pits, licking and sniffing the musk. Suddenly he was penetrated. The thickness and length of the monster size cock filling him in one stroke. Uncle Charlie had smoothly transformed into full bear shape and was fucking him. Charlie turned Cody’s head, opening his mouth with an index finger. Bubba guided his cock into his brother’s mouth and the two skull and butt fucked him. It wasn’t long before Charlie shot, deep and hard in Cody; squeezing him to his furry body.

Bubba's cock tip flared wide and he stuffed himself hard down Cody's throat; smelling the sexual release, he shot too, feeding his lil’ brother. Several panting moments later, Charlie removed his still hard cock and said, “Your turn nephew,” to Bubba who immediately dropped his pants, and bent over, steadying himself on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Git on over in front of yer big brother an’ give him that leakin’ tool of you'rn, nephew,” Charlie said as he stood and began pushing into Bubba. Bubba moaned as he felt Charlie’s intrusion and Cody filled Bubba’s throat with his cock. The scene that had just happened repeated itself; Charlie fucked Bubba like the dominant beast he was; and when he shot, Cody smelled his Uncle’s sexual release and shot, too.

Ten minutes later, after their cocks had deflated somewhat, Charlie was tapping out his pipe and stuffing it with tobacco again as his nephews cleaned each other up and put themselves back together.

“So, what brings you two up here?” Charlie asked Bubba.

“I thought I’d introduce Cody to our ancestor,” Bubba said.

“Good time to do it! He’s outta hibernation too an’ wouldn’t mind a visit, I’m sure. He likes hot fresh bear cum as much as any of us. Me an’ muh boys went up ta see him a couple a weeks back; trudged up there in the snow, a'course. Should be a lot less of the white stuff on the ground now, though,” Charlie said as he lit his pipe.

“Oh! I almost forgot! Cody, go out to my scoot and take everything out of the right saddle bag and bring it in,” Bubba said. Cody left to do what he was asked.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said Ronny knows how ta pick ‘em. That boy couldn’t be more your brother if you both had come from the same womb. He’s a good fit for your family an’ a fine nephew!” he said as he tamped down the tobacco and relit his pipe, “Nice ass, too!”

“Daddy seems to have a real good sense for that. He can read people like a book… well, most of the time,” Bubba said. Just then, Cody returned. Bubba took the packages from his arms and handed them to Charlie.

“There're several canisters of pipe tobacco there; got some new blends for you to try and old favorites for you and my cousins, too. Also, there’s an assortment of cigars and a box for each of you; your favorites… and… chocolate.” Bubba smiled big with that last word.

Charlie beamed, “Damn nephew, if you ain’t the sweetest! Don’t know if I’m gonna be able to resist the chocolate an’ not eat it all before Zed and Buck git back, though.”

“Now, that’s not fair! They’re out there bein’ good, doin’ the spring hunting and road fixing... besides, I got you ten pounds each.”

“Boy, I could eat thirty pounds of chocolate in one sittin’ an’ look to eat another thirty,” Charlie said and chuckled. “You KNOW me.”

“I know, but you won’t. You love your sons as much as your brother loves us.”

“And I love my nephews as much as my brother loves his boys!” he pulled Bubba and Cody into a big bear hug, “You’re like sons to me, all ya all,” and thin his hands migrated down to their asses and Bubba burst out laughing.

“Horny ol’ fucker!” he mock accused.

Charlie smacked Bubba’s ass hard as he could, “Show some respect now, young’un,” Charlie returned with his own mockery and then smiled, “Damn right I’m a horny ol’ fucker, damn proud of it too!”

“What say you come up with us, Charlie?” Bubba said, rubbing his butt. I'm taking Cody there, and you're welcome to ride with us.”

“Where are we going?” Cody asked, hoping he might get an answer out of Charlie.

“If’n yer brother ain’t told ya, I ain’t gonna spoil it for him. Nice nice try nephew! I'll get my leathers and be right with ya,” the older bear said and noting that Cody was eyeing the package with the chocolate, “An’ stay outta the chocolate!”

Bubba smiled at Cody like the cat that ate the canary. “Can’t get much past that ol’ man.”

Shortly after, the three mounted their bikes and headed up the road. They followed it until it petered out. Charlie raised a paw to stop them, and they all dismounted. “We'll park the scoots over here and cover'em with brush. Ain't nobody ‘cept us been up here for a while, but no sense in advertisin’ this place.” Charlie started to cover his bike, and the others followed suit.

“There... can't see 'em at all unless'n you're right on top of 'em.”

Cody looked around. “I don't see any cave or opening.” He looked questioningly at Bubba and Charlie.

“Well, it's not right here!” Charlie grinned, “Wouldn’t be any sorta pilgrimage if it was right here on the road. We've got to walk a ways up over yonder.”

Bubba pointed, gesturing to a ridge that seemed about a half mile away. “It's kept hidden on purpose. If anyone does come up here, even though it's private land, they won't likely find anything.”

“Part of the reason me an’ muh boys live down there by the road an’ why it’s a dirt road an’ not gravel or blacktop. No one comes down the road ‘less they’re lost or family an’ we got eyeballs on ‘em if they’s not family. We don’t mind folk on nature hikes an’ the like, but one of us shifts and follows ‘em ‘round at a distance, to make sure they’re not goin’ where they don’t need to be. Come on, young'uns. Let's make tracks.” Charlie marched off with the others following in his wake.

They came to a fenced gate with a large, day-glow orange private property sign on it and right below it another homemade sign that read, “Trespassers will be violated”. Cody laughed and Charlie said, “Go on, trespass, boy!”

Cody replied, “You can’t violate the willing, Uncle,” which gave both Charlie and Bubba a good chuckle.

The walk was pleasant, the temperature not at all hot in spite of the sun being high overhead. The closer they got to the ridge, the rougher the going became. Finally, they were clambering over boulders, pulling themselves up. No path was discernible at all. Finally, Charlie stopped near a large granite boulder, probably five to six times his size. It reminded Cody of some of the Neolithic standing stones, like those found in Europe at the sacred sites. It was to the left of the path and Charlie stepped over to it, laid a paw on it and patted it a couple of times, smiling.

“Well?” Cody said, looking around. Where is it?”

Charlie chuckled and shook his head slightly at Bubba. “Why, it's right here!” Charlie had a wide smile on his face, and Bubba was struggling to keep from breaking out in a laugh.

“Come on guys... where is it?” Cody was plainly puzzled. Bubba put him out of his misery.

“Look over to yer left a bit, and down. See that shadow?” Cody nodded. “Now look down some more.”

“Oh! I see an opening... but it's so small. How are we...?”

“You'll see.” Charlie motioned for Cody to follow. Bubba brought up the rear. As they approached the area that Bubba had pointed out, the ground dropped off suddenly and revealed an opening that could just barely accommodate a full-size human... or bear.

“See? From anythin’ more ‘an a few feet away, this is almost invisible. Get a few yards away an’ it IS invisible. Pretty damn slick, eh?”

Cody nodded, impressed.

Charlie stepped forward and motioned for the others to follow. As stooped down and entered the opening, the air stared to cool off, and a not-unpleasant scent of musk filtered into their nostrils. “Don't worry,” Charlie said with a grin. “It gets bigger on the inside.”

They felt their way along the path as it sloped down and to the left, then to the right, then back again to the left, all the while heading downwards. After a final curve to the right, the tunnel suddenly opened into a wide, open cavern softly lit from above. Sunlight filtered in through a few fissures in the rock above. It was evident that they were now rather deep underground, but the size of the cavern was impressively large. It was roughly circular in form, with stalactites and stalagmites forming what looked like pillars holding up the roof. The only sound was a soft dripping of water somewhere in the distance. The floor was mostly level and looked worn, as if many hundreds of feet had trod upon it over many hundreds of years. Bubba took a torch from the wall and lit it with his lighter. The torch flared and then burned steadily. Cody lit another and Charlie a third. Cody looked around and nearly dropped his torch.

“Holy shit!” The two older bears smiled at the youngster's amazement. The walls of the cavern were decorated with colorful, eye-popping drawings and depictions of bears and men. Not just decorated, nearly covered. The styles varied from abstract to almost photographic realism; bears hunting, bears mating, humans mating, humans and bears cavorting together. Men and bears coupling, proud phalluses erect some shooting, some drooling, bears lapping at men's rigid cocks, men suckling bears' extended meat, half-form bearmen mating with humans or bears all in so many positions. It was like the ursine Kama Sutra. The work was of the highest quality, and profoundly arousing.

“We needs be naked in here,” Charlie said simply, and shucked his leathers, carefully placing them in a niche. Bubba followed, and then nudged Cody to do the same.

“This is holy ground,” Bubba said to the young man, “we come unclothed in reverence before the ancestors, naked, as when they made us.”

Cody continued to wander from area to area, holding the torch high, looking closely. The others followed at a distance, enjoying his wonder. Finally, he turned to Charlie and asked, “Some of these look brand new, but others are... I don't know, not exactly faded but, old, you know?”

Charlie nodded. “They ARE old, son, older'n me. Really old, some of 'em; ice age old.” He led Cody out into the center of the cavern. The air was moist, and heavy with bear musk. They approached a large stone in the center, flat on the top, and both wide and long.

Charlie's voice and intonation changed; became sonorous, measured, and formal. “This place is most sacred to us of the Clan. This is where, it is said, the Bear God Bahonu first made us. He was The First; we are all descended from his seed. We have owned this land for countless generations, kept it secret, kept it apart. Sometimes our brothers will come here to hibernate. Several times a year as many of us as can will come here, an’ the God will manifest himself among us. It’s a great honor to be chosen for that. What you see around you,” Charlie said as he gestured to the drawings, “are offerings to Bahonu, depictions of the dreams he has given to members of our cult.” Charlie took the torch from Cody’s hand and placed it one of the free standing sconces around the altar, doing the same with the one he carried. Bubba followed suit.

Charlie placed his paws on Cody's shoulders and turned him to face across the stone and to the opposite side of the cavern. “Behold, Bahonu!” Charlie said, with quiet reverence.

There, in a large niche, stood a statue of an enormous bear, coat thick and shaggy, paws raised in benediction, cock proudly extended fully from its sheath. The soft light from the ceiling created shadows that slowly moved as the sun angled westwards outside.

“All of your brothers, me, Big Ron, Charlie here; we are all part of the same family, sired by Bahonu's seed that flows through us all,” Bubba said, speaking after a long silence. “You will join us and be part of us. In times past, we were the guardians of our peoples, the ones who protected. You remember the berserkers? They were us. In other times and places, we were the mighty hunters, providers for the clan or tribe. In time of war, we led. In time of peace, we fucked. We have always been set apart, looked on with awe and respect, sometimes fear and we have always mated with our own sex whether we bred with women or not. The bond between men who have let other men inside of themselves is strong, and something no other truly understands. This bond is even stronger for us, for were-kind. Times are different now, there is less need some say, of ones like us to protect and to provide. But we persist. We bring more into our cult when it's right to do so. We bide our time, we love each other as brothers do, and we fuck each other, as bears do. We pass on our gift to our brothers and sons, and Bahonu's proud lineage continues. We are His children and proud for Him to be our Sire.”

Charlie stepped close to the stone. “Here is where we mate with our brothers, our uncles, our nephews, our fathers and our sons, a ritual joining of man to man, bear to bear. Your time will come, soon now, Cody. My brother has chosen very well, I can sense that in you. For now, though, it is right that we make a different offering to the Great God, father of us all, who gave us his seed and his power in the depths of time.”

All three were erect and drooling now, the combination of the musk, the artwork, and the closeness of the God affecting each of them, stirring lust and desire in their loins.

“What do we do?” Cody asked.

“We could take you, here on the alter; and later, when you are fully part of the clan, you will do the same and fill us. We could do that... but for now, we will offer our seed, mixed together, to Bahonu.” Charlie spat in his palm and began to jack his thick cock, mixing the spit with copious precum. The veins stood out on his meat, the thick skin of his foreskin sliding up and down the shaft, alternately revealing and hiding the bulbous tip. The shaft was slick and shiny with precum. Bubba joined him, his erection throbbing and his back somewhat arched, making his natural ball belly more pronounced. The thick mat of fur nearly concealed his balls, but he felt the sack tighten. Charlie's heavy balls hung lower, and swayed with the pump of his fist. Bubba growled at Cody, plainly urging him to join in. Cody had held back, not sure he was to join in since he was not yet a full member of the Bear Cult; but with Bubba's growl, he began to jack as well. His cock was definitely growing larger as the weeks passed. He was now a full match for Bubba in size, and only a little smaller than Charlie. His naked body was now sprouting a fine pelt, and his chest, butt, and belly fur were thickening. He felt his seed rise within him. He looked over at his brother, now partially changed, thicker fur sprouting and corded muscle bulging larger. Bubba nodded and they both looked at Charlie who was clearly in half form now.

“I'm right there with ya.” He turned to the statue. “Bahonu, be with us now. Feel our joy! Feel Your power rise within us and our cocks. Feel the heat of our seed as it rises! Feel the tension in our bodies and the release when we offer You our life. We join together to present ourselves, Your sons and a son to be, and mix our seed together for You. Be with us, be in us, as we are in and with our brothers and sons when we mate.” With that, he turned back to the alter, and with a heavy grunt, Charlie started shooting on the alter. Bubba and Cody fired off at nearly the same time. The puddle of their mixed seed steamed gently on the alter in the cold, damp air of the cavern and after a moment, it disappeared into the stone.

It might have been a trick of the light or a fleeting shadow, but it appeared as if the statue of Bahonu smiled as he looked down on them.

The three sighed deeply, and, as their cocks slowly deflated, reached out to one another, to hug and kiss. Cody had truly felt something that he had never felt before, a linking and kinship to more than just his immediate brothers and Big Ron. He turned to Bubba. “What will happen once I am fully part of the Clan? Will that happen here, or back at the shop?”

“That's up to Ron, but I think he might like to use both places. Certainly you'll come here with all of us. You will be presented to Bahonu and the animal you have accepted as your totem will be acknowledged and linked to you permanently. You will be laid on the alter stone and all of us in the clan who are there will coat you with our seed. Ron will rub that into your fur, and you will make an offering of your seed to Bahonu on the alter.” Bubba paused and grinned. “And then we party! Bahonu wants his children to be happy and sated. He gave us out-sized appetites and libidos for a good reason!”

Charlie said, “You might not have noticed, but on either side of Bahonu's statue, there were some passages. They lead to dens, some big, some small. When the clan meets, a lot of us'n like to spend a couple nights there in full form, all together, or in small groups. We fuck an’ sleep an’ fuck an’ nap, an’ feast. We bring food! Lotsa food… a bear's gotta keep up his strength. An’ if Bahonu chooses one of us to manifest in, hooo, boy! You ain't felt nothin' 'til The Bear God's been in you!”

Cody was eager to see the rest of the cavern, and the three walked around, with Charlie pointing out some special features as they went. At one point, Cody picked up a pile of furs in one of the side rooms and inhaled deeply. “These smell good, kinda spicy, a bit like Big Ron, or you, Bubba. They don't smell old.” He looked at Charlie, who answered the implied question.

“Son, those are old, not sure 'zactly how old, but old. Somehow, even though it's kind of damp down here without all us'n bears to warm it up, nothing seems to rot or get moldy. Guess Bahonu likes things tidy and fresh and makes sure it stays that way. Least 'ways, that's what I think.” Their tour of the cavern done, the three retraced their steps back outside.

The sun was low in the sky by the time Charlie, Bubba, and Cody had returned to the house. Outside, on the porch, were Charlie's sons, Zed and Buck. Buck was about Bubba's height, blond and stocky like him, but going gray in his beard and in the long braid that hung down his back. Zed was an imposing black man, at least as tall as Charlie, with dark chocolate skin and striking deep green eyes. Buck was still fully clothed, but Zed was shirtless, and covered with a thick, curly black pelt, belly, chest and shoulders. His beard was thick and bushy. Buck's blond beard either grew naturally short and rounded, or was trimmed that way. It fit his more rounded face, where Zed's longer one accentuated his more angular features. Both men were very handsome.

“Hey, old man... where you been?” Zed hollered.

“Yeah, we been waitin'. Waitin' to eat and waitin' ta fuck. Looks like you brought fresh meat!” Buck growled, looking pointedly at Cody.

“That's muh boys! You'll have to pardon Buck there, he's got no sensa manners. Says just what's on his mind, all the time. Gets him into a heap of trouble, mos' times.” Charlie chuckled. He whispered to Cody, “Jes' chew on his nips some, an’ he'll get right friendly real quick, young'un.” He turned to the boys and said, “You remember Bubba, he's Ron's boy. Cody here's his newest son. We been up at the cavern. You boys got supper on?”

“Sure thing, Daddy. You guys ready to eat?” Zed said, nodding towards Bubba and Cody.

“You bet, as long as it's hot and got meat in it,” Bubba said as the followed Zed and Buck inside. Supper was a flavorful stew of venison with potatoes, carrots, and onions, and flavored with a couple of bottles of good brown ale. Fresh baked biscuits and a mixed fruit cobbler rounded out the meal. Finally, pushing back from the table, full and content, the five sighed and started to get up.

“Hold on there, boys. Table needs clearin' and dishes need washin' first.”

“Aw, Daddy, can't we please play first? We promise to clean up afterwards,” Zed was playing the child at the table trying to get out of chores, much to the amusement of the others. The big bearded black man's size and bulk made a real contrast to the tone and words he was using.

Charlie growled at his son. “No! You know what will happen, you'll play an’ get all tuckered out an’ want to sleep; then those dishes will still be here in the morning. Get to scrubbin', boy!” His smile belied the sternness of the words; and in fact, all five pitched in to clean up. In short order, the task was done and all five trooped upstairs to the sleeping quarters. They entered the large room with its single huge bed in the middle.

“Oh, this is nice!” Cody said, eyeing the furnishings. Everyone was stripping down, kicking clothes into piles.

“I built that bed myself, when I couldn't find one that would fit us all. We got a guest room down the hall, but I thought this would be more cozy-like, especially iffin' yous wanna spend the night.” He looked first at Bubba and then Cody, who both nodded.

“Good. Let's fuck,” Buck said, now naked and getting hard. Charlie laughed out loud at this.

“See what I gotta to put up with? Get 'em worked up an’ they lose all sense a good breeding.” He turned to Buck. “You know, it's polite to cuddle an’ suck some first before you shove that meat of you'rn up someone's ass.” He cuffed Buck, not entirely playfully, upside the head.

“Yeah, well, we ain't hardly had any playtime since we woke up.” He looked at his daddy, then turned back to Cody and Bubba. “Sorry, guys. Can we?”

“Oh, HELL, yeah!” Bubba said, with his eyes on Zed's sizable cock that was getting bigger by the moment. All five piled onto the sturdy bed, pushing aside furs and pillows. Cody remembered the advice that Charlie had given him earlier and began chewing on Buck's nips, first licking away the blond fur there so he could gnaw on the pink nubbins. As predicted, Buck suddenly became very attentive to Cody's thickening cock and balls, rubbing them gently and cuddling the young man.

“Oh, yeah... that's it. Mmmmmm, that's good. Oh, yeah...” Buck started pumping out copious amounts of precum, which Cody leaned down and lapped up. “Fuck, this guy's amazing,” Buck growled in a husker voice than he had a moment before and Cody could sense a slight shift in his form, “Uncle Ron taught him good.”

Bubba stopped sucking Charlie's cock for a moment and growled, “Well, I had something to do with it, too, you know.” Cody nodded, acknowledging his brother's tutelage, and went back to sucking on Buck's nips, and Buck went back to moaning in pleasure.

During the next two hours, the five of them coupled in every combination possible, with only Cody refraining from fucking. He didn't lack for draining, though, since the other four all drank down full portions of his spunk. At one point both Buck and Zed started to shift into half form, but Charlie stopped them. “The young'un isn't ready for that yet. Let's jes' stay human for now.”

Finally sated and content, the five curled up against each other in a bear pile and began to snore. Each had been well serviced and had both taken and given pleasure to the others, and each had a smile on their face as they all drifted off to sleep, arms and legs draped over one another.

The following morning, the five rose and showered in shifts. “I really need ta get a bigger shower built here, but it's really hard ta modify the second story of these old places. I'd love ta shower with all five of us'n, but no way that can happen. It's real tight with jes' me an' the boys.”

“But a lot of fun,” Zed said, setting out towels for the guests.

In the end, Zed showered with Cody and Buck, and Charlie showered with Bubba. Bubba knelt and sucked Charlie to hardness and then turned and bent over. Charlie needed no encouragement and sank himself into Bubba's furry ass. He shot almost instantly. “Damn, you got a hot, sweet ass there, nephew. You get my motor runnin' real fast!”

“Glad to oblige. I filled you up at both ends last night, as I recall... so this is by way of a thank you.” Bubba gave Charlie a wet, soapy smooch and began shampooing his hair and beard.

Once all five had finished their showers and had dressed, Charlie suggested that, rather than eating in, they go to a local road house for breakfast. “They do good grub, an’ they know all about bear portions. No need to order double, they see us'n waltz in the door an’ they automatically fix two of whatever we order.”

“Sounds good to me,” Bubba said, and Cody agreed. They mounted their bikes and rode off, following Charlie.

Bubba was thinking to himself, 'Technically, Cody shouldn't be riding with a group like this, but Charlie and his boys aren't Cody's brothers or daddy, so I guess it's OK. Ron'd probably whup me, but hell... they've been nice and hospitable, we can't be rude to 'em.' He grinned to himself, gave Cody a 'thumbs up', and gunned his scoot.

They arrived at Angel's Roadhouse and, just as Charlie had said, when they walked in the waitress nodded her head and tapped on the order shelf at the kitchen window. Inside the kitchen, Angel and his assistant cook Freddie started cracking eggs and pouring batter. The five sat down, and Elise, the waitress, said, “You boys what your usual?” Zed and Buck nodded. Charlie looked at Bubba and Cody.

Cody spoke up and said, “I'll have whatever you guys say is good.” Bubba nodded agreement.

“OK, guys, coffee's coming right up, and the rest'll be her in a jiffy.”

In short order, coffee mugs were filled and a huge platter of pancakes appeared along with plates and silverware. A large jug of real maple syrup arrived along with another platter of scrambled eggs with thick strips of bacon crisscrossed on top. A plate of sausages arrived with refills on the coffee. Second platters of pancakes and eggs were brought out as soon as the first were demolished. Back in the kitchen, Angel and Freddie looked out at the five bears. “They sure can pack it away... man, I ain't never seen guys eat so much,” Freddie said, shaking his head. He had only worked there a month, and hadn't run into the Charlie-sized appetites before.

“Those vatos are good customers... good tippers, too. If they ever come in and I'm not here, you make sure you feed 'em good, you hear? Just make lots of everything, and always give them the good syrup. I keep it in the back of refrigerador, in the stone crock. It's the real stuff, just for special customers.” Angel dried his hands and went back to filling orders.

When they had finished and paid their check and left a generous tip, they stepped outside. “Well, we're off. It's been real nice, and I know Cody's had a good time, din’tcha, bro?” Bubba chuckled and punched Cody on the shoulder. Cody ducked his head and grinned.

“Sure have. Can't wait for my change and my chance to come back here and see you all again.”

“We'll look for'ard to it, boy.” Charlie looked at Bubba. “You be sure you tell muh brother to git his hairy ass up here as soon as this here young'un changes. You jes' let me know an’ I'll get the word out to all the brother bears an’ we'll have a fukin' HUGE celebration.”

With a grin and a wave, Bubba and Cody roared off. Charlie and his sons stood by their bikes and watched as the two disappeared down the road. “Nice kid. He'll do jus’ fine, I think. Now, let's us'n get beck an’ nap some more. Those guys sure kept us busy last night. This afternoon, you an' me have got some chores to do.” Charlie's sons mounted their bikes and followed their daddy back home.