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Full Service

Full Service

By Bjorn Torson - aka Papa Werebear

Copyright © 2000-2004 - Bjorn Torson
Any and all re-use prohibited without explicit permission.

The downpour came on suddenly; it was so heavy I could hardly see the road. I really wasn't surprised; lightning had been dancing through the distant sky for about an hour already. I was in the mountains of Northern California in my Dad's old brown, beat up, `82 Chevy pickup. Luckily it was about 2 am early Saturday morning so traffic through those tight mountain curves was almost non-existent. I was coming down from a little town nestled among the redwoods on the coast. It was a beautiful place, but I couldn't bear to live there anymore.

I was twenty-five and leaving the only home I'd ever known. I had grown up there, the only child of a widowed father. Mom had died when I was three and I hardly remembered her. Our family was just Dad and I; no aunts or uncles and the grandparents on both sides lived on the East Coast. Dad was a handsome devil with a great smile, hazel eyes and a beautiful golden beard. He'd occasionally have a girlfriend, but Dad never seemed to be able to keep them for very long. He was too withdrawn since mom's death and they couldn't seem to break through the emotional barriers he'd set up.

Dad was a mechanic and worked on trucks for a local company, he made good money and worked overtime a lot. He always seemed to have time for my football games and wrestling matches though. He always supported me, win or lose. His tall muscular stature and endurance were legacies he passed on to me and were part of my athletic success. I discovered I was already furrier than most of the guys my age and fairly well built. My body and face fur, honey-brown hair and eye color were gifts I had Dad to thank for too.

Small towns being what they are, even in California, I never let on how I felt about the big furry guys that were Dad's friends. I secretly lusted after those men that came over occasionally for a beer or two and to shoot pool with Dad after work. I knew I was different at an early age and when I discovered jacking off, those men were regular features of my fantasies. I was straight acting and never let on how I felt. When they'd tousle my hair, tickle me or pick me up and hug me, I'd protest like any other kid my age, but I secretly, I craved their attention. They had no idea how I felt, how thrilled I was to have them rough house with me. The bonus though was that, since they never suspected anything, I got to hang out with all of my Dad's trucker buddies when they'd play cards at our place. They taught me how to play poker. I got to sit in on all the dirty jokes and cussing. Dad didn't mind; I guess he figured that I was getting a first hand look at what men were when they were not in polite company. I got to see those big furry Bears relaxed and exhibiting their natural behavior: smoking cigars, drinking beer, telling lies and enjoying each other's company. I was in Bear Cub heaven.

The other problem with small towns is there just isn't enough work to go around sometimes. Dad put me through college with the fund he had set up for me before my birth. I graduated with a BA in computer engineering, but there just wasn't work in that field available up there. I suppose I could have found work on a fishing boat or in the garage where Dad worked and stayed where I was, but Dad insisted that I do something more with my life. He wanted my life to be better than his was. He wanted me to have a nicer house, a better car and more in my bank account than he had. Dad was very proud of me and didn't want me to waste my life laboring it away so I wasn't to worry about leaving him alone; he'd be fine.

I remember the night I told him, with great fear of being disowned that I was gay. He blinked, puffed on his pipe and said nothing for awhile. My heart pounded and my palms were sweating. Then he got up and wrapped his big strong arms around me, hugging me tight. He told me that it made no difference which sex I preferred, the only important thing was love and that he loved me more than anyone. Dad said I was his son and nothing could change how he felt for me. I started to cry. Years of emotional weight were lifted by a few simple words from the man I'd loved since I was old enough to have memories. We sat and talked over a few beers and he told me that he had suspected that I liked men for some time. He had caught the way I looked at his buddies and noticed that I was especially excited on game nights when his friends were over. I asked if any of them suspected too. He said only one, Rich. But, Rich was also gay and the other guys had no idea he was. Rich had finally told Dad after he'd refused the invitation to poker night for about the tenth time. Rich was surprised that Dad didn't stop being friends with him. After that he started showing up for poker night. I'd always liked Rich in particular and now I knew why I had. We were up for hours and that night I went to bed happier than I could ever remember being.

Three months later, Dad died of a massive heart attack. He was well liked and his funeral well attended. His buddies offered me work, they were genuinely concerned for me. I thanked them and told them not to worry, I had prospects in the Bay Area, but if they didn't pan out I'd ask for help. I was numb. The only family I had was gone; my world had become grey. I knew there was nothing for me in that town anymore. I decided to put the place up for sale as soon as I got a job down south. Six months later, I had an offer from a Silicon Valley firm and a friend from college in Sunnyvale said I could stay at his place while I interviewed for the position. I was going to have to be at the interview early Monday morning.

Well, that's why I was in the mountains. What happened next was the best possible thing that could have ever happened. The truck broke down.

I checked the gas; that wasn't the problem. I was a whiz when it came to computer programming; mechanical devices were a completely different kind of magic. None of Dad's arcane knowledge and skills had rubbed off on me. So there I was: stranded at 2:30 or so in the middle of the night in an area where towns were tiny little things nestled into the nooks provided by the mountains. Unfortunately, those little towns also close up when the sun goes down. But, perhaps I could persuade someone to let me make a phone call and wait in a barn or out building. Hopefully, I wouldn't be greeted at the business end of a shotgun.

I thought I'd seen a sign a little way back giving the mileage to the next town. I was pretty sure it had read about two or three miles to the town and my truck had puttered to a stop a mile or so after the sign. At least I hoped it had been a mile or so, it would make my walk in this cold driving rain, without rain gear, a bit shorter. Luckily I'd stopped somewhere in the middle of a fairly straight section of the road and the truck could be seen for a good distance. I set the hazard lights, pulled the keys, put on my light colored summer jacket, got out of the truck, locked up my belongings and started walking as far from the road on the shoulder as I could manage. Three seconds after I stepped out of the truck, I was soaked to the skin. I walked in the hopes that someone would drive by, but I knew that was highly unlikely. The rain let up about thirty minutes or so after I had started my little adventure. The clouds cleared away and it got even colder than it had been, especially since I was wet. My teeth were chattering. I walked for an hour or so without a single car passing me. I took a side road and came to the small town indicated by the road sign I'd seen; it was really just a wide spot in the road with a gas station, post office, diner and small country store.

They were all fairly well kept, not rundown like you might expect from isolated mountain towns. There are no twenty-four hour anythings in places like this. The combination gas station-garage was closed, big surprise! It looked like a very well preserved and maintained 30's era gas station. The pumps were modern, but other than that, it was a classic example of the buildings of that time period, right down to the full service sign, a rarity nowadays. It was closed, but the house up the hillside from it had a light on and smoke coming out of the chimney. I stood there freezing, debating with myself on the wisdom of approaching a stranger's house in the early hours of the morning. Visions of that loaded shotgun loomed large in my imagination, but I was sure I'd be frozen solid before dawn. I resolved to approach the house.

As I walked up the neatly paved stairs that led up to the house, I noticed how well landscaped everything was. It looked natural, not contrived and used plants that grew in the area, but you could tell that the boulders and plants had been arranged. I got up to the house, a nice big log cabin with out buildings and a satellite dish. I heard the sound of a TV so I knocked on the door, shivering uncontrollably. I heard a growled, yet friendly sounding bellow, "Jus' a minit." His voice sounded odd in a way I couldn't put my finger on. Three to five minutes later the porch light came on. Here I was, interrupting this man's TV show in the middle of the night. I already felt that I was inconveniencing this stranger.

The Beast that answered the door was right out of one of my wet dreams. He stood 6'6" or so, wearing apparently nothing but a pair of overalls, no shirt and was puffing on a fat cigar. His torso was thickly COVERED in fur! He looked to be 50 to 55 years old, but he was very muscular with a nice round beer belly. Mountain life must have kept him in good shape! He had to be close to 400 lbs. and most of it solid Bear meat! He looked me over; I was shivering and soaking wet. "Son, you'd bedder get yourself inside afore you freeze your balls off!" he said in a gruffly concerned tone. "It ain't a fit night out for man nor beast. My name's Dave an' you're welcome in my home." he finished. "I'm Barry," I said. "Well, it's nice to meet you Barry, now get you frozen butt inside." he said with a chuckle. I stepped inside to incredible warmth of both atmosphere and temperature. The man gently put his big warm hand on my shoulder as I entered and he shut the door behind us.

"Get on over to the fire an' warm yourself up afore you catch cold." he gently commanded. The inside of the house was beautiful. It was neat, roomy and rustically furnished. There was an enormous fireplace on one of the walls with what I would've called a small bonfire blazing merrily away. The floors were made of solid oak. All of the furniture looked sturdy enough to hold an elephant and I noticed a real Bearskin draped over the couch. I noticed that his big overstuffed easy chair was made of genuine leather and well worn. Beside it there was a small table with both a cigar humidor, a pipe stand with several pipes and a tobacco pouch. Dave was obviously a connoisseur of fine tobacco. Against another wall, a big screen TV was playing "The Wolfman" with Lon Chaney Jr. on the late night movies.

Before I could turn around, the giant had vanished down a hall. I had moved over to the wide granite hearth and started warming myself. I was startled when I felt a large soft down blanket wrapped around me from behind. It had a distinct musk smell to it and I guessed he had pulled it off of his own bed. It was a nice comforting smell: man scent, pipe smoke and cigars. Dave had returned and either I was distracted by the sheer pleasure of being warm again or he moved damned silently for such a big man. He turned off the TV, drug a large rocking chair over for me and a stool for himself and handed me the large beer mug of the warm sweet, spiced, alcoholic beverage he'd been drinking from. "You drink that down now, get some warmth in you. It's honey wine an' some pie spices. It's called mead an' it'll fix you right up!" There was a pause as he took a couple of puffs on his cigar. "Now, what, happened, Son an' how can I help." He spoke around his cigar with a deep resonant voice that had a slight gravelly sound to it. The sound of his voice alone was giving me a hard-on and I was glad that the comforter covered that particular part of my anatomy.

I now could see in the bright glow of the huge fire just how beautiful this man really was. He was an Ursine God! He was a composite of everything I found attractive in a man and he seemed genuinely nice as well! His eyes were a rich brown; his hair was also brown with red highlights, as was his beard. He had silver scattered through all of it and on his chin was a patch of pure silver that covered the area beneath his mouth. His torso was covered in thick dark brown fur also peppered with silver strands. Fur grew all the way around his neck and he didn't shave it in front so it joined with his beard and continued down into his chest fur. His fur also ran all the way from his neck to his hands and it partly obscured a beautiful tattoo of a Grizzly Bear on his right shoulder and Bear's paw print on his left upper arm. His fingers were meaty, long and furry and had a little grease under the fingernails. Before me sat a genuine, full pelted, California Bear!

"Well," I said, after sipping on the huge mug he had given me, "my pickup broke down a few miles up the road and with as narrow as the road is, I was afraid to stay in it overnight." "That was pretty smart of you son," he growled "sometimes those loggin' trucks come `round them curves a bit too fast an' afore they can stop, they've crushed someone's broke down car like a beer can. You're real lucky, son, `cause I jus' happen to own an' operate the garage down the hill." He smiled broadly and refilled my mug from a copper kettle he had near the fire. "Now you jus' sit tight here by the fire an' get warm. I'll go fire up the tow truck an' go get your pickup." He threw four more logs on the fire and the smell of pine was wonderful. "I don't have much..." I started and he cut me off. "Son, you're broke down, miles away from home an' half froze to death. I ain't takin' no money for an act of kindness. I'm helpin' you out an' that's final, no charge!" The drink, fire and the kindness this man was showing me warmed my soul. "'Sides, son, I got all I want an' with the station runnin' I got more `n enough money. Especially with the price I charge for gas." He smiled. I looked into his big brown eyes and fell in love. But I was not going to let him know that, all I needed was a pissed off Grizzly pounding me into the dirt because he didn't like fags. "You said it was three miles up the road: left or right from here?" He indicated as he spoke. I paused for a second, thinking briefly from what direction I'd come and reoriented myself. Finally I said, "Right." "'S it locked?" he asked. "Yes, here's the keys." I put the keys in his huge paw. He pulled on a jacket and his boots as he spoke around his cigar "I'll be back in awhile." He smiled and winked. "You sit there an' get warm. If you get hungry, there's some ham in the ice box and blackberry pie on the kitchen table. There's some vanilla ice cream to go with it in the freezer. Help yourself..." he puffed on his cigar "an' drink some more mead, you need to get warm inside too." Then he was out the door. A few minutes later I heard him start the tow truck. I poured some more warm spiced mead for myself, wrapped myself in his comforter and sniffed long and deep the wonderful scents it held. I was just thinking about getting up for some ham and then I went cold.

Fear gripped my heart and it pounded in my chest. I broke out in a cold sweat and the room seemed to go dark. I started trembling and my stomach felt like it had been tied into knots. I had just remembered that I'd left a couple of issues of "U.S. Magazine" on my floorboards on the passenger side and in the excitement I'd forgotten about them. "U.S. (Ursine Stud) Magazine" was my favorite Bear magazine. It routinely featured big, heavily furred, blue collar Bears. I'd been very secretive about my preferences in sexual icons up until now. "U.S. Magazine" came to my post office box, once a month without fail, in a plain wrapper with no logos, name or return address. Now years of secrecy and a perfect cover were going to be blown. If this huge Grizzly was into gay bashing and wanted to "Kill a faggot", nobody knew I was here and probably never would. He could commit the perfect murder at what was now 4:13 in the morning by the grandfather clock by the door. My thoughts had become steeped in paranoia over the years and not unjustifiably so. One of the kids I'd gone to high school with had been severely beaten, almost to death, because he had admitted to being gay. He wouldn't press charges, even though he could have and they would have locked those bastards away. Instead, he and his family moved as soon as he was out of the hospital. I guess they were afraid of what those fuckers would do when they got out.

This huge Beast of a man wouldn't even need a weapon, he could snap my neck in those powerful hands with ease and there wouldn't be much I could do about it. "Calm, down." I thought. "This is the end of the 20th century and the beginning of a new millennium, that kind of bigotry is fading fast." The cynical little voice in the back of my head spoke up in the cold hushed tones of paranoia. "But THIS guy is around 50 to 55 or so. He grew up in the bad old days when fags lived out their lives in the closet and knew to stay there. They were easy game and fun to beat up! God only knew what religious dogma might have been preached to this guy and how he felt toward gay men because of it." Around 5:00 I heard the truck pull up and a door slam. I went to the door and looked down at the huge man coming up the steps. In his right hand he carried my clothes bag and shaving kit. In the other he carried what I knew were the magazines. He had found them! When he got to the door, there was a strange look on his face. "We gotta talk." He said gruffly as he passed me going through the door. He dropped my clothes bag and kit by the door. As I shut the door and he motioned me to sit in the rocker as he sat back down on the stool he'd used before. He took off his boots and socks setting them by the fire. He sat with his legs spread apart for more stability. There was a pause as he stared into my eyes with great intensity, puffing on a fresh cigar. He held the magazines in front of him looking down at them, flipping through the pages. I fidgeted a bit and he looked up at me.

"Am I to unerstan' by these here porno mags that you like guys... guys like me?" he said in a soft growl. "'Cause the guys in these here magazines LOOK like me. Do you wanna get fucked by men, son?" "Well..." I started and he interrupted "I ain't finished, son." he said a little louder. "By theses do I unerstan' that you want to be with big ol' fat guys? You like big guys with lots of fur all over `em... with big ol' dicks... an' beer bellies... Bearmen?" There was a long pause and I contemplated my fate with this angry Bear. He squinted. "You like me, son?" he growled lowly around the cigar, his icy stare holding me transfixed. "You like the way I look? You gay, son? One of `em Cubs, like in these here magazines? You want me to fuck you, son?" There was a long pause; I was still caught in his consuming stare. "Well," he growled loud enough to make me jump "answer me, son!" I just knew this man was going to kill me. He was going to chop me into little pieces and bury me under one of those huge boulders outside. He obviously hated fags, but there was no point in lying now. I may as well die outside of the confines of the closet I had lived in for most of my life.

"Y-Yes... to everything you said." I said in a low whisper, tears standing in my eyes. "I like furry Bearmen. Especially older men, like you." The last of that was almost inaudible, but he heard it. He leaned back, puffed on his cigar, shuffled through the magazines and then put them on the floor. He placed his huge furry hands on his thighs. He regarded me through squinted eyes, his head cocked slightly. "Well," he said coldly "I got my own way of dealing with the likes of you." Slowly he stood up. Here it was. He was getting up to strangle me to death; my heart was beating fast. I, briefly, entertained thoughts of knocking him over and bolting for the door and realized instantly how pointless that would be. He took off his jacket and without breaking eye contact placed it on the stool behind him. I could see the muscle under his fur ripple across his chest. His arms where huge and powerful. He glared and cracked his knuckles. He took a deep drag on his cigar and let it out slowly through his nose. He moved his hands to the clasps of his overall suspenders on his chest. He took a step forward and was now towering over me with menacing bulk. I wanted to run, but like the deer, frozen by the poacher's flashlight. I couldn't move beneath his stare, I was completely focused on his eyes. "Yep, I'm gonna show you exactly how I deal with your kind." He smiled wickedly.

The next thing I knew, He was standing before me naked. His enormous dick bobbing up and down, sticking straight out before my face, oozing pre-cum. He must have been getting really hard while he talked and I didn't notice because I was focused on his eyes. He stepped out of the overalls bunched up around his feet. He must have undone the clasps while I was transfixed on his stare and making peace with my maker. "You're one brave Cub an' I reward bravery. Not many men would have admitted what you have in the face of a possible beatin'. You make me proud, son. You go on an' grab yourself a big ol' hunk of prime Bear meat, Cub." He said with a lusty growl. My mind was going into overload. Before me was quite possibly the largest cock I'd ever seen! It was thick and crisscrossed with bulging blue veins. It belonged on an animal. He had to be a foot long and three inches wide. I couldn't remember seeing a cock that big in all of the gay mags I'd ever bought or thumbed through. He WAS an ursine God! He was covered from head to toe in fur, muscle and fat.

"Wake up son!" he said with a chuckle and I came out of my daze "You got that pretty mouth of yours open for me to piss in or what?" My mouth snapped shut and he chuckled even more. "Go on, son, grab it! It won't bite... but I might." He smiled down at me. I was in a trance and all I could say as I reached out and took hold of his huge hot prick was, "I love you." "I love you too, son." he said softly "Loved you as soon as I saw you, but I thought you were a regular guy an' didn't wanna let on." I was harder than iron and trembling all over with excitement and this Bear had just told me he loved me.

"There's somethin' I have to show you, son, afore we can go any farther an' I don't want you to get scared. I want to give you a choice `bout somethin' that could affect everythin' `bout you. I think it's your right to know afore hand what you could be getting' into. So, I want you to put one of my balls in each hand like you're cradlin' eggs." I did as he asked, a bit puzzled as I did so. His sack was covered in fur, like the rest of him and his balls WERE about the size of medium eggs. "Now you got me by the balls, son. You hold on to `em no matter what you see or how scared you get. Remember, I trust you enough to give you somethin' real precious to me, jus' so's you'd know that you can trust me not to hurt you. You unerstan'?" I nodded, but I really didn't understand.

"First I'm gonna explain what it is I am an' how I came to be like this. Then, I'm gonna do somethin' that might scare you a bit, but you don't need to worry none. I want you to listen up an' wait to ask questions later. OK? When I'm finished, you can ask questions an' make up your mind. Even if your answer is no, we can have sex anyway if I use a rubber, an' it won't affect you none. OK?" I nodded mutely, now I was thoroughly puzzled. "Good!" he growled. He reached down to caress my face with his big rough hand, smiled and puffed on his cigar again. The touch of his hand sent thrills through me. With a far away look in his eye and a touch of sadness in his voice, he began.

"Many years ago, I moved up here. I was real young an' back then gay men got the piss beat out of `em in places like this, if they were lucky. If not, they got beat to death an' no one said nothin' `bout it after. If you think you're the first young man to fall beard over boots in love with a big ol' Grizzly Bear, you got another think comin'. I fell in love with the Bear who owned the then blacksmith shop down the hill. I rebuilt it years later as a gas station in the 30's `cause wagons were on the way out, even in parts like this. I kept the smithy; I jus' moved it up the hill a ways an' I still use it for folks that raise horses. It holds fond mem'rys."

Something passed over his expression briefly; he looked away for a moment and wiped his eyes. Then he continued. "Well, son, his name was Josh. We made love three days after we met. He was a real handsome Bear, covered like me, `cept in black an' sliver fur. As I lay there, that night, this hot Bearman atop me an' taking my virginity, humpin' away, he began changin' into a Bear for real. `Cept he didn't change completely. He still had human hands with fur an' claws, he could walk on two legs an' he could talk in that shape. The only way you could tell he wasn't a natural born Bear when he changed all the way was by the look in his eyes. That an' he could growl out a few words you could unerstan' if you listened."

"Anyways, gettin' back to it, there I was, my first time with any man an' him a Werebear to boot! I was yellin' my fool head off from fright an' pain with that ol' Werebear's big dick in me. He quieted me down an' I started relaxin'. I was lettin' him in an' tryin' to convince my guts not to fight it. He moved his muzzle down an' I threw my caution away. If he was gonna eat me, there weren't much I could do about it. We kissed an' I felt a thrill go through me. I came all over myself an' that was all it took for him. It seemed like he was pumpin' his seed into me by the quart. He was fuckin' me hard an' I felt like he was gonna split me apart. Either that or stab me to death with is dick. It hurt like Hell, but it started feelin' good too."

"Later, after I had calmed down an' we were spoonin', with me in his big furry arms, he told me that I'd be makin' the change soon: `bout four months an' I'd be jus' like him. Said that, since he had mated with me, we were bound to each other. He asked me if I resented bein' changed without warnin'. I said that at first I was afraid, but the more I thought `bout it the better I felt knowin' I was gonna be like him. When I felt his warmth go through me, felt his power an' felt how much he loved me; I was glad to be changin'. I didn't know why, but it felt right to be his mate, like it was what I was `sposed to be. I could jus' imagine how good it would feel to be covered in fur an' I was real GLAD he had chosen me."

"As we lay there I told him I was excited `bout what was goin' to happen an' that I couldn't wait. He told me that changin' wasn't so good at first. It took a year or so for your body to get used to changin' so's it didn't hurt anymore when you did it. Said, the day after I'd be real sore, but that would be less an' less as the year went by. Said he could tell that I was right for the change when he met me, but that not every man was. Bearmen, an' Werebeasts in general, are rare because not every man would take to it well. Those that aren't right for it usually turn out bad or kill themselves because they become unhappy with what they've become. More often `n not they use their new body jus' to get what they want an' aren't `fraid to hurt or kill to do it."

"Josh had been changed by a big ol' Mountain Man Werebear named Sam back in the mid 1800's, but they weren't mates; their love wasn't that deep. Josh'd come out west to find his fortune an' was panin' for gold when he met the ol' Bear. He'd fallen in love with him as quickly as I'd fallen in love with Josh... as quickly as you have fallen in love with me an' me with you. Sam was happy for the us both an' relieved that he wouldn't have Josh taggin' along ever'where after him. For awhile the three of us lived together, but Sam always was one for rovin' an' Josh an' me were homebodies. I see Sam once every five years or so, he's still wanderin' around out there in the woods somewhere. I love Sam an' we have a great time drinkin' beer, smokin' cigars and playin' around, but Sam an' I aren't mates neither. Most people think he's a bum, but with as much as he's squirreled away over the years, he's prob'ly richer than them that's lookin' down their nose at him. I've thought `bout it for a long time an' I think we know right away if we meet our mate. There's been lots of men come through here an' only a few of `em could've been Werebears. All of `em have been straight, until now. But still I felt a kinship with `em an' I think they felt it too. I thought about offerin' a couple of `em the change, `cause I can change `em through a blood exchange or a bite, but I always held back."

"Josh told me that Bearmen healed real fast an' didn't hardly get sick at all. That's prob'ly why Bearmen live so long: no cancer, no Alzheimer's, no heart attacks. We jus' keep goin' `til we die of old age. Sam told me one time that he could remember comin' over an' settlin' in New Amsterdam. That was a long time ago, an' he was already a hundr'd or so years old when he came over from Germany. He'd moved on an' changed his name a half dozen times by the time Josh met him." "In the next four months, after my first time, I changed fast an' ate like there was no tomorrow. Josh bought what he could an' we took TWO wagons to get supplies. The nearest place to get provisions was a week away, round trip. He an' I also hunted quite a bit. I kept my Papa pretty busy feedin' me. I grew almos' as tall as I am now an' I got jus' `bout as furry."

"I quickly discovered that a Bearman's beard grows so fast that it don't make no sense to shave. We get five o'clock shadow at ten in he mornin' an' it grows all over your face an' neck as you can see." He chuckled, scratched his beard and chest, took another long drag on his cigar and let it out slowly through his nose. "Yep, my face sprouted overnight. Two months after I'd first had Bear cock, I had a nice thick beard an' I was pleased as punch with what was happenin' to the rest me. I was horny all the time now an' even Josh found it hard to keep up with a Cub. Said he'd created a monster. Said after a couple of years I'd calm down an' wouldn't be a "walkin' erection" that always made me laugh. The las' things to develop was my maleness an' after I became a Bear the first time, I grew to my full size. I can still remember the mornin' after the first changin'. I was sore as Hell, but I didn't care, `cause I looked down at twelve inches of thick Bear meat growin' from my loins."

"Josh an' I lived happily together in this little town for fifty-five years an' no one cared... course that's `cause there was only twenty or so of us in the town. Every one of `em a Bearman. Most of `em have moved up north into the wilds of Canada now. I see `em every once in awhile. All of `em that's left I see most every day an' they've been real good to me." He paused and smiled, but it was touched by sadness. "Rusty an' John run the store, Alan an' Bob run the diner an' Joe runs the post office with Bill keepin' him out of trouble. They know how much I miss Josh an' share my bed when I'm real lonely. They all make me very happy an' keep me from bein' more lonesome than I could be. They're here an' I'm glad they are `cause I love `em all... but Josh isn't anymore. There's no mate for me." A tear rolled down Dave's cheek.

"Josh died thirty three years ago come this September. I think I miss him more at times like this, `cause he died on a night in the middle of a storm. He was goin' down to the garage to get somethin'. I never did hear what, I was busy in the kitchen. He got half way down an' lightning struck a tree. Half of it fell on him. I went lookin' for him after `bout thirty minutes an' found him lyin' there. I shifted an' easily moved the tree, but he was dead. We Bearmen are tough an' heal fast, but a crushed neck an' backbone an' busted up insides don't heal fast enough. I tried breathin' life into him: course I was delirious. He jus' lay there. I sat there, with him in my arms until dawn. I cried until nothin' more would come an' it rained the entire time. It was still rainin' when we buried him."

"After that, I came close to killin' myself two or three times, but the ways I used weren't as effective on my new body as they would be on a human. I guess that was a good thing. Allow'd the guys time to figger out that they needed to keep me chained up. Had a Hell of a time tryin' to figger out what kinda restraints to use an' each time I'd get loose, I'd try again. I even tried starvin' myself, but Werebears jus' go into hibernation when that happens an' they fed me careful like while I slept. Seems I was the first they'd known who actually tried to do myself in. They kept me chained for `bout a year in the basement of the store `til I finally decided I wanted to live an' convinced `em I didn't want to end it."

There was a stretch of time, five or so minutes, in which he just hung his head and silently cried. I felt powerless to help him, so I dutifully held the big man's balls and cried for him myself.

"Well," he said as he wiped his eyes, sniffled and threw the butt of his cigar into the fire "That's my story, you got a Bear by the balls in more `n one way, son. So now I'm gonna show you what it is I change into so's you believe what I jus' told you." He smiled down at me with bloodshot eyes. I smiled back at him, tears in my eyes from what I felt for him and for what this gentle man had lived through. I gently squeezed his balls and kissed them. He grunted and the huge penis that had gone soft while he told me his tale started becoming hard again. "You ain't got nothin' to be `fraid of, son." "I know." I whispered. With that, this gorgeous man underwent an amazing transformation, one that I found incredibly erotic. I was already oozing pre-cum like I had a leak and watching Dave's huge body stretch even larger, as he transformed made me even more horny. I could smell his musk intensify as he changed, the scent was heady and made me dizzy with lust. I was so turned on I barely noticed as I shot my load on his right leg; as the appendage was rapidly becoming furrier and more ursine. I felt fur grow all on his thighs with the backs of my hands. His balls became covered in the softer under fur like the fur on his belly. He grew taller and his cock and balls grew even larger. Not much larger, but I did feel them expand in my hands and his already fully erect cock grew about another half of an inch longer and as much in girth. I leaned back to watch the rest of him change. I watched as his face grew into a Bear's muzzle, his beautiful beard was absorbed by Bear fur. His muzzle had a cute silver patch where his chin would be when human. His ears grew larger, rounding into a Bear's furry ears, as they shifted position on his head. His body loomed over me; he stooped slightly as his shoulders shifted forward a bit. His arms were becoming partly forelegs and lengthened a bit, but still remained arms. They moved slightly together as a result of the repositioning of his shoulders. The arms ended in clawed hand-paws now. His legs shortened slightly and though I couldn't see it from my position, I later found the little fat stub of a tail he had grown. His body was well on its way to being completely covered in fur when his prostate, growing much larger than is normal for a human, shot out pre-cum because of the pressure exerted on its interior. I was looking up into his face when it happened. His cock was standing up straight, almost touching his belly fur. The Bear nectar arced and landed all over my nose and right cheek. He chuckled, "That always happens when I get horny afore the change. It builds up in me an' changin' squeezes it out like toothpaste from a tube." He grinned wickedly, he KNEW that would happen. "I don't mind at all. Shoot some more on me." I said and began licking it off as it trickled down to my mouth. He growl-chuckled.

A moment or so later he stopped changing. Standing before me was 8 feet of grade `A' prime Bear. Forget the guys in the magazines, this beast was a dream in the flesh. Dave was a walking legend, a wonderful creature out of myth. The most beautiful Ursine Stud in the world! He stretched his muscular bulk, taking pleasure in his new form and then he looked down into my eyes.

"Well, son, this is me. This is what I am an' it's the way I like to be most of the time when I'm jus' sittin' around here. This is how I looked afore I came to the door tonight. I could go further an' completely change into a Bear, but I couldn't talk much an' I'd have trouble thinkin' `zactly like humans do. Now you know why I wear jus' overalls; quick on an' quicker off! If I decide to change I can strip down to nothin' afore the fur starts sproutin'." There was a long pause "You got me by the balls, son. What do you want to do?"

There was another pause as I thought about what he meant and how my life could possibly change. I was lost in thought and was not paying attention as he spoke. I started coming back in the middle of one of his sentences. "...don't want to be like this, do you? An' you prob'ly don't wanna fuck neither. I'll unerstan' if you don't, I'm an animal an you're not an' you prob'ly think makin' love with a Bear is sick an' perver..."

"NO!... I mean, Yes!," I interrupted, coming out of my daze, "Of course I want to make love with you, I... love you. I want to be your mate. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I'd be GLAD to be like you!" This big brute half way thought I was going to reject him. "I'd be one stupid son of a bitch to turn you away and you're a silly ol' Bear to even think I might!" His face took on an odd expression that only a half man-half Bear can make. I have since learned that it was an outward expression of Dave's love for me.

The next thing I knew, I was lifted roughly off of the floor. I was in his arms being hugged tightly with his long Bear tongue down my throat. I struggled to break away. "I can't breathe, you're crushing me." I sputtered. He got a scolded puppy look on his face and muttered, "Sorry, I forget sometimes how strong I am an' how delicate humans are." His Bear hug loosened. "I'm gonna take you into my `Den'; my private space." He growled hungrily.

He put an arm under my knees and repositioned me. I threw an arm around his thick neck and he carried me to his bed and gently lowered me into it. He removed my damp clothing and started running his paws all over my body, taking pleasure in exploring me. His fur against my skin drove me wild and made me grunt with impatience. I was so hard it hurt and so horny, I wanted to cum then and there. Every time his fur touched my cock, I thought I was going to shoot. "Calm down, son." he growl- chuckled, "We'll both get our rocks off afore too long."

With that, he reached over to the nightstand and retrieved a bottle. He poured a red, scented oil on my chest and filled my navel so he'd have a well to draw from. The scent of berries filled my nostrils. Gently, he started rubbing the oil into the fur on my chest and moved out from there to my whole body, grunting lustily as he did so.

"Gotta get you all relaxed an' flavored up afore I can eat you!" He chuckled at that. He poured more oil on me just above my pubic hair and started rubbing my crotch, massaging my balls and then my oozing cock, mixing my pre-cum with the berry oil. His claws sent thrills through me as they scraped gently against my cock. "Now it's time for dessert... tonight I'm havin' a Cub Berry Popsicle!" he chuckled again. Suddenly, my entire length was in his muzzle. I gasped at the sudden pleasure of having my entire cock worked over by a long, rough, talented tongue in such a deep mouth. He came off of me for a second, "You taste REAL good, son. Real sweet!" With that he was back, sucking on me like my cock was a straw and my balls were a thick shake. He made a unique sound that I finally recognized from a documentary I'd seen on Bears; he sounded just like a nursing cub. It was one of those sounds that only a Bear could make and I found it strangely soothing. It was the first time I had EVER had a blow job and I was in heaven. I had never experienced this and couldn't the same way with a human. I had to keep from cuming too fast, I wanted this to go on and on. Dave gently pulled on my balls when I started getting too close. He worked my dick over, keeping me on the edge of orgasm. He'd put my balls in his mouth and worked them until he felt them starting to contract, then he'd gently pull them down again, this time with his huge canines! He rolled my dick around in that cavernous maw of his and nibbled on my cock head. I wanted to shoot my load. I wanted to empty myself, all of me, into his body. I wanted to fuse my being completely with his.

Finally, he roared with his muzzle clamped around my dick; the vibrations were incredible! At that point, I lost it. My body went into spasms as I pumped his mouth full of Cub cum. When I came back to my senses, I noticed I was pulling his head into my pelvis trying to force myself further down into his throat, trying to unite myself with this fantastic animal. He slowly sucked my still stiff dick until he was sure nothing more was forthcoming and I was soft.

He then changed back into his human form mostly. "For what I gotta do next, claws get in the way. You ever had a man up inside of you afore, Barry?" "No," I replied, "I've never been with a man at all... nor with a woman." I added with a smile. "Well, well, well... I'm your first!" His lust filled grin made me shiver with excitement, what would this hungry bear do to me? "Well I'll be damned... I bet you hoped to have a Bearman the first time, but prob'ly never figgered on havin' a REAL Bearman! I'm `bout the luckiest fuckin' Werebear alive!" "I'm fuckin' lucky to have Werebear for my first." I said, looking into his warm brown eyes.

He grinned a huge kid-like grin. If his beard didn't cover most of his face and the fine Bear fur wasn't covering the rest, I'd probably have seen him blush. He lifted my buttocks and dribbled oil on my anus. Then he covered his thick furry fingers in the sweet elixir. "This is gonna hurt an' there's no way around it. I'm gonna take my time an' do all I can to make it as easy as possible on you, but if I don't work your hole first, your first time would be Hell! I'm so big, I'd probably tear somethin' an' I don't wanna do that."

Slowly and with incredible loving care he began to insert fingers into my hole. I winced a bit, but I didn't make a sound except for a grunt or two. This went on for more than an hour and a half as he gently stretched me and massaged my prostate from both inside and from without. He was hard and dripping pints of pre-cum. I could tell he wanted to fuck me so badly, but he was the very soul of patience. He finally managed to get four of his huge fingers into me and gently expand my anus by spreading them apart.

As dawn broke and the birds began twittering, he pressed his huge slicked, oozing cock against my hole. His meaty head popped into me and there was a moment of searing pain. I held my breath and slowly let it out. He gradually worked his entire length into me. I grunted and groaned as he worked his way into me. It was a strange sensation, I felt full. It felt good to have him inside of me; it was like we were becoming part of each other at last. When he was completely inside, he kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth, fusing with me at the other end too. Slowly, with this huge Bear on top of me, he began to change back into a Werebear. I felt him growing and pulsing inside of me and I cried out in pain. His muzzle over my mouth muffled the cry. He kissed me long and deep and lovingly until my cries became soft grunts. I ran my fingers through his luxurious pelt. All over his furry chest and back. I drank in the strong pheromone laden musk and it was quite effective; the scent made me even more horny, if that was possible. My legs rubbed against the soft fur on the backs of his thighs and butt. I realized in that instant that Bears, human or otherwise, are hedonists. We seek pleasure for its own sake.

"It's OK, I'll stay still `til you get used to my size." He said as he broke the kiss. He licked the tears out of my eyes and we kissed again long and passionately. Eventually, it stopped hurting and I let him know I was ready.

"I'm gonna start movin' inside of you, real slow like `til you get used to the feel." He raised my legs and placed a calf on each of his huge fur covered pecs. Slowly, gently he began to fuck me. I braced myself by grabbing hold of the fur-covered pillars that were his legs just above his knees. He fucked me with a rhythm that slowly built up speed. Bestial grunts and growls came from deep within my ursine lover. I groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He lowered his muzzle to my neck, bending me in half in the process and began licking and nibbling. This evolved into pleasant biting.

Moving up to my ear, breathing heavily as he growled softly, he panted, "I ain't never had a virgin afore. How am I doin'?" "You're fucking fantastic you silly ol' Bear and you fucking well know it!" I said breathlessly. He growled and smiled widely, his eyes flashed. Talking back to him turned him on and gave me an idea. "I want you to fuck me harder, Papa Bear. You big horny Bear stud. You MONSTER! You horse- dicked, fuck-beast!" I grunted out the last, he was getting rough and excited. I didn't know where I dredged up that stuff, but he liked it! His eyes and nostrils flared. "I ain't never had no one call me Papa afore... CUB! I like that. That fuckin' turns me on! You're a smart assed little shit an' you're gonna get the shit fucked out of you!" he said in a husky growl. "Fuck me HARD Papa Bear! Fuck your smart mouthed Cub!" It was my turn to growl. "You're really askin' for it, Cub! You're askin' to be split open by my monster Bear dick!" He almost roared. He was loosing his rhythm. "I'm gonna cum in your tight virgin ass, Cub." He grunted out. "Fuck me Papa, split me in two and fuck my brains out. Fuck me as hard as you can and don't hold back, I want it all! I want to grow up and become a big ol' nasty Papa Bear just like you!"

That did it. He started banging me hard, growling and biting my shoulder. He sunk his teeth deep into my flesh, growling. I could make out some of the obscenities even with a mouthful of my shoulder and that turned ME on. The pain in my shoulder fused with the pleasure inside of me. His body trembled violently and quaked. He released his jaws from my shoulder and roared at the ceiling as his orgasm and mine surged through our bodies. He pumped what felt like quarts of cum into me, with each thrust I could feel hot seed seeping out of me and slowly flowing down my crack, onto my lower back. I shot my load all over his furry chest and onto the furry underside of his muzzle: jet after jet of thick white seed. His eyes were completely glazed as mine probably were. His grunts and growling grew softer and less frequent. We both panted. He moved my legs down and collapsed on top of me with his semi hard cock still inside. For a long time he licked the wound he had inflicted on my shoulder rubbing my cum into his fur as he did so. I felt my shoulder tingling as he licked and the bite stopped bleeding, slowly it closed up until just the bruise remained. I guessed Werebear saliva heals minor wounds pretty quickly.

"That was fuckin' hot!" he said, "I ain't never made it with a Cub afore. I can't wait go get you downstairs into my Den." "Den?" I said, "I thought this was your `Den'." "It is! I have one for sleepin' an' gentle, cuddlin' sex..." he smiled wickedly "an' one for rough, raunchy nasty Bad Bear sex. I got a pissin' area an' lot's of leather an' toys down there. But, that's for later... after the change, when you'll heal faster from all the sore muscles an' Bear bites you'll get." There was an impish gleam in his big brown eyes. He reached out with his long Bear tongue and licked me like a puppy licks a kid's face. I giggled just like one of those kids.

The thoughts of being in this Bear's "Dungeon" really turned me on, but if this was "gentle, cuddlin' sex" for Werebears, I had BETTER be able to regenerate if I was going to survive his other "Den". I was so spent I only got semi hard thinking about it. I felt the warmth of his semen beginning to spread throughout me until my extremities tingled. I asked if that was a sensation that always happened when people had sex. "No." he said "That's what the Change feels like an' you'll only feel that again when you change to an' from your Bear shape." "But I haven't changed." I said. "But you have." he smiled as he said it, "My Bear cum is coursin' through your body as we speak, in your blood, changin' every part of you at once." "But why don't I have fur and claws like you?" I asked. "'Cause you don't, that's all!" he teased. He thought for a while then started hesitantly. "I think your body has to get used to what you're becomin'. Things can't grow too fast... I guess it's kinda like puberty... I don't know, nobody's ever studied Werebears an' how an' why we change. I'd jus' as soon they didn't. I don't want `em knowin' we exist."

"It's good to be a myth, no one `spects that the big, furry Bear lookin' guy really IS a Bear. Sometimes, we get mistaken for Big Foot; I get a kick outa that! `Specially when you can get out of view an' ease into a creek, real quick. Then you change back. When they catch up to you alls they find is some big ol' furry guy skinny dipin', that embarrasses the hell out of `em! An' sometimes they find a Bear fishin'." He chuckled for a good while about that. I started yawning and that set Dave off. He pulled out and patted my rump saying, "You're one hot, smart assed, back talkin' little Cub." He said. "An' you wouldn't have it no other way, neither!" I lowered my voice and mimicked his speech patterns. He swatted me on the butt and chuckled. "That's what I mean, right there!" We kissed long and deeply.

He yawned some more and I turned my back to his fur-covered front nestling down into this beautiful Bearman's fur coat. He threw a blanket over us both, wrapped his big furry arms around me and we slept together, contentedly, until early evening.

Four months later, almost to the day, I changed for the first time. To celebrate Dave threw an orgy down stairs in his "Rough Housin' Den" with just us Werebears in attendance. I'd gotten adopted into this small, close-knit family of Werebears and was one of the "guys" now. I belonged with them and I loved each one of them almost as much as I loved Dave. But I was MADLY in love with Dave. I would move the world for him and I know he'd do the same for me. I started thoroughly enjoying my new body with ALL of my new family. I'm just horny enough to keep Dave happy; Dave must be more horny than most Werebears! He says he hasn't seen this much action in years, but he can handle it.

Two months after that wonderful day, I finally got down to the Bay Area and got a job. The new confidence I had in myself won my boss over in a heartbeat. I had hunted around for a job that allowed me to program at home and telecommute most of the rest of the time; I only have to go to the office once every week or so, sometimes I'd have to stay for a week, but not often. I always stop off on the way back and get Dave and myself a treat: cigars or pipe tobacco or something sinfully sweet and fattening. I pick up treats and stuff for the others too. I've taken up smoking a pipe and the occasional cigar; they always were a couple of my favorite fetishes.

After all the empty yearning years, I have found true contentment and love... and Dave swears he'll make me into one of the best damn mechanics, from here to San Francisco, yet. He doesn't want me breaking down on the road and being stranded unless it's serious. He was very touched when I gave him my Dad's complete tool set. Dave was speechless, but his smile and misty eyes spoke quite eloquently. "It's like givin' me an heirloom from your Dad... like getting' a weddin' ring or a gold watch." "Dad would be very happy for me, I found the love he wanted for me. I'm sure he'd be happy to know his tools are in such capable hands." I said to Dave. Dad always put great value on them and Dave absolutely treasures them.

I've introduced Dave to the Internet in return for teaching me how to fix a car and he's hooked. By the time I'm finished with him, he'll be able to write code with his eyes closed! After all, time isn't as big an issue when you live to be HUNDREDS of years old and by comparison, Dave is still a kid.

He says he'll probably look 50 to 60 years old for the rest of his life. He says it's different for each of us, some of us stop at 35 to 45 others look closer to 70; inside we all stop aging at about 30 or so or rejuvenate back to that point if we're older than that when we're changed.

They say the old fashioned service that gas stations used to give is a thing of the past, well for the most part they're right, but Dave gives me full service whenever I ask for it, no charge!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Healing Bears - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Light was edging around the slats of the blinds, and the birds were going nuts in the trees outside the window. Terry looked over at Craig's sleeping form, naked, the sheet kicked off, unneeded with the warmth of another in the bed. He gazed lustfully at the dream of a bear lying there, golden in the early morning light. He sighed and shifted position to relieve his aching leg, and went back to sleep. But the movement woke Craig.

Craig's eyes opened wide at first, startled to be in bed with another person, but then he smiled and looked with affection at Terry. His body was similar to his own, just a bit smaller. Thick in the middle; well, thick everywhere. A broad back and shoulders, a solid pair of legs that ended in short but wide feet. Terry's hands matched his feet, blunt and wide, competent looking. His chest and belly were thickly furred with dark brown, almost black hair. He already knew from scrubbing his back in the shower that Terry had some hair there, but nowhere near the crop he grew in front or on his butt. His beard stubble was widespread and growing fast. Craig mused that he'd have a substantial beard in a month or so. The sexy swell of his belly made Craig want to stroke and caress it, and he did so. When Terry's eyes opened, Craig pulled him in close for a kiss.

“Did y'all get any sleep?” He stroked the thick hair on Terry's belly.

“A little. How about you?”

“A little. I'm good, though. You want breakfast? You need to get up and pee?” Craig started to get up, but Terry put a restraining arm on him.

“Stay here a bit, buddy. It's a nice thing to do, cuddle and just be easy with each other, especially after such a nice time the night before.”

Craig eased back down on the bed, laying on his back and tucking his arms behind his head while Terry moved in close to his side and rested his arm and hand on the bigger bear's chest.

“I hope I didn't hurt you last night,” Craig said, concern showing in his voice.

“Nah. It's just been a really long time, I mean since I've been with another guy. To get fucked. I mean years.” Terry kept his face close the fur on Craig's body, inhaling the musky odor of man mixed with sex.

“That's a long time. Were you in a... I mean, did y'all have a, a 'partner'?

“You mean, was I in a long term relationship? Yeah. Eight years.”

“Wow, that's nice. Tell me about it?”Craig said, turning his head towards Terry.

“You sure you want to hear this? It's not that exciting; boring, really.” Terry looked up at Craig.

“Yeah, I do. I told you mine, you tell me yours.” The soft southern accent was more noticable when Craig was relaxed.

Terry laughed at the mild joke. Craig was loosening up, relaxing, and the attempts at humor were good signs.

“Well, you know I came out after high school. I didn't time it real good. Dad had died of a heart attack just after I'd graduated. I should have waited longer to hit mom with the news, but I was all fired up about being 'honest' and 'not living a lie'. She didn't take it well, and we argued. She insisted it was just a phase, that I'd grow out of it. I should have known that she hadn't had anywhere near time enough to grieve over dad. I guess all that anger and sadness got focused on my “news”. We argued a lot, and that last one was a real knock down drag out doozie. My brother was home from college for the weekend, and my sister still lived at home. They got a real earful. We both lost it, and mom said she never wanted to see me again, and kept going on how she was glad dad was dead so he didn't have to know one of his sons was a queer. I know she really didn't mean all the things she said, that it was her grief talking, but, well... Mom died that night. The paramedics said they thought it was a stroke, and my brother and sister blamed me for her dying like that.”

Craig cuddled Terry close. “That's terrible. I'm sorry, it must have hurt y'all a lot, especially after having lost your daddy so close.”

Terry nodded and continued, “A couple of weeks later I had to get some papers signed by her doc for the insurance company. He told me then that the time she had been in the hospital about three years earlier hadn't been for exhaustion and a viral infection. That's what she insisted we be told. It was for extreme high blood pressure and a mild stroke. Mom hated the idea of being seen as physically weak. She was so proud of never having been sick a day in her life except for colds. He had been treating her with some pretty heavy doses of blood pressure and blood thinner medications, but she had complained that they made her feel dizzy all the time.

When I got home, I checked all the drawers in their bedroom and bathroom. No meds, not even an empty bottle. But I did find four prescriptions for the meds, each dated six months apart. I think for the last two years, she'd gotten the prescriptions but never had them filled.”

“Because of the dizziness, y'think?”

“Maybe. But I think it was more the cost. When dad died, so did his health insurance. Mom was too young for Medicare, and made just enough money from Dad's pension to not qualify for Medicaid. I checked. The meds would have been almost $300 a month. I know the mortgage on the house would have taken a lot of the pension money, so I guess she economized by not getting the prescriptions filled. I wonder if she thought she could hold out until the mortgage was paid off, and maybe then start on the medication again.”

“So it wasn't you fault. Did y'all tell your brother and sister?”

“Yeah. But it didn't make any difference. They said if I hadn't told mom, she'd have lived a lot longer. And if I wasn't gay, she'd still be alive now.”

“Now, that's not logical. If she was that sick, like her doc says, she.... “

“Tell Aaron and Cindy that.” The bitterness in Terry's voice was plain. “Anyway, I had a scholarship to UC, and I moved out. If they didn't want me, I didn't want them. I got a job tending bar to cover my share of an apartment. After graduating, I got a job with a local architectural firm. And I started clubbing. I was determined to make up for lost time. I did my share of tricks, and then I fell in love. Hard.” Terry paused.

“He was a bit of a slut, really. Looking back, all the signs were there. But I loved him, and I didn't pay attention. We moved in together, and, to give him credit, he really did try to make it work out. We both did, me probably more than him, I guess. Anyway, we'd fight and make up, fight and make up. It got almost to be a joke with our friends. But I was never cut out for the club scene and the bars. I learned that early on. He was. It was like air or food to him. He did love me. I know that, but he just had to play around. He always came back, and he was always careful.”

“What happened? Craig asked quietly. He sensed there was more to the story. He rested his hand lightly on Terry's belly.

“We had a fight over his staying out so much during the week and coming home drunk, or near to it. He stormed out, but he didn't go to a bar. He drove up into the hills and parked at one of those 'scenic outlook' places off the highway. He called me from there, and apologized, said he would change and could he come home. Of course I said yes, and he hung up and drove back. Our usual pattern.”

“The hospital called me later that night. A drunk driver rammed him and ran him off the highway coming down out of the hills. I got there and was allowed to see him. I held him while he said how funny it was he hadn't gone out a bar to get drunk. If he had, he'd be OK. How ironic it was that a drunk did this to him. Then he died.”

Craig gulped and hugged Terry and didn't say anything.

“I went into a bit of a tailspin for a while, but I guess deep down, I knew it couldn't have worked out between us. We were just too 'opposite'. If he hadn't died like that, I would have ended it, really ended it, eventually. Anyway, I listened to a co-worker who said I could mope around, or accept that something bad had happened and get on with living. I got myself together and began developing a client base of my own. I set up my own office, designing house rehabs and remodels of business spaces. I liked the challenge of getting my own business started and it used up a lot of time. When things finally got profitable, I started dating a bit again. Geez, now that's depressing. All the available ones are either skinny twinks who can barely put a coherent sentence together, or seriously unemployed types looking for a sugar daddy. The few who were bearish and employed, well...” Terry stopped.

Craig hugged him again and said, “What?”

“Well, it's mostly my fault, I know, but I just couldn't get over feeling that they'd turn out like Bobby had. Unable to fully commit, always straying and expecting to come back. It probably wasn't fair of me, but I just couldn't shake that feeling. Every time I'd go out, I imagine I'd be seeing the signs that I'd refused to see with Bobby. They could be the nicest guy in the world (and a couple of them really were nice), and I'd start seeing or imagining flaws. There weren't very many second dates. I know its possible for gay men to make a relationship work, it just didn't seem that I could anymore. So, I sort of gave up looking. I did my work, I socialized with some friends from the Bobby days that still kept up contact, very occasionally had a one night stand, which just reinforced my views. Gradually, I accepted that I wasn't going to find someone.”

Craig rolled on his side again so he could face Terry directly. “Is this like that, do you think?”

“I don't know. I just don't know. I don't think it's like the others, I don't think you are like the others. God knows I want this to be different.” Terry fell silent, and after a bit hugged Craig.

“Sorry to have dumped all this on you. Here I was, telling you how to behave the morning after, and I go and get all depressing on you.”

“Hey! I asked you, didn't I? I wanted to know about you. Last night was important to me. I wouldn't trade it for anything, no matter what happens.” He put a paw on Terry's side and pulled him in close.

“Remember your saying that I was natural and right, that I was exactly the way I was supposed to be? I think last night was natural and right... that it was supposed to happen. I'm not very good at expressing things, but that's what I think. I think we were meant to happen. Y'all've helped me see myself as I am, and accept that. Maybe I can help you accept that we're worth a try.”

Silence filled the room. Craig waited, watching Terry with the same grave, quiet look he'd had a month earlier when he'd first brought Terry back home from the hospital.

“Well, say something...” Craig feared he had gone too far. After all, he was almost completely new to any kind of relationship, let alone a gay one. Terry looked steadily into Craig's gray eyes.


A beautiful grin split Craig's face and he pulled Terry in tight for a prolonged kiss.

Their kiss started as a tender one, lips touching and softly opening, tongues gently touching and tracing the inside of each other's lips, then retreating. But nature is wise, and will not be denied. Passion rose, and soon both bears were urgently pressing against each other, hands caressing, then gripping, cocks surging erect, straining against the other. Terry pulled Craig on top of him, reveling in the furry weight covering and warming him. Soon, though, Craig rolled over and off and traded places, pulling the slightly smaller Terry on top of him, running his paws up and down Terry's lightly-furred back and cupping his much more substantially furred butt.

“Oh, God!” Craig breathed in almost a whisper. “I can feel your cock against mine... so warm.” The alternated kissing passionately and nuzzling each others chests and necks, with Terry rubbing his nose in Craig's dense blond beard, inhaling the slightly spicy scent he found there. It was intoxicating, and drove Terry to greater heights of desire. He clutched at Craig's sturdy body and chewed on his nips, licked all the fur he could reach, and lapped repeatedly at his pits.

Craig writhed and moaned, straining his body against Terry's. “Terry, please. Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I need you. Please.”

Terry slowed his assault on the big bear's body and looked directly in his eyes. “Are you sure?”

“Man, yes!

“Have you ever done this?”

Craig impatiently shook his head.

“Craig, I want to make love to you, but we'll go real easy then. Don't worry, I'll be real careful... oh, hell... I want to fuck that gorgeous ass of yours so bad!” Terry stopped talking and rolled on his back, his stiff erection pointing at an angle towards his head. “I'm not sure I can manage all fours, and for your first time, you sitting on me is probably better anyway. Hand me the lube.”

Craig did so, and then asked if he could slick Terry's cock. Terry nodded, and Craig took his time about spreading the lube all over Terry's member, top to bottom. He started to rise up to position himself over Terry, but was stopped by Terry's restraining hand.

“Here, let me loosen you up a bit. It will make things easier. Turn around.” Craig moved so his butt was facing Terry. Terry worked his lubed finger into Craig's butt, hearing his grunt upon entry and feeling the bear's muscle ring tighten. “Easy... easy.” Craig lapped at Terry's tight ball sack while Terry worked his finger carefully in and out, and when he felt Craig relax enough, he worked a second finger in. He stretched the ring gently with his fingers, working it and murmuring admiring words about Craig's body. Eventually, Craig was pushing back on Terry's hand, eager to get as much length into him as he could.

“OK, buddy. Now you can get over here and let me fuck that hot ass of yours!” Craig scrambled around and sat, poised, over Terry's rigid meat. He began to slower himself until he touched Terry's tip. They both sighed, and Craig repeatedly tried to push himself down, but to no avail.

“I don't think I can do this,” he said. He pushed his hips down again, and his ass ring clamped shut. “I'm too tight.” He was breathing rapidly, and becoming more frustrated.

“Craig, stop pushing. Just sit there, hold up just enough to keep from pushing down hard. Just maintain contact. Yeah, that's it. Just sit there. Feel me there. How warm.... soft, yet hard. Oh, yeah. Fuck, man, you feel so good. God, you know how handsome and sexy you look, sitting like that? Just stay right there.... yeah, just like that. You are a dream come true for this bear. So nice....”

Suddenly, Craig's muscles relaxed and Terry's slick pole parted his ass and slid in. As the tip passed the muscle ring, Craig grunted out loud and stopped the motion.

Terry looked at him. “OK?”

“Oh, yeah... a lot more than OK. But y'all are so big.... I mean, y'all feel so big in there...”

“That's OK, the hard part's over. I'm not really that big, just average. But it's your first time... just keep relaxed and lower yourself when you feel ready. You don't have to take me all at once. Nice and easy.”

Craig looked at Terry, grinned, and sat down on him and engulfed his cock, his butt firmly against Terry's balls and cock hair.

“Damn!” Terry exploded.

“Heehee... I did it! Got ya all in!” Craig grinned down at his buddy.

“You sure did! Damn me, but that's a rush! Aw, buddy...” Terry put his hands on Craig's hairy thighs and stroked them. “You move as much as you want, when you want. Fuck yourself on me. I may not cum this way, but you'll get well and truly fucked, just take your time and next time will be a lot easier.”

For the next ten minutes or so, Craig did a dance on Terry's cock, exploring different angles and ways of moving, giving his own erecting meat strokes and playing with Terry's nipples, too. Leaning back as far as he could, he drove Terry's cock in as deep as it would go. The pressure and heat of Craig's insides, the knowledge that he was deep in his friend, that this big, gorgeous bear had allowed him inside, pushed Terry over the edge. He bucked, grunting and straining, and finally surged upwards as he began pumping his life deep inside the blond bear. “Oh, my GOD! Yes! Fuck, YES!!” Terry cried out as he came.

Craig hung on, and felt the hot gush of Terry's seed flood into his ass. He grabbed Terry's arms and held on tight as his buddy drained his balls. One final spasm, and Terry subsided, and Craig leaned down, gasping, and kissed Terry deeply.

He leaned further forward, and Terry's softening dick plopped out, followed by some of his cum. Craig covered the body of his lover with his own, and held him. No words were spoken, but Terry felt the wet of Craig's tears on the side of his face that was pressed against Craig's. They lay, silent, for a long time.

Craig finally rolled off of Terry and asked, “How's your leg?”

“It's fine. No worries.” He paused. “How are you? Did I hurt?”

“Oh, sweet Jesus, I feel great! And no, I'm good. But.... “ Craig paused. “Thank you. I understand now; how y'all could like it, I mean. I never felt that close to someone.”

Terry smiled and put a hand on Craig's face and beard. “I'm so glad.”

The two lay there for a while longer, both thinking about what has just happened, both content, both pleased with each other and happy. Just before dozing off, Terry wrapped his arms around Craig's furred torso and gently hugged. “I love you.”

Craig sighed and snuggled against his lover. “I love you,” he replied. They drifted off to sleep holding on to each other.

* * *

“Hey buddy, I'm home!” Craig set a sack of groceries down on the counter and began to put things away in the fridge. Terry came down the hall from his office and hugged his bear from behind.

“Holy God, you smell good!”

“I stink like a billy goat. It's fucking HOT out there. I need a shower.” The big sweaty blond bear turned and hugged his partner back, then bent his head and kissed him, nuzzling his thick red-blond beard against his lover's heavy brown one.

“I made a decision today,” Terry said.

“Uh-oh. That means money. I just know it.” Craig's grin took the seriousness out of his words. “What's up?”

“I agree with you. We should knock that wall out and extend the bathroom.”

“Woo HOO! “ he whooped. “Y'all've come to your senses. At last... a shower we can turn around in! Yes!” Craig pumped his fist in the air.

“But wait... there's more!” Terry walked quickly back to his office and returned with a roll of paper. “I think we should extend the whole side of the house. That would give us room to make a nice workroom for you, give you room to display your models. And we could even get space for a guest bedroom for when we have bears visit if we bring this wall back some. There will be more room when we have the guys over. Look, I drew up some sketches to give an idea of how it would look. See, if we knock out the wall from here to...”

Craig gazed fondly at his mate's enthusiasm as Terry rattled on. Four years hadn't dimmed the sense of wonder he still got when he thought of how much he loved this man and how fundamentally right their lives together seemed to him now. They had both slowly reached out to a small circle of friends who were a supportive 'family' that loved and watched out for each other. His receptionist at the clinic was right... 'cure' dealt with the physical, but 'healing' was about the recovery of the soul. He put his arm across Terry's shoulders and leaned over the counter and joined him in looking carefully at the plans his mate had drawn.

The End