Sunday, May 29, 2016

No Fine Catch

No Fine Catch
By Papa Werebear, writing as Bjorn Torson
Copyright © 1999-2004 2016 - Bjorn Torson
Any and all re-use prohibited without explicit permission.

"...I'm no great looker; I'm no fine catch..."

Wasn't that part of a line from a Jethro Tull song?  Well, it's certainly true about me and God only knows WHAT Chris sees in me.  God love him, he MUST see somethin' and I'm glad he does.  As I lie here, with the full moon bathin' his beautiful, fully jet-black bearded face in Her pale rays and I think, "Robert Patrick Mahr, you're one lucky son of a bitch!

You're 45, overweight, tattooed, long bearded, dark red headed goin' grey, slightly balding, grumpy, grouchy, greasy, dirty and stinkin' half of the time and this handsome young man LIKES the way you look and has the hots for you even after eleven years.

Who would've thought that 'Hagar the Horrible' would have EVER caught 'Prince Valiant'".  Certainly not me. Chris is so good lookin'.  He's as tall as I am and muscular.  He could have just about any gay man he wanted.

Well, I suppose I do have a FEW charms.  I'm rather nicely muscled; not show quality, but not bad, 6' nothin', a great kisser and hung like a fuckin' stud bull.  But, all the same, Chris and I don't look like a good match on the surface of it.  He's definitely high class and I'm an ordinary guy.  I got a high school education and that's as far as I went.  I'm a voracious reader, though and I've taught myself quite a bit.  I've read books from Shakespeare to Ray Bradbury and from Darwin to Steven Gould.  Of course, I've also read everything from the Kama Sutra to de Sade and beyond too!

He says he loves me exactly the way I am and wouldn't change me if he could.

I've changed him just slightly over the years.  I convinced him he needed a nice Bear tattoo on his left shoulder and to my surprise, he got one a couple of years ago.  I've also noticed his taste in casual clothes has changed from strictly Eddie Bauer to now include jeans, black T-shirts and a nice leather vest that used to be mine, until he appropriated it.  Every year he has me wear it without a shirt for a week or two in the summer.  He says he likes to have the smell of my sweat renewed annually.  The end result was that I had to buy a new vest and break it in.  I don't mind so much, especially since he looks so damn HOT in my old vest and greasy jeans.

Chris is the age now I was when we first met.  He was 26 and I was 34.

I remember the night we met.  It was at a New Year's party at my favorite hang out, "Bruin's".  The "Bruin" in question is a big ol' Teddy Bear of a man named Don Fraizer.  Don, or Grizz to his friends, is a HUGE man.  6'9' of solid muscle, brown-grey beard, beer belly, tattoos and ever present cigar.  He's as intimidatin' as Hell to anyone lookin' for trouble in his bar, but one of the nicest guys I've ever met: loyal to a fault, a true friend and great bed partner.  Grizz and I never got serious over each other, probably because we're too much alike.  But, you don't have to be serious about each other to have a nasty, greasy, Nekkid Bear Wrasslin' good 'ol time!

Grizz owns and operates the bar.  He actually won in a poker game.  When he'd won it, it was really run down.  Ten years of lovin' care and hard work had made it one of the coolest hangouts for everyday guys in town: if not the state.
It was much bigger now, too. He had added on to and rebuilt the place.  He'd lovingly restored the 20's era solid oak bar and brass work.  He added a pool/pinball room and expanded both bathrooms from two stalls to five for each with a trough urinal in the men's side (there was a reason for that) and custom winged HD signs that read "Bros" and "Bitches" on the doors. In one of the corners he'd installed a gorgeous old jukebox that he'd also restored.  The gold plated sign on it read: "Hit the box at your own risk! Grizz".  The few people that did got personally escorted out of the bar, rather roughly and were told never to come back.  If ever he'd needed "back up", there were any number of bro's that were regulars who'd help. Grizz never did, though.

The place is nice, but not fussy, the kind of place you didn't feel you had to dress special or be fresh out of the shower to go to.  It has a rep for bein' a biker bar and quite a few bros DO like to hang out there, but the clientele runs from workin' stiffs, bikers and truckers to college kids and businessmen out for a thrill.  I was the workin' stiff/biker and one Christopher Mc Mahon, "Love of my Life", was the college kid out for a thrill.

It's amazin', even at a really relaxed gatherin', how people segregate into their own little groups and refuse to interact.  Chris was there with his buddies from the local college.  It wasn't all that local at about twenty miles away, but was the nearest one to the bar.  I was there with a couple of the guys from the garage, both nice guys, but neither of them available or interested in me.  They were both VERY straight and had girlfriends on their arms.  For all intents and purposes, I was at this bash alone.  I was even more alone when I found out from Grizz that my buddies had cut out on me, without so much as a fuck off, at around 9:30 or so.  No doubt they'd decided to celebrate elsewhere with their dates and I couldn't blame them.  If an opportunity to fuck as opposed to hangin' out with the guys from work presented itself, you'd better fuckin' believe I'd choose the first option.

I first saw Chris with his buddies at a corner table as I was considerin' all of

I was bitchin' about my dateless status to Grizz.  He offered to take me back to his playroom after hours. It wouldn't be the first time he and I had spent all- night and part of the next day in his master bed room/dungeon.  Grizz was and is definitely one of my favorite bedmates.  I accepted immediately and he got a big ol' grin around his stogie.  I peeked over the bar and noticed his nice sized bulge gettin' bigger.  My grin matched his and I was getting' pretty hard myself.

When he was remodelin' the place, he had a special room built in the bar.  It was in the back by his office with soundproof walls, a heavy door and stout locks.  It was good sized and had a full bathroom attached.  Admission to the playroom was by invitation only, of course, and it comfortably accommodated 4 to 6 Bears.  It included a play area with various leather goods and toys, a small wet bar and a fridge for goodies.  Grizz had a style that only a hedonist possesses and a rich Dad who had died and left him with quite a bit of money.  You'd never know he was worth a couple of million by the way he looked or acted.  I really loved the man and he knew it.

Occasionally I'd look over at Chris, though I didn't know that was his name yet. I'd catch him lookin' at me and as soon as I did, he'd look away.  "Give me another beer Grizz.  Hey, What do ya think of the black bearded kid over in the corner?"
"I think he's pretty good lookin',"  Grizz said. 
"He'd be better lookin' with my dick in his mouth.  Hell, you're better lookin' with my dick in your mouth!" I said, sarcastically.
"Thanks, bro'!" We both chuckled.
“Seriously, you think he's interested?"  I sipped my beer.
"Don't know... maybe.  His eyes aren't on the babes the way his buddy's are,"  Grizz said with a puff.  "I'll keep an eye out an' see if he looks interested; see if he's checkin' you out... though I can't imagine why he'd be interested in an ugly fat fucker like you!" 
I flipped Grizz off and we both grinned.  "Later bro', after hours!" 
Grizz chuckled around his cigar. "I guess if he IS interested were off for tonight, huh."
  "Fuck, no!" I said. "I'll talk him into a threesome!"
"You're one Hell of a guy, bro'!" Grizz chuckled.
"Hey, I wouldn't turn down a buddy for a tight young ass; but I wouldn't give it up either,"  I said.  "No need for anyone to lose out, right bro'." 
"You know it, bro'!"

I paid for my beer andwent into the poolroom and got into a friendly game with some of the other bros.  I was well acquainted with some of them and casual friends with some of the others.  Grizz and I had gone up to Sturgis with a few of them.  While one of the other guys was shooting, I went to take a piss.  Grizz had installed trough urinals and there was method to his madness.  After all, if two guys are at a trough urinal, they can see each other's cocks and Grizz liked to check the guys out.  He knew how big each guy in the bar was, it was kinda a hobby with him.  In fact, that's how he knew I was interested in him, we fucked the first night I visited the bar because of it.
Pusing the door open, I went inside.  I was alone, fishin' out the hose, when someone came in behind me.  I turned to look and it was the kid with the black beard.  I suspected he had been waitin' for his chance to get me alone and I was more than happy to give him the opportunity.  He walked right up, unzipped, whipped it out and began pissin'.  I glanced over and saw that the kid was fairly well hung too and was massagin' his cock as he pissed.  I figured he was about eight inches or so. 
Now, I'd had quite a few beers, seven or eight since we'd gotten to the place at six o'clock and this was the first time I'd taken a leak. I like piss, so I like havin' a maximum capacity bladder.  I stretch it out by drinkin' and holdin' it for hours longer than I have to.  I'm no lightweight, so I wasn't even feelin' what I had had.  I was standin' there, lettin' a thick stream of rank Bear piss fly and I notice the kid is lookin' over at my cock.  I turned my head toward him and he didn't stop lookin' like most guys would.  He met my gaze and I smiled.  "Like what you see?" I growled.  If he'd been skittish, that would have scared him off.  It didn't; and that brought him up about twenty notches in my estimation of him.  Calmly, looked at me with his deep blue eyes and said "Yes."

The kid had balls!  That turned me on.  What he did next turned me on even more. He reached over and grabbed hold of my cock with one hand.  He cupped his other hand and held it under my stream of dark yellow Bear whizz.  I filled his hand and cut off the flow, even though it stings like Hell to stop in mid-leak; if this was goin' where I thought it was and this kid was a pig for piss, I wasn't wastin' any more kidney brew down the drain.  He lifted his hand to his mouth and drank it down, starin' me in the eye as he did so.
I was semi hard when he grabbed my cock, but seein' this Cub drink my rank Bear brew had me full on stiff. He was hard as a rock, too.  He licked his lips when he was done and was about to say somthin' when we heard someone comin'.  We zipped up as one of his buddies came in.  I could tell I intimidated the guy, so I washed up and so did the kid.

I'd have to get Grizz to help.  We each left the can and went to our separate corners.  He went back to the corner table and I went back to the pool table, I'd almost completely forgotten about the game.  Next chance I got, I went back to the bar.  "Grizz, give me four more beers, no make that six, one right after the other.  Here's the green bro'"
"What's up bro'?" he asked. 
"The kid..."
Grizz interrupted me, "His name is Chris, bro', I overheard when they were gettin' a pitcher." 
"OK... Chris is a piss hog bro," I said quietly, so his buddies wouldn't hear
"No shit?" Grizz chuckled.
"Yeah, he put his cupped hand under my stream and I filled it. Then he drank it down without flinchin'.  I gotta top off the tank." 
Grizz grinned and took a deep drag on his cigar.  "Guess I'll tank up too.  Hell, even if he turns you down, we'll have some fun." 
"That's what I like about you Grizz, you're such a positive thinkin' guy!"  Grizz was roarin' with that.  "You mind if I invite Chris to our after hours party in your 'Den do ya?" 
"Oh, fuck, no!"  he said. 
"Mind if I start the party before closin'?" I locked eyes with Grizz.
 “You're really in need of a good fuck, aren't you?  It's not a problem, bro'.  I figure you two'll be all cuddled up and smoochin' by the time I close.  That'll give me the chance to get everythin' shut down and locked up.  Then I can strip down and join you two." He wiped the counter and smiled  "That'll add some spice to it.  Don't let him know.  I'd like to surprise him" 
"Is the guest key in the usual place, bro'?"  I asked. 
"Yep, the breaker box in the store room." 
"If anyone asks about the can, tell them that someone ralphed on the floor in there and you'll clean it up in a minute.  I want to get Chris alone for a bit, so I'll put up the "Closed" sign and lock the door. “ Over the next thirty minutes or so, I downed six beers and even though I'm not a lightweight, I was feelin' pretty mellow. With that I went huntin' Cub.

Around eleven or so I managed to get Chris alone in the bathroom.  I put the sign up and locked the door.  "Look," I said, "I'm a straight forward guy, so I'm gonna cut through the preliminaries.  I want to fuck you and I think you want me to.  Am I right?"
"Well, yes." he said "But, there are two things I need to know first.  What's your name?"
I grinned. I was so horny I didn't even introduce myself.  "The name's Bob.  Bob Mahr."
He smiled.  "Nice to meet you, Bob.  You're one Hell of a good-looking Bear, but I'm sure you know that.  I'm Chris Mc Mahon." He looked at me, head tilted to one side slightly.
"What's the other thing you needed to know?" 
"This,"  he said as he moved his mouth to mine.  I started deep kissin' him like I was fuckin'. We grabbed each other's crotches and kissed until we were pretty well worked up.
I broke the kiss and asked, "Well, did that satisfy your curiosity?" 
"Yes, that's all I needed to know.  My Mom always said if I found someone I was interested enough in to consider dating, I should make sure that she was a good kisser.  Well, Mom doesn't know I'm gay... yet.  What's the plan?  I saw you talking to the barkeep and I guessed he was in on it."  He grinned a beautifully wicked grin. 
"You're pretty damn smart, Cub!"  I chuckled. 
"Well, if not that, I'm at least observant,"  he said. 
"The plan is as follows: You and I are goin' to sneak off to a special room Grizz has in the back.  We can make all the fuckin' racket we want to back there and no one's gonna be the wiser.  It's sound proof." 
"Nice!" he said, massaging his hard-on.
"Grizz knows about it.  He'll tell your buddies that you went off with a girl.” Just then, Grizz came in with a mop bucket. 
"You two finished?  I can only have them use the Women's can for so long,"  Grizz said.
"We finished talkin'?" I asked Chris. 
"Yes.  Let's go fuck."  Chris grinned. 
"I like him Bob, he's got his priorities straight!"  Grizz said and we all laughed.  "You two get on back into the store room, I'll see if the coast is clear first."

We managed to get back to the storeroom unobserved.  After about five minutes of French kissin' and gropin' we moved it into the "Den".  Chris was wide-eyed when he saw the place.  "I've never been in a playroom before." he said as he looked at the various toys and leather. 
"Strip down, Cub."  He did and the kid was really good lookin', for a Cub.  He had a fair amount of black fur on his chest, belly and butt, a bit of Cub fat and lots of muscle.  I could tell that with ten years more on him he'd be a well-built, well-furred Papa Bear; especially if I had a hand in sculptin' his body.  I continued talking to him as I began to strip, "Grizz and I have been workin' on the right smell of the mattress and grunge of the sheets for the last five years.  That bed's full of Bear musk and the sheets smell of cigars, Bear cum, Bear sweat and Bear piss.  Jump on in and wallow in the scents." 
He did just that, he pushed his face into a bunched up sheet and was inhalin' deeply.  I could see the bliss in his eyes as he took in years of accumulated raunchy Bear odor.  I was drippin' pre-cum all over the place.  I jumped on that stud Cub, lubed his ass with a cup of pre cum and I was up inside him before he had a chance to pull the sheet from his face.  Instead he yelled into the sheet as I shoved my huge cock up his hole.

I was a plunderin' Viking and I had just invaded his body., ready to sack and pillage.  I guess I really am a "Hagar the Horrible".  I wanted to take him hard and fast.  I wanted to rough fuck him.  After a minute or so, he really started gettin' into it.  His cock grew from about eight inches to a good ten or so.  He was hung almost as well as I was.  He was rock hard and dribblin' pre-cum all over his thick belly fur.  He was gruntin' and growlin' just like I was.  He started bitin' me and I started bitin' back.  We were gnawin' on each other's arms and necks.  He started bitin' and suckin' on my furry nipples and I returned the favor.  I was gettin' close to the edge and started backin' off; this was our first fuck and I didn't want it to be over in ten minutes.

I started tp slow fuck him, long, dickin' and deep kissing.  Sweat began drippin' off of me and I rubbed my furry, sweaty body all over my Cub to mark him with MY scent.  If I put my mind to it, I can stay hard for more than an hour while fuckin' and not cum `til I'm ready.  Chris wasn't as disciplined, then; now he can go as long as I can.  He says I taught him a "valuable technique", I say I taught him the pleasure of extended fuckin'.  Twenty minutes or so into it, he shot his load all over my chest and into my beard.  I loved it.  I massaged it into my fur and rubbed it into my beard.  I began rubbin' my sticky fur into his furry chest as I hard humped and deep kissed him again.  In no time flat he was rock hard again.  I told him to open his mouth.  When he did, I began droolin' into it.  He loved that!

I fucked Chris for another twenty minutes or so and finally decided I wanted to get my rocks off.  I picked up the tempo and told him to suck and bite my nipples.  He did so and added a bonus; he started pissin' all over himself and me.  I was already hotter than a Bear in heat, but when he started pissin', it pushed me over the edge.  I started loosin' control.  I was humpin' him hard and fast.  Suddenly I was pumpin' him full.  I trembled all over like I was a huge vibrator and someone had just turned me on.  I poured myself into him and he took every drop.  I'd been horny all week and I was savin' up by not jackin' off so I'd be ready to possibly fuck Grizz at the New Year.  Now Chris was gettin' the loads I'd been savin' all week long for Grizz.  I never thought I was gonna stop.  Chris moaned and came YET AGAIN!  I thought, "The Kid must be a Satyr." I had no idea that he REALLY was at the time and I didn't know how lucky I had just gotten.

I pulled out and collapsed on top of him.  We reeked of piss and sex.  We kissed some more and fell asleep in each other's arms, not carin' that we'd missed the beginnin' of the New Year.  The New Year was already MUCH better than the last.

We both woke to a big rough Bear paw grabbin' our dicks.  Grizz loomed over us with a cock in each hand and his own huge pole standin' straight up.  Grizz is a gorgeous Bear.  He has a thick brown pelt, a huge dick and nice, large, low hangin' balls.  "Lookie what I found here!  A Bro' can't get any luckier than findin' two good lookin' Bears in his bed!"  He spred Chris' legs apart and sunk is greased up dick deep into him. 
Chris grunted. Loud. "Oh, God!"
"You like that, Bro'?"  Grizz grinned around his huge cigar and puffed smoke in Chris' face. 
Chris grunted out, "Yes!  It hurts... but don't stop."  With that, I put my dick in Chris' mouth and he started suckin' hard and playin' with my balls, gruntin' as he did.  I knew what he wanted.  My bladder was at maximum capacity and hurt like Hell.  I started emptyin' into the Cub and he gulped the rank Bear brew down.  It felt so damned good to piss; I almost came from the pleasure of the pissin' alone.  When I was empty, I was hard and Chris kept on suckin'.  After our nap, I figured I could give him one more load.  Grizz was gruntin' and pumpin' his ass hard.  I grabbed Chris' cock and started jackin' him slowly. 
The three of us Bears gruntin', groanin' and growlin' together, satisfyin' each other's hunger, was wonderful.  Grizz came up inside Chris' ass at about the same time I came in his mouth.  Grizz then got a blissful look on his face "I love to piss up a nice tight ass!" he said. 
"Save some for me, bro'!"  I said. 
"Don't worry, you'll get yours!"  I dove on Chris' hard cock and sucked for all I was worth.  Chris went into spasms and filled my mouth with fresh, hot Cub cum.  While I was busy with Chris, Grizz pulled out of him, spread my ass and rammed his cock up inside of me.  He was good and slick from the cum he'd just pumped into Chris.  I felt the warmth of his piss spreadin' inside of me.  "Ah!  I love pissin' in your ass too, bro'."  After pissin', he fucked me until he came again.

Chris and I went to the can and dumped our loads, came back and crawled into bed with Grizz, one of us on each side of him.  I took the cigar out of his mouth and started puffin' on it while Grizz deep kissed Chris.  Grizz took back the cigar and he and I kissed.  Chris and I lay there runnin' our hands all over Grizz' great furry body.  I took hold of his stiff dick and jacked him off for a long time.  Finally, he shot all over his furry chest and belly.  Chris and I lapped it out of his fur, sucked his nipples, and each of us tongue bathed his furry pits and crotch.  Grizz had achieved Nirvana in the New Year.

After a while, Grizz reached over to the nightstand and put out his cigar in the ashtray.  We all started driftin' off to sleep.  Chris and I nestled down with our heads restin' in the big Bearman's pits.  His big furry arms were wrapped around both of us.  Grizz sighed contentedly as I put my hand on his balls and Chris laid his arm across his big furry chest, gently playin' with his right nipple.

I woke the next mornin' with my left hand full of Bear balls.  Grizz and Chris were snorin' away.  I woke Grizz with a blow job.  Chris woke and started suckin' on Grizz' balls.  "That's the nicest fuckin' way to be woke up."  He sighed as he ran his fingers through our hair. 
We spent the rest of mornin' havin' nasty Bear sex and lovin' every raunchy minute of it.  We all showered together, havin' more sex in the shower, got dressed and went out to a huge steak lunch at one of Grizz' favorite diners, his treat.  Chris and I held hands under the table like newly weds and I guess that's what we were since we've been together ever since.  Grizz thought we were "Just too fuckin' cute."  I could tell he was really happy for the both of us and we let him know that he was in no way excluded from sex with either one or the both of us.  He said it was the perfect arrangement; Chris and I had each other and he had two horny buddies who liked casual rough fuckin'.

Grizz always said he wasn't after a relationship, but two years later he fell in love with a burly salt and pepper bearded biker named Lou.  I'd never seen him so intense about anyone before.  Those two argue all the time, but they really love each other and I think they actually enjoy arguin'.  Now, the four of us get together and have "Bad Bear" sex in Grizz' den.

Chris finished up his doctorate in genetics and is workin' for an up and comin' genetic engineering company.  We make an odd pair, especially at parties, but it works for us.

So here I am at 2:30 in the mornin' after a couple of hours of GREAT sex with the most handsome, horny, Bear-Satyr on the face of the planet.  He's filled out nicely over the last eleven years.  He's a solid chunk of Bear and absolutely COVERED in thick black fur.  That vest of mine fits him perfectly now, he fills it out as well as I do.

The Bear tattoo on his shoulder is harder to see with all the fur grown back over it.  It was a birthday present for me and for himself too; it's very well done.  It's of a red furred, long-bearded biker Bear dressed in MY ridin' gear on MY Harley. 
"I think it looks just like you!" Chris said, and it really does.  The artist used a photo of me on my scoot to create the caricature.  "Now I can have you with me wherever I go., he said.  The guy's an artist; I'm plannin' to get some more ink done as soon as I decide what I want.  I'm thinkin' about getting' one of Chris as a Bear.

I look at Chris' beautifully bearded face, feel the warmth of his ursine body next to me and realize that he makes me happier than anything and anyone else in my life... and I still don't know what he sees in me!