Monday, June 20, 2016

Met By Moonlight

This story is based on one I originally read called 'Jack Meets A Wolf', written by Swamp Rat. It was very good and prompted me to write my variation on that theme. Permission to post this has been given by the author of the original story. Many thanks for permission to do this!
Met By Moonlight
By Papa Werebear (writing as Bjorn Torson)
The six of them had come up here, some 200 miles away from home: four young men and Rick and Jeff's dads. The young men ranged in age between 16 (for Jeff) and 'just turned 17' for Jack. Mr. Munsen, Jeff's dad, owned 10 acres of forested land up in the foothills with a large log cabin on it. There were four bedrooms and both the fathers, Mr. Munsen and Mr. Norris (Greg's dad), had their sons set up in the same rooms with them. The two older 'kids', Jack and Bobby, were both 18, and would get their own rooms because they needed… privacy.
Mr. Munsen winked a pale blue eye at Jack as he puffed on his cigar. Jack blushed. Jack liked Mr. Munsen a lot. The other 'kids' laughed, and Jack thought it was more out of embarrassment for themselves than at him. The four of them had been friends since junior high.
Camping, fishing and learning about the outdoors was the official excuse they gave to all their mothers, but Mr. Munsen and Mr. Norris let the 'kids' in on a secret. This vacation was about not having to pick up your clothes, not having to shower if you didn't want to, learning how to play poker and not worrying about using cuss words. Further, nobody was going to have to shave. The two men laughed at the look that they had gotten in return for that statement, since neither of them shaved that often. Mr. Munsen sighed with relief and scratched at his thick red-blond beard, "Good thing we don't, 'cause I sure don't look forward to shaving. See what a few of days away from a razor 'ill do for you boys?" He said in his deep bass voice. They all laughed. Mr. Munsen had grown up in the south and his slow soft southern accent was a complement to his rich voice.
Jeff Munsen was taking after his father quickly. At 16, he was already shaving regularly and had a lot of soft blond stubble after just a couple of days. Jeff was the only one of the young men that shaved every morning. By 25, he’d probably be shaving twice a day or he’d grow a beard like his dad and be done with it. Further, Jeff had the most hair on his chest of all of them. By comparison, Jack at 17 still only shaved once every three days and only had a spring or two of light colored chest hair, mostly between his pecs.
Greg asked about the beer that had been brought along, some 10 cases or so. They were told that each of them could have a can a night before bed maybe two. However, if any of them got falling down drunk from drinking more than he was supposed to, there would be no beer for any of them. Mr. Munsen said this was to be five whole weeks of guy stuff, just like he and his dad had had when he was a boy. There was that word again, Jack thought. They were almost men and the adults were calling them 'boys'. The only strict rules were that they had to be in the cabin after full dark and they were not to wander out of ear shot without one of the men along. Other than that, it was do what you want as long as it was not overtly dangerous.
They were up here as sort of an initiation into manhood, Jack thought. Still, Jack was rather excited about it all, even with the restrictions. Jack had always loved the night: its unseen sounds, its scents and the play of the shadows. Shortly after arriving at the cabin, he began to sneak out, late at night when the others had gone to sleep. He just couldn't stay inside after dark.
Now, at midnight by his watch, he was walking along a moonlit path, enjoying the cool summer night. He had slipped out silently; though the rest of them were all rather sound sleepers, he thought it best to be cautious. Mr. Munsen was a good man, but very strict and still thought of them all as kids. He was in his late forties and Jack rather imagined that he'd forgotten what it was like to be a young man. Perhaps, as he had said to them all, 'he knew all too well the kinda mischief a young man can get hisself into.'
And Mr. Munsen had mentioned bears in the woods repeatedly (or ‘Bars’ as it came out with his accent), but Jack knew that there hadn't been a bear in this part of the state in fifty years. Despite what Mr. Munsen had said about seeing one walking around in the woods, he'd checked online with the local game warden and was assured that there weren't any bears. “There are plenty of deer in these hills, some occasional wild boars and even a cougar or two," the warden had said in his e-mail. Jack had decided that bears were only a kind of 'boogie men' that adults conjured up to scare summer camp kids. Jack felt he was almost a man, even if not legally; he didn't need to be treated like a kid. Frankly, the 'bear scare' insulted his intelligence, but he didn't protest, because Mr. Munsen really was nice and really did seem to be concerned.
A light breeze blew through the leaves of the forest and Jack knew he should be returning to camp. Mr. Norris would get up like clockwork and check them all somewhere around 3 or 3:30am. If he didn't find every one of them in their beds, unless they had gotten up to use the outhouse, they would all be under lock and key. Jack shook his head at the ways of adults, but couldn't help but linger for just a few minutes more in this magical nocturnal wood.
Something in the woods snapped a twig. No, the sound was different from a twig. This sounded more like a small branch, maybe an inch and a half thick or so. Jack turned and peered up the silvery path. Nothing there; must have been a deer, cougars don't make that much noise when they're stalking. If a cougar were stalking him, he'd probably never know it. Jack was just a bit frightened. What if what he heard was a bear out there in the woods?
Nonsense! He scanned the clearing just up ahead, a buck was feeding on the grass near the large rock Jack liked to sit on. His antlers had just started to sprout. Jack could tell the buck was young, he wasn't as big as an older male would be. The buck must have caught Jack's scent, because he suddenly darted off through the trees in the opposite direction from Jack. Jack laughed to himself. All that worry over a deer! He entered the clearing and sat on the rock overlooking the lake. He sat for thirty minutes or so, gazing out at the water and the full moon reflected on its surface. As much as he would have liked to stay longer, Jack knew he would be missed if he weren't back in bed soon. It wasn't that far back to the cabin. Though Mr. Norris was a deep sleeper, Jack suspected that his regularity in checking the beds was due to a watch alarm. The guy who owned the property adjoining the camp might get pissed if he saw him here on his land, but he imagined that he was fast asleep in his own bed. The night belonged to Jack. He wondered how many others wandered in the still of the night and felt as he did about it.
He’d seen the owner of the property on which he was trespassing a few times when he’d gone down with Mr. Norris to get some snacks at the little market in what passed for a town up here. He saw the guy coming out of the market, cussing and growling about something while loading a pickup full of food. He must have been 6 ½ feet of walking fur and muscle. The man was a mountain. He definitely didn’t want that guy pissed at him. He'd also met him a couple of days ago when he was out by the lake. He pulled up next to Jack, rowing his small boat up next to the boat launch Jack was sitting on. He had warned Jack about being on his land. He said he liked his privacy and didn't want to have people wandering around where they weren't supposed to be. And he had warned Jack about bears, too. The latter warning was, once again, the standard adult scare tactic. Jack did stay clear of the big man's land during the day, but if he were on his land in the middle of the night, who would know?
Jack remembered that the giant wore a pair of overalls and no shirt both times he had seen him. He had a huge, thick black beard shot with silver that was neatly trimmed and braided into two braids. The mustache was braided into the beard and it forked on either side of his chin. The braids hung down to his chest. It was unusual, not many men had beards thick or long enough to braid and it made Jack hard just thinking about it. He also remembered that there was silver shot fur all over his barreled chest and back. His brawny arms and thick neck were covered similarly with fur of the same colors. He had a slight beer belly, but that only served to make him look more powerful, not soft. Jack had never seen the like and thought the man must have thick fur all OVER his body.
Even Mr. Munsen wasn't THAT furry. Mr. Munsen had a thick beard, but it didn't grow up to just below his eyes, like the giant's beard did, and he kept it trimmed short enough so that he certainly couldn't braid it. When Mr. Munsen had taken off his shirt the time he and Jack were chopping wood for a bonfire, he’d noticed just how much fur Mr. Munsen had. He had a fair amount of muscle too and he had a very furry chest and back. and his arms were covered from shoulder to the backs of his hands; but he was not nearly as furry as the giant was.
The big man really looked tough, especially with his teeth clenched on that big ol’ fat cigar that he was puffing as he cussed. The guy seemed grumpy on each of the times Jack had seen him. At the store as he passed him in the aisle, Jack had caught a glare from his hard green-gray eyes. The look filled Jack with fear and something else he couldn’t describe, something that made his spine tingle pleasantly, even under the his cold stare and fixed frown. Jack NEVER wanted to be the reason for one of his foul moods, but the giant had also stirred something else in him. Something was awakening within Jack, he didn't know what it was, but it woke him in the middle of the night sometimes. He felt a vague longing that nagged at his dreams, a discontent he didn’t know how to satisfy. He’d hoped he could work it out, find what he yearned for here, alone in the woods.
He had been coming here for a week to this place by the lake and he had it down to a precise routine. He'd leave at about 1am, visit the outhouse on the way back in just in the event that Mr. Norris checked early, and climb into bed around 2am or so. It was a quarter-past one now and he was on the trail headed back. It was a good mile back to the cabin.
There was that noise again, the breaking of a small branch, off to the side of the trail. Whatever it was, was heavy enough to break what Jack guessed was a closet dowel-sized branch. Jack froze at what the dappled moonlight revealed. He saw eight or more feet of furry beast step out of the woods about 10 yards in front of him on the path in the full moonlight. It grinned a pointy-tooth grin that glittered coldly in the pale light.
"Didn't nobody ever tell you not to go out in the woods by yerself, boy? I bet SOMEONE did an' you jus' wouldn't listen! Y’all do know what happens to them that go a wanderin’ in the woods when the moon comes up, don’t ya boy?…" Jack was frozen in terror. That thing just spoke!
It half growled/half chuckled at the fear it could smell coming from Jack and continued in that same southern drawl, "They get et by big hungry monsters, is what!" The deep bass voice growl/chuckled and it sent a cold chill down his spine. Jack's mind and body were paralyzed with disbelief. He stood petrified, like the tales of the bird hypnotized by the snake, as the thing lumbered easily towards him. "Yer makin' this real easy on me, ain't you, boy? Maybe you WANT to get et?" the beast said with an amused tone in its voice. Only when it was close enough for Jack to see its eyes, its intelligent eyes, did he stir to action. There was no thought, just movement. He bolted just as the buck had when it caught wind of Jack.
Jack ran back up the path toward the lake. He ran on automatic, taking in his obstacles and avoiding them just fractions of seconds before stumbling over them or crashing into them. 'This isn't real! I'm asleep on the rock by the lake or in my bed,' his unhinged mind screamed, grasping for logic in this very illogical situation. Still, it was happening, it must be happening. Inevitably, he tripped and fell. His autopilot was not foolproof. A massive hand-paw clasped itself onto his foot. Jack would have screamed, but he was much too winded. No matter what he tried, all he could manage were small squeaking sounds. Another hand-paw grabbed the leg of his shorts. Jack wriggled violently and freed the leg. He jerked forward, just as the thing tugged on his shorts and they came off. He was in just his underwear, but for a precious moment, Jack was free from its grasp and that was all he needed. Jack ran, as he looked over his shoulder at the monster with a paw full of shorts and it was growl/chuckling again.
"Bedder run boy!" it bellowed in that deep bass voice, "Or this here big ol’ Bubba’s gonna’ get you. Run fast boy, it makes you taste real good. But don't you worry none, boy, when yer all tuckered out… I'll find ya." This time it laughed. An oddly eerie sound when coming from a muzzle.
The boy ran until he could not run anymore, he rested for brief seconds and ran again, panting heavily. He felt the beast knew he was almost spent. He felt the beast was taking its time in hunting him down, savoring the hunt itself. It was an unnatural creature beyond belief.
Now he stood, bent over, hands on knees, breathing hard behind a large tree hoping to hide. His stomach was knotted with fear. His shirt stuck to his sweaty body. His mind turned the puzzle over and over. What the hell was that thing? Some genetic experiment; a super soldier that had escaped from a military base? Some creature like Bigfoot? A werewolf? A hungry alien life-form, that had learned English by watching old 'Dukes of Hazzard' broadcasts it had received while scanning the radio waves from earth? No, none of that was real, none of that was logical, none of that could be! And yet, it was out there, stalking him. The beast WAS real.
Then, while he was crouched down, still breathing hard and peering down the path for any sign of the beast, those large furry paws grabbed his torso from behind, just underneath his arm pits. Jack found himself lifted in the air, unable to even open his mouth. Paralyzed with fear and exhaustion, he could only wait, helpless. It pinned Jack against the tree and while one paw held him easily by the grip under his left arm and with the support of the tree, the other paw leisurely wandered over his body. It removed his briefs and felt him up through the soaked shirt. Something warm, hard and slimy-wet rubbed itself against the small of his back and ran down one butt-cheek, leaving a sticky trail. 'What the Hell!' thought Jack, 'if it is going to kill me, why not get on with it!' Jack didn’t know that this creature had other plans.
The beast lowered him to the ground with the one paw under his arm and a tight grip on his neck with the other. It gently pushed him to the ground and then it lay on top of the weakly squirming teen. Jack's back was against the beast's belly. The musk of the beast was strong and enveloped him and the scent gave him that spine tingling feeling he had felt in the store when he caught the scent of the giant as he passed him in the aisle. That same tingling feeling he also felt in the presence of Mr. Munsen after he'd just finished chopping wood. The sweaty male smell was nudging that sleeping part of him. He felt the beast's furry body press against his back and something pointed rubbed back and forth in the valley of his buttocks, leaving that slimy-wet feeling between his butt-cheeks. Jack realized what he hadn't before, the thing was rubbing its dick in the crack of his butt.
Then, it growled softly in Jack's ear, "If I'd a wanted you dead, I'd a torn you up the first night you came to that clearing by the lake." Jack trembled. "I know all yer secrets boy. I heard yer moanin, 'Put it in me Mr. Munsen,' an’ 'Kiss me with that scruffy red beard,' an' 'Oh, it's so big!" it said in imitation of Jack's higher pitched voice. It rubbed its dick a little faster in his crack as it said this and breathed the words hotly in his ear.
Jack went cold: this creature had been watching him all those nights!
"Ain't that what you said when you were jerking off on that rock, boy?" it softly chuckled. Jack blushed in spite of the situation. "Yer ready for a real man tonight, ain't you, son? Well, all men are beasts at heart. Jus' so happens I'm jus' a bit more beast than man." The creature was rubbing much faster now and Jack's crack had become very slimy. "You like big furry males, don't you boy? Well, there's none bigger an’ furrier than me an' as I'm sure you know by now, I am VERY male."
Jack found himself unexpectedly turned on by what the creature said. He didn't know if it was because he was frightened. He didn't know if it was because this beast had shared his jerk off sessions or if it was the scent of the beast. He’d heard how men got erections just before going into battle, perhaps this was similar. Perhaps it was all of those things. He didn't know, but for one reason or another, Jack's cock was harder now than it had ever been.
The monster quite suddenly flipped Jack over and looked down at Jack's crotch. "I see this big ol' furry body really DOES do somethin' for you after all!" The creature moved closer and Jack looked down its massive furry chest at its crotch. In the small amount of moonlight that came through the leaves he could make out the shape of an enormous cock. It was fully erect and from it hung a crystal string of thick fluid that ran coldly up Jack's leg and glinted in the moonlight. "I want you boy, an' I believe you want me, too. Yer checkin' me out to see what I got. Well, I got a big ol' package I want to deliver," it said and with that the beast began rubbing its cock against Jack's erection.
Jack oozed his own clear fluid, as the beast's warm organ rubbed against his own. The beast mixed his pre-cum with Jack’s. 'As strange and demented as it might seem,' Jack thought, 'this animal is making me horny.' The beast's cock slipped and slid over and around Jack's cock in a lubricant made from their loins.
The creature was grunting and looking into Jacks eyes. Its eyes were a light color, gray or blue, Jack couldn't tell in the small amount of moonlight that filtered through the canopy above. Suddenly, it pressed its muzzle against Jack’s mouth and opened releasing its hot tongue. It quickly invaded the young man's mouth. Jack found himself opening wider to let the creature's tongue in; partly because he couldn’t stop the invasion and partly because he wanted to be invaded. Below, the beast was rubbing Jacks cock harder and faster with its own giant organ. It broke the rough kiss and growled, "Let me in you, boy, I need to be in you so bad! I’ve watched you an' wanted you for a long time now. Open yourself to me."
'What? It was ASKING?' The thought stunned Jack. He managed to ask softly, "You aren't going to rape me?"
The creature growl/chuckled again, still rubbing its cock against Jack's maleness, breathing heavily, "If I could've tor' you up, whenever I wanted, what makes you think I'd rape you now that I got you this close? I wanted to run you down in the woods 'cause it wears you down an' it turns me on, boy! Predator an' prey games make me horny, but I won't rape you, boy… that is, 'less you want me to… but I'm guessin' that wouldn't 'xactly be rape… now would it, boy?" The beast's grin filled Jack with an excitement he'd never felt before and its logic was impeccable.
Jack felt the tingle grow all over his body. He realized this creature was offering him a choice. The beast was rubbing himself on Jack and as he looked into its eyes he thought of Mr. Munsen and how muscular and furry he was. That was it, Jack came all over his own belly. "So boy, what’ll it be? You can run on home now, no one will ever believe I exist, so I’m not afraid of being discovered… but I think you want more don’t you, son?"
"Yes!" Jack grunted in the throes of his orgasm, "Fuck me! Do whatever you want to me."
The beast growled a deep, satisfied, growl. "There now, son, was that so hard? I told you I knew yer deep secrets; yer dark ferbidd'n fantasies, yer erotic nightmares… an' I'm more than happy to oblige by bein' yer big evil brute." There was a pause and as Jack looked into the creature's eyes, he thought he recognized who was behind them. Before he could put words to his suspicions, the animal licked his face with his warm tongue. Then, the beast lowered his head toward Jacks belly and began lapping up Jack's semen. Occasionally the beast nipped Jack lightly on the belly and nibbled on his nipples as he cleaned the boy's seed off of his torso. This sent thrills through Jack that made him writhe in pleasure from sensations he had never dreamed possible and craved to the very core of his being.
The creature grunted in his ear and spoke in a husky tone. Jack could sense the need in him, his voice was full of it. "Now, I'm gonna do what ever I want an' yer gonna like it! I'm gonna plough yer tight virgin ass an’ plant my beastly seed deep inside, where it will stay warm… an’ grow," the last part ended in a lustful, toothy grin. Then the monster jerked him up and flipped him over so that Jack's rump was nestled in the fur of the creature's belly. He raised Jack until Jack was on the balls of its feet and his back sloped down toward the ground. Jack was standing tip-toed, on all fours, with his palms against the ground and his butt just beneath the monster's crotch. It positioned itself and Jack felt the warm bulbous head at his anus, smearing the hole with more slick pre-cum. The beast tested the hole with its head and grunted in satisfaction.
Now, suddenly, both paws grabbed Jack's hips and pulled the boy's ass back. In the space of seconds, its mammoth cock was fully buried within him. Jack's butt pressed into the furry groin and its hot furry balls rubbed his. Jack's asshole burned and he cried out sharply in pain, but feeling the sheer size and weight of those furry balls against his own sent an unexpected thrill through his guts. Then the beast shoved forward, pressing Jack's knees into the ground, putting him fully into the "doggy" position. The beast's own huge furry inner thighs caressed the outside of Jack's legs as it went to its hands and knees over Jack and forced itself harder into his hole. Jack trembled in pain and excitement, panting from the pain with tears streaming down his cheeks. The pole sized cock inside of him was agony and yet he knew he yearned for this, to be penetrated by a strong male.
The creature rested a moment, chuckling deep and soft, enjoying the sensation of stretching the boy out as it wriggled its hips and pushed its way around inside of Jack. Jack felt the beast's cock grow even larger inside of him as he did this. Then it growled softly in his ear, "I got you now, son. I’ve popped your cherry an' now I’m gonna’ fuck your butt real hard. An’ then this big ol’ Bubba’s gonna’ eat you, jus' like I promised!" Jack felt terror, this creature was going to eat him alive after all, but now he couldn't even run. It had him pinned and it was inside of him. Then it yanked half the length of its bloodied cock out, digging both sets of claws cruelly into the boy's chest, its claws raking his nipples, but not breaking the skin. It growled lustfully and slammed its rod back in to the hilt. Again and again, its furry hips compressed his rear, a voice full of gravel growled lust-filled obscenities into his ears and the boy’s mind reeled at what was happening to his body, knowing he had asked for this.
Its rhythm was driving and strong. Its breathing was timed to the thrusts. Hot callused paws roamed across the boy's body seeking out his erogenous zones with precision. Though this had gone on for only a few minutes, Jack thought he was going to die from the brutish fucking. It felt like he was going to be split open. The pain was too great. However, he did not die. He did not split open. His body quickly got used to the furry intruder and accommodated the huge cock that had invaded him. A new feeling began to grow within Jack… pleasure.
Conflicting sensations, pain and pleasure, merged and then separated and merged again within him. There was another feeling that was not physical. Deep within, Jack felt something he'd never known before. It was indefinable, but it was as if love, terror, satisfaction, sadness, contentment, longing and joy were all wrapped up in the same feeling. He had no name for it and when he tried to touch it, to identify it, it eluded him. Jack was erect again and the beast sensed it. "That’s it son, enjoy it while yer alive! I’ll even give you a reach around, jus’ to show you I ain’t all bad."
A hot paw encircled his cock and expertly masturbated the boy without a break in the beast's own rhythm. The beast was going to give him some pleasure before it killed him. Jack grunted in pleasure, he couldn't believe it! He was truly enjoying this! 'And why not?' he thought. 'If this is the last thing I feel before being shredded and eaten, then why shouldn’t I get pleasure from it?'
The great beast suddenly stopped just short of Jack shooting his load. The only movement it was making was the heavy breathing and the twitching of its cock inside of him. 'Why had he stopped short of orgasm?' he thought. Then he realized the beast might be getting ready to kill him now. Jack went cold. He twisted his head sideways, fear in his eyes. He looked deeply into the creature's eyes as it moved its face to meet Jack's, leaning on its pillared right arm more to accommodate the awkward position. The creature grinned back at him, its eyes lit with the fires of lust. The beast licked Jack’s open mouth and it was like French kissing with a drooling dog. His tongue was wet with slobber. Jack realized what he hadn’t before, that he tasted smoke on its tongue. He pulled out of Jack and commanded, "Lay on your back, son."
Jack was free. The beast was on all fours, but Jack could scramble away. Instead, Jack dutifully rolled over onto his back and spread his legs. He WANTED that huge cock back inside of him. He WANTED to feel it fill his guts. The animal growl/chuckled and swiftly penetrated the young man again. Now, they were face to face. "Told ya I was gonna eat you, didn’t I son! Well, I hope you’re good eatin’! You finger lickin’ good boy?" The growl-chuckle rumbled.
'Great, his murderer had a sense of humor and a sick one at that!' Jack thought cynically. Jack didn't feel the ground, even though the monster forced his body into the soft leafy soil with each thrust. Nor did he notice ten claws digging deeply into his buttocks pulling his cheeks wider apart. He was sure the beast would end his life soon, rip him in half and eat him. Probably after it came inside of him.
Suddenly, there was a rush of hot fluid inside of Jack, the beast roared out his orgasm and Jack felt primal emotion run through his body, making him roar too. The beast collapsed on Jack and he was enveloped in musky warm fur. Its breathing was hard and it grunted and softly growled as the huge cock inside of Jack began to deflate. It raised up on its elbows and looked Jack in the eyes. "That was damned good, boy!" the beast said, then it French kissed him again. In the next instant, the beast pulled out of Jack. "So you felt it too, then," it growled,"the Mating Bond?" He smiled a toothy smile and Jack's heart leapt. He had mated with Jack, bonded with Jack in the deepest possible way and Jack was… content.
Then, all of Jack's thoughts stopped and his attention was abruptly focused on his own cock. The creature began sucking and nibbling on his member in such an enthusiastic way that Jack was sure he was going to be devoured, starting with his groin. He didn't care, as long as he could have this one last moment of intense pleasure. The young man spoke incoherent nonsense, his eyes rolled back, his body went into spasms of pleasure and he dug his fingers into the soil. This was the first orgasm he had ever experienced with another person/being and it electrified him. His cock pumped, his teeth ground and he did his best to fill the huge sucking muzzle that had attached itself to his cock with his young seed.
"Eat me. Eat it all, you Beast!" he groaned as he filled the muzzle with his cum. The creature took all Jack had to offer and pulled away from his dick. The monster's huge cock swelled at Jack's change from passive to aggressive, and he thrust it back in through the boy’s tortured anus. Both Jack and the beast bucked, as more of the creature's cum poured into the young man's body. Jack was close to fading out now. The creature pressed its muzzle against Jacks open mouth in a hot wet cum flavored kiss.
Jack broke the kiss and looked into those all-too-human eyes and the beast growl-whispered with a grin, "So, son, how do you like bein’ et by a big ol’ Bubba WereBear?"
Jack sighed, he now knew what type of creature he had just bonded with. Jack smiled blissfully as he stroked the Werebear’s face and passed out.
Jack awoke in his bed. It was still dark through the cabin window. What a weird dream! He looked at the clock; 2:53 am. He checked to see if his dream had been a wet one… it must have been, he felt soaked. But as soon as he moved, aching, bruised ass-muscles, a ripped shirt, abrasions and an indescribable taste, told the young man another story. He heard Mr. Norris getting up and knew that in a few minutes his door would open, just a crack, as the nightly cursory check was made. He drifted back to sleep.
Later, at first light, he went for a walk, taking a small bucket with him. When he came back with the bucket filled with berries, he explained the abrasions were from the thorns and the bruises from tripping on a rock. The dads weren’t too pleased with him, but the big sweet blackberries softened their attitude. He noticed that Mr. Munsen gave him a sly smile and a look he didn’t quite know how to interpret. All that morning, he wondered about the night before and couldn't find any answers... other than it WAS real and it DID happen. Werebears must exist.
The full moon rose again that night and there, on the rock at 12:00 midnight in the clearing by the lake, sat Jack. This time when he heard the low growl and grunts, he quietly and waited, looking up at the moon. The Werebear quietly ambled out of the woods and moved towards him, on all fours, taking its time. Jack trembled with fear and excitement. Part of him wanted to run back to the cabin and those familiar people and things it contained. Part of him wanted to run towards the beast, to be embraced by that huge furry mountain and the mysteries embodied by this impossible creature. Instead, he waited for the Bear to come to him. When it reached Jack's side, it stood up. Jack turned to look at the furry mountain. The Werebear’s fur was silvery in the moonlight and Jack understood why grizzly bears were called 'grizzlies'. Jack stood and barely came up to its broad, muscular chest. It rumbled deeply, as if clearing its throat, then the Werebear placed a warm callused paw on his right shoulder with gentleness and lightness that surprised him.
The creature grinned down at him, "I knew you'd be waitin' here. What I did to you last night, what we did to each other, set a fire inside you, didn’t it son." It was a statement, not a question.
Jack nodded silently. "It set a fire inside of me too. You liked what happened to you an' now yer back for more Bear meat. Guess I’m not surprised… saw somethin’, felt somethin’ in you since the first night I saw you an’ I hoped it would wake up. Hoped it was mor’ ‘n jus’ wishful thinkin’ on my part. I think I woke it up by pokin' it real hard with my pole, last night." The Bear growl/chuckled and Jack placed a hand on the beast's huge furry belly. The Bear smiled down at him and Jack looked into those light colored human eyes. Jack was not sure about anything. The beast aroused him and the musky scent of the Bear was intoxicating; filling him with warmth and lust. He knew that he desperately needed the beast and he knew now that he wanted the monster, wanted to give himself completely to the Werebear. The Bear growled gently and lifted Jack’s shirt off and dropped it at his feet, exposing his bare skin to the cool night air. Then it ran its hot callused paws across his chest. The Bear went down on its knees. A cool wet nose pressed ever so gently against a nipple, the young man gasped in pleasure. Then a warm tongue licked as the muzzle suckled the nipple. The other nipple was gently being rubbed by the thumb pad of the other paw. Then mouth and paws switched and the other nipple was suckled. Jack sensed the contrast in the Bear’s mood between last night and this. Last night was all aggression, self-satisfaction and lust. The beast meant to conquer him last night and that it certainly had accomplished. Jack was his and he knew it, but last night's encounter had grown into something more. In the end he had given himself to the Bear and now he wanted to give all that was left, without reserve, to his Ursine lover. Tonight, the beast was gentle, caring. It seemed as though the beast wanted Jack to share the pleasure of mating, equally. Tonight, he seemed more like… a partner… no, a wedded mate.
Jack groaned, as the beast moved toward his groin. The paws kneaded his crotch, then swiftly removed the shorts. Jack stepped out of the piled shorts at his feet. He was now almost naked before his lover. It pulled the strings on his sneakers and Jack stepped out of them and removed his socks with his toes. The beast removed Jack's briefs. The Bear's tongue lapped its way down to the boy's crotch and tickled his balls. Jack kneaded the hard-muscled, fur-covered arms and shoulders, while the beast's claws dug into Jack’s butt again. Jack grunted. He would resist the urge to beg for a blow-job and enjoy the bath his ballsack was getting. The nostrils quivered and a deep grunt came from the muzzle of the beast. It could smell the drop of pre-cum that had just seeped out of the young man’s aching cock.
The Bear released the hold on one buttock and encircled Jack's stiff cock with its huge furry paw, milking it and smearing the boy's sticky clear fluid across its prehensile, lower lip. Jack moaned as he looked down into those beautiful human eyes. The Bear’s tongue lapped at the oozing head and licked its lips. Jack looked deeply into those eyes and thought, 'Mr. Munsen had light colored eyes and had grown up in Louisiana. His accent wasn't very heavy, unless he was drunk or angry or perhaps,… horny.'
Jack came back from his meditations with a start, as the horny creature engulfed Jack’s maleness suddenly and completely. The big dog-like nose was buried in his pubic hair. It snuffled deeply as drool ran warmly down his balls. The tongue licked and rolled his cock around inside the muzzle. Both paws tweaked the teenager's nipples as the tongue continued to roll Jack's rock hard organ around like a cigar. Jack thrust his hips into the beast's face. Panting and shaking, his legs jerking spasmodically as he fucked the Bear's muzzle. Jack realized he felt like, was now, as much a beast as the beast he was fucking. His scrotum contracted as he forced the cock in and out of the muzzle. With each thrust he lost more control of the animal within himself, grunting louder and louder, sounding more and more like the beast he was fucking the closer he came to orgasm. When the fog of ecstasy had lifted, he saw that the beast wide-open maw had all but engulfed his pelvis, his cock was down the Bear's throat and the Werebear was grinning at him around a mouthful of Jack.
The beast seemed very pleased and pulled off to just the cock. He began to coax still more juice from the boy. Jack's hands trembled as he stroked the Bears face, the cock inside the muzzle being expertly licked from front to back. The Werebear finally released the drained cock and nuzzled it and Jack's balls. "I guarantee, that is one of the best blow jobs yer ever gonna to get, boy. No human mouth can compare to a Bear's muzzle."
The Werebear grinned his toothy grin. Jack sighed. He knew another rough fucking was probably what the Bear wanted. He found, despite his sore anus and quite to his surprise, that he couldn't deny his furry love. He began turning around and bending over to give the Bear access to his rear. Instead, the monster turned him back around. He gently took his hand and placed it on the hot thick pole jutting out from between the Bear's thickly muscled furry thighs. A look of desire was on his big furry face and he softly grunted his wordless desire. Jack could feel the pulse of the great beast's heart in his palm. He had never seen such a large dick before. In fact, other than his own and some of his schoolmate's in the shower, he'd never seen another dick before. He'd certainly never seen a man's cock and quite certainly never a Bear's. Yet, he knew that no mere man could match this beast’s wondrous monster phallus. The image of a naked Mr. Munsen with the bear's huge cock crossed his mind and his own young cock twitched.
He was fascinated, he little more than half encircled the semi-hard spongy flesh with his thumb and index finger. He let his hand slowly slide down, then back up. He got that same spine tingle he had before, when it expanded in his hand and it opened his fingers, as the bear's rod became iron hard. It was such a wondrous thing, such a large cock he could never have imagined such was possible. It was easily as long as his forearm and about half as thick. The Bear growled happily, seeing the wonder on the young man's face "Why don't I make this easier for you, son." He removed Jacks hand and lay on the ground with his big muscular arms folded beneath his head like a pillow, spreading his legs with his cock standing straight up, quivering with each heartbeat. Jack saw the huge balls hanging down and desired to lick those huge, musky, low hanging nuts.
Jack shivered from head to toe as he approached the Werebear. He wasn't cold, he wasn't afraid: it was eagerness and lust that made him tremble. Jack stroked the Bear’s thick maleness. He noted that the Bear's fur grew about half way up the underside of his cock. It wasn't as thick, but it was there and just slightly curly, like pubic hair; it intrigued Jack. With one hand he lovingly fondled the Bear's cock and with the other raised the furry balls so he could lick them. The Werebear was indeed musky and Jack breathed deeply into his lungs the strong male Ursine scent, savoring it as it passed through his nostrils. He thoroughly bathed the balls with his tongue and stroked the strong pole from dark purplish tip to the furry brown sheath. He watched, transfixed in the light of the full moon, as the large pisshole opened with each stroke. His attention focused on the great beast's thick seminal fluids as they trickled down the shaft in slow motion. The pre-cum oozed down the shaft and across the back of his hand like a thick syrup. Without thinking, he licked it off of his fingers and the head from which it had flowed. It had a unique taste, like nothing he'd experienced before. It was salty-sweet and something else. The monster moaned as Jack licked the rod clean and began sucking on the seeping cock-head. The Werebear sunk his claws deep into the dirt and tore at the turf. Jack's lust took over, he followed instinct and opened his mouth wide pushing the bulbous head into his mouth to rest on his tongue. More of the salty-sweet fluid trickled into his mouth. He swallowed and pushed another inch of Bear sausage into his crowded oral cavity.
The creature growled softly, as the man-cub continued stroking his cock. He licked the thick maleness, probing the large pisshole with his tongue. Jack felt the huge dick throb and with his tongue, felt the beast’s blood coursing through the thick veins as he probed the shaft with the tip of his tongue. He sucked on the cock and started taking as much if it down his throat as he could. Then, on one of the up strokes, warm and thick semen splashed against the back of his throat. He swallowed it greedily, his hands still busy pulling on the thick skin of the sheath. More of the Bear’s stuff gushed into his waiting mouth. Jack needed to taste each eruption. He pulled his head back, until his teeth collared just the tip. Nothing happened for a moment, he pushed the tip of his tongue into the wide slit and massaged the hole. Still there was nothing. Without thinking, he began to nibble on the head of the Bear's rod. The monster growled and shuddered. He thrust his hips up and cum splattered the roof of Jack's mouth. A flood of the Bear's sperm flowed across the young man's tongue headed for his throat.
Jack enjoyed the flavor of this beast’s cock honey; no, he realized it wasn’t just enjoyment, he craved it. The Bearman, his body trembling in ecstasy shot one huge load, Jack savored it, rolling it around in his mouth with the cock-head. He sucked harder still, grunting, chewing, wanting more. With one final great heave, the Bear grunted almost painfully and gave the last of his seed to the unsatisfied youth. Jack, still wanting more, had become savage and the Bear gently pushed Jack off of his softening member. The Werebear sighed and growled contentedly and tousled the boy's hair "Even us Werebears have limits, son," the bear said with a tired chuckle.
After a few minutes of coaxing, Jack realized no more of the Bear's semen would be coming; at least for a while. Jack held the spongy wondrous rod, kissed the head gently with respect, nuzzled the scrotum and gently laid the spent cock on the Bear's thigh. The Bearman chuckled softly. "Don’t worry, son, you’ll get more in due time. I guarantee it!"
Now, it was Jack's turn. He stood up and pointed a fully erect cock at the Bear and a string of crystal fluid slowly descended from Jack's piss hole. Jack's cock was weeping pre-cum and the Bear roused and licked his lips. Jack waited and the Bear moved his muzzle directly in front of the young man's groin.
"I'm willin' to bet you ain't never been this horny in your life, have ya, son? I bet that ploughin' I gave you last night has stirred up all sorts of hormones in yer young furless body!" Jack took hold of his cock and began to pump it and shoved his erection at the silvery muzzle. The Bear's tongue lapped eagerly on the flesh, making Jack moan. "Impatient little cuss." The bear said with a grin.
"Take it all, Papa Bear. It’s all for you, just for you," he said in a husky voice he hardly recognized as his own. The Bear sat on his butt and leaned into Jack's crotch. The Bear's paws, stained with grass and dirt, rubbed his smooth buttocks and pushed his crotch into the Bear's opening jaws. The claws gently raked across the tender flesh of Jack's ass. Jack's breathing became a pant, as the mouth took all that made him a man, both cock and balls, into that toothy maw again. Jack pumped his hips hard, wanting to blow a big wad for his huge ‘Teddy Bear’. All too soon, he emptied himself into the Bear and it felt to Jack as though the bond that had been forming since last night had been sealed with the exchange of this night's seed.
Finally the torrent became a trickle. The Bear came off of Jack for a moment, "Gonna’ eat you up, boy. Gonna’ stuff your dick all the way down my throat and chew on it!" Jack was surprised by the sudden change of mood and speed with which the Bear grabbed hold of his cock with that muzzle full of teeth. He let out a sharp yell and tried to free himself from the Bear's grip. He realized, almost instantly, how futile those actions would be. He resigned to letting the Werebear do as he would. The Bear gave his cock long slow licks, as one might lick a popsicle. He lovingly caressed Jack's maleness with his warm muscular tongue. The Bear made oral love to his softening organ; not for the sake of the youth's fluid, but to show his respect for Jack.
The Werebear released Jack's cock, rolled over onto his back and looked up into the heavens. The teen bent down and positioned himself over the Bear's body, putting his chest on the Bear’s chest, he lay down on the great beast. Jack felt the beating of the Werebear's strong heart next to his own. He moved his face closer to the muzzle and stuck his tongue deep into the Werebear’s partly open mouth in thanks for the joy he had given him. The Bear reciprocated with his own long ursine tongue. Something had passed between them. Jack knew later that it was love: genuine, true, deep love. His love for the big furry brute and love returned to him by the Bear. He lay on his huge furry chest, wrapped in his strong arms and listened to the Bears heartbeat. The beast gently stroked the young man’s back and thighs with his paws and Jack began to snore softly. Jack and the Bear dozed together contentedly beneath the moon.
When Jack woke an hour or so later, it was half past one o'clock. The Werebear softly caressed Jack’s face looking deeply into his eyes and gently growled, "Son, I ain’t never felt this good with another man afore!"
Jack smiled. 'Tonight,' he thought, "I am a man.' It was this big brute he had to thank for his transformation from boy to man.
"I’m no longer afraid of you," Jack said. "I know now that you could never hurt me." The beast chuckled warmly, a sound that happily filled Jack’s heart.
"Hell, son! I knew that all along, but scarin’ the shit out of you was jus’ so much damn fun! I was surprised as hell to find out how much it really turned me on! I thought about it all day, but I guess scarin' you is a thing of the past now." The Bear paused and beamed at the young man. "I had you goin’ there for awhile, though, didn’t I, son?"
He chuckled again. "It’s kinda a nice to be a Bad Bear… but it’s nice bein’ a Teddy Bear too. I ain't never been a Teddy Bear to no one afore."
Jack smiled, "We could pretend you're a bad bear, couldn't we?"
The bear smiled wickedly, "We sure could,” he said in a low growl and pinched Jack's butt. Jack giggled. There was a long pause as Jack and the Bear kissed again. "Now you get on down to the water and wash off." He slapped the young man’s butt, leaving a big red paw print on the cheek. "Don’t want anyone suspectin’ you was out rollin’ around in the woods with a Bear, do you son?" He smiled and winked.
Jack rose and went down to the cool water and washed himself off. When he was done, it was about a quarter 'til two. "I need to run if I'm going to be back before three," Jack said.
The Bear came down to the water and waded in. "It's faster if you swim," said the Bear, "yer cabin is across the lake an' through a stand of trees, I'll have you there in two shakes. Hold onto my neck." The Werebear swam quickly and they crossed the lake in no time. They came ashore in a clump of trees and bushes. Jack kissed the Bear and turned to dress. By the time he was finished dressing, the Bear had melted back into the woods as though he'd never been there.
Time passed and, for one reason or another, Jack couldn't make it out to the rock by the lake for a couple of weeks. Jack felt different somehow. He'd never had this much energy before, he was stronger than he had ever been and interesting things were starting to happen to his body. He felt strange, yet the strangeness was invigorating. He noticed Mr. Munsen looking at him on several occasions, as if he were sizing him up and Mr. Munsen would always smile that sly smile of his as if he had a secret he wouldn’t share with Jack. Mr. Munsen commented on his new growth of chest hair when they were chopping wood.
"Guess those hormones are finally kickin’ in, must be all this uncivilized manly livin’. A ‘course, it could be ‘cause you’re ‘round big ol’ furry guys like m’self and Norris!" Mr. Munsen chuckled around his cigar. "Man fur is contagious son, you catch it from bein’ around older furry men. How’d you think I got to be so hairy?" He grinned and puffed on his cigar, "Hell, you’ll look like a grizzly in no time at this rate!" He winked in that sexy way he had and Jack blushed. They both went back to chopping wood and Jack thought about Mr. Munsen. A couple of times, he could swear he saw a grizzly chopping wood out of the corner of his eye. His mind must have been playing tricks on him.
In the weeks that had passed since he’d last been with the Werebear, he and Jeff Munsen had become closer. It was as if Jeff was now more like a brother. He felt that special kinship he hadn’t before with the now fully bearded young man.
One morning at 4 am, Jack decided to take a hike to the rock by the lake. The others wouldn't be up until noon, they'd been playing poker until about an hour before Jack woke up and Greg had gotten a little drunk because he had more beer than he was suppose to have. All the young men had increased their tolerance for beer over the last several weeks. Jack left a note saying he'd gone berry picking, it was just three days before they were to leave and he no longer cared if he got into trouble.
He dressed in a T-shirt, that he was rapidly outgrowing, a pair of jeans that were becoming short and snug and a pair of boots, also becoming more narrow and tight. Still, he walked upon a cloud all the way to the rock feeling the vitality of nature all around him and a growing sense of urgency in his loins as he thought about the bear. He'd jerked off like mad since last he saw his Werebear lover and still he was not satisfied. Mr. Munsen kept the other's from teasing him about the time he spent in his room by pointing out that he'd heard some interesting noises coming from each of them in the middle of the night. Mr. Munsen had been hinting at late night swims and exploring the woods around the lake. Jack looked into his light blue eyes and was sure that any night now, he'd creep into Jack's room and fuck him the way he had that first night in the woods, as a bear. He arranged to be alone with Mr. Munsen several times, taking walks in the woods with him or chopping wood with him, but the bearded man never let on. He'd share a beer with Jack and talk about guy stuff. He even put a hand on Jack's knee, but nothing more. Jack recognized his familiar grunts while they chopped wood and wondered why he never said anything when they were completely alone.
When Jack got to the meeting place, he found himself alone. He was hoping the bear would be waiting, but perhaps that was too much to hope. Perhaps Mr. Munsen couldn't sneak out without waking his son this late in the morning. Perhaps Mr. Munsen could only change into a bear by the full moon or only at night. Perhaps, just like in those old movies the Werebear, like the Werewolf, didn't remember what he did while he was a bear. Perhaps Jack was just a fun two time fuck and that was OK because Jack would never know that the bear was really Mr. Munsen. The bear could swim much faster than he could walk, so Mr. Munsen could have been in his bed by the time Jack got back to the cabin and Jack would never suspect the man and the bear were the same. He easily could have circled around and crept into the cabin while Jack was dressing, especially since Jack stopped off at the outhouse before he went to bed that night.
He waited for a long while, it was 7 am by his watch and Jack felt the Bear wouldn't show up. Maybe, he did only came out at night. Jack was turning to go, headed down the path when he was startled by deep voice and a heavy fur covered hand on his shoulder. "Well, well, my handsome young cub has returned to his Papa Bear... " The gruff bass voice with a southern drawl said in his ear. Jack nearly jumped out of his skin and he turned around, to stare into a very familiar pair of eyes. He almost blurted out, “Mr. Munsen!” and realized his mistake in time.
Before him stood the grumpy giant from the store. The guy who owned the property! The big man laughed at Jack’s reaction. There he stood, broad shouldered and barrel- chested, scratching at his full silver shot braided beard wearing just his overalls and engineer’s boots – no shirt again, Jack noticed with appreciation. Jack thought that there was no more handsome man on the face of the planet. He was every bit, if not more, the furry mountain he’d seen at the market before. "Gotcha again, son!" he chuckled "You know, I got so damn horny when I scared you at the store, that I stopped an' jerked off in the truck half way home. Alls I had to do was jus’ look at you all mean like!"
The Bearman’s smile broadened around his cigar, showing canines that were just a bit too long. He rolled the cigar in his mouth just the way the Werebear had rolled Jack’s dick around. He held out his big fur covered paw of a hand. "The name’s Jack, Jack Rawlins an' I reckon we met under the full moon, but weren’t properly acquainted." he said, grinning. Jack the Cub, smiled. "My name’s Jack too, Jack Dagget." he said. "Weellll, Hell! If that don’t beat all!" He smiled warmly. "Not too many yer age got that name anymore. Most jus' call themselves John or Johnny."
The Werebear moved toward Jack and bear-hugged the stuffings out of the young man and Jack buried his nose in the forest of fur on the man’s chest and nuzzled in his beard. He breathed deeply the man’s Bear musk and felt that now familiar daze. Jack, the Bear, released Jack, the Cub and regarded him at arms length with a quizzical look on his handsome, bearded face. The Bearman paused as he took a pull on his cigar and let the smoke out through his nose.
"Y’ know Jack, you an’ me, we’re damn near the same kind, I think. When I was your age, a big ol’ Bear woke up the hibernatin’ Cub in me too. At first I was scared shitless, ‘fraid I’d be supper for that horny ol’ Bruin. Then I’s ‘fraid we’d get found fuckin’… ‘fraid my folks would see my new fur, it grow’d on me so fast an' sudden like… I’s shor they’d find out what I was becomin’ an’ lock me away or shoot me. I couldn’t take it, so I ran off one night. That ol’ Bear found me all alone an’ bawlin’. I ran right into his big warm furry arms. He said he figgered I’d be comin’ to him soon enough an’ that was fine by him. Alls I had to do all along was ask an’ he’d have taken me into his life. He shor didn’t say no when I asked, neither. He took good care of me, raised me up right, made the man an' bear out of me I wanted to be… maybe that’s what pulled me t’ward you. I think I sensed that same need in you."
"Well, son, now things are gonna become different for you. I’ve put my seed in you an’ were gonna’ become a lot more alike, if you get my meaning. Maybe you already figgered that out by the fur commencin’ to grow on your body. I can see your arms are already startin’. That fuzzy ‘stach you’re growin’ an' those muscles musta’ sprouted overnight: an’ maybe you’re startin’ to feel the wild stirrins’ in your body, head an’ crotch. Why don’t you come on back over to my place an’ we’ll talk ‘bout your future." The Cub eagerly nodded. The Bear smiled down at his young lover. "Hell, I’m the one responsible for what you’re ‘bout to become. It wouldn’t be right if you didn’t have an elder Bear around. I don't want you to hafta discover all of it on your own. You need someone to learn you things."
"What things?" the young man asked.
Things ‘bout the way your body works an’ what you’re changin’ into. You should learn how to change when you want to. How to fight an’ win an’ stay human lookin’ even though yer mad as hell. Strong emotions can make you loose yer hold on yer shape an' you change in self defense."
The Bear Cub’s heart raced with excitement. "You want me to come and live with you?" he said his voice trembling.
"Hell, yeah, son! What did you think I was leadin’ up to? I want you more ‘n any other man I’ve ever met. So, if y’ll come and live with me, I’d be proud to be your mate. I wanna help you grow into that new body you’re getting. I wanna be there to help you through the pain when you change the first half dozen times."
The young man hugged the Bear. "Yes," he said, "I’ll live with you for as long as you want me."
The big man smiled. "I figger that’ll be the rest of your born days, son!"
Then, the smile faded. "Son, what I've done to you means you have to disappear. The easiest way is make it look like you drown. Leave all yer clothes on a bush. It might be hard to do, but I think it's for the best. Yer changin' into a Werebear an' yer folks aren't gonna be able to handle that; hell, the world couldn't handle that. Sad truth is, once you become a Werebear, you have to leave yer human family behind. I'm sorry, but that's the way it's gotta be."
The Cub looked up into the Bear's eyes. "I've thought about that a lot since I was with you last. I guessed that what was happening to me was that I was changing into what you are. It's OK, Jack, I'm adopted. I lived in foster homes until I was ten, so I never really had a family 'til I was adopted. I guess I was lucky, most of the people I stayed with were nice, some just business like and detached but none were abusive. I wasn't wanted by my real parents and that kind of hurt. When I found out I was put up for adoption, I felt like a toy that no one wanted anymore. I built up defenses that kept people out, I guess. Though my adopted folks are good to me, we've never really been close. I guess I just couldn't trust them enough to get close. I was passed around so much before that I never really felt at home. I don't have the same last name as they do because I wanted to keep my own name, it was the only thing I really had, the only thing that I couldn't leave behind or have stolen.” He paused.
I've always felt a bit like an outsider. I think they'll miss me and mourn a bit and I might miss them a little, but I think we'll both get over it in a few years. They have two natural children and they've just adopted a baby. I think that will soften my death for them. I have felt more real love from you than I ever have in my entire life and if it means I have to have my face plastered on every milk carton from here to New York, I won't mind."
The Bear smiled, "Sorry, son, but you'll have to change yer name too. I know it's the only thing you ever had of yer own, but if someone finds a Jack Dagget in these parts, it'd look real strange. By this time next year, no one will be able to recognize you as the person that disappeared here or even prove yer the same person. Yer fingerprints won't even match an' any teeth you have now will be replaced by new ones. The shape of yer jaw will change. Even yer DNA will be different. The Jack Dagget you are now won't exist in a year's time.” The big bear looked down at Jack.
I'll put yer stuff on a bush by a real deep part of the lake I know about. Some kids many years ago drown out near there an' they never found the body of one of 'em. I've got overalls you can wear when you grow into them, until then, naked is jus' fine with me!" The Bear winked and grinned. Jack, the Cub blushed.
"Did you leave a note or tell anyone where you were goin'?" "Yes,” the young man said, "I left a note saying 'Gone berry picking be back around noon.'"
"Good, that's plenty of time," the giant said. "Strip down an' give me everything, I'll strip, change and swim out with your stuff in my mouth. You can wear my clothes. Hide in that clump of bushes over there behind that big rock, I won't need 'em until we get back to my place." The two removed their clothes and Jack the Cub put the overalls on. They were like wearing a tent, but the Bearman adjusted the buckles and rolled up the pant legs so that they somewhat fit the Cub. Jack the Cub frankly stared at Jack the Bear.
"So, son, am I everything you 'xpected?" The Bear fondled his cock and balls and the Cub took in the whole view of the gorgeous Bear. He was covered head to toe with dark, silver shot fur and was very muscular. His definition was softened greatly by the extra weight he carried, but anyone looking at him unclothed could certainly tell he was an extremely powerful man.
Jack the Cub was mesmerized by the masculine vision before him and wide eyed said simply, "You're beautiful!" Jack Rawlins, for the first time in longer than he could remember, actually blushed and his heart raced briefly with pride. Jack the Bear was not used to admiration. Slightly embarrassed by is reaction to the Cub's sincere expression of feeling, he quickly got back to business.
"Th- they prob'ly won't be lookin' on my land, 'least not right away, anyways. You'll spend the next few months in hidin'. When the sheriff comes by to ask if I've seen you, you'll hide in my den, it's beneath my house an' only I know it's there. I dug it myself an' built the house over it. I'll tell 'em that I told you boys to stay off my land an' to be careful swimmin' around in the lake. I'll tell 'em that I told you about the boys that drowned. I'll tell 'em that you seemed like nice boys an' that it's a damn shame that kids these days don't listen to their elders 'cause this is the sort of thing that happens when they don't. I'll offer to help look an' maybe they'll take me up on the offer. In the end they'll think you drown an' yer body can't be found an' they'll be satisfied.”
You'll take meals in the den an' stay there for most of the day, at night, I'll sleep with you down there. You'll get to go outside, but only when I've made sure it's safe for you to come out an' only at night. The next month or so, you'll have to live down there almos' constantly as they search for yer body. Whenever I'm away, for any reason, you gotta stay put in the den an' not make a sound even if you hear me upstairs. I might have the sheriff in the house an' he'd be pokin' his nose around. You gotta wait for me to open up the den, I'll know when it's safe. Fall will be here soon an' you'll be puttin' on some weight for hibernatin' season. I'll lock everything up an' you an' I will sleep through the winter in the den. I have a Werebear friend that can stay in the cabin while we sleep. We Werebears don't have to hibernate, but we sure like to sleep a lot in the winter if we don't, so he won't disturb us much. Next spring, when you wake up from hibernatin', you'll be a full grown Bear like me, beard, body fur, muscle an' cock. You'll be all grow'd up." Jack the Cub smiled broadly.
"You said something about pain earlier?" the Cub said. "Yep, yer body’s growin’ fast an' the change from man to Bear stretches everthin’ out in a hurry. Yer sore for a couple of days after yer shape change, but us Bears mend fast. After awhile, yer body gets used to it, then it’s pure pleasure when you change. I’m always hard an' ready for a good fuck after I turn furry. You have no idea how much I had to hold back when I was watchin' you on that rock, playin' with yourself." The big Bearman looked down at Jack and winked. The Cub felt a tingle in his balls.
"Well let’s get a goin’, son, time’s a wastin’. When I get back, I'll guide you through the deer paths back up to my house. You can ride my back, I don't plan on changin' until I reach the house an' it's faster on all fours anyway. I’ll fix us up a big ol’ mess of fresh trout an’ ‘taters for supper. I caught ‘em this mornin’ with these here paws. We’ll have that an’ cornbread an’ maybe…"
Jack finished the statement. "…maybe I’ll get et by a big ol’ Bubba Bear for de-ssert?." The big Bearman howled with laughter.
"That's my boy! Wasn’t ‘zactly what I was gonna say, but O.K., that an' blackberry cobbler an’ ice cream it is!
"What about lunch?" the Cub asked.
Papa Bear smiled down at his Cub, "Yep, gotta start puttin’ on some fat if your gonna make it through the winter, right son?" the big man guided his Cub to the spot where he wanted him to hide. "I don’t know, son, I’ll rustle up somethin’ for lunch to fill us up, you saw some of the food I was layin’ in for winter; that’s to put fat on the both of us. After lunch we’ll take a nap afore supper, I got a king-size bed that should hold us both down in that den, We gotta rest up for makin' love all night long." The Bearman smiled lustfully and patted Jack's crotch.
"Now you stay put an' quiet 'til I get back, y' hear?" Jack nodded and the Bearman crouched, kissed him.
"I have a question, before you go," the Cub said.
"Well shoot, son." The Werebear said.
"I thought you were Mr. Munsen when we made love near the rock that night. You and he felt the same and you sort of smell the same. Are you?"
The Bearman grinned broadly. “We'll talk about that when I get back. You've got a good nose an' notice more than most. There's more to Mr. Munsen than he let's on." He gave Jack the Cub a wink. Jack looked puzzled and his mind raced. "I'll give you a clue son, something to think about while I'm gone: I sold your good lookin' Mr. Munsen his property, it used to be mine… an' I'm real particular about my neighbors. It ain't no coincidence that he's so nice an' furry, smokes them fat cigars an' speaks with that nice southern drawl… like I do. Ever notice how his handsome son seems to be getting' furry faster than he oughta? I've known Dan Munsen for a good long time an' he's a lot older than forty five. Ever wonder why he kept warnin' you away from the woods? Ever wonder why the pie tastes sweeter when you steal it off of the window sill?"
Without another word Jack the Bear puffed his last puff on the cigar he was smoking and ground it out in the dirt with a smirk on his face. The Cub started to say something, but the Bearman just changed and headed toward the lake with the young man's clothes in his mouth. Jack Rawlins, the bear, looked back to see if his Cub could be seen; the young man was completely concealed in the bushes, the Werebear grunted in satisfaction and ambled down to the lake.
Jack thought, "This is what I've been searching for;" as the bear disappeared around a pile of rocks. "This is what my life has been leading up to; and what the hell? Mr. Munsen is a Werebear too!"
And so, Jack Dagget's new life as a Werebear had begun. 
Copyright © 2000-2016 - Bjorn Torson
Any and all re-use prohibited without explicit permission.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

No Fine Catch

No Fine Catch
By Papa Werebear, writing as Bjorn Torson
Copyright © 1999-2004 2016 - Bjorn Torson
Any and all re-use prohibited without explicit permission.

"...I'm no great looker; I'm no fine catch..."

Wasn't that part of a line from a Jethro Tull song?  Well, it's certainly true about me and God only knows WHAT Chris sees in me.  God love him, he MUST see somethin' and I'm glad he does.  As I lie here, with the full moon bathin' his beautiful, fully jet-black bearded face in Her pale rays and I think, "Robert Patrick Mahr, you're one lucky son of a bitch!

You're 45, overweight, tattooed, long bearded, dark red headed goin' grey, slightly balding, grumpy, grouchy, greasy, dirty and stinkin' half of the time and this handsome young man LIKES the way you look and has the hots for you even after eleven years.

Who would've thought that 'Hagar the Horrible' would have EVER caught 'Prince Valiant'".  Certainly not me. Chris is so good lookin'.  He's as tall as I am and muscular.  He could have just about any gay man he wanted.

Well, I suppose I do have a FEW charms.  I'm rather nicely muscled; not show quality, but not bad, 6' nothin', a great kisser and hung like a fuckin' stud bull.  But, all the same, Chris and I don't look like a good match on the surface of it.  He's definitely high class and I'm an ordinary guy.  I got a high school education and that's as far as I went.  I'm a voracious reader, though and I've taught myself quite a bit.  I've read books from Shakespeare to Ray Bradbury and from Darwin to Steven Gould.  Of course, I've also read everything from the Kama Sutra to de Sade and beyond too!

He says he loves me exactly the way I am and wouldn't change me if he could.

I've changed him just slightly over the years.  I convinced him he needed a nice Bear tattoo on his left shoulder and to my surprise, he got one a couple of years ago.  I've also noticed his taste in casual clothes has changed from strictly Eddie Bauer to now include jeans, black T-shirts and a nice leather vest that used to be mine, until he appropriated it.  Every year he has me wear it without a shirt for a week or two in the summer.  He says he likes to have the smell of my sweat renewed annually.  The end result was that I had to buy a new vest and break it in.  I don't mind so much, especially since he looks so damn HOT in my old vest and greasy jeans.

Chris is the age now I was when we first met.  He was 26 and I was 34.

I remember the night we met.  It was at a New Year's party at my favorite hang out, "Bruin's".  The "Bruin" in question is a big ol' Teddy Bear of a man named Don Fraizer.  Don, or Grizz to his friends, is a HUGE man.  6'9' of solid muscle, brown-grey beard, beer belly, tattoos and ever present cigar.  He's as intimidatin' as Hell to anyone lookin' for trouble in his bar, but one of the nicest guys I've ever met: loyal to a fault, a true friend and great bed partner.  Grizz and I never got serious over each other, probably because we're too much alike.  But, you don't have to be serious about each other to have a nasty, greasy, Nekkid Bear Wrasslin' good 'ol time!

Grizz owns and operates the bar.  He actually won in a poker game.  When he'd won it, it was really run down.  Ten years of lovin' care and hard work had made it one of the coolest hangouts for everyday guys in town: if not the state.
It was much bigger now, too. He had added on to and rebuilt the place.  He'd lovingly restored the 20's era solid oak bar and brass work.  He added a pool/pinball room and expanded both bathrooms from two stalls to five for each with a trough urinal in the men's side (there was a reason for that) and custom winged HD signs that read "Bros" and "Bitches" on the doors. In one of the corners he'd installed a gorgeous old jukebox that he'd also restored.  The gold plated sign on it read: "Hit the box at your own risk! Grizz".  The few people that did got personally escorted out of the bar, rather roughly and were told never to come back.  If ever he'd needed "back up", there were any number of bro's that were regulars who'd help. Grizz never did, though.

The place is nice, but not fussy, the kind of place you didn't feel you had to dress special or be fresh out of the shower to go to.  It has a rep for bein' a biker bar and quite a few bros DO like to hang out there, but the clientele runs from workin' stiffs, bikers and truckers to college kids and businessmen out for a thrill.  I was the workin' stiff/biker and one Christopher Mc Mahon, "Love of my Life", was the college kid out for a thrill.

It's amazin', even at a really relaxed gatherin', how people segregate into their own little groups and refuse to interact.  Chris was there with his buddies from the local college.  It wasn't all that local at about twenty miles away, but was the nearest one to the bar.  I was there with a couple of the guys from the garage, both nice guys, but neither of them available or interested in me.  They were both VERY straight and had girlfriends on their arms.  For all intents and purposes, I was at this bash alone.  I was even more alone when I found out from Grizz that my buddies had cut out on me, without so much as a fuck off, at around 9:30 or so.  No doubt they'd decided to celebrate elsewhere with their dates and I couldn't blame them.  If an opportunity to fuck as opposed to hangin' out with the guys from work presented itself, you'd better fuckin' believe I'd choose the first option.

I first saw Chris with his buddies at a corner table as I was considerin' all of

I was bitchin' about my dateless status to Grizz.  He offered to take me back to his playroom after hours. It wouldn't be the first time he and I had spent all- night and part of the next day in his master bed room/dungeon.  Grizz was and is definitely one of my favorite bedmates.  I accepted immediately and he got a big ol' grin around his stogie.  I peeked over the bar and noticed his nice sized bulge gettin' bigger.  My grin matched his and I was getting' pretty hard myself.

When he was remodelin' the place, he had a special room built in the bar.  It was in the back by his office with soundproof walls, a heavy door and stout locks.  It was good sized and had a full bathroom attached.  Admission to the playroom was by invitation only, of course, and it comfortably accommodated 4 to 6 Bears.  It included a play area with various leather goods and toys, a small wet bar and a fridge for goodies.  Grizz had a style that only a hedonist possesses and a rich Dad who had died and left him with quite a bit of money.  You'd never know he was worth a couple of million by the way he looked or acted.  I really loved the man and he knew it.

Occasionally I'd look over at Chris, though I didn't know that was his name yet. I'd catch him lookin' at me and as soon as I did, he'd look away.  "Give me another beer Grizz.  Hey, What do ya think of the black bearded kid over in the corner?"
"I think he's pretty good lookin',"  Grizz said. 
"He'd be better lookin' with my dick in his mouth.  Hell, you're better lookin' with my dick in your mouth!" I said, sarcastically.
"Thanks, bro'!" We both chuckled.
“Seriously, you think he's interested?"  I sipped my beer.
"Don't know... maybe.  His eyes aren't on the babes the way his buddy's are,"  Grizz said with a puff.  "I'll keep an eye out an' see if he looks interested; see if he's checkin' you out... though I can't imagine why he'd be interested in an ugly fat fucker like you!" 
I flipped Grizz off and we both grinned.  "Later bro', after hours!" 
Grizz chuckled around his cigar. "I guess if he IS interested were off for tonight, huh."
  "Fuck, no!" I said. "I'll talk him into a threesome!"
"You're one Hell of a guy, bro'!" Grizz chuckled.
"Hey, I wouldn't turn down a buddy for a tight young ass; but I wouldn't give it up either,"  I said.  "No need for anyone to lose out, right bro'." 
"You know it, bro'!"

I paid for my beer andwent into the poolroom and got into a friendly game with some of the other bros.  I was well acquainted with some of them and casual friends with some of the others.  Grizz and I had gone up to Sturgis with a few of them.  While one of the other guys was shooting, I went to take a piss.  Grizz had installed trough urinals and there was method to his madness.  After all, if two guys are at a trough urinal, they can see each other's cocks and Grizz liked to check the guys out.  He knew how big each guy in the bar was, it was kinda a hobby with him.  In fact, that's how he knew I was interested in him, we fucked the first night I visited the bar because of it.
Pusing the door open, I went inside.  I was alone, fishin' out the hose, when someone came in behind me.  I turned to look and it was the kid with the black beard.  I suspected he had been waitin' for his chance to get me alone and I was more than happy to give him the opportunity.  He walked right up, unzipped, whipped it out and began pissin'.  I glanced over and saw that the kid was fairly well hung too and was massagin' his cock as he pissed.  I figured he was about eight inches or so. 
Now, I'd had quite a few beers, seven or eight since we'd gotten to the place at six o'clock and this was the first time I'd taken a leak. I like piss, so I like havin' a maximum capacity bladder.  I stretch it out by drinkin' and holdin' it for hours longer than I have to.  I'm no lightweight, so I wasn't even feelin' what I had had.  I was standin' there, lettin' a thick stream of rank Bear piss fly and I notice the kid is lookin' over at my cock.  I turned my head toward him and he didn't stop lookin' like most guys would.  He met my gaze and I smiled.  "Like what you see?" I growled.  If he'd been skittish, that would have scared him off.  It didn't; and that brought him up about twenty notches in my estimation of him.  Calmly, looked at me with his deep blue eyes and said "Yes."

The kid had balls!  That turned me on.  What he did next turned me on even more. He reached over and grabbed hold of my cock with one hand.  He cupped his other hand and held it under my stream of dark yellow Bear whizz.  I filled his hand and cut off the flow, even though it stings like Hell to stop in mid-leak; if this was goin' where I thought it was and this kid was a pig for piss, I wasn't wastin' any more kidney brew down the drain.  He lifted his hand to his mouth and drank it down, starin' me in the eye as he did so.
I was semi hard when he grabbed my cock, but seein' this Cub drink my rank Bear brew had me full on stiff. He was hard as a rock, too.  He licked his lips when he was done and was about to say somthin' when we heard someone comin'.  We zipped up as one of his buddies came in.  I could tell I intimidated the guy, so I washed up and so did the kid.

I'd have to get Grizz to help.  We each left the can and went to our separate corners.  He went back to the corner table and I went back to the pool table, I'd almost completely forgotten about the game.  Next chance I got, I went back to the bar.  "Grizz, give me four more beers, no make that six, one right after the other.  Here's the green bro'"
"What's up bro'?" he asked. 
"The kid..."
Grizz interrupted me, "His name is Chris, bro', I overheard when they were gettin' a pitcher." 
"OK... Chris is a piss hog bro," I said quietly, so his buddies wouldn't hear
"No shit?" Grizz chuckled.
"Yeah, he put his cupped hand under my stream and I filled it. Then he drank it down without flinchin'.  I gotta top off the tank." 
Grizz grinned and took a deep drag on his cigar.  "Guess I'll tank up too.  Hell, even if he turns you down, we'll have some fun." 
"That's what I like about you Grizz, you're such a positive thinkin' guy!"  Grizz was roarin' with that.  "You mind if I invite Chris to our after hours party in your 'Den do ya?" 
"Oh, fuck, no!"  he said. 
"Mind if I start the party before closin'?" I locked eyes with Grizz.
 “You're really in need of a good fuck, aren't you?  It's not a problem, bro'.  I figure you two'll be all cuddled up and smoochin' by the time I close.  That'll give me the chance to get everythin' shut down and locked up.  Then I can strip down and join you two." He wiped the counter and smiled  "That'll add some spice to it.  Don't let him know.  I'd like to surprise him" 
"Is the guest key in the usual place, bro'?"  I asked. 
"Yep, the breaker box in the store room." 
"If anyone asks about the can, tell them that someone ralphed on the floor in there and you'll clean it up in a minute.  I want to get Chris alone for a bit, so I'll put up the "Closed" sign and lock the door. “ Over the next thirty minutes or so, I downed six beers and even though I'm not a lightweight, I was feelin' pretty mellow. With that I went huntin' Cub.

Around eleven or so I managed to get Chris alone in the bathroom.  I put the sign up and locked the door.  "Look," I said, "I'm a straight forward guy, so I'm gonna cut through the preliminaries.  I want to fuck you and I think you want me to.  Am I right?"
"Well, yes." he said "But, there are two things I need to know first.  What's your name?"
I grinned. I was so horny I didn't even introduce myself.  "The name's Bob.  Bob Mahr."
He smiled.  "Nice to meet you, Bob.  You're one Hell of a good-looking Bear, but I'm sure you know that.  I'm Chris Mc Mahon." He looked at me, head tilted to one side slightly.
"What's the other thing you needed to know?" 
"This,"  he said as he moved his mouth to mine.  I started deep kissin' him like I was fuckin'. We grabbed each other's crotches and kissed until we were pretty well worked up.
I broke the kiss and asked, "Well, did that satisfy your curiosity?" 
"Yes, that's all I needed to know.  My Mom always said if I found someone I was interested enough in to consider dating, I should make sure that she was a good kisser.  Well, Mom doesn't know I'm gay... yet.  What's the plan?  I saw you talking to the barkeep and I guessed he was in on it."  He grinned a beautifully wicked grin. 
"You're pretty damn smart, Cub!"  I chuckled. 
"Well, if not that, I'm at least observant,"  he said. 
"The plan is as follows: You and I are goin' to sneak off to a special room Grizz has in the back.  We can make all the fuckin' racket we want to back there and no one's gonna be the wiser.  It's sound proof." 
"Nice!" he said, massaging his hard-on.
"Grizz knows about it.  He'll tell your buddies that you went off with a girl.” Just then, Grizz came in with a mop bucket. 
"You two finished?  I can only have them use the Women's can for so long,"  Grizz said.
"We finished talkin'?" I asked Chris. 
"Yes.  Let's go fuck."  Chris grinned. 
"I like him Bob, he's got his priorities straight!"  Grizz said and we all laughed.  "You two get on back into the store room, I'll see if the coast is clear first."

We managed to get back to the storeroom unobserved.  After about five minutes of French kissin' and gropin' we moved it into the "Den".  Chris was wide-eyed when he saw the place.  "I've never been in a playroom before." he said as he looked at the various toys and leather. 
"Strip down, Cub."  He did and the kid was really good lookin', for a Cub.  He had a fair amount of black fur on his chest, belly and butt, a bit of Cub fat and lots of muscle.  I could tell that with ten years more on him he'd be a well-built, well-furred Papa Bear; especially if I had a hand in sculptin' his body.  I continued talking to him as I began to strip, "Grizz and I have been workin' on the right smell of the mattress and grunge of the sheets for the last five years.  That bed's full of Bear musk and the sheets smell of cigars, Bear cum, Bear sweat and Bear piss.  Jump on in and wallow in the scents." 
He did just that, he pushed his face into a bunched up sheet and was inhalin' deeply.  I could see the bliss in his eyes as he took in years of accumulated raunchy Bear odor.  I was drippin' pre-cum all over the place.  I jumped on that stud Cub, lubed his ass with a cup of pre cum and I was up inside him before he had a chance to pull the sheet from his face.  Instead he yelled into the sheet as I shoved my huge cock up his hole.

I was a plunderin' Viking and I had just invaded his body., ready to sack and pillage.  I guess I really am a "Hagar the Horrible".  I wanted to take him hard and fast.  I wanted to rough fuck him.  After a minute or so, he really started gettin' into it.  His cock grew from about eight inches to a good ten or so.  He was hung almost as well as I was.  He was rock hard and dribblin' pre-cum all over his thick belly fur.  He was gruntin' and growlin' just like I was.  He started bitin' me and I started bitin' back.  We were gnawin' on each other's arms and necks.  He started bitin' and suckin' on my furry nipples and I returned the favor.  I was gettin' close to the edge and started backin' off; this was our first fuck and I didn't want it to be over in ten minutes.

I started tp slow fuck him, long, dickin' and deep kissing.  Sweat began drippin' off of me and I rubbed my furry, sweaty body all over my Cub to mark him with MY scent.  If I put my mind to it, I can stay hard for more than an hour while fuckin' and not cum `til I'm ready.  Chris wasn't as disciplined, then; now he can go as long as I can.  He says I taught him a "valuable technique", I say I taught him the pleasure of extended fuckin'.  Twenty minutes or so into it, he shot his load all over my chest and into my beard.  I loved it.  I massaged it into my fur and rubbed it into my beard.  I began rubbin' my sticky fur into his furry chest as I hard humped and deep kissed him again.  In no time flat he was rock hard again.  I told him to open his mouth.  When he did, I began droolin' into it.  He loved that!

I fucked Chris for another twenty minutes or so and finally decided I wanted to get my rocks off.  I picked up the tempo and told him to suck and bite my nipples.  He did so and added a bonus; he started pissin' all over himself and me.  I was already hotter than a Bear in heat, but when he started pissin', it pushed me over the edge.  I started loosin' control.  I was humpin' him hard and fast.  Suddenly I was pumpin' him full.  I trembled all over like I was a huge vibrator and someone had just turned me on.  I poured myself into him and he took every drop.  I'd been horny all week and I was savin' up by not jackin' off so I'd be ready to possibly fuck Grizz at the New Year.  Now Chris was gettin' the loads I'd been savin' all week long for Grizz.  I never thought I was gonna stop.  Chris moaned and came YET AGAIN!  I thought, "The Kid must be a Satyr." I had no idea that he REALLY was at the time and I didn't know how lucky I had just gotten.

I pulled out and collapsed on top of him.  We reeked of piss and sex.  We kissed some more and fell asleep in each other's arms, not carin' that we'd missed the beginnin' of the New Year.  The New Year was already MUCH better than the last.

We both woke to a big rough Bear paw grabbin' our dicks.  Grizz loomed over us with a cock in each hand and his own huge pole standin' straight up.  Grizz is a gorgeous Bear.  He has a thick brown pelt, a huge dick and nice, large, low hangin' balls.  "Lookie what I found here!  A Bro' can't get any luckier than findin' two good lookin' Bears in his bed!"  He spred Chris' legs apart and sunk is greased up dick deep into him. 
Chris grunted. Loud. "Oh, God!"
"You like that, Bro'?"  Grizz grinned around his huge cigar and puffed smoke in Chris' face. 
Chris grunted out, "Yes!  It hurts... but don't stop."  With that, I put my dick in Chris' mouth and he started suckin' hard and playin' with my balls, gruntin' as he did.  I knew what he wanted.  My bladder was at maximum capacity and hurt like Hell.  I started emptyin' into the Cub and he gulped the rank Bear brew down.  It felt so damned good to piss; I almost came from the pleasure of the pissin' alone.  When I was empty, I was hard and Chris kept on suckin'.  After our nap, I figured I could give him one more load.  Grizz was gruntin' and pumpin' his ass hard.  I grabbed Chris' cock and started jackin' him slowly. 
The three of us Bears gruntin', groanin' and growlin' together, satisfyin' each other's hunger, was wonderful.  Grizz came up inside Chris' ass at about the same time I came in his mouth.  Grizz then got a blissful look on his face "I love to piss up a nice tight ass!" he said. 
"Save some for me, bro'!"  I said. 
"Don't worry, you'll get yours!"  I dove on Chris' hard cock and sucked for all I was worth.  Chris went into spasms and filled my mouth with fresh, hot Cub cum.  While I was busy with Chris, Grizz pulled out of him, spread my ass and rammed his cock up inside of me.  He was good and slick from the cum he'd just pumped into Chris.  I felt the warmth of his piss spreadin' inside of me.  "Ah!  I love pissin' in your ass too, bro'."  After pissin', he fucked me until he came again.

Chris and I went to the can and dumped our loads, came back and crawled into bed with Grizz, one of us on each side of him.  I took the cigar out of his mouth and started puffin' on it while Grizz deep kissed Chris.  Grizz took back the cigar and he and I kissed.  Chris and I lay there runnin' our hands all over Grizz' great furry body.  I took hold of his stiff dick and jacked him off for a long time.  Finally, he shot all over his furry chest and belly.  Chris and I lapped it out of his fur, sucked his nipples, and each of us tongue bathed his furry pits and crotch.  Grizz had achieved Nirvana in the New Year.

After a while, Grizz reached over to the nightstand and put out his cigar in the ashtray.  We all started driftin' off to sleep.  Chris and I nestled down with our heads restin' in the big Bearman's pits.  His big furry arms were wrapped around both of us.  Grizz sighed contentedly as I put my hand on his balls and Chris laid his arm across his big furry chest, gently playin' with his right nipple.

I woke the next mornin' with my left hand full of Bear balls.  Grizz and Chris were snorin' away.  I woke Grizz with a blow job.  Chris woke and started suckin' on Grizz' balls.  "That's the nicest fuckin' way to be woke up."  He sighed as he ran his fingers through our hair. 
We spent the rest of mornin' havin' nasty Bear sex and lovin' every raunchy minute of it.  We all showered together, havin' more sex in the shower, got dressed and went out to a huge steak lunch at one of Grizz' favorite diners, his treat.  Chris and I held hands under the table like newly weds and I guess that's what we were since we've been together ever since.  Grizz thought we were "Just too fuckin' cute."  I could tell he was really happy for the both of us and we let him know that he was in no way excluded from sex with either one or the both of us.  He said it was the perfect arrangement; Chris and I had each other and he had two horny buddies who liked casual rough fuckin'.

Grizz always said he wasn't after a relationship, but two years later he fell in love with a burly salt and pepper bearded biker named Lou.  I'd never seen him so intense about anyone before.  Those two argue all the time, but they really love each other and I think they actually enjoy arguin'.  Now, the four of us get together and have "Bad Bear" sex in Grizz' den.

Chris finished up his doctorate in genetics and is workin' for an up and comin' genetic engineering company.  We make an odd pair, especially at parties, but it works for us.

So here I am at 2:30 in the mornin' after a couple of hours of GREAT sex with the most handsome, horny, Bear-Satyr on the face of the planet.  He's filled out nicely over the last eleven years.  He's a solid chunk of Bear and absolutely COVERED in thick black fur.  That vest of mine fits him perfectly now, he fills it out as well as I do.

The Bear tattoo on his shoulder is harder to see with all the fur grown back over it.  It was a birthday present for me and for himself too; it's very well done.  It's of a red furred, long-bearded biker Bear dressed in MY ridin' gear on MY Harley. 
"I think it looks just like you!" Chris said, and it really does.  The artist used a photo of me on my scoot to create the caricature.  "Now I can have you with me wherever I go., he said.  The guy's an artist; I'm plannin' to get some more ink done as soon as I decide what I want.  I'm thinkin' about getting' one of Chris as a Bear.

I look at Chris' beautifully bearded face, feel the warmth of his ursine body next to me and realize that he makes me happier than anything and anyone else in my life... and I still don't know what he sees in me!