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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 8

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 8

Ron struggles to wakefulness, the taste of salt on his tongue. His half-changed face is damp with tears. “Damn it!” he cursed softly. He’d been dreaming of his adopted daddy, the bearman who’d taken in a young orphaned human boy.

In the dream, Daddy is in half form, standing behind him, teaching him how to shave. The scene quickly changes to Daddy fucking him right there in front of the mirror in full bear form. He sees himself begin to mature, his face becoming older, his mustache growing thicker and stubble covering the cheeks and chin. He grows taller, broader, more muscular and fully pelted as his Daddy growls and grunts behind him. Daddy was shooting load after load into him, like he was inflating and aging him with his cum.

“I love you Daddy!” he says to the bear in the mirror.

“And Daddy loves his Cub, and always will,” the bear says.

The scene changes again and now he is holding his Daddy in his arms, his strong body mangled by the accident, his head and spine crushed by the head-on collision with the truck. He howls in grief looking into his lifeless eyes. He’s been orphaned a second time, and this time is just as painful as the first. He looks to the heavens, calling on the God of Bears; but this day, he is silent. But then, in the illogic of dreams, his daddy reaches up to pull his head down to lock his eyes with him. He is whole again, he is unhurt again, and he is alive again!

He cups his Cub’s bearded cheek and says, “Never forget: Daddy loves his Cub, and always will!”

Ron smiles he laughs, and his eyes fill with tears of joy, “I love you too, Daddy. I love you so much,” he says and kisses his mate.

And then he’d awoken, bawling, the hurt in him dull but still heavy and yes, still there and probably always would be. His Daddy was gone, again! He’d crossed over into The Great Forest where The Ancestors dwelled. He knew in his heart that, had he not been adopted by Daddy, that Daddy would likely have stayed completely feral and might still be living in the forests somewhere, but he also knew that he himself would not be what he was today, and that his life would be greatly diminished.

“Someday Daddy… someday I’ll find my way to your den,” Ron said, wiping the tears from his cheeks, now changed back to their bearded human shape. “Why the Hell do I always have to have this dream when I’ve got a new Cub?” he said rhetorically. He knew the answer, having worked that out long ago.

He got out of bed and padded into the next bedroom. In the glow of the moonlight, he beheld them both. He smiled, looking down in the large, soft bed. Cuddled up to his eldest son, Bubba, was his youngest. They were both so beautiful, peacefully snoring together. How had he been so lucky? All of his boys were so beautiful and what wonderful men and bears they were! He thought about his own Daddy as he softly stroked Bubba’s bearded cheek. “I love you Old Bear, and I always will”, he whispered.

Tomorrow, well later today, was going to be a big day for Cody. Ron was musing as he watched his boys. Cody was almost as big as Bubba now. The young man had grown to his full pre-transformation potential. There would be his final growth spurt during his change which will probably make him taller, and likely more beefy than Bubba. Cody’s circle beard was full, his stubble only four hours old had darkened his face from just below his eyes down his neck to his chest and it was yet to be as thick as it soon would be. Still, he had a thick, curly mat of chest hair and a light coating on his shoulders, arms, legs and back.

They lay there together, sleeping peacefully, with a sheet draped over their midsections. Their furry bodies were entwined. Bubba’s left leg between Cody’s legs, both laying on their right side, Bubba’s bearded face nuzzled into Cody’s neck, both arms hugging him like Cody was a big teddy bear. Ron stroked his cock, thinking how his own daddy had slept with him that way, that first winter long ago. He missed his old man.

Ron watched as Bubba began, snuffling Cody in his sleep and then began shifting form. He must be in a lighter level of sleep and Cody’s stronger pre-transformation scent was causing Bubba’s change. The near werebear scent could spark that change in sleeping werebears. It had in Ron for the first hundred years or so; it brought out the beast to protect the new werebear. It also meant that Bubba would be awake in the next few minutes with the need to breed.

Ron walked over to the side of the bed, gently rolling Bubba over onto his back. He tilted the sleeping werebear’s muzzle toward his crotch, opened it with his index finger and gently slid his stiff, tool into his son’s warm, wet muzzle. Instinctively Bubba began to nurse his daddy’s cock. Ron growled softly as he began to face fuck his eldest. Bubba’s brown bear eyes opened, looking up at his daddy, an ursine smile spreading across his muzzle as he suckled with more talent now that he was awake.

“Good morning, son,” Ron whispered, “Daddy’s awake and horny and wants to fuck his boys.”

Bubba reached around and grabbed a paw full of white furred daddy butt. Simultaneously, he began patting Cody’s chest to wake him, as his right arm was still under his sleeping brother. Cody woke up, rolled over and saw the gorgeous sight of his Daddy and brother, beginning a fresh round of bear sex.

It wasn’t long before Bubba’s half-form cock was down Cody’s throat and Ron’s fully changed pole was buried deep in his ass. Ron's cock felt the heat of Cody's inside and the familiar welcome tingle of a gathering ejaculation filled Ron's crotch. Bubba's meat swelled inside his new brother's mouth as he pumped and growled. The room was filled with the heady scents and sounds of urgent bear sex. Ron's urge boiled up in him, and Bubba was following Ron lead. Both bears felt their seed rise, hot and thick, and the bed shook as both Bubba and Ron shot together, filling Cody at both ends with thick fountains of bear seed.

After satisfying their mutual needs, Ron pulled his sons close to him, Cody on the left, Bubba on the right. “Today’s a big day for you, Son,” he said, “In about an hour and a half, we got to hit the road on the way to the cave and your first change. So, we all need to get showered up and you,” Ron scratched at Cody’s stubble “do you need Daddy to shave you?”

“Yes please, Daddy!” Cody said and kissed Ron and then Bubba before he rolled out of bed and headed to the shower. He turned back and paused, looking at Ron and Bubba. “Aren’t you coming?”

“In a minute, Son” Ron said. “Warm up the water, we’ll be in in a minute... and shut the door.”

Cody shut the door, turned on the shower, and got in.

“So, have you got the surprise ready?” Ron said very softly to Bubba, realizing that Cody’s hearing had improved over the last couple of months.

“Yeah, Daddy; me, Nick and Uncle Charlie got it covered.” Bubba smiled.

Ron growled and gave his son a kiss, “I knew you’d take care of it. Now, let’s get into that shower.”

By the time Ron, Bubba, and Cody were finished showering, the rest of Ron's sons had arrived. The group would set out for the cave as Cody and Bubba had done weeks before. The difference this time was that Cody was in no condition to ride his Harley and so would be a passenger in Bubba’s pickup.
Cody, in only an hour after Ron had come into join him and Bubba in bed, felt like he was coming down with the most horrible flu imaginable. His body ached from head to toe, particularly his joints; he felt like he had toothaches in all his teeth and he had throbbing dull pain even in the backs of his eyeballs and light sensitivity which required his darkest pair of sunglasses. His skin felt too tight, and his muscles twitched,. He was running a low grade fever and sweating, making him smell of his own newly developed bear musk. He had a mild headache, even his balls ached dully and, to top it all off, he had occasional annoying itches here and there all over his body.

Ron knew what it was, and it wasn’t a super flu; in probably less than twelve hours now, Cody was going to change for the first time. He’d been packing on weight the last few weeks and a good portion of that was muscle, but there was enough fat on him to fuel his change. He had grown out of his other clothes and had just started taking to wearing his coveralls (which he was filling out nicely) most of the time or whatever his older brothers offered him as hand me downs. It was good to have BIG brothers! He got sweatshirts and sweatpants, which were favorites as were big, loose shorts and well-worn T-shirts. Most of them didn’t even pass through the washing process before Cody would put them on; he DID like the scents of his bear brothers.

“Here, take this!” Ron said and handed Cody a four big pills and a bottle of water.

“Are these pain meds?” Cody asked and, as he said it, his voice cracked like a teen’s would and dropped into a new lower register making him sound almost like Ron.

Cody got a surprised look on his face and Ron smiled. He liked Cody’s new voice. It was deep and mellow and sexy like his own.

“Welcome to second puberty, Son!” Ron said and patted him on the shoulder, “Doc Irons is, shall we say, a specialist and sympathetic to our condition. He’s… one of us…” Ron adjusted his crotch and continued, “You young’uns are lucky; when Daddy changed me this stuff didn’t exist and if it had I couldn’t have gotten any, anyway, at least where we were then. It’s a mild sedative and rather strong analgesic. It should mostly have worn off by the time we reach the cave and it’s likely you’ll feel better by then anyway; what’s happening to you is your body gearing up for what’s to come. The pills will help with the pain and allow you to sleep on the way. It will also allow you to sleep through the itching.”

At the mention of the itching Cody growled, as it reminded him his back itched, “Aw! Why’d ya hafta say itching?” He rumbled and reached around, trying to satisfy it. Ron moved around behind him and started giving him a most satisfying back scratch that caused his cock to become fully erect. After a minute of much pleasurable grunting, there was a large wet spot forming on the front of the pair of Bubba’s old sweats that Cody wore.

Cody growled out in his now deepened, roughened voice, “Fuck, Papa, I need to jack!” and he reached for his crotch.

“NOPE!” Ron said and smacked his hand away from his crotch, “No sex for you until we reach the cave and the time is right. Remember, I get the last of the old seed and the first of the new from you, Daddy’s privilege; so no spilling any of it beforehand! Now take your pills, should make you sleepy in about five minutes.”

Cody got in the truck, downed his pills, fastened his seat belt, rolled down the window, and lay back in the reclining seat. He closed his eyes and occasionally scratched at an arm or a leg, trying to focus on something other than the aches and itches or how warm he felt or how horny he was. Ten minutes later Cody was out like a light.

Ron pulled up on his scoot next to Bubba’s window.

“You ready?” he asked his eldest son around a fat cigar he was just beginning to light.

“Yeah, all the beer, mead and food’s packed up in the ice chests in the back,” he nodded toward Cody who snored lightly, “How much did you give him?”

“Four.” Ron said as he puffed his cigar to life.

“FOUR!?” Bubba said in a raised voice. “Those aren’t exactly children’s aspirin, you know!”

Ron gave Bubba a look that said, ‘Daddy knows best’ and continued, “Son, as fast as his symptoms came on this morning I figure he’s a bit different, metabolism wise, than most of the rest of you; more like Nick, maybe even more so. Remember, I gave Nick one pill and he was awake half way there bugging the crap out of you with his itching and complaining about how achy and horny he was. I want Cody to be out for the duration. We’ll have him on the altar and chained down while he’s asleep and when he wakes up, we can begin.”

Bubba grinned, “Wish I’d been drugged and passed out before I was chained down to the altar… that’s kinky and hot in a B movie kinda way!”

Ron laughed, “You say that every time you get a new brother. You know… I really hadn’t thought about it before, but how about we do that for you sometime as a surprise? I know it’s not the same as it being your first time, but it could be fun all the same. We could slip you the sedative and when you pass out, haul your butt up to the cave, chain you down and do all sorts of bad things to you. Would you like that?”

“For my birthday? Huh? Huh? Please?” Bubba asked enthusiastically.

“Maybe… or maaaaybe we’ll just do it when you’re not expecting it.” Ron grinned around his stogie.

“Ooooo!” Bubba said, pulling the cigar out of his mouth and pointing the butt end at his Papa, “You sneaky ol’ bear! Of COURSE it’s even better if I don’t know when!”

Ron nodded, “Exactly.”

“I can’t wait for you guys to take advantage of me!” Bubba’s eyes were merry.

“Sure! We can do the whole abducted and biker gang raped scene if you like.” Ron chuckled at Bubba’s childlike excitement.

“Like? Hells, I’m fuckin’ horny as Cody now!” Bubba said, putting his cigar back in his mouth and rubbing his hands together.

“Alright, well, we’ll plan this out for you later, but right now we need to hit the road.” Ron said.

“Lead the way!” Bubba said as Ron kick started his Fatboy.

The bikes roared as Ron and his sons hit the road. They all moved with speed, the wind drowning conversations for those on their bikes. Bubba, in the pick-up, watched Cody; but there was no conversation possible with his snoring brother. The scent of their about-to-change brother made them all horny as hell, and no one wanted to waste any time in getting to the cave. Each knew they would have their chance at Cody's ass, but also would get to experience his meat in their asses, too. Cody had developed into a handsome fucker, beefy and furry; each of his brothers wanted to fuck and be fucked by him. Like all werebears, they responded sexually to the scent of their close kin. It was part of the kinship bond, and as undeniable as the in-bred instinct to protect their own kind when confronted with danger.

They passed few cars on the way to the cave. When they pulled into Charlie's yard and dismounted, Charlie was there on the porch with his sons, Buck and Zed, waiting. In short order all of the bikes were parked at the back of the deceptively small-looking garage at the back of the property, and covered with tarps. Bubba parked his pickup next to the rusted old hulk that Charlie was perpetually restoring, and helped Cody out. Charlie closed the rickety doors and clicked the rusty-looking lock. “OK, boys, let's make tracks.”

Buck nudged Charlie. Cody was still groggy and clearly unable to walk far under his own power. “What's up with him?”

“Daddy gave him something to help with the pain and itching. Slows down his change some, and makes him groggy. Personally, I didn't want him changing for the first time in the truck on the road.” Bubba scratched his head and looked at Ron. “So, how do we get him up to the cavern?” Ron shrugged with a smile.

“He's gotten bigger... and heavier,” said Jeff. “I ain't carrying him. If we put him between us, maybe he can walk some.”

“Nah, look at him, he's out again,” Nick said, as Cody sagged to the ground next to Bubba.

“Oh, hell, give him here, I'll tote him up to the cavern. Drape him 'crost my shoulders.” Charlie looked mildly irritated at the indecision around him.

“I got an idea,” Zed said, and disappeared around the corner of the cabin. He reappeared in a couple of minutes with a large wheelbarrow.

“A wheelbarrow? That's your idea?” Buck snorted.

“Sure! We can take turns wheeling him up!” Zed said brightly. Buck snorted again.

“Well, do you wanna carry him?” Zed asked, irritated and looking sideways at his brother. “'Cause, you know that's what'll happen. Daddy'll get to jawin' with Uncle Ron and we'll end up doin' the liftin'.”

And in the end, that was how Cody got to the Bear Clan's cavern. Bill and Bob took point while the others took turns wheeling the still dozing Cody. Charlie and Ron followed behind, trading gossip and information about other werebears and generally catching up with each other's doings.

The group marched steadily along, shifting from dusty path to dusty path. Each path was marked with No Trespassing signs, and appeared to peter out into a dead end. Bill and Bob shifted just enough to keep sharpened senses alert. None of them wanted to run into trespassing hikers or bikers. Their passage was uneventful, and a little more than an hour later, they arrived at the concealed entrance to the cave. Bill and Bob checked the surrounding area thoroughly, and then entered the cave. A few minutes later they emerged, giving the all-clear. Cody was levered out of the wheelbarrow and helped inside while Bill and Bob concealed the wheelbarrow with brush and some rocks. They shifted into full bear form and peed all around the entrance area and down the paths a ways, confident that the pungent smell of their urine would serve as an effective warning to any animal life in the area to stay away. Bladders empty, they went back into the cavern.

The altar was in the center of the round cavern. It was still dimly lit, mostly by the lanterns Bubba and Ron had carried. Roughly rectangular in shape, the top surface and edges had obviously been carefully smoothed and polished. It was oriented in such a way that the long axis was in line with the niche where the statue of Bahonu was located. Along both long sides of the altar stone were fastenings, three per side, and set closer to the head end of the stone. The base end had two slight depressions, side by side. From one of the bags they had carried in, Jeff pulled out three long leather belts and began to thread them through the fittings on one side of the altar stone. While he was doing this Bill and Jeff began lighting the torches around the outside edge of the chamber. The flickering light cast dancing shadows on the walls, so that it looked like a tribe of large men we dancing in the light.

Charlie and his boys had already stockpiled a great deal of food and drink in the cave in anticipation of the ceremony, but the bears had carried some bags with last-minute additions to the menu along with some perishables. While Bubba and Ron watched over Cody, the rest of the bears stripped off their clothes and distributed the supplies in the antechambers that surrounded the central part of the cavern. Suddenly, Cody jerked awake.

“I feel really weird.” The soon-to-be bear's voice betrayed his concern.

“It's OK, son. Your first change is starting, but we'll all be here to help. Here, shuck your clothes. Bubba, put them over there with yours.” Ron quickly shed his clothes as well. Once Cody was naked, Ron gave him a prolonged hug and said, “We'll get you on the altar stone now.” Ron turned to Jeff and Bill. “Help me and Bubba here. Take his legs and lift up onto the altar.” The four bears hefted Cody up onto the Altar stone, laying him down with his head at the top of the stone, closest to Bahonu's statue, and his legs over the opposite end of the stone.

Once his body was on the altar, Jeff and Bill looped the leather belts over his body and fastened them loosely to the fittings on the opposite side of the altar. “Be sure you give him room to grow, now. He won't try to get out now, will you, son?” Ron was close by Cody's head, and rested a hand on his chest.

“No, Daddy.”

“Good boy,” Ron said and moved to the foot of the altar. He motioned for all the other bears to join him. The naked bears, except Cody, stood in a semi-circle, facing the statue of Bahonu. Each gripped his own cock and began to jack, not holding back or taking their time. Ron spoke the time-honored words.

“Mighty Bahonu, protector of us all, father of all werebears, we bring you a new bear brother. Share our joy in our new brother, and accept this new bear as you have accepted those who have gone before. Be with us and deep within us, as we are within each other and our new brother. Be with him and deep within him as he joins himself to us.” By this time, the bears were all close to shooting. Ron stepped up the pace, and the others took their cue from him. “Mighty Bahonu, accept our seed as token of our loyalty, to you and to each other. Feel our joy as we cum, and share that joy with us.”

With that, Ron shot several thick ropes of bear seed at the foot of Bahonu's statue. Each of the other bears in the semi-circle shot in turn, mixing their seed with Ron's. Charlie shot last with a heavy grunt. They all stood there, panting a bit when loud growling from behind them made them turn. Cody was starting to change.

Bubba looked at Ron. “Daddy, you need to get his last seed.”

“And soon, it seems,” Ron growled, moving into position between Cody's legs. Cody was thrashing around in the loose restraints, but the belts were tighter than they had been even a few moments ago. Cody's body was rapidly growing and stretching, with audible cracks and snapping sounds as bones grew and ligaments realigned.

“Son, I know you can still hear and understand me. I am going to take your last human seed. You'll feed me like you have before, but for the last time as a human man. I'll drink the last of your human cum, and then the first of your werebear seed.” Cody made no response except to growl and thrash and strain at the belts. Fur was beginning to sprout around his neck, joining his head and chest hair. Ron leaned forward and took Cody's semi-erect penis in his mouth and began to slurp and work the shaft with his tongue and lips.

Almost instantly, Cody began to calm down, thrashing less. The familiar feel of his daddy's mouth, the feel of his cock growing bigger as it always did when his daddy sucked him, had a soothing effect on the turmoil in his brain. The pains from his muscles and joints were somehow more bearable. He stopped straining at the belts and at one point put his thickening legs up on his daddy's back. Ron continued to work his cub's cock with his mouth, alternately massaging Cody's balls with one hand, and working a meaty finger from the other hand into his anus. Suddenly, Cody surged upwards, thrusting himself into Ron's warm mouth. At the same time, a muffled, almost strangled cry emerged from his mouth.

“Nnunghaaaaaaahhhhhgh!” Cody surged upwards again and shot the final load of his human seed into his daddy's mouth. The last of his human legacy, the last product of his now rapidly changing testicles, hit the back of Ron's throat. Ron swallowed, and rose up and moved quickly to Cody's head. The other bears surrounded the altar, each changing into full bear form as they watched closely. Ron held Cody's head in hands that were rapidly changing into paws.

“Son, watch me, I'm right here, right with you. See me? Watch as I become a bear... just like you are, just like your brothers. Your body knows what to do... trust it. In a bit you won't be able to understand me, but then a bit later you will, when you are a full bear. I know, it hurts like hell. It does, the first time. It gets better, a lot better, you will come to love changing, love feeling your muscles grow, you body become so strong. You are going to be a fine bear, Cody, a strong, beautiful big bear with a big cock and a set of balls just like mine!”

Ron's voice was gradually becoming more ursine, deeper, filled with chuffs and growls. His other sons and his brother and nephews understood the words of encouragement he was giving Cody, even if Cody couldn't. Ron nodded to the other and they moved in, placed paws on Cody's arms and torso and massaged and stroked, helping the new bear grow into his new body and ease the sharp pains he was feeling as bones cracked and reformed. Ron stroked Cody's forming muzzle and scratched his small rounded fuzzy ears as they moved upwards on his elongating skull. The statue of Bahonu seemed to be watching intently, looking down with approval on the new bear forming before him

First changes always take time, and Cody's was no exception. But finally, covered with thick brown fur, hands replaced with paws, nails replaced with claws, arms with forelimbs and legs with hind limbs, eyes changed in color to a rich chocolate brown, Cody's change was complete. His cock now rested in a fur-covered sheath, his very large balls in a fur-covered sack just below. He tried to get up, but Ron spoke to him, in a voice and language that Cody now understood.

“Your brothers will release the straps, but before you get up, I have one more task. You'll need some time to get accustomed to your new bear body, but I will help you with one part that shouldn't need much training.” With a grin, Ron moved back to the base of the altar, and took Cody's bear cock in his muzzle and wrapped his ursine tongue around the tip.

Cody gasped and chuffed, then growled in delight. The feelings of pleasure were amplified ten-fold from what he felt as a human. His baculum-stiffened cock slid out of its sheath and into his daddy's mouth. In moments, he was shooting his first load of werebear seed. His thick body shook with the pleasure of his first bear orgasm.

Ron drew out the last of his son's first werebear load and stood upright, nodding to Bubba. At the signal, Bubba, Nick, Bill, and Bob reversed their change partially, so that their paws once again became human hands. They moved to the belts and unfastened them so that Cody could roll off the table. Cody was still a bit unstable, and wobbled in his new bear feet. The other bears stood back as Cody got up and stretched and then began to pad around unsteadily, getting used to his new body. He sniffed his brother bears' crotches and lapped at the drops of precum he found there, chuffing with pleasure.

His claws clicked on the stone floor of the cavern, and Ron led him over to the statue. Ron put out a steadying paw as Cody rose up on his hind legs and stood before Bahonu. A sound very much like a sigh seemed to pass through the cave, and the air grew warmer. A scent of bear musk slowly filled the chamber. Bahonu was pleased.

Cody looked around and spoke for the first time in his bear voice. “I... I LIKE this!” He opened his arms and embraced his daddy and then his new bear brothers. He turned back to Ron with a questioning look.

“Oh, I know what you want, boy and I am more than happy to do it. But we have to do it properly. Back on the altar, son. Now.”

Cody scrambled back onto the altar stone with some difficulty, but finally arranged his thick bear body on the stone, his legs hanging over the end. He growled and chuffed at his brothers, who chuffed back and shook their heads and pointed to Ron. Ron growled at Nick and Dick, who moved into position. The two bears, the torchlight making their red and copper fur glow like fire, each held one of Cody's legs while Ron moved in between. His cock was rigid and swollen, and drooling precum. Ron growled and reached out with his big paws to pull his now fully-changed son a bit closer to the edge of the altar stone and settle his ass cheeks into the depressions there.

Ron centered the tip of his bearcock against Cody's pucker. He looked deeply into his cub's eyes, chocolate brown to chocolate brown. He held the look for a long time, then spoke in a deep voice,

“By the rules and customs of our ancient kind, and by my right as your creator, I claim First Fuck. I will be the first full bear in your new bear ass, Cody. This is my right, claimed by my power and purpose as your daddy, and by my love for you as my son.” With those words, he plunged his thick bearcock deep into Cody' waiting rectum. He had taken the last of Cody's human seed and the first of his werebear seed; now it was time to re-fill his boy.

Cody's eyes flared and he grunted loudly at the force of his daddy's pole burying itself in his gut. His own cock swelled and jerked. He felt the warmth of his daddy's cock all along his rectum, feeling the heat as it traveled deeper into him; but his newly-amplified physique easily handled the intensity. His rectum stretched far beyond what had been possible in human form to accommodate the girth of the powerful bear's penis as it plunged into and out of his butt. Cody growled with pleasure, a deep, resonating bear growl. Sweat began to drip from Ron's fur as he took his new son's ass and made it his own. He varied his pace; long and slow deep-dicking, followed by more rapid punch fucking, interspersed with a kind of circular grinding motion of his hips. He motioned for Nick and Dick to lower Cody's legs onto his shoulders. He reached his paws forward and leaned in, grasping Cody's shoulders, pulling him closer, bending his legs back as he drove his meat deep into Cody's chute.

Cody's new werebear metabolism raised his body temperature to a higher degree, making his rectum hot like a furnace. His strong werebear muscles gripped his daddy's cock and tightened each time Ron pulled back. “That's it, boy... milk my cock! Gonna fill my son's ass with my strong daddy seed!” Now in full werebear form, Cody had no problem understanding the growlings that Ron uttered, and he gripped the thick heavy cock in his ass tighter. Ron reared back and roared, “Our brother! My son!!” as he began to shoot an epic load in Cody's ass. Cody's eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned and thrashed as much as the belts allowed him to. The rest of the werebears cheered, their own erect cocks drooling precum, making puddles on the floor.

Ron always found that he came buckets when he took First Fuck, much more so than usual. The excitement of the event, and the promise of a new brother bear to carry on the lineage of his kind, always seemed to step up the production of fluids in his gonads, and he had felt almost uncomfortably full most of the morning. It was a rare feeling for Ron, given how often he drained his balls. He felt the thick ropes of jizz pump out of the cock, filling his son's ass and eventually oozing out around his cock. The stubby tail above his anus twitched and wiggled in time with the pulses of his cock. He stayed buried in Cody's ass, finally leaning over and licking his muzzle with his long bear tongue, then forcing it inside his boy's mouth.

Ron finally broke the bear kiss and helped his boy up off the altar. The two embraced, and Ron whispered in Cody's ear.

“Remember your part now, and the words. They're important. Bahonu is here with us and listening.” With another kiss, he moved behind Cody. Cody was now facing his brothers, who were arranged in a semi-circle in front of him. He approached each of them, eldest first, beginning with Bubba.

“Bubba, I accept you as my brother, head and heart, belly and cock. I will ride with you and fight for you, head and heart, belly and cock. I will honor our ways and protect our kind, head and heart, belly and cock.” Cody turned to each of his new brothers in turn, spoke their name, and repeated his vow. The assembled bears joined in one voice, “You are our brother bear, head and heart, belly and cock!” Growls and hugs broke out, but Charlie stood on his hind legs, stretching to his maximum height.


The simple command carried a sense of command and control beyond what Charlie's position in the bear clan usually carried. They all looked at him. He seemed bigger, and his eyes glowed with a warm light from within. He took a step towards Cody. There was a presence within him, something that made all within the cave at once excited and calm. It was a connection, a communication with something greater, they all felt it and it was wondrous.

“I greet you, my children, rarely do I come among you, but I am well pleased with our new brother and felt the need for benediction.” Charlie’s voice echoed throughout the chamber. It was Charlie’s voice, but it was more than Charlie too. His voice was deeper, more melodic, more resonant, yet still a bear’s growl, but each word brought a tingle of pleasure with it, “You have made me so proud, all of you my Sons, you do me great honor. I salute you.” The large bear inclined his head and placed an enormous paw over his heart.

Cody whispered to Ron, “What does Charlie mean, about us doing him honor?”

“It isn't Charlie, my Son, now be still, this is a very rare honor,” Ron breathed, his back straightening as he almost unconsciously came to attention. “I’m sure you feel it, reach out with your heart, the answer is there?”

Cody’s eyes widened. “It's Bahonu! He's entered Charlie's body. He's with us now in body as well as spirit. Wait... is Charlie... gone?”

“No son, he’s still here, but Lord Bahonu has merged with his mind and body for a while. Bahonu always asks, but it's wise to agree, I find. It's quite an experience. You get to see and feel things as He does, at least partially. You're aware of things and the experience leaves you with… gifts. Bahonu always leaves you with gifts, it’s unlike any other experience and hard to explain. But nice.”

Charlie/Bahonu spoke again, his deep growling voice filled with warmth and power. “It is our way to welcome a new brother with our hearts, bodies and cocks. We join with him, and he joins with us. We exchange our strength and love for each other, and each of us grows stronger, the bonds between us tighter and more profound.” He grunted and grasped his thick cock as it extended from its furry sheath, slowly milking it. “My seed is for all of you tonight. Come... be with me.”

One by one, each of the bears came forward and knelt and suckled Charlie/Bahonu's rigid cock. He fed each one of them, mouth-full after mouth-full of powerful, honey-sweet werebear seed. It was as intoxicating as the strongest drink, going straight to the bears' heads and crotches. Wordless, filled with lust and love, needing to satisfy the deep, primal urge of all werebears to mate with their own kind, the bears fell together in a bear pile of fur and pheromones, the seed of their God within them, they were also filled with vigor and lust and the Spirit of Bahonu remained with Charlie as they began to mate with one another, all of them sharing with each other and physically communing with The Great Bear.

The pent-up need was nowhere stronger than in Cody. He had waited and longed for this day, it seemed, his whole life. Certainly this past year had felt like one very long edging session. There would still be restrictions, he knew, as befitted the newest member; but at last he could let his inner bear out to play. He reveled in his new bear body and its strength, along with the enhanced sensations of touch and taste, but especially scent. The smell of bears in rut, the mixture of spice and sweat and salt and sex was overpowering; and over the next few hours, he mounted and was mounted by every bear in the cave. Bahonu was no exception, having taken Cody as the second bear to fuck him after his Papa. Even the Bear God Himself would not intrude on that right. The bears coupled and broke, forming and reforming pairs and triples and quads. At one point, Ron, Bubba, Jeff, Dick, Charlie/Bahonu, Bill, and Buck formed a delirious, cum-drenched conga line, cocks buried in asses, thrusting and pushing back in near perfect rhythm. Eventually, that dissolved into random thrusts and grunts and laughter as they all collapsed on the floor.

“Damn, you got some good moves on ya, bro,” Bob said to Cody as they cuddled. “We need to explore your abilities in more detail, but right now, I'm fucking starved! Where's the food?”

The remainder of the night passed in feasting and fucking, drinking beer, mead (suddenly the sacred font was full of it and it didn’t seem to run dry no matter how much was consumed), and drinking bear cum. Bahonu remained in Charlie's body, enjoying both the comradeship of his bears and the sensations of taste as he put away prodigious quantities of food. But finally, all appetites were, at least temporarily, sated; and the bears slept. Sometime shortly before sunrise, Charlie padded over to Cody, who was curled around Ron and Dick, snoring lightly. He was still in full bear form, and nosed Cody and growled softly.

Cody awoke and reached out a paw towards the bigger bear. “Bahonu?”

Charlie shook his head. “No, He partied his butt off, and had a great time I might add, but He’s back roaming The Great Forest again, His Spirit is gone and it's just me. The last thing He said was that he thought you'll make a fine addition to the clan. Ya know, He's never far from us, at least His spirit ain't. But right now, I have a powerful need to bury my cock in that ass a'yours and feel that myself. It's all well and good, feelin' along with the spirit, but there's something more... personal, feelin' it fer yourself. You game, boy?”

Cody nodded, and assumed the classic bear position, and Charlie mounted. Soon the growlings and chuffings of bearsex roused Ron, who looked over at his brother and his son and smiled, and fell back into a well-satisfied sleep.

Charlie held Cody close, cuddling him until he slept, but Charlie could not. The vision he’d been given disturbed him and it had been given to him because he, unlike his brothers, sons and nephews was not born human. Bahonu communicated best with the four footed bears, though he loved all His children, those who were born with fur and claws understood Him perhaps more deeply. Bahonu’s visit was more than just pleasure. Sadly, he was also restricted in what he could do and say about what was to happen. Not all of it was in motion yet and not all of it was set in stone and though it was bad, not all of it was. It was the way of the future, it was yet to be and even The Gods didn’t know all of it, well, except The Lady of Destiny, but She was always speaking in riddles and offered only tantalizing hints at what true paths were to be chosen. Charlie knew that what likely was to come, had to, but he didn’t like it.

After a very large bowl of mead, he joined his kin, the snoring pile of fur and warm comfortable musky scent and began to dream… of long ago when he first walked in the forest.