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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 3

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 3
Cody awoke. It was early Saturday morning, well before dawn. He suspected it was sometime around two am but he couldn’t be sure. He turned his head slightly and could see that the moon was still out and shone through the window. He was still bound to Ron and wrapped in the oversized coveralls. They were both wet with sweat and the musk was heady. This was all part of the initiation, part of bonding with Daddy as his bear brothers had. The bear slept soundly with his hard cock still up inside Cody’s ass.

Ron had explained on the drive home, when Cody had asked how he stayed hard for hours, that werebears, like their ursine brothers, grew a baculum in their cock when they changed form and that older bears could maintain a partial transformation which allowed them to retain a mostly human form but with certain bear features if they desired. It was a matter of practice and control. The upshot of it being that Ron could now maintain an indefinite erection, or a clawed hand, or fangs, or even a stubby, furry tail on his human rear if he so desired, even while he slept. It had taken decades to achieve this level of control, and he was rightly proud of it. Not every were could do this.

Cody decided it was time to wake the bear up, knowing full well what he was going to get once he’d awakened the beast. He began squeezing as hard as he could with his ass muscles, massaging Ron’s cock. At first, there were sleepy dream grunts and an occasional thrust which was causing Cody to leak precum like a broken faucet, but then Ron was awake and growled in the young man’s ear.

“I bet you want The Bear ta fuck ya. You want yer Daddy to let his furry side out… let The Bear out to play… don’t cha… CUB!” Ron’s voice had dropped a little deeper toward the end of that and the word ‘cub’ had a growl to it.

“Oh yes sir, Daddy!” Cody said

“Oh no, Cub… I’m Mr. Bear now and Mr. Bear wants to play!” Ron’s voice rumbled deeper than before, “And Mr. Bear’s gonna take you outta these coveralls an’ release you from yer bonds so he can stretch out an’ grow a little before he fucks ya.”

In short order Ron had peeled himself and Cody out of the coveralls and removed the leather bands which had grown uncomfortably tight as Ron had partially shifted form and was now bulging with a little more muscle. The couple ended up with Cody beneath Ron, face down on the bed with Ron, rocking back and forth, gently plowing his growing dick into Cody’s ass. Ron caressed the young man with his body, a body now substantially furrier than it had been five minutes ago.

Ron reached around Cody’s chest and hugged him tight against his body. “Are you ready for this, Cub? Are ready for Mr. Bear to come out and play?” In spite of the gentle motion of Ron's hips, moving the bigger bear's meat in Cody's ass, his voice grew rougher, huskier and more animalistic.
Cody moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The cock inside of him was growing ever thicker and longer with the passing minutes and Ron’s huge, now fur-covered balls, were bumping up against his own sending a thrill of pleasure through him.

“Fuck me Mr. Bear! Fuck me NOW!” Cody grunted back.

Ron pushed his cock into Cody as deep as he could and lay still. As he sped up his transformation, small whimpers of pain escaped from the young man, Ron’s cock grew to its werebear proportions, stretching Cody’s anus wider than it had yet been. Ron’s body soon followed, his face pushed out into a bear’s muzzle, limbs stretching longer, spine elongating, a naked stubby tail developing at the end of it, more beefy muscle growing over his frame while thick white fur grew all over his body. Within a few minutes, Ron looked like an albino grizzly, shoulder hump, big clawed paws and all, but with chocolate brown eyes.

He growled softly in Cody’s ear and began sniffing him, softly licking his neck and back. He resisted the urge to bite into his cub’s shoulder as this would cause harm that wouldn’t heal as quickly as it would a few months from now when Cody changed for the first time.

Cody felt full, full of the love of his Daddy and full of his cock, too. He’d surrendered himself completely to Mr. Bear and now Mr. Bear would have his pleasure.

Slowly, the pumping began, Mr. Bear grinding his furry crotch into Cody, piston fucking him in and out. It was a struggle to rein in his passion, but Ron did so to avoid harming his cub. He breathed deeply to help maintain control as he thrust slowly. Big furry balls the size of lemons slapped against Cody’s own and the young man grunted partially from pain and partially from pleasure at being fucked. The thick bear fur that surrounded him was musky and stronger in scent than Ron had been, even after a whole day in the huge coveralls; but the scent was different. This musk was pure bear and made him dizzy with lust. It enveloped him completely and urged him to mate with Mr. Bear. The fur made him extremely warm, not even considering the heat his Daddy was radiating; and this caused Cody to sweat profusely, adding his own scents to the laden air.

Mr. Bear wanted this to last. He slowly moved in and out of his cub and each time he unloaded his balls into Cody, the young man could feel the hot, thick, sticky cum flooding into him, its heat radiating throughout his gut, six to eight shots per load, filling him with bear essence. Mr. Bear would squeeze Cody to his body during his powerful shuddering, spasmodic orgasms, pushing the air out of him until he felt his ribs might crack or he would pass out due to lack of air, but he never did. Mr. Bear was still in control of himself and did not hurt his cub. After each growling, roaring ejaculation Mr. Bear would slow his pace back down again, taking his time, leisurely fucking his long fat pole into the young man, eventually building to another orgasm… and then whole thing would be repeated. The fucking all in all took three hours, Mr. Bear shooting a total of nine times, filling his new cub with his ursine power; covering his new cub with his big, strong, muscled bear body.

When Mr. Bear finally pulled out, he had changed back from Mr. Bear to Daddy Ron. It was almost dawn and he needed to get Cody down to the shop for the next part of the initiation soon. He reached over to the nightstand and retrieved a butt plug, larger than the one Cody’s brothers had put in him. Using the bear seed that had begun to leak from Cody’s ass, Ron lubed the tip of the plug and slowly pushed it in eliciting grunts of pleasure from his cub. The young man’s ass-ring had closed around the wide part of it and then it was suddenly inside of him.

“There!” Ron said while giving Cody several pats on the ass, “That’ll keep my sperm from leakin’ outta ya. By the time you’re ready for that plug to come out today my bear DNA will have been integrated into you completely… and that’s when the fun begins!”

“What’s going to happen” Cody asked, rolling over on his back. Cody thought he was doing a good job of concealing his slight worry. He didn't know all the details of the initiation, and Ron and the boys had refused to give him many answers; and some of them were deliberately misleading or deceptive to keep him guessing. He trusted these men, and was eager, but not knowing exactly what was in store still bothered him a bit.

Ron gazed down lustfully at his cub and chuckled evilly, “Oh, now we don’t want to spoil the initiate’s surprise, do we? Come on, it’s time to hop in the shower so I can massage that sore body of yours while you’re under the hot water. Besides, we'll all want you fresh so you can get all smelly again!”

Ron handed Cody the soap and had him lather him up, head to toe, before he then began doing the same to Cody, deep massaging his young body. Cody moaned and grunted as his muscles were worked over, loving the feel of the hot water and his Daddy’s big calloused hands all over his body. He became erect and Big Ron gave his cock special attention as he pulled him into a hug and massaged his front. The cub taken the treatment he’d been given the last couple of days well, like all of Ron’s sons had; from the stretching and preparations the other men had administered to the day-and night-long cocooning and fucking yesterday and he was sure Cody would be just as eager to tackle what this day, the last day of final initiation, would bring. He thought again that he was very proud that this man was becoming his cub.

Before drying Cody off, Ron examined his cub carefully. 'Good,' he thought to himself, 'no bruises, and he seems to be growing more fur on his back. Good sign!' Ron smiled and gave his cub a rough smooch while he toweled the wet young man down. “OK, now dry me off, cub.” Cody was happy to oblige and did so in short order.

“Now, it’s time to shave th’ stubble off yer cheeks an’ neck, seems like it’s growing a lot faster these days.” Ron chuckled as he ran a finger over the stiff hairs, “Remember, ya only get ta have a circle beard for the next year, then you can be as furry as the rest of us if ya like. Jeff kept his like this until just recently; I think he wanted to think of himself as the youngest a bit longer. So… until the year is up… I expect yer cheeks and neck to be clean shaved.” Ron said as he grabbed a can of shaving cream.

He began lathering his son’s face, bending occasionally to kiss him, and then he started gently drawing the butterfly razor over his cheeks and neck, grunting in approval of his work occasionally as he did so. He finished up shaving Cody and wiped the foam from his cheeks with a damp cloth.

“Muh Daddy taught me how ta shave with a straight razor, my Bear Daddy that is. I was a scruffy young orphaned teen… just sixteen in fact. But back in those days, I was already a man… never bothered to learn to shave, didn’t have anyone to teach me. I always thought I’d just grow my beard. All that changed when muh Daddy took me in an’ made me his. He insisted I shave down to a moustache. Daddy had a beard, boys had moustaches; not even beards like my sons have… haven’t used my cutthroat in years, a course. He shaved me just like I did with you jus’ now. I know you’re a grown man an’ know how ta shave, but it’s an intimacy I like ta share with my cubs, a bonding ritual. The gen’le touch of a man’s hand on yer face while he’s shavin’ ya can be… erotic…” Big Ron paused to look down at Cody’s cock which was at full attention and drooling. Ron gripped and pulled on his cub’s cock, squeezing out a huge glob of clear cock honey he gathered on the fingers of his other hand. He raised it to his mouth and licked. “Mmmmm… nice an’ sweet!” he said huskily.
He then put his fingers to Cody’s mouth and had him clean the rest of his precum off.
Ron grinned, “I see you find being shaved arousin’, too,” he said.

Cody looked down and Ron’s huge cock was also erect. He smiled and knelt before his Daddy. He took the bulbous mushroom head into his mouth and began sucking it like a straw, tasting the sweet fluid.

Ron pushed his cock down his cub’s throat, face fucking him for a few strokes. “Fuuuuuck…,” he growled, then looked into his cub’s adoring eyes and threw his head back, pumping out a thick glob of precum as he did so, grunting in pleasure. He looked back down to see Cody still staring up at his Daddy, adoring him as he suckled him and played with his balls, “We need to stop or we’re never gonna get to breakfast!” Ron said and cleared his throat.

Cody pulled off and sighed, “I suppose.”

“Come on now, yer a growin’ boy, we need to get you something to eat. You'll need your strength today and in the coming months. Lots of calories and lots of activities to burn them.”

Ron walked into the bedroom pulled a black jock strap out of the dresser and stepped into it. He grabbed a clean set of coveralls with his name on them out of the closet and dressed. Cody came in from the bathroom, having just brushed his teeth and hair, just in time for Ron to pull out another set of coveralls out, this set had Cody’s name on the left breast.

Until now he’d been made to wear odd colored sets with not so random names on them. This was also part of the initiation. Initiates didn’t get their own name tag or with colors that matched the other guy’s coveralls until they were members. He’d been, at various times over the last year, Johnson, Peter, John Thomas, Rod, Dicky, Willy, Woody, Percy, and the ones that particularly got snickers from some of the customers – Dong and Hung. On top of the wrong name, the coveralls were purposely all ill-fitting; some a little tight and some too lose all a little threadbare due to the fact that all of them were used by the other men when they’d been initiates.

Cody had actually made a joke of it, adopting a different persona for each name and THAT had earned him respect from his future brothers. They actually looked forward to which off colored set he’d wear just for the accent which Cody maintained through most of the day. Cody beamed when he saw his personalized set.

“You put up with a lot a bull shit from all of us an’ taken it well. You earned these and you can get more for yourself now.” Ron said as he handed them to his cub. Cody began to climb into the brand new set and Ron said, “No, wait, I have something else for ya before ya put those on.” He opened the top drawer of his dresser again and pulled out a bright red jock strap that looked almost new, “Put those to yer nose.”

Cody grinned and buried his face in the pouch of the jock and breathed in deeply. It smelled like his Daddy’s crotch. It just smelled so good! Daddy’s musk made him feel good, sent tingles down his spine and right to his crotch.

“I’ve been wearin’ those for ‘bout a week now ta get them properly infused with muh scent for you. They’re gonna be a little loose on ya for now, as will the coveralls, but you’ll grow inta them.” Ron chuckled. “Now get dressed, we’re headed on over ta Daisy’s Diner ta meet with the rest of my handsome, sexy boys before headin’ over to the shop; part of the tradition of today.”

“But the shop doesn’t open on Saturday until ten,” Cody said.

Daddy Ron smiled evilly, “It’s openin’ a little earlier ta-day, but not for the customers.”
Cody dressed, feeling the stiffness of the new coveralls and smiling to himself. It was more than just the new clothes, it was a sense of belonging. The two piled into Ron’s pickup and sat while Ron packed one of his favorite pipes from what looked like a brand new leather pouch and lit it up. After a few draws he tamped it down and relit it. For the first time ever, he offered it to Cody, who after a stunned moment of feeling incredibly privileged, clamped it in his jaw and drew deeply on it.

Ron smiled. “Ya like that, son?”

Cody nodded and exhaled, “It’s a REALLY good blend. What is it?”

“It’s a hazelnut-cherry-black Cavendish blend, but I was referrin’ to the pipe.  It's called a bent apple.” he said. “Ya like it?”

“Oh… it feels good in my jaw and in my hand, it’s a perfect fit,” Cody said, then drew on it once more before handing it back to Ron.

Ron took the pipe and drew on it and handed it back exhaling and then saying. “Then I figger it’s yers now, a Daddy ta Son gift.”

“But...  it’s one of your favorites, I’ve seen you smoking this since I started working for you,” Cody said.

“All my boys get one of muh pipes on this day. Each of muh sons has one to start his own collection and when you find one that says it should go to yer Daddy, to replace this one, ya can buy it and give it ta me.” Ron reached over and squeezed his cub’s shoulder and then reached down and squeezed Cody’s crotch gently, patting it after.

Cody inhaled deeply on the pipe, pulling the stem from his mouth, and Ron roughly pressed his lips to his son’s bearded lips, firmly pulling his head to his own with his big furry paw on his cub’s neck, opening his mouth and sucking the smoke from his son’s lungs and then passing it back to Cody until they both exhaled the smoke.

Ron took hold of Cody’s right hand, smiling broadly, and put the leather tobacco pouch and tamper in it. “Pipe does ya no good without somethin’ ta go init.”

Cody kissed his Daddy again and stuffed the pouch in his left pocket.  Ron rolled down his window as did Cody, releasing a cloud of pipe smoke and then the pair headed down the road toward Daisy’s.

At the diner they met up with the rest of the guys. There were pats on the back, welcoming hugs and congratulations about the new coveralls. Cody was a bit surprised to see Liam, but being one of Ron’s sons, he was a part of the initiation, even though he’d had to work during the prior day when Ron had claimed Cody for his own.

The guys had already ordered not five minutes before. Everyone was getting the same thing: short stack of pancakes, three eggs sunny side up, steak, hash browns, toast, orange juice and coffee.
Afterward, Ron paid the check and everyone left a tip equaling the amount spent on the food. Daisey's had always been good to the boys; and the boys were loyal customers. They all got in their vehicles and headed for the shop.

On arrival at six-thirty they all got right to the matter at hand. Cigars and pipes were lit, a large tarp was laid out, a sling had been assembled the night before and a fuck bench was wheeled in. Lube, leather, poppers and various toys were brought out. Cody was stripped, his new coveralls respectfully laid aside and then he was naked except for his new jock strap and the large butt plug in his ass. Each of the men removed their coveralls and began shifting into their werebear forms, Ron taking the lead of course, white fur sprouting all over his body as his cock grew. There was a hierarchy to this. Ron started and when he’d finished, then the eldest son Bubba, then Dick, then Bob, then Nick, then Bill, then Liam and finally Jeff, who had been the youngest until Cody. Jeff now had a full beard like his brothers, still short, but one he would probably grow out much fuller now that Cody would be limited to a circle beard.

Today was about Cody’s brothers getting to bond with him for the first time sexually and in their werebear form. Daddy, of course, would close the ceremony by adding his seed to the mix and replacing the plug.

The temperature in the shop was cool still with the chill of night air, but it began to warm quickly. The custom of this ceremony was that each would proceed in order of their having become Daddy Ron's sons. Bubba and Dick helped Cody into the sling and fastened the cuffs to his ankles and wrists. Dick stepped back and Bubba took up his position in between Cody's raised legs. He grinned and squirted a glob of lube into his paw from the bottle that Dick handed him. He roughly slicked Cody's ass with the fluid and then his own substantial cock with the remainder. Always a bit slower to erect than his brothers, Bubba stroked himself slowly, growling while he did so. In full bear form his cock was much larger than his human shape, of course. Once he was rigid, he pressed his flat, blunt tip to Cody's asshole. He paused to repack his pipe and light it. It was the pipe Ron had given him, years ago.

“Ready?” he asked. Before Cody could nod or reply, he shoved all of his length into Cody in one surge. He grabbed the chains of the sling and started rocking it back and forth onto his cock, barely moving his hips, letting the sling do the work.

All the brothers would stay silent during this part of the ceremony, letting Daddy Ron speak to Cody of the brotherhood he would now be joining, about its meaning: its loyalty, its bond, its history, and its permanence. Each bear in turn took his place at Cody's ass, and pumped him full of their seed as Daddy Ron described how each had been found and offered membership.  Sweat formed on Cody's brow, and began dripping from his body. The grunts and growls of the bears filled the room as each emptied their balls into the young man's willing ass. Each marked him with their musky bear scent, rubbing their fur all over his body.

Jeff was last. This was his first time, and he was eager, but Daddy Ron stopped him. “Son, a'fore you add your seed to your brothers', I wantcha to remember how you felt in his place. 'Member? How it felt? How your brothers looked on you? How their seed in you bonded them to you as brothers?”
Jeff closed his eyes and nodded, memories flooding back, the scratch of his brother bears' fur against his thighs and butt, the warmth of their seed deep in his gut, the pleasant ache in his asshole as it was stretched wider by his bigger brothers. He opened his eyes, pulled on his cigar and smiled around it at Cody, and then hilted himself like his brother bears had done, and rocked himself and his new brother to a roaring climax.

Once Jeff had shot his considerable load into Cody, he pulled slowly out, his cock still rigid. He stepped aside and Daddy Ron took his place. The great grizzly covered in snowy white fur moved in.
Ron looked down on his newest cub and began to speak as he slowly fed Cody's ass his meat. He stopped, stuffed deep up inside of Cody and spoke. “Today, Cody, my newest son is bonded to all of us. He is on his way to becoming a were, a Bear Brother! He will spend the next year, bonding with each of you, my sons, learning from you what it means to be a bear. A year from now he may grow out his beard. Until then, he must shave. A year from now, he will be allowed to fuck each of you as you fuck him. Until then, he must be a bottom. A year from now, he may wear the club colors and ride with us. Until then, he may ride with my eldest, Bubba as you all have, but may not ride with all of us. It is Bubba’s duty to teach his youngest brother about riding with us. A year from now, he will be allowed to take food and drink on a first come first serve basis at our gatherings. Until then, he must wait and be last in line. This is what it means to be the youngest brother. To give respect to your elders. Respect will be given him as well, as is our tradition. Now begins your last year alone, your last year without a permanent family.  In a year, you will be a permanent part of our family, forever.”

With that, Ron began to fuck Cody. While he fucked, the other bears stepped up, some offered their cocks to his mouth and they were suckled. Others began jacking themselves and rubbing their cocks on Cody’s belly or chest, edging themselves, waiting to feed their youngest brother. Jeff bent down and began suckling little brother. Bringing him to near orgasm before backing off. Ron pushed Jeff’s head down on Cody’s cock and Cody moaned and pleaded for him to stop or he might shoot. Jeff came off his cock and was ushered over to his mouth by Liam who shared a smoky kiss with him as he shoved his ridged pole into Cody’s throat.

Ron finally was ready, he began huffing on his huge cigar, blowing out clouds of smoke as the fucked faster and more powerfully.  Cody’s prostate was taking a beating, but he did his best to hold back.
Ron roared around his cigar and pumped his new son full of his seed, forcing it into him with pounding thrusts. Cody struggled to hold his orgasm. Daddy pulled out and the butt plug was put into his hand. He quickly pushed it in and immediately began sucking Cody’s cock.

This put the cub over the edge, utterly unable to control his orgasm any longer. He began unloading into his Daddy’s throat and Ron drank his seed down hungrily. Cody roared around Jeff’s cock and that set Jeff off, shooting thick, hot, sticky bear sperm down his brother’s throat, gripping Liam and Bill’s shoulders as he did so.

After Daddy Ron leaned over and kissed Cody, Liam and Dick unfastened the cuffs and helped Cody out of the sling and to his feet. The shop was heady with the smells of bears and sex and sweat. Cody inhaled deeply, and grinned. “I've been fucked by bears... and I liked it!” The joking reference released the formality of the ceremony just concluded, and they all laughed.

“Alright boys, we open in an hour. Time to clean up an’ hit the showers. Let’s take the sling down an’ put the fuck bench away for later… after closing hours.” Once done, they trooped off to the large gang shower at the back of the shop, changing back to human form as they went.

Daddy Ron turned on the water valve and adjusted the temperature control. Soon, hot water was shooting from the ten strategically-placed shower heads. Nearly all the bears sighed as the hot spray hit their backs, butts, shoulders, and chests. Each one helped his brothers soap up, paying the usual extra attention to cocks and ass cracks. Nearly all were hard again, and nearly all mated with at least one their brothers. Cody could not fuck any of his brothers yet, but he was permitted to suck them. Nick was soaping Cody's belly and chest and whispered in his ear, “Hey, how about a little payback.”
Cody knelt and took Nick's chubby into his mouth and immediately felt it thicken and lengthen. 

“Damn, you're good!” Nick breathed and he held Cody's head while filling his mouth with another load of bear seed.

After additional needs had been satisfied, the bears rinsed off a final time and grabbed towels from the shelf outside the shower. Daddy Ron glanced as the clock on the wall as he dried his ass. “Git a move on, boys. We open in fifteen.” He walked out to the shop floor to retrieve his coveralls, his heavy cock swinging. “Move it, boys!” he said over his shoulder as he walked to the front of the shop.

In short order they were all dressed, Cody proudly wearing his new coveralls. All went about their business as the first customer, Mr. Wallace, showed up to pick up his restored ’63 Wildcat, now in royal blue with orange and yellow flames. None noticed the cameras watching over them, recording the events of the morning, sending back the scenes that had played out this morning and would play out after the shop closed.

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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 2

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 2
Royce Tobin sat back in his black leather recliner and growled around his pipe as his submissive boy Robbie deep-throated his cock. It had been a long day and now he was home, relaxing while his boys attended to his needs. Dinner was in the oven thanks to his boys, bear porn was on the big screen and he was off for the weekend. Life was good!

Royce pulled the pipe from his mouth and ran a hand over his dense stubble. It grew fast and if he were allowed a beard at work, he’d grow one. He loved the feel of a beard and didn’t bother shaving on the weekends. He ending up stroking his thick salt and pepper moustache, the facial hair he could grow for work, before returning the pipe to his mouth. He drew on it deeply and exhaled the smoke toward Robbie who took deep breaths of Daddy’s smoke through the leather mask he wore while he sucked Daddy’s cock and played with his furry balls.

Royce was naked except for the leather policeman’s hat and black leather vest with the police badge pinned to the upper left portion, just over his pec. The badge was real, Royce was a county sheriff, and the reason Robbie was where he was, living in his home, serving his Daddy.

Two other boys attended him. The one suckling his right nipple was Tyler. Royce pulled deeply on his pipe and moved Tyler off his nipple to feed him smoke, then returned the young man to his nipple suckling duties. The other young man kneeling at the left side of the recliner holding his beer and rubbing Royce's densely furred chest and belly, occasionally tweaking his Daddy’s nipple, was Adam.
Two of the young men at one point had been in the juvenile detention center. Each had faced a future of incarceration if their lives did not improve. Royce had seen it so many times before and decided to intervene. Royce had taken an interest in them when they’d been arrested. He’d quickly discovered the nature of their sexuality and sensed their submissiveness too. It was something he knew he could work with. He’d waited until they were of legal age and when they’d served out their sentences, he offered his home to them. He’d been up front with his intentions, told them what he expected from them sexually; and they’d found that they were OK with the deal.

A lot of what had landed the two of them in juvie in the first place was their sexuality. Robbie, the eldest at twenty-four, had been kicked out of his conservative parent’s house when he was only sixteen. Living on the streets had led him into trouble. He had stolen to survive and later resorted to it to get money for drugs to briefly escape the crappy life he was now living. Robbie was basically a good kid, but he needed some place to be. He also craved a firm hand. He wanted someone to be in charge of him, to give him discipline, structure and direction; Royce was happy to provide that and more. An outgrowth of Robbie’s need was BDSM, something the young man quickly took to. He’d grown into a handsome, beefy young man. Working out religiously with Royce in the basement home gym/dungeon had filled his young frame out well, and the short red beard and generous body hair made him look older than he was. Royce looked down at the young man in the mask and harness and smiled.

Tyler, at twenty-two, was the next oldest and at first hadn’t fit so well with the new family. He was mixed race, half black and half white. Royce ran his hand through the young man’s 'fro as he nursed on Daddy’s nipple. He and Adam also wore leather harnesses. Tyler, like Robbie, had been kicked out of the house in his late teens when the secret he’d been keeping finally came out. Unlike Robbie he hadn’t resorted to robbery. Instead, he’d been picked up for trying to prostitute himself. He’d been desperate, trying to get money just to survive. Royce had taken him in, and at first things were fine; but friction arose in the house as Tyler challenged Robbie. There were small fights over the next year, but eventually Daddy had managed to settle them both down; and now he, too, happily served Royce and accepted Robbie’s authority over him as the eldest. Tyler was really beginning to grow into his manhood, beefing up as Robbie had, working out with Daddy. He also sported a thick circle beard and had hair starting on his shoulders, thicker curls across his pecs and a treasure trail leading down to his crotch.

Adam, at twenty-one, was the youngest and most submissive and least developed of the three. He had hardly any brown hair on his pale chest and only a thin moustache, as it was all the facial hair he could manage. He’d run away from home at eighteen to escape his new step-dad, an abusive man who had no love for fag kids. His mother had unsuccessfully tried to intercede on Adam's behalf. She had finally given up, partly out of tiredness and partly out of fear of provoking her erratic husband's temper. She worked two part-time minimum wage jobs and had two younger kids to support; and she needed his income.

Adam tried to make a go of it, tried to find work, tried to make a life; but drifted from shelter to shelter without any success. He came to Royce’s notice when he’d been rolled and beaten by other homeless men for his shoes and what few possessions he had. He’d been found in an unfinished business park by a sheriff’s detail, unconscious and nearly hypothermic. Royce took interest in the young man, sensed what he was, and after being released from the hospital, made him the same up front offer he’d made to the other two.

From the very start, Adam fit right in. He followed orders without question, did any and all chores assigned without complaint and, after Royce had broken him in, was quite happy to be fucked by and give pleasure to the others when permitted. Robbie and Tyler had their top natures, which Royce allowed expression with each other and Adam, but Adam was a complete bottom and was very happy to be so.

All three wore chains with locks engraved with their names on them. This was to show their bond to Daddy. It was a sign of submission to his will, but also a pledge from their Daddy to them: as long as they wore Daddy’s chain, they would be protected, loved, and cared for by him.

None of Royce’s boys were idle. All had honest jobs and contributed half their paychecks to the household’s running. The other half went to savings and education. Daddy had them enrolled in trade schools or junior college courses and insisted they make something of themselves.

After Daddy shot his load in Robbie’s mouth, he told him to share it with his brothers. He watched his boys deep kiss, sharing his seed as he finished his beer and tapped out his pipe in the ashtray. At his direction, Robbie mounted Adam and Tyler fed Adam his cock. The video on the TV had ended and now Royce was in the mood for some live action porn. He stroked his cock, watching his boys fuck. The three moved in practiced concert, and soon Robbie began to pant and curse and roared in orgasm, filling Adam’s ass as Tyler egged him on. Reaching over, Robbie deep kissed Tyler.

“Get your cock over here, bro,  and fuck this ass!” Robbie panted.

Tyler wasted no time, he pulled his cock out of Adam’s mouth and quickly penetrated the younger man. Within five minutes he too was growling out his own orgasm, pumping his sperm into his brother’s hole. Adam moaned in pleasure but did not touch himself, though he really wanted to.

“That was fuckin’ hot!” Robbie said, wrapping a furry arm around Tyler. Tyler pulled out of Adam’s ass and kissed Robbie.

By now, Royce was ready to fuck. He’d just fed his boys and now, he wanted to fill his youngest with his strong seed. It wouldn’t take long, he’d been edging while watching them fuck. He ordered Adam onto the sturdy coffee table on his back. He ordered Robbie and Tyler to each hold a leg up and to play with Adam’s nipples.

“Bet you liked that fuckin’ didn’t you boy?” Royce said, looking down at Adam.

“Yes, sir!” Adam replied.

“You want Daddy’s cum in ya? Want me to mix my seed with your brother’s inside you?” Royce rumbled as he put his cock head on the boy’s pucker.

“Yes, sir! Please, sir!” Adam replied enthusiastically.

Without a word Royce plunged balls deep into the well-lubed, well-used hole and began fucking. As he knew, it didn’t take long before he, too, was cursing and roaring as he shot a huge load into his boy. But he kept fucking, still hard, grunting as he pounded the young man’s ass. Finally, he gave Adam permission to cum and it was all he needed. Adam grabbed his rigid cock and pumped furiously. He shot his load all over his chest, belly and the underside of his jaw and face. He moaned in pleasure, eyes unfocused, rolling to the back of his skull.

Royce’s boys knew not to leave a mess like that, and so began cleaning Adam up. They lapped up his fresh seed, pausing to feed his own cum to him as they did. When they were done, Royce pulled out and helped Adam to his feet. He gathered all three young men into a hug and kissed each of them.

“Alright, boys, time for us to clean up before dinner. Let’s hit the shower," he said.
In unison, the three answered, “Yes sir!” They all climbed the stairs and piled into Daddy’s extremely large walk in shower. Since they were all drained, the shower play was more low-key than usual for them. They soaped each other up, paying close attention to cocks and ball sacks. Royce carefully cleaned each of his boy's asses, fingering each in turn while they kissed each other. The boys each gently and thoroughly cleaned their Daddy's ass and proceeded downward over his thick thighs and bulging calves. Royce permitted this liberty for two reasons: first because it felt good, and second because he knew they enjoyed it and they had been good boys tonight and deserved a small reward.

Afterward they came down and ate dinner together as a family and, after a little TV and cuddling, the boys went off upstairs to their beds, leaving Royce alone in his study with his laptop.

Some weeks ago, Royce had a buddy plant a couple of surveillance cameras in a private location because someone there had attracted his interest. Done without a warrant, of course; because he wasn’t interested in catching a criminal. They were very small and up in the rafters where they afforded a near panoramic view from each vantage point. The small server at the house had been recording events for about a week now, the terabyte drives filling with video and it was time to see what was going on.
Royce leaned back in his office chair, got the lube out, lit up a fat cigar and began watching a split screen view of the recording from two different angles. The activities he was most interested in occurred in the mornings and evenings, before and after business hours when the participants weren’t at work. Each day's recording was in a single file.  He marked for deletion the empty or uninteresting stretches of time with little or no action.

He began stroking as he watched the six men bring in a seventh, smaller naked man. They put his legs in a pair of over-large coveralls and made him bend over the back of a primed and sanded car, with his hands on the trunk. A butt plug was clearly visible and he watched as the larger, beefier, bearded men puffed on or light up cigars, and one a pipe, or drink coffee as they waited. The scene was hot, the men were watching the naked man, rubbing their crotches and Royce knew the missing person in the video was about to make his entrance. As if on cue, when Royce said, “Aaaand now…” a tall, beefy, white furred and bearded man entered the garage.

“Oh fuck!” Royce said as he saw him in his furry, naked, well-hung glory. “Oh, you fuckin’ BEAST! Yeah, that’s it Big Ron, FUCK that skinny, hairless boy!”

Royce watched the initiation ceremony, watched as Ron clamped a cigar in his maw and had his boy light it, watched as the smaller man was bound to him and zipped up in the coveralls, and shot all over his own hairy belly and chest and into his own stubbly beard while watching Ron fuck the boy  inside the coveralls.
He rewound that scene twice more, shooting again the third time he saw it. He reviewed the recording, looking through the whole day. There was some fucking that went on in the shop between some of the other guys after closing, which he found entertaining, but what he really wanted was to see more of Ron fucking.

Yeah, he was stalking, he knew it. What he was doing was illegal, unscrupulous and, he knew, creepy; but he didn’t give a shit. Ron was a hot man as well as a man after his own heart. He’d found his ‘sons’ and made a family with them, much in the same way he had with his boys.

He fondled his softening cock and scratched his balls. Royce Tobin was hungry and he needed to more to satisfy his hunger! He cleaned up, eating cum off his own belly and chest and headed upstairs to bed.

When he got up there, he found Adam in his bed in the moonlit room, sound asleep.. Tyler and Robbie weren’t as much Daddy’s boys, they’d grow up to be fine Sirs in their own right. But Adam... now, Adam really needed a Daddy. He climbed into bed and pulled the young man gently to his chest, kissing him softly on the back of his head. The boy sighed in his sleep and Daddy gently hugged him. He whispered in a cigar roughened voice. “You’re my boy, you’ll always be Daddy’s boy”

Royce knew in a few hours he’d wake raging hard and need to brutally pound the cum out of Adam, literally making him shoot without touching, and fill him with his hot morning Daddy load, but for right now, he was gentle Daddy, warm cuddly Daddy, protective Daddy.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 1

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 1
In a mechanic's shop, six large men are gathered in the predawn morning for an initiation rite. Each wears a full beard and beneath the coveralls, each of them is covered in dense man-fur all over their bodies, with tattoos covering their arms and torsos. The patches on the coveralls read Bill, Nick, Bob, Jeff, Dick and Bubba.
Bubba ran meaty, stubby fingers with grease-stained nails through his thick, golden blond chest-length beard and looked at his watch. It was 5 am and ‘The Boss’ aka ‘Big Ron Meyers’, aka ‘Daddy’, was taking his time getting ready for this. He couldn’t blame him though, it wasn’t every day a new guy became a brother; in fact the last time that had happened was over fifteen years ago with Jeff. The kid was a good fit. Even tempered, bright, loyal, and dedicated. He took the hazing everyone gave him and had accepted each of the initiation challenges without complaint. He came to the job with his own Harley and a brand new skull tattoo, his first tatt, on his left bicep. Once he gained membership he could ride with Bubba, his brothers, and of course, Daddy.
Nick and Dick puffed on half consumed cigars, the thick smoke curling around the pair’s red beards. Nick’s copper curls are blazing beneath the florescent lighting. Dick’s beard is a darker, deeper red and at the moment obscured by a large cloud of blue smoke. Jeff is smoking his bent pipe, the bowl shaped like a bear’s head. He puffs out a ring and grins. His straight ash brown beard is shorter on the cheeks and jowls and is chest length down from his chin. He’d grown out his circle beard first, shaving the sides and now was letting his beard grow back.
Bill, Bob, and Bubba sipped on coffee. Bill and Bob each have shorter dark beards; Bob’s neatly trimmed, Bill’s a bit longer and curly. Bill’s black has turned salt and pepper and Bob’s is solid coal black. Both took after the way Daddy used to look in their coloring; jet black. All now stood quietly, some shifting from foot to foot, waiting for the rite to begin.
The seventh man was the new guy, Cody. Cody stands naked except for his work boots and a very large, oversized set of coveralls bunched around his ankles. He is slender of build, not that tall and has the beginnings of a sparse auburn circle beard on his face. Other than that, he has virtually no hair on his body. What there was, was between his pecs and a trail that went down to his crotch curls and that was of a darker brown color.
As part of the initiation, his head had been shaved and he’d been told he was not allowed any other beard style except the circle beard until a year after he’d become a full member. The other men had shaved him, cleaned him out, lubed him and placed a butt plug up his ass the night before in preparation for this morning. Cody had spent the night with them all, sleeping with them in a huge pile of naked, furry flesh.
Cody stood, leaning over the trunk of a car, stripped of its paint, dings hammered out and almost finished in the body work phase of restoration. His hands are planted on the trunk’s lid supporting his weight a shoulder’s width apart… waiting.
He thinks about the process that had brought him to this point. In the chill of the morning he shivered, partly from the cold, partly from excitement. The first phase of his initiation had been serving all the men in any way they required. That had lasted a year. Service could vary but it usually was always shit jobs none of the men really wanted to do. It could even involve being a body servant or bed mate to the brothers. The men would take him home with them for a few days or a couple of weeks and he would do whatever they asked of him. Any dirty chore, any menial task, anything they wanted with the exception of sex. Copulation and oral sex was completely off limits, and that was a test for both Cody and the other brothers. Other than that, deep kissing, mutual masturbation or sleeping together, were acceptable. Cody was, after all, supposed to be getting to know his future brothers and by the end of that year, he really had learned to appreciate each of them and their differences.
The second phase of his initiation, which also took a year to complete, had involved the tattoos, all paid for by the club. The first was the large bear paw on his left shoulder above the pre-existing skull, and it marked him as more than just interested in joining the club. It had been inked the very night, after work, that he had finished the first service phase. He’d showed no reluctance when the boss had said he and his boys were taking him down to Metamorphosis Studio to get the tattoo. In fact, his response had been, “FUCK YEAH! Let’s do this!” Liam, the owner of Matamorph, as the regulars called it, was also a club brother and squeezed Cody in after hours. The second tatt was a personal totem which Cody was told to ponder carefully right after getting his first. Cody chose for his totem the harpy eagle, the one of largest and most powerful eagle species. This was put on his right forearm; his choice of location and it marked him as a serious prospect. Finally, the club patch of a snarling bear's head, placed in the middle of his back marked him as committed to the rites of initiation and membership. His last tatt had just finished healing last week.
This final tattoo was performed after closing at Metamorph, too. Cody was lead shirtless into the backrooms of the shop with a leather hood over his head. He was seated, hood still on. His arms and legs were then held down to the chair and strapped. Cody began to panic, and Ron began speaking.
“You are among the brotherhood, you have nothing to fear and no harm will come to you. You are strapped as a precaution and will be released very soon. This is the last part of the second phase of your initiation. This is your last chance to back out. Understand that backing out now brings you no shame in our eyes, the brotherhood is not for everyone. There have been those who have gotten the first and second tattoos and, before the hood was removed, refused to go further. Others have refused to go further after the hood was removed. Understand that this night, the club patch tattoo, the one you’ve seen on all the brother’s backs, is the beginning of profound changes in your life. What you see next will ultimately help you decide if you want to continue on the path to brotherhood. The men in this room have all spoken highly of you in meetings, all would be proud to call you brother and all have been through this exact initiation and have continued, obviously. You will eventually be as they are when you become a full brother. Now, it is your turn. I will ask you now and again after all has been revealed. Cody, do you want to join us, the Brotherhood of Bears?”
“Yes,” Cody answered simply.
There was a pause of two or three minutes where the room was quiet, except for what sounded like the men cracking their necks, backs and knuckles and then, he felt a tug on the hood and the light of the room blinded him briefly. What Cody saw was almost unbelievable. He had heard that what he is seeing is real, stories from childhood he still halfway believed; but now all doubt about those stories was removed.
Around him stood eight large, hairy, humanoid bears. Two were red furred; one coppery one deep red. One was golden blond, one an ash brown, one coal black, one black with silver peppered through his fur and one a deep dark chocolate brown. Directly in front of him, the largest of the eight, was a snow white grizzly who looked into his eyes deeply, searching for a reaction. Cody’s surprise must have registered, but what caused the white bear to smile was that there was no fear on his face.
The white bear spoke, “I ask again; Cody, do you want to join us, the Brotherhood of Bears?”
Looking around, Cody was in fact strongly turned on by the furry bodies and the heady smell of bear musk. His cock grew stiff in his jeans.
“If joining means becoming one of you big furry fuckers, then HELL, yes, I wanna join!” Cody said.
There was a general chuckle that ran through the group with pats on Cody’s shoulder. Jeff, the newest of the members said, “Fuck yeah, now I get a lil’ bro!”
The werebears all reverted back to their human forms. The chocolate brown bear, now familiar to Cody as Liam, brought out an ice chest filled with beer as Ron took the straps off Cody. Soon, after he’d had a beer, Cody back had been shaved and prepped for the new tattoo.
Now, this morning, came the third phase of his initiation, the final phase. This is why they had all gethered here this morning. This would be, as he’d been told by his future brothers during his face and head shave and anal preparation, his first penetration and breeding. It was a rite reserved exclusively for Daddy and Daddy alone.
Out of the hall that lead to the office behind the shop the eighth man strides in. He is tall, having to duck a little under the door frame as he passed through it. He is broad and muscular but has a rounded ball belly, and is completely naked except for his work boots. He is covered in thick white fur. He has tattoos all over his body and the requisite three: the paw on the left shoulder, a large grizzly bear as his totem on his left pec and of course, the club patch on his back. All of his ink is somewhat obscured by the sheer density of his white fur. His beard is thick, full, and grows up to just beneath his eyeballs and is as snowy white as the hair on his head, which is long and gathered in a single thick braid long enough it hung to just above his tailbone. Years ago, it had all been coal black, but now the only color in his hair is a slight yellowing of his moustache, a ‘tar patch’ due to the smoke from the cigars he loved. He is truly a big, burly, furry beast of a man This man is, in the minds of all the men present, the essence of the word ‘Daddy,’ in all its meanings.
Between his legs, bouncing as he walked, was thick, long, vein covered penis with a large purple mushroom head. The thick tube bounces on a heavy ball sack, filled with two very large orbs and covered with curly, silky silver hair, a match to what was on the rest of his body. His cock is truly intimidating, and required proper stretching of the recipient’s hole before penetration or damage could be done. The men, seeing him, clap and cheer. The boss steps behind Cody and puts his legs into the legs of the over-sized coveralls.
Cody's ass had been lubed and stretched open by the others the night before, using their fingers and copious amounts of Rifle Grease. To keep him open for the boss, the large butt plug had been inserted.
The boss pauses and motions for Bubba to hand him a huge gage cigar. He trims it, sticks it in his mouth and motions for a lighter. After toasting it, firing it up and puffing it into life he runs his huge, grease stained, hairy hands over the relatively smooth young man standing before him. Cody shivers at his touch and moans in pleasure.
"You ready for this, son?" Big Ron asks.
"Yes, Sir, Daddy." Cody replies.
"That's what I fuckin' wanted to hear," the boss says and smacks the young man on his right cheek.
The boss, draws on his cigar and slowly pulls the plug out of Cody's ass, pauses, then pushes it back in. This is repeated a dozen or so times and has the young man moaning in pleasure.
The men standing around voice their approval, encouraging their boss, rubbing their hard members through the fabric of their own coveralls. Some are lewdly suggesting things that could be done to Cody with their own large cocks.
Big Ron says, “Get over here, Dick.”
Dick moves to Ron’s side and the silver bear removes the cigar from his mouth and begins sharing the smoke with Dick with a kiss. He replaces the cigar and pushes Dick’s head to his thick, erect nipple. Dick begins to suckle and Daddy moans in pleasure, drawing deeply on his cigar while tweaking the right nipple.
"You want Daddy's big fuckin' dick?" the boss asks Cody. “You want my meat inside you? You want me in your ass?” The others cheer him on, adding hoots and shouts of approval. The boss smacks Cody's butt again, hard, the slap stinging and leaving a prominent red mark on the young man's butt. “Well? Answer me, son!”
"Oh, FUCK yes, Sir! Please give me your cock," Cody shouts and the men voice their approval.
“Fuck him, Daddy!” Jeff says pulling the pipe from his mouth.
“Make us a new brother!” Bob growls out around his own stogie.
Big Ron sets the plug on the trunk of the car, draws deeply on his cigar again and, takes aim at the young man's well-greased hole. He pushes his big cock up Cody’s ass in one swift motion, all the way to his balls. He holds till for a moment, then deliberately tenses his cock so the wide tip flares deep inside.
The young man gasps, stunned by the mighty invasion, but stands firm and takes it without complaint.
This reaction fills Ron with pride. This young man will make a fine addition to his family.
"That's it, son... take it like a man!” Ron pulls out and thrust in roughly, a grunt of pleasure escaping his lips, “Aaaaahh! Son, as of right now, you're no longer a virgin," the boss growls as he exhales thick cigar smoke, “you’re a man now, all right… my man!”
“Bob, Nick... help me with the coveralls,” Daddy says. Having been through this same initiation and witnessing their brothers being initiated, they know what must be done.
Bill comes forward and begins to bind Cody with leather straps around his legs to the thick, furry legs of the boss. His torso is similarly bound, as are his arms. The two are then clothed in the coveralls, arms going into the sleeves and then he is zipped up inside the coveralls with the boss.
The young man is cocooned in the dark, musky coveralls. They smell like Daddy; they are musky with his scent and the scent of his cum. They are well used and have never been washed. Each of the men that have been zipped up in here with the boss have left a potent trace of their own scents and seed in here as well.
Big Ron then begins to hump the young man, pausing occasionally to unzip the coveralls enough to blow smoke down inside for the young man to breathe. The boss' hands are planted firmly on the trunk lid as he pumps into the initiate. Cody is impaled on the long, thick cock buried in his ass, hardly able to move on his own. All the movement his body makes is from the pounding movement of his Daddy.
"Push back boy! Daddy's wants to cum up inside of you," he growls around his stogie.
A muffled, somewhat pained "YES SIR!" is Cody's only reply as they hump madly together.
There are cheers of encouragement, egging the boss on to breed the young man's ass. The boss begins bucking wildly, chomping down on his cigar and swearing as he fucks Cody harder and harder. His speed and ferocity build. He growls like a beast as he thrusts, shifting form just slightly. Ron’s body is becoming slightly bigger, more bulked with muscle, stretching the fabric of the coveralls around them. His fangs lengthening piercing the shaft of the cigar, his cock growing thicker and longer inside of Cody’s ass as he pounds for his lustful pleasure. Cody whimpers in a mixture of pain and pleasure but continues to push back with each thrust, letting Daddy knows he wants to be bred. Finally he pushes his cock in as far as he possibly can, roaring out his orgasm in his deep, roughened voice, unloading shot after shot of hot, thick, sticky bear seed deep inside of the young man. He wraps his arms around the young man, leaning against the rear of the car, and continues to thrust in him, slower now, but with a deep bass grunt with each thrust. The mighty cock throbs deep inside the initiate, still pumping his virile seed into his body. Cody struggles to use his ass muscles to milk the boss' cock, squeezing out every last drop of his seed into his willing ass.
Panting around his cigar for a few minutes, the boss is soaked in sweat, drenching Cody in his musk. He at last pushes off the trunk of the car and stands. Inside the coveralls, Cody has shot all over the front of the suit without touching himself and is adding the scent of his own musk and seed to Big Ron’s in the suit.
There is more congratulatory whooping from the men and each of them comes forward and gropes Cody’s package as they give their Daddy a sloppy bear kiss.
Shortly after that the shop opens up and the men get to work.
For the rest of the day, Ron walks around with Cody inside the coveralls, in areas where no customers are not allowed, of course. He spends a lot of time in his office, making phone calls, doing paperwork, contacting customers and all the while his cock is hard, deep up the young man's ass. Every couple of hours he takes a fifteen minute break to once again hump his captive initiate until he shoots yet another heavy bear load in the young, firm, round ass. He knows Cody’s body is absorbing his seed, integrating Daddy’s DNA into his body.
As the evening draws down and the shop closes, each of the men in turn wrap their arms around the boss, squeezing Cody between them, kissing Daddy and wishing them both a very good night. The boss drives home, a big ol' stogie parked at the corner of his mouth; only his second one for the whole day. During the drive Cody milks the boss' cock, a task made easier with a days’ worth of practice. The boss blows cigar smoke down the front of the coveralls and Cody breathes it in. Cigars and pipes are pretty much a prerequisite of membership in this club and Cody knows a humidor, pipes and a tobacco pouch are in his future.
When they get home, Big Ron heads directly for the bedroom. He lies down on the bed and stretches out and begins rubbing all over the front of the coveralls, caressing Cody’s body. He reaches down and rubs Cody's crotch through the coveralls, puffing on the stub of the cigar left in his mouth. Talking to the young man, telling him how proud he is of him and what a fine, sexy, masculine werebear he’s going to make. He rolls onto his side stubbing out the butt of his cigar and then he rolls over on his belly. With Cody pinned underneath, he once again humps him full of thick bear cum before they sleep. Finally spent, the boss unzips the top of the coveralls so Cody can breathe fresh air for the first time since he was zipped up hours earlier. He pulls his arms out of the sleeves and wraps them, with Cody's arms still bound to his own, around the smaller man.
"Good night, my Cub," he says and kisses the young man on top of the head. "Daddy's gonna hold you tight and protect you all night while you sleep."
"Thank you, Daddy, Sir," Cody says and nuzzles against his daddy’s bicep.
"Tomorrow morning, before dawn," Big Ron says, "I will shift into my full Bear form while I'm still inside of you and fill you with Daddy's werebear seed."
"Will it hurt?" Cody asks.
"A little, yes, but your guts and hole have been well prepared for it today. My seed is already making changes to your body, you’re becoming a werebear and it started as soon as I shot my first load into you this morning. I’ve planted a lot of my seed in you. Tomorrow morning, you will be ready for my cock to grow to its true length and girth and I will fill you with more of my essence... and soon, a few months from now, you will become a bear like all my other fine, strong sons." Big Ron squeezed the young man lovingly, his cock-head swelling as he tensed.
Cody grunted in pleasure, feeling his Daddy’s dick flare inside of him.
"Good night, Daddy, Sir," the young man said.
"Good night, son," Daddy said; and soon they both slept.