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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 2

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
By Papa Werebear and Ursus Major

Chapter 2
Royce Tobin sat back in his black leather recliner and growled around his pipe as his submissive boy Robbie deep-throated his cock. It had been a long day and now he was home, relaxing while his boys attended to his needs. Dinner was in the oven thanks to his boys, bear porn was on the big screen and he was off for the weekend. Life was good!

Royce pulled the pipe from his mouth and ran a hand over his dense stubble. It grew fast and if he were allowed a beard at work, he’d grow one. He loved the feel of a beard and didn’t bother shaving on the weekends. He ending up stroking his thick salt and pepper moustache, the facial hair he could grow for work, before returning the pipe to his mouth. He drew on it deeply and exhaled the smoke toward Robbie who took deep breaths of Daddy’s smoke through the leather mask he wore while he sucked Daddy’s cock and played with his furry balls.

Royce was naked except for the leather policeman’s hat and black leather vest with the police badge pinned to the upper left portion, just over his pec. The badge was real, Royce was a county sheriff, and the reason Robbie was where he was, living in his home, serving his Daddy.

Two other boys attended him. The one suckling his right nipple was Tyler. Royce pulled deeply on his pipe and moved Tyler off his nipple to feed him smoke, then returned the young man to his nipple suckling duties. The other young man kneeling at the left side of the recliner holding his beer and rubbing Royce's densely furred chest and belly, occasionally tweaking his Daddy’s nipple, was Adam.
Two of the young men at one point had been in the juvenile detention center. Each had faced a future of incarceration if their lives did not improve. Royce had seen it so many times before and decided to intervene. Royce had taken an interest in them when they’d been arrested. He’d quickly discovered the nature of their sexuality and sensed their submissiveness too. It was something he knew he could work with. He’d waited until they were of legal age and when they’d served out their sentences, he offered his home to them. He’d been up front with his intentions, told them what he expected from them sexually; and they’d found that they were OK with the deal.

A lot of what had landed the two of them in juvie in the first place was their sexuality. Robbie, the eldest at twenty-four, had been kicked out of his conservative parent’s house when he was only sixteen. Living on the streets had led him into trouble. He had stolen to survive and later resorted to it to get money for drugs to briefly escape the crappy life he was now living. Robbie was basically a good kid, but he needed some place to be. He also craved a firm hand. He wanted someone to be in charge of him, to give him discipline, structure and direction; Royce was happy to provide that and more. An outgrowth of Robbie’s need was BDSM, something the young man quickly took to. He’d grown into a handsome, beefy young man. Working out religiously with Royce in the basement home gym/dungeon had filled his young frame out well, and the short red beard and generous body hair made him look older than he was. Royce looked down at the young man in the mask and harness and smiled.

Tyler, at twenty-two, was the next oldest and at first hadn’t fit so well with the new family. He was mixed race, half black and half white. Royce ran his hand through the young man’s 'fro as he nursed on Daddy’s nipple. He and Adam also wore leather harnesses. Tyler, like Robbie, had been kicked out of the house in his late teens when the secret he’d been keeping finally came out. Unlike Robbie he hadn’t resorted to robbery. Instead, he’d been picked up for trying to prostitute himself. He’d been desperate, trying to get money just to survive. Royce had taken him in, and at first things were fine; but friction arose in the house as Tyler challenged Robbie. There were small fights over the next year, but eventually Daddy had managed to settle them both down; and now he, too, happily served Royce and accepted Robbie’s authority over him as the eldest. Tyler was really beginning to grow into his manhood, beefing up as Robbie had, working out with Daddy. He also sported a thick circle beard and had hair starting on his shoulders, thicker curls across his pecs and a treasure trail leading down to his crotch.

Adam, at twenty-one, was the youngest and most submissive and least developed of the three. He had hardly any brown hair on his pale chest and only a thin moustache, as it was all the facial hair he could manage. He’d run away from home at eighteen to escape his new step-dad, an abusive man who had no love for fag kids. His mother had unsuccessfully tried to intercede on Adam's behalf. She had finally given up, partly out of tiredness and partly out of fear of provoking her erratic husband's temper. She worked two part-time minimum wage jobs and had two younger kids to support; and she needed his income.

Adam tried to make a go of it, tried to find work, tried to make a life; but drifted from shelter to shelter without any success. He came to Royce’s notice when he’d been rolled and beaten by other homeless men for his shoes and what few possessions he had. He’d been found in an unfinished business park by a sheriff’s detail, unconscious and nearly hypothermic. Royce took interest in the young man, sensed what he was, and after being released from the hospital, made him the same up front offer he’d made to the other two.

From the very start, Adam fit right in. He followed orders without question, did any and all chores assigned without complaint and, after Royce had broken him in, was quite happy to be fucked by and give pleasure to the others when permitted. Robbie and Tyler had their top natures, which Royce allowed expression with each other and Adam, but Adam was a complete bottom and was very happy to be so.

All three wore chains with locks engraved with their names on them. This was to show their bond to Daddy. It was a sign of submission to his will, but also a pledge from their Daddy to them: as long as they wore Daddy’s chain, they would be protected, loved, and cared for by him.

None of Royce’s boys were idle. All had honest jobs and contributed half their paychecks to the household’s running. The other half went to savings and education. Daddy had them enrolled in trade schools or junior college courses and insisted they make something of themselves.

After Daddy shot his load in Robbie’s mouth, he told him to share it with his brothers. He watched his boys deep kiss, sharing his seed as he finished his beer and tapped out his pipe in the ashtray. At his direction, Robbie mounted Adam and Tyler fed Adam his cock. The video on the TV had ended and now Royce was in the mood for some live action porn. He stroked his cock, watching his boys fuck. The three moved in practiced concert, and soon Robbie began to pant and curse and roared in orgasm, filling Adam’s ass as Tyler egged him on. Reaching over, Robbie deep kissed Tyler.

“Get your cock over here, bro,  and fuck this ass!” Robbie panted.

Tyler wasted no time, he pulled his cock out of Adam’s mouth and quickly penetrated the younger man. Within five minutes he too was growling out his own orgasm, pumping his sperm into his brother’s hole. Adam moaned in pleasure but did not touch himself, though he really wanted to.

“That was fuckin’ hot!” Robbie said, wrapping a furry arm around Tyler. Tyler pulled out of Adam’s ass and kissed Robbie.

By now, Royce was ready to fuck. He’d just fed his boys and now, he wanted to fill his youngest with his strong seed. It wouldn’t take long, he’d been edging while watching them fuck. He ordered Adam onto the sturdy coffee table on his back. He ordered Robbie and Tyler to each hold a leg up and to play with Adam’s nipples.

“Bet you liked that fuckin’ didn’t you boy?” Royce said, looking down at Adam.

“Yes, sir!” Adam replied.

“You want Daddy’s cum in ya? Want me to mix my seed with your brother’s inside you?” Royce rumbled as he put his cock head on the boy’s pucker.

“Yes, sir! Please, sir!” Adam replied enthusiastically.

Without a word Royce plunged balls deep into the well-lubed, well-used hole and began fucking. As he knew, it didn’t take long before he, too, was cursing and roaring as he shot a huge load into his boy. But he kept fucking, still hard, grunting as he pounded the young man’s ass. Finally, he gave Adam permission to cum and it was all he needed. Adam grabbed his rigid cock and pumped furiously. He shot his load all over his chest, belly and the underside of his jaw and face. He moaned in pleasure, eyes unfocused, rolling to the back of his skull.

Royce’s boys knew not to leave a mess like that, and so began cleaning Adam up. They lapped up his fresh seed, pausing to feed his own cum to him as they did. When they were done, Royce pulled out and helped Adam to his feet. He gathered all three young men into a hug and kissed each of them.

“Alright, boys, time for us to clean up before dinner. Let’s hit the shower," he said.
In unison, the three answered, “Yes sir!” They all climbed the stairs and piled into Daddy’s extremely large walk in shower. Since they were all drained, the shower play was more low-key than usual for them. They soaped each other up, paying close attention to cocks and ball sacks. Royce carefully cleaned each of his boy's asses, fingering each in turn while they kissed each other. The boys each gently and thoroughly cleaned their Daddy's ass and proceeded downward over his thick thighs and bulging calves. Royce permitted this liberty for two reasons: first because it felt good, and second because he knew they enjoyed it and they had been good boys tonight and deserved a small reward.

Afterward they came down and ate dinner together as a family and, after a little TV and cuddling, the boys went off upstairs to their beds, leaving Royce alone in his study with his laptop.

Some weeks ago, Royce had a buddy plant a couple of surveillance cameras in a private location because someone there had attracted his interest. Done without a warrant, of course; because he wasn’t interested in catching a criminal. They were very small and up in the rafters where they afforded a near panoramic view from each vantage point. The small server at the house had been recording events for about a week now, the terabyte drives filling with video and it was time to see what was going on.
Royce leaned back in his office chair, got the lube out, lit up a fat cigar and began watching a split screen view of the recording from two different angles. The activities he was most interested in occurred in the mornings and evenings, before and after business hours when the participants weren’t at work. Each day's recording was in a single file.  He marked for deletion the empty or uninteresting stretches of time with little or no action.

He began stroking as he watched the six men bring in a seventh, smaller naked man. They put his legs in a pair of over-large coveralls and made him bend over the back of a primed and sanded car, with his hands on the trunk. A butt plug was clearly visible and he watched as the larger, beefier, bearded men puffed on or light up cigars, and one a pipe, or drink coffee as they waited. The scene was hot, the men were watching the naked man, rubbing their crotches and Royce knew the missing person in the video was about to make his entrance. As if on cue, when Royce said, “Aaaand now…” a tall, beefy, white furred and bearded man entered the garage.

“Oh fuck!” Royce said as he saw him in his furry, naked, well-hung glory. “Oh, you fuckin’ BEAST! Yeah, that’s it Big Ron, FUCK that skinny, hairless boy!”

Royce watched the initiation ceremony, watched as Ron clamped a cigar in his maw and had his boy light it, watched as the smaller man was bound to him and zipped up in the coveralls, and shot all over his own hairy belly and chest and into his own stubbly beard while watching Ron fuck the boy  inside the coveralls.
He rewound that scene twice more, shooting again the third time he saw it. He reviewed the recording, looking through the whole day. There was some fucking that went on in the shop between some of the other guys after closing, which he found entertaining, but what he really wanted was to see more of Ron fucking.

Yeah, he was stalking, he knew it. What he was doing was illegal, unscrupulous and, he knew, creepy; but he didn’t give a shit. Ron was a hot man as well as a man after his own heart. He’d found his ‘sons’ and made a family with them, much in the same way he had with his boys.

He fondled his softening cock and scratched his balls. Royce Tobin was hungry and he needed to more to satisfy his hunger! He cleaned up, eating cum off his own belly and chest and headed upstairs to bed.

When he got up there, he found Adam in his bed in the moonlit room, sound asleep.. Tyler and Robbie weren’t as much Daddy’s boys, they’d grow up to be fine Sirs in their own right. But Adam... now, Adam really needed a Daddy. He climbed into bed and pulled the young man gently to his chest, kissing him softly on the back of his head. The boy sighed in his sleep and Daddy gently hugged him. He whispered in a cigar roughened voice. “You’re my boy, you’ll always be Daddy’s boy”

Royce knew in a few hours he’d wake raging hard and need to brutally pound the cum out of Adam, literally making him shoot without touching, and fill him with his hot morning Daddy load, but for right now, he was gentle Daddy, warm cuddly Daddy, protective Daddy.


  1. Please Sir, Can I have some more.

  2. Yes, yes you may!

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