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Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body - Chapter 11

Meyers and Sons Paint and Auto Body
Papa Werebear and Ursus Majr

Chapter 11

Olaf returned to the table with a huge grin on his face.
Ron just had to ask, “What’s that canary-eating grin for, Uncle Bear”?
Olaf sat, picking up the beer he’d ordered for before the meal arrived he took a long pull on it, and said, “The biker I gave my card to met me in the bathroom, his name is Casey, and he’s a damn good kisser. Asked me what I was doing this weekend and I told him about 'Gars ‘n’ B’ars. He and his buddies are headed up north on a bare bones camping trip, you know, ‘Rough it like a man, just a tarp for a tent and your knife’ stuff. He said my thing sounded more fun and comfortable, and asked if maybe he could join us if it was OK. So, of course I said it was OK.” Olaf took another pull from his beer and grinned even wider than before.
Ron rolled his eyes and Quinn chuckled. The appetizers arrived then and when the server left, Olaf continued.
So, he’s going to fake an illness, ditch his buddies, and join us in a couple of hours. Says he’ll catch up to us on the road. I told him what route we’d be taking and told him to look for my bike, he couldn’t miss it. He says, ‘The big one that looks like you butchered a bear and glued it to an ape sized Harley, right?’ and I told him that was not the most flattering description I’d ever heard, but it was accurate. He said he could spot that on a moonless night on a dark country road, and that he’d find us.”
Sounds like you got another companion for your bed,” Quinn said a bit sourly.
Olaf patted the trucker on the shoulder, “Aww, buddy, it ain’t like that. You know sex with us is a ‘more the merrier’ kind of deal. Besides, I saw how you were checkin’ Casey out, I bet you were measuring his butt hole for your cock just like I was.
Quinn laughed, “I suppose I was at that”.
Actually, he’s interested in playing with all three of us, I told him it’s in fact four, because Charlie hasn’t showed up yet. He thought you both were seriously hot.”
Quinn brightened a little at that. “So… two queen sized beds in your room. You’re going to need one to yourself as big as you are… that means me and Casey…”
Olaf grinned, “We’ll get to know each other in the biblical sense, yes; after I’ve romped with you both enough and need a bit of a nap, or head over to Ron and Charlie’s room.”
OK, I’m good with that,” Quinn said and stuffed a jalapeño popper in his mouth and smiled.
Anyway, he asked what Charlie looked like and I said, ‘Imagine that hairy, white bearded fucker back at my table. The biker who looks like Bad Santa”
HEY! You did NOT just call me Santa”! Ron interjected.
Olaf smiled impishly. “Yes I did. You look like the hot sexy fat man, and so does big brother Charlie, only a bit wilder… you pay more attention to grooming… actually, he looks more like redneck, hung over Bad Santa. Besides, you don’t seem to mind around the holidays when some cute, lil’ bearded Cub wants to sit on Santa’s lap, hold his sack, and rub the ‘North Pole’ up and down, now do you?”.
Ron smacked Olaf’s shoulder only because from his seated position he couldn’t reach his head.
Olaf continued, “…and so I said, that’s my brother Charlie’ and then he said, ‘Wild, redneck, Santa, eh? And Bad Santa too? Oh, I feel a case of food poisoning coming on… I just know I’m gonna have to tell my buddies that I hurled in the John and I’m gonna check into a motel, then head home when I feel better.”
Olaf paused, a popper on the brink of being devoured in front of his bearded lips, “By the way, where IS Charlie, shouldn’t he be here by now, even if he did stop to fuck someone or more than someone?”
I don’t know, but I think after dinner we need to maybe start looking,” Ron said, “Maybe head back down the way he came up, see if he’s stranded… or worse. I’ve called his phone three times already and it must be off, because it goes right to voicemail”.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to backtrack his route. We can check online to see if there’s been any accidents on the way up to here. I think it’s better to get to the hotel and wait a bit, because if we go looking he’s going to get to the hotel and we won’t be there when he is. Better to be where he expects us to be when he finally shows up,” Quinn said, and took a sip of beer.
I suppose,” Ron said, “but he hasn’t been late to anything like this in decades. Last time he was this late it was his bike and that dirty carburetor, remember? But I doubt that’s it now, I checked his ride over myself last week, gave it a full tune up. It’s probably running better than mine is… wonder what the Hell is keeping him? If it were sex, he’d send pics to brag; this just ain't like him.”
Maybe he just got tired and decided to pull over at a motel?” The others shrugged. “Maybe before we leave town, we’ll go check that no-tell motel on Bryant Road he likes to take his last minute playmates to, maybe they’ve seen him,” Olaf suggested as the server arrived with the entrées and more beers for the meal.
OK, we’ll do that, but you know how tight lipped they are,” Ron said.
Oh, I think I might get them to talk, size and demeanor have their advantages,” Olaf said and flexed his right bicep for emphasis and it bulged into a muscle bigger than most men’s heads.
Ron smiled. “OK, after we check, if they haven’t seen him, we’ll head for the hotel,” Ron said, feeling a bit better about the situation now that they’d talked it out and had a plan.
At that moment, Casey hurried past their table in the direction of the bathroom, giving Olaf a wink as he passed.
Aaaand ACTION!” Olaf said quietly, and laughed. “I think my new buddy Casey, there, just came down with a case of the stomach flu”. Ron and Quinn chuckled as they dug into their meals.
In the bathroom, Casey made for a stall and made a bit of a show pretending to puke, enough to cause the couple of guys that were in the bathroom when he entered to leave. One of his biker buddies came in after to ask if he was OK and Casey said he’d let him know. When his buddy left, he briefly considered giving his raging hard-on some relief, but decided to save up for what promised to be a very satisfying romp with the sexiest big, bearded fuckers he'd seen in ages. He exited the stall, made for a urinal, unzipped, fished his rigid cock out, and willed himself to relax so he could empty his bladder. After a few moments his stream started, strong, yellow, and noisy. One of the restaurant employees came in and took the other urinal, next to Casey. He looked over, nodded in appreciation, and said, “Sometimes a really good piss is just what the doc ordered, innit?”
A'yup,” Casey nodded, tucked his now only semi-rigid meat back in his jeans, washed his hands, and headed back out as the employee finished his business. He was going to go back to the table and give a performance for his friends so they’d believe him when he said he was sick, so he could ditch them for what he hoped would be the best sex he’d had in years.

As Charlie put his helmet on and got ready to start his hawg up and lead Reece, the ex-cop, to the motel on Bryant, he felt a bit light headed. His hands and feet felt a bit numb and he was feeling high and drunk at the same time. The next thing he knew, Reece was asking if he felt alright.
I’m… uh… Feelin’ lil’… uh… high…” Charlie responded.
Well, you just had a couple of beers…” Royce offered as an explanation, but was interrupted by the silver bear.
But… I coulda had ten an’ not feel it, I think… I’m gettin’…”
Let’s get you to my truck, let you sit a bit. Get you some water,” Royce said.
And he helped Charlie stagger over to his pickup and sat him down. He gave him a bottle of water and Charlie took a large drink from it. He made a face and said, “Tastes like a copper penny.”
Yeah, tap water at my place is kinda high in minerals,” Royce said, “You should finish it, it doesn’t taste that great, but it’ll keep you hydrated”.
Charlie was more than a little suggestible at this point and downed the rest of the bottle of colloidal sliver. He was beginning to yawn, his eyes were drooping, and Royce put his legs in the car. By the time he’d fastened the seat belt Charlie was almost out.
Thank ye kindly, Reece… don’t know why…” and he slumped against the back of the seat, head tilted back. Charlie was out like he’d been given an anesthetic. Royce adjusted the seat so the Bear was leaning back comfortably. He snored lightly as Royce loosened his vest, opening the clasps that held it together so Charlie would be more comfortable.
Ol’ Reece will take good care of you, Charlie, real good care of you,” Royce said, taking the helmet from Charlie’s head, putting it at his feet and shutting the door. He took the keys from Charlie’s hands. He’d need them to get his bike on the trailer.
He’d secured his prize, but now was not the time to get careless. He put his leather gloves on as he didn’t want to leave fingerprints on Charlie’s bike. He looked around the lot for any observers; there was a family, mom, dad, and two pre-teen boys loading up in their SUV. The couple from the bar, headed to what Royce assumed was the man’s car; the woman still had her nose in her phone and their backs were to Royce as they walked further away. No one was paying him any mind at all and there were no cameras watching this side of the lot.
He lowered the ramp on his trailer and, mounted Charlie’s bike, and rode it up and onto his trailer. In less than ten minutes Charlie’s bike was covered with a tarp, beside his own, and secured. Royce paused and looked at his watch. It was 7:37 in the evening; it would be dark not too long from now and he’d have to rely on his GPS to get him to the place. He desperately wanted to take out a cigar and light up, but no; he would save that reward for when all was finished. He needed to focus and careless traces of ash were not smart. It’s why he’d had his truck detailed. It was squeaky clean and had many less trace fibers than it might have had. He returned to the passenger side of his truck and clipped the key ring to the chain on Charlie’s belt that secured his wallet.
He closed the door and paused to think. He was sure he could find the place he wanted even if his GPS failed up here. Royce was good at landmarks, and he’d memorized the route in the preceding months. He’s scouted out a barn some months back among other places he’d looked into using within a thirty mile radius of the restaurant. The one he’d chosen was secluded, the next house being at least three miles down the stretch of two lane highway, ten miles from the little town of Mill Creek. Mill Creek had a gas station, small grocery, and a post office, and was quite a ways from the nearest town of any real size. The place was out in the sticks, literally surrounded by pastureland and national forests.
The owner was elderly and wheelchair bound and it looked like it had been awhile since he’d been able to raise cattle. Indeed, his land had not been used in some years and looked as though the forest was starting to reclaim it.
When he’d asked about buying the barn and the property and using it for horses and cattle, the ol’ guy had said it wasn’t for sale right now, but he’d been considering doing just that himself. He’d offered that he hadn’t been down to the barn in more than a decade, ever since he’d lost the use of his legs, and that it likely leaked and might be too dangerous to use without serious repairs, so he was thinking about getting it looked at by someone, to see if it could be salvaged. Royce said he’d be back in a couple of weeks to see if the old guy had changed his mind, but that he was definitely interested in the place.
Royce came back later that night after the lights at the farmhouse, a half mile from the barn, were out. It would be perfect. Despite what the old man might think about the condition of his barn, though it was leaky as evidenced by clumps of grass growing in spots on the dirt floor, it was also sound and mostly obscured from view of the house by a small copse of trees between it and the barn. Better yet, the area where he’d park when he would need its use was obscured from the road by a couple of small equipment sheds.
Royce climbed into his truck, started it up, and headed for that secluded barn he’d scouted. When he arrived, well after dark, the farmhouse was quiet and all lights except a porch light were out. The old man was likely sound asleep.
Charlie was completely out and still snoring gently as he pulled his pickup behind the barn to conceal it from view of the house. He’d managed to secure an ambulance gurney from second hand medical supply place on the net. It was simply amazing what you could find online. He’d gone to great lengths to obscure any identifying information that could be found on the device as he planned on leaving it behind in the barn after he’d gotten what he needed. He’d again waited until dark and stowed the gurney away in the barn just last week. That was a risk, but Royce felt comfortable taking it. He went to the barn door and opened it, hoping that no one had discovered it, and sure enough, it was there, just as he’d left it. He looked around once more to assure himself that there was no one around. Satisfied, he wheeled the gurney around to his truck, stopped to switch out his leather gloves for latex ones, and with a little difficulty, managed to get the werebear onto the gurney, secure him to it, and wheel him into the barn.
Royce flipped a rather antique looking switch and a light bulb came to life. He removed Charlie’s clothes, neatly putting them in a large zip-top bag designed just for that purpose. He didn’t want traces from the environment on the clothes.
He took a moment to admire the werebear’s naked body. He was, quite simply, beautiful! He was just like Ron, they could be brothers in both their form and in their features. A full, thick, silver pelt of man fur all over him, obscuring the tattoos underneath it. Thick, full, long beard, although Charlie’s was wilder looking. Well-developed brawn beneath a thick layer of padding. A beautiful round belly and, of course his crowning glory, what had to be ten inches of flaccid, thick meat resting atop two huge balls nestled in a dense forest of silver fur. At a distance, the two could be mistaken for twins. Royce had been hard since he left the restaurant, and it had softened just a little while he drove, but it had never completely gone away. Now, looking at this God that walked among men, he was completely, and painfully hard. He indulged only a half dozen strokes on the front of his pants before he cried out in orgasmic pleasure as he shot a hot, thick load into the pouch of the adult diaper he was wearing. Ron had thought of that too, he wanted there to be no semen evidence. It was a needed release, and it cleared his mind.
Royce then hooked up the IV drip, prepared Charlie’s left arm, found a vein, and began giving him the silver compound. It would keep Charlie under for as long as he needed and likely it would keep him under for a good three days after he took the drip out, which would be more time than he needed.
Royce then took the hair he’d gotten from the barber and scattered a little of it around. Clumps would be suspicious, but traces, a few here and there, would be evidence IF it came to that. He included a few more on the werebear’s clothes he’d put in the bag.
He took a blanket out of a sealed package, right from the department store, and covered Charlie to keep him warm. There were more preparations to be made before Royce could continue.

Bubba was sound asleep, holding his new little brother Cody in his arms after a rather pleasant fucking they’d shared. His golden blond pelt covering his furry arms no less thickly than his Papa’s pelt covered him. His meaty paw rested on Cody’s arm, covering the bear paw and skull beneath the auburn pelt that matched his face fur. Bubba had trimmed his long golden beard so that his chin was naked, save for a layer of thick evening stubble, making for long mutton chops. They connected to the thick ‘stache he’d let grow out to walrus-like proportions and grew on the sides into his beard. The ‘stache had been braided into the two long chops. It was a different look than most of his brothers sported, but he'd felt like experimenting a month back and rather liked the look. It was a wild and tribal look, especially with his long hair braided down the back, and he felt fit. After all, he was a member of a very close knit tribe.
On the other side of Cody, Bubba's copper-red brother Nick with his bushy, fiery red beard, lay cuddled up to Cody in the same protective way Bubba was, looking for all the world like an avatar of Thor or a Celtic chieftain. Cody’s face was nuzzled in Nick’s beard.
It would have been a blissfully peaceful scene, had it not been that both Bubba and Nick were both having a very unquiet dream. In fact, the same dream.
It wasn’t a nightmare, exactly. It was surreal, unnerving, discomforting, and foreboding. It was night, and they were both in a barn. An old outdoor lamp fixture hung overhead with an old incandescent bulb, surprisingly bright, lighting up the scene. Each was strapped to what looked like some sort of medieval torture device, like a rack or a St. Andrew’s cross. The form of their restraints seemed to morph between shapes, sometimes being a modern hospital bed, sometimes large logs to which they were strapped, and even a kitchen table. The bonds also morphed, sometimes straitjackets, sometimes bondage leather, sometimes bound rubber suits, or duct tape mummification or simple rope. Both knew that they could change to their bear shapes and break their bonds easily, but for some reason they were unable to. It was as if they were mere humans again and unable to change into their greater shapes.
They looked at each other, confused as to why they were there. They didn’t need to wait long to find out. The barn doors opened and a large machine rolled in, it was barrel shaped, and had two hoses attached. It moved of its own accord, but following it was a tall bearded man, his face obscured by a shadow so that neither of them could see who he was. What they could see was that there was a star upon his chest and it shone bright gold as if the tattoo ink were fluorescent.
He pointed and commanded “Take it from them!”, and the machine moved between the restraining devices to which the brothers were strapped. The hoses moved as though they were tentacles and as they watched, the hoses split so that the ends were forked. They moved toward their groins, snaking up their muscular, furry legs until the tips of the hoses reached their cocks and balls. The end of the tube that pushed against their balls grew wide and enveloped them, the other end engulfed their flaccid cocks. After a moment of massage from the end on their balls, they both felt the machine begin to suck. They both grew hard, their need rising within them though neither of them wanted to give the machine what it was trying to take. They watched in horror as the machine begin to extract not only their seed, but what both understood as their essence, their glowing energy. The two cried out in fear and loss as they fed the machine, the viscous, milky-white semen rising up the tubes in rhythmic jerks. But after only a few orgasms, the machine detached from them. They both felt weakened by the extraction.
They then watched as a third tube emerged from the top of the machine. The figure with the shadowed face said, “At last! At last I will be complete!” and the single tube slithered up his hairy body and attached to the glowing star over his sternum. It began filling him with what it had taken from the two bears and they watched as he grew taller, hairier, more powerful, more virile, and finally took the form of an enormous grizzly. The Bear roared out in triumph, and both Bubba and Nick awoke with a start.
They looked at each other and both said, “I just had a nightmare.”
Cody stirred and woke. “What?” he said groggily, but something was wrong; both of the bears knew it. Instinctively, they knew that Ron needed to know of this, and quickly.

Royce removed the cover from Charlie. It'd take about a half hour to remove the equipment he needed and set it up on tarps and hook the devices up with extension cables to power outlets. Royce truly hoped the power draw would not cause some antiquated fuse box to fry a fuse, otherwise, he'd have to go about what he wanted to do the old fashioned way. There was a device for stimulation, a collection tank with a gallon and a half capacity with another half gallon overflow tank which could also feed the contents from the tank out via a separate tube. There were three, 100 ml hypodermic syringes and a specially designed, rather large butt plug that had a tube built into it with a one way valve. The purpose of this was to plug it in, insert a hose into the plug, and pump fluids into the large intestines so that they would not exit, but be absorbed. He made sure everything was clean, the plug was lubed, and all was in working order.
Finally he took the carved cherry wood cigar box from the truck. Inside was a supply of cigars, but also three artifacts from his collection. The first of these was the Nordic silver medallion with the bear chained to a rock on one side and the runic spell on the other, 'The Inhibitor' as he thought of it. Next was the wide copper bracelet set with the semiprecious stones and spirals, 'The Accelerator' as he thought of it. Finally, the bronze cock ring with the carved bears having sex, 'The Enhancer' as he thought of it.
The first thing Royce did was to place the medallion around Charlie's neck. He was pretty sure that the silver compound he'd given him would keep the werebear from changing during the extraction, but being who he was, Royce believed in back up plans. It would not do for Charlie to shift shape in the middle of the procedure and become conscious. Next, he placed the bronze cock ring at the base of Charlie's cock. The reaction was immediate. Charlie's cock grew excessively stiff, to the point of large pulsing veins standing out prominently on what became what Royce estimated to be a fifteen inch, three to four inch wide cock. Charlie, even in his sedated state, grunted and moan in pleasure. Having worn the ring himself, knowing how it made him, a mere human feel, he could only imagine how good it was making Charlie feel in his sleep. Lastly, Royce put the jeweled copper bracelet on himself. It was large enough to wear half way up his muscular forearm, but he imagined that it wouldn't be long before that bracelet would fit comfortably around his wrist.
All was in readiness.
Royce stood naked, except for his shoes, in the cool air of the barn. He checked the settings on the control screen, no sense of risking the collapse of the catheter or the bear's cocks, not that there was much chance of the latter. He put on the latex gloves while the admired Charlie's thick body. Naked on the gurney, the bear's thick, broad shoulders extended over the edge of the gurney pad. His heavily furred torso had the classic pronounced round bear belly that was obviously backed with a strong layer of muscle. The fur extended in an almost continuously thick pelt from neck to toes. Even the tops of his feet were furred. The fleshy, flaccid cock lolled to one side, lying on the top of the right thigh. The hood of uncircumcised skin was only partially retracted, revealing only the very end of the tip. He reached for the alcohol wipes to semi-sterilize the catheter. His persistent hard-on throbbed as he wiped down the thin tube and applied a small amount of Surgilube around the first inch of so of the catheter.
The machine made use of a sheath that covered about five inches of the penis, and was fitted with a short catheter the went a few inches into the shaft of the subject's penis. Electrodes around the sheath provided some external electro-stim. A separate anal probe, shaped like a thin butt plug, provided more pronounced stimulation to the prostate.
Royce took a deep breath to help center his mind, then reached for Charlie's cock. He felt the heat even though his gloves and chucked to himself as he thought, 'Hot fucker!' He skinned back the foreskin so it cleared the coronal ridge. The stretching of the skin spread open the slit just enough so he could begin the insertion. Charlie grunted, then groaned, but otherwise remained in his comatose state. Royce took his time, threading slowly and carefully, smearing more Surgilube as need. Once he had enough of the tubing in place, he rolled down the outer sheath over Charlie's organ. Charlie groaned again, and his legs twitched some against the restraints.
Royce rolled Charlie over onto one side then took the anal probe and lubed it. Then, with one hand he raised one leg and thigh slightly and gently inserted the butt plug into Charlie's rectum, being careful of the wires on the penile sheath and the anal probe. This brought forth a deep sigh from Charlie. Royce rolled Charlie back on his back, and tugged gently on the tubing and sheath. It held. Time to start the process.
Royce turned the electro-stim on, it was programmed to begin with a gentle electric stimulation and build to bring Charlie to climax. This would happen in waves so that the werebear could be milked until Royce had as much seed as he desired. With the bronze cock ring on, he imagined the ol' bear would produce much more seed than would be needed to change Royce, but Royce wanted more. Royce wanted to take pleasure in partaking of the seed.
He turned on the pumping machine, and then waited. It was a full fifteen minutes before the first load exploded out of Charlie's cock and emptied into the tank. During his orgasm, Charlie twitched, moaned, and trembled, but he did not awake. Royce was now confident that things would be as he had desired them, and he would be able to collect all the semen he desired. Royce was desperate for a cigar, but he was disciplined and would treat it as a well earned reward when he was finished with the task he had set himself.
The next ejaculation happened fifteen minutes later, but Royce noticed that this time, the orgasm seemed to last longer. Intrigued, he decided he would time how long Charlie's orgasms lasted. He decreased the ramp up time on the electro-stim machine from fifteen to 10 minutes. The cycle again repeated, and this time he timed Charlie's orgasm. The bear shot for a good two minutes before the fluid stopped flowing into the collector. Already, there was probably two and a half cups of semen in the tank. This process continued, and each time Charlie lasted longer, filling the tank with more seed. Royce inspected Charlie's balls, cradling them in his hand. Big as they'd been when he'd taken the opportunity to admire the bear, he was sure they were growing. Now, they were the size of small oranges, up from being the size of hen's eggs. He imagined that Charlie's Cowper's gland and prostate had probably also grown to accommodate the increased sperm production.
This made Royce's mind race. Once he'd take Charlie's seed and become a werebear, he too could wear this ring and oh, the fucking he would give his sons! He would fill them with the bountiful flow from his huge bear balls with mind-blowing extended orgasms!
The milking process continued, and Charlie's balls continued to swell, but eventually they leveled off. The two balls had grown in his scrotum to the point that it looked as if he had two larger than average oranges between his legs. The flow was now steady, and Charlie was experiencing one continuous orgasm. The artifacts were certainly doing their work.
Somewhere around one in the morning, when the gallon and a half tank was full and the machine shut off, Royce turned off the electro-stim, and finally, Charlie was still. He'd sweated profusely and soaked the sheets that were under him. The heady, musky smell of bear filled the air of the barn and Royce was almost giddy with the scent. He removed the sheath, but Charlie wasn't quite done yet. His cock shot a thick load all over Royce's face as he removed the tube. Shocked by the unexpected hosing, he opened his mouth just in time for a second shot to splatter over his chest. He realized that Charlie was still under the spell of the cock ring, and so removed it. At last, Charlie lay still and seemed to go into a deeper stage of sleep.
Royce set the ring down on the sheet between Charlie's legs, and began rubbing the bear's seed all over his face, into his beard, an all over his torso.
He looked at the tanks on the machine, full of werebear seed. Now, at last, he could take the seed into himself. He opened the container and filled the three syringes with werebear cum and closed the container. This was only the start, the musky smell of bear cum all over him had him raging hard. He then took the filled syringes and began injecting the seed into his sack. 300 ml of werebear cum filled his scrotum and inside that rounded sack, his testicles marinated in the potency of a superior being. He expected that the hypodermic needle would leave a hole that would allow the seed to escape, but as soon as he removed the needle, there was only a slight oozing of thick white fluid, and then the hole apparently sealed, as he couldn't even find a trace of where it had been after he rubbed the cum off his balls.
Next, Royce attached the special butt plug to the hose for pumping the tanks out and then inserted it into his hole. He struggled a bit with that. It had been years since the last time anyone had fucked him, and even though he occasionally used a dildo and had been stretching himself in preparation for this, it was still a tight fit. That was, however, just what he'd wanted. He didn't want there to be any leaking, he wanted to keep the seed inside until his body had assimilated it all. Once he'd inserted it, he was ready and switched the pump on. The seed began traveling down the tube and the air release valve on the tube was opened so that air would not be pumped up his ass. Once the seed was almost at the release valve, Royce shut it, and the semen began flowing into his gut. He watched and felt as his gut filled. He could feel it bloating him slightly, and he rubbed his belly as it gurgled. The seed was still warm. He stroked himself gently, and almost immediately his hard cock shot a load that he caught in his own fist. He quickly consumed his cum and what was left he rubbed into his chest hair to join the seed Charlie had shot on him. When a gallon of cum had been pumped into Royce's guts, he turned the pump off. He rubbed his distended belly with pleasure, feeling Charlie's seed slosh inside of him. He smiled and admired it for several moments, rubbing it in the way pregnant women rub their bellies. Royce knew enough about human anatomy that one gallon would have distended the normal person's gut to the point of rupture and beyond. Still, he had faith in the power of the artifacts he was working with; and it certainly appeared that his faith was not misplaced.
After this brief reverie, he detached the hose from the butt plug. The last half gallon would be consumed. He would eat the seed, fill his belly with werebear cum. Putting the hose to his mouth, he once again turned the machine on and fed. It was a bitter, salty, with a slight bleach like taste to it and just a bit of sweetness, but to Royce, this was nectar! This came from a werebear. This cum, now in his guts, in his nuts, and in his belly would change him, and with the bracelet he wore, he would be a werebear not in four months, not in a single month, but in a week! He would rapidly transform, and for that he'd already set aside food to feed ten men for two weeks at the property he'd purchased up in the mountains.
As the last of the seed made it's way down the tube and Royce felt uncomfortably full from consuming two quarts of semen, he looked over at the glorious being who had provided him with the means to achieve his transformation. Charlie's balls had returned to their normal size... well, almost. It was possible that he'd keep the larger testicles, or perhaps they'd return to normal; Royce did not know.
It was time to clean up.
He removed The Enhancer cock ring from the gurney where it lay. Royce planned on wearing it back at his mountain cabin while The Accelerator bracelet worked to speed his transformation. Royce wanted to be in a constant state of arousal, with the ability to cum whenever he pleased. He removed The Inhibitor amulet from around Charlie's neck and placed it around his own. The medallion would allow Royce to remain human, even as his body potentially became more and more that of a werebear. This would give him control over the timing of his first change.
Somewhere around three am, he had everything packed up. Charlie was back in his leathers and in the front seat of his truck. Royce noted that the semen was already making changes to himself. He felt stronger, and indeed it was almost easy now to lift the unconscious bear from the gurney and into his truck. He felt full of energy and vigor. It was as if he were ten years younger and could bench a hundred pounds more than usual. He did three checks to make sure he had everything packed up and there was damn near no trace that he'd been there all night. By three thirty he was on the road, headed back to the motel Charlie had mentioned.
By five am, he was renting a room for the next day for 'himself and his husband' and had parked Charlie's Harley in front of the room minutes later. It was here that he put the bear into bed, put his helmet and keys on the night stand, left a case of bottled water in the fridge, a dozen protein bars on the dresser, and the contents of Charlie's saddle bags on the second queen sized bed. He then made a call on Charlie's cell phone to the Meyers and Sons auto shop leaving a message with the voice altering device telling them where Charlie was, what room he was in and that the front desk would be expecting them.
With that, Royce checked on Charlie who, it seemed, was healthy enough to be left alone while his friends came to get him.
Before climbing into his truck and departing, Royce removed his jacket, and then his shirt, and looked at himself. His belly, less distended now, had absorbed a good amount of Charlie's sperm. He rubbed it and looked at his arms, which seemed thicker with muscle, and hairier. Pleased, he made one last check of the room and Charlie, put his shirt and jacket back on, and exited the motel room, pulling the door shut behind him.
He took a cigar from the carved box in the passenger's seat, he trimmed it, toasted it, and took a long pull on it, filling his lungs with rich smoke. He clamped down on it, fixing it in the right side of his mouth and puffed away as he started up his truck, pulled out of the no-tell motel lot, and headed for his cabin for the next week, anticipating the most glorious metamorphosis any human could experience.

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