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A Christmas Treat

A Christmas Treat

“Ho, ho, ho!” the deep, basso voice boomed out across the huge workshop. Row upon row of diligent elves busily assembled toys and gadgets, while others restocked supply bins and carried off the finished articles to be wrapped. “No slacking off now! We've only a week to go. Hurry, hurry... think of the children!”

Think of the children,” Doc muttered sourly under his breath. “Think of the children, he says. Fuck the children.” The elf shoved another battery cover on yet another Android tablet. Doc slowly turned his head to the right and caught the eye of Sneezy, the elf at the workstation next to his. “Did you talk to Sleazy? Did he say it's ready?”

“Aaaaaaa-----CHOO!” Sneezy made his signature reply to any question put to him. Doc wondered why the big guy kept him on. Every toy and gadget he produced was covered with a fine spray of bacteria and virii from Sneezy's nose. “Yeah, I seen him, and yeah, it's ready. But I'm scared, Doc, what if...”

“Keep your voice down, dammit!” Doc whispered fiercely, nodding slightly in Santa's direction. “You want him to hear?”

“But what if it doesn't work? What if the dose isn't big enough? What if Mrs. Claus...” Sneezy whimpered quietly.

“Shut it, wuss. It'll work, I tell ya. And Mrs. Claus ain't comin' back. Christ, do you EVER listen to anything I tell you?”

“Aaaaaaa-----CHOO!” Sneezy wiped his nose on his sleeve. “Of course I do, but I don't understand how....”

“You don't have to understand. The broad is shacked up with that Fabio dude in Barbados, at the resort.”

“But how do you know...”

“Idiots. I'm surrounded by idiots.” Doc shook his head and sighed. “I know, because the bitch wrote him a letter, like I told you last time. Thank the gods she doesn't text. Larry in the mail room spotted it, read it, and brought it to me. Larry is smart. Unlike you.”


“Do me a favor and 'but' me no 'buts'. She said she was sick of snow and sick of baking cookies, sick of cleaning out the hair trap in the shower every day, and sick of us. She met this Fabio when she took a snorkeling class at that resort, there was 'chemistry', to use her term for it, and they been banging away ever since. Apparently, smooth snorkel instructors have a thing for hefty babes. She got a job in Reception at the hotel, and they're shacked up. She's invoking the pre-nup and ditching Mr. Ho Ho Ho.”

“But... he's still so jolly. Doesn't he know?”

“Now, why would he know? Larry brought the letter to me, remember? I burned it. He doesn't know. Now shut your gob. He's saying something.” Doc and the other elves stopped their work and turned towards the dais at the front of the workshop.

Santa stood up, the overhead light glinting on the thick fur on his bare forearms and hands. Santa liked to look like a hard worker, and doffed his coat and rolled his sleeves up when indoors. “I do believe I will take a short break. Elves, keep working hard! There's LOTS of good boys and girls to make happy! Busy, busy, busy! Think of the children.”

If I hear that phrase one more time...,” Doc muttered, enunciating each work with a voice that dripped with venom and promise.

Santa climbed off of the huge chair he customarily sat in and made towards the staff lounge door. As he pushed the door open, Sleazy quietly entered through another door from the kitchen, close to Doc's workstation. He pushed a wheeled cart with a large, steaming mug perched on it.

“Did you put the stuff in it?” Doc demanded, somewhat louder now that Santa was out of earshot. Sleazy nodded. “Did you remember the little marshmallows? He likes the little marshmallows.” Again, Sleazy nodded. “Good. OK, let's do this!” The stocky Doc jumped down from his stool and walked ahead of Sleazy as he wheeled the mug towards the lounge.

“Stand aside. Hot stuff comin' through. Step aside. Move out of the way, you stupid little troll,” Doc snarled, kicking aside one unfortunate small elf who was new on the job this year. He reached the door and pushed it open, calling out in a falsely sweet voice, “Oh, Santa... here's your hot cocoa. Now, you sit down and take a load off those aching feet.” He turned to Sleazy and growled, “Come on, get a move on!”

“Does it have little marshmallows?” Santa settled himself in his big red recliner and turned the roller massage mechanism on.

“Of course it does, boss. You know we wouldn't forget the little marshmallows.” Doc stepped aside as Sleazy wheeled the cart up to Santa's recliner. “And we didn't forget something else, either,” he muttered to himself.

Santa sipped. “Ahhhhhhhhh! That is so good! Now, don't let me keep you boys from your work. Go on now, back at it. Think of the children.”

Doc balled his small fists. His face distorted with rage and he started to turn towards the bearded demon. Sleazy shot his arm out and gripped Doc's shoulder. “Don't! You'll spoil everything!” he hissed. Doc took a deep, centering breath and calmed himself, squared his shoulders and quick-stepped out of the lounge.  He looked around.  “You! Doper! Keep an eye on the clock. Tell me when 30 minutes is up!” He stomped back to his workstation.

Work continued somewhat erratically, and nearly all the elves kept one eye on their work and one eye on the clock. Doc kept nervously playing with the tablet he was assembling, inserting and removing the on/off switch repeatedly. “Did you put in the full dose I gave you?” He eyed Sleazy.

“For the fourth time already, YES. All of it, and I stirred up real good and put in extra sugar to help hide the taste. I still think it would have gone better in the eggnog.” Sleazy had argued that point with Doc for weeks prior, but Doc had been adamant.

“If we change his routine, he'll get suspicious. He has cocoa at breaks, eggnog when he's working at that disaster of a workstation of his. Besides, the nog comes in a carton, nasty stuff. He adds the rum himself from that flask he thinks no one knows about. But we make the cocoa from scratch, so we can doctor it.”

“Heee heee heee....”

“What?” Doc demanded.

“You said 'doctor', only, see, that's funny because you're Doc and and you said 'doctor.”

“Oh, great. Now I'm a comedian. I'll go on Saturday Night Live.” He stopped as Doper nudged him.

“Psssst! It's time.”

With that, Doc hopped off his stool and cleared his throat. “OK, guys! Let's go!”

The elves downed tools and hopped off their stools. They trooped behind Doc, who marched straight towards the Staff Lounge door. Slowly, he pushed the swinging door open and peered inside. Seeing Santa snoring loudly in his recliner, the spilled cocoa mug lying on the floor, the dregs of the drink pooled on the floor. He quietly walked up to the large body and nudged the large man's booted foot.

“Oh, Santa! Santa!” No response. Santa snored on.

This time, Doc shook Santa's boot. “SANTA!” he shouted.  Still no response.

“Excellent! The fat fart is out cold. You,” he said, pointing at Doper, “go tell Horny to bring in the pallet lifter. The rest of you help get this furniture pushed back against the wall. Sleazy, get two guys to hold the doors open for Horny, then you check the living room out front. Make sure the door's locked and the drapes pulled tight.” Doc turned to Humper. “Take some guys with you and go out and make sure those damned hay-burners have enough feed. I don't want them kicking down the back doors because they're hungry.” Humper scrambled to obey.

Once the furniture was out of the way and the pallet lifter in position, Doc motioned Horny forward. He slipped the twin arms of the lifter under the large recliner, then pumped the handle to raise the load. The lifter creaked. “Fucker's heavy,” Humper grunted. When the recliner was clear of the floor, the elves all crowded around and helped push the lifter with it's rotund load around and out the swinging door and down the hall to the living room of Santa and Mrs. Claus' quarters.

“Oh, shit. You four, go in ahead and move that table out of the way. Make sure the hearth rug is out of the way, too.” Doc was sweating with the effort of helping move the loaded lifter. It was way heavier than he had imagined, and Humper and the others were straining every muscle... and their work wasn't near over. They paused to let the four elves in ahead of them. Once their signal was given, the elves continued their shoving and pushing. The pallet lifter groaned and creaked slowly onwards.

Once inside, Horny released the pressure on the lifter and the recliner and Santa sank to the ground. “OK,” Doc said, “let's get this old fart out of the chair.” A swarm of elves jumped to do his bidding. In short order they levered, pushed and shoved the large man out of the chair and on to the floor in front of the fireplace. Santa snored on, stirring only occasionally.

“OK, you lot... get his gloves and belt and hat off. Where's Sneezy?” Doc looked around.

“Aaaaaaa-----CHOO! Over here, sir!”

“Of course. Take your boys and get his boots off.”

“Eeewwwww! Do we have to?” Sneezy asked. Several of Sneezy's boys held their noses.

“Yes, you have to... and wipe your nose, for fuck's sake.”

Sneezy and his gang struggled with the black boots, finally getting them off.

“Now, the socks.”

“Oh, GROSS!!!” chorused the elves.

“I want this fucker naked as the day he was born!” Doc snarled. “Hop to it!”

Finally, Santa was completely buck, still snoring. A chorus of “Ooohs” and “Ahhhhs” came form the assembled elves. “Don't he look FINE!” exclaimed one. “I'd fuck him!” said another.

“I intend to,” Doc snorted. “But right now, we've got work to do before we play. Come on, we haven't got a lot of time, it took us a lot longer to get him in here than I thought it would. The sedative will be wearing off soon. Are those ropes ready?”

“Yes!” came a voice from the back.

“OK, bring 'em here. One set on his wrists, the other around his ankles.” Doc peered upwards towards the ceiling beams under the pitched roof, looking for Minor, one of the smaller elves who was talented with knots. “You there, Minor?”

“Yep! Toss me the ropes.” Doc did so, and Minor caught them and passed them over the beam and down the other side. Minor stayed in place, observing the scene below.

“OK, we're almost done. Our reward is in sight, guys! Tie off the ankle ropes to the posts. Good. Now divide into two groups, one group to each rope. And haul this fucker UP!”

“Heave! Heave!” The elves chanted in unison and the pulled for all they were worth. Slowly, like some large dirigible, Santa rose, higher and higher, until he was upright, his weight held by the ropes.

“A little higher, then HOLD! He'll settle back some once the ropes are tied off,” Doc shouted. “Hey, Minor... can you manage?”

“Of course I can!” the small elf said, somewhat miffed. “That's why I'm here.”

“Good boy!” Doc looked at the now upright Santa, who was beginning to show signs of awakening. “Make sure everything is tight, but not too tight. Who's got the super soaker?” Two elves who worked in the armament toys section stepped forward.

“OK. Hit him with the ice water!” The two elves took aim and pumped stream after stream onto Santa's heavily bearded face. Santa snorted and shook his head.

“Wha.... huh?” Santa's return to consciousness was greatly speeded up by the streams of ice water. “WHAT THE FUCK?” he roared. Santa struggled mightily against the ropes, to no avail. Minor's work was good. The elves smiled.

Doc stepped up onto the hearth. Earlier in the day, elves had laid a large load of logs in the fireplace, along with ample kindling. He stooped, struck a match, and lit the fire. Flames licked at the wood, and increased as the fragrant logs caught. “Comfy, big boy?”

“Untie me, you little bastard. You are done for, do you hear me? Done for. ALL of you!” Santa sputtered on for some seconds more, before finally running out of spit.

“Humper, bring that stool over here so I can see our boss eye to eye.” When the stool was produced, Doc stepped up onto it. Santa, now supporting his weight by standing on his own two feet, was still held fast by the ropes. He could move some, but not far. The firelight glinted off the thick white fur that covered his naked body, head to toe. His pink skin was barely visible in places, but where it was, it provided a nice contrast to the white. His sizable cock hung flaccid against his ball sack, foreskin partially covering the glans. The tip peeped out. Santa growled.

“Nice Yule log you got there, big boy.” Doc leered.

“WHAT are you DOING?” Santa roared.

“Why, we're paying you back, big boy. Aren't we, men?” The elves cheered.

“LET ME LOOSE!! Or I'll...” Doc interrupted Santa's impending tirade by poking his belly with a poker from the fireplace. The poker was cold but it served it's purpose.

“Payback's a bitch, ain't it? See, we're tired of working all day long, every day, doing all the work around here while you sit on your furry fat ass and get all the credit. It's 'Elves, do this,' and 'Elves, do that,' all day long. Do we get a break? No.  Do we get photo ops? No.  Do we get raises?  Hell, no.  Well, things are going to change, starting now!” Doc poked Santa's thickly-furred belly with the poker again for emphasis. “But first, let me introduce you to Larry, from the mail room. Larry?”

A plainly-dressed elf stepped forward and stood in front of Santa, holding a bulky envelope.

“Larry here is a smart man. He happened to notice some plain brown wrappers amidst the tons of letters from the snot-nosed crowd that usually write to you. Larry got curious when one of the envelopes 'accidentally' tore. Imagine his surprise when he sees the cover of Bear Magazine peeping out.” Santa suddenly stopped squirming and held very still.

“Ah...I see I have your complete attention. Good. Well, interest piqued, as they say, Larry looked further. Imagine his continued surprise when he saw issues of Drummer, and American Bear, and Bulk Male. Oh, and there were toys, too, weren't there, Larry?” Larry nodded. “But not our kind of toys, now, were they, Larry?” Larry shook his head. “Bad Santa.”

“Now, some of us, well, most of us, are of a similar persuasion. We aren't put off by your shenanigans, but really, Santa... the John Holmes Signature all silicone model with battery pack... from CHINA? That's a cheap knock off, not worth the postage. Really Santa, you can do better. I AM disappointed. But I digress. We might overlook your extra-curricular activities, even approve; but somehow I don't think the rest of the world would. Well, most of the rest of the world. The bad boys would likely approve. By the way, we have plans for that list, but we can discuss that later.” Doc looked approvingly at Santa's meat, still flaccid, still half-hooded. “ Right now, we're just letting you know we have the upper hand here. Larry here will keep the evidence nice and safe, won't you, Larry?” Larry nodded. Doc poked Santa's tummy again.

“Anyway, we have more immediate concerns. We are looking for a new working relationship with you, boss.” Doc used the poker to carefully lift Santa's cock. “We want to make more efficient use of your, um, resources.” Doc turned to Sleazy. “Sleazy, why don't you call Randy in now. I think we're ready.” Sleazy stepped away from the crowd of ogling elves and returned a moment later with a short, stocky, thickly-bearded dwarf. Randy was muscled and very hairy, with a bit of a belly and thick legs, a perfectly proportioned small bear of a man. He sported a sizable cock, already at half mast. He stepped up on the hearth and looked Santa over, smiled, nodded, and began to slowly, sensuously, jack himself to full hardness. He took his time, putting on a show for both Santa and the elves. Clapping and chants filled the air as Randy reached down, touched his tip with a finger, and drew out a long, thin string of precum, then brought it to his lips and tasted himself. Loud cheers echoed in the room. Santa struggled with mingled feelings of anger, fear, and arousal.

“Look, boys, it's alive!” Doc pointed to the bound Santa's cock, now risen partially, the hood retracting even as Doc spoke. “But wait, Santa, there's more!” Doc looked over his shoulder. “Andy?”

Another dwarf came out, a near twin to Randy, except where Randy's copious fur was dark brown, Andy's was copper-gold in color. He all but pranced out and joined Randy in a prolonged lip-lock, then began to stimulate himself to full hardness. The two fondled each other, stroking pecs and tummies, butts and back fur, teasing cocks and balls with their tongues. The two then got into a 69 position and began sucking. More than a few cocks in the audience were straining the fabric of elf costumes. Santa's cock continued its inexorable rise as sweat broke out on his brow.

Randy and Andy began to wrestle each other, sweat soaking their fur, the temperature in the room rising with the fire and the body heat of the crowd. Suddenly, Andy pinned Randy and took the accepted prize for such a move, Randy's ass. The heavy grunt from Randy as Andy's thick meat penetrated seemed to complete Santa's rise to power. His cock was now at full staff and straining, precum beginning to bead on the tip. As Andy began to pound Randy's ass, tenderizing his tunnel, Santa began dripping precum. Doc motioned to Sleazy, who got down on his back, scooted under Santa, and tasted the first thick drops. He licked his lips, was still for a moment, then grinned and gave a two thumbs up sign of satisfied approval. He slurped the next few drops, and then was pulled out of position by Doper, who was on his back and under Santa's jutting prow in a moment. A line rapidly formed behind the prostrate elf.

As Andy came inside Randy with a shout, Santa's cock pulsed out a big blob of precum for the lucky elf who was under him at that moment. Randy and Andy traded positions and Randy got his own back, hammering the furry copper-gold rump of Andy. The growls from the two filled the room, along with the chants and cheers of the elves. Santa moaned and twitched, alternately struggling against his restraints and trying to free at least one hand to stoke his own meat. All the while, his cock was pumping out high octane precum for a line of satisfied elves.

“Elves, PLEASE! I'm gonna bust if I can't get some relief. I'll give you a raise. I'll give you vacations. I'll send you to Barbados... would you like that? It's warm there. They have snorkeling.”

“Oh, we're not quite done here, you fur-covered asshole.” Doc paused. “By the way, we should check that out. He's covered everywhere else, so I'll bet.... well, I can find out when I occupy his ass later on. Now, lard butt... let's get down to brass tacks. Precum is all well and good, and by the satisfied faces I see round about me, yours seems to hit the spot. But I need something more substantial. Boys, move me in.”

Four elves pushed the stool up to the edge of the hearth, and Doc leaned down a bit, his mouth right at the tip of Santa's rigid meat. “Oh, my... you DO bring new meaning to 'Yule Log', don't you?” Doc leaned forward and engulfed Santa's fat bulb with his mouth and began giving the man an expert blow job. Within a few minutes, Santa was erupting in Doc's mouth. Doc swallowed and then grabbed Santa's meat and squeezed hard, stopping the flow temporarily. “Fuck me running, that is TASTY!” He motioned for Sleazy to step up and partake. Sleazy in turn motioned for Sneezy, who in turn gave Doper the last of the load. Santa sagged, his cock now at half staff.

Wiping his lips, Doc nodded to Humper, who stepped under Santa, in between his legs. He switched on the John Holmes Signature all silicone model with battery pack (the genuine article, not the cheap knock-off) and applied to Santa's butt cheeks.  Santa clenched, but Humper was nothing if not persistent, and the Holmes nothing if not well-lubed, and slowly worked it in. When the vibrations touched Santa's sphincter, his cock surged upwards. Doc smiled.

“Give me a break, elves!  I'm tired, I need to sit down, PLEASE untie me.” His tone changed as nothing was done to alleviate his discomfort. “You have a contract with me. I'll call my lawyers. Think of the childre...”

“Oh, wrong comment, fat boy!” Doc growled. “You forget you aren't in control here now.”


“Put a sock in it, Tubbo. You're ours, now. We're in charge, not you. You'll be let out on Christmas Eve to make your run; supervised, of course. You'll even get breaks now and then. And you'll get to watch Randy and Andy as much as you want... as long as you're a good boy,” Doc leered and ran his thumb around the tip of Santa's cock. The other elves in Santa's sight nodded and smiled. A number of them cheered. Some licked their lips.

“So that's how it's going to go from now on, fat boy. We'll keep you fed with milk and cookies and eggnog and hot cocoa, and you'll keep us fed with dick drool and cum. And your ass is ours. Permanently. Oh, don't worry, we'll still make the toys and gadgets, and load the sleigh. We'll even feed those antlered flying shit-bags of yours.”

“But... but.... there so many of you. How am I possibly gonna...” Santa's brow creased with worry.

Doc looked up at Santa's hefty sack, covered with long, silky white hair, the two large, heavy orbs nestled within moving slightly as his cock twitched.  It was straining erect again as Humper worked the dildo in deeper. Doc reached up and patted the hairy bag. “You're a magical creature, you've said so, many times. I have no doubt these puppies can keep up with the demand.” The elf grinned wickedly. Santa grunted at the tip of the instrument touched his prostate. Humper switched the John Holmes Signature model with battery back to 'high'.

Santa jerked to attention, gulped, and looked up. Behind Doc, the line of eager elves stretched out the door.  Santa moaned.

The End

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