Friday, December 5, 2014

Bear Shorts #5

Bear Shorts #5

by UrsusMajr

He stretched and arched his back, hands clasped behind his head. Damn, but the sun felt good on his naked skin. He yawned and reached down to scratch his balls. Feeling the need to pee, he considered walking back to the camp, but then thought, 'What the hell,” and arched his back again, turning his hips slightly to aim his thickening cock and the steaming stream it was producing. The yellow liquid wet the rocks and tree trunk and the dead needles that formed a thick mat on the forest floor. Finally, as his stream slowed then stopped, he reached down and shook off, feeling his cock slowly inflate.

'Unff, a good long piss is nearly as good as a solid fuck, sometimes.' The thought flickered across his mind, competing with the good feelings his extending meat was sending to his brain. He casually stroked himself and the pink tip extended beyond the shroud of foreskin, flaring slightly. Desire rose in him in spite of the fact that he had drained his balls twice the night before, and he turned and retraced his steps, heading quickly back to the camp.

His cock jerked and bobbed as he strode back to the campsite, the cool, moist morning air feeling good on his furry torso and legs. The soft feel of the warming air was almost erotic. The thick auburn mat that covered his chest, belly, and back glowed a brighter red where the light struck it in the dappled sunlight. Reaching the camp, he bellowed, “Boy!”

A younger, somewhat smaller version of Sir clambered out of the large tent and stood. The proud possessor of a growing pelt of coal black fur, the Boy's milk-white skin contrasted nicely with the much darker hair. “Yes, Sir?” he asked, indicating both his presence and readiness to serve, and the desire to know what was required of him.

“I need to fuck, boy,” Sir said, gesturing towards his now erect cock. “I want your ass.”

“Yes, Sir. How do you want me?” The Boy was eager to please but also eager to feel his master's cock buried in his ass. Sir was big, but always felt comfortable in the Boy's ass, like it truly belonged there. Sir's shaft was slightly curved upwards and fit the shape of the Boy's rectum perfectly.

“On the picnic table. Kneel on the seat.” The Boy scrambled to obey, and pushed his ass out towards Sir while resting his forearms on the top of the picnic table.

Sir spat on his hand and slicked the thick, throbbing pole. He spat again. He would make this a bit easier for the Boy. The Boy was a good boy, loyal and cooperative; and he had given excellent service throughout this camping trip. Sir had no desire to hurt the Boy unnecessarily, and knew that the Boy would eagerly push back onto his pole if the lube made that possible. Spit would have to do, they had used up all the Wet they had brought along, finishing it last night. Slicked to his satisfaction, Sir centered his erect cock on the Boy's asshole and pushed.

The Boy's ass was well-accustomed to the thickness of Sir's member and opened readily. Sir put his paws on the Boy's butt cheeks and spread them wider, then buried his cock deep in one long slow thrust. “Aahhhhh,” a long, deep sigh escaping his lips as he bottomed out in the Boy's butt. He moved his paws forward and gripped and pulled the Boy back onto his straining cock, seating him firmly. He tensed his muscles, flaring the wide tip of his meat, now deep inside the Boy's rectum.

“Feel that, Boy? Feel how deep inside you I am?”

“Oh, yes, Sir, I do. You are so big, Sir, so hard.”

“Now push back, Boy. I want you to fuck yourself while I enjoy the sight of your back and ass and all the fur you're sprouting.” The Boy complied, happily. The next minutes were filled with a swaying motion of the two bears, one larger, one smaller; the smaller doing most of the forwards and back motion, with the larger moving only slightly, his paws resting now on the smaller bear's back.

“Oh, yeah. That's it. Make me happy, Boy. Make my cock sing.” The Boy began gripping Sir's cock with his ass muscles as he pulled forward, and relaxing with each backwards thrust, milking Sir's throbbing pole. Every once in a while, Sir would flare his tip and the Boy would grunt with satisfaction.

“OK, Boy, you got me close now... I'll drive.” Sir put his paws back on the boy's rump and held him still while he thrust deep and hard into the Boy's core, pumping ever faster, driving hard towards his climax, straining forward to shoot his powerful seed deep in his Boy's ass. His cum boiled up in his balls, churning towards release. He felt the familiar tingle start deep in his shaft and travel along with the fluid up the shaft to be expelled with a strong contraction that pulled his balls up tight and forced a deep growl out of his gut.

“Oh, FUCK yeah!!” Sir growled, hauling the Boy's butt back as his hips thrust forward. Another deep growl shook his body as he continued to unload in the Boy's ass. As the spasms subsided the Boy held still. He knew better than to pull off Sir's pole until he was released to do so once Sir was completely drained and satisfied. The Boy never minded this, loving as he did the feeling of fullness and possession Sir's thick cock inside him conferred.

Sir reached forward and squeezed the Boy's shoulders and slowly pulled his meat out of the Boy's warm tunnel. “Good boy. That was really fine. Nothing like a fuck in the outdoors, is there?” The Boy agreed. Sir motioned for the boy to stand. He did so, squeezing his butt cheeks to avoid losing any of Sir's seed on the ground as he stood. He looked at Sir's face, searching with his eyes. Sir gazed back, smiling. “Good Boy.” The Boy smiled shyly, happy with the repeated praise. “Go to the tent,” Sir said, motioning towards the tent the pair had occupied for the last five days.

The Boy went to the tent, lifted the flap, and entered. It smelled of males and sex and wood smoke and cigars. It smelled like Sir, but also of himself. The Boy smiled and sighed with contentment. He smoothed the sleeping bags that had been zipped together the first afternoon, arranging them square on the king-size air mattress. He fluffed Sir's pillow, then his own. Sir was getting older and often like to nap now after sex. His age showed only in small ways, some gray in his bushy beard, and stiffness in his back in the morning; the Boy had noticed more naps of late.

Sir entered the tent and retrieved something from his pack while the Boy's attention was occupied with fluffing pillows. He knelt on the air mattress then crawled into the sleeping bag. The Boy looked questioningly at Sir, wondering if he would be invited to join the nap. “Come on, Boy,” Sir said, reaching out. The Boy happily scrambled into the warm cave of the sleeping bags.

Sir enveloped the Boy in his arms, nuzzling his neck with his beard. He whispered quietly in the Boy's ear, “What's your job, Boy?'

“To serve you, Sir. To be what you want me to be, to be the best I can be,” the Boy responded.

“Damn straight, Boy. You're a good Boy. You're the best: loyal, loving, obedient. Reach down here, put your hand out.” The Boy obeyed unquestioningly.

Sir placed something in the palm of the Boy's hand. “What is it?” the Boy asked.


The Boy brought his hand outside the sleeping bags and saw a key in his hand. “What's it to?

“It's the key to our house.”


“I asked you what your job was, and you answered correctly. My job is to protect you, to provide all you need to grow, to thrive. You will live with me, in our house. From now on.”

The Boy's heart sang with joy. He did not trust his voice, and he knew Sir disliked displays of raw emotion; but he pulled Sir's heavy, hairy arms closer around him. He felt the thick bulge of Sir's cock and balls nestled against his crack, the swell of Sir's belly fitting close in the small of his back, the solid warmth of Sir's chest hard against his back. He sighed. The only sounds were the birds outside, the sound of their breathing, and the steady beating of their own hearts The Boy looked ahead to the future, and saw contentment and purpose... and peace.

“Sleep now, Boy. Rest. I got your back.” The two drifted off to sleep.


  1. Great story, is there going to be more?

    1. I'm glad you liked the story. It was a bit of an exploration into dom/sub relationships. The Bear Shorts are my experiments in writing, sort of playing with a plot idea or a character. They aren't meant to be full-blown stories, but that's not to say that they don't (or won't) find their way into either my solo long form stuff, or into Papa Werebear's and my joint efforts.

  2. What a lucky Boy! To have a Sir like that is a gift.