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Respite In Chaos
by E John Evans

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It has been many years since Matt made his second change and became a Guardian; through all his travels he had met many Bears, along with a host of other Werecreatures including Elk, Boar, Moose, Wolves, Eagles, Falcons, and a Dolphin. Matt’s connection to nature came with a universal translator for all creatures; a fact he kept to himself. He felt as though his abilities were best kept secret from those around him since the missions he was being sent on tended to be the most dangerous and this was something he was getting tired of; always risking his head so others could sit and rule the Den. He knew he had committed himself to this but as time went by he grew very tired of it.

Matt had just finished a small errand given to him by his Elder and was calling in to give his report; as the conversation with Robert, his handler, progressed he was left feeling hollow. It seemed as if he could do nothing right lately and even though his tasks were completed, he was always chastised for one thing or another.

“... can you do nothing right?” Robert huffed on the end of the line, “You were suppose to end him, not mentor him and hope for a better tomorrow Damn it!”

Matt paused, “What’s the matter, not killing someone didn’t fit in your little plan? You know what … I’m DONE. See you later Robert, I’m going to drop off for a while; when I surface you and I have some things we need to settle … in the arena, I think. Hope you’re ready. Bye now!” He quickly ended the call, and as he looked down at the phone resting in his hand it rang again. ‘Robert…’ chuckling, Matt closed the phone and turned it over to take off the battery cover to remove both the SIM card and battery. Finally, the caustic ring and vibrations were silenced. He easily crushed the chip and battery into bits; the phone was soon to follow as he walked down the street, dropping the pieces as he went.

Matt needed a break! Coming to a bus stop, he hopped on the first bus there, paid his toll and sat down. He was lost in thought as the bus leisurely drove its route. Matt was organizing his thoughts and just taking a break, from the fever pitch pace he had been keeping lately. He was hardly home with Luke more than a few days before something would come up and he would have to leave again. He rode around for hours until the driver yelled “Last Stop”. Matt chuckled to himself as he got off of the now empty bus; he was smack dab at the base of Blue Ridge Mountain, at the corner of the state park and Lake Lure.

“Well hot damn, maybe it’s time to pay ol’ Broken-Hoof a visit,” Matt said aloud and started to walk toward the lake and the entrance to the property of the oldest Elk he had ever met; actually the oldest werecreature of all. ‘Hoof’ as Matt had come to know him was old, wise, a better fighter than Matt, and always horny. Matt chuckled again, this Elk was hung like a horse to say the least and had rocked Matt’s world on multiple occasions.

Hoof seemed to appear whenever Matt needed to be worked over or ‘handled’. Matt shook his head, smirking, as he walked; Hoof reminded him of a certain old Brown Grizzly that tended to ‘show up’ in a very similar fashion. After a few miles, he arrived at the entrance to the driveway. A cable was draped across the opening and locked to a substantial post on either side. To the left and right of the entrance were piles of rock before a sharp slope in the ground; it dawned on Matt that the property was on a bluff with only one way up and down, its sides were sheer rock faces. ‘Secure as they come ...’ he paused at the cable for a few seconds until a scent wafted to his nose, it was musk, Hoof’s marking. It was the pheromone essence of the beast and Matt could tell he was ready as always. Taking that as the sign to enter, Matt easily made his way over the cable and ambled up the path toward the cabin.

As Matt walked he could tell his was being followed; from his left and right he counted four younger Elk, Deer, and Gazelle. He chuckled and spoke aloud to himself; “Growing quite a sizable herd aren't you old one...”

Matt arrived at the cabin’s front door but before he could reach for the knocker he heard a series of grunts from around the deck to his left. He followed the call, roughly translated it meant ‘Get your cub ass over here, I want it!”. As he turned the corner he saw Hoof sitting on a bench up against the back railing of the deck, legs open, in his majestic half-form his arms resting on the top rail. Matt stood staring in awe of the beast until Hoof finally broke the silence.

“So, to what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you? I hope it isn’t business, that elder of yours is trifling to say the least and it is time for the rut. You know Autumn brings out the beast in me and you’ve arrived at just the right time. Now, tell me ... tell me, why are you here?” He lounged and watched the little Moon-bear.

Matt lowered his head and kicked the ground in front of him, sighing. “I don’t really know. I’m just tired of thinking I am wrong in everything I do. Frustrated really, and a little lost … you know … I-um …”

“Say no more, come with me … you and I need some private time and we can work through some of this. We can’t have our Guardian all messed up in the head with no clear path and weighed down by angst and uncertainty. Besides, I can smell from here that it’s been a while since you’ve had sex or at least masturbated so we’ll take care of that as well. So, young one, are you ready to give in and let yourself go? Are you ready to just be for a while? Are you?” Hoof walked slowly toward Matt letting each word sink in. His antlers were wide this season and his chest was broad, giving him an intimidating presence. His fur was salt and pepper, mixed with the traditional Elk brown. His cock was ample inside its furry sheath, and Matt could already see the bulge forming at its base.

“Leave your clothes here on the porch, turn off any devices you have and rid yourself of attachment. When you’re ready we will start in the sweat hut in the bluff. Go there, I’ll be waiting,” finishing his statement Hoof looked down into Matt's eyes and then walked away leaving him alone.

Matt would have to take the first step and commit to healing and change; he would have to freely let go of all his attachments and doubt to see his path. After a few moments of standing still he allowed himself to open up. His senses pulled back and he let his vision shift, seeing the energy flow in the world around him. The entire area was bathed in blue green light. The bluff where the cabin and grounds rested was a natural nexus of energy and life. It was no wonder that Hoof always looked so good, the energy that bathed him kept him young, viral, and irresistible. .

Matt shrugged off his clothes and left his things in a neatly folded pile on a porch chair. He was very careful to unload his sidearm and secure the blades he was carrying; in total he carried a sidearm, four blades, and two batons. “I’ve got to dial this down a little,” Matt sighed to himself looking over his things and turning to look out over the bluff to the small hut, where smoke was gently rising from its center. He could make out a few other were-creatures tending to things around the hut; this was going to be an adventure for sure.

He made his way around the side of the cabin, and onto the bluff, as he approached he noticed several of the were-creatures tending to firewood and pouring water into the cisterns by the door. When he reached the entrance he lifted the animal hide flaps and stepped inside. The heat that hit him was intense, more so than he had expected. As his eyes adjusted he made out a raised stone area in the center of the room with water flowing through it; a fireplace was on the other side and he could tell the water was circulating through its firebox and back through the slab. Hoof’s voice came to him through the steam, “Get on the slab, rid yourself of your attachments, let go of your life and stop thinking … just BE.”

Matt got up on the table, the heat from it nearly burning his skin. He laid there for awhile drifting in and out of awareness. From time to time an attendant would douse him with ice cold water and add more sage to the smoke pot inside the hut. The smoke lulled him into a dreamy state, not awake but not quite asleep either. Time slipped away as his body relaxed and dehydrated; Hoof knew this wouldn’t kill the Bear but it was going to take an extreme amount of work to get him to heal.

At some point Matt realized the Hoof had moved to his side and oil had been poured over him; three sets of hooves and hands were gently massaging him. The images came to him in waves, like the heat was breaking his sight. Even his sense nature and energy flow seemed to be distorted and off. He tried to speak but Hoof gently pushed two fingers down his throat. Matt responded by sucking softly on his fingers; this sign of release was just what the Elk was waiting for, not wanting to engage the Bear in sex unless he was invited. As intoxicating as Matt’s scent was to him it was a decorum between species to respect each other's wishes and boundaries.

Hoof let Matt suckle on his fingers as he moved toward his head and the front of the slab. The other creatures gently slid Matt to the edge where a half-moon portion had been cut into the rock, allowing his head to lay back over the table. His suckling increased in intensity as the Elk guided his sucking mouth onto his raging hard cock as it edged from its sheath. Hoof's cock oozed a thick yellow fluid that was like nectar to the Moon-bear. Slowly Hoof increase the speed and depth of his thrusts into Matt’s mouth; all the while the other creatures around them rubbed and caressed Matt’s cock and throbbing asshole. Matt had gone so long without a meaningful sexual encounter he had forgotten what it was like, the total giving of a confident partner. The complete animalistic nature of sex with a were-creature was so far outside the scope of what was human, it had no comparison.

This continued for some time. Hoof's huge bulge at the base of his cock had made its way out of its sheath and bumped against Matt;s nose and mouth with each deliberate steady downward thrust. Hoof was impressed that Matt could take the majority of his cock while in his human form, only gagging slightly. The other animals helping Hoof kept Matt right on the edge of orgasm, on the verge of sexual release; letting the tension build and build within the little Bear. The pressure inside of Matt was reaching the point of being painful; his balls ached as his cock swelled.

Through the constant and insistent thrusts of the Elk in his throat, Matt began to beg for release. He tried to move but Hoof was holding him down by his wrists as he thrust rhythmically into his stretched mouth and throat. Hoof would not let him move, would not let him get his way, Matt would learn to let go and just be. After what seemed like an eternity, Hoof let his thrusting come to a slow stop pulling his cock out of Matt’s mouth with a sloppy pop. Looking down at him Hoof smiled and chuckled, the little Bear was covered in Elk musk and saliva froth that had built up in the thrusting.

"Are you ready to be in the moment?" All Matt could do was nod his head. The others stopped their rubbing and slathered him with more oil before flipping Matt over. The ancient elk shifted just a bit further into his half form; this gave his rear legs the musculature he was going to need when mounting the bear.

"Water … please," Matt pleaded.

"No … only after you let go completely. You aren't there yet … now give me that ass, you little fucking Bear!” Hoof shouted as he got on top of Matt, holding him down with his weight, locking and grabbing Matt’s hands and stretching his arms out in front of him. The Elk’s knees dug into his back and his weight locked his legs into place.

"Please … Hoof ..." Matt pleaded weakly the heat, dehydration, and foreplay had done its work; the Guardian was weakened, humbled, and helpless with the ancient Elk on top of him.

"Let go, give into yourself, face your desires … face them,” Hoof grunted through gritted teeth and started sliding his massive, straining Elk cock up and down in the crack of Matt’s ass. Matt continued to wriggle and writhe around trying in vain to get free of the beast that was on top of him. He was struggling so hard and was so weak he would start to morph into his half form but then would revert back to human. Hoof let him wiggle and struggle until Matt started to raise his hips to match his prodding. It was a signal that Hoof was waiting for. "There you go puppy boy, this old Elk is going to breed you like the doe in heat you are ...," he growled and barked as he shifted his weight and slid the tip of his cock into Matt’s well oiled and open ass.

Hoof slid his cock into Matt in one smooth and deliberately, achingly slow stroke all the way to his bulge at its base. The Elk’s cock was engorged past any former point -- Hoof was so wanting the breed Matt, he had wanted the young Bear since meeting him years ago. He was straining against himself to stay focused, to draw it out and to allow Matt to let go, to let him be, but his own internal beast was at the point of winning. This was a test of Hoof’s will and Matt’s inner demons and the Elk was determined to win. Not solely for himself, but for Matt. The Elk’s slow and deliberate thrusting into the Bear was producing a puddle of Bear pre-cum under Matt allowing his raging cock to rub against the slab, bringing him close to orgasm before Hoof was ready to let him have release.

The Elk realized that Matt was right at the point of release, just on the verge of letting go; he was almost there. The wise Elk grunted into Matt's ear, "Reach up and grab my rack. Now you little bitch, puppy boy, do it now!" Wearily, Matt reached up. Guided by Hoof and grabbed a hold of his antlers. Then Hoof cupped the Bear with one hand under his belly and sat up, pulling Matt upward into a semi seated position, still impaled on the Elk’s cock. They settled in with Hoof sitting on the edge of the slab leaning back on his hands and Matt wrapped firmly around his cock holding onto his antlers. Hoof commanded, in a tone that was strained between lust, anger, and love, ”Now boy, you're going to get every inch of my cock in your ass. You’re going to Be! You’re going to to let go of your fear and want it. Tell me you want it, tell me you want your gut filled with my cum. Tell me ... tell me ... tell me."

 Hoof kept commanding as he gently raised Matt up, then dropped him roughly down on his cock. The huge base of the Hoof’s cock edging closer and closer to entry. After a while, the other animals started to throw buckets of cold water on the two, bringing Matt in and out of the dream state he had been lulled into, after three or four buckets of water the base of Hoofs cock slipped inside Matt, firmly locking the two together. Matt orgasmed from the pain and pleasure and finally Hoof let himself cum as well. Matt’s eyes snapped open as the essence of the Elk poured into him. The internal energy from this ancient beast ran through Matt like an electric shock. He and Hoof bonded. Hoof would forever be linked with Matt and Matt with Hoof. They had forged a bonding connection of trust, and friendship.

Hoof collapsed backward onto the slab panting, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. Matt just lay back on top of Hoof’s belly still locked in place by the massive Elk cock. Matt’s voice was weak, mumbling incoherently his eyes opening and closing.

The other animals attending the pair shut off the flow of hot water through the slab and vented the hut. The pair was then washed in cool water to lower their body temperatures and bring them both back to some form of reality. After some time, Hoof’s cock slipped from Matt with an audible pop and Elk cum flowed out of Matt along with gallons of Elk urine; Hoof had urinated inside Matt to allow his cock to relax so he wouldn't hurt the little Bear. The attendants washed the two with a soft lavender and pine soap that reminded Matt of a ladies perfume and after they were washed Hoof, still in half form, scooped Matt up and made his way to the cabin.

"Water?" Matt asked wearily.

"Not until you are healed.” grunted the Elk.

Matt was carried into the central chamber of the cabin, by Hoof still in half form. The space was small but open with a central fireplace, circled with floor cushions from wall to wall. Hoof stopped at the table across from the door before speaking.

“On the table are three choices. All represent letting go of control, and trust in some form. Trust in a friend, a lover, or an enemy it makes no difference. The trust you place in someone must be complete and all consuming so your energy flows true. You must trust the journey to your path. You must let go and trust me not to hurt you, not to kill you, only support and protect you. Now, young guardian, Protector of the Guff... choose!"

tt wearily opened his eyes. For some reason his healing ability was not kicking in like it would normally and he was feeling weak, past the point of exhaustion, edging toward passing out. In front of him were a blindfold, a gag, and a set of restraints. Each of these items represented a different fear for Matt; a guardian must remain free of doubt so that they have clear resolve in action. Having this clear resolve helped with problem solving and getting to the bottom of the problems and challenges Guardians are often called to handle. The blindfold meant that Matt would have to stop looking for problems, he would have to drop his guard and just live in the moment not planning every move he’d make. The gag meant that he could not communicate or ask questions; for him talking and making inquiry was how he tested the water, how he gauged hostiles and non hostiles. The restraints were going to be the hardest for him to deal with. For many years Matt had carried the guttural fear of being tied up and unable to defend himself. With a shaking arm he reached out and grabbed the blindfold. Clutching it to his chest, he looked up into the Hoof’s soft yellow eyes and nodded to him as his bottom lip began to quiver.

“Put it on,” demanded the Elk. Matt hesitated then slid the straps of the blindfold over the back of his head, hesitating just before pulling it down over his eyes. The last thing he saw was the Elk looking at him in a reassuring manner, his eyes full of concern.

Matt could feel he was being laid down on the cushions around the fireplace. The soft crackle of the fire was the only sound he would hear for a while. Slowly, his breathing relaxed and his panic subsided; he was drifting in a state of relaxation, dehydration, and sexual bliss. He could tell that Hoof was laying next to him but for some reason his inner sight was not working. Matt started to sit up in panic when he was yanked down and across Hoof’s lap, face down; at some point a collar and leash had been attached around his neck, it made him panic more, when suddenly a CRACK and a searing pain across his ass snapped him back to pointed, focused, awareness.

“Calm down and lay there until you’re told to move.” The Elk commanded as the paddle he was holding slipped slowly off the back of Matt’s ass, resting on his legs.

“But-” Matt tried to speak, but another crack and searing pain came again from his ass as the paddle slipped slowly back to its resting place.

“The next one’s going across your back. Calm yourself and lay there,” Hoof ordered through a yawn, as if this was all something of an annoyance for him and he wanted a nap. Matt complied, but his mind was racing trying to figure out why his inner sight refused to work, how had the collar and leash been placed around his neck, how Hoof got so fast … and many more rolled through his brain. The spiral of questions that could not be answered was staring to deepen and take over.

“Let yourself just Be without any preconceived thought of what should or will Be,” Hoof said, once again through a yawn and then he started a soft snore. After a while the sound of the Elk's snoring, breathing and the crackle of the fire calmed the Moon Bear and he too drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Matt was startled awake as an tongue was being inserted into his ass roughly. He tried to move and protest but he was yanked back down and over Hoof’s lap again. “I told you to stay,” Hood whacked Matt again, this time twice as hard as the first and brought Matt back to a hyper alert state. His mind raced again, trying to work out the time of day, where he was in relation to everything else in the room, how many animals were in the room with him, on and on his mind tumbled. The tongue that was working his hole did not stop its urgency nor did it waver it its intensity. An Elk’s tongue is longer than a Bear’s and it was hitting spots deep within the little Bear. Matt’s moments of delight were almost instantly canceled out by fear and he jerked as if jolted by something. As the tongue action continued Hoof’s voice started.

“Let go and Be” he softly muttered. Over and over it was repeated. Matt was trying but some part of the Bear would not let himself relax, wouldn’t allow it. “Let go … Let go … Be …” the words repeated over and over, lulling Matt into an almost hypnotic state.

Ever so slowly Hoof slid Matt on top of him, the Bear’s face resting on his massive, softly furred chest. Very slowly and deliberately, leather cuffs were fastened around his hands and feet. Matt was so lulled by the action in his ass that he did not even notice it. Hoof continued mantra, “Let go … Let go … Be … Let go!” very slowly Matt relaxed.

"Shift to your half form, you need to be a Bear young one."

Matt unable to see slowly lifted his head and licked his lips. A long line of drool stretched from Hoof’s chest to the side of Matt’s face. As he went to sit up slightly, he realized he was restrained. Again the panic rose in him. Hoof’s voice was constant, "Let go ... let go … be ... let go.” Matt was tied to Hoof; the huge Elk had slipped into a harness that would lock them both into this eventual future. A lesson for the guardian, an act of true affection and caring for the Ancient One. Hoof knew in his heart that Matt was destined for a great battle and he had to have a clear path, he had to know himself so he could know and help others.

Matt began to struggle and protest making a shift to half form. His teeth and claws came out as he started to attempt to free himself, not realizing what or who was around him. The part of himself that was locked away, the part of him that was taken advantage of, that never healed, a huge chunk of Matt that he never forgave himself for. He had the strength of many in his small body, but that strength was matched by the Elk. They rolled over and about in the living room of the cabin. Matt growled, barked and gnashed his teeth, snapping at any sound. He couldn’t see, his inner sight was not working and he was thrashing around lost and descending into an inner terror that he had never dealt with. Through all this commotion, Hoof was insistent in his mantra, "Let go … be ... let go … let go."

Matt was restrained by his hands, feet, by his neck, torso and his knees. His otherworldly sharp talons were covered with mitts. At last, through his struggling, a gag was roughly forced into his muzzle, forcing his jaws apart and slightly cutting off his air. As time passed, Matt’s struggling subsided, his thrashing slowed, and his breathing settled back to normal from the raspy sucking that it had become. Hoof was bathed in sweat after wrestling with him. The big Elk was always amazed by the strength his little body held, even more now.

In the brief moments between when Matt would stop thrashing around before he would start again Hoof took stock. If it had not been for the wearing down that they did and the stones that were in each corner of the room preventing his sight from working, he doubted that they would have gotten this far.

After hours of rolling around and listening to the Elk, Matt began to relax. He gave in letting himself just be; he was living in the moment and trusting the people around him. He gave into peace. He invited it into his mind. As he settled down, a blue aura started to form around him as he connected to the healing energy of nature. Hoof laid him down and gently unclipped himself from Matt. The harness did its job, it allowed the Elk his hands and feet while restraining the Bear.

Now the mantra changed, "Rest, be, grow, love,”over and over it was repeated. Finally released, Matt laid down on the cushions and opened his eyes for the first time in days. There standing over him was Hoof, still in half form, looking down at him and licking his lips.

"Thank you, I can see clearly now. My path is open."

"Only took you three days ... want some water and food?" Hoof asked.

"In a minute," Matt reached up and grabbed Hoof’s hand and raised himself up, then he started to nuzzle and lick the sheath holding Hoof’s cock. There was a moan from the Elk as the two had deeply connected sex with each other, they were free to explore and have fun; for hours they rolled around. Hoof brought the young Bear to orgasm after orgasm. Matt was left exhausted and sated. After a few more weeks at the bluff, Matt went to get dressed and Hoof met him at the steps.

"Come ‘round anytime young one," said the elk. Trying not to look a little sad the the bear was leaving. They had gotten really close during this time. He knew that Matt would not stay, he was mated to Luke and that was that.

"I will, in one way or another.” replied Matt, looking up at the Elk. Matt really wanted to stay. It would be easy for Matt to just disappear and spend a lifetime at the Bluff, but that was not Matt's calling, duty or purpose.

Matt smiled, walked up to the Elk and kissed his passionately before turning and walking back down the driveway, to the street. There were no were-creatures escorting him as he exited.

As he hopped over the cable, he noticed the shift out of the energy flow and back to the normal world. That bluff was a nexus of energy, and now that Matt had connected to it, he could sense it fully.

Matt found his way back to the airport and then home to Canada. He slipped silently back into the house without being noticed and snuggled into Luke as he was sleeping, the big polar bear in full form cuffed a hello, pulled Matt in close and fell back asleep. There the two would sleep for a while, neither were really wanting to join the world, as long as they were together.

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