Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A word to our readers

No, we haven't abandoned Moose and Rusty and Brian.  They are alive and well and we are writing furiously.  Really!  This story has grown all out of proportion to what we had originally envisioned for it.  It's much larger and more complex, and we keep coming up with new scenes to include.  Chapter 12 is almost ready to go up, and it will be followed by four more, perhaps five more chapters in the coming weeks.  Those are nearly done.  Papa Werebear is finishing the additions to Chapter 12 (which had gotten so large we wrote in a small bit so it could be split logically into two chapters), and I have written an addition to the last chapter, and all of Chapter 16, and finished a good part of Chapter 13.  14 and 15 have largely been written.  There will be a couple of new characters, and at least one unexpected plot twist.  Oh, and sex.

I've gotten a couple of emails from fans (we haz fans!!) who ask how we write together, what process we use.  Essentially we use email when we aren't together, and push our laptops together when we are together.  Papa Werebear will write a section (he uses red, I use blue) and will email it to me.  Since we talk or chat daily, we will bat plot ideas back and forth as well.  Whoever gets the file, checks things over and does corrections.  We will sometimes negotiate changes or deal with plot issues on line, then either change stuff that we both agree on to black or make annotation in our colors, and send it back to the other.  The files are titled by date, and any revisions done during the day get a letter added to the file name, so we can keep track;thus today's files were BBCH 7-1-14, BBCH 7-1-14A, and BBCH 7-1-14B.  The master file always contains the complete story up to that point.  I save several most recent iterations of the master file for disaster relief (off my laptop). 

For two people who do have differences in upbringing and backgrounds, we are remarkably alike in many ways.  We get mistaken for brothers a lot, and a few times for father and son.  <grin> And we often find ourselves typing things in identical ways.  We don't always agree, of course; but the disagreements are rather rare.  Looking back at out first joint effort, Becoming the Bear, I think the reader can pick out our two writing styles fairly easily.  It does seem that the more we write together, the closer our styles become; so that now, the reader might be hard pressed to tease out the two separate writer's strands in the story.

And there you have it!


  1. Eagerly looking forward to the next chapter:it's worth waiting for!

  2. All I can say is.... SEX!... OK and Werebears. :)

  3. There are certain tells as to who wrote something, unless it gets well edited. Not necessarily in writing style, but grammar. One of them tends towards more modern US grammar, the other (who maybe did a bit of school in Ireland) towards more modern UK grammar.