Thursday, July 31, 2014

Special Announcement

Hi, folks!
Papa Werebear and I are happy to be able to announce that The Writing Bears Cave Store is now open at Zazzle!
"What?!" you say....."they've gone commercial, gone over to the dark side???"   NO.  Bear with us here.  Some time ago, Papa Werebear got the idea of setting up a storefront to sell items with the designs that our buddy Joe Varga has done for some of our stories.  We originally had in mind doing this as a way of repaying him for his help with the stories over the years.  We would direct any royalties to him.  He graciously declined this and offered to donate any proceeds to charity.
So here's the deal.  The store has some clothing items and some coffee mugs with a couple of Joe's designs that relate to our stories.  Each has a 10% royalty included in the base price (excluding shipping).  WE MAKE NO MONEY OFF THE SALES.   ALL ROYALTIES WILL BE DONATED TO ANIMALS ASIA.  You can go here ( ) to see the good work that Animals Asia does in ending the despicable practice of tapping living bears' gall bladders for bile to be used in 'traditional' medicine in China and Vietnam. I have supported them for over ten years, they are good people.  Kudos to Joe for being willing to donate the proceeds.
So, where to shop?  Go here: Note that The Writing Bears Cave is all one word in the address, and all lower-case.  It's a way for you to show your appreciation for shape-shifting erotic bear fiction AND do a good deed at the same time!
Bear hugs,
Papa Werebear and UrsusMajr

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