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Brown Bear Coffee House - Chapter 13


Once in the hotel room, clothes came off faster than a tux on prom night. Brian hung back, still a bit shy with other bears. If it had been just Rusty and Moose, he probably would have beaten them to nakedness. Still, he dropped trou quick enough. He admired all the bear flesh around him, and smiled.

What?” Tony asked him with a grin of his own.

Just seeing all you handsome fuckers up close... it's like being in heaven!”

Tony clapped him on the back with a large paw. “It's the bear way... even more so among weres, as I've discovered. But, yeah, it sure is a nice view!”

Gus was fondling Moose's rapidly rising cock. “Let's git started!”

Frank paired off with Rusty, Moose with Gus, and Tony started nuzzling Brian's neck. “We'll go as slow as you like, I know this is all kinda new for you,” he whispered. Brian got the distinct impression that Tony was deliberately giving him the chance to either slow down or perhaps tag out for the duration.

Oh, hell, no, man... I'm all wound up. Hell, just look at those four!” They both turned to look at Gus already deep-dicking Moose, and Rusty eagerly preparing to plow Frank's furry butt. “Damn, that's hot!”

Sure is. I gotta ask though... I'm on my way to my first change, only about month left, but Frank gave me the heads-up about you not being were. He said you could be trusted, but if we play, I gotta use something. You cool with that?”

Brian nodded. “Rusty and Moose always do with me.”

Gods, you can take Moose? That fucker's BIG!”

You're no slouch,” Brian said, looking down at Tony's hefty meat. It was about the size of Rusty's at this point, but Brian thought it just might continue to grow.

Tony smiled shyly. “Yeah, daddy always said I stood in the cock line twice. We can take it slow if you need to, though.” Tony's hooded meat was rising, the pink tip slowly extended from the much darker foreskin. His cock was thick, not as long as Moose's, shaped more like Rusty's, but with a widely flaring tip. “What say we get comfy on this bed, looks like the other one is occupied.”

Brian nodded and then lay back on the bed. Being with a new man slowed Brian's responses down some, but the heady scent of bears in heat soon had him responding to Tony's more experienced technique. He found himself noticing Tony's scent, different from any other he had sensed at the bar, and certainly different from Moose or Rusty. It was different, he thought, because Tony wasn’t quite yet a werebear, but none the less pleasant. Exciting, in fact; for his own cock was rigid and drooling in less time than he would have thought.

You leak like Gus!” Tony said and with that, moved over the younger man and began to suckle. Brian groaned as the warm wetness hit his cock, and the black bear's lips forced back his foreskin and his tongue swirled around the sensitive tip. Brian couldn't help bucking, his hips thrusting his cock deep into Tony's mouth. Tony's years of practice with Gus and Frank had made it easy for him to swallow everything Brian could give him, and Brian enjoyed the benefit of that practice.

Tony edged Brian, sucking him almost to explosion, then backing off, rubbing his curly black beard against Brian's thighs, then his balls, before starting in again once Brian had cooled off just a bit. He kept this up for a good twenty minutes before Brian moaned, “Man, I gotta shoot!”

Tony chuckled and pulled off and rolled on his back, his legs spread wide. “Shoot on me! I fucking love that... cover me with that white boy cream! I love seein' a guy shoot his load!”

Brian barely had time to raise himself and put his hand to his meat when he exploded, shooting thick ropes of seed, criss-crossing the bear’s belly. His loud grunts and Tony's pleased exclamations drew appreciative noises from Gus and Frank as well as Moose and Rusty.

He looks good, doin' that,” Gus said and Frank nodded before turning Rusty over and lifting his legs and aiming his thick cock at Rusty's hole. “My turn,” Frank growled.

Remembering that Rusty liked his play rough, he thrust in deep and fast, causing a happy gasp from the strawberry blond bear. “Fuck, YEAH!” Rusty yelped.

Brian lay back down and smooched with Tony for a bit and then they both turned to watch Frank fuck Rusty. “Rusty's pretty sturdy, it looks like,” Tony said, eyes on the smaller bear.

Yeah, he does like it rough. Sometimes it looks like Moose is gonna split him open, but I guess werebears can take that. It's REALLY hot to watch them when they are in bear form.”

Oh, I know! When Gus and Frank go at it as full bears, sometimes I shoot hands free, just watchin',” Tony said, turning back to Brian. “You interested in giving me a try?”

If I get to repay the favor, sure!”

Cool! Where are the rubbers?” Tony asked, then started to get up to fish some out of his pants, but Brian reached over and pulled the night stand's drawer open. “Something there should fit you,” he said.

Tony tore open one of the packets and rolled the sheath over his meat and reached for the lube. “Grizzly? Hee hee, I like it... pump bottle! We usually use Wet, but this feels pretty slippery.”

Yeah, Rusty found that on line, wanted to try it.”

Brian grunted softly as Tony worked the liquid into his butt with a blunt finger.

You OK?”

Brian nodded at Tony and used his hands to raise his butt some.

Use a lot.” Brian said, considering the girth of Tony’s cock.

Tony coated his sheathed meat and then raised Brian's legs up onto his shoulders and scooted forward some so the tip of his cock touched Brian's hole. He slowly nosed his cock tip in; the wildly flared tip slowly stretching Brian open and then disappearing inside as he slowly slid the rest of his shaft into Brian. Partway in, he stopped and pulled back slowly, but Brian shook his head and Tony hilted in slow motion, his balls bottoming out, pressed against Brian's ass.

Mmmmmmm,” Tony breathed, looking down at Brian. “You doin' OK, white boy?” he said with a grin.

Hell, yeah!” Brian had found that he liked being a top and a bottom equally, and that both were different experiences with Rusty and with Moose. This was now a third experience, and he found himself liking it a lot. “I don't have a lot of experience, but you're good!”

Thanks! I have good teachers with hundreds of years of experience,” Tony said and then grunted as he changed his position slightly so his cock rubbed Brian's prostate harder. He was rewarded with a fat blob of sweet precum, which he managed to lean over and lap off the straining tip of Brian's cock. The taste and the pressure on his own meat from leaning over pushed him over the edge. “Aw, fuck, man, I'm gonna shoot!” Tony began an erratic hammering of Brian's ass and in only a few strokes shot off, filling the condom with his seed. Brian could feel the balloon swell slightly in his rump. He reached his hands out and gripped Tony's furry arms and pulled him in closer.

Once his breathing returned to normal, Tony reached down and made sure he had a good hold on the rubber and pulled out slowly so as not to spill anything. The tip of the raincoat was swollen, filled with milky white fluid. “That's a big load,” Brian said.

Yeah, I guess it is. You're a hot fuck, bro, I got inspired. Frank and Gus tell me bigger loads are a sign my change is coming soon. It's taking less time for me to get interested again after shooting, and I am pumping out a lot more, even the second time, when I do. And the fur is increasing, too! Black guys usually aren't all that hairy. I had some before, but lately it’s growing all over me, much more than any male relatives I have, and DAMN but I’m proud of it!” He rubbed his belly, the crinkly black hair there thicker as it descended towards his now flaccid pole.

Now I think it's your turn,” Tony said. “Why not do me on all fours... unless you'd like to try something else?”

Well, I think I covered your belly with most of what I had a while ago, but I 'd sure like to try with you at the edge of the bed, if you're willing, and you don't mind a small load form me.” Brian knew he couldn't keep up with enhanced werebear metabolisms that conferred shorter refractive times.

Oh, Hell, man... it's ain't the quantity, it's how it feels to you and me. If it feels good, it IS good.” With a grin he scooted to the edge of the bed. “Belly or back?”

Brian got off the bed. “On your back, I think... I'd kinda like to see your face while I fuck you.”

You got it!” Tony lay back and raided his legs and held them back with his hands while Brian moved in. He was at half-staff, but seeing the pale brown pucker of the black bear's ass winking at him got him hard in a hurry. He reached for the Grizzly lube, pumped a glob in his hand and started working it into Tony's rectum. Another squirt coated his own cock. Tony looked at Brian's face, screwed up in concentration and smiled. “Do what feels good, bro. Slow and easy or quick and deep. I'm ready for ya.”

Brian took Tony at his word and began a slow, almost teasing, in and out motion. Rusty had taught him the joys of a slow fuck, especially after the urgent need of a first fuck had been satisfied. His face was almost thoughtful as he focused his mind on the wonderful sensations gliding up and down his fuckpole as he moved in and out of Tony's well-lubed ass. Watching Tony's face as he pumped into him enhanced the pleasure. Tony worked his rectum and sphincter to alternately squeeze and release, enhancing Brian's pleasure even more. Brian got an extra sexual jolt from the tight drag against the ridge of his tip when he pulled nearly all the way out. He kept repeating that motion, and Tony kept gripping on Brian's outward pulls, sensing the younger man's pleasure. His face glowed with sweat and sex.

Oh, God, that feels so GOOD!” Brian moaned. “Tony, I can't hold it any more, I'm gonna cum,” and with that, he lunged in deep and shot a not-that-small second load of the evening into Tony's eager ass. His breath ragged with exertion, he slowly straightened up and allowed Tony to rest his legs on his shoulders.

Good, huh?” Tony asked as he held on to Brian's arms and ruffled the back of Brian's head with his feet.

Better than good!” Brian replied, and pulled out with an audible 'plop' and reached for a wipe. “Here, let me clean you off some.” He gently wiped the small amount of cum and larger amount of lube from Tony's butt.

Your papas' taught you well!”

Consideration in small things!” Brian tossed the used wipe into the trash and got on the bed with Tony. Rusty and Gus and Moose and Frank surrounded the bed and gave lots of words of encouragement. Neither Brian nor Tony had been aware that they had had an audience throughout their mutual breeding. Both pairs of bears had been watching from their positions on the other bed and the ottoman, proud of their respective cubs.

Stifling a bear-sized yawn, Moose said, “What say we get some sleep, guys? Wanna shift into half form?” The others agreed readily, and they began their shift to half bear form.

Silence fell. Tony gaped at Rusty. “Well, I'll be God-damned.”

Yeah, he gets that a lot,” said Moose, who had deliberately delayed his shift so he could talk more clearly; his practice had made him more intelligible, but more was still needed before he would be easily understandable in half form. “He's a Kermode, a spirit bear. Beautiful, ain't he?” Rusty ruffled Rusty's fur and gave him a deep mouth to muzzle kiss before shifting himself.

Rusty did his best to smile in half form. He had long ago, even before becoming were, accepted that Moose found his smaller size and round hairy body desirable. Moose's frank worship of his body had done wonders for his self-esteem. The admiration and awe his Kermode shape and coloring seemed to inspire in other weres had reinforced that, and the comments on it never failed to give him pleasure.

Soon Brian was nestled between a very bearish Gus and Frank; Tony was snugged between a giant reddish brown grizzly and a slightly smaller creamy spirit bear. They were all asleep in five minutes.

Several hours later, Brian awoke, needing to pee badly. He eased himself from between Gus and Frank, who mumbled some in their sleep and reached over to close the gap between them. Brian padded to the bathroom and lifted the lid and began to pee. He felt two arms encircle his middle and hug gently. “Move over, I need to drain my tanks, too,” Tony whispered.

Sure.” Brian moved sideways, and Tony unleashed a powerful stream into the toilet.

I wonder if straight guys do this? Peeing naked side by side like this?” Brian looked over at Tony, who's stream was slowing down.

I dunno... I don't know too many straight dudes. And I don't pee with 'em,” Tony chuckled as he shook off. They washed their hands and dried on the still-damp bath towels.

Tony...” Brian hesitated, unsure if what he wanted to ask was appropriate.

Yeah?” Tony said, sitting on the edge of the tub. “What's on your mind, white boy?” Again, the affectionate grin softened the term.

Brian put the lid down and sat. “I want to ask you something, and you can just say it's too personal if you want.” When Tony nodded, Brian continued. “How long have you and Gus and Frank been together? A long time? You say you haven't had your first change yet and I know that takes four months or so, but you guys seem to know each other really well...”

Oh, the guys and I have known each other for maybe 8 or 9 years. We met when I started working here at Spanky's and they'd come in during the bear run. We'd visit back and forth between times.”

Were you lovers all that time?”

Ah, nope. Mostly the last five years.”

Brian paused and the silence grew. He finally said quietly, “Why did you want to become a were? DID you want to, or did it... happen?”

Tony considered carefully before answering. “First of all, I asked, well, begged, really. It was no accident. Gus and Frank were always very careful when we fucked or sucked. I didn't have a clue as to what they were until five years ago. That WAS an accident. They were up visiting and staying in my apartment, I’d gone to work but came back unexpectedly because I’d got sick and had to go home. I guess I was more quiet than usual and they were busy having a good loud fuck in their half and full shapes, so they didn’t hear me when I opened the bedroom door. They thought I would be freaked out. I wasn't it... I’ve loved the idea of shape-shifting since I saw my first werewolf movie.” Tony paused. “Of course, I had no idea that it was real, or all the issues that came along with it. Once I knew about it, I really wanted it, and I mean REALLY wanted it. I pestered those guys to death about it. They sat me down and gave me 'the Talk.”

The Talk?”

Yeah, the one where they tell you about all the hard stuff that goes along with all the cool stuff, and about how you always have to be secret, and how you can't ever tell anyone and how you pretty much have to give up family because they’re gonna know something’s up. Kinda like how some guys are gay and hide, but worse.”

Brian nodded. “Oh, yeah.... that Talk.”

Well, I've never been in the closet, so that would be a big change for me, being secret and all. I don't much care what people know or think about me. I got a really thick skin. Being black and gay toughens you up some. Anyway, they insisted that the only way, the ONLY way they would consider changing me was after a few years of thought and consideration and lot of talk between us. I pestered, and they held back.”

Yeah, but why did you decide to?” Brian's steady gray eyes looking into Tony's deep brown ones.

Well, there are LOTS of cool reasons for becoming a werebear. I imagine you've seen a few of them. There are lots. But, really.... with the three of us, it boiled down to the fact that I love them deeply and they love me, and I want to spend my life with them. Being human means I’d get old and die in a handful of decades; I want a long life of fucking and loving with those two. Simple as that. After all the talk and back and forth, it was just as simple as that.”

Did you have any doubts?”


Kinda hard to believe,” Brian said.

Maybe, for others. Not us. Not me. But yeah, everyone's different, and I sure as Hell know some people that would be a first-class disaster as a werebear. Frank tells a story about one guy, about 80 years ago, who desperately tried to get fucked so he'd turn into a werebear. He turned out to be a serial killer, wanted to turn were so he could go on killing and able to get away from the police easily.” He paused. “Do you want to? Have you asked Moose or Rusty to turn you? “

No. I haven't asked and they haven't offered. I've thought a bit about it, but not much, I guess. They've made it clear that they will never do anything that might put me in danger of being changed by accident, and they've told me a lot that my changing is not a requirement for being with them. The opposite, in fact.”

Good.” Tony put a large hand on Brian's shoulder. “Listen to me, white boy. Where I am, where I am going, is totally by my choice. I'm here because I want to be. I've thought it all through. I'm not leaving anything behind I'll regret. You need to be certain of that, too. Rusty and Moose are new to this, they've likely got hundreds of years in front of them. You're young, you've got years to think this through. You got time, man. You want my advice?” Tony look hard at Brian.

Yeah... I do.”

Take your time. There is no rush for you, or them. Have a life. Get some schoolin’, see the world if you want. Get a nice job, something you like. Let them know you’re thinking about this. They'll be OK with it, I think. Moose has got the hots for your fine hairy white ass, and Rusty does, too, I think.” At Brian's questioning look, Tony said, “Trust me, I know that look. I see it at the bar all the time. But there's more to it than that, and that's plain. I see that look, too, just not as often. They will support you in whatever you choose, man.”

Tony stood, and pulled Brian up into a hug. “Enough answers for now?” Brian stifled a yawn and nodded. “Then let’s head back to sleep. Tell you what, let's switch places; surprise the papas when they wake up with a different cub, OK?” The pair headed back to the bedroom.

The following morning late, the six bears woke. Brian and Tony smiled at the surprise expressed by Moose and Rusty and Gus and Frank at the change of partners, and were immediately assaulted for their efforts. Good-natured but low key play followed, mostly sucking and smooching. Eventually Gus, Frank, and Tony headed back to Tony’s place to clean up and get fresh clothes, promising to return for a lazy afternoon by the hotel's pool.

I still don't have swim trunks,” Brian said.

And you still don't need them, remember?” Rusty smiled at Brian. “Pool's clothing optional for the run, they sold out the whole hotel, so nobody but us bears here.”

The three spent the rest of what remained of the morning being lazy in the shower and taking a long time to clean each other up, reveling in the silky feel of soap on fur and skin. Brian found that he was still wound up from the previous night's entertainment, and eagerly fucked both Rusty and Moose. Afterwards, Rusty turned to Moose. “Ah, the energy of youth!”

Yeah, but our cub is growing up... didja notice how well he handled himself last night? He and Tony got on real well.” He grinned and swatted Rusty's butt. “I's hungry! Next stop, buffet!”

The afternoon was spent naked at the pool. Brian lost his concern over being naked in public after the third admiring comment he received from other bears. The water was refreshing, and the hot tub was in constant use with bears soaking out muscle aches from the previous night's efforts. There were lots of getting-caught-up conversations, and introductions of Brian made to other bears.

This is SO nice!” Brian sighed late in the afternoon as the crowd began to thin out. “I get how guys would hate for this to end.”

Yeah. Some are already heading out, to get back to work in time. Tonight's the farewell dinner, but there will be fewer guys there than were at the turkey feast.” Moose leaned over and smooched his lover. “Rusty, how about we stay an extra day and just explore some? Eunice cleared my appointments for Monday anyway, in case we didn't get back, and you could call Bekah. What say?”

Yeah, I guess we could do that. Might be fun.”

The next day late, the three were in the SUV heading home to Wolverton. Brian leaned forward and put a hand on both bear's shoulders. “Guys... thanks. I mean that. I know you brought me along so I could get out and about with other bears, ones like me, I mean. That was a whole lot of fun. I never knew it could just be so, so easy with other guys. So....thanks!”

Kinda like this whole gay/bear thing, huh?” Moose said over his shoulder, taking his eyes off the road briefly.

Brian leaned back and stretched with a smile. “Oh, yeah!”

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