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Brown Bear Coffee House - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Weeks passed, Halloween had come and gone and it was mid-November.  The workout routines continued for Moose and Brian, and the shop duties carried on as normal.  Word on Zack’s dad was not good, though Zack had finally been able to get him into a care facility.  Zack had managed to luck into other work in the timber industry and even though it was coming up on winter, there was plenty of work driving trucks for the company.  Indeed, he needed the higher income to help pay for his father’s care, so the driving job was good for him, though he missed the coffee shop and the camaraderie of the workers and their boss.

I hate to leave, but...” Zach had said at the end of his phone call to Rusty. “I really do, but I can really use the extra dough right now.”

We understand, Zach.  Don't worry.  Be careful on the roads, and come next year, if you want the job here back, you’ll get in touch, OK?  Rusty sincerely hated to see the kid having to drive in dangerous weather on logging roads, but he knew the pay would be better, and right now, that's what Zach needed.  He wished him well as they said goodbye.

Brian had asked many questions about werebears since that first night, and Moose and Rusty answered as much as they could, but one night they had sat Brian down and explained a particularly important aspect of were life to him.

Brian, we need to talk seriously,” Rusty had started, scaring Brian into thinking he had done something wrong, or that they were going to tell him he needed to move.  Sensing his concern, Rusty continued, “No, it's nothing you've done, but we've probably not made something clear here that must be absolutely understood.”  He locked eyes with Brian.  “You CANNOT EVER say anything to anyone in any circumstances about what we are.”

Before he could continue, Brian interrupted.  “I never would, guys.  I know it has to be...”

Moose chimed in.  “Brian, we aren't angry, but what Rusty says is right.  We HAVE to stay secret.  We aren't ashamed of what we are, but we can't be found out.  Imagine what people would think... imagine how the news would handle it.  We'd be all over the front page of every newspaper and on every TV show and web page.  Some would be at our doorstep, wanting to see us or touch us.  Some would be there with torches and pitchforks. That's happened before, you know, to others much older than ourselves in some of the witch trials, but the real fear would be if the government got a hold of us.”

Rusty interrupted his mate.  “Can you imagine what the military would do to get their mitts on someone like us?  The near-ultimate soldier?  And the government research labs?  Why, they'd put us in cages, keep cutting parts off us to see how we heal, taking our blood constantly for testing and tissue samples cut out again and again.  Some would look at us as an ultimate cure for disease and some would look at us as an abomination, to be erased from the earth.  It would make the Salem witch hunts look like an Easter egg hunt.”  Moose was nodding as understanding dawned in Brian's eyes.

I didn't realize...” Brian started and then paused, considering.  “There's a lot of hate out there, but I guess I didn't think how it could be directed at you for this.  I know how people react to being told someone is gay, but I just never thought that this would be just as bad... no, worse.”

“I suppose being gay has prepared us for this, taught us a certain amount of caution, considering what we have become.  Though I don’t want you to think it’s all bad, Brian.  In fact, there’s a lot to like about being were; a lot.  But we have to be careful and you have to be careful for us, too.”  Moose looked kindly at Brian's worried face.

Another time, Brian had asked again about how a change was accomplished and what was involved, what would happen to a human as they started becoming were.  They’d felt it important to let him know early on that being a werebear was by no means required of him, that he could remain as he was and still have a deep and committed relationship with them; but also impressed upon him that if he wanted to be changed, there was much that had to be considered, planned for and arranged.  Accidental changes did happen, after all they were both evidence of that; but they were to be avoided if at all possible.  It was far better all things considered, to plan his transformation in advance if he chose that.  He hadn’t specifically expressed an interest in becoming a werebear as of yet and that was fine, but Brian was intensely curious; he’d even asked Moose to lift weights with him in half form so he could see the strength difference.  It was impressive, Moose could lift 650 pounds above what he normally could when he was in half form, and the display of strength and the intensified bear musk had an effect on Brian as well.  Brian had become so painfully hard that he needed immediate release.  Moose was quite happy to help relieve his need with a very intense blow job.

The young man had become quite comfortable sleeping and making love with the werebears and more often than not slept between the two in their bed.  Often, Moose would shift into half form before sleep and hold Brian close to him through the night.  The pair made him feel secure and loved in a way he’d never known before.  Through their love making together, Brian was learning a lot about his preferences and some of his kinks.  Moose and Rusty guessed there would be other interests that would come into being and evolve within him.  Brian had learned that he had a top side to his personality, but also intensely loved to be a bottom, especially for Rusty.  He learned he rather enjoyed being bound, gagged and teased until he came from his genitals simply being lightly touched.  They had experimented with a little whipping, but that didn’t do anything for Brian.  He didn’t hate it, but it didn’t turn him on so for now that was set aside.  Spanking, however, especially when Moose put him over his knee made him very hard and caused him to leak a lot of precum; and he really got into being a repentant bad boy for ‘Daddy’.  But the thing he loved most was watching as one or the other of the bears began fucking and then shifted into full bear shape while inside his partner.  Still, as fulfilling as the sex was, Moose and Rusty both thought that perhaps exposure to regular ‘human bears’ might be important for him, simply because Brian needed more than just them for comparison and contrast.  After all, how could Brian make a fair decision about what he wanted if he had only them as examples of ‘Bears’?

With that in mind, they asked if he’d be interested in attending a bear run with them in Eugene, their treat.  It was a four day event over the Thanksgiving holiday, but the three would be coming up on Wednesday morning and driving back home the following Monday to avoid the traffic of people going home Sunday afternoon.  There would be turkey and all the trimmings catered at the hotel by a very good, gay-owned local restaurant.  It was something of a tradition and Moose had made reservations months in advance for he and Rusty to attend.  They could still add a guest with no problem.

Brian was a bit apprehensive of meeting up with other bears but Moose assured him that he and Rusty would be there for his protection, so that he could test the waters safely.  In the end, the two bears convinced him to go.

It'll be fun, you'll see!” Moose said, punching Brian in the shoulder.

OK, OK... I'll go.  Just stop punching me!” Brian said with a grin as he ducked behind Rusty for protection.

With Rebekah and Jackie to ride herd on Donovan and the other help they had hired, the coffee shop was in competent hands, Rusty drove the three to Eugene the day before Thanksgiving for an early check in to get settled in before the event.

On the way Brian became more excited about meeting other bears, and it was fun for the older bears to see him so eager and enthusiastic.  “You know, the hotel has a heated indoor pool and there will be tons of bears lounging by it and swimming.”  Moose said.

Brian frowned, “I don’t have swim trunks.”

Well, then you’re in luck,” Rusty said brightly, “because the pool is clothing optional!”

Ummm…” Brian looked nervous, “I’ve never been naked in public.”

Trust me, what you got will turn heads in swim trunks or out and they will love your fur.  You’ve nothing to fear, Rusty and I will be your body guards and I’m sure we can scare up something for you to wear to the pool if you really want that.” He patted Brian’s knee from the front seat reassuringly. “Besides, there’s other things planned for the event; there’s an outing to some of the local microbreweries, the bear club sponsoring the event has booked a couple of nights at Spanky’s, a really cool bear and leather bar that has dancing, if you like to dance.  There’s some historic tours, a museum trip and activities planned back at the hotel too and of course tomorrow is the meet and greet and Thanksgiving feast in the evening.”

The trio arrived just before noon on Wednesday and checked into their room on the third floor, a very large suite had a large king sized bed and a fold out bed in the couch in the living room area.  There was a small kitchenette as well and a balcony.

There was a little time before dinner, so as soon as they got into the room Moose started stripping and yawned.  “I say a nap is in order!”  He said and began pulling back the covers on the bed.

About three hours?” Rusty asked, having shucked out of his clothes and now setting the alarm clock.

You two!”  Brian said mock scolding, “Any excuse to get naked, huh?”

Of course!  And we are bears, after all.  Never miss the opportunity to get naked and have a nice nap with those you love, gonna join us?”  Moose asked as he drew the blackout curtains and got into bed.

I think I’ll go take a walk around town, check things out.  I’ll be back after your nap, OK?”  Brian said.

Absolutely.  Have fun!”  Rusty said giving his mate a swat on the butt, “Move over ya big lug, these hotel beds aren’t as big as the one at home, I need more room.”  He said to Moose who scooted closer to the edge of the bed.

Awww sweet bear, we got all the room we need if we cuddle up close.” Moose said.

Brian chuckled, “I’ll hit the lights and put the do not disturb sign on the door on the way out.  Have a good nap.”

Have fun exploring!”  Moose said and folded his love in his furry arms as the lights went out and the door closed.  Soon, the pair were snoring together.

Over the next couple of hours Brian walked around town, checking out the store fronts, walking through the park, and seeing other things of interest.  Occasionally he’d see a handsome bearded man, some of them obviously bears by what they were wearing or a visible tattoo, but none seem to pay him much attention.  He stopped into a small restaurant called Café 360 for a chili cheese fries snack as he’d be eating dinner with Moose and Rusty.  While he was enjoying his snack he happened to look around and saw a table of eight guys, a mix of older, middle aged and younger, all of them bearish and likely also attending the gathering.  One stood out in particular, not that all of them weren’t ‘WOOF’ as Moose would say, but this guy was exceptionally woofy; bigger, thicker and hairier than the rest.  He had a long, down to his belly length, bushy black beard with bright white silver at the chin so that the stripe went all the way down through the beard.  His black Harley t-shirt revealed thickly furred arms that were covered in what must have been full sleeve tattoos on both arms.  As Brian took a sip of his soda, the black bearded bear must have felt eyes upon him because he turned to look and locked eyes with Brian.  Brian thought to look away but he couldn’t, the gray eyes of the brawny bear held him.  The others at the table didn’t seem to notice the exchange as they were busy laughing and eating.  The bear smiled and nodded at Brian, then broke his gaze and returned to the conversation.  When the bear looked away Brian felt the hold on him break and finished up his snack.

He looked back over at the bears at the table, but once again they were too caught up in their conversation and revelry to notice as Brian finished up, paid, tipped and left.  He was really hoping he’d bump into those guys later, particularly the black bearded guy.

Brian made his way back to the hotel and when he reached the room he could hear that the bears were awake and having fun.  Briefly Brian considered turning around and leaving them to their bear business, but decided that he just couldn’t resist.

He opened the door, the room was still dark and the bears were most definitely fucking.  He came in and shut and locked the door and in the dim light Brian could see that Moose was in half form, fucking Rusty who was still in human shape.  They were both facing the foot of the bed.

Moose growled, “Gret nakred an join urs!” as he pumped away, hunched over Rusty's willing butt.  Rusty nodded his head to second the idea.  He was braced and pushing back against Moose's thick meat, matching his rhythm.

Brian quickly stripped and tossed his clothes in the chair with the rest.  He was already fully erect as he approached the foot of the bed and the humping pair.  It was wonderful to be able to just jump in the middle of sex with two hot bears, Brian reflected as he crossed over to the pair.  It was truly a joy and a privilege to be allowed into these men’s lives and the wonderful thing was they felt as privileged to have him, he knew that.  He took Moose’s furry head into his hands and kissed his muzzle.  Rusty seeing a stiff cock pointed at his mouth began sucking.  Brian moaned into Moose’s muzzle, kissing the bear passionately.  Brian, being worked up and drooling precum after seeing the bear at the restaurant, didn’t last long.  Minutes after Rusty began his ministrations, Brian was shooting into Rusty’s mouth.  Moose reached up with a big paw behind Brian’s neck and pulled him into a deep kiss, muffling Brian’s moans.  Moose, smelling Brian’s cum became more excited, broke the kiss, and growled deeply as he thrust harder than ever into Rusty’s ass.

Yeah that’s it big bear!  Fuck my ass!  Fuck me hard!  You know I love it fuckin’ rough!” Rusty snarled and Brian could tell that Rusty had shifted ever so slightly into bear shape, both from his voice which had deepened, and from the increased bear scent in the room.

Moose bucked and grunted, pounding his lover brutally as he began huffing.  It wouldn’t be long for him.

That’s it fucker!  Breed my ass, you beast!  Fuck me, fuck me, Bear!” Rusty demanded, and Brian could see more fur had sprouted on Rusty and his nails were turning into claws.

Moose sunk his fangs into Rusty’s furry shoulder and began pumping his thick sticky bear seed into his mate.  Brian was vigorously scratching Moose’s pelted back as he came, concentrating on the area above the base of the tail, like scratching a big dog.  Moose was doing his best to muffle his roar by clamping his muzzle shut.  Thankfully, the rooms adjacent to their suite were still empty as most of the bears had yet to arrive for the event; and even if some down the hall heard they’d likely just think it was bears being bears and having loud sex.  The big red grizzly huffed and chuffed, emptying his balls into his love.  His eyes were squeezed shut and his balls were all the way snugged up as he shot out load after load into his bear.  Slowly Moose’s humping subsided and he gently pulled out of Rusty.

Rusty, having had his own needs satisfied before Brian walked in, sighed and rolled onto his back, clamping his butthole shut, holding his lover’s seed within.  The three cuddled together.  Brian climbed atop the grizzly’s belly, laying face to chest, cock to cock with the bear.  Moose gradually shifted back to human form, Brian nuzzling into his armpit as he changed, breathing in his werebear musk which made Brian hard again, but not needing to cum.  They all lay together, stroking each other’s fur, talking quietly about where they wanted to go for dinner and Brian’s adventures in town before they all got up to shower.

As they showered and talked it was finally decided they would go to dinner at Chinese place called The Silver Dragon, which Rusty had remembered from last year’s visit.  With only a minimal amount of play in the shower slowing things down, the three were dressed and out the door.

- - - - - - - -

Registration for the event started Thursday morning, and Moose and Rusty, with Brian in tow, ambled into the hotel's lounge after breakfast to check in and get their run packets and tee shirts. 

Rusty held his up.  A bear with a colonial blunderbuss and buckled hat was pictured chasing a very fat turkey. “Bear's Turkey Trot?  Really??”

Moose chuckled.  “Oh, I think it's a hoot.  Besides, you try coming up with creative and different names for bear events, there’s only so many Thanksgiving themes; and you have to admit, the artwork is very well done.  Hey, Brian, put yours on, I asked for XL, but you might need a 2XL now.”  Brian stripped off his shirt and pulled on the tee, getting some admiring glances from some of the other bears waiting to check in.

It's kinda tight across the back, I think,” Rusty said.

Moose grinned.  “Yep, he's fillin' out nicely!  You can see a LOT of definition.” he said with a very intentional and obvious leer as he patted Brian’s ass.

Brian blushed a bit.

Keep it,” Moose said.  “Makes you look all muscle-y and hot.  It’s tight in all the right places...  also shows off your erect nips.”  Brian turned a bright shade of crimson and Moose smiled and gave him a hug.

The next hour or so was taken up with getting reacquainted with old friends from past runs and introducing Brian.  Bears of all shapes and sizes were standing, sitting or sprawled out on the furniture or floor.  Nearly all were bearded, and some of the beards were truly epic.  Brian's eyes were kept busy, drinking in all the eye candy and looking for the black-bearded bear he had seen the day before.  Couples held hands, other kissed, and no one was self-conscious.  It was a revelation to Brian.

This is SO cool,” he said to Rusty at one point, leaning close to speak low, “I've never seen guys be so open in public before.”

It’s possible here, because it's a bear event.  Everyone is like-minded, and the management knows full well what to expect and doesn't object.  This event makes them a LOT of money each year.  Two weeks from now, you might think twice before kissing your lover in the lobby here.  You'd be safer waiting until you get to your room.  But now, it's safe.  You can relax.  It's one of the nicest things about bear events.”

Shortly before the buffet was announced, Brian had to pee and on his way to the restroom, saw not one but two couples passionately kissing in the hall.  He smiled as he went in to do his business.

The opening even at the run was an enormous turkey dinner buffet, featuring multiple turkeys with four different kinds of stuffing, roast beef or ham for those who eschewed the bird, yams, green beans, cauliflower, peas, carrots (glazed and plain), mashed potatoes, rolls, corn bread, green salads, cranberries, the caterer's signature cranberry mold made with cream cheese and fresh cranberries, and a whole separate table laden with desserts: pumpkin, mince, cherry and apply pies, three kinds of chocolate cake, ice cream, and cookies.  The restaurant catering the event knew how to lay out a spread with style AND feed bears.

Oh, my!” Moose said as the line worked its way around the room.

Bears sure do like their food,” Brian said as he began to load his plate.

You know, you can come back again, Norman, you don't have to fit it ALL on one plate,” Rusty chided as Moose tried to balance another roll atop the mound of food on his plate.  Moose grinned, and put the roll in his mouth.

Rusty rolled his eyes and muttered, “Barbarians.”

Moose smiled around his roll at him.

When the bears sat down amid the happy hub-bub of conversation, Moose leaned over to Brian.  He still had to raise his voice to be heard.  “You know, one of the nicest things about this is that part of the money we pay for the event goes to fund Thanksgiving dinner for two charities in the town.  They are having all the same food we are here.  One's a crisis center for battered women and children, the other is a half-way house for veterans, recovering from addiction or PTSD.   The local bear group does some other events during the year to raise money for them, too, but this is the big fund raiser.  50/50 raffles, donation jars, the underwear contest... all the money goes to the charities.”

With his mouth full, Brian said, “That's sweet!  I didn't know.”  Brian scanned the room and thought he spotted his black bearded bear but couldn’t be sure, being at the far end of the room.  He was sure he’d run into him later and looked forward to the opportunity.

Several bears sat with the three during the meal and chatted about jobs and families and who was dating whom.  Others changed tables from time to time, taking their plates with them.  The MC for the event wisely kept his chatter to a minimum, realizing that the conversations were doing just fine without any ice breaking from him.  After the last of the desserts had been polished off and coffee was served, some of the bears adjourned to the outdoor patio to smoke pipes or cigars and have a beer from the patio bar.  Space heaters chased the chill, and the view out over the valley was a fitting ending to the meal.  Other went out the front of the hotel to walk off some of what they had eaten, still others made their way to room to nap or play, or both.

The trio stepped outside on the patio to get a view of the bears.  Moose got the ‘kid in a candy store’ look on his face and turned to his hubby, “Have we got plenty of condoms?”

Rusty rolled his eyes but laughed, “Yes, Norman, I even bought extra.  We’ll probably be taking some home with us, my horny bear.”

Brian caught sight of the black bearded bear across the patio.  He was drawing on a huge pipe.  Brian had learned though exploring some of his interests on the net that it was a Boswell Grizzly.  He was in a clump of bears that included some of the ones that he’d seen with him at the café but he was easier to spot on the patio because he was probably as tall as Moose, a good foot taller than most of the other bears.  Some of the bears with the black-bearded bear were smoking cigars; and though Brian found them quite attractive, his attention was fixed on just the one, and he didn’t know why.

It was obvious they were a group of close friends and Brian felt uncomfortable with the idea of going over and introducing himself to the bear.  Once again, the big bear must have felt Brian’s eyes on him because while he was busy relighting the huge bowl he looked up from his task and directly into Brian’s eyes.  His gaze bored into Brian, but not in a threatening way.  Brian felt as if he was being probed, as if the man was looking into him.  When he had finished relighting and the huge cloud of smoke cleared, the bear removed the pipe from his mouth and smiled, giving small salute and a wink to Brian.  He then broke the gaze to turn and pick up a big plastic cup of beer to sip with his pipe.

Again, Brian got that feeling of being ‘released’ from the gaze.

Moose turned his attention to Brian, “See something you like?” he asked and patted the young man on the back.

I see a LOT I like, actually.”  Brian said with a grin.

That’s muh boy!”  Moose said and beamed with pride as he pulled him into a hug, kissing the side of his head.

Rusty chimed in, “And thus the extra condoms… but upon reflection I might need to get more… if the stores around here aren’t all sold out.” He smiled broadly.

The next day at the run was devoted to a mid-morning brunch and several bus tours to places of interest in the area.  One that caught Brian's eye was a behind the scenes tour of the Build-A-Bruin franchise in a local up-scale mall, part of a trip for Black Friday shopping.  Rusty and Moose agreed to go with Brian, mostly for support; but they found themselves enjoying the myriad varieties of stuffed bears and the various costumes available for them.  Rusty ended up getting Moose a Workout Bear, with bulging biceps and workout shorts and a tank top.  They both gave Brian a Cub, with jeans and a sewn-on tattoo of a bear paw print on his arm, and a white tee shirt that said, 'I'm With Daddy'.  Moose secretly got Rusty a sterling silver bear paw buckle for an extra-wide leather belt Rusty had brought along. The buckle on that one was old and had gotten bent somehow.  Before boarding the bus and heading back to the hotel, Moose slipped the wrapped box into Rusty's paw.

What's this? He asked.

I guess you'll have to open it and see,” grinned the big bear.

Rusty tore at the paper and freed the square flat box from its wrapping.  “Oh, my bear!  Thank you!” He leaned over and gave Moose a big sloppy kiss. 

Careful, you'll upset the breeders,” Moose said with a chuckle.

Fuck'em,” Rusty said.  “You know, this will be perfect for my...”

For your wide black leather belt, yes, I know... that's why I got it for you!”

But how will...”

Relax, I got this.  See, the post is held in place with a screw.  I can just open it, and slip the post in the belt loop, and there ya go... brand new belt buckle!” 

That is so cool!” Brian said, peering over Rusty's shoulder at the silvery buckle in the box.

I'll borrow a hack saw from the hotel's maintenance people when we get back and ditch the old buckle.  You can wear it tonight.”  Moose motioned for the others to get on board the bus which was about to pull out.

Yeah, what's on for tonight? Brian asked as they sat down in their seats.

Well, we're all on our own for dinner tonight, but I thought after, we might go to Spanky's here in town.

What's Spanky's?” asked Brian.

It's the local bear and leather bar,” Moose answered.  “We've been there on previous runs, it's a lot of fun.  Gets a bit noisy, especially on run weekends, but it's generally a good crowd.  I'll bet a lot of the guys at the run will stop in sometime during the evening.”

Think I'd fit in?” Brian asked, plainly a bit nervous.

You remember the admiring looks you got at the feast yesterday afternoon, and today at the mall?  I reeeealy don't think you have anything to worry about there,” Rusty chimed in.

OK, sounds like fun!”  Brian was still unsure of himself, and of his attractiveness to other bears, but as long as he was with Moose and Rusty he felt safe, and even a bit adventurous.  This was, in fact, part of their reason for suggesting that Brian attend with them, to get him more exposure to gay social life, to help develop the survival instincts he'd need on his own.

Once back at the hotel, all three men wanted to shower and change.  “You know, if we all get in the shower together, we'll never get to dinner,” Rusty said.  “And I'm hungry.”  Moose laughed out loud, startling Brian.

What's so funny?” he asked, looking first to Moose, then Rusty and then back at Moose.

Oh, it just that I'm remembering a couple of parties we were invited to last Christmas.  We missed the first one totally because we both thought we'd save some time by showering together, and, well...  things got out of hand, sort of.  The next night we arrived almost 2 hours late and missed the dinner completely because the same thing happened.”

Brian smiled, then considered for a moment before speaking.  “You guys seem to have sex a lot, not that it's a bad thing, it's just... well, frequent.  Don't you ever get, umm... tired of it?  I mean, you've been together for a while, and...” his voice trailed off, wondering if he had offended his friends.

Rusty put his hand on Brian's shoulder.  “It never gets old, Brian.  We love being with and in each other.  A lot of it is because we aren't human any more.  Even in human form, our metabolisms are bearish, and our appetites match that, not just in food, either.  It's a constant joy for us, one that never pales.”

Besides, my little red bear here is one hell of a fuck!”  Moose grabbed Rusty and began to ravish him.

Stop it, Norman, you'll embarrass the boy!”  They all laughed together.

OK, I get the point.  We'll shower separately.  You want to go first?  Just don't use up all the hot water.”  Brian flopped down on one of the king beds in the room and plugged in headphones and began listening to music.  Moose stripped and hit the shower while Rusty phoned for reservations and got out clothes for them both.  When Moose came out, toweling his wet fur, Rusty went in.  He took a bit less time than Moose had, and when he got out, Brian said, “That was fast.”  “There's less of me,” Rusty answered, drying his hair. Brian got up and shed his clothes and walked to the bathroom, thinking about how he had accepted the casual nudity between the three of them and how natural it seemed now.  When he was finished showering and pulled the shower curtain back, there were Moose and Rusty, naked, each holding a towel folded across an arm, arms held in front like a waiter or butler, mock serious looks on their faces.  Brian didn't know what to make of this.

Your towel, sir” they said, and began to dry the young man.  In very short order, Brian was rock hard, but both the older men behaved and simply finished drying him off.  When they were done, both leaned down and kissed the tip of Brian's straining cock, and then stepped back so he could get dressed.

They headed out the hotel and out to their car.  The drive downtown to Hole in the Wall BBQ was not too long.  Reservations had been a good idea, the place was busy with a post Black Friday shopping crowd as well as some of the bears form the run and the usual Friday night diners.  After a short wait they were seated.  Service was faster than they expected.  Moose and Rusty each had a full rack of St. Louis-style ribs, and Brian had the Friday special of hush puppies and fried catfish, with a side of three ribs.

Damn, I love good BBQ,” Rusty said.  “This is almost as good as yours, love.”  Moose grinned between mouthfulls of meat.  Brian nodded, chewing on one of his side ribs. “This is really good!”

Pleasantly full, they left the restaurant just after 8 and drove to Spanky's

As they were leaving the restaurant it had begun to drizzle and it continued to do so as the trio arrived at Spanky’s.  Spanky’s had a very large neon sign across the front of the building in rainbow colors.  It was a converted industrial building with two floors, and a large covered and screened-in outdoor party area for cigar and pipe smoking.  There were plenty of space heaters for the cooler weather they were experiencing and clear plastic covers for the screens were lowered to half open position to keep in most of the warmth but still let in air to clear the smoke.  There was tons of parking space usually, but with the run going on the lot was full and Rusty parked the car across the street and was lucky to get so close.  As they walked up to the entrance, they could hear dance music pulsing from the place. Rusty put a paw on Moose's arm, holding him back while Brian went ahead.

There are other were's here.  I sensed them as we approached town when we arrived here in Eugene.  I got a tingle a couple of times back at the hotel and at dinner Thanksgiving Day but I couldn’t pinpoint anything, just way too many people distracting me.  I’m certain now, probably no more than a half dozen in there; not counting us, of course.”  Moose nodded, “Gotcha Spidey, I’ll keep an eye out.”

Rusty gave him a withering look but Moose ignored it.

Once inside, the music was louder and the buzz of conversation at first seemed overwhelming.  As their ears accustomed themselves to the noise level, they scanned the room for people they knew.  There was a substantial crowd, and the trio saw many they recognized from the run.  Moose spotted a group getting up from a table across the floor.  He shouted in Rusty's ear, “I see a table.  I'll go snag it, you and Brian get us some beers.”  Rusty nodded and guided Brian towards the large bar that was centered along the side wall.  Moose waded through the crowd towards the empty table.

Moose was used to crowds parting for him almost like the Red Sea, but tonight he had to actually use some of his bulk to force his way across the floor.  There was the occasional pat on his butt as he waded through and he’d look back only to see a grin on a bear’s face.  He reached the table just before another bear did and claimed it.

Join us if you want, but my hubby and our friend will be here in a sec.  There should be room for four.”  The other bear looked at Moose and nodded with a smile.

Before they could introduce themselves, Rusty and Brian arrived with a pitcher and cold mugs in paws. As soon as he approached the table, Rusty was hit with a strong sense of fellow were, and knew instantly that the extra man at the table was the source.  “Oh, hello,” Rusty said, carefully, shaking paws with the black-bearded man.

Frank leaned in a bit and sniffed.  “You must be ‘Mr. Strawberries’,” he said with a grin.  He turned to Brian and gave him a quick wink and then turned back to Rusty.   Brian immediately recognized the bear he’d seen in the restaurant and on the patio from the silver chin patch in his beard.

Rusty was puzzled at that, but smiled slightly and nodded.  “Mr. Strawberries?”  Rusty asked, now quite intrigued.

I’ll give my hubby Gus your regards when I get back.  He and the rest of our little family are spending this weekend with Doc Black as usual.  I’m here… Well, actually, we can talk about that later.”

Moose missed the exchange, since he was answering one of Brian's many questions about the bar and the bears and protocol.

Looks like we'll need another mug, so I'll get that; Brian, you introduce yourself.  Be right back.”  Rusty shot Moose a warning glance and nodded towards the other man, then plunged back into the crowd, knowing that Brian would be safe with Moose.  He could have sent Brian off to get the extra mug, but he wasn't sure that wouldn't actually be riskier for him.  The testosterone level in the room was pretty high, with so many bears intent on having fun, and Brian was most definitely fresh meat.  Rusty, being were, could smell the heady fog of male pheromones and it had an effect on him.  He was rather acutely aware of his hard-on as he made his way to the bar.

Moose was introducing himself to the big, black-bearded mountain that sat next to him, shouting in his ear, “Sorry, wasn't ignoring you.  I'm Moose, that was my hubby Rusty, and this guy here is Brian.  Rusty owns a coffee shop in Wolverton, and Brian works for him.”

And what do you do?” the mountain asked.

Oh, I'm a physical therapist.  We bought a building and had it rehabbed and now my office is next to the coffee shop and we live upstairs.”

Yeah, I know.”  The bear's eyes twinkled with amusement.

You know?”  Moose was plainly puzzled.

Yeah, I do.  I’m with the crew that did your rehab, I just didn’t go with them, kinda wished I had when I heard the stories and especially now that I’ve met you two.  I'm Frank.”  He stuck out a fur-covered tattooed arm and shook paws with Moose, then Brian, “My 'twin' Gus worked on your place and he couldn’t stop talking about Mr. Strawberries for a week after the job, now I can see why!”  Turning to Brian, he said, “Pleased to meet you.  Saw you at the restaurant and on the hotel patio the other night.”  He locked eyes with Brian, and Brian got the same tingle he'd had at the restaurant and at the Thanksgiving buffet the day before.  Frank’s eyes were as gray as his own and Brian held the gaze for a bit, but then broke it, feeling nervous as the contact became more intense.

Wait, you've got a twin?  Isn't that rare, I mean for there to be were twins?  I know we don't know all that much about this life yet, but...”  Moose was again puzzled.

Well he's not muh real twin, but we're the same size and height and were changed at the same time, together in fact, we both love to ride our scoots together… and our appetites match real well AND we really like to tag-team other guys and wear 'em out.”  Frank positively leered as he looked around the room, then back at Moose.  I know you're here for the run, I saw you guys earlier.  You having a good time?”

Oh, yeah.  It's great to see old friends again.  This is Brian's first bear run, though.”  Brian was completely distracted, scoping out the room now, dazzled by all the eye candy.

Yeah, I kinda got that impression,” Frank said, looking appraisingly at Brian.  He leaned close to Moose, “He's a cute cub and he's gonna be a real beefy fuck real soon, I can tell. Hell, he's well on his way now!”  Frank didn't exactly lick his lips, but he came close.

Moose got a good strong whiff of werebear pheromones pumping off Frank.  He could almost see the plans he was making for Brian flash across his face.  Moose leaned over and spoke in a low voice so Brian wouldn't hear. 

A word in your ear.  Paws off this one.  He's with us, and he's human, not were.  Look, but don't touch.”  Moose's voice dropped a tone and added a growling undertone.  “I mean it.”

Frank reacted as if he'd been stung.  “Geez, man, relax!  I didn't know, OK?  I thought... I mean if he was here with your two, that he.... that he'd be, family…”

Moose relaxed a bit and replied, still in a lowered voice, “He is family; just gay, not were.  He's living with us until he gets on his feet and decides what he's going to do with himself.”  Before he could continue, Rusty returned with another glass mug.

Damn!  The crowd!  I had my butt patted twice and someone copped a feel of my package.  One guy gave me this with his hotel, cell and room number on it.  He was cute, but they’re like starved animals out there!”  Rusty held up a napkin, “And those bar tenders are gonna be tired tomorrow!”  He put the extra mug on the table, assessed the situation and introduced himself to Frank.  It only took a moment for Rusty to realize that there was more than a little tension in the air, and he knew it was between Frank and Moose, not Brian.  “What's up?” he asked carefully.  His own guard was certainly up.  He sat next to Moose.

Brian was still gazing with open wonder at all the bear flesh in the room.  The far half of the room had two pool tables that were surrounded by bears watching the play.  Some had their shirts off, a light sheen of sweat coating their torsos.  Many were amply furred, some amply muscled, others with bear bellies.

I was just telling Frank here that this is Brian's first bear run, and to go easy with him.”  Moose gave Rusty one of those looks only long married couple can give that communicated more than what was said.

Sorry, I didn't get your last name,” Moose shouted to Frank.

It sounds like Voytek, but it's spelled W-O-J-T-E-K.  My people are Polish, originally from around Szczecin, and their surname was Niedźwiedź, which almost NO one outside of Poland could pronounce, much less spell.”

So how come Wojtek?  They don't sound at all alike,” Brian said.

Oh, I took Wojtek when I had to move this last time.  After World War I, all of my family had died or been killed in the fighting.  Gus and I weren’t aging, so we really needed to move and in the chaos right after the war, it was easy.  I figured no one at Ellis Island would be able to say 'Niedźwiedź', but I was stubborn and kept it as a point of pride; and spent the next 30 years correcting people's misspellings and mispronunciations.  Gus, the smart ass, chose to give himself the last name ‘Skurwiel’ which is sort of an inside joke between him and me.  So there he is, officially on the books as Gustaw Skurwiel and he’s been Gustaw Skurwiel Jr. and the third since that time.  I keep telling him he needs to go with something different and he says he will next time. This last move, I changed to a completely new last name...  Wojtek.”  He poured some beer for himself.  “I took that name because of a story I'd heard right after WWII.”

Oh?”  The three other bears were interested, and leaned in to hear better in the din.

Well, during the second war, there was a Syrian brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps.  He became their mascot and was often rewarded with beer, which became his favorite drink.”  Frank smiled and took another slug from his mug.  “He liked to wrestle and was taught to salute when greeted. They called him Wojtek, a short form of the Polish word that means 'smiling warrior'. To get him on a British transport ship when the unit sailed from Egypt to fight with the British 8th Army in the Italian campaign, he was officially drafted into the Polish Army as a Private and was listed among the soldiers of the Company; he lived with the men in their tents.  And during the Battle of Monte Cassino, he helped move ammunition. He never dropped a crate, and afterwards, the company designed a shoulder patch with him on it as the official emblem of the company.  I've got a picture of it,” Frank said, pulling out his wallet and opening it.

That's so cool!” Brian said as the others admired the small photo of the shoulder patch.  More beer was poured, and Rusty sensed the tension in the air between Moose and Frank dissipating.
Brian turned back towards the three men.  “I need to go make some more room for this beer.  Where's the can?”

Over by the bar, to the left of it,” Moose said.  “Unless they've moved it since last year.”  Brian excused himself and headed to the bathroom. 

Rusty turned to Frank as soon as Brian was out of earshot.  Not realizing that Moose had already relayed the information to Frank, he said, I know you're one of us, but he isn't, so...”

“Odin's scrotum and Thor's balls, you guys are protective!”  For a moment, it looked as if Frank was going to lose his temper, but he reined it in and said instead, “Look guys, I'm sorry, truly.  I honestly didn't know your friend wasn't one of us.  He looks like he’s becoming a bear and he’s got your scent all over him.  I just assumed that since he was with you...  And, by the by, how did you know what I was?  People just don't, and most weres can't tell, either, unless I'm being aggressive or they get a good sniff of me.”  He took a long drink from his mug, but kept his eyes on Moose and Rusty.

My hubby here can sense weres at a distance.  He knew, before we got inside… he knew when we came to town… it’s his superpower… OW!”  Rusty gave his hubby a small kick under the table.  Moose smiled.

When Moose paused, Rusty jumped in.  “We don't mean to be rude here, but Brian is sort of new to all this.  It's really his first time out socially with a lot of other bears.  Up until rather recently he’s led a very sheltered life.  He needs to socialize, but we thought it would be better if we were around to keep an eye on things.”

Well, he's certainly going to attract a lot of attention,” Frank said, nodding towards the bar, were several bears were openly appreciating Brian as he emerged from the bathroom.

And that's why we’re here.  Brian needs to learn how to handle himself with other bears.  He hasn't had much experience with gay life, as I said.  He's no fool, but we've all gone through the 'kid in a candy store' phase, so we're keeping a friendly eye out.”  Rusty poured himself some beer.

When Brian came back there was a somewhat surprised look on his face, “The urinals in there… there’s two.  They look like narrow bathtubs on the floor with space all around!”

That’s a trough urinal, they’re rather popular in bear bars, son.  It lets guys show each other what they got.”  Frank winked.

Brian nodded as he sat and then continued, “And… in the handicap stall… I think there were three guys in there fucking!”

And probably a fourth guy filming it on his phone to be uploaded to Triple X Tube!”  Moose said and laughed.

I had no idea it would be this wild!”  Brian said as he took a sip of his beer.

You gotta understand Brian, some of these guys live in little rural communities where there’s not another bear that they know for another 100 miles and maybe they’re lucky enough to find each other online and hook up once every couple of months.  Some of these guys don’t even have that.  When they come here, it’s a feast and they want to fill up as much as they can because it’s all going away day after tomorrow and they’ll be back to famine.  They’ll go back to their little towns where no one knows that the big burly bearded manly guy who works at the local Home Depot loves to shove his cock up some big rough looking biker’s ass and fuck him hard; then hold him close after and tenderly cuddle him as they sleep together,”  Rusty said.  “They’re starved for contact and they’re making the most they can out of what time they get.”  Rusty turned to Moose and squeezed his paw and they kissed.  They both knew just how lucky they both were to have each other.

Yeah, that’s kinda how it goes here Brian.  Lots of hormones, lots of need,”  Frank said.  “It’s wonderful and sad at the same time, too.  I’m lucky, like your Papas there, I got a hubby waitin’ for me at home.”

So, if it’s good at home and you have a husband, why did you come here?”  Brian asked, “I’m sorry, that was rude; what I meant was, if your life is good, you wouldn’t need to be here, right?”

It’s not just about how good or bad your sex life at home is, Brian.  There’s lots of these guys that only get to see each other face to face at these events.  That group I was hanging out with in the restaurant, they’re all guys I’ve met online from the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Northern California area.  They’re great guys and I’ve built wonderful friendships with them… and also, they’re great in the sack.”  Frank gave a wicked smile, “They know I’m an insatiable horny fuck and we all enjoy havin’ sex together, we go through boxes of condoms pretty damn fast!  But also, we’ve bonded as bears together.  We talk about what’s going on in our lives and the day to day problems we have and just hang out an’ be guys together.”

Brian nodded and Moose and Rusty exchanged a smile.  The young man’s education was getting some spots filled in.

So, have you guys been up to the second level?  There’s a dance floor up there, lots of half-dressed hairy fuckers shakin’ their booties.” Frank asked the group.

Nah… last dancing I did was with my hubby here a few years back and it was a waltz.”  Moose said.

How about you, youg’un?”  Frank asked.

I never learned to dance.  My folks were against it… said it lead to pre-marital sex…”

Ah!  Now I think I understand where you’re coming from.”  Frank said, “My folks were like that… hell MOST folks were like that when I grew up; really glad that changed.”

Brian said, “Yeah, but really, dancing isn’t interesting to me.”

Well, we could go to the member’s only area.  It’s in the basement, quieter, not as big a crowd.  I’ve got a key card and the gate keeper won’t hassle us if I say you’re with me.”  Frank said.

Sounds good to me.”  Rusty said, “The noise level is a bit much.”

Well OK then!  I’ll stop by the bar, I’m waiting for my cub to finish his shift; I’ll tell him so he’ll meet up with us downstairs.”

Your cub?”  Moose asked.

Yeah, Tony.  Look over there.”  Frank pointed to one of the three bartenders, “He’s the black guy shaking the cocktail shaker.”  The tall dark brown man behind the counter was shirtless and gorgeous.  Curly black hair all over his muscular torso and down his thick arms with a huge black beard and a shaved head, big thick silver earrings in his ears.  He wore Bear-flag striped suspenders and had a large bear paw tattooed on his left shoulder.

Oh!  OK,” Moose said. “He’s fuckin’ cute!”

He gave me quite a smile when I came up for that extra glass, now I know why!”  Rusty said.

He’s a charmer, that one.”  Frank said, “I’ll be back in a bit, just gonna let him know where to find us.”

The trio watched as Frank approached the bar.  He got Tony’s attention, said something and then pointed back at them.  Tony looked over to the table, nodded, smiled and waved, said something to Frank and went back to his work.

The three stood as Frank came back to the table and then they headed toward the back of the place by the pool tables where an impressively muscled bouncer sat behind a small counter that partially barred the way to door with a sign above it that read, “Spanky’s VIPs Only” on it.

Frank flashed a smile and his membership card to the muscular blond-bearded beast guarding the door, “These three are with me, Boscoe.” Then swiped his card through the reader and the lock clicked.

Have fun Frank!” Boscoesaid and winked at Brian. “And you, too, hotness.”

Moose turned to Brian as they went through the door and said, “You’re a popular one!  Must be that ‘new cub smell’” he said licking his chops and leering at Brian to emphasize the point.

Norman!”  Rusty said and whacked his lover on the shoulder.  “You’ll scare him!”  Then he turned to Brian and said, “But he’s probably right; they see a new bear or cub and they have to make a point of it.  They’re mostly harmless, but if…”

I know, I know, call for my daddy bears if the cub gets in trouble, they’ll ‘pertek’ me.”  Brian said with a chuckle as the electronic door buzzed shut behind them.

Well, we mean it, Brian.  Bears are usually polite, but if they get hot and bothered and with enough beer in them, a few of them can get pushy.”

The VIP door lead down a short, dimly-lit plum colored hall to stairs that lead down to a basement level that was as spacious as the floor above.  It was quieter, the noise from above muffled, the usual hard flat surfaces of floor and ceiling modified to tame the sound.  The floor was carpeted and the sound absorbing ceiling treatments above were meant to be part of the décor; not like the ubiquitous drop ceilings you found in offices.  The lighting was subdued and indirect; the colors of the room were deep wine reds and more of the plum color to give the place a somewhat close, intimate feel with just enough accent to keep it from being boring to the eye.  There was a full oval-shaped bar in the middle of the room, more brightly lit of necessity; an island of light in the cozy darkness.

Brian noted that the bartender was an identical twin of the muscular bouncer Boscoe upstairs at the door.  It was warm down here, partly due to body heat.  He also noted that the men wore little to no clothing; some dressed in nothing more than a leather do-rag and vest.  Others wore harnesses and leather jock straps or just leather chaps as they’d set aside the rest of their gear.  Some wore flannel and denim but all were covered in fur, some more densely than others; some muscular, some on the tubby side, all with various styles of face fur and none completely clean-shaven.
Looking about he saw that there was an attended counter with a sign above that read “clothes check” which lead to a storage room behind it.  It was just like the coat check counters they used to have in upscale restaurants in the old days.  A very nice touch, that!  It kept there from being piles of clothes on top of bar stools or guys having to tote their wardrobe about while trying to have a good time.

He also saw there were other side rooms, and occasionally a bear would come out to retrieve a drink and return, or just leave. heading up the stairs they’d just descended.  Brian noted that there was a group of bears off in one corner standing around, maybe fifteen to twenty, roughly in a circle and some activity was going on.  There was some serious grunting and growling and some encouraging chatter from the group.  Brian saw the haze of cigar and pipe smoke drifting beneath the lights in that corner of the room as well.

Rusty commented, “Ah, bearsex!  Gotta love it!”

Well, it is the VIP room, no one down here except you three aren’t members.” Frank said. “I bet the fetish chambers are well occupied.”

Fetish chambers?”  Brian asked.

Yeah, those side rooms you were scoping out a moment ago, some are equipped for some, ah, 'interesting' play.  They’re all equipped, furnished, padded or plumbed for various extracurricular activities.”  Frank gave a knowing look to the older bears.

They made their way to the bar and as they approached, Frank called to the bartender who looked up from the cocktail he was finishing up and handing to a customer.

Roscoe!” Frank greeted Boscoee's identical twin with a firm hug across the bar and patted him on the back.

What can I get for you and your friends, Frank?” Roscoe said and then turned and gave Brian the once over and winked like his brother had.

Beers all around.” Frank said.

Any particular kind, or just the house brew?” the blond beast with the thick bushy, Hulk Hogan style, horseshoe mustache asked.

Sierra Nevada Flipside, if you have it?”  Frank asked.

Seasonal stuff's only in bottles, but we have some.”  Roscoe said and dug around in the bar’s fridge.  “You want glasses for ‘em?”

Nah, we’ll be all rugged and manly like and drink from the bottle.”  Frank said and Roscoe chuckled.

In short order there were four ice cold bottles on the counter which went on Frank’s tab.  Frank thanked Roscoe as he looked to serve another customer.  The four turned their attention to the crowed in the corner as the left the bar.  Shall we see what fun is being had over there in that corner?”  Moose asked.

SURE!  Might be some fun, let’s go.”  Frank said.

Overhearing the conversation Roscoe interjected cheerily, “It’s a birthday party.”

Who’s?”  Frank asked.

You’ll see!”  Roscoe said with a sly smile.

Rusty leaned toward Moose and pulled him down to urgently whisper in his ear, “Norman, there’s a couple of werebears over there in that group.”

Moose raised an eyebrow then turned to walk over.

As they approached, and squeezed in to get a look at what was going on the four could smell the heady scents of cum, sweat, leather, cigars and beer.  They were almost through to the first row when Moose, towering over most of the men in the ring laughed and said, “Damn, I should have known!”

Frank, with Rusty and Brian between him and Moose, moved forward toward the big red bear and said, “What?”

You’ll see!” Moose said and pointed toward the middle of the ring.

The three others moved to the inner most ring and saw someone all but Brian recognized.  The bear fucking what looked to be a blond young man maybe in his early twenties was covered in salt and pepper fur in all the places that weren’t covered by what little he was wearing.  He was very well muscled, thick and wide and had a nice firm rounded belly.  His brawny arms and legs looked to be the products of manual labor, not a gym, and the padding he carried spoke of the occasional extra plate of food.  The bear, of course, was Gus.

The young guy was restrained, legs spread wide with buckled leather straps; arms, legs, and waist; to a well-padded fuck bench.  He had a very sparse downy covering of fur on his face that showed the beginnings of a beard, and seemingly none on the rest of him.

His smooth body, dripping with sweat, was in stark contrast to the beast that was ramming his meat into his smooth butt. 

Brian became instantly hard as he was reminded of his fantasy of the fictional lover Broc being ploughed roughly by Moose… though lately even Broc had begun to grow more fur than this blond guy had.  Still, the similarity was enough he could imagine Broc in the young man’s place; and the thought of Brian taking his place entered his mind and gave him a twinge at the base of his spine that traveled right to his cock.

The young man grunted and begged for ‘Daddy’ to fuck him harder as the thick, condom sheathed, meat moved in and out of his asshole like piston in a cylinder.  Gus was covered in sweat that made his fur cling to his near naked body, revealing more of his full sleeves and chest tattoos than would usually be visible through the salt and pepper haze of dry fluffy fur.  His leather biker vest and boots were the only other things he wore.

Frank, seeing his mate, laughed.  “You horny old fuck!  When the Hell did you get here?” he said loudly enough for his lover to hear over the crowd.  Gus turned and saw his mate approaching from out of the crowd, pulled the cigar from his mouth, and gave Frank a deep smoky kiss.

‘“Early afternoon, came right down, figur’d you’d git down here ‘ventually.  The guys say ‘Hi’ an’ Doc ‘n’ Max missed you, though understan’ why ya couldn’t make it this year.  I see ya brung Bullwinkle an’ Mr. Strawberries with ya,” he said as he began fucking the kid beneath him more slowly, drawing his cock out and then pushing it back in at a pace that tickled the boy’s prostate for a longer period and had the eyes in the kid’s head rolled back in pleasure, drooling as he babbled incoherently.

Catcalls and shouts of, “Yeah, long dick that boy,” and “Fuck that boy good, Gus!” came from the crowd.

I see you’re entertaining the crowd,” Frank said. “Who’s the kid?” he asked indicating the young man beneath the bear.

That’s Brandon.”  Gus gave a hard thrust and both he and the kid both grunted, “Boscoe‘n’ Roscoe’s young cousin.  ‘Twas his 21st yesterday an’ they wanted ta show him a good time; so’s he got ta pick whichever of us dirty ol’ bears were here tonight ta take his virginity.  After lookin’ us all up an’ down, he chose ‘Daddy’ ‘cause he reckoned I looked 'right cuddly like', of all things,” Gus said with an evil grin.

Yeah, well he’s young, stupid, and a poor judge of character, I suppose,” Frank said, a faint smile on his lips.

Gus put the cigar back in the side of his mouth, pulled on it, and with a practiced malicious glint in his eye, blew a big cloud in his hubby’s face eliciting a call of ‘Yeah, smoke that fucker out’ from the audience.

Thanks a lot, ya sarcastic fucker!  Now I recollect why I’m hitched to ya.  By the by, when’s our cub gettin’ his sexy brown butt down here?” Gus asked.

“‘Bout an hour… right after his shift.” Frank said and patted Gus’ hairy ass.  “Mind you play nice with the youn’un there.”

“Oh I’m playin’ nice, AIN’T I BOY?  He growl-roared at the captive young man eliciting whistles and hoots from the gathered bears.

Gus thrust into Brandon three times in rapid succession with the last three words for emphasis and he replied loudly back, “FUCK YEAH Daddy Bear! VERY nice!”

“That’s what I fuckin’ wanted ta hear!”  Gus growled and smacked the kid hard on the ass.

Gus turned back to his mate, “OK, I’ve ‘bout broke him in an’ I’m fixin’ ta nut in the sheepskin in this here birthday-boy’s ass; I’ll join y’all presently.  I got me a chaperone that’ll take o’er an’ make sure ever’one else in this here circle o’ pervs plays nice ‘n’ safe like with him after I’m done.  So git!” he said and with that he shooed his lover away.

But the four lingered for a bit, watching Gus fuck Brandon.  Both the lad and bear were locked in a bond of mutual pleasure.  Rusty made eye contact with one of the bears across the circle; a large well-muscled but chubby, silver-white bearded bear with the typical bald hair pattern around his head.  He rather looked like Santa Claus; blue eyes, rosy apple cheeks, Ben Franklin wire rims and all… if Santa were a leather clad, tatted up, cigar smoking biker with a beer can thick cock and leather cock ring that showed off his chicken egg sized balls.  The bear smiled, a fanged toothy smile, around his stogie and gave his condom sheathed cock a couple of pumps while locking eyes with Rusty.  And then he winked and gave the ‘finger on the side of the nose gesture’ as if reading Rusty’s Santa thoughts.  Rusty knew, then and there, that this was the other werebear in the group and the chaperone Gus had mentioned.  The kid would be safe with ‘Santa’ running things.  Frank pulled them together and motioned toward an empty table near the wall.

Gus will join us in about thirty, after he’s finished.” he said for those that might not have heard over the din of the excited bears.  The four pushed their way back through the crowd and headed toward the table. They all sat and sipped their beers.

So, what’s with all of this?  Is this a sex club down here?”  Brian asked, a bit surprised by what he’d witnessed.  “And that kid, he’s not much younger than I am.”

“Well, Brian, yeah it kinda is a sex club.  Bears will be bears,” Frank said, “and Brandon’s lucky enough to have two bear uncles looking out for him, as well as my hubby… and whoever his chaperone friend is… gonna have to ask Gus about that,”  Frank sighed.  Brandon’s mom was a single parent and did the best she could raising him.  Even got a degree and works as a paralegal, but she just couldn’t spend as much time as she’d like to have, what with trying to provide for him.  His father took off for parts unknown as soon as he found out she was pregnant, so no help there.  She knew from the start he was gay and loved him unconditionally but his cousins, her nephews being quite a bit older, helped to raise him too.  More like doting uncles than cousins, really.  Anyway, he came out when he was a freshman in high school.  He took a lot of crap for that, lots of bullying, partly because he looked sort of wimpy.  Roscoe and Boscoe of took him under their wing, showing him the rainbow ropes as it were.  They made sure he wasn't harassed over much. Got him lifting some.  Gave him role models of what gay men could be, and how to stand up for himself. ”

Another round of beers were had and conversation lengthened the time in which they were consumed.  Then, suddenly there was a loud, prolonged roar followed by a bellowing growl; cheers and clapping arose from the crowd.  Someone yelled, “Happy BIRTHDAY Brandon!  You ain’t a virgin no more!” and the crowd broke into a chorus of the birthday song.

In ten more minutes Gus returned mopping the sweat on himself with a bar towel, puffing on the nub of his cigar, carrying the rest of his leather gear and clothes collected from the clothes check.  He plopped his hairy butt down on a chair and sighed contentedly.

Within a minute Roscoe showed up at the table with another round of beers, set them down and then hugged Gus from behind tightly, holding onto the sweaty bear as he kissed the side of his head and spoke, “Thanks for comin’ up and makin’ my cousin’s manhood day!  My brother and I couldn’t think of anyone who would have read him better than you did.”

“T’were muh pleasure Roscoe!  The youn’un’s becomin’ a bear cub an’ I’s jes glad ta be here for ‘im.”  Gus said, leaning back, wrapping his arms around the big bear’s midriff.  “An’ that boy likes it rough!  But ‘course I wasn’t all that rough with ‘im; I held back.  He’s got a sassy mouth on him too, unless an’ until he gets what he wants… then t’were all ‘Yes SIR Daddy SIR kin I have ‘nother please an’ thankee!” Gus chuckled.  “He’s a good kid, though.”

I can’t thank you enough, Uncle Gus.” Roscoe said looking down into the Bear’s face.

Well thankee nephew!  An’ thank my nephew Brandon for bein’ his first, for me.  It’s the greatest of honors one man kin do for t’other.  Tell him I’ll always be his Uncle Gus, jes like with you.”  Gus said and smiled warmly.  He took the stub of the cigar out of his mouth and they simply kissed.

This round is on me.”  Roscoe said, “But I gotta get back to the bar before those bears start helping themselves.”  He patted and rubbed Gus’ furry belly.  “See you guys later?”

It could happen, sexy!”  Frank said in response and patted the man on his ass as he turned to leave.

Damn but you lay that accent on thick.” Frank said turning to his husband and giving his furry cheek a kiss.

“‘Course I do.’twas the first English I learnt, ya know that.  ‘Sides, I kinda like soundin’ like Yosemite Sam ‘round all these young’uns.”  Gus smiled, puffed the last of his cigar and stubbed it out in an ashtray on the table.  “But if you like I could slip into Standard American Network Newscaster,” Gus said, giving his hubby a kiss back on his furry cheek.

No, be the 'you' you like to be, Gus.”  Frank said and the pair were interrupted by Tony who had grabbed a chair from another table and joined them.

All done for the night, then?” Frank gave Tony a smooch.

Yeah.  Larry and Leonard will close down here.  I came in early and worked extra so I could have some time off for fun.  What's up for tonight, then?”

Well, these three here have invited us three up to their room for a little private meet and greet.” Frank chuckled and nudged Tony in the ribs.  “I saw the look you gave the young'un here at the bar. You undressed him coming and going.  Not that there's anything wrong in that!”

Well hot damn!” Gus said as he fished a cigar out of his vest pocket and lit it, “We’re all gonna get fucked!”

Ha!” Rusty laughed.  “We thought it might be a bit quieter back at the hotel.  I bet Tony has been run ragged behind the bar, and this will be nicer, less intense.”

Speak for yerself, Mr. Strawberries,” Gus said with a leer, working around his cigar.   The six got up, pushing chairs back and reaching for clothes.

Who's gonna drive?” Brian asked.  “We've all have more than a few.”

Not to worry,” Moose said jingling his car keys. He leaned over and whispered in Brian's ear.  “Were metabolism processes alcohol pretty quick.  You and Tony probably shouldn't drive, but we're good. Anyway, you got a pretty good head on ya.  You up for a little fun back at the hotel?”

You bet!”  Brian followed Gus and Frank up the stairs, followed by Tony, who patted Brian's butt, with Moose and Rusty taking up the rear.  They headed for the parking lot, waving and calling good-byes to friends in the main floor of Spanky's.  The crowd didn't seem to have thinned out much at all.  Once outside, deep lung-fulls of fresh air did wonders to clear their heads.  The smoking area was still full of bears, clouds of blue smoke wafting out into the night.  They piled into their respective vehicles and, with Moose in the lead, headed back to the hotel.


  1. At least Brian was listening,when Moose and Rusty warned him;regarding keeping the existence of were-kind a secret. Excellent story---I'm looking forward to the next installment with interest!

  2. No wonder you slowed down on finishing, this is a really big (and well done) addition. Where changes to the story prompted as you posted chapters before everything was totally complete?

    Thank you for the wonderful stories!

  3. This chapter just kept growing and growing and growing.... We found ourselves adding new scenes and details at a rapid clip. It was those 'additions' that required some rewriting of the chapter as a whole. Originally, Chapter 13 was part of (a much shorter) Chapter 12. This sort of makes up for the very short Chapter 10. Oddly enough, I wrote the ending of this story (Chapter 17) a couple of months ago. Papa Werebear and I had a story arc in mind at that point, but that ending just popped into my mind and I had to get it down on paper. Papa Werebear had the scene at Spanky's on paper, but then kept getting more ideas for details. We seem not to write in a completely linear fashion.