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Brown Bear Coffee House - Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Over the summer, Brian thought a lot about what he wanted to do with his life. He thought about the lives that Moose and Rusty were leading and what all that meant, short- and long-term. Their mutual support of him, and their obvious love and affection for him pulled him towards that way of life. The rightness of life with them had a deep attraction. But his talk with Tony at the bear run the previous fall had given him much to think about as well. He found himself agreeing more and more with the black bear's thoughts on having a life and experiencing some of the world before he made an irrevocable change, a truly life-changing one. He felt strongly pulled towards a 'helping' profession, but really wasn't interested in medicine. He was becoming more interested in social work as a possible career, and he found a good program at Humboldt State. With Rusty's help he checked out which of his existing credits would transfer as was pleasantly surprised to find that he would only have to make up one class to be on track to graduate in three years’ time.

He was pleased with the amount of money he had saved, and, after much consideration, decided that he would buy a car. This would give him mobility while he was at school, and allow him to visit Moose and Rusty when he wanted to without having to depend on others for rides. He told Moose and Rusty his plan and set aside time one Saturday towards the end of summer to go car shopping. “I think something used, maybe a Jeep.”

Rusty nudged Moose and whispered in his ear, “We should take care of that for him, so he can save the money for other stuff at school, and...” But Moose shushed him.

Nope. He needs to do this himself.” When Rusty started to interrupt, Moose continued, “No, I mean that. It will be good for him to contribute, to do something on his own. And before you say anything, yes, I will go with him and see that he gets a good 'un, not some piece of crap that just looks good.”

Rusty looked doubtful, but could see the wisdom of Moose's point of view. And that Saturday, he was content to let Moose and Brian go off on their own to hunt down a vehicle.

At one local car lot, Brian was very attracted to a Jeep Rubicon. “What do you think, Moose? It's looks clean and in good shape, and the price is good, too. Not too many miles.” He was walking around the Jeep, touching and patting the fenders. Moose stood back and looked the vehicle over.

Well, it does look to be in good shape. You'd need to have the engine and tranny checked out by a mechanic. But you know....” Moose stopped, considering how he should put what was on his mind. “I wonder if you might like a pick-up better. More cargo space, more stability. Better ride.”

You think so?”

Well, it IS your choice, your money and all. But think about a pick-up.” Moose called over to the salesman who had been shooed away from hovering a while back. “You got any pick-ups, about the same price range as this?” The salesman nodded, and lead them to the other side of the lot.

This one is really good... low miles, excellent condition, well maintained. It's an older model, I know, but it handles and pulls well. You can't go wrong with this baby, no sir!” He lovingly stroked the high hood of the Chevy Colorado Xtreme. “Cherry body, NICE rims, and pretty good torque. Wanna test drive it?” the salesman said, hopefully.

While Brian climbed in and checked the seating position and controls, Moose asked, “What's the story in this one, it's a 2008, no? How come the low miles?”

Well, there's no trick here. A lawyer bought it for his son's graduation from high school. The kid drove it for just over a year, and then went into the Army, asked his dad to keep it for him. He got sent to Afghanistan, two tours, I think. When he got back, he decided he wanted to get something more sporty. He went a bit wild, actually. He traded it in on a Camero. His dad had taken real good care of it, hardly drove it but kept it serviced, all done right here, we got the papers on it. It's a good choice if your boy doesn't mind something a bit older, less stylish.”

Moose chuckled at the 'your boy', but didn't correct the man. “It's his money and his choice, but thanks for the info. We'll let you know if we need anything else, or want a test drive.” Brian continued to look at the truck, eyeballing it from every angle. They looked at several others on other lots, but returned later in the afternoon to the Chevy, test drove it, and Brian proudly wrote the check and purchased his first vehicle. Moose's silent but imposing presence ensured that Brian got a fair deal, with no up-selling, add-on's, or secret defects.

You like it, Moose?” Brian asked when they got back to the Brown Bear, eager for his closest friend's approval.

Yep! It's a good looking hunk of truck. Smaller, but that's not at all bad. Pretty decent cargo space, and the cab is comfy. You done good....'son'!” He slapped Brian on the back.

You caught that, huh?” Brian chuckled. “I thought it was a hoot, but it made me feel good, though... 'dad'!” He smiled at Moose, love in his eyes.

The last weeks of the summer flew by in a blur of work at the coffee shop, a few day trips to nearby towns that had bear bars or gay-friendly resorts, and conversations about Brian's future plans. He and Moose had continued to weight train and Brian had grown out of most of his clothes, which he gave to charity. He was becoming truly massive. He kept a few of the tighter ones, the ones that really showed off his muscles, at Moose’s request; and would dress in them when going on the day trips. Moose was inordinately proud of his cub and loved to show him off. Before they all knew it, it was September, and their time together was coming to an end. Rusty insisted on making a farewell meal featuring all of Brian's favorites.

I am seriously going to miss this food. We eat like kings around here, you know that?” Brian pushed his very full self back from the table. “That was SO good.... and thanks for making my favorite stroganoff, and everything else.” While Rusty had been cooking up a storm of Brian's favorites, Moose had helped Brian pack his car with all the gear he was taking to Humboldt the next morning. Since the night Brian had discovered the true nature of his papas, he hadn’t slept in the room downstairs but maybe three times. It had become more of a store room for his stuff. New student orientation began in two days, and Brian planned on leaving early the next morning. This dinner had been their last together for a while, so there was some inevitable sadness involved.

You are more than welcome,” Rusty said, with a sigh. “We'll miss having you around here, you know that. More than miss you, actually.” Moose nodded in agreement and reached a paw under the table to squeeze Brian's knee. “Shall we clear?” Rusty asked.

Nah, it can wait. We need to do some serious cuddling. Com'on.” Moose got up from the table and reached for Rusty and Brian. “Everything else is done, just leave it. Time for us, now.” They all headed into the bedroom.

Moose turned on the low bedside light. It was too warm for any bed clothes, but he did light a couple of candles, who's dancing light made their shadows flicker as they stripped and got onto the bed. As was their usual positioning when Brian shared their bed, Moose and Rusty were on the outside with Brian in the middle. All three happened to sigh together, and then all three laughed.

It's funny when that happens,” Brian said, still smiling. The three were silent for a while, enjoying the warmth and closeness of each other. Finally, Brian broke the silence.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm really horny. Think we could do something about that?” Brian was grinning again as he reached down to fondle Rusty and Moose's cocks. Rusty's was surging erect, with Moose's not far behind him; the warm growing thickness in his hands started Brian's response as well, and soon all three were hard. Moose started to ooze precum. Brian made to rise up and get a condom for the big red bear, but Moose pushed him back down on the bed.

Nuh-uh. Tonight we're doing all the work. Your job is to lay back and enjoy. Rusty?” he said looking over at his mate on the other side of the now-reclined Brian.

Rusty nodded and both of them began to nuzzle every nook and crevice of Brian's body. They licked and nibbled, bringing shivers of delight from their young companion. Starting at the top of Brian's head and working all the way down to his feet, the pair, one on each side, kissed every square inch of his body. They turned him over and did the same on his neck, back, butt, and legs. Moose then began a deep tissue massage on Brian's back and butt, while Rusty cuddled around Brian's head and face, kissing him and talking softly. Brian alternately groaned and sighed in pleasure. When he was finished, Moose turned Brian over, revealing his still rigid cock and a sizable wet spot on the sheet.

You got some more of that for us?” Rusty chuckled, and moved down and attached his mouth to Brian's cock, working his tongue in between the foreskin and the glans.

Wait, Rusty,” Brian said, gently pushing Rusty's head off his cock. “I want to ask something.” Both Rusty and Moose looked at each other then at Brian.

I've been having some dreams lately, fantasies, I guess; and again just now. I sort of wondered if we could try something. If you're willing, I mean.”

Both Moose and Rusty had half-expected Brian to ask them about becoming a werebear, and both started to say something, but Brian stopped them before they could voice their thoughts.

Moose, you're the biggest guy I've seen, I mean your cock is the biggest I've seen. Tony was surprised I could take you.” Moose blushed lightly while Rusty smiled with pride. “But what I'd like to try is to... well, maybe... take you both. At once, I mean. I want to have you both in me at the same time, I’ve wanted it since I first saw it on Triple X Tube. I thought at the time that it would be wonderful to feel both of you in me and surrounding me with your furry bodies.”

Moose and Rusty looked at each other again, then down to Brian. “Cub, I don't think you could. We could, but we're weres and any damage would repair quick. You're not. We wouldn't want...”

Rusty interrupted Moose, “ hurt you,” he finished.

I know, but if you took a lot of time, stretched me a lot and used lots of lube... I’ve been working at stretching myself for a month now, preparing for this.” Brian blinked and looked, first at Rusty, then at Moose. The tone of his voice and the rigid flare of his cock head made it clear that he really wanted this to happen.

I dunno...” Moose was plainly doubtful. “I suppose if we used Rubber Moose and worked a couple of fingers in along with that, it might open you enough...” He was still uncertain.

You know,” Rusty said, “I think one of the guys left a bottle of poppers here.” He looked at Brian. “You're young and strong, no heart issues or meds, so there really isn't much risk. It might help you relax your muscle ring enough.” He looked at Moose with an unspoken question in his eyes. Moose nodded slightly. Rusty got off the bed and rummaged around the night stand on his side for the little bottle. “Ah. There it is.” He held up the small brown bottle.

Meanwhile, Moose had opened the drawer in his nightstand and fished out the Rubber Moose. As a gag one year, back in the early days of their relationship, Moose had a life cast made of his cock, and a silicone dildo made from that, and had given it to Rusty. “I ain't braggin' but you know I'm big. I don't want to hurt ya, so I kinda thought you could... sort a practice with this.” Far from being offended, Rusty eagerly 'practiced' with the dildo, which they nicknamed the Rubber Moose. It certainly made taking Moose easier for the smaller man, and besides, Rusty had developed a taste for being overfilled. Once they had moved in together, the Rubber Moose was rarely used, the real things being much more available, and satisfying. Moose also got out a pair of condoms, one extra-large for himself and one for Rusty, and the lube.

This might be best with you on all fours to start,” Moose said. Brian scrambled into the classic position and Moose began to lovingly lube his butt. He slowly worked one blunt finger in, spreading the thick lube in deep. Feeling Brian relax some, he worked a second finger in with more lube, and stretched the muscle ring by moving his fingers apart. Brian grunted, but pushed back to let Moose know he was OK. Moose continued to work his fingers and the lube in deeper.

Rusty held the small brown bottle up to see if there was any liquid left. There was, and he opened the cap and sniffed lightly. The nitrite hit his brain almost instantly, with his enhanced sense of smell even in human form. He felt a warmth spread throughout his body and a heightened sense of awareness. It faded rapidly, the result of his speeded-up were metabolism. He held it out to Brian, who raised his head and looked, unsure of what to do.

This will help your smooth muscles relax, and you'll feel warm. Blood will rush to your head. It will feel odd but probably good. Take a small sniff first. It smells kinda funky, but it won't hurt you.” He held the bottle under Brian's nose. Brian sniffed.

He felt an immediate rush of blood to his head, and a warm flush radiating from both his head and his chest outwards. The feeling was not unpleasant but definitely strange.

You OK?” Rusty asked. Brian nodded as Moose slipped a third and fourth finger easily in. Rusty held out the bottle again, and Brian inhaled deeply.

The effect this time was more pronounced. Moose withdrew his fingers and replaced them with Rubber Moose, which slid in with more lube and almost no resistance. In the next five minutes or so, Moose worked Brian's ass, gently working a couple of fingers in alongside Rubber Moose. He looked over at Rusty, at Brian's head, and asked, “How are we going to do this?”

I've been thinking, we can't both fit behind him. How about we get on our backs, you put your legs outside mine and I scoot up close to you. Use pillows to support our backs so we can be a bit more like we're sitting. We'll be cock to cock. Then Brian can straddle us and lower himself onto us. Think that would work?”

Moose nodded, and asked Brian, “You game?”

Brian's eager nod was accompanied by his getting up and out of the way so Moose and Rusty could get into position. Once there, the two bears began stroking themselves to harness. Brian reached for the condoms, and in his eagerness, nearly tried to put the smaller one on Moose.

Other way 'round,” they both said together, and they all laughed. Brian rolled down the rubber on Moose's thick meat, pinching the tip to leave room for Moose's cum, and smoothed as he rolled downwards on the shaft, skinning back the hairs that grew all over the bottom third of Moose's shaft. He then did the same for Rusty, causing Rusty to moan with pleasure at the stroking motions. His tip flared wide. Brian then got up and stepped across both bears, straddling them and squatted down.

Guide yourselves in, I can't see.” Moose and Rusty obliged. Rusty handed the little bottle to Brian. “Take another hit, then start to lower yourself on us. If you feel yourself tightening up, you can take another hit or stop. Don't hurt yourself, take it nice and slow.” While Rusty was talking, Moose was busy squirting more lube on both their erect poles. “Ready.”

Brian began to slowly lower himself, then stopped. “I gotta shift here.” He got on one knee, with his other leg bent and once again began to lower himself, this time with more control. “That's better.”

Under Brian, both Moose and Rusty were guiding themselves in. Brian's hole gaped, stretched wide from Rubber Moose and the real one's fingers. Moose's tip nearly filled the opening, but not quite. “Guide me in,” Rusty said to Moose as he put his hands under his butt and raised himself so his tip was at the same height as Moose's. Moose gripped both his and Rusty's meat in his paw, holding them together as Brian lowered slowly. Both tips together spread the puckered skin and muscle wide, then wider, and then, with Brian's very loud grunt, disappeared inside.

Oh, fuck me! That feels...” Brian paused and drew a deep breath.

OK? Good?” Rusty asked.

Fan-fucking-tastic!” Brian slowly lowered more, so half the length of the pair of cocks was inside him.

Will you look at that!” Ain't that a sight?” Moose was becoming visibly excited, his breath coming in faster gasps as well. Rusty was breathing hard.

I can't see from here, not like you can, but it feels fantastic... both of you in me at once!!”

Brian was facing away from Moose, which gave Moose a better view of his butt, but Rusty a better view of his face. “What's he look like?” Moose asked.

Well, his eyes have definitely rolled back in his head, and he's drooling a bit. Um, make that a lot from his cock.”

Brian was incoherent by this point, raising and lowering himself on the pair of cocks. Unable to bottom out, but unwilling to stop trying, his rigid erection bounced with the effort. Suddenly, his cock jerked rhythmically and he pumped out a huge load, the first shot arcing completely over Rusty's head, the second and third hitting the red-blond bear square in the face and mouth, and the fourth and fifth the lower part of his beard and chest. Both Moose and Rusty growled deeply, and Brian moaned and gasped in time with the pulsing of his cock, and then started to fall backwards. Moose quickly put his large hands under Brian's butt and pushed upwards until his ass had cleared both bear's cocks. Brian sort of collapsed onto Rusty, pinning his legs against Moose's. His breath came in ragged gasps. Rusty cradled Brian in his arms, murmuring in his ear. Moose did his best to ease out from under Rusty and Brian. He rolled slightly on his side and pulled his condom off and tied it off. He motioned to Rusty.

Your condom. It looks like you shot.”

I did, but I can't reach it, can you get it for me?” Moose did and removed the filled rubber and tied it off as well.

Did you shoot?” Rusty asked. Moose nodded and held up the pair of tied condom, both distended with bear cum. Rusty grinned. “This guy sure did, I'm covered in it!”

That’s my CUB!” Moose said.

Brian's eyes had returned to their usual position and they looked into Rusty's face. “Wow…” was all he could manage to say.

Rusty smiled and Moose patted Brian's back. With Moose's help, Brian rolled off Rusty, and lay between them, his face buried in Moose's arm pit, nuzzling. He reached back and pulled Rusty in closer. Silence descended while each processed the events of the past half hour.

One of the candles guttered out. The smoke smell roused all three out of their post-play daze.

Guys, I don't know how I can tell you how much you both mean to me. How grateful I am for everything you've done for me. You've never once asked for anything in return. I just...” Here he paused, trying to get control of his emotions. His falling out with his parents, being disowned, and his time on the streets had all toughened him to a point where he rarely allowed himself to show deep emotion; but he was struggling now to keep his composure. Both Moose and Rusty reached over and hugged him tight, and then he lost it, crying softly into Moose's chest fur while clutching Rusty's hand.

We both love you very deeply, Brian.” Rusty said

And we’ll always be your papa bears. Nothin’ ever gonna change that,” Moose said and kissed the young man on top of his head.

Sorry, guys. It's just that no one has ever treated me as generously, as lovingly as you... you didn't know me from Adam and you just took me in. I'll never forget that, and I'll never stop being grateful. You changed my life, you saved my life... and now you’ve helped me begin to build my life.”

Brian, you know we will miss you a lot. You always have a place here, whenever you need it. You can drive to visit us, it's not all that far, really. Anytime. And we can visit you. And if you ever need any help, you only have to call.” Rusty was getting a bit misty himself, partly because he really would miss Brian, and partly because he knew how much Moose would.

Moose stroked Brian's furry chest and belly. “There is something we will ask of you, cub.” Brian looked up into Moose's thick beard-framed face. “Make use of that degree you’re getting, go out and help people. You've got a gift for empathy, and you've been there and know what it's like to be on the other side of economic security. I know social work gets a bad rap sometimes, but get yourself in a position where you can make some changes, make the system work the way it should. That's what we ask.”

You know I'll do my level best, Moose, Rusty. I owe it to you.”

No, not to us. To yourself and to others.” At that, Brian nodded, then gathered his thoughts.

And guys.... I've decided. PLEASE don't be upset. Please. But I've thought a lot about this. Every time I go off for a walk alone I'm thinking about this. Deciding to go to Humboldt was easy. But this... My talk with Tony really helped me, cleared my thinking some, and...and I've decided I want to have a career, a life. I would LOVE to spend the rest of my life with you guys, but I need to go out and do stuff... not that being here with you isn't good... great, I mean...” Brian's voice faded away as he tried to find the words he needed to say.

It's OK, Brian. We both love you, and we know you love us. That's all that really matters.” Moose stroked Brian's shoulder and chest. Rusty rested a paw on Brian's belly.

But guys.... what I mean is that I just am not ready yet... not ready to... for... to be like you. To be were.” He stopped, tears in his eyes again. “I want to, I think. But just not now. Later. After I've had a career, a life, after I've been human for a while.” He stopped, afraid, in spite of what Moose had just said to him, that they wouldn't want him to return to them, now or ever.

Oh, Brian. Don't worry yourself about this. It's NEVER been a requirement, you know that. We wouldn't change you anyway, at least not until you've had a chance to live a life on your own with other bears if you want, human bears. We'll always be here for you. Never doubt that. But we want you to go out, to be on your own, and to discover what kind of person you want to be and what kind of life you want to have.” Moose hugged Brian tight.

We've got lots of time, you know.”

They were silent for a while, and then Brian spoke up. “Guys, could I ask one last favor?”

Of course cub. What do you want?”

Could you both go into full bear form and let me sleep with you tonight like that. One more time?”

Sure!” Moose almost immediately started his change into full grizzly form. The process was now familiar to Brian, but he still gazed with wonder at what his beloved Moose was becoming in front of his eyes. Rusty deliberately delayed changing so that Brian could concentrate on watching Moose.

When Moose was finished and had chuffed at Brian and nuzzled in his beard, Rusty began his change. Brian turned to watch the other bear in his life morph into a beautiful Kermode, fur shining in the low candle light of the room. Each bear settled on the bed and Brian, after snuffing out the remaining candles, settled between them. Each bear was on their side, facing Brian, their soft breath ruffling Brian's beard and fur. Each put out a heavy paw and rested it on Brian's chest and belly. Both growled and nuzzled the young man, and all three fell asleep.

Brian rose early the next morning, and very quietly eased out of bed, leaving the two bears, still in full form, to slumber on. He thought of waking them, but knew he wouldn't handle the goodbye well. 'Better to remember last night,' he thought. So he quietly showered downstairs, dressed, locked the doors behind him, and drove off to Humboldt, to a new phase in his life.


  1. Such a good story kinda sad but happy at the same time. You guys are awesome can't wait for the next story

    1. Thanks! There will be a new Bear Short up after this, then another story by Hairy1.

  2. I think Brian's decision was well-written, mature, and very kind. Wanting to give back, experience life, even when he was obviously attracted to the werebears, is great. After all, the two of his Papas did not change until 40 years after his age. A lot of living in those 40 years.

    1. Yes. And don't forget that in our fictional universe, were lifespans are significantly different than human ones... Brian will have time for a pretty full life and still have a long time with Moose and Rusty if he so chooses.

  3. Having Brian remain human makes for all kinds of interesting possibilities in future stories.....?