Thursday, May 29, 2014

Healing Bears - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Shortly after four a.m., Craig opened his door and padded to Terry's open doorway. He stood there, naked, for a long time; listening to Terry's breathing and noting his restless sleep. He thought about many things, especially the conversations the two men had had over the past two weeks, and his reaction to them. He thought a lot about Terry and the innate goodness he perceived in him. Outside, a dog barked, and was answered by another. A night bird sang briefly, then was silent. His decision made, Craig stepped into the room.

The mattress creaked a bit and Terry woke almost instantly. Aware that Terry was awake, Craig turned and said, “Is this still OK?”

“Oh!... Oh, yes!” Terry reached his arms up and pulled the big bearish man down next to him. “Oh, God, you are so fucking beautiful.” He pulled Craig in tight, and for a few minutes they lay like that, closely cuddled together, absorbing each other's heat and scent. Craig tuned in the bed and faced Terry.

“Can we pick up where I stopped us before? Kiss me?”

As the two moved in to each other, their erect cocks collided, but each ignored this as their lips touched, then parted; and their arms went up so that hands could caress the backs of heads and then pull them in closer.

Terry's tongue played tag with Craig's, probing and retreating, then filling the other man's mouth. By turns tender and firm, the kisses grew in passion and their hands slid down furry backs and caressed muscle and fat. Chests and bellies pressed together, cocks rubbed and slid against each other. Craig moaned and placed his big hands on Terry's butt and pulled him in tight against himself. “Sweet God in heaven... you feel so good!”

Terry forgot his leg and began to hump against Craig's body. Craig returned motion for motion, and in only a few moments, Craig shouted, “I'm cumming!” Terry felt a hot, pulsing flood against his belly and shouted, “Yeah! Fuck, YEAH!!” His own ejaculation started.

The two clung to each other as they pumped out their seed and pent up desire. Rasping breath and grunts filled the room. Gradually the urgency of their movements slowed and the rolled back slightly so they could look at each other. “God damn,” Terry whispered. Craig smiled and ducked his blond head against Terry's hairy chest. He searched for and found a nipple, and began to lap at it, licking and nibbling.

“I'll give you two hours to stop that.”

Craig chuckled. “Hell I will.”

Terry was about to ask something but Craig's move south stopped him. Craig's tongue left a wet trail of saliva through Terry's cum-matted fur. He paused when he reached Terry's semi-erect cock. He slowly licked the hot flesh, tracing around the ridge and probing the piss slit. He slowly swallowed the now hard member, his nose embedded in Terry's thick bush. He inhaled deeply and groaned. Terry bucked once or twice, and Craig began a pumping motion with his mouth. He kept up a steady rhythm, and added his hand to the effort, his slick spit serving as lube. Suddenly, Terry said, “I'm really close, buddy. Better pull off.”

“Nuh-uh,” Craig mumbled from around Terry's throbbing meat, and shook his head. He stayed firmly attached to Terry's cock, still milking him with his mouth Terry cried out and surged upwards into Craig's hot mouth and bucked, once, twice, and then shot volley after volley into the waiting gullet. Craig swallowed once and slowed, allowing Terry's hips to finish the pumping job. When he was finally through, Craig scooted up and shared Terry's cum with him.

“Always wondered what it would be like to do that.... swap spit and cum with a guy.”


“I like it!” Craig got a goofy grin on his face and kissed Terry again. His cock was once again rigid with desire and when Terry's paw caressed it, he almost whimpered with joy.

“Don't stop.... dear sweet Jesus, don't stop!”

Terry really wanted to return the favor of a blow job, but he sensed that Craig's need was for something else. He felt his hand grow slick with the blond bear's precum and rolled on his back, pulling Craig on top of him. Once Craig was between Terry's legs, he raised them up against Craig's sides. The invitation was plain, but Craig had little experience beyond a few hasty blow jobs and a fumbling and failed attempt at fucking. He wasn't sure if Terry wanted to be fucked or was just raising his cock for him to suck dry again.

“Fuck me, bear. Take my ass.” Terry's hands hooked around behind his knees and pulled his legs up tighter, raising his butt.

Craig read that signal easily. He raised up and started to move in to penetrate. Terry stopped him. “Man, you gotta use some lube. Over there, in the night stand drawer.” Craig leaned over and opened the draw and got the bottle of Wet. He squirted some on his paw and slicked his meat, and wiped the rest on Terry's ass. “Like that?” Terry nodded.

He moved back into position, centered his rock hard meat against Terry's hole and started to push. Terry grunted and pushed back, straining against the battering ram. Craig's blunt tip forced an entry, parting the tissue and muscle ring and starting to make entry. Terry tried to muffle it, but a groan escaped.

Craig immediately stopped, his body rigid with concern. He started to pull out, but Terry spoke, “No, NO! Stay in me.... just hold for a minute, let me get used to you.” Craig stopped pulling out and held still.

“OK. Just go a bit easy.”

“All the way in?” Craig's body was telling him to pound away but his inexperience and concern for Terry were making him cautious.

“In a bit, then pull back, but not all the way out. Go in a bit deeper each time. You're fucking huge!”

“Aww, man, I AM hurting.” Craig started to back out.

“Don't you DARE! I want you in me, bear... I want your hot fucking cock buried in my ass.” Terry looked up and smiled at Craig, who looked a bit shocked at the language. “It's OK... really.”

Craig resumed a slow pump on his buddy's ass. He went a bit deeper each time until his balls rested on Terry's ass. He signed deeply at the same time Terry did. They both laughed.

“It just takes a bit of time, that's all. Damn, you feel good!”

“Really? You like it?” Craig sounded unconvinced.

“Fuck yeah.... This is as close as two guys can be. And when it's someone like you, it's just so great....” Terry sighed again. “Fuck me, Craig.”

Craig took his cue and began to move, pumping his meat into Terry's warm, furry butt. Each stroke got a grunt or a moan from Terry, and soon Craig was joining in, vocalizing along with him. Craig felt the urgent need of his balls and prostate, the pressure building and the geyser of his load starting to rise. “Oh, shit, man, I am gonna cum... I'm gonna shoot!” Craig's rhythm became erratic as he deep-dicked Terry in an attempt to climb inside the mid-sized bear he was fucking. “GOD!!”

Terry moaned along with Craig's shout and felt the blond bear's hot gush of semen shoot into his gut. His leg was aching badly but he wasn't about to stop, he wanted this bear to breed him, wanted this healing closeness for both of them. He felt as if he was in part of his dream, but this was real, he could touch this and it wouldn't melt away. He worked his sphincter, squeezing tight to give Craig the best ride he could. Craig moaned with pleasure.

Craig slowly softened and he finally pulled out, still dripping some cum, shining and slick with lube and his own seed. “Oh, man......” He was utterly at a loss for words. He'd never experienced release like that before, had never had such a satisfactory orgasm. He helped Terry lower his legs and lay down beside him.

“How do you feel?” he asked Terry.

“Well and truly fucked. No, more than that. Full and content and happy. Hold me?”

Craig put his arms around the smaller bear and cuddled him close. He was silent for a long while and then sighed.

“You worrying again, Craig? Don't. If you ever had any doubts, listen to your body now.” Terry placed his arms over Craig's and hugged.

“No. No doubts. I was just.... happy. Relaxed. It was a 'good' sigh.”

“Good... I'm glad.”

As their breathing returned to normal, a delightful sense of satisfied lassitude crept up on both of them, and they dozed in each other's arms.


  1. What every bear dreams of: the perfect 'roll in the hay'....GRRRR,WOOF!