Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Brief Note to our Readers

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We wish to acknowledge a long-standing debt of gratitude to our friend, LiveJournal's very own Designer Otter, whose perceptive comments on our fiction have helped us both with the development of our characters. For Brown Bear Coffee House, we'd like to thank two other friends for technical assistance... a waggle of our paws to Mike and to John.

We have been asked from time to time if our characters are modeled on real people. Authors are always influenced by their life experiences, but none of our characters are stand-ins for real people. The fiction we write is just that, pure fiction. No real persons, living or dead, are depicted.

A final note: in all these stories, the characters do not practice safe sex. In our fantasy, such precautions between werebears or others are not necessary except as a plot device; but in the real world they most definitely are.  Enjoy the fantasy, but please play safe in the real world. )

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