Thursday, May 29, 2014

Healing Bears - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The next morning, Terry woke with the sheets stiff and stuck to his chest fur. He carefully loosened them and folded them back. He was in the process of working his good leg out from under the covers preparatory to inching his bad one out when Craig appeared at the door.

“Y'all manage that?” he asked.

“Yeah, I can. Takes time, it's always stiffest in the morning, but it gets better.” Realizing that what he just said could be taken more than one way, he colored a bit. He looked at Craig and saw the faintest ghost of a smile at the corners of his mouth.

“Well, let's get you up and about. Looks like I might have to do some laundry.”

Terry went a bit redder, but Craig brushed it aside. “No problem. Hell, I don't imagine y'all had much privacy in the hospital, for all they call them 'private rooms'.”

“You got that right,” Terry said ruefully. “I felt like I was going to bust.”

“Well, I've got breakfast started and I imagine you need to hit the can. After breakfast, we can work on a shower.” Craig raised Terry up and braced him, and then handed him a cane. “Use this to steady yourself, but still put however much weight y'all need to on me.”

Together they made their way to the bathroom and Terry peed with less help this time; and brushed his teeth, bracing himself with his left hand while Craig stood close by if needed. Then it was out to the breakfast nook clumping along with the cane on one side and Craig on the other. Terry sat while Craig finished the food prep. Once the eggs, bacon, toast and fruit had been consumed, Craig helped Terry up and they hobbled back into the bathroom. Craig eyed the shower, and Terry caught his glance.

“Sorry. That was one of the sacrifices when I worked on the place. I lost a full size tub in here to get some space in the kitchen, so there's only a shower. I'm afraid it isn't very big. Do you think we can manage it? I've had my fill of sponge baths, and I know I must stink.” 'Not to mention the cum residue,' he thought silently to himself.

“I think we can manage. It will be tight, but the real problem will be slipping. Y'all should have friction strips on the floor... the marble looks nice but its slick as hell when it's wet. You want to shave first, or after?” Craig asked.

“No shaving... I'm letting the beard grow back. I feel naked without it. They had to shave my face in the hospital for the surgeon.”

“OK. You step in, I'll follow. Y'all brace yourself against the wall and hold on to the handles until I'm in and have you, OK?”

Terry nodded and began the process of stripping, pulling off his sweat top. Craig held him while he dropped his sweat pants and then stepped inside the shower. Craig stripped down to his boxers and stepped in beside Terry. Craig was covered in blond hair from his bushy red-blond beard to the tops of his fur-covered feet. Broad shoulders were covered with fur, but there wasn't much of a taper to his body. The middle was very thick, and sported a pleasing swell of belly. A muscled butt led to thick legs and calves. Not bodybuilder toned or ripped, but solid. Golden fur covered most everything, effectively concealing his nipples and navel. Terry stared openly at the big man's fur-covered torso. “Damn.”

Craig looked embarrassed and said, “Yeah. Son of Sasquatch. If it bothers you, I can put on a tee.”

“Oh, no! No! I didn't mean.... I mean....” Terry stammered. “It doesn't bother me at all. I think a guy should be hairy. I mean, a real man should....” 'Shut up, shut UP!,' he thought, 'you're making it worse. He'll freak.'

This time, Craig looked quietly at Terry with an almost appraising look. Their eyes held for an instant, then he said, “Go ahead and adjust the water how you like it.”

Terry did so, and reached for the soap. Craig said, “I really should hold you... I'm still worried about you slipping or losing your balance. Here, turn a bit, face away from me.” Terry felt Craig's arms go around him in a hug from behind and tighten slightly, supporting him.

“If there were more room, y'all could sit on a stool and do this yourself, but I think this is safer. I'll hold, y'all just clean where you have to. When you're ready, let me know and we'll turn you towards me.”

Terry concentrated on soaping up and getting clean. It felt truly wonderful to be able to clean himself properly. He scrubbed his pits and his crotch carefully, and worked up a thick lather in his chest fur to clean the cum out of it. As he leaned forward slightly to soap his crotch a second time, he thought, no, knew he felt Craig's cock press against his butt through the sopping wet boxers. 'Well,' he thought to himself, 'it would be hard not to. He's a big boy and this shower IS small.'

He straightened up and told Craig he wanted to turn. “Wait. Give me the soap and I'll do your back.” Craig took the soap and lathered Terry's back thoroughly, stopping just above his butt. “OK, turn slowly.”

Terry rotated carefully while Craig maintained his hold on his middle. It was awkward, but surprisingly intimate. When he was facing Craig, Terry said, “Can you hand me the soap?”

Craig nodded and handed the bar to Terry, who tried to reach behind himself to clean between his cheeks. He struggled to reach but failed. Craig noticed this and cleared his throat.

“I know its weird, but that's one of the things I'm here for. I can do that for you until you can manage for yourself. It's no problem.” He paused and waited for Terry's reply.

“I guess you'll have to, I can't quite reach yet.” He handed the bar of soap to Craig.

Craig turned Terry around and told him to brace against the wall with one hand and to put the other arm around his neck. “Keep both feet on the ground, but don't put your weight on the bad one.” He stooped down just a bit and once he was sure Terry was steady, he worked his soapy paw up in between the injured man's butt cheeks. He cleaned thoroughly and worked down the backs of Terry's thighs as well, knowing he couldn't reach there safely, either. Terry did his best not to gasp out loud when he felt Craig's paw so close to his asshole, but he still emitted a muffled sound.

“Damn. We need a hand held shower head. Well, I''ll rinse you the best I can . Can you still hold here?”

Terry nodded. Craig cupped his hand and splashed water up against Terry's butt. He worked rinse water in several times, and then told Terry to turn so the shower head could rinse his back. Terry didn't move.

“Come on, man, I need you to turn so I can rinse you.” Craig waited, but still Terry didn't turn.

Craig straightened up and took Terry's arm, but Terry shook his head. “I can't.”

“Y'all got a cramp? Muscle spasm? Here, lean on me and we'll get you out and sitting down.”

“No. that will only make it worse,” Terry said, almost desperately.

“I don't underst....” Before Craig could finish, Terry turned mutely around.

Part way through the turn, Terry's erect cock hit against Craig's wet, fabric-covered crotch, rubbing against Craig's own bulge. The rock hard cock was pointing up at a sharp angle, drooling precum; but the drooling was not that noticeable, being washed away with the shower water. What was noticeable was the ashamed look on Terry's face as he looked up at Craig.

The water poured down over both of them, plastering the bigger man's fur against his body and turning its golden color to a darker, almost brown, color. The sound of the water was magnified by the hard walls of the shower and at the same time muffled by the bulk of the two wet bodies standing together. Craig looked down and saw as well as felt the rigid cock poking at his crotch. He felt his own meat stir. As Terry closed his eyes against the fall of the water, he leaned down and kissed the man firmly. He circled his arms around the soapy body and hugged, and felt Terry do the same, tightening; changing what started as a gentle kiss into one filled with passion.

Terry's heart started hammering and his cock grew even more engorged and rigid than it had been moments before. He hugged tighter and and began to extend his tongue when Craig suddenly went rigid and pushed Terry back.

“We can't... I can't do... we've got to stop.” Craig reach and pulled Terry's arms from around his middle and stepped back as much as the small shower stall allowed. “I'm so sorry. That shouldn't have happened. Here, I'll step out and help you out.”

Craig did so and helped a very confused and disappointed Terry out of the shower and handed him a towel.

“I'll go get my things and be out of here as soon as I can arrange with the service for a replacement to be here. I'll stay until they get here.” Craig made a hurried exit.

Terry reached for the cane and tried to clump to the doorway. “Craig! Wait! Please, wait up. I can't ...” Terry impatiently pushed his complaining knee and leg forward and reached for the cane. “Craig!”

He painfully hobbled slowly down the hall, dripping. He reached the door of the small office/bedroom and saw Craig stuffing clothes into his duffel. “Please, tell me what's wrong?”

“What's wrong? That was grossly unprofessional on my part, that's what's wrong. You loose your license for stuff like that, that's what's wrong.” He angrily shoved a jacket into the duffle and zipped it shut.

“Please. I have to sit. Wait.” Terry sank into the chair and faced the angry large man. “This isn't about 'professional'. What kind of a shit do you think I am? That I would call some office and file a complaint on you? Is that what you think?” Anger and concern and fear were all competing in Terry's brain for a voice. Craig stood, mute.

“Well, do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Do you think I would do something like that to you?” Terry glared at Craig, then softened his look and voice. “Do you?” he asked again, quietly.

Craig slowly shook his head once. The duffle remained in his hand.

“Craig, please... sit down and talk to me. Whatever was wrong, whatever happened in there, we can take care of. “ Terry waited for Craig's response. “Please?”

Craig lowered the duffle to the carpet and sat on the desk chair. “I don't know what happened to me. I've never done anything like that before. I should never have done that.”

“You mean kiss me? Why not? You knew I was gay. I certainly didn't object. You seemed to like it, too; hell, I felt you cock trying to bust out of those shorts.” The wet boxers were soaking through the jeans Craig had hastily pulled on.

“It was wrong. I was taking advantage.” Craig stopped then started again in a rush. “It was wrong, don't y'all see. Wrong for me. I never... oh, hell, this is all WRONG! I promised...”

Terry suddenly thought he understood. “Oh, my God, you've got a partner. Oh, Craig, I didn't know. I AM sorry. Aww, geez, this is my fault, not yours. Here I was, fantasizing, and you were monogamous.” Terry took a breath and was about to say something else when he noticed that Craig was red in the face.

“No, no! That's not... I mean.... I'm not really gay, not now, I mean. I mean, I don't have a partner or anything like that. It's just that I pro... Shit, I'm making a mess of it. I'll go cal the service.” Craig angrily rose.

“Craig, stop it. Don't call the service. I want you to stay. Whatever the problem is, we'll work it out.” Terry reached for the cane and knocked it over. “Damn! Craig, help me up and we'll go to the kitchen and make some coffee and talk this out. Please.”

Craig relented and extended his arm to Terry and hauled him upright. Together, they hobbled down the hall to the kitchen.

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  1. Day-umn! The shower scene* was (pardon the bad pun) the kind of wet-dream-come-true we'd all love to experience....! *It tops the one from 'Psycho'...^shudder^