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Brown Bear Coffee House - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Rusty was lost in thought as he slid the casserole in the oven. Closing the oven door, he stood musing about their home. 'It really has turned out nicely,' he thought, remembering the transformation the old building had gone through. He padded into the living area, wine glass in hand, contentedly gazing around him. Sipping wine, he was lost in thought.

- - - - - - - -

After the two bears had purchased the building and were deep in planning the modifications to the downstairs retail area, Rusty had called Mitch and Walt with the news about their prospective new lives and location. Vic had gotten on the phone and listened to the obvious excitement in the bears' voices. “Sounds like you two have things well in hand... or paw, as the case may be.” he said with a chuckle. He thought for a moment while Mitch and Moose exchanged news. “Tell you what. Don't sign with a contractor just yet. I've got some guys in mind. They live not far from you and they do good work. I'll give 'em a call and see if they'd like to take on your job.”

Bears?” Moose asked.

Of course!” Vic had growled.

Two weeks later, Vic had called back and confirmed that Ron and his Bear Crew would be happy to take on the rehab of the building. “Be prepared, guys. They work real fast, so be sure all your plans are ready to go, permits and such. Ron'll probably bring a small crew with them, not everyone. Four weeks from now OK with you guys?”

Uh, sure, I guess so,” Rusty had said, a bit taken back by the speed with which things were moving. “I still have to order the sinks and counters for the coffee shop, though.”

One of Ron's workers does stainless steel welding. I'll give you the email addy. Just shoot him measured drawings of what you need and he'll have it fabricated and ready to install. Give you a good price, too.” Vic grinned over the phone. “Told ya bein' a bear was a good thing!” He was laughing as he hung up. Rusty put down the receiver and went to tell Moose of the impending invasion.

Plans, changes and suggestions had flown back and forth over the next two weeks. It took remarkably little time to firm up plans that had been discussed and thought about for months and even years before actually being set down on paper. About a week before work was to begin, a fat mailing tube arrived.

Bear Crew Construction.” Rusty had read off the mailing label. “What do you suppose ...?”

Open it, open it!” Moose said from his chair in the hotel room they had rented long term.

Norman, you are worse than a kid at Christmas,” Rusty said but his own hands were eagerly tearing at the mailing tape. He had pulled the rolled sheaf out of the tube. “Oh, look! It's the final plans and drawings.” He'd spread them out on the small kitchenette table. Moose got up and looked along with Rusty. On the table were detailed floor plans and renderings in colored pencil of each room, showing each wall. The drawing was precise and almost elegant.

Someone's got talent.” Moose said, nuzzling at Rusty's neck.

It looks like they've gotten everything just the way I asked for, the kitchen and storeroom at the back of the coffee shop side. Here's the connecting hall from the garage so we can park and take the groceries up the back stairs unobserved from the shop. Are you pleased with what they've got for your side of the building?” Rusty asked, looking at Moose.

Moose nodded. “I like what they did with the waiting room area, see?” He pointed to the rendering for the physical therapy office. He squeezed Rusty. “When are they supposed to start?”

Monday next, if we approve of the plans, Ron said.”

“Wow. Well, the sooner, the better. I'm getting tired of this dinky bed and that TINY tub and shower! Besides, every time we fuck, the bed squeaks.”

We could fuck on the floor,” Rusty said with a chuckle. Moose reached for Rusty's zipper and tugged at it.

Ah, to hell with the neighbors. If they can't take squeaka-squeaka noises in a hotel, they should get earplugs or move! I mean, what do they expect...hymns?” He pushed Rusty back onto the bed and tugged his pants off, then shed his own. “Ah, you sure are a handsome fucker, you know that?” He leaned down and engulfed Rusty's now-straining cock in his warm mouth. The bed obligingly squeaked.

Early the following Monday morning, Rusty suddenly sat bolt upright in bed. He cocked his head as if listening intently. After a moment, he poked Moose. “Wake up. They're coming.”

A very sleepy Moose struggled to reach full consciousness. “Wha... Huh? Who?”

Rusty had tossed the sheet back and was on his feet, running his hand through his hair and almost hopping from one foot to the other. “The workers! The Bear Construction Company crew. They must have left early. They'll be here earlier.” He quickly padded over to the kitchenette and began brewing coffee and rummaging through the sink for cups.

Yeah, it's Monday, they said they be here today... what's the rush?” Moose was still rubbing his eyes, trying to focus on the strawberry blond blur in the kitchen.

No, I mean they must have left early, they're nearly here...” Rusty paused and cocked his head again. “Maybe ten miles away, maybe less. Three of them; no, wait... four of them. We have to hurry if we're going to meet them when they get to the place.” Rusty returned to the coffee.

You do know that's weird, don't you; the way you sense other weres?” Moose kicked the rest of the covers off the bed and stood up, scratching the thicket of auburn fur on his belly and crotch. “You better be careful. Some people might want to burn you at the stake.” Moose's face was serious but his eyes twinkled with humor.

Rusty looked over his shoulder at his large companion. “Hey! My talent's come in handy as I seem to recall; on more than one occasion, even if it doesn't always work.” Rusty stuck out his tongue at Moose, who was heading to the bathroom.

Yeah,” Moose called out as he arched his back and stretched, pissing into the toilet. “OK, Mr. Useful, tell me this... do I have time for a shower before they get here?” Moose flushed and stuck his head out of the tiny bathroom.

I think so. They aren't getting closer. I'll bet they're looking at a map. If you hurry, I can get a shower, too.” Rusty poured the coffee into two mugs. Meanwhile, Moose turned on the shower, muttering about werebears with esp and whistling the theme from The Twilight Zone.

An hour later, two still slightly damp but eager bears pulled up in front of their new property and got out, just as two large trucks with 'Bear Crew Construction Co.' lettered on the side pulled up in the alley behind Moose and Rusty's building. A few minutes later, a beat up Ford 250 towing a new-looking trailer pulled up as well. All three vehicles had the same logo, a huge standing grizzly bear wearing a tool belt and holding a hammer in one paw. Four enormous men had tumbled out. A tall, wide, black bearded mountain stuck out a fur-covered paw and shook Rusty's hand.

I'm Ron.” Ron’s hair and beard were curly and what showed of his chest and arm fur was dense and curly, too; and just as dark. “You must be Rusty. Vic said to look for a lil' red-blond guy but you ain't so little, now, huh!” The cigar he was chewing glowed red and moved over to the other side of his mouth. He looked at Moose, who had just come through the back door into the alley.

Well, woof-DA! You gotta be Moose. I'm Ron.” He shook paws with Moose and winked at Rusty. “Gotcherself a big fucker, don'tcha?” He laughed out loud and walked into the building as the others followed, introducing themselves.

A much shorter but just as wide, bearded fireplug said, “I'm ‘Dwarf’, mah real name is George, the kid here is Max, that big ugly brute over there is Gus.” Gus grunted and heaved up on the roller door on the back of the truck he'd climbed out of. He began tossing pieces of equipment to George and Max, who carried them inside.

For the next four hours, the four big men had hauled tools and equipment into the empty space that would be transformed into a coffee shop and physical therapy office. Rusty and Moose had stood back and watched in amazement as the big men hefted studs, sinks, iron pipe, complete window frame units as if they were matchsticks. Moose and Rusty helped out when asked but mostly kept out of the way, recognizing the efficiency with which the crew was working.

Lunch had been ordered and picked up (“Just order for sixteen and we'll be good. Oh, don't ferget yourselves!”). Soon they were chatting away like they had known each other for years as the crew became comfortable with the owners. It was the customary way with werebears, even if Rusty and Moose were definitely the new boys on the block. They were a family within a family and each of them in fact not so distantly related to each other. Indeed, some of these bears might have been made by the same ‘Papa’ as Vic and so were like uncles or cousins.

You own the company, right?” Moose asked between mouthfuls of pulled pork sandwich.

Yep, started it near fifty years ago!” Ron had laid his cigar aside while he ate. Moose looked surprised.

Fifty years? But... you don't look like... like...” Moose sort of ran out of words as Ron smiled. “How old ARE you? I mean, if you don't mind?”

Eh, no problemo.” He leaned forward and winked. “I'm 193.” He grinned as he wiped BBQ sauce off his beard with a napkin.

Moose rubbed his nose with his thumb. “I keep forgetting how long you, I mean we, I mean werebears live.”

You must forgive Norman, Ron – he’s not as thick headed as he seems at times.” Rusty smirked.

Moose gave Rusty a 'you’re gonna get it later… and like it' look.

Ron just smiled. “Yep! Vic told me you guys were kinda new to all this. Maybe after we knock off for the day I'll tell ya how the company got started and the boys can tell you their stories. 'Cept Gus. That is one silent bear. 'Cept when he's fuckin'... he growls real loud then.” Ron grinned again and re-lit his stump of a cigar. “Time to get back to work,” he said, heaving his bulk up from the crate he'd been sitting on. “Come on, boys!”

By quitting time that evening, new walls divided the public area of the coffee shop, the counter was in and the plumbing roughed in on both sides, the electrical wiring for the overhead lights and switches was done and the stainless steel sinks and work surfaces were installed in the kitchen and waiting to be shimmed in, in the behind-the-counter area, along with floor drains. “Drywall in the front tomorrow, then another two days on your place, Moose. That will go faster. George can skim coat in here while we're working on your side.”

Both Moose and Rusty were frankly amazed at the speed with which crew had worked. The construction crew was sweaty from their labors but they didn't look especially tired. Rusty had asked the crew if they were planning on driving back or if they were staying in town. Moose suspected he had something up his sleeve but kept silent.

Nah, we'll get a motel somewhere close. Take too long to drive back and forth.” Ron had lit a new cigar. Gus was smiling and looked like he was reading Rusty's mind but also kept silent.

Rusty cleared his throat. “I'd suggest the hotel we're at but I don't think they have enough vacancies.” He paused, looking around at the sweaty crew. “You know... if you like, we could all just bunk upstairs. If you like.” Rusty looked at Moose, who winked back.

Nods and smiles indicated approval from the crew. Gus and Max brought in some painter's tarps from one of the trucks. “We'll nail these over the upstairs windows, make it private like.” George and Ron fetched what looked like large quilted pads from the other truck.

What are those?” Rusty asked.

Originally? Pads that movers use to wrap furniture; I told the supplier to leave 'em big and just hem 'em. They come in handy for all sorts of things.” he said with a positively evil leer.

And just how often do you have to throw those in an industrial washing machine after they’ve had some use?” Moose asked.

It depends on how often they get used on a site without a proper bed or how strong you like bear smells.” Gus spoke up for probably the first time that day.

Ron laughed. “I had them washed before we came up… just in case. Vic told me a little about the accommodations in town. He hasn’t been by this place in twenty years and it seems it’s growed some since last he was here; still not big enough to accommodate the likes of us, though.”

Max and George had laid the stacks of pads out side by side. Folded out, they were the equivalent two and a half king sized beds next to each other and the thickness of a very plush futon; plenty of room for six large bears provided they all didn’t shift into full bear form at the same time.

The great part about being in this part of town at night is that being mostly commercial business, we’re not likely to be overheard. Our neighbors close up shop around 8 p.m. and open around 9 in the morning.” Rusty said and then smacked his forehead, “Toiletries! I’m a terrible host! Norman, would you run downtown and grab some toilet paper, soap, brushes and toothpaste… oh and towels, pick up six.”

We brought our kits for cleanin’ up,” George said, “but the other stuff would be appreciated.”

Good thing you got the hot water plumbed, you've only got that little shower downstairs but we can fill one of those big galvanized wash tubs we found,” Ron said. “Hell that was the only bath tub I knew when I was a kid.”

Yeah but you’re older than dirt.” George said.

While Moose was gone, the rest of the bears had started getting comfortable. Gus pulled out a couple of cases of beer he’d snagged at the grocery store earlier that day on lunch break and was passing the bottles around. By the time Moose had returned Rusty was being nibbled on by Gus. Moose had taken the liberty of picking up several buckets of fried chicken and the trimmings for dinner, but he supposed that dinner wasn’t what everyone had in mind at the moment. Each of the guys had a beer in their hand and Rusty was taking a swig while Gus was gently biting his neck with his hand up Rusty’s shirt, playing with his nipples.

Mmmmmmmm… you smell like strawberries.” Gus growled.

Rusty giggled. Moose put the bags down and moved in on the other side of Gus.

Hey, that’s my husband you’re nibbling on, mister.” Moose said with mock jealousy.

Well he weren’t complainin’ none when I kissed him, maybe you ain’t as good a kisser as I am? Maybe your hubby needs more attention than you can give him?” Gus grinned.

We’ll hafta see about that.” Moose pulled Gus into a passionate tongue wrestle and then broke the kiss, “How’s that for attention?”

Gus got a thoughtful look on his face, “Not bad for a beginner.”

Beginner!?” Moose gave his best pout.

Gus smiled, “I’ve been practicin’ since afore your ma and pa were born, so take it as a compliment, kid.” He drained the bottle in his hand and returned the kiss, shifting ever so slightly into partial bear form, putting his longer tongue down Moose’s throat, tongue fucking in the way he would had it been his cock in Moose’s mouth. His amplified bear scent was making both Moose and Rusty hornier.

Moose moaned, his cock completely hard. Rusty had taken that as a cue and opened up the front of his pants and began teasing his cock while Gus continued to work his tonsils over. He pulled the jeans and shoes Moose was wearing off exposing the big bear’s bottom half.

Damn, he IS a big boy!” Gus growled.

Rusty then lustfully engulfed Moose’s cock and took it down to the root, cupping and playing with his huge balls. Moose moaned deeply and began to shift form, his t-shirt beginning to rip at the seams as his body grew and fur began to cover it even more thickly than it already was. Within a minute or so, Moose had shifted completely to bear form, the t-shirt lay in tatters beneath him. Three years of practice had made the transformation much easier for him.

Stout and stocky Gus had removed what little clothing had remained on him and continued to shift to half form, his gray, forked beard merging with his body fur which completely hid his tattoos. Of the three, only Rusty remained clothed; a huge wet spot forming on the front of his shorts.

Ron, George and Max, all sitting nearby and watching as they gently played with various parts of each other’s anatomies, decided that it was time to get this impromptu orgy going. When it was just Gus playing nice with Rusty while they waited for Moose to get back, it was fun to watch. But now that he’d returned, each of the other bears wanted to be naked and wanted to get some part of themselves into one or more of the other bears.

Ron stripped revealing all the thick curly black fur that covered his body. He stretched and as he did so Max buried his bearded face in Ron’s thick mat of chest fur.

I love the smell of a working man.” Max said, taking in long deep breaths.

Me too,” said George as he raised Ron’s right arm and buried his face in his boss’s curly pit, standing on tiptoes, simultaneously tweaking Ron’s right nipple as he did so.

Ron was full on hard now and George was massaging his long thick rod as Max sucked his left nipple. “Mmmmmm… that’s fuckin’ heaven boys but maybe you two should strip so we can join the party over there.”

Max and George in turn both kissed Ron, “Guess you’re right,” Max said as he unbuckled his belt while looking over at the threesome on the makeshift bed, “I think they need some help.”

George had shucked out of his clothes quickly and the three joined in.

Moose, in full bear form, was growling softly as Rusty took his long bear cock down his throat. Gus, in half-form now, straddled the big red bear, feeding him his cock. Gus was raking his semi-clawed hands through the fur on Moose’s head and doing a bit of growling himself as he pumped his dick in and out of the bear’s muzzle.

So, where do we begin?” George said as he rubbed his hand up and down Gus’s back, pausing to rub his furry round ears on occasion.

Gus leaned back a bit into the ear rubbing and growled gruffly in satisfaction; in bear form his ears were more an erogenous area than when human and each of the werebears knew this as it was the same for them.

Max said, “I call dibs on Gus’s muzzle!” and the young werebear moved around to face Gus, cock pointing straight at the bear’s maw. Almost savagely Gus dove onto Max’s cock eliciting an excited growl. Max took over the ear massage as he skull-fucked Gus, causing the half-form werebear to suck harder on Max’s changing cock.

Damn but I love that!” Max said huskily.

Come on George, let’s get Mr. ‘smells like strawberries’ here out of his clothes,” Ron said and the two began stripping Rusty.

Soon Rusty was on his back with his legs up while George’s tongue teased his anus. Ron began deep kissing the smaller bear, massaging his cock as he did so. He moved to Rusty’s cock and began sucking, massaging the balls while George continued to rim.

Shortly thereafter, Max let out a huge growl and yelled, “Fuck!” He began shooting several huge loads into Gus’s sucking muzzle. “Aw FUCK that feels good.” Max sighed as he emptied his last into his buddy’s throat. Gus just rumbled his appreciation at the feeding and licked Max’s cock and balls clean.

Ron laughed coming off Rusty’s cock, “The kid cums quickly.”

Rusty moaned and said, “So do I!” as he pumped into Ron’s massaging fist.

Gus turned and growled, “Is that little red fucker ready?”

George replied, “Yeah, I just squirted a big load of precum in his hole, you want him?”

Hell yeah and thanks for all the lube!” Gus said, then looking down at Moose said, “Why don’t you fuck my hole while I fuck your hubby, big guy?”

Moose nodded and growled an affirmative.

God, I LOVE bein’ a bear!” Gus said and climbed off Moose.

Rusty felt the lust and desire rise in him, the scents and sounds of werebears at play tickling in his brain. He began to shift into his bear form. His body stretched to accommodate the enlarging and elongating organs and bones as creamy fur grew in, covering him. The fur almost glowed, with a faint orange tinge. His cock grew larger and more rigid as the baculum formed within and his balls grew in heft and size. His face reshaped, his nose and mouth reforming into a muzzle while his ears grew more rounded and fur-covered. His hands and feet became paw-like, with dark pads on the underside and claws growing in place of nails. As he completed his full change, Ron and his crew grew silent and stared.

What tha' fuck...?”


I ain't never seen anything like that before!”

Ron reached to remove his cigar, forgetting that he had long since laid it aside. “What IS he?”

He's a werebear... a prime, 100% stud werebear and he's mine!” Moose said in the werebear tongue, his eyes shining with pride. “He's a Spirit Bear, a Kermode.”

I've heard tell of those,” Ron growled, “but this is the first time I ever actually run into one. Thought they was a myth.”

He's purdy!” Gus breathed, lust sparking in his eyes. “His interest's the same as when he's human?”

You mean liking it rough?” Moose asked. “Oh, yeah.”

Rusty lifted his thick legs onto Gus's shoulders and in no time, Gus’s hard cock hammered into Rusty and the two Frenched as Gus pounded his ass. Gus and Rusty rubbed one another’s ears as they fucked.

Mighty glad he… OOOOOF! ...” Gus was cut off in mid-sentence by the sudden intrusion of Moose’s huge bear cock into his un-lubed ass. “Ah FUCK! That feels good! YEAH!” Gus growled for a good half minute and then continued his thought, speaking to Rusty. “Your hot beast there behind me is mighty proud of how hard you take it. It shows every time he looks at you.” Gus kissed Rusty's muzzle and then said, “I like it rough, too, and said he was gonna make sure I got it that way.”

Moose bent forward, his arms tight across Gus's chest and began driving hard and furiously into the half-form bear. He then bit savagely into his furry shoulder and the stocky bear cried out in both pain and pleasure. Blood seeped, then slowed as the bite holes left by Moose's incisors closed.

Ron looked at the trio. “Well, shall we just form a line behind the big guy?”

Sounds like a plan.” Max said.

Ron came up behind Moose and eased into his hole; behind Ron, Max slipped into Ron and finally George pushed himself into Max. The group moved in unison at times but mostly the rhythm was not as well timed as each of them heeded the demands of their own loins.

All six bears were now fully engaged in the orgy, the heady smell of bear fur and bear sex filled the room and the muffled grunts and growls of happy males went unheard on the street by the occasional driver passing by.

After an hour and a half of bear breeding, with the group breaking up into threes and twos, the orgy ended; each bear spent and snuggling together, playing with one another's fur. They kissed and nuzzled each other. Moose’s belly rumbled and he remembered the chicken.

Anyone want dinner? I’m afraid it’s gone cold.”

The other bears' bellies began to rumble in sympathy with Moose's. Ron grinned. “It’s not like we’ve never had cold chicken before… or raw for that matter,” he chuckled remembering a certain hen house he’d demolished during one of his first transformations in the attempt to regain some of the calories he’d lost in the change. He remembered the buckshot with which the farmer had gifted him, too; and absently rubbed his left butt cheek, “Go on an’ break it out and we’ll have dinner before we sleep.”

They passed the buckets of chicken and sides in the bowls around and within 10 minutes the meal was devoured. After some burping and a few more beers, they all finally piled together; they each shifted into half-bear form as there were no blankets. Rusty arose and went downstairs to make sure the locks on the doors were secure and then rejoined the pile of now sleeping bears.

He positioned himself between Moose and Gus, kissing his husband on the cheek and then turning and burying his leathery bear nose in the fur of Gus’s broad neck. Moose instinctively spooned his husband. Gus sighed contentedly in his sleep, turned over and wrapped his arms around Rusty and muttered ‘Strawberries’ in his sleep. The full moon through the cloth-covered windows bathed the snoring bears in soft light as they slept peacefully.

On the following days the work had gone well and the evenings had been equally enjoyable. Ron had added a sling he attached to the heavy rafters and the sturdy wood construction held the weight of any of the bears that climbed into it. Each morning the sling would be unhooked and stored away. The building inspector had come out a couple of times and by Saturday; everything had been finished except some painting and hardware upstairs. Final inspection had been made and everything was deemed to be up to code. The building inspector had signed off and all was ready for business and occupancy.

You guys are great clients... and one HELL of a lot of fun!” Ron said, shaking their hands and drawing them into prolonged bear hugs, while Gus and George finished loading the trucks with equipment. “Do we get an invite to the grand opening?”

You bet!” Rusty said.

Moose was busy hugging the stuffing out of Max and added, “Bring the whole crew!”

Think you can handle all of us?” Ron roared with laughter and waved as he had hoisted himself up into the lead truck's cab.

I think we might.” Moose said. “Be well and have a safe trip home.”

The crew had driven off, leaving Moose and Rusty gazing at their transformed building.

Wow. Just... wow!” Moose had said, putting his arm over Rusty's shoulders.

- - - - - - - -

Wow! Something smells really good.” Rusty was called back from his extended recollections by the sound of Moose and Brian coming up the stairs, talking. He looked at his wine glass, still half full. He smiled at Moose and Brian. Suddenly, his eyes widened.

The casserole!!” Rusty exclaimed, rushing to the kitchen.


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