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Bear Hunt 2 - Capter 3

Bear Hunt 2: Preyed Upon No More

Chapter 3

by Hairy1

Brad finally heads back into the house, entering the kitchen. He sees the blinking indicator on his cell phone, which he had left on the counter, and that there were six missed calls from Robert. He quickly hits the call back button, but goes straight into Robert's voice mail.

"Hi Robert, I know it is really late, hopefully you turned in already, sorry about the alarm sounding, I'll tell you about it tomorrow, everything is ok here though. Love you, see you soon."

Brad has worked his way to the bedroom as he leaves the message, and hanging up, he places the phone in the charging stand.

"Damn, this shirt is covered with blood and ruined. So much for it" he thinks to himself as he quickly strips and just tosses his clothes to the bedroom floor. Entering the bathroom, he turns the hot water on in the shower, quickly brushes his teeth then steps under the steaming streams of water, letting it run over him, washing the dirty feeling away. Eventually, the heat seeps into his muscles, relaxing him, and his shuddering stops. The more he relaxes, the more tired he becomes, and by the time he has toweled off, he can barely keep his eyes open. He stumbles to the bed, not even thinking as he climbs in and grabs Roberts’s pillow, hugging it to himself as he falls into a deep dreamless sleep.


Brad groggily awakens about 5 hours later to the sound of the kitchen door bursting open and a loud bellow.


Blinking his eyes, slowly starting to sit up, he sees Robert striding purposefully into the bedroom, his face unreadable until he looks down and sees the bloodied shirt. Robert bends quickly and picks it up.

"Shit. What the hell happened? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Robert, really. Don't be upset."

"Upset? I just drove over 400 miles in less than 5 hours because I didn't know what happened. You think this is upset? Dammit I knew I shouldn't leave you!"

"But you have work lined up for today."

"Fuck that. You think that matters when I couldn't reach you? I finally got hold of the police after they dragged the guy in, and Wesson told me you were pretty bloodied up, but he didn't know more."

"I tried to call."

"Yeah, when I was talking to Jonesy - he called from the cruiser to tell me you were ok. Then when I tried to call you back, no answer."

"Oh, I got in the shower, it must have been then. I didn't hear it."

"Yeah, fine, and you didn't think I'd want to know? You think I wouldn't care?"

Brad can see Robert getting more and more flustered, angrier looking.

"Robert, calm down, I'm sorry."

"Sorry? This isn't about being sorry! You think I’m some uncaring monster that’s just here for the sex?"

"Robert, please, I didn't mean to ..."

Before Brad can say another word, Robert takes the last couple of steps towards the bed rapidly, and reaches out, his face still an unreadable mass of emotions. He slides a hand under Brad's ass and the other behind his shoulder, and with a single tug pulls both the sheet and the stocky Brad up off the bed. Brad finds himself held up like a child, his face pressed to Robert's chest, Robert's face buried on the top of his head.

There is silence for several long moments, a quiet togetherness, no need for words yet a need to figure out what to say.

Ever so slowly, Brad's arms wrap around Robert's upper torso, clinging to him, holding him tight. He starts to shake again, memories from the night before flooding back, and worries about the aftermath.

"Robert, please, if you'd still want to, fuck me. Please."

"Bradley, I'll always want you. But maybe it is too soon, you're shaking."

A single tear slides down Brad's cheek. Of course Robert wouldn't want him after he had been touched by Clint.

"I, I understand."

Gazing down, seeing the tear, Robert realizes Brad might need more than to be held, that the shock of the incident still isn't over. He lowers Brad to the bed, and slips down with him, holding him close and tight, stroking his head and back.

Brad shakes hard and harder, spinning in a circle in his head, thinking he is at fault for last night, he is at fault that Robert wouldn't want him the same day. He buries his face into Robert's chest, wondering to himself how much longer even this will be allowed, he certainly doesn't deserve such comfort. Frantically, he tries to draw Robert's shirt up, to feel flesh to flesh contact one last time.

"Bradley, ssshhhh, ssshhhh, it is ok, I'm here. What is it?"

Through tear blurred eyes, Brad looks up at Robert's face, the hard handsome craggy face of the man he loves. "Oh damn, I wish it hadn't happened. I shouldn't have gone out. I wish you could want me like before."

"Bradley, I want you, I love you. Just relax."

"No, no, it's ok. I can tell."

"Cub, stop, please. Nothing has changed. How can I prove that to you?"

"Show me, then. Fuck me like before. Like there was nothing wrong with me."

"Bradley, I don't want to hurt you..."

"I'm not broken! I don't want to be broken! Please."

The tone of Brad's voice is getting high, and Robert realizes he can't talk Brad through this, that Brad needs a physical nudge to get over this obstacle.

"Ok, Bradley, if that's what ya want, Daddy is gonna show ya that he wants ya! All rough, 'cause my Cub can take it. Right boy?" Robert growls, in his deepest most dominant tone.

Brad smiles, his face still wet from the tears. "Yes, oh yes."

Robert leans in, his lips pressing hard against Brad's, kissing him lightly then with more passion, his own needs now ignited. His tongue forces its’ way into Brad's mouth. He doesn't break the kiss as he strips himself, kicking off boots and socks, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans then pushing them down, finally ripping off his t-shirt with both hands. At first, Brad is tentative with his touches, but becomes more insistent with his caresses as more of Robert's skin is exposed. At this point for both men, instinct has taken over.

Robert raises himself up, breaking the kiss, and with one hand flips Brad over onto his stomach, then reaches into the nightstand and brings out a bottle of lubricant. He quickly sticks the bottle between Brad’s ass cheeks, squirting the cold gel up Brad’s ass, causing him to jump a bit. Tossing the bottle to the ground, Robert roughly grips Brad’s knees and spreads his legs apart, then shifts to between Brad’s legs as he moves his hands up to Brad’s hips, pulling them up with a jerk. With one quick thrust of his hips, he plunges his now engorged cock deep inside the tight hole, causing Brad to whimper at the intrusion.

There is no gentleness to Robert’s thrusting, just raw need. There is no talking, just guttural vocalizations as he satisfies that need. And after the initial surprise, Brad relaxes and the familiar feel of Robert’s large stiff presence within him turns to pleasure. The faster Robert pistons himself in, the harder Brad begins to push back at Robert, demanding more. Robert moves his hands from hips to shoulders, leaning over now, and Brad feels drops of perspiration fall onto his back from Roberts’ exertions, he feels Robert’s hairy belly rubbing into the small of his back.

The need for both is so great that the act doesn’t last long, and with one final savage thrust Robert hilts himself deep within Brad’s ass, his cum spurting forth over and over, and he bellows loudly, wordlessly.

As a panting Robert collapses down on top of him, his arms again wrapped firmly around Brad, Brad sighs, contented. He forgets his insecurities as he feels the raw desire that Robert has for him, unabated after what has happened. He thinks to himself that despite how rough this was, how quick, that it was what he wanted, no, needed, and that lying there in Robert’s arms he truly feels safe again.

He savors the contentment for just a moment, before he realizes that Robert is shuddering over him, much more so than heavy breathing would account for. He turns his head, and seeing Robert’s face, he realizes that is wasn’t drops of sweat he felt rain down upon his back, but tears, and that Robert is quietly crying as he holds Brad tightly.

Robert, what is it?” whispers Brad as he tries to roll himself over, but Robert simply buries his face against Brad’s shoulder.

Worried now, unused to this type of behavior, Brad squirms more, causing Robert’s cock to slip out of him. While normally he likes to keep Robert in him as long as possible, and feels empty after, this time he barely notices. Unable to turn while being held so closely, he finally snaps in an exasperated fashion “Robert, I need to roll over. Let go.”

Robert loosens his grip enough for Brad to twist in his arms and turn himself to be lying on his back, but as soon as Brad settles in, Robert returns to holding him tightly, pressing his bearded face into Brad’s neck. Brad strokes Roberts’ back slowly and steadily until the shaking settles, gently shushing him.

I’m sorry, Bradley, I am so sorry.”

Hush, there is nothing to be sorry for, ssshhhh.”

No, no, I am sorry, I wasn’t here to keep you safe, I shouldn’t have left you alone. I'm supposed to protect you.”


Then I’m such a jerk, I was so frantic worrying the entire drive here, I couldn’t stop thinking of you hurt and me not there help, and then I got here, and I didn't know how to comfort you. Rough sex, yeah, that is my answer to any problem, like a big dumb animal. I needed you so much, needed to feel that you were alright, I just didn’t control myself. I should never have done that, I should have looked after you first.”

Robert, ssshhhh, please, you were up all night driving to get to me, I have nothing to complain about.”

I’m so sorry.”

I asked you to do it, my big strong bear. I needed it as much as you did. I needed to feel that nothing had changed, that you still wanted me like before, that I wasn’t tarnished or dirty or something.”

No, Bradley, you stop that! You didn’t do anything wrong! There is nothing wrong with you. It’s me, if anyone is to blame, it's me.”

Brad pulls Roberts’ face up and softly kisses him. “Robert, no one is to blame. And neither of us did anything wrong. Things happen. We both have to live our lives.”

But I should be here to protect you, to keep you safe.”

Oh, Robert, don’t you realize that you did keep me safe? If it hadn’t been for all you have taught me over the last year, I’d be hurt or even dead now. You kept me safe by showing me not only how to protect myself, to react without overanalyzing everything, but also by making me believe that I can protect myself.”

Slowly, Robert calms down again, and the words sink in.

Bradley, I love you. I don’t say it enough, but I really do. I hope you know that.”

You don’t have to say it, you show it all the time.”

And I’m proud of you too, Bradley. I am so proud of you. I need you so much. I’m not used to that. I was so scared driving back, more scared even than during combat in the Gulf War. I can’t imagine my life without you.”

Oh, Robert, now you are going to get me started.”

It is Roberts’ turn to lean in and gently kiss Brad. Their kiss lingers, long and sweet, their arms wrapped around each other, their bodies intertwined.

As the kiss breaks, Robert looks Brad in the eyes, his pride and love shining through.

Bradley, I want you inside me. Please.”

Robert, we’ve talked about this before. You’re a top, and I don’t get to fuck you until I win at hide and seek or something, to prove I’m better than you.”

Bradley, for everyone else I was a top. For you, all I want is to be your lover. Labels don’t matter.”

Robert, I don’t want to do anything you won’t like.”

Bradley, I’m asking because it is what I want. I want to feel your life inside me, physically, just like I do emotionally.”


Bradley, you don’t need to prove anything more to me. You are the man I want and need. Please make love to me.”

Brad sees the longing in Roberts’ eyes, and recognizes it. He sees a mirror of how he feels himself, how he felt so recently when he needed to feel Robert inside himself.

Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

Feeling himself again, Robert laughs. “Ha, Cub, ya might be turning into a big fine bear, but you'll always be my Cub. Ya won't hurt me, ya could but ya won't. You’re gonna make me feel good, that's just how ya are. Of course I’m sure.”

With that, Robert rolls them over so that he is beneath Robert, facing him, scooting his body up along Brad’s as he does so, wrapping his legs around Brad’s waist. Brad starts to move his hips, rubbing his hard cock up and down in Robert’s furry crack.

I do hope you’re planning to grab the lube before ya stick that prod up me, Cub.”

With a panicked look, Brad reaches down to the floor and grabs the bottle of lubricant, steadied by Robert’s legs. As he comes back up to the level of the bed, he sees a big grin on Robert’s face.

Oh, Cub, you are so right. It is fun to goad a bear. And easy too!”

Both men laugh, the brief tension broken. Brad slowly lubricates both himself and Robert, taking his time, attempting to imitate what Robert has done with him in the past, determined to do things right.

Bradley, you look so serious. Relax. What you are doing feels good. Go with it.”

With that, Brad sets the bottle of lubricant on the night stand, and positions himself between Robert’s legs. Again slowly, he rubs his cock head up and down Robert’s crack, closing his eyes at the feeling it produces. He feels Robert’s legs wrap around him tighter, drawing him in, and feels his cock head meet Robert’s hole. He again pauses, and looks Robert in the eyes.

I love you, Robert, I always will.”

And with that, he presses harder, and feels the strong rim muscles of Robert sphincter give, letting him in. He watches Robert grimace a bit, concentrating on relaxing, experiencing the bit of pain at first entrance. Brad pushes harder, and feels his cock head fully enter, and before he can stop himself, shoves himself deeper, penetrating the warm tight hole.

Oh yeah, Bradley, fill me, fill Daddy Bear up all the way” moans Robert.

Sinking deep, Brad penetrates to his full length, and then holds still, knowing how much he savors that time as his body adapts, and finding himself savoring the reverse now, feeling the heat surrounding his cock, the pressure as the hot tight hole strives to suck him in deeper. He leans down and kisses Robert while using his hands to caress Robert’s torso.

Soon both men are lost to the passion of their love making, Brad taking it slow, his thrusts steady and even for a while, Robert encouraging him and being encouraged by him. Soon, though, the pleasure becomes too much, and Brad pumps back and forth in earnest, harder, faster, his heart beating hard and his breath coming in gasps.

That’s it, boy, give Daddy your bear seed.”

Oh yeah, gonna fill you Daddy, gonna fill you. Yes, oh yes.”

Brad thrusts hard one last time, hitting Robert's prostate just right, and pushes both men over the edge, Brad’s cum blasting deep inside of Robert as Robert spurts over both of their stomachs.

Afterwards, breathing hard, Brad rolls them to their sides, still embracing.

Thank you, Bradley.”

Thank you, Robert. I love you. I’m glad you’re home.”

Ah, Bradley, it is good to be back at the house. But you know, home isn’t this building, or this land. Home is where you are. I love you, and for me, you are my home. Now and forever.”

The morning light filters through the drawn blinds, as the two lovers cuddle, safe and secure in each other’s arms and each other’s love. There is no rush to go anywhere soon, this is time to enjoy their togetherness, calm and relaxed as dawn breaks.

The End

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