Friday, August 8, 2014

Brown Bear Coffee House - Chapter 17

Chapter 17 

Brian's visits home from college were regular, and a joy to all concerned. When he left them to return to Humboldt after the winter break, Moose turned to Rusty and said, “He's turned into a fine man, hasn't he? He’s keeping up with his exercise routine, too; and damn me but he's hot! ”
Rusty poked his lover in the belly. “Due largely to your influence and work, love.”
Both of us, you mean. Don't forget, it was your idea to bring him inside and feed him.” They both smiled and went about their day's business.
A few weeks later, with the help of the information Rusty and Moose had ferreted out at Boris' request, and the financial backing of Boris and his bear financial friends, the firm of Behr, Lyons, and Stagg had completed the purchase of Valmer, Jefferson, Wyeth, Upton and Fipps and all its assets, and had assumed the now-extinct firm's liabilities. Valmer had purchased some of the properties outright and held them in his own name. Those were taken by the state as criminal gains, to be sold off or returned to those he had cheated. Some of the properties had been obtained by Valmer acting as the law firm itself, by corrupt but apparently legal means; and those went with the firm. Behr, Lyons, and Stagg quietly made generous offers of either compensation or the outright return of the properties to those Valmer had swindled in the name of his firm. Those with pending lawsuits, triggered by Valmer's conviction, were offered out of court settlements that either restored their business properties or offered compensation for the loss of their businesses. After some hesitation and doubt, all but one suitor accepted. The whole process took nearly a year. The one remaining partner, Fipps, was given the chance to retire gracefully after a few months. He did so, and moved to the Bahamas.

Simultaneously with all this, the new law firm had several meetings with Moose, Rusty and, later, Brian, who on a visit back in Wolverton argued passionately in favor of re-establishing the shelter, even expanding it. Finally, the firm let it be known to the charity that ran the shelter that Behr, Lyons, and Stagg wished to assist in the rebuilding of the shelter, and offered their services pro bono. “Our home office in Seattle has always been involved in the community, and they expect us to be, as well. Our intention is to be here in Wolverton for a long time. We want to be good neighbors,” Larry Lyons had said to the City Council. Privately, to Moose and Rusty, he said, “This is, in part, a strategic move. Boris always thinks ahead, and with my having to move, we are accomplishing two things at once. A new place for me, and another place in the northwest where bears can come for legal advice and help relocating when that becomes necessary. It's best to spread these 'facilities' out some, we were beginning to attract some notice due to all the big, hairy clients!” Rusty and Moose had laughed at that, but recognized the wisdom of the strategy.
Since the two most recently elected city council members had found it prudent to resign with the arrest of Valmer and the ensuing investigation, new elections were to be held, and that boded well for permitting the new shelter. Temporary accommodations had been found for the surviving shelter residents, some in a neighboring town, until the new shelter was finished. It was a very happy day when the city council voted to approve the required environmental report and move ahead with the shelter project.

Rusty bounced into the physical therapy side of the building that had become the center of their lives. “Look at this, Norman!” he said, waving the newspaper in front of his mate's bearded face.

Moose chuckled. “I can't read it unless you hold it still.” Rusty handed the paper to the bigger man but continued to babble out the story on the front page.
It says that the new city council approved the environmental report and has given final OK for the new shelter and outreach center! They've instructed the planning department to give the OK to solicit bids on the contract. It's finally going to happen!” The smaller bear was vibrating with happiness. “Something really good is going to come out of all that evil and badness... finally!”

Moose continued to read the article, a smile growing on his handsome face. He finally put the paper down and swept up his lover in his arms and gave him a huge bear hug and a prolonged smooch. “And I think I know just the building crew to do the work!”
Later that evening, after supper, the two bears were lounging naked on the couch, Moose noodling on his laptop, Rusty reading a book. “There. I've sent a note to Ron about the new shelter and center, with the link for them to submit a bid on the contract.” Moose closed the laptop's lid with a click. “I think it would be cool if the Bear Crew got the contract, don't you? We could, umm, 'entertain' them after work, like a bed and breakfast sorta thing… or den and dinner.” Moose smiled widely at his turn of words. He peered over his glasses at Rusty.

Rusty peered back at Moose with a slow smile. “You mean 'feed and fuck', don't you?”

Moose rubbed his nose. “Well, yeah... I guess I do; you up for that?”

Oh, hell, yeah!” Rusty closed his book and reached over to rub his lover's thick thigh. “But now, bedtime? I've hit the wall here, I think.”

Hey! Do you suppose the guys could stick around awhile after and we could all go out to meet Josephus?”

Norman, sweetheart, love of my life… you’re putting the cart before the horse, we don’t even know if they’ll get the contract.” Rusty smiled; Norman could be excitable and it was really charming most of the time.

Moose grinned, “Yeah, I guess I am. But I still think it's a good idea!” Moose got up, held out a paw for Rusty, and helped his mate up from the couch. They stood and looked at each other, then slowly hugged. “I love you so much, you big lug,” Rusty murmured into Moose's thick chest fur. They padded off to the bedroom together.

They did not make love that evening, preferring to simply say in full human form and kiss deeply and repeatedly, and cuddle close, inhaling each other’s scent and feeling the thick layer of fat that overlay dense muscle underneath. They laughed a bit at each other’s' rigid cocks but still felt completely satisfied with the tight hugs and caressing paws. As their penises slowly deflated and relaxed, they drifted off to sleep, smiles on both their faces.

Later in the night, while Moose slept soundly, his regular deep breaths audible as he lay on his side, Rusty whimpered, turning his head back and forth.

'No! No!' he muttered, mumbling in his sleep. It was the same dream from his youth, the one that had haunted his high school and college years, but now came only on the rarest of occasions.

The thick, heavy cock swung in his face, the thick foreskin only half-concealing the bulbous tip, the faceless man taller than him, and not just because Rusty was being made to kneel. Everyone was taller than him. 'Go on.... lick it. You know you want to, faggot! Just the tip, LITTLE man! See how BIG it is, you hairy little fag?' You can't get the whole thing in your mouth, can you? CAN YOU, BOY?' The faceless brute gripped the shaft and shook the thing in Rusty's face, then slapped his cheeks and nose with it, his voice mocking. 'THAT’S a MAN’S cock. That's a REAL baby maker, not like that tiny thing you've got, boy!' Rusty turned his head away, his ruddy face turning a deeper red. 'Awww, lookit that. The little boy's all blushing. Hell, he's almost as red as my monster cock!' He pointed down at Rusty's penis. 'SEE? His is all tiny and cute and pink... almost like a girl's thingie.' The brute's voice turned to disgust. 'Hell, my little brother's prick is bigger than that, and he's only 11!' He pushed Rusty over and aimed a kick at his backside.

Rusty jerked awake, eyes wide and breath rasping, sweating from fear and the exertion of his dream struggle. His hands involuntarily reached down and felt the warm bulk of his equipment. His own warm, bearish cock and furry balls, heavy and thick now. His! A slow smile stole across his face in the soft darkness of the bedroom. He rolled over and pressed close to the thick fur on Moose's back, the air from his nostrils ruffling the auburn strands. 'I'm not so small anymore, now, am I?' directing the thought to his dream assailant. 'Besides, I've got something you'll never have… someone who loves me: loves my cock and my body and my fur...all of me! Loved me before, and loves me now!' He extended his arm out and across Moose's side. The big bear grunted and the rhythm of his breathing altered. Moose slept on, but reached a paw out and took Rusty's in his own, pulling him close, as if he were pulling a blanket up for more warmth and comfort. His light snores returned to their quiet, placid rhythm

'All I ever wanted was someone to love me for me, for what I was, even if that was gay, fat, and hairy,' he thought as he felt the steady rise and fall of Moose's side under his arm, 'someone I could be with for the rest of my life.'

For the first time since that night of savage, bruising sex that Moose had inflicted on him, sex for the sheer lustful, animal need to breed; Rusty truly understood – heart, belly and mind – the principal aspect of what weredom meant for him and Moose. Reflecting, Rusty thought it must have been something Moose had understood as soon as he was aware of what they were becoming and what it meant. It explained why Moose had had that goofy look on his face, and his casual acceptance of such a profound life changing event. Rusty’s revelation warmed him and the feeling of deep peace and contentment it brought swelled until he thought he would burst; starting deep in his gut, it radiating outwards, suffusing his whole being.

I can spend my life with you, my love,” he whispered. “my whole life! And that will be a long time... a long, LONG time.” He nuzzled his face in the middle of Moose’s furry back... gods, but he smelled good! The larger bear grunted again contentedly in his sleep. Rusty swirled his soft beard a couple of times in the middle of his husband’s back, soaking it with his lover’s scent and, comforted, yawned and drifted off again; this time to pleasant dreams of bears and love and eternity.


(A note to our readers: We wish to acknowledge a long-standing debt of gratitude to our friend, LJ's very own Designer Otter, whose perceptive comments on our fiction have helped us both in the development of our characters. For this specific story, we'd like to thank two other friends for technical assistance... a waggle of our paws to Mike and to John.

We have been asked if our characters are modeled on real people. Authors are always influenced by their life experiences, but none of our characters are stand-ins for real persons. The fiction we write is just that, pure fiction; though, inevitably, some bits and pieces of our actual lives do find their way into the stories.

A final note: in these stories, the characters do not practice safe sex. In our fantasy, such precautions between werebears are not necessary, but in the real world, they most definitely are. Enjoy the fantasy, but play safe in the real world.)


  1. Behr,Lyons,and Stagg undoing the harm done by their predecessor law firm,is a gratifying tie-up of loose ends----it's the kind of thing that needs to happen more often in real life. Thanks,guys,for all of the long hours of hard work (mixed with ample creativity!),to produce another fine story worth reading again,and again.

  2. Great story, I'm kinda sad to see the end of this story.

  3. I LOVE YOUR CREATIVE SEXY MINDS!!!!!! GREAT WORK!!!!! I hope to read more adventures of your were-bears :-0). You can't fake the contentment, freedom, love, eroticism, hottttttt sex and the joy to be in the moment with a lover both physical and emotional. Jokingly you said this was porn and I laughed. This is a work of art and porn is just too small a word even in jest to give a proper adjective of your collective prose. I am not gay and you do not have to be gay to appreciate love in all forms and the want for a future where we all can freely be who we are meant to be. I am in awe of writers that make a reader feel like they have grown. Your characters have all grown in some way since we first met them and I can only hope your characters move you to continually inform us of their life's escapades. This blog is one of my favorites. Thank you.

  4. Thanks, guys, for another wonderful look at and into some wonderful friends' lives.

    as has been stated in the past, it is wonderful to catch up on the lives and happenings of some of our favourite friends. Please keep us informed on what is happening to our friends in the Brown Bear coffee house and please don't make it all that long before we see them again.

    Your Friend,

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments... it's always nice to hear that people enjoy not only the sex scenes but also the characters themselves. Cira, we are especially pleased that a straight person 'gets it'... that love and lust can be compatible, and that commitment and steadfastness and profound love are not the solely found in the the hetero world. In our own way, our joint stories strive to show that. Our solo works often work through that theme as well. When it comes down to it, sexual orientation is rather a small part of who we are as people. It's important, of course; but it's not the totality of our being.

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment!