Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bear Hunt - Author's intro

Intro for Bear Hunt

Again, my thanks to Ursus Majr and Papa Werebear for graciously allowing some of my stories to post here.
This short story, Bear Hunt, started out as many of mine do – with a full visual in my head, no particular plot line planned. In this case, a moonlit forest with a meadow visible through the trees, the pale light of the moon in motion though the gently moving leaves. Then the stillness broken by an animal cry. It popped into my head while sitting on a plane, an evening flight to the west coast, right before take-off. So, out came the trusty laptop, and a bit less than 4 hours later (luckily my battery lasted), this story appeared with little editing left to do. Normally I spin in a lot more circles before a story is done, but not that time. Reading it again now, I could edit it, add to some places, but I think that takes something away from the story itself, and I think that it fits well as just a quick read.
I hope you enjoy it. Big bear hugs,

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