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Bear Hunt

Bear Hunt
by Hairy1
(This is a work of fiction, and no real persons or events are depicted. Safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe. If you have comments, please contact the author at
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The half-moon lit the forest in muted contrast, a light wind causing the shadows cast by the leaves to shift, a kaleidoscope of shimmering white, grey and black. The rustling of the leaves was accompanied by the sound of a nearby stream, the occasional call of a night bird, the chirping of crickets; all low background noise, not enough to cover other sounds. It was a warm summer night, not hot but not cold. Yet Brad shiver lightly, feeling goose bumps on his naked body even as sweat dripped down. He held himself still, keeping his breathing quiet.

He had hidden as well as he could, crouching between a large boulder and a pair of birch trees, having smeared mud from the stream bed over as much of his pale skin as he could. Brad was a chubby man in his mid-thirties, covered with light brown fur across his chest and forearms, a treasure trail leading down his sparsely furred stomach. In the moonlight, the light downy fur on his ass was barely visible. His beard wasn't as full as he would have liked, but at least helped camouflage him in the limited light.

He knew he couldn't just wait in one place for long, that he would eventually be caught if he didn't move, but for now, until he thought of a better plan, this would have to do. He was still winded from his last encounter, and knew he could no longer navigate the wooded area quietly and quickly, at least until he had rested. While he was in better shape than he ever had been before, most of the time he still lived an easy life. He wished he had more often accepted the invitations to exercise.

Stilling himself, forcing himself to breath slowly and quietly, he listened, but heard no noises beyond those of the wilderness. He knew better than to feel reassured, to lapse into a false sense of security. Pursuit couldn't be that far behind, and was cunning.

The rustling of the leaves off to his right almost made him turn to stare, but he caught himself, stopping the telltale movement just on time, forcing himself to rely on peripheral vision instead. After several tense moments of seeing and hearing nothing, he softly exhaling, releasing the breath he had been holding.

A high pitched scream suddenly broke the stillness. Brad almost lost it then, barely stopping himself from bolting from his hiding place, hard pressed to maintain his steady even breathing. Calming himself, thinking, he realized that the scream had been from the meadows off in the east, and that its short duration meant it was most likely the death cry of a careless rabbit suddenly feeling the talons of an owl, the last feeling it would experience. He knew this applied to him as well, that carelessness would result in a swift end to his hiding, to his attempts to turn the tables on his pursuer.

As his racing heart beat calmed back down, he allowed himself a slight smile. A city boy born and bred, a year ago he would have never imagined himself able to cope with this experience, to last as long as he had. The wilderness would have been as alien to him as the surface of the moon, and as inhospitable. He realized now that he was learning the tools to survive, to be stronger inside and out, and knew a lot more about who he was and what he wanted. He knew that city boy would have been hopelessly lost, screaming in terror, while he was fending for himself fairly well. He realized that he was proud of himself.

It was this moment of introspection that cost him. A single moments' lapse of focus.

He didn't notice the sudden quiet around him as the crickets fell silent. He didn't hear the tread of booted feet that knew how to walk silently through the forest. His secluded spot didn't allow him to see the subtle shifts in the moonlight and shadows as the large figure stealthily approached. Until a slight shift in wind brought him a distinctly masculine odor from behind the birch tree to his left, sweaty and musky, he was unaware that he had indeed been found, and in that single moments' lapse he barely had time to recognize the fist rapidly approaching him, catching him off guard.

The fist caught him in the shoulder, spinning him, and then a pair of open hands shoved his back forcefully, knocking him face forward to the ground, out of his sheltered hiding spot. He hit hard, the wind knocked out of him, and panicked as he tried to force air into his lungs.

Gasping, dazed, he struggled to roll over, and caught sight of his attacker.

He was a big man, well over six and a half feet, wide at the shoulders. He sported a buzz cut and short dark beard. Obviously ex-military. He wore camouflage pants and well-worn work boots but no shirt, revealing his muscular and very hairy chest as well as his immense arms. The man's grey eyes seem to bore directly into Brad's soul as he looked down upon him, his mouth curved in a sardonic grin.

The man bent and with seemingly no effort, pulled Brad up with one arm while clamping a hand over Brad's mouth, making it harder for Brad to catch his breath, leaving him unable to struggle at all.

"Yer mine now, boy" he growled out in a deep rough voice.

Brad found himself easily picked up off the ground, carried several feet, then tossed unceremoniously face down over fallen tree, causing his barely regained breath to be expelled in a single "woof". His wrists are held together behind his back in one of the man's large hands, allowing his captor to control the angle which Brad lies in with a single jerk up or push forward. In this position, his ass is raised up; his shoulders and head down below the level of his knees. The bark of the tree is rough against his chest and belly, causing him to hold as still as possible to avoid scratching and cutting himself.

"Now ain't that a sight for sore eyes. That's sure one fine piece of ass ya got there, boy." The man slowly runs a rough calloused hand over Brad's ass. "Yeah, real fine."

Feeling the hand removed, Brad is unprepared for the hard open handed slap across his buttocks that follows, the only thing preventing him from going face down in the dirt on the other side of the log the fact that his arms are still gripped hard. He gasps at the suddenly pain, crying out.

"Yup, thought you was awake boy. Didn't want ya missin' my fun."
With that, Brad hears the sound of spitting, and then the big man shoves one of his spit covered fingers up Brad's ass, making it clear he will take what he wants when he wants it, causing Brad to wince and cry out once more. After a couple of quick strokes, the finger is removed, followed by more spitting, and then two fingers are roughly inserted. The man works quickly, lubing Brad's ass with spit, loosening him with his fingers. After a short time, the fingers are again removed, and Brad hears the zipper of the camouflage pants coming down, then the sound of fumbling as something large is removed from the opening.

Brad finds that his arms have been released now, but that from being held behind him at the odd angle they are numb, all he can do is let them fall to his side, gripping the log and helping to balance himself.

He feels two strong hands grip his hips, holding him steady, and then a large wet cock head push between his ass cheeks, burrowing towards his spit lubricated hole. Without error, the cock head finds its mark, coating it with pre-cum, and not pausing in its attack, pushes firmly against it, penetrating without pause, even when Brad gasps as he sees stars from the intrusion of this member that is so much wider than the two fingers that loosened him. He feels the invasion inch by slow inch, steadily plowing deeper into him, giving Brad's anal muscles just enough time to adapt and relax.

The big man pauses when he is all the way in, the front of his hairy balls lying against the back of Brad's, groaning in appreciation.

"Oh, yer so hot, boy, so tight."

With that, the cock is pulled back until just the flaring head remains within; and the man grips harder on Brad's hips. He then thrusts forward rapidly as Brad allows his arms to fall forward, hands resting on the ground. Without pause this time, the large cock is drawn back then thrust forward again, over and over, hilting each time, each stroke harder than before. The man grunts and groans in pleasure, and gives Brad's ass several playful swats as he continues to pump back and forth.

Then it happens, Brad's muscles relax enough so that the massive cock inside him rubs his prostate just right. He lets out a moan of pleasure now, pressing his hands to the ground to leverage himself to push backwards with each thrust, to cause the flaring cock head to continue to massage his prostate. His own cock has come to life, spilling pre-cum over the fallen tree.

Hearing the moans, feeling Brad push back, the big man releases Brad's hips and leans forward, covering Brad's body with his own, not missing a beat in the long hard fuck. The large hands grope Brad over every exposed surface. The thick beard is rubbed over Brad's shoulder blades.

"Oh yeah boy, ya like a big ol' bear buried deep inside ya. That's the boy, take what the bear has for ya, take it all."

"Damn yeah, I want it, I want it, fuck me, harder, come on, fuck me. Oh yes, that's good, fuck me."

With that, the rhythm is broken, the thrusts harder and erratic. The man bites Brad's shoulder hard and pushes in deep, then raises his head in one long loud growl as Brad feels the big cock swell, throb and spurt it's hot cum. There is no movement for a moment, and then the assault begins again, rapid thrusts helping deliver each shot of a large load, the man bellowing his orgasm throughout the forest.

His load spent, the man lies on top of Brad for a while, breathing hard, regaining his strength. His weight is enough to keep Brad pinned, as is the still erect cock buried deep within him.

After several minutes, the man braces his legs and straightens, pulling Brad up to his feet again. He has one arm around Brad's chest; keeping Brad's back pressed tight to his chest, and is nipping at Brad's shoulders. He reaches around with his other hand, and encircles Brad's still engorged cock.

"Yeah, boy, I knew ya were likin' that."

Rapidly, the man beats Brad off, jacking his cock roughly, lubricated with Brad's own pre-cum. The arm around Brad's chest still holds him tight, while the hand and fingers roughly play with Brad's right nipple as well. Soon, Brad cries out himself as his eyes roll up into his head, and spurts all over the fallen tree, just as the man's finally softening cock slips out of Brad's ass.

Brad, his orgasm stronger than he would have thought possible, slumps exhaustedly back into big man, who now wraps him in both arms and supports him.

Breathing deeply, Brad now feels light kisses on his neck and turns his head for a tender kiss on the lips.

"Ah Cub, that was good. I hope you don't bruise too much."

"Daddy, that was more than good, worth a couple little bruises."

"I'm proud, you even found me first once - now I have to remember where we tossed my shirt."

Brad chuckles, knowing that Robert knows exactly where his shirt is. This game of strip hide and seek on their large wooded private property, loser gets rough fucked, has been going on since twilight, many hours before, but Robert will remember every little detail and be able to retrieve all of their clothing.

"Ya know Bradley, sooner or later, you'll be fuckin' your daddy at the end of this game."

"Yes, Robert, I sure will, and you'd better be ready"

"I sure am, Cub, I'm ready and looking forward to it."

Slowly they walk back to their home, Robert's arm around Brad, ready for a long hot bath together to clean off dirt and to soothe sore muscles, and then to sleep in each other’s arms.

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  1. Damn! What a quickie! It was fun re-reading this story. Brad makes a good fuck in the woods for Robert...Grrrr.