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Bear Hunt 2 - Chapter 1

Bear Hunt 2: Preyed Upon No More

by Hairy1
Chapter 1
(This is a work of fiction, and no real persons or events are depicted. Safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe. Some depictions in the story may be uncomfortable, it hopefully serves as a reminder to readers that life is not always safe and caution is necessary around strangers. This is a follow up to the story "Bear Hunt". It might help in understanding the characters and situation to read that first. However, that is not necessary as this is a standalone story. If you have comments, please contact the author at
(Copyright 2011, all rights reserved.  No part may be reproduced electronically or otherwise without the author's express permission)

A soft light filters through the drawn blinds as dawn approaches, the morning songs of birds replacing the sounds of crickets and frogs. Brad drifts in a pleasant half sleep, feeling comfortable and secure, not yet ready to fully awaken and begin his day, his chubby thirty something body covered only by a sheet as he lies on his side. He opens an eye slightly to peer at the clock, his light beard rubbing across the pillow case, his arm lying on top of the sheet ready to hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off. Brad is what some might call a cub, with light brown hair across his chest and forearms, a treasure trail leading down his sparsely furred stomach and light downy fur on his ample behind.

Before the alarm can sound, a shadow crosses the dim light as Robert walks in. He is wide at the shoulders, a big man, well over six and a half feet. His stern looking face features a short dark beard, buzz cut hair, and gray eyes. Clad only in a towel wrapped around his waist, it is obvious he is much hairier than Brad, and very muscular. A musky masculine odor accompanies him into the room, his sweat covered body making it obvious he has been busy with his morning workout.

"Still in bed, Cub? I thought ya were gettin' up half an hour ago."

"Mmmmm, too warm and cozy here."

"Looks like the only exercise ya got was rollin' over to my side of the bed."

"Uh huh. Smells good over here" mumbles Brad as he buries his face in the pillow.

"Ya complain about your padding, but ya won't do anything about it" Robert says, a slight smile on his face as he looks down at the man he shares a bed with.

"I do so."

"Oh yeah, one morning a week at most."

"You work me out plenty in the bed most nights, you big horny bear."

"Heh, I do like exercisin' that way with ya, Bradley. And to be honest, I kinda like the way ya are."

"Just as I am is snug and toasty. I don't have to get up for fifteen minutes, why don't you go shower."

"Damn, I got myself a sassy cub."

Brad peeks out from under the pillow in order to stick his tongue out at Robert, just to have the pillow ripped away and tossed to the floor while Robert's other hand grabs the back of his head. Taking a quick step forward as Brad opens his mouth to protest; Robert drops his towel and quickly shoves his semi-erect cock between Brad's lips. With a thrust of his hips and pull with his hand, he forces his rapidly hardening member fully into Brad’s mouth. Brad feels his nose rubbing in Robert's pubic hair, and finds the scent intoxicating. He reaches out an arm as if to push Robert away, but he knows how futile that would be, and instead wraps it around Robert's waist to give himself something to hang on to.

"Ain't gonna sass Daddy any more with your mouth full, are ya, boy?"

Unable to move his head and speak, all Brad can do is mumble and run his tongue over the engorging cock in his mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's it Bradley," Robert growls as he slowly moves his hips back and forth, "I’ll feed ya something to get your morning going."

Robert continues to hold Brad's head in place as he methodically fucks his mouth, taking his time as he feels Brad more eagerly begin to suckle on him. Brad's free hand grips at Robert's ass, working to hold him and make each thrust an effort. Robert reaches down and throws the sheet back, fully revealing Brad's body. He runs a hand appreciatively over Brad's back and chest, tweaking a nipple, gazing at Brad's morning wood.

"Dammit Bradley, you're beautiful, stay just the way you are" he whispers, not even knowing he does so, as his thrusts become harder and faster, then more frantic as need drives him, saliva and precum spilling out the sides of Brad's mouth.

Finally, he bellows out, just as the alarm sounds, and his seed spurts down Brad's throat. Brad struggles to swallow it all, his position on his side and the cock buried down his throat making it more difficult. As the orgasm finishes, Robert holds him in place to keep licking and swallowing. With a final shudder, Robert looks down at Brad as he reaches back to shut of the alarm.

"Well, Cub, now that I fed ya breakfast, I guess we got time for ya to shower with me before ya go to work."

With that, Robert pulls his hips back and bends, at the same time using the hand behind Brad's head to raise and cradle it, and he kisses Brad fully and deeply, tasting himself and tasting the man he shares his life with.

"Now come on, cub of mine, out of bed with ya" and smoothly he slips a hand around Brad's back and both effortlessly and gently lifts Brad's torso, turning him so his feet end up on the floor. Straightening himself, he easily brings Brad to a standing position, his arms around him, and holds him tight for a brief moment.

Breaking the hug, Robert leads Brad into the master bath, turning on a hot shower as they both take care of necessities. The shower stall is built for two or more, with multiple shower heads and plenty of space. Opening the glass shower door, Robert draws Brad in with him, steam cascading into the rest of the room.

"Ok, Bradley, get to it. Wash your Daddy Bear up good and clean."

With a big smile, Brad reaches for the soap, and as the hot water streams over both of them, lathers the muscular body from head to foot, missing nothing, running both hands over the slick wet fur. He moves around Robert, and washes his back as well, massaging softly, rubbing his own body against him as he does so.

"Heh, Cub, ya enjoy this task, huh? Feels dang good, your doin' a fine job."

Brad hugs Robert from behind, holding tight. "If this is a task, give me more chores."

With that, Robert reaches over and turns the water off.

"Ya want more work, do ya Cub. Well, we can take care of that. Get that hot body of yours all lathered up and clean now."

"But, you turned off the water..."

"Bradley, I think I know that. Now use that soap" says Robert, turning in Brad's arms and stepping back out of the hug.

Slowly, unsure, Brad begins to soap up his chest, then arms, his still wet body and hair combining to allow a nice lather to form. Robert reaches over and lifts Brad's arm.

"Don't forget the pits, Cub. C'mon, I know ya know better."

Under Robert's steady gaze, Brad soaps first one arm pit, then the other. He lathers his neck and sides, and begins to relax. He turns and bends, soaping his legs, then feels a light slap on his ass.

"Now that is a sight, Cub. Get everything."

Brad reaches around and soaps his ass cheeks and then runs soap up and down his crack, almost feeling the longing he is inspiring, putting on a show now, becoming more and more excited himself. He straightens, turning again, and reaching between his legs, lathers up his balls, then begins to stroke his hard cock with the bar of soap still in his hand. His eyes close as the sensations become more intense. Then he feels a hand on his, and the soap is removed. He opens his eyes, starting to feel frustrated, but feels Robert's arms encircle him. He is pulled close, his soapy lathered body pressed into Robert's wet furry body, his cock pressed up between their bellies.

"Ah, Bradley, that's my good cub" Robert murmurs before locking their lips together. Robert has one arm around Brad's back now, holding him up, while the other rests on Brad's ass. It is with that hand that Robert starts to slowly move Brad's body, causing them to rub together, Brad's engorged cock sliding in the lather between them, warm and wet.

Soon, Brad is thrusting his hips, frottaging against Robert. As he does so, their bodies slippery, his nipples rub against Robert's nipples and in his chest hair. He wants to gasp in pleasure, but Robert keeps the kiss going passionately, tongues moving from one mouth to the other. Brad's arms wrap around Robert's waist, and he lets his hands move up and down Robert's back.

Knowing Robert has him, is holding him secure and safe, Brad thrusts harder and faster, and loses himself in pleasure. Shuddering, his cum spurts forth, again and again, filling the space between their stomachs, mixing with the soapy lather. He pulls his head back slightly, breaking the kiss and nipping at Robert's lower lip, only to lick it and thrust his tongue back into Robert's mouth. Finally spent, he breaks the kiss again, and lowers his face to Robert's shoulder, panting.

Robert holds him, letting his breathing settle, letting him relax. As Brad slowly opens his eyes, Robert removes the hand from his ass and reaches over to turn the water back on. It streams over them, still hot, slowly washing the lather off. With an arm still around Brad's shoulders to keep him steady, Robert takes a small step back so that the water flows between them, and takes a hand and caresses both stomachs at the same time, mixing the cum and lather, cleaning them. He lets his hand move down and gently does the same for Brad's cock, eliciting a gasp as his hand contacts the sensitive organ.

"Cub, ya have to finish gettin' clean. Daddy's not gonna hurt ya."

"Oh, Robert, I know you wouldn't. Thank you" says Brad with a sigh.

Finishing his cleaning, Robert looks Brad directly in the eyes. "You are welcome, Bradley. And thank you." Before Brad can respond, Robert kisses him again, then turns the water back off.

"Ok, time to dry off. Or do ya want to be late for work yet again?"

After a nice slow mutual towel down, the two men return to the bedroom, digging through drawers and the closet for the day's clothing. Talking as they dress, Robert reminds Brad he is going out of town on business (he is a security consultant). He will be driving the truck, not flying, and won't be back until Sunday.

"Bradley, I really wish this could have been a few short flying trips instead, but it just doesn't make sense this time, as everything is within a few hundred miles. It is just one big multi-State loop."

"Robert, I understand. Don't worry; it isn't like I wasn't living alone a year ago anyway. I can handle it."

"You sure you know all of the security systems? Remember..."

"Robert, we have gone over them six times just this weekend. I understand them."

"Bradley, I know you understand them, but I want to be sure."

"You can be sure. I know them."

"Well, I will call first thing when I wake up, keep your cell phone on your night stand."

"Robert, I can wake up by myself, and you wake up earlier than me."

"And I'll call at lunch, either your work line or the cell. You call me when you get home from work, I don't want you on the cell phone while you are driving."

"Ok, fine, that will leave the phone free for me do some texting with while I drive."

Robert shoots Brad a serious look. "I better not catch you texting and driving!"

Brad laughs. "You are just too easy to goad sometimes, you big old bear."

"Yeah, yur just so funny, Cub, I fergot ta laugh" Robert says with a loud snort. "Now then, I'll call you right before bed. When I am turning in, not this late night playing computer games or whatever time."

"I think we can plan a little less, Robert. Just call when you can."

Brad thinks back to when they had first had moved in together, how when Robert would travel for business, he would ask Brad to go back and stay in his old apartment as the lease hadn't run out. After the third time, they had gotten into a huge fight over that.

"If you don't trust me while you're gone, this isn't where I live" Brad had snapped at a surprised Robert. "Don't get me wrong, the sex is great, I'll come over when you want to bang me, just call!"

When Robert finally got over his shock, he had explained that it wasn't an issue of him trusting Brad, but that he was concerned that in his line of business that when he was away someone might break in. He further explained that he wanted Brad safe and he couldn't protect him when he wasn't there. At this, Brad's anger had faded, and he had melted into Robert's arms. It may have been the first time he fully realized that his relationship with Robert was more than just as a dominant/submissive pairing, and the true depth of Robert's feelings. So when the apartment lease had finally ended, he gave it up, and made this his permanent home. The first time Robert had traveled and Brad had to stay at the house alone, there were no issues, though Robert called a lot. Most trips since have been flights for just a day or two, or else driving trips that were a single day. This was first trip lasting from Monday to Sunday.

"Whatcha daydreamin' about Cub?" asks Robert, placing a hand gently on Brad's shoulder.

"Just how much I'll miss you while you are gone."

"Awww, I'll miss you too, Bradley. I truly will."

"I don't know, it is going to be a lot of work to satisfy that sex drive of yours without me around" says Brad, unable to keep from poking at Robert, earning himself a fast swat to the rear.

"Now, Bradley, you know I am not gonna be out huntin' for cubs to play with!" growls Robert.

"You're not? What, is it bear season?" Brad asks, attempting to look wide eyed and innocent.

"Bradley, I am doing nothing of the sort. And you can just stop naming any other type of guy, before you go too far."

Brad leans over and hugs Robert. "I know, Robert, I know. Do try and have some fun, though."

"I will Bradley. Erik mentioned a shooting range we might head to after work on Wednesday, over on the base. The MPs use it, but he thinks he can get me a pass and we can play with the all sorts of handguns and automatics. And Friday I have to go out with all the agents there, dinner and midnight paintball. Reminds me, I gotta be sure I got all my camo."

Brad smiles. "Then Wednesday and Friday, don't worry about calling me early at bed time. Just keep it fluid."

Robert leans in for a kiss. "Ok, Bradley, we'll keep it fluid. You have some fun too."

All too soon, Brad heads to his car and off to work, another day in the office and the world of marketing. Robert finishes loading the truck, and heads off, after one last walk around of the large forested property they live on and check of all the security systems.


The beginning of the week passes relatively uneventfully. Work for Brad is as usual, the creative flow interrupted by changed deadlines on Wednesday causing him to work a bit late. He heads home with the busy city traffic, as always a wave of relief washing over him once he hits the country portion of his commute. Between the scenery and lack of traffic, the additional miles go by quickly, making the relative isolation more than worth it.

Happily singing along to the new song he is streaming to the car speakers from his smart phone, Brad pulls off the road and up to the gate at the beginning of their driveway, where he triggers the electronic opener, punching in the code. He is so absorbed in thinking how much more pleasant this is than his apartment that he neglects to close the gate and re-trigger the alarm system. Pulling up the long secluded drive, he starts to belt out the tune, the additional privacy allowing him the freedom to really get into the music. He pulls into the garage, deciding to finish the song before getting out. But as he reaches the big finale, the music is interrupted as the phone rings. It is the special tone he has for Robert. He touches the pick-up button, expecting a friendly hello.

"Bradley, what is going on? Are you ok?"

"Uh, hi Robert. Yes, I'm fine. Why?"

"What's going on? What triggered the alarm? Are you sure you're alright?

"The alarm?" Looking up, Brad notices the flashing red light on the security panel, and then on his electronic opener for the gate. "Oh, geez, hold on." He quickly punches in his override code which also shuts the gate remotely, and both red lights turn off.

"Ok, Bradley, the alarm is off. What is up?" Brad can hear the deep growl building in Robert's chest even over the phone line.

"Oh, nothing much is up. Just a long day at work and all..."

"Bradley, why did the alarm sound?"

"Robert, don't worry, it's nothing."

"I'm waiting, and not very patiently. Spill it."

"Ok, ok. I forgot to reset the alarm after I pulled in the gate, and then hadn't gotten out of the car yet as I was enjoying some music. Is that a crime?"

He hears a deep sigh. "As long as you are fine, that is all that is important. But I know that you know how the system works. Just pay attention."

"Yes, sir, my big handsome worry wort. I'm fine, and I'll pay more attention."

The conversation goes on for a while, Brad switching from the Bluetooth in his car to his earpiece and wandering into the house. They discuss their afternoons, what they plan to do that evening, a lot of small inconsequential things that make up a big picture of being involved and interested in each other.

"Well, Bradley, I should let you go. Erik is meeting me in the lobby in a few minutes; we are headed to the firing range and then dinner."

"Ok, Robert, I am going to heat up my dinner and then go work out."

"Work out? My cub is going to work out?"

"Ha, yeah, all the effort of pushing buttons on the TV remote. Though, I might actually take a walk first."

"Good plan Bradley. Relax and enjoy yourself, it was busy day. I'll talk to ya later."

"Talk to you later, Robert. I love you."

"Back atcha, boy."


The rest of the evening passes by quietly and peacefully. Brad takes a nice slow walk along the wooded pathways on the property before heading back to dinner. Earlier in the week, he had spent some time in the forest shifting rocks and dead fall to help with some pre-planned ambush spots for the next time he and Robert played "hide and seek", and he felt if he did more that it would be too noticeable. After a light meal, he spends some time practicing the tai chi that Robert has been trying to teach him. As much as he joked about his lack of working out, he found that the tai chi not only helped to tone his muscles and hone his balance, but also relaxed him and left him feeling sharper mentally. Finally, he sat down to a good book and a glass of Chardonnay. Thoroughly engrossed, he didn't realize as Robert's usual calling time slipped by. Almost an hour later, his phone rang with Robert's distinctive ring tone.

"Hello Cub. Sorry to call so late. I just got back to the hotel. Hope I didn't worry ya."

"I wasn't worried in the least, Robert. I know you can take care of yourself."

"Well, when I say I'm calling at a certain time, I intend to do that."

"And we agreed that you were going out tonight, so keep it fluid, remember?"

"Still, I coulda excused myself and called, but then I would have had to leave the firing range, and that didn't seem right after the trouble Erik went to."

"No problem Robert. I was just sitting reading. Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, but I wish you were here, Cub."

"Oh, horny are you?"

"Always for you." Robert replies with a snort. "But I didn't mean that. Just after the alarm this afternoon, I miss ya even more."

"Or, you just really want to keep a closer eye on me."

"Heh, that too. Bradley, I just want ya safe. You know that."

"I know, Robert, but it's nice to hear you say it. Everything is ok here, I'm safe and sound."


To be continued …


  1. Great addition. I'm glad Robert and Brad "spoke up" more

  2. Thanks Tracy! I'm glad you are enjoying them - Bear Hunt 3 is in the works now, I just have to make the time to get it written (heh, as I go, I keep ending up adding more to it - they are rather active).