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Bear Hunt 3 - Chapter 1

Bear Hunt 3: When the Mighty Fall
by Hairy1

(This is a work of fiction, and no real persons or events are depicted. Safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe. This is a follow up to the stories "Bear Hunt" and "Bear Hunt 2". It would help in understanding the characters and situation to read those first. However, that is not necessary as this is a standalone story. If you have comments, please contact the author at

(Authors note: I started this story before equal marriage rights (“gay marriage”) began to sweep the nation. It is written with those restrictions and realities in mind. Here’s to the hope and knowledge that someday soon all people will be treated with respect and fairness.)

(Another Author’s note: Special Thanks to my doctor friend (and another author) Luis for helping me try to keep the medical issues more realistic, it certainly was no easy task, and I still took license.)

(Copyright 2015, all rights reserved. No part may be reproduced electronically or otherwise without the author's express permission)

*** Chapter 1 ***

Sweat beaded on Roberts’ forehead, and ran in rivulets through the heavy black and silver fur that covered his chest. He pulled himself up, one more time, muscles tightly bunched. That was 20 pull-ups, he was still a marine at heart, even at freakin’ 49 and most of a year, and he wasn’t stopping. He had already easily beaten the 3 miles in 18 minutes mark on the treadmill this morning, even if using the treadmill seemed like cheating, and done over 100 crunches in 2 minutes. While he normally just worked out, at least every six months he tested his physical fitness against the benchmark he knew best. At six and a half feet tall, with broad shoulders, he had no desire to develop an ex-football player’s paunch, but knew that he needed to work to prevent it.

He was so intent on his efforts that, while duly noting Bradley’s approach, he thought nothing of it. The slightly pudgy cub partially rounded the corner casually, hands behind his back, but didn’t fully enter the room. He was wearing only a loose t-shirt and shorts, as if he intended to work out as well.

Damn, Daddy Bear, you are so hot when you work out like that,” Bradley said with an obviously approving gaze.

He got nothing back from Robert except a grunt, as Robert pulled himself up a 21st time, his mouth tight within the short black beard that was showing strands of silver.

Yeah, you better focus on those pull-ups. You aren’t just sexy hot, you are steaming hot, sweaty hot. Too bad I can’t be of some help.”

Robert tuned the cubs’ chatter out, waiting for some question or comment that needed a response, even as he became more physically aware of his presence.

I love your musky smell as you work out, you know.”

OK” thought Robert to himself “the cub is horny. He’s just going to have to wait until my workout is done. But I think I’ll rush it, just being here he’s getting me horny too.”

Yup, you sure are hot. How about I do this...” With that, Bradley finished turning the corner quickly, brought a Super Soaker around his body, and immediately opened fire, drenching Robert’s face, chest and crotch in ice cold water.

Releasing his grip, Robert dropped to his feet on the floor as Bradley ditched the water gun and took off running, his giggles turning into guffaws. Bradley might have caught him by surprise, but Robert’s training took effect and he immediately went after the cub, following his laughter through the bedroom and into the living room, where he leaped over the couch that Brad had run around and almost caught him just as Bradley dodged through the dining room and into the kitchen. They faced off on opposite sides of the granite island.

Robert, you seem to be dripping on the floor, don’t slip,” said Bradley with a grin, just as he tried to dodge off to the door leading to the garage and win his freedom outside. Robert didn’t even look down, he simply moved, and intercepted Bradley before he was even halfway to the door, pinning him against the counter.

Think yur funny, huh, Cub?” growled Robert, his accent growing as he became aroused. The answer was obvious as Bradley was still giggling as he gasped for breath.

Holding the cub tightly from behind with one arm, Robert leaned in and nipped at the side of Bradley’s neck, and whispered “Let’s see if ya think this is funny then,” then yanked Bradley’s shorts down with his free hand as he hoisted him off his feet and left him dangling in the air, supported only by Roberts arm and the counter. Robert was unable to yank his own shorts down, as his cock was now rock hard and straining against the material, so with a mighty tug he ripped them off and then pulled his member out the side of his jockstrap. As Bradley struggled, Robert reached across the counter and grabbed the olive oil, drizzling some down the soft light brown down in the cub’s ass crack.

Ya wanna play games, let’s play rough, hot stuff.” Slamming the olive oil down, he moved his free hand up to Brad’s chin and turning his head to the side, then leaned forward and shoved his tongue into Brad’s mouth, just as he aligned his cock on Brad’s oil coated pucker and pushed in. It wasn’t a slow penetration, it was needy and urgent, and Bradley almost gagged on Robert’s tongue as he gasped at the initial pain, but groaned as it quickly turned to pleasure.

Robert rapidly pistoned in Bradley’s ass, hilting each time then pulling out until the flare of his cock head rubbed against the rim of his cub’s opening before plunging back in. He deepened the kiss, breathing hard through his nose as his pace quickened, then became erratic, then pulled his mouth away as Bradley started to flex his ass cheeks in time to Roberts’ thrusts.

Dammit dammit your ass is so tight today … fuck fuck fuck … so good … I need you, cub … ” and suddenly Robert was bellowing his pleasure exactly as a male lion atop its mate would. With that, Robert’s cock pulsed and throbbed and filled his cubs’ ass with shot after shot of bear seed.

Panting heavily and releasing Bradley’s head while still holding him up, his cock still buried in Brad’s ass, Robert fumbled again for the olive oil, spilling some on his hand, then reached down and wrapped it around his lovers’ hard cock. He stroked him slowly at first, running his thumb over the tip and around the head, until Bradley started to squirm and moan, and then picked up speed until Bradley’s seed spurted over the front of the kitchen cabinet.

As Robert's cock softened enough to gently slip out of the well-used hole, he carefully lowered Bradley to the ground, turning him and kissing him softly. Wrapped in each other’s arms, the couple slowly regained their equilibrium after the quick but passionate love making, nuzzling and touching and murmuring their love for each other. Finally Robert sighed.

You know, Bradley, you excite me so much, on days like today I just can’t contain myself. I feel like a teenager again, and I shoot as fast as one, too.”

Teenager my foot, you are every inch a big daddy bear … MY big daddy bear. My lover, my soul mate. I love that I make you react that way.”

Aw Bradley, I dunno what I’d do without you. It’s like you’re the piece I was missing, the part that completes me.”

Bradley reached up, drew Roberts’ mouth to his, and kissed him deeply.

After the kiss was broken, Robert looked around the kitchen, with the wet floor, the jism on the cabinet door, and the spilled olive oil on the counter. “Much as I love ya Bradley, I still reckon this mess is your doin’, what with that practical joke. You can clean it while I shower. Unless you want to do some mutual latherin’ first” he said with a lascivious leer. With that, Bradley practically dragged Robert to the shower, his passion re-ignited, the mess left until later.


Brad finished drying off from the shower, physically and emotionally satisfied, thinking how much nicer it was on the weekends when he wouldn’t be hurrying now to get to work on time. At least Robert had stopped complaining about the quick toaster pastries he ended up eating for breakfast instead of something healthy on rushed days. Just then, Robert ran a hand over his butt cheek, and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

That was really nice, Bradley, really nice. I wish we had time every morning to do that.”

Is that your subtle way of saying I should get up earlier?” Brad said with a smile.

Robert chuckled. “Oh, I’ve given up on that, Cub. No matter how hard I work on this body, I can’t lure you out of bed before you’re good and ready.”

That’s because I am perfectly content for that body to come and ravish me in bed without having to get up.”

Well, there is that.”

Brad made a quick grab for Robert’s flaccid penis, holding it lightly as it slowly plumped some. “Yeah, you teenagers might shoot fast, but you are horny all the time.”

Now Cub …”

Ha, I have no complaints, Robert, about you shooting fast on the rare occasions that you do. Knowing I turn you on so much makes me feel great. And I really like that I make you horny, too.”

I was going to say that if you kept holding me there, you are going to be late for work, but I’m not gonna stop you.”

You are so bad. I have a busy morning. But we could meet for lunch and take care of that. Those deep back seats and tinted windows are pretty useful.”

You’re on. Noon good?”

Noon is great,” said Brad, breaking away towards the clothing he had laid out. “The teenager comment reminds me; I wanted to talk about next month.”

What about it?”

Your 50th birthday. Do you want a party here or downtown?”

What? I don’t want a party.”

Oh come on. We can’t let half a century pass by without marking it. I already checked a couple of caterers who will come out this way, and a couple of clubs have rooms …”

Bradley, I said I don’t want a party,” Robert growled.

I’ll take care of everything; you don’t need to do anything except show up. I just wanted to know your preference.”

No party. That is my preference.”

Brad rolled his eyes before continuing. “Seriously, don’t be like this. It’s something to celebrate. I want to do it right, and make it special. I’m thinking appetizers, drinks and deserts instead of dinner, so that we don’t have to worry about seating, and music, and …”

Bradley, what part of I do not want a party is hard to understand?” Robert said slowly and deliberately.

Well, none but …”

Good. That is settled then. No party.”

Yes, but…”

No. No party. That’s final.”

I think…”

No. It is not up for discussion.”

Brad’s temper began to rise. “Oh yes, I forgot, only you get to make decisions around here.”

In this case, it is my choice.”

Said who?”

If it is supposed to be a party for me, then I get to choose if it happens or not.”

Why, because no one else can want to celebrate? And of course, I can’t want to do something for you, that would just be so wrong.”

Bradley, I am serious. There will be no party.” Robert sighed. “But if we must, I suppose I could take you to your club and we could dance a little.”

Well then Your Highness has spoken. Forgive me if I don’t bow and scrape,” Brad said as he yanked his slacks up and pulled the belt through the loops.

Why are you copping this attitude with me? You asked and I told you …”

Yeah, you told me. You didn’t answer or discuss, you told me. Fine. I’m telling you I have to leave for work. Good bye.” With that, Brad stormed out of the bedroom, grabbed his keys and cell phone, and slammed the door to the garage on the way out. He cranked the music in his car to full volume as he saw Robert open the garage door to say something, and backed out and down the drive quickly, barely giving the gate time to open before he sped off towards the city.


By the time Brad had reached the office, he was stuck in that absurd middle ground, where his temper was still raging, yet at the same time he was embarrassed by himself and his behavior. No matter how hard he tried, his rationale self couldn’t suppress the emotions boiling within, made all the worse by the auspicious start of the morning. “Talk about acting like a teenager, my hormones seem to be in overdrive. I shouldn’t be this upset over it. But I am, I can’t help it. I just want to do something FOR him for a change. I shouldn’t have asked, I should have done a surprise party. But now that would be even worse.” Brad’s thoughts spiraled in a circle, a vicious loop he couldn’t easily break, ranging from irate with Robert to irate with himself, from angry to sad. His heart pounded, his palms were sweaty, he felt hot and red in the face. He found himself slamming his car door, throwing his keys into the drawer, dumping his cell phone unceremoniously onto his desk and generally snarling at everyone for the first half hour, even at the offer of a vanilla mocha latte with a double espresso shot. Luckily he needed to focus on his presentations, and had to put what he now considered to be a tantrum into the background. Somehow, they would resolve it at lunch, he knew.


Meanwhile, sitting in his home office, Robert was in a similar quandary, though not in quite the emotional turmoil as his other half. He was perplexed by Bradley’s outburst, but thinking about it, understood what his lover wanted. He just didn’t know how to explain that the idea of this birthday scared him. “I’m supposed to be strong. There to protect him. And I’m getting old. It’s harder and harder to stay in shape, to be the man he needs, he deserves. How can I celebrate the thing that is robbing me of that? The thing I can’t win against, at least permanently? And I can’t say anything, he’ll say it is all in my head, but it isn’t. I know my muscle aches; the joint stiffness sometimes in the morning. I know he doesn’t just need me for my physical size, for protection, but I need to be that for him, otherwise what am I?” Robert had seen the forgotten veterans wasting away in nursing homes, visited them often just to talk and let them know they were still important, even if they needed others to care for them now. Neither age nor disabilities caused by serving ones’ country were reason that someone to be forced to the sidelines, let alone be disregarded. The system might be broken, society might be, but he wouldn’t let it beat him.

A few hours into the morning, he noticed a glitch in the systems at one of his client’s warehouses. No alarm was going off, but the feedback had become intermittent. It appeared to be a fault in some of the wiring, which had happened there before; they weren’t always the most cautious fork truck drivers. “It’s going to go into alarm status sometime in the next twelve hours, that’s for sure.” Rather than call a technician to make the easy fix, he decided simply to run over and take care of it himself, as it wasn’t far off the route to Bradley’s office and wouldn’t make him late for lunch. Just to be sure, he dashed off a quick text to explain before he headed to the truck.


Brad’s presentations went very well, better than he had expected, despite his earlier mood. He was congratulated by his friends, who knew how nervous he had been, and chatted for a while near the water cooler.

Do you want to catch lunch, Brad? My treat.”

No, I have plans today, but thanks anyway.”

Plans? What, to sit at your desk and work as usual?”

No, that isn’t it at all. I’m having lunch with Robert.”

That earned him a knowing wink and smile. “Ok, well, have fun, big guy.”

Once he reached his desk, Brad saw he had a message on his cell phone. It read: HAVE TO SWING BY A CLIENT TO CHECK OUT A BUG. SHOULD NOT BE LATE. I LOVE YOU BRADLEY.

Before he even read the full message, Brad felt his anger returning unbidden. “Of course, there is a client. Best to do what they say. You can listen to them, just not me, they are all important,” and tossed the phone back down on his desk without bothering to reply. He plopped heavily down in his chair and sighed. “I love him so, I shouldn’t be so pissy. I don’t know what is wrong with me today.”

Deep in his introspection, he didn’t notice time passing at first, until his stomach started to rumble, as he hadn’t bothered to grab any breakfast during his loud departure from the house that morning. As noon came and went, and then 12:15, his mood started to sour again. By 12:30, however, his irritation started to turn into worry. Robert was never late, sometimes his punctuality was too much for even Brad, and if he was, he always managed to let Brad know. He called Roberts’ cell phone, but got no answer, which was also odd, as normally he’d get the reject with message option of “I’m busy but will call you soon”. Something must be seriously wrong at the client.

Brad was up and pacing by 12:45, when his phone rang from an unknown number. “Hello. This is Brad speaking,” he answered.

Bradley, this is Sergeant Jones. You remember me from the incident last year? I don’t know how to tell you this, but I just found out that Robert has been in an accident. A serious accident. I’m on my way now.”

Wait, what? Sergeant Jones? I remember. But how, what …”

Bradley, for years the department here has been on Robert’s emergency contact list due to the security business. We got the call a little bit ago, and I’ve headed out to the city while waiting for more information. I don’t have anything yet. Where are you? I’ll pick you up on the way to the hospital.”

Stunned, Brad automatically gave his work address.

Thank you. I’m about 5 minutes away. Meet me downstairs.”

Yes, yes, ok, thanks, I’ll be there.”


  1. A perfect beginning for the day: a rump-romp with the one you love...followed by more fun in the shower....!

  2. Every day should start that way, I agree!