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Bear Hunt 3 - Chapter 5

*** Chapter 5 ***

A few days before the casts were to be removed, Charles paid another visit. He and Robert had a very nice time, instead of just talking about the glory days, they also goofed around with how out of shape Robert has become, batting exercise ideas back and forth, planning activities for the future. As Charles was saying his good byes, Roberts’ cell phone rang with a client, and Charles excused himself with a wave.

All this time, Brad had been working in the kitchen, finalizing details on a report. The final proofing was just complete and he was sending it via email when Charles walked though. With Charles’ hand on the doorknob to leave, Brad thanked him. “Charles, I don’t know how we can ever repay you. You really opened my eyes; it has made a world of difference.”

Bradley, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is amazing how much his old self Robert is becoming. He must be a real horn dog now that he is healing.”

Brad blushed. “Well, he is, but I’m still worried about hurting him, and he is still tentative with me. But it is good.”

What do you mean?”

I’m holding back when we make love, because I hurt him the first time we tried. I don’t want to do that again.”

And why is he holding back? Does he not want it? Is he in pain?”

No, he wants it, demands it. But he doesn’t push me for more than feels right.”

Well, I would hope neither of you do that. But if I recall, Robert can like it a bit rough and wild at times.”

Brad got a big smile at that. “Oh, does he ever.”

Look, it isn’t my place, but looking at your smile, I think you’re ready to get back to where you were. Don’t take so long that you lose any intimacy with each other.”

So instead of ‘tough love’, now you are preaching ‘rough love’?” Brad said with a lopsided smile.

Oh, that is bad! No, I’m just saying that I’ve seen enough men get hurt over the years, including myself, and after being treated with kid gloves for a long enough time, you sort of forget how to be yourself, and don’t know how to ask.”

Did Robert say something?”

No, not a thing. He is much happier and more relaxed now. It’s just me sticking my nose were it doesn’t belong again.”

Look, Charles, your advice was great before, I won’t ignore this. I just need to figure out the right way to do it.”

That is all you can do Bradley. Figure out what is right for both of you. Remember, it isn’t all on you, either.  Rely on Robert, too.”

Oh, trust me, the big lug is going to be making up for lost time in a lot of ways, very soon!”

Charles laughed, and pulled Brad into a good bye hug. Nothing sexual, no innuendo, just two men secure in themselves and expressing it with each other. Brad didn’t hesitate in returning the hug, giving as good as he got.

Bradley, you gots ta stop tryin' ta turn ma friends – not like I can’t beat out the competition, mind you.”

Brad and Charles looked over to the door as Robert slowly walked out, having become much more self-assured getting in and out of bed. Brad reached back and gave Charles’ ass a quick grope, and they both started to laugh.

Damn, Robert, you aren’t supposed to warn them! It’s harder to work my cubby wiles that way.” Brad said jokingly as they break the hug.

And with that, I’m on my way... before the two of you try to drag me off into a three way!” Charles said with an obviously exaggerated look of shock and horror on his face.


The conversation with Charles gave Brad a lot to think about. Robert was much better, even if not fully recovered, and seemed eager to engage with as much play as Brad wanted. The thought of it made him hornier with each passing hour. He knew that Robert would not initiate anything while still in the casts, and even though it was only a few more days, felt that might be longer than he wanted to wait.

The morning that the casts were to be removed was overcast and cloudy, not a bright sunny day which would cause one to wake up quickly. Brad had roused early, his old work time, and found Robert still asleep in the hospital bed, something he still had trouble getting used to (both sleeping apart and Robert not being up significantly before him). His morning wood was throbbing, having spent the evening still thinking about what Charles had said, and having that influence his dreams and he decided to do something about it.

He quietly got out of bed and grabbed the lubricant, padding softly over to the far side of the hospital bed, which would hopefully be making its exit today. As gingerly as possible, he lowered the railings, but was unable to do so silently, and Robert stirred.

Huh, uh, mornin’ Bradley” mumbled the groggy Robert.

Shhhh, just roll over on your side, that’s it” coaxed Brad, rolling Robert onto his side facing away from him, then reaching down and pulling his furry ass to the edge of the bed.

Wha.. I don’t need to be cleaned there, sweetie, don’t bother” mumbled the barely awake Robert, cooperating out of habit.

Brad squirted some lube on his fingers and on his cock, and then rubbed his fingers up and down Roberts’ crack, feeling Robert relax his ass muscles as he would have when he needed a wipe down. He heard a sigh, then quickly circled his fingers around Robert’s hole and pushed one in, coating it with lube.

Hey, Bradley, what are you … oooohhhh, yeah” moaned Robert as a second finger found its way in.

Surprised and encouraged at how rapidly Robert opened up for him, Bradley thrust his fingers back and forth a few times, spreading them to widen the opening a bit more, then pulled them out.

Don’t stop, Cub, don’t stop.”

Don’t worry, Daddy Bear, I’m just getting started.”

With that, Brad pushed his cock between Robert’s butt cheeks. He rubbed the head across the hole, smearing it with more lube and pre-cum. Robert tried to push back against him, but between Brad’s hand on his hip and the lack of traction with the casts still in place, had no luck, and Brad continued to tease him, wiggling his hips back and forth.

Feeling Robert’s response, Brad finally let go, and pushed forward, penetrating Robert’s tight ring, slowly forcing himself deeper and deeper into the tight warm tunnel of his lover. Once he was buried about half way in, he slowly pulled back out, feeling the rim of Robert’s ass pop slightly

Damn, baby, do it again. Daddy needs it.”

Yeah, and I need that hot ass of yours” growled Brad, smacking it a good one then thrusting forwarded again hard, quickly penetrating deeper than before by another half inch as Robert grunted. He kept it up, pulling all the way out then pushing in hard, half inch by half inch, a quick slap on the cheeks each time, letting the hand on Robert’s hip slip down to feel the now engorged cock of his mate as he fully hilted. That knowledge triggered an instinctive response, knowing he was needed and wanted, he began to pump himself back and forth deep within Robert, feeling the tightness give way slightly, feeling the heat reach deep within his core. He gave way to the pleasure, hanging onto Robert’s cock as he pounded away, growling “fuck …. Fuck … fuck … such a hot ass … fuck … fuck”, and way sooner than he would have liked “I’m gonna fill that hot ass now, fill it with Cub seed … fuck Fuck FUCK!”. Robert felt Bradley’s cock pulse within him, then the heat of a large load of cum deep with himself. Unable to stop, Brad kept thrusting, shooting more and more of a load, sweat dripping from his brow.

Finally, he was spent. He pulled his cock out of the furry ass as he let his hand run slowly up and down Robert’s side. “I love you Robert” he said softly as he walked around the bed then, and lowered the other side of the railing.

I love you too Bradley. Thank you” whispered Robert.

Don’t thank me just yet, you aren’t done” Brad said, as he reached down and coated Roberts’ cock with lube. He laughed softly at the quizzical look on Robert’s face, placing the lube on the night stand. He sat down on the hospital bed, then laid down, his back to Robert’s front, and carefully scooted backwards so as not to bump the casts or ribs until he had Robert’s furry body spooned against his back, and Robert’s hard cock between his ass cheeks. Brad lined himself up, reaching back to hold Robert’s hip again, and slowly impaled himself on the throbbing manhood behind him, moving carefully as he had not opened himself prior but still was ready due to the recent orgasm. He loosened and then contracted his ass muscles, drawing Robert in, milking him, and soon both men were moaning.

Robert started to try to thrust, but lack of angle and traction still left Brad in control, and he kept the pace slow, teasing Robert and himself, enjoying being stretched out, enjoying feeling Robert’s body so close against his. Robert began to kiss his head, then nudged his way towards his ear, nibbling and licking, causing Brad to push back harder. Feeling this, feeling the need, Robert worked even harder, using his tongue and teeth, then wrapping a leg up around Bradley’s hip, drawing him in, rubbing his inner thigh against Bradley’s outer thigh.

Oh Robert, yes yes yes” cried Brad, who up until now had been limited to riding without any other touch.

Robert growled deep and low. “Fuckin’ yeah, Cub, work that hot ass for me. Earn my cum.”

Not in shape as before, but still aware of how to move his body, Robert worked his way down from Bradley’s ear to his neck, licked and kissing, his foot reaching around so he could use his leg to slightly lift Bradley’s leg, making things tighter. He flexed his pecs and abs some, rubbing his skin and fur against Bradley’s back, leaning into him. While he missed having his arms around Bradley, the intense skin contact was turning him on as well, and he managed to start to grind his hips, using his cock to massage Bradley’s prostate. He took his time, and about 5 minutes later, Bradley started to gasp, then was overcome with another orgasm.

Oh damn … yes yes yes … Robert don’t stop …. I’m cumming I’m cumming!”

As Bradley shot, his ass contracted rapidly around Robert’s cock, and swept him along with the tide.

DAMN! Bradley, fuck, yeah, I’m gonna fill you with bear cream! Oh yeah, fuck yeah!”

Robert’s body shook with the intensity of his orgasm. He flooded his lover’s ass, filling him deep, giving in to the pleasure.

Soon, both men were breathing heavily, snuggled together. Brad carefully rolled some, making sure that Robert’s slowly softening cock stayed in place, and kissed Robert.

Now is time for that thank you. Thank you. And I love you.”

Thank you, Bradley, I love you too. That was wonderful. I needed to be reminded how good it was I guess.”

We both needed the reminder, Robert. Because it is more than good.”

Sure is.”

In no rush, they relaxed together, talking softly, feeling each other’s closeness. Until Brad looked at the clock, and realized it had been a couple hours. He rolled his eyes.

Sad day when I am the one making us get out of bed, but if we are getting you to the doctor to get those casts removed, and if this hospital bed is going to get taken away, we better get out of it so I can clean us off and maybe wash these sheets.”

You don’t think they’d like them covered in cum?”

Brad laughed “No, I don’t.”

Does this cleaning up involve a shower together.”

No, one last sponge bath for you, a shower for me. If you are a good bear, maybe a shower together when we get home.”

Oh, I is a good bear, Mr. Cub, a really good bear!”

The day continued on that note, happy and light, exactly as either man would have wanted. The shower together did happen, with some careful but uninhibited sex, after some cautioning from Dr. Jacobs that newly knitted bones could re-fracture easily.


Robert’s recovery truly began to pick up its pace with the fewer physical restrictions and being in a better mental and emotional place. He had even begun his more strenuous workouts again in a modified fashion, though he was far from Marine Corp shape, and was pleased that Bradley had decided to join in at his own level and pace, even if his ulterior motive was to make sure Robert didn’t overdo anything.

You know, you’d get more reps in if you weren’t busy mother henning me over things I’ve done a thousand times, Bradley.”

You’d get more reps in if you weren’t so busy showing off and going too fast, you big stubborn lug. Besides, how can I be a mother hen when I have a cock just waiting for you hanging between my legs?” Brad retorted with a leer.

So instead of pumping iron, I should be pumping cum into your ass, huh Cub?” was Robert’s reply.

I have that protein supplement for you to suck down anytime, big fella.”

The repartee continued back and forth for a while, making the session go faster, even if it was less focused than Robert was used to. Thinking about it, he’d rather get a little less out of each work out physically and have it be with Bradley. Not that he wanted a muscle cub, he truly had come to love the shape Bradley was in, but he did appreciate the health and physical benefits. And for himself, well, he was getting older; and probably never would be back to how he used to be, and he needed to learn to accept that. At least that is what he kept telling himself.

From his perspective, Brad happily observed Robert’s improvements and returning confidence. Life was still far from the same, but it was recognizable; and while he wouldn’t have thought it possible, they seemed to actually be in a better place since going through the rocky phase. He had spoken to Charles several times about it, just to be sure he wasn’t just seeing only what he wanted. The one thing both men noticed was that Robert didn’t like to get outside his comfort zone, didn’t drive himself as hard as he used to. Brad didn’t mind helping and pushing some, but he knew that long term in their relationship Robert wouldn’t be satisfied with taking a supporting role only, that he needed to take a dynamic stance in life.

The more Brad mulled it over, the more determined he became that Robert just needed one more little nudge, one more push to get him to truly believe in himself again, and not settle for less than he wanted to be. It couldn’t be anything obvious, conversations around the topic hadn’t gone well.

Slowly, an idea formed, and a plan began to evolve. Now that Robert was walking longer distances without problems, and not overly concerned over bumping his arms, Brad knew that getting Robert out of the house, not for a work meeting or routine errand but to do something different, was what was needed. Yet, he needed to make sure that Robert engaged in whatever activity he came up with, without having to deal with him digging his heals in stubbornly.

He arranged to need to pick up some documents at the office the next day, and on the way home, called his friend Lee over the Bluetooth in his car.

Hello, this is Lee speaking.”

Hi Lee, it’s Brad. How are you?”

I’m good, though I’ll be better later today. How are you? And how is Robert?”

I’m doing really well, to be honest. And Robert is getting better each day.”

I’m glad of that. You have to be so proud of the big hero, saving all those kids.”

I am, but he doesn’t like to hear it. Not modesty, but he says it is all in the line of duty, that when he was a marine, the job all boiled down to protecting the innocent and helpless.” Brad then laughs. “When I told him to leave that part of the job to the young marines who weren’t my man, I sure got a big glare.”

Lee laughed along with Brad.

So, why better later today? What is up?”

Oh, that’s right, I didn’t tell you yet. You remember Gary, the night of your, uh, well, incident …”

Yes, I remember Gary, really nice guy, hot too. You two walked with me to the car.”

I wish we had done more.”

No, don’t even think that, it’s all over, there is really nothing more you could have done.”

I’m sorry to have brought it up and made you remember.”

I had to remember it so often and clearly during the trial that it is etched in my head. But honestly, that took a lot of the hurt and pain out of it. That and the fact that he was put behind bars for such a long time - between this and his previous convictions, he'll never be out. So truly, don’t worry. Anyway, you still haven’t told me about Gary.”

Oh, yeah, well, we’ve been seeing each other ever since. A lot.”

Details! I want juicy details!”

Lee laughed, relieved that Brad indeed seems to not have minded the reminder. “You’ll get details, maybe, when you buy me a drink.”

That is a deal.”

Anyway, Gary suggested we move in together, and we are looking at an apartment tonight that would fit all of our stuff together. It’s over near the river.”

Wow! Congratulations. Do I need to give you the lecture on being sure, that it isn’t just all about the sex?”

Lee giggled. “I should’ve known you’d say that. And it isn’t. It is so much more. We have so much fun together, no matter what we are doing.”

As they’d been talking, everything clicks in Brad’s head. “Lee, I think I am going to owe you more than a drink, I want to ask you and Gary a big favor.”

If you mean a foursome with you and Robert …”

No, that isn’t it. Listen, what I need is ….”


  1. Bradley and Robert,the versatile duo: it makes me enjoy the story all the more,that they satisfy each other so completely. May we [each and all] be so blessed with such a lifemate/partner.

  2. Thanks for recognizing that - it took them a long time to realize that they could be versatile with each other and still be true to themselves and complete, a maturing as individuals and as a couple.