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Bear hunt 3 - Chapter 6

*** Chapter 6 ***

That Friday, after dinner, Brad laid out a comfortable pair of jeans and a casual button down shirt for Robert before calling him into the bedroom as he changed himself.

What’s up Bradley?”

We’re going out. Get changed, handsome.”

Out where? I don’t need to change to get ice cream.” Robert suggested with a big smile.

Ha, nice try, no ice cream for you until your workouts are back up to par. All you did is complain last time about how it made you feel bloated.”

Well, that was two scoops, and I wasn’t walking as much then.”

It was Tuesday. So no. We are going out, and you are getting some exercise.”

Lifting that spoon so much is exercise. And I really would like some of the lemon custard flavor again.”

Ok, stealing my lines won’t cut it. Get changed” Brad said with a chuckle.

Robert stripped down, slowly, teasing Brad with the view.

Robert, come on, I’m not that strong! We ARE going out, now get dressed before I get distracted. But damn you look good.”

Robert laughed, a good, hearty, deep laugh. “Thank you, Bradley, I like that you think that. You look good too” he said as Brad pulled on a pair of snug jeans. “That exercise is giving you a nice bubble to your butt, you know.”

Brad wiggled his ass at Robert, then walked over and kissed him. As they held each other close, sighing, he dropped the news.

Remember how you promised to take me dancing instead of having a birthday party. It’s time to pay up. We’re going to Keys. So get dressed.”

Robert sputters. “But but but, I don’t like to dance. I can’t dance. Don’t try to make me.”

You promised. You always keep your word. We’re going. No, don’t button it up all the way, I want to see more of that chest fur.”

Bradley, wouldn’t it be more fun to, I don’t know, go to a movie or …”

No. Quit stalling. I chose Keys instead of Grind, so it will be a less intense” Brad smiled and ran his hand over Roberts’ ample package, which the jeans show off nicely.

How about …”

No. Don’t be a baby. How about we go, you dance at least one slow dance with me, and the rest of the time we play it by ear? No pressure.”

Ok, but it has to be a slow dance. And I’ll pick it. You can dance if you want, I’ll watch.

It’s a deal. And I’ll drive so you can have a few drinks while I dance if you want. It’ll be fun. Now let’s go.”


Keys was a piano bar in the city, with a nice dance floor.  Less wild and boisterous than most gay clubs, but still a lot of fun. Plenty of space to either dance, listen to music, or watch other people dancing. It wasn’t terribly busy when the couple arrived, so they ordered drinks and talked, Robert choosing a table overlooking the dance floor rather than a booth by the piano. Robert ordered Irish Whiskey on the rocks, and just to see the look on Robert’s face, Brad ordered the same fruity sweet concoction he had the last time, with both an umbrella and fruit garnish.

Geesh, Bradley, is that a drink or do you plan to dress up as Carmen Miranda?”

Brad laughed. “If I am just having the one, it might as well be good. Plus, all the sugar will give me extra energy to dance.”

That’s just what we need …” Robert rolled his eyes. Robert moved to pay the waiter for the drinks, but Brad put his hand up.

Tonight is on me. And if you want a couple more, they are on me as well.”


Robert.” Brad says in mock seriousness. “If this is the replacement for a party, you certainly can’t pay. So, cheers... here is to you getting better, to you having a milestone birthday, and to you being the love of my life.”

As the men clinked their glasses, Brad thought he might see a glint of light reflecting from the corner of Robert’s eye, but said nothing.

Thank you Bradley. I have to say, the music is very pleasant here. And there is some nice eye candy.”

Brad followed Robert’s eye to a group of cubbish men that have just walked in, who appear to be glancing in Robert’s direction. “No dancing with them until you dance with me.”

Dang, you’ve caught onto me!”

Some faster music started, and Brad starts to move his body to it. “You ready to dance now, big guy?”

Oh no, slow dance, remember? You go ahead though.”

What, so you can ogle those cubs?”

Bradley, they are cute, but I got the best eye candy here at the table with me. Go have fun, don’t let the old guy slow you down.”

What old guy? Where is he? I like mature daddies you know, maybe he’ll dance with me.”

Both men laughed, then Brad headed out to the floor. When he had looked towards the cubbish men, he had seen Lee come into the bar. He caught Lee’s eye, and they met on the dance floor.

Are you sure Robert doesn’t suspect anything?” Lee asked as they danced.

One can never be sure with Robert, but I don’t think so.”

Gary is on the other side of the room having a drink. He wants to be sure Robert won’t be upset or offended.”

That is sweet of him. No, Robert will be fine, and if he is peeved, it will be at me.”

We don’t want him peeved at you.”

Nothing risked, not gained. It will all be good. Now stop worrying and dance.”

The men relaxed and danced, to that song, and the next.

Back at the table, Robert watched, smiling to see Bradley having so much fun. “I really should do this for him more often, I guess. But, what does he need me here for? He can have fun without me. Maybe I am holding him back. But he really seems to want me here. Not just for security either, he really was excited. If only I could do more for him, but I can’t even do something silly like dance.”

Brad saw that Robert was smiling at him from the table. He spoke softly to Lee, and put the next phase of the plan into place. As Lee left Brad’s side, he nodded over towards Gary, a handsome man with a salt and pepper goatee and abundant fur spilling from the front of his collar, who came out to the more crowded dance floor and approached Brad.

Care to dance, Brad?”

That I would, Gary.”

Are you sure Robert will be OK with this?”

Don’t worry, if anything, it will all be bluster. I’ll deal with him. But, I think it is just what he needs.”

The song starts, a more moderately paced one, and the men start to dance. Brad sees Robert still watching him, drink in hand.

OK, Gary, he’s watching. Put the moves on me.”

Gary blushes. “Are you sure? I don’t know …”

Yes, I’m sure.”

It seems disrespectful though.”

“Look, Gary, you’re attractive, but I know you are with Lee. You know I am with Robert. It doesn’t mean anything, really. But if you don’t want to do it, I understand.”

Well, Brad, you are hot yourself, and maybe I am silly to hesitate, but I don’t want to ruin any friendships or anything, and I really admire how you’ve helped Robert.”

And this is just helping him more.”

Ok, I just needed to be sure.”

With that, Gary began to dance closer to Brad, brushing his body against Brad’s, first front to front, then moving slowly around Brad, rubbing against him the whole way as both men continued to move to the beat of the music. Once he was in front of Brad again, he reached both hands back to grope Brad’s ass, drawing him closer. Brad in turn placed his arms around Gary, grinding his crotch into Gary’s slightly. Leaving one hand on Brad’s ass, Gary brought the other up to cup the back of Brad’s head, and presses his face to Brad’s neck, appear to kiss or nibble, accidentally tickling Brad with his goatee and causing a big grin to appear.

Is he watching?” Gary whispered.

I can’t tell, too many people between us” Brad whispered back. “Just keep it up.”

Back at the table, Robert only caught sporadic glimpse of the pair dancing. “I liked it better when he was dancing with the cub” he thought. Then seeing the groping, he felt a bit sorry for himself, thinking maybe he had let Bradley down. But when he saw the bearish man’s lips approach Brad, something inside him shifted. “What the fuck am I doing! That is MY cub, MY mate, and I am letting someone else make him feel good? What is fucking wrong with me?”

About three quarters of the way through the song, Gary suddenly felt a tapping at his shoulder. He turned his head to see Robert standing behind him.

I beg your pardon, but may I cut in.”

Uh, well, we were enjoying ourselves.”

I could tell, but you see, my friend, Bradley here is MY cub, and I am HIS bear, and I would like to dance with him now. If you don’t mind.”

If you put it that way, well, of course you may.” Gary bowed slightly towards Robert with a smile as he separated himself from Brad, receiving a thumbs up pressed discreetly against his back, and placed one of Brad’s hands on Robert’s arm. “Have fun, kids.”

As Gary melted into the crowd on the dance floor (to find Lee, who had just requested a slow song and had both of their drinks freshened courtesy of Brad), Robert wrapped both arms around Brad and drew him close, swaying to the sound of the music, covering Brad’s mouth with his own. They kissed until the song ended, oblivious to the crowd around them.

Bradley, you are mine, now and forever, or at least for as long as you’ll have me.”

Robert, forever is how I see it. You are mine, too. Don’t forget it. I love you, I need you.”

I love you too, Bradley, and I need you, more than just to help my recovery. To remind of who I am, why I am, what is important.

Just then, Joe Cocker's “You Are so Beautiful” started. A perfect slow dance song.

Robert, you don’t really have to dance, we can go back to the table.”

Robert held Brad at arm’s length, then drew him in again, dancing slowly and gracefully, leading Brad perfectly.

No way you are escaping me, Bradley. You are beautiful, whether you know it or not, and being with you makes everything right.” By the end of the song, holding Brad even closer, looking him straight in the eyes, he was softly singing along in his deep rumbling voice, out of tune but touchingly sweet.

"Can't you see.
You're everything I hoped for,
You're everything I need,
You are so beautiful,
To me."

It was on those last words that the tear actually did spill from the corner of Robert's eye, and Brad melted into him, knowing this was no act, no pretense, but Robert dropping all the fear and doubt that had nagged at him since the accident and fully entrusting it to their love, to his lover.

Robert actually danced to a couple more songs before Brad could tell he was reaching his limit, and took him back to the table. Robert had another Irish Whiskey while Brad had sparkling water, and they talked and laughed.

Hey, there are the two guys you were dancing with earlier, out on the dance floor together. What a coincidence.”

Brad blushed. “Yeah, uh, it sure is.”

That cubbish one looks awfully familiar to me, I wonder where I might have seen him before” Robert asks with a sparkle in his eyes.

Uh, maybe you boinked him before we met?”

Oh, I’d remember boinking someone that cute. Maybe I should go cut in on their dance. It worked the last time I did it.”

Ha ha, yeah, you go ahead and do that. I knew you were a dancing fool.”

Both men laughed, and dropped the topic. Soon thereafter, they decided it was time to go home, that there was no need to close the place. When they got to the car, Brad took Robert in his arms before pressing the unlock button on the key fob.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, Robert. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you.”

Robert leaned down and rested his forehead against Bradley’s. “Thank you, Bradley. I really did have a very nice time. Not saying we’ll go dancing every week, but I’m willing to give it a shot once in a while.” He leaned a bit further and softly kissed Brad’s lips, just as a light drizzle began to fall. Brad quickly unlocked the car, being solicitous of Robert getting in, and they headed back out to the country.

Pulling into the garage, Robert told Bradley to let him get out of the car himself, he’ll just be a little slower than before.

I like your car just fine Bradley, but I am starting to get anxious to get a new truck. The insurance cleared a long time ago.”

Keying the alarm codes, Brad responds “A truck? I thought we’d get you one of those Smart Cars, so you won’t be tempted to do more heroics.”

Har har har. Even now I could tip one of those single handedly.”

Brad giggles. “I don’t think the insurance would cover that, so I guess we are just back to you in a truck.”

Yup” Robert replies, entering the kitchen and closing the door behind them.

If you really think you could tip one.”

You wanna see my progress cub?”

Show me, big guy.”

You ain’t as big as a Smart Car, but how’s this for starters.”

Robert lunged forward and grabbed Bradley’s waist, dead-lifting him from the floor and planting him to sit on the kitchen island. Stepping between Bradley’s legs, he leaned forward and kissed his partner, roughly and urgently, his hands working Bradley’s belt then the button of his jeans. The button undone, he gave a quick pull to undo the zipper. Bradley placed both arms around Robert’s neck, still deep in the passionate kiss, and lifted his ass slightly up, allowing Robert to quickly pull down both the jeans and the underwear, letting them fall to the floor. Robert reached up, grabbed Bradley’s hands, and put them down on the counter behind him, leaning him backwards, then dove down to engulf Bradley’s quickly engorging cock in his mouth. Both men realized how keyed up the physical contact from dancing had made them, and there is nothing gentle. Robert sucked hard, rushing even more blood to Brad’s penis, at the same time cupping his balls with one hand. Brad placed a hand on Robert’s head and pushed him down further, forcing the head of his cock into Robert’s throat before leaning back again with a deep moan. With that, Robert started bobbing his head up and down, ravishing Bradley’s cock with his tongue.

Oh yeah, Robert, that feels so good. Suck my cock. You like my juices, big guy? Oh, baby, yeah.”

Brad scooted a bit to the edge of the counter, and placed his legs up on Roberts’ shoulders, still aware enough to be cautious. The added leverage allowed him to begin to thrust, fucking Robert’s mouth as Robert sucked him.

Robert moaned under the assault to his mouth, loving the feel of his cub’s cock sliding back and forth, the flared head rubbing against the roof of his mouth, the increasing flow of pre-cum causing him to swallow repeatedly. His own cock throbbed, constrained within his pants. He pulled back enough to run his tongue just over the slit of Bradley’s cock as he gave his balls a light squeeze, then swallowed just the head and a bit of the shaft, running his tongue over and around it repeatedly and rapidly.

That little bit of extra stimulation pushed Brad to the point of no return.

OOOHHHH, Robert, yes yes yes, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”

With that, his balls trying to pull back inside his body, his cock spurted rope after rope of cum into Robert’s mouth. He gasped in pleasure, and his body shuddered. He felt his ass throbbing in time to his orgasm.

Fuck me, Robert, I need to feel you inside me!”

Robert didn’t need to be asked a second time, he felt the urgency himself. He lifted his head from Bradley’s still hard cock, seeing it glisten with a coating of his spit, and reached down and undid his own pants, dropping them to join his lover’s on the floor. His cock stood out, proud and needy, dripping pre-cum.

Bradley’s request had come before he could swallow, so he slowly drooled his Cub’s cum from his mouth onto his fingers, using them to first coat his cock, then swirling the finger around Bradley’s rim, pushing in slowly, adding a second finger, lubing him with his own cum, opening him fully. As Bradley threw his head back moaning, his legs still on Robert’s shoulders, Robert lined his cock up and slowly but firmly penetrated, the only resistance a hot tightness. Brad started to hump back toward Robert, eager for the fucking, but Robert maintained the slow steady insertion until he was fully hilted, then leaned over for a kiss, soft and tender, breaking it by nibbling Bradley’s lower lip. With that, Bradley started to squirm, moving Robert’s cock within himself, and Robert reared up and began thrusting, slowly at first, but then more urgently.

That’s it Robert that’s it, fuck me hard, like you mean it. That’s my bear, that’s my stud. Oh yeah, that’s good.”

Fuck yeah Cub, your ass is so hot, shaking it all night, it needs to be bred.”

Soon enough, words became grunts and moans.

Damn Robert that is so good … I’m cumming again … yeah fuck the cum out of me …” and Bradley shoots again, his cum erupting from his cock, glazing both his belly and Robert’s. As Bradley shot, the orgasm throbbing from his cock to his ass, it pulled Robert with it, and with a roar, he unloaded.

FUCK! Oh yeah! Bradley, my cub, my love... gonna fill you with my seed, make you mine, keep you mine.. oh damn yes yes yes.”

Robert’s paused his thrusting, his eyes closed, then pushed hard again and one last time, his own cum oozing out around his cock.

Both men are panting now, but Robert lifted Bradley in his arms and backed up, his cock still held tight by Bradley’s ass, and they kissed yet again, holding each other.

Brad reveled in the feeling of being securely held by Robert, knowing now that the road to recovery will be complete and full. Robert basked in the glow of holding his cub, his love, being able to do this again, knowing that when, a long time down the road he can’t manage it, that it will be ok, their love is what matters.

Brad let himself slowly slide to a standing position, resting his head on Robert’s chest, breathing deep of his lover’s scent, holding him tight. He took Robert’s hand to lead him to their bedroom.

It’s not my fault this time that the kitchen is a mess. But we’ll clean it together, in the morning” he said with a smile.

Robert chuckled softly, and let himself be led away for some post love making cuddling and a night sleeping with the man he loved spooned up to him, glad to be well and truly home.

*** Epilogue***

The full moon lit the forest in muted contrast, a light wind causing the shadows cast by the leaves to shift, a kaleidoscope of shimmering white, grey and black. The rustling of the leaves was accompanied by the sound of a nearby stream, the occasional call of a night bird, the chirping of crickets; all low background noise, not enough to cover other sounds. It was a warm summer night, not hot but not cold. Yet Robert shivered lightly, feeling goose bumps on his naked body even as with a slight sheen of sweat. He held himself still, striving to keep his breathing quiet, a difficult task as he had almost reached his endurance limit with his nearly healed body.

He had smeared mud from the stream bed over as much of his furry body as he could, camouflaging himself well. "Too bad it's a full moon instead of a new moon, it'd fade away to nothing then. But nothing is insurmountable if you analyze the situation right" he thought to himself.

He had not hidden himself as well as he could, choosing to crouch between a series a bushes which offered an escape route. He would use his incomplete cover as bait, leaving only a glimpse, so Bradley wouldn't be sure it was him. Knowing his opponent couldn't move as silently as he liked to think, he would listen closely, and as Bradley approached have enough time and space to turns the tables on him this round. It was the closest match they'd even had, Bradley down to one article of clothing to his own none, so he'd need to focus. "Good of Bradley to wait until I was this close to fighting shape to challenge me" he smiled inside.

Stilling himself, forcing himself to breath slowly and quietly, he listened, but heard no noises beyond those of the wilderness. He knew better than to feel reassured, to lapse into a false sense of confidence. Pursuit wasn't be that far behind, and was determined.

The rustling of the leaves off to his left almost made him turn to stare, but he caught himself, stopping the telltale movement just on time, forcing himself to rely on peripheral vision instead. After several tense moments of seeing and hearing nothing, he softly exhaling, releasing the breath he had been holding.

A high pitched yowling suddenly broke the stillness. He smiled, knowing the sound would throw Bradley for a moment, and wished the raccoons in heat as much fun as he planned to have.

He allowed himself a slight smile. He had years of military training and experience, while Bradley was a city boy born and bred. When they first met, he would have never imagined the Cub able to cope with this experience, to actually thrive in it. What had been physical attraction had quickly ignited into passionate love, a deep and abiding love that was about far more that the sex or banter or companionship. It wasn't just Bradley that had changed, Robert knew he had changed as well, and for the better. He realized how very proud he was of his partner, how happy their life together made him. He felt a warm satisfaction knowing that Bradley felt the same.

It was this moment of introspection that cost him. A single moments' lapse of focus.

He didn't notice the sudden quiet around him as the crickets fell momentarily silent. He didn't hear the tread of bare feet being careful placed. Not until the pale figure, not quite ghost-like, leapt towards him, was he aware that he had indeed been found, and in that single moments' lapse he barely had time to recognize the form rapidly approaching him, catching him off guard, knocking him to the ground and driving his remain breathe from his lungs.

"You're mine now, big boy!" yelled an excited Brad.

"Now, and forever" thought Robert, ready and eager to accept this 'defeat' which was a victory for them both in so many ways.


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