Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bear Hunt 3 - Introduction

BEAR HUNT 3 - Introduction

I truly didn't go into Bear Hunt or Bear Hunt 2 thinking of a series.  Yet, when I was toying with ideas for stories to write, I keep having this niggling feeling in my head that I had create more gaps with Bear Hunt 2 that I hadn't filled, that things needed to truly be tied together.  Several concepts melded together and started featuring characters much like Robert and Bradley, so I finally gave in and let them out to play one last time.   Heck, who am I to deny the power of a trilogy, right?  Even if it seemed to take me forever to write it (apologies to those I hinted at this story about quite a while ago).

Bear Hunt 3 brings together small ticklers from the other two stories into what I hope is a reasonable conclusion.  I intend it to bring things full circle and create a more balanced whole.  Oh, yeah, and I think I tossed in plenty of sex along the way, don't worry.

Thanks to Ursusmajr and PapaWerebear for letting me sharing the platform and their friendship.  Please enjoy the story.


  1. Thank you,Hairy 1,for letting Robert and Bradley out to play one more time! After thoroughly enjoying the first two stories as much as I do,I look forward to reading Bear Hunt 3. Happy Bear Hunting!

  2. You are quite welcome - they did get rather loud inside my head demanding to tell the rest of their story.