Monday, June 23, 2014

A Bear's Contentment

Our good friend Hairy1 has gifted us with a longer story to post here, which we do with pleasure while we put the finishing touches on the next chapters of Brown Bear Coffee House. If you read closely, you will find a veiled reference or two to us in Chapter Two.

A Bear's Contentment


  1. Thanks to both UrsusMajr and Papa Werebear for the opportunity to share my stories here.

    This is not the first time I've place references (I won't say subtle) about them in my works, both posted and not. And it won't be the last, I am sure.

    And don't worry, I am not delaying Brown Bear Coffee House - I will do my best to make sure more work is completed on it this week (as I will be in a position to influence - even if that normally backfires on me).

    Big bear hugs!

    1. Happy to oblige... it's a very good story!

  2. I remember this story from some time ago. I loved it then and I love it now. I cannot find it again, so I am so glad it is here for me to love. Thank you.