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Half-Forgotten Legends

Half-Forgotten Legends

By Bjorn Torson aka Papa Werebear

Copyright © 2000-2004 - Bjorn Torson
Any and all re-use prohibited without explicit permission.

I was falling. Sliding down the steep walls of a ravine with rocks tumbling past me, on me, and me tumbling on more rocks further down. I reached the bottom of the ravine and thankfully it was summer, so there was no water to drown me. I hit my head and blacked out, when I came to, I saw blearily a large Grizzly coming toward me. I was terrified that he was going to devour me now that I was rather helpless with a broken leg. It was bad. I could see a little bit of bone poking through the skin. Not that it would matter if I could stand anyway, a Bear could easily outrun and kill an uninjured person too. I was really bruised and beaten by the fall, I must have fell and slid a good sixty feet into the ravine.

I knew I had a gash on the right side of my head because there was blood flowing down all over that side of my face. The bump I'd received to my head had made me dizzy. I tried to get up to get away before the Bear got to me and was almost incapacitated by the increase in pain. The great beast reached me in seconds, I looked into eyes as blue as my own. "Did Bears have blue eyes? Did Bears have blue eye genes? Weren't all the grizzlies extinct in California?" I thought rapidly and irrationally. What stupid thoughts to have before being ripped to pieces by a hungry monster. I was 35 and my life was about to end right in my prime, the way my luck had gone lately, perhaps this was a blessing; at least it would end some of my worries I thought cynically.

I trembled uncontrollably and screamed in terror, but there was no one around to hear my cries but the Bear, and it didn't seem to bother him. I flailed at him with my arms, but he largely ignored my attempts to fend him off. The Bear placed a huge paw on my head and forcefully bent my neck to the left. Partially from sheer terror, partly from pain and partly from blood loss, I fainted just as the Bear started licking the gash on my head. My last thoughts were; "He's sampling me to see if I'm palatable."

I remember becoming conscious again briefly as an intense pain in my leg brought me back. It was my broken leg. The Bear was doing something, pulling on it. He must be trying to dismember my body. Get me into manageable chunks. I tried weakly to fight him off and cried out again, futilely, but I guess I'd lost too much blood. That was fine, let him kill me; at least I would be out of pain. I blacked out again.

I regained consciousness and I must have been delirious, out of my head with pain, because I remember seeing a grey-brown bearded furry man with no shirt and no pants fixing my leg. He was VERY large. I guessed almost seven-foot. He must have run the Bear off; he looked big and beefy enough that he could have bluffed a Bear. He must have used his shirt to bind my leg in a splint and the pants too! He was naked. He growled out, "Ya still with me, son?" I nodded. "Good, I'll get you back to the house and we'll go from there." Maybe his nudity was just my mind seeing what I wanted to in my delirium. If I weren't in such a serious condition, I'd have a raging hard on for the guy. He was DEFINITELY my type: broad shoulders, barreled chest, muscle everywhere, huge biceps, a thick neck and fur all over. It was so thick it almost hid his skin. One Bear had almost devoured me and now, another Bear was saving me. I sunk back into unconsciousness.

I was having a vivid, full sensory nightmare. I'd had dreams like this before, they were incredibly realistic but usually not this scary. I was being carried off somewhere. I looked into the face of the one carrying me and it was the Bear's face I saw. Fear gripped my heart, but I was powerless to move. The Bear's eyes were as blue as my own and staring down into mine. He was carrying me away, probably to his den as a snack. He had me in his arms and he was walking on his hind legs. I decided that I would satisfy my curiosity; it was my nightmare, damn it, I could do that. I wanted to know what Bear fur felt like before I died. I reached up to feel the fur of his face, to see how soft it was. He stopped as I did this and licked me on the nose and mouth, it was warm and wet like a dogs tongue. Then he licked the gash on my head again. The nightmare faded and I sunk deeper into unconsciousness.

The next thing I knew, I was in a warm pool fed by a river that flowed over crystalline cliffs, the colors refracted in the crystals were unearthly in their hue and more beautiful than any colors found in the rainbow. They were the same colors, but far more vibrant, like each of the colors was charged, alive and had a soul. The water was actually a light violet color and luminescent, not clear, and it flowed over me, soothing my pains. Softly glowing hands made from the substance of the water itself rose out of the pool and were washing me. They massaged the soreness away. The pain in my leg was dull and I didn't mind it so much. The hands lifted me out of the pool and laid me on a bed of cool soft green leaves. The leaves then moved all over my body, drying me. Multi-colored birds came and clothed me in a warm robe striped in browns, cream, tan, greys, white and black. A silver chalice appeared in mid-air and I drank, in small sips, a warm pleasant liquid that varied in taste and color with each mouthful. I lay back and a cloud cushioned my head, I noticed that the leaves I'd been laying on had become clouds too. I started drifting up into a glorious warm light. I must have died, I thought. This had to be heaven.

When I woke and was lying in a huge bed. It had a comforting scent, very male, musky and had the tang of cigar or pipe or both. A low watt bulb, in a very nice Tiffany style lamp on the nightstand, dimly lit the room. The wind up clock on the stand read 1:35. I raised my head and realized how much it ached. My leg felt heavy and it hurt. I turned my head to view the right side of the room. I saw four things: a window and through it the night sky, a large reclining chair, small table and a VERY large man with a full grey/brown beard dressed in a plaid shirt and jeans. He was fast asleep in a comfortable looking leather recliner. I couldn't quite remember him, but he was familiar. I lay there for awhile and drifted in and out of sleep not quite able to focus enough to become fully awake.

I woke again when a warm hand was placed on my forehead. I opened my eyes and looked into a pair of beautiful deep blue eyes. They belonged to the large bearded man who'd been asleep in the recliner. It was still dark and I guessed it was the same night, just a little later than when I had awoken before. "I thought I was gonna loose you, son." His voice was deep and gruff sounding, but pleasant all the same. I noticed his scent was warm, earthy and musky. His breath smelled pleasantly of some sort of fruit flavored pipe tobacco. I placed his age at about 45 or so. He looked into or AT my eyes. "I think your concussion is much improved, that had me the most worried. Follow my finger." He passed it in front of my eyes and I followed it. He watched my eyes as I did so and nodded with approval. "I set your leg and bandaged up your head after I put a couple of stitches in your scalp." I finally recognized him as the man who had sacrificed his shirt to put my leg in a splint and he must have carried me here, wherever here was.

"Are you a doctor?" I asked.

He grinned. "Course I'm a doctor! " He chuckled. "If I were a mechanic, I would have just sent out for new parts, rotated your tires and changed your oil! I'm retired, but I still know how to set a broken bone and stitch up a gash." He chuckled warmly; it WAS a stupid question. I started to laugh, which made my head ache more and I winced.

"'Doctor, it hurts when I do this.' said the patient." He growled out. " 'Then don't do that!' said the doctor." He chuckled again. "Sorry, son. It's an old joke. But I'm an old fart, so I'm allowed. Are you hungry, son?"

"Yes." I said. "Good, I'll be back in a minute, don't go nowhere." He chuckled again. He left the room and I heard him go down stairs.

If the bedroom was a reflection of rest of the house, and it probably was, the doc had great taste. Everything in the room looked antique. I saw a bookshelf, on the wall opposite of the window by the bed, which looked like it was solid cherry wood and the nightstands matched them. So did the small cherry table by the recliner that had a pipe and tobacco pouch on it. They looked antique. The books were classics and included medical texts along with the novels. They were all leather bound books and looked antique as well. He had a copy of Moby Dick on the shelf and for all I knew it was a first edition from the appearance of it. The doc must be filthy rich, yet he wasn't a stuck up snob and didn't have the air of "The Well to Do" about him. In fact he was down right folksy. What did Mc Coy from `Star Trek' say? "I'm just a simple country doctor." Something like that I think. Something didn't fit about him or my brain wasn't working right or both. I couldn't decide.

Doc returned with a bowl of beef stew and some French bread. "Here we go. The stew is Campbell's, but I made the bread myself, fresh today." Gently he fed me because he insisted that I should not move around too much on account of my broken leg and still dizzy head. I was falling in love with this man with every spoonful of kindness he fed me.

The other thing that didn't seem to fit about the doc was his build; the man was huge. Yeah, he had a beer gut, but he looked like he broke horses or baled hay or dug ditches or loaded ships for a living. He was VERY muscular. All of the doctors I'd ever seen were medium build to scrawny. The doc looked like he could enter the Iron Man competition! Maybe he did bale hay and stack it; he could have retired to a farm in the country. He was handsome as Hell too. The fur on his arms, neck and the large tuft that spilled out over the top of his T- shirt indicated that he probably had an incredibly furry body. After feeding me, he told me to get some rest.

He got a book from the shelf, sat down in the recliner and he started packing his pipe. An embarrassed look came across his handsome face and he asked, "Do you mind if I smoke? I'm so used to just lighting up when ever I want to that I rarely ask that question. Living alone will kinda do that to you."

"Not at all," I said, "My father used to smoke a pipe when I was a kid and I, myself, like the occasional cigar."

He smiled. "I'd never have figured you for a cigar man."

"Well, I prefer the truly expensive imported brands, that's why I only have one every once in a while" …and none at all lately.' I thought glumly. I yawned.

"I'm keeping you up," he said a bit sheepishly.

"No, I'm drifting off now, I'm feeling kind of pleasantly warm and tingly all over and I want to sleep. You won't bother me by being here at all, I can sleep through thunderstorms."

"You're feeling warm and tingly all over?" he asked.

"Yes… what is it? Is there something wrong?"

"No, you'll be all right." He smiled, but I sensed a bit of guilt in his look.

I yawned again; I remembered two questions I had been meaning to ask while he was down stairs and decided I needed the answers before I slept.

"By the way, I'm Max, Maxwell Ryan."

"My name's Arthur Black, welcome to my home." He smiled broadly. "Most folks call me `Doc Black'," he puffed on his pipe as he lit it, "but, you can call me Art. I guess I should've made proper introductions to begin with, but I tend to be a bit absent minded with social graces when I'm caring for a patient."

"OK," I smiled, "and you can call me Max. Thanks for saving me."

He smiled again, "My pleasure." He growled softly.

"Did you run the Bear off?"

"Yeah, I showed up and he was leaving. I guess he didn't find you to his taste." His voice had an odd tone to it as he said that last part.

"How long have I been here?" I asked.

Art puffed and hesitated, "About three days. You've been in and out of semi-consciousness and I didn't want to take you to a hospital because I didn't want to move you. You'd lost a lot of blood in the fall and the right leg is pretty well damaged. I put a cast on it and you should heal well enough. I didn't know your name and I couldn't find your wallet. I looked all over the area in the ravine where you fell and couldn't find it there either.  Do you have any family, Max? "
"I have a sister in Los Angeles, but I haven't seen her in fifteen years and I have a brother, but I don't speak with him at all. My parents are both dead." I said.

"Sorry to hear that, son." "It's OK," I said, "It happened several years ago. My sister won't be worried, I don't check in with her often and I definitely know my brother won't worry." "Any job you'd like me to contact for you?" He asked.

"Well, the reason you couldn't find a wallet was that I'd left it locked up in my car. I parked it in an old abandoned looking barn, so it wouldn't be noticed and I wouldn't be run off," I was a bit ashamed to say the next, but I wasn't going to lie. "You see, I was laid off work six months ago. They cheerfully called it 'down sizing', like that would make it better. I haven't been able to find work since. Things got pretty slim after unemployment ran out and my savings dwindled down to a few hundred dollars. I couldn't pay rent anymore, so I got rid of everything I could sell and gave away the rest." I looked away because I couldn't look him in the eye. "I've had to live out of my car for the last month or so… I didn't want to live on welfare. I came up here on the last of my money, looking for work." I couldn't help it; my eyes misted a bit.

"That's nothin' to be ashamed of, son." He said softly. "That car of yours will be safe too, 'cause I think you might've parked it in MY barn. I'll go check in the morning. You can put your mind to rest, every thing's gonna work out. You get some sleep now, I'm gonna read a little while you nod off, then I'll go to bed."

He sat back down and puffed on his pipe as he read his book. I could see from my angle and couldn't help but notice the large package between his legs. Doc was a fine looking man and apparently VERY well endowed. He was HOT! I drifted off to sleep picturing him naked; I was pleasantly stiff as I slipped into dreaming.

I awoke the next morning and felt markedly better. I noticed that I was hooked up to an I.V. Arthur was asleep in the leather recliner with his pipe in his hand. He had a nice big boner and was softly grunting in his sleep. The odd thing was that he was dressed differently. He had a sweatshirt and shorts on. That was very odd, but I thought that perhaps he had changed into other clothes this morning to jog or workout or something. I decided I'd run a diagnostic check and assess the damage to my body. I smiled; I had to stop reading so much sci-fi. I felt the gash, which no longer hurt, on my head. It seemed to be completely healed. That was VERY odd. I pulled back the covers and my leg was still in a cast, but it didn't hurt hardly at all, last night it was rather painful. That was EXTREMELY odd. I decided to get an expert opinion.

I yawned rather audibly and stretched. That did the trick, Arthur was soon awake and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, his boner was tenting out his shorts nicely. "So, doc, how am I doing?" "Well, Max, it seems you're out of the woods." He said, but I felt there was a large 'But' to follow. "That's great, you're one Hell of a doctor! I'm feeling much better than I did last night." "Yes, well…" he chewed on the end of his pipe, "Max, we need to talk about that." "What's going on?" I asked, waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Well, firstly, it wasn't 'overnight'. You've been asleep for two and a half weeks since last we spoke; your condition rapidly improved as you slept. I've given you I.V. nutrients while you slept so you wouldn't starve and now that you're back I can remove the needle." He got up and did just that. "I want you to watch that needle wound." He said and sat back down again. I watched the needle hole heal before my eyes, there wasn't even a mark left. Now I knew something was up.

He continued as he chewed on his pipe. "When I brought you in, you had some stubble on your face, you'll notice, you have a full beard now." I touched my cheeks and upper-lip and confirmed what he had just said; I had grown a medium length full beard in about three weeks. My beard didn't grow that fast, I remember it took me a good two months to grow one this long last time I'd had one. I also noticed that I seemed to have more hair on my arms than I remembered having. "What's going..." I started to speak and he held his hand up. "Please, let me get this out, there'll be time for questions and blame later".

"When I found you, you were fading fast, you were losing and had lost a lot of blood. What I did to save you, you may curse me for, but I did it because the same was done for me, many years ago and I wanted to return the gift of life that was given to me."

"I left my parent's farm for California years ago. My dad disowned me for the way I am. I wanted to find a place where I could make a fresh start, build my own home and was wandering around in the wilderness about twenty miles from here. I got into a similar predicament as you did. I too had fallen when the edge of an embankment gave way and in the fall, a tree branch stabbed me in my side. Luckily, it hadn't pushed all the way through me. I managed to remove the branch and stick a cloth over the wound, but I was sure I was going to bleed to death soon. It happened mid afternoon and I lay there until the next morning, I'd broken an arm and both legs. There was no one around to help and I was sure I was going to die. Early the next morning, a Grizzly Bear found me and like you, I thought I was gonna be his breakfast. He came over and snuffled at the wound. I was too weak from loss of blood to stop him. He started licking it, his tongue burrowed inside the wound and I passed out from the pain as he moved me around to get better access."

"The next thing I knew, I woke up in a cabin with my limbs in splints. There's this big furry muscled-out Mountain Man hovering over me. He was golden blond going grey and had grey eyes. He fed me venison stew and gave me honey wine, which is called mead. I was on the mend in no time, just like you and he told me why."

"That was in the mountains here in California. It was 1819: 180 years ago and California wasn't even a state yet. I was born in 1799. I was all of twenty then fresh from the Ohio River valley. I'll be 200 years old come this December and I have that Old Mountain Man to thank for it all. I still see Sam from time to time, he comes around every five years or so. He's still wandering around out there. He's traded his mule for a motorcycle and he has everything he takes with him hanging off of it. Most people think he's a bum, but they'd be speechless if they knew how much he has in various banks here and there. When you live to be hundreds of years old, you can sock away quite a bit of money."

"You see, that Bear you saw down in the ravine was ME. Sam, saved my life and could only do so by changing me into what he was… a Werebear. Werebears and other Werebeasts heal quickly. Bearmen seem to heal especially fast. His saliva, like his bite, his blood and his seed was capable of changing a man into a Bearman, but only if any of those things get into that man's blood. Kissing could do it, but it's not likely. The most important quality of the saliva is that it seems to stop the bleeding and begins repairs quickly. I had to stop your bleeding, so I licked your wounds. The result is that you are becoming a Werebear, just as I did long ago."

I'd caught your scent on the wind when you were out exploring and I went to investigate. I wanted to find out who was walking around on my land. I'm rather secretive out of necessity, as you might imagine. I saw you headed for an undercut part of the embankment, but I couldn't warn you or get to you in time."

"Being a doctor, I knew your were in critical condition. I stanched the bleeding by licking your wounds, as I've told you. I had to pull the bone back into your leg before I could start sealing up the wound. You may remember that, you came back to consciousness briefly.

I got you back here and took you into my O.R. I have a fully equipped operating room downstairs, mostly for taking care of one of our own; we can't exactly go to hospitals. I transfused blood directly from me into you. Werebear blood seems to adapt to other blood types or adapts other blood types to itself. I think that given the nature of our kind, the latter is probably true. Any way, I X-rayed your leg and set the bone. Unlike humans, and you aren't human anymore, we regenerate and our bones heal back as if they were never broken. The only thing really necessary is for the bones to be kept straight while this happens.

There are injuries that are too much for our systems to take. You can't jump out of a plane without a parachute and expect to survive. You body doesn't repair itself fast enough. You can get some pretty nasty cuts though and they heal almost instantly. Very serious cuts result in a loss of blood, but heal pretty fast too. I once accidentally severed part of my finger with a knife in the kitchen; I picked it up, put it back on the end of my stump and bandaged it together. A week later it was as if it had never happened. I'm guessing my hand would do the same if it was cut off at the wrist, but I'm just not curious enough to try it. There isn't even a scar after the body part is reattached." Your leg is almost healed... and you are slowly changing into a Werebear.

In a little over three months, you will change for the first time. You'll become a big furry hybrid Bearman and you'll probably go further into full Bear shape. Your sense of smell and taste, even in human shape, is going to increase dramatically. So will your strength and you'll have to get used to just how strong you'll become. It was nothing for me to carry you here from the ravine a mile away. You'll have to be careful with ordinary humans, you could hurt them without meaning to until you learn to gauge your strength."

He packed his pipe and lit it. He puffed thoughtfully for awhile, regarding me, and then he began again. "Believe me, if there had been any other way to save you, I would have, but we're no where near a trauma unit and you'd have probably been DOA even if I could have gotten a life flight out here while you were alive. You had a very bad concussion, but there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. If you did have minor damage to your brain, it's probably healed. Werebear neural tissue also regenerates, but if the memory is affected it's gone even though the cells that held those memories are fully repaired."

"Well, that's enough medical talk for now." He paused again as he puffed on his pipe. He looked rather nervous. "I expect you've got questions and quite a bit to say." He sat there on the edge of his recliner and I could tell he was bracing himself for whatever barrage I was about to give him. The truth was, I didn't know quite what to think or ask. After a minute or two, I began.

"First off," I said slowly, "I don't blame you for what you had to do. You're a doctor and did your best to save my life. You had no options other than to let me die and I'm rather glad you didn't. Secondly, I must say that I've always liked Werewolf movies and guess they've always kinda turned me on. As a teenager, I got a boner watching 'The Howling' and I came in my pants watching the transformation scene in `American Werewolf In London'." He chuckled a bit and I was embarrassed. "It's OK, I understand. I still remember how hard I got the first time I saw the Lon Chaney Jr. movie, my crotch was wet with pre-cum as I left the theater." He chuckled again. "Anyway," I continued, "what I meant to say was that, I think I'm gonna like being a Werebear, but there's something I have to let you know."

I paused and considered what I wanted to say next. "I'm gay... and I find you extremely attractive. I would've had a major woody for you back in the ravine if I weren't so banged up. I tell you this because I want to be honest and because I think I'm falling in love with you. I know all about the patient- doctor relationship. Yes, I am grateful to you, but what I feel is deep and even though it might not be returned, it's there."

"Well, son, I'll let you in on a little secret." he said, with a grin. "My long dead father disowned me because he caught me with a friend in the barn. We were just kids, jacking off and giving each other head. My father was very strict and his religion forbade what we were doing. He beat us for it and forbade me to see the kid again. He said I was unnatural and I would burn in Hell for what I did. For a very long time I was convinced that I was a doomed sinner. Sam helped me to come to terms with that, he'd been all over this world and seen everything. He said that living as long as he had, had given him a unique perspective, unique for humans, anyway. Life really is too short and love is to rare and precious to waste being afraid that you'll be punished for giving or taking love from the wrong person. He helped me to understand that it's what's in your heart, not which plumbing option you came equipped with, that really counts. He and I have been bedmates off and on since he changed me.

So, I have a confession too... I think I'm falling in love with you as well. But we should take it easy and let things come naturally." With that he walked over to the bed, pulled off the covers, picked me up and kissed me. "That felt pretty natural, what do you think?" His smile was beautiful. "It felt natural to me." I said and kissed him back.

He carried me down stairs; his house was big and gorgeous. He told me he had several guestrooms and he'd been staying in one of them while I was in his. "I could have put you in a guestroom, but my bed is bigger and more comfortable than most of the others" he smiled impishly. "and secretly, I wanted you to get used to my scent." He sat me down at the kitchen table and proceeded to prepare an enormous breakfast.

"Nice kitchen Doc!" I was impressed; it was huge and had a couple of huge stand-up restaurant freezers along with state of the art, institutional sized everything else. "I like to host Fourth of July parties and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the other Bears in the neighborhood; there the only family I have. Everyone I knew that I was related to died some time ago, so we Bears have become our own family. They come down from the mountains every year for the holidays; there are seven of them. Sam introduced me to them a long time ago and it's part of the reason I went into medicine. They're as close as any family to me, yet they're also casual lovers. They don't have a doctor and usually don't need one, but every once in a while they need one. I like having them around and playing host."

"Other Bears?" I was intrigued. "Yeah, they live up in an extremely small town in the mountains and have for as long as I can remember. There were more of them. Some of them moved up into Canada and I don't see them as often as the ones that stayed. They've offered to take me up to the mountains to live with them, but I love my land too much to leave it. Ron and his Bear crew also come over on those holidays and we all have a great time playing in the pool and basement together in the summer and having orgies down in the basement in the winter. I'll tell you more about Ron and the guys a bit later, I have a surprise for you." He grinned from ear to ear.

"We had a conversation about upcoming events in my transformation as he cooked. I found out that by the time I was ready for the first change, I'd be built like the proverbial brick house and I'd be thickly pelted; the day after the change I'd be hung like a bull. He laid out the spread before me. "Eat up! You're a growing Bear now and you'll need lots of food. I've got a good amount of supplies, but I'll have to go buy more before four months are up. You're going to get hollow legs just like when you were going through puberty." He chuckled.

"I'll go get you some crutches after breakfast, I think I've got a pair in the garage. You won't need them for long, you're half healed and you'll be out of that cast in another week or so." Without another word I dug in and so did he. I found I was famished and I finished in no time flat. Art was finished just as quickly. "Wait right here!" He laughed. "Of course your gonna wait right there! Sorry." He got up and went toward what I remembered was the way to living room. In a few minutes he returned with a beautifully carved cherrywood box and the crutches. He opened it and offered me a truly fine cigar and took one himself.

We lit up and moved into the living room.

"Have you ever worked in construction, Max?" He asked and I could tell this was leading somewhere. "No, why do you ask?" "Well," he said with a smile as he puffed on his cigar. "I have a friend, Ron, he's the guy I mentioned earlier. Well Ron's a Werebear too and he owns a large general contracting company in the area. He's got a crew working for him and they're all Werebears. There's about ten of them, they are his specialty crew, because they get things done fast. Being Bearmen, they're stronger than the other guys are, so it takes them half as long to get the same job done. He brings them in when he needs something done in a pinch. Ron pulls the regular guys off and has them work somewhere else for a few days, that way his Bearmen can work pretty well unobserved. Ron also puts up blinds around the areas where the guys are working, it allows for the guys to half shift when they need to do so. That way they can use the natural strength of the half bear-half human form. They post a look out, so they aren't discovered."

"The point of all of this is that I've taken the liberty of asking him if he could find a place for you on that crew as soon as you've healed, if you agree. Ron said that it would be no problem, if you were healed, had gone through the change and didn't mind hard work. The pay is about half again as much as the ordinary human workers and even THEY are paid very well. His specialty crew gets more, of course, because those guys get much more done in the same amount of time. It offers full benefits and paid holidays. The full benefits means that he pays me for the treatment I give his Bears, mostly it's compensation for supplies I use. I usually don't have to see any of them unless it's moderately serious."

"They're his elite crew and Ron loves them all. You'd be the Cub on the crew, but the guys are really nice and they always look out for the new guy. They're big kids at heart sometimes and real practical jokers. If you can take a joke well, you'll be one of them in no time at all."

"Since you're a Werebear already, they're going to feel a kinship for you right away. Those guys are also about as horny as you can get; each and every one's a muscled up bearded hunk with a hard-on, so expect to spend some time at lunch in the foreman's office with two or more of them and the foreman too. I've visited a site at lunchtime with Ron and got in on one of the mini-orgies; I had a blast. I can guarantee you will too. The new guy gets screwed and sucks off the rest of the crew all day long his first week. It's how they get to know you and break you in to the job. That first week is always a six day work week too, but the guys don't mind working Saturday at all that week." He chuckled and puffed on his cigar.

"The last Friday of the month they all go out together with the boss for dinner at a steak house and then over to a biker bar to shoot pool and hang out with `the bro's'. Would you be interested in taking the job?"

"I'd be incredibly interested, it sounds fantastic! Working with an entire crew of big, furry, burly, bearded, horny Bearmen and all of them wanting to have sex with me? I'd have to be fuckin' stupid to turn that kinda job down. Thank you… I owe you my life and now I owe you for getting me gainful employment." I'd misted up a bit again and wiped my eyes. "You don't owe me anything, son. I did it `cause I love you and love doesn't ask for repayment. I'll call Ron and let him know when your ready to go to work." He moved over to the couch where I was stretched out. He hugged me. We quickly fell into kissing and petting and on to foreplay. We were both horny and I realized I hadn't had sex in almost a month.

He picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bedroom. He put out our cigars in the ashtray by his chair. He then removed my clothes and slowly stripped for me. Watching him peel off his shorts and shirt was a real treat. He was incredibly muscular, but nicely padded too; as I think all Bears should be. He was covered from head to toe in salt and pepper dark brown fur. He had a huge cock and it was dripping pre-cum just like mine was.

"I'll be careful not to bump your leg." He said. "You are so damn hot!" I said and almost drooled. "I want that huge pole in me as soon as I'm lubed." "You want it about as badly as I do, don't you, son." He growled out lustfully. "Hell, yeah!" I said and spread my legs, moving my injured leg with both hands. "Which end do you want it in; top or bottom?" "Which ever one you want, I'm not picky, I just want that monster inside of me NOW!" I said. "Damn, son, you really are hungry for it!" He laughed as he moved to the dresser.

He grabbed some KY from a drawer and worked it into my hole. His huge Bear dick was up inside so fast it took my breath away. He was big, but I'd been stretching myself out with toys, so it didn't burn too much. It felt so good to have hot, hard, living flesh inside of me again, instead of plastic. I felt his large furry low hanging balls against my ass as he settled in and then he stopped.

He grunted and growled as he began to change. I rubbed his chest and felt the thick human fur give way to Bear fur. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, like watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon and spread its wings. His strong intoxicating Bear musk enveloped me; I loved the scent and thought happily that soon I would produce this scent too. I knew then and there that I would have no problem with what I was becoming, I was going to love being like him. His body grew bulkier, more muscular and his cock grew even larger inside of me, it was a bit painful, but not bad. I watched his handsome face change, his ears grew furry and moved up higher on his head. I watched his face grow into the Bear's face I remembered from the ravine; only this time, I felt love for the Bear, not fear. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and I reached out with my tongue, licking the tip of his muzzle to invite his long Bear tongue into my throat. He took the invitation. His large furry pawed arms wrapped around my torso as he kissed me, hugging me to him and as he did so. He started fucking me slowly, carefully so as not to hurt my leg. He began to pump his huge rod in and out of me. His furry belly rubbing against my dick was driving me wild. Gradually, he moved faster and faster. He built up speed and rhythm like a diesel train. Just like that train he was a creature of masculine power and drive. His cock massaged my prostate and his fur tantalized my painfully stiff member. It was torture and pleasure at the same time as I tried not to shoot my load. His claws were digging into the flesh on my back as our passion intensified. His tongue probed deeply into my mouth and throat and he was pumping his cock into me harder and faster. I was holding off, I wanted to cum WITH my ursine lover the first time we made love together. I wanted to experience the rapture of simultaneous orgasm with my WereTeddy. Soon, the animal in us both took over; he was pounding away and I was pushing back to his thrusts. He growled and roared with pleasure as I began contracting my anus, I was gripping and massaging his huge tool. He growled out obscene lust filled sentences describing with filth just how much he wanted me.

We were both possessed by ecstasy in the same moment. As I was pumping out jets of cum into our fur, Arthur was filling me with his hot ursine semen. Slowly his thrusts grew less powerful and finally he came to a stop, still deep within me. We lay together, him on top of me, kissing and caressing. We were as one being, sharing our bodies and souls with each other, still hugging. He rolled me over on top of his big furry chest and stroked me from my shoulders to my thighs with his rough paws as we slowly drifted off. I slept for the first time with a man inside and I decided after that, this was how I wanted to go to sleep EVERY night.

He woke me an hour or so later by pumping his rock hard cock in and out of me. We were both ready for round two. He sunk his claws into my rump to hold me steady and fucked my ass like he was a piston and I was the cylinder. My cock was rubbing in the belly fur that I had stiffened with my seed last time. The roughness of it felt wonderful as I leaked pre-cum anew. "You make me so damn horny, son." He growled. I was surprised he could speak. "You make me pretty damn horny too, you big ol' Teddy Bear." I buried my face in his chest fur and breathed deeply his Bear musk. I was becoming addicted to him and his scent. I felt the bond between us growing ever stronger. He wasn't just fucking me; this huge love-struck Bear was mating with me. I pushed my lips against his muzzle and forced my tongue inside, he tasted so good! Again I held off until we both came together, our seed cemented us together body and soul. Again we lay with me on top of my huge Teddy Bear. My head resting on his chest while his rough paws stroked my back, I was becoming addicted to that too! I was soothed into sleep by the comforting sound of the beating of his strong ursine heart.

When I awoke again, it was dark. I kissed my new lover awake. He was such and awesome fuckbeast, the best lover I'd ever had. It wasn't just that he was well built, well hung and furry, though those were important attributes; he was the best because he knew how to give pleasure as well as take it. On top of all of that, we loved each other.

He gently rolled me off of him and pulled out; he was still in hybrid Bear shape. "I'll be back in a minute." He growled. He went down stairs and when he returned, he had a plastic bag, a large rubber band and a folding metal chair. "You and me are going to take a long, sensual shower together." He growled softly as he began wrapping my cast in the plastic bag. He secured it with the rubber band just below my knee. Then he went into the master bathroom and I heard him setting the chair in the shower. He came back, picked me up, kissed the living daylights out of me, grunted happily and took me into the shower. It was a huge shower and had four spouts, one in each corner of the small room that could easily accommodate three large men or two Bearmen. He sat me down in the chair and turned the shower on. "I have to buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk, I like to bathe in this shape with my buddies." He growl- chuckled. "I'm gonna pour shampoo all over myself and you can work it into my fur. When I'm all lathered up, I'm going to rub all over you to wash you. I got him all soapy and he rubbed himself all over my body like he was a gigantic bath brush. We were both hard as steel, by the time we'd rinsed off, we wanted sex again. I spread my legs and he got down on all fours. He began sucking my dick. I was about ready to cum when he pulled on my balls and squeezed me off. "Not yet, buddy! I got something in mind!" He grinned and stood up.

He straddled my crotch and settled down in my lap. My cock went straight up his hot Bear hole. He reached over and turned off the water. "I don't want my cum to wash away before I get a chance to condition your furry chest and beard with it!" He nibbled on my ears and neck gently with his long canines. He began pumping up and down on my stiff cock. He must have been practicing control of his anus and bowel muscles for the better part of a century because his hole milked my hard dick like his muzzle had. I'd topped a good number of men before and some of them were really good but none of them could compare to Art. He was a master and I wanted to learn everything I could from him. Soon I was panting and not able to believe I was about to cum yet again today. He probed by throat yet again with his long Bear tongue; he was also the best kisser I'd ever met too. "Cum inside of me, son. I want your sperm in me like mine's in you." he growled. I came almost immediately after he finished saying that. I shot my load into him and he groaned in pleasure. "That feels so good, Max." he rumbled out. He was still pumping up and down, rubbing his cock in my wet chest fur. Faster and faster he moved as I hugged his mammoth Bear's rod to my chest. "Oh, yeah, buddy. I wanna spew all over your furry chest and in your soft new beard." he said in a husky growl. "I wanna rub my spunk all over you. I wanna cover your in Bear sperm and lick it out of your fur and beard." I was looking down at the big purple head of his meaty, vein covered Bear cock. I wanted him to shoot his load all over my face. I opened my mouth just as he shot. I tasted Werebear cum for the first time; it was salty, sweet and thick. He shot jet after jet, covering my face. It flowed down into my beard. He must have shot at least six wads of thick, creamy bear seed on me. I looked up and his Bear's face was awash in pleasure. He roared suddenly and shot out one huge last load that splashed onto the underside of my chin and ran down onto my chest with the rest of his semen. He slowly stopped pumping his ass hole on my dick and crouched with me inside of him. He began rubbing his sperm all over my face and torso. It smelled so good and I licked some out of my mustache. "I want my scent all over you. You're my Cub now, I'd do anything for you." He said and I could see the love in his eyes "And I'd do anything for you, Papa." I smiled. He growled softly and licked my cheeks and nose. We kissed and he came off of me. He began licking his cum out of my beard and then off of my chest and belly. He grabbed up a gallon bottle of conditioner, poured a good amount of it all over his chest and I began to massage it into his fur. He handed me the jug and got down on all fours. I poured more conditioner on his head, neck and back and rubbed that in too. He sat down on the floor of the shower. "Come on over here and sit in Papa's lap." He patted his thighs; he was still hard and grinning wide. I loved being his Cub, I knew exactly what he wanted and I couldn't believe I wanted more too. I guess I was becoming as driven as he was. I moved over and nestled myself down into his lap, sheathing his pole in my guts. He grunted as I took him completely inside. He began rubbing me all over with the conditioner in his fur. His cock moving slowly as he massaged my muscles. I leaned back into his furry chest, closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience. The huge beast came yet again about thirty minutes after I'd settled down on his dick. We sat like that, with him semi-hard inside of me, for an hour or so, the only sounds coming from us were the occasional grunts and moans and the beautiful sound of kissing.

"Will I be able to cum as often as you do when I change?" I asked, the thought suddenly occurring to me after I realized how many times he'd fucked me today. "Well, possibly," he said, "it varies, some are less driven and some are MORE driven than I am. The amount you make is also dependent on how big your prostate becomes. Mine's rather large, even for a Werebear, so I make quite a bit in a day. I love to cum, but I like the pleasure of giving pleasure just as much. Cuddling is almost as important as fucking to me.

A couple of the guys on Ron's crew just want to fuck all day long. They've got wet spots on their crotches most of the time because their constantly horny and constantly leaking. There's no human I know of that would point it out to them, though. I think they're afraid of being pulverized… that or their afraid one of them might get more aroused." he growl-chuckled. "After all, would you walk up to a 6 foot plus, tattooed, mean looking, biker type wall of muscle and fur and comment on the relative dryness of his crotch if you didn't know him?" "No." I said as I became aroused, "But I'd like to GET to know him!" Art chuckled at that. "They're gruff and grumpy but they're really nice guys, once they know you. They'd do anything for you and stand by you through thick and thin. There are only two of them on the crew and they live together, mostly to satisfy each other's insatiable hunger. Not that they don't love each other, but they seem to need satisfaction more than love.

They're a blast at orgies; they're always the last to fall asleep and the first to be up and fucking in the morning! More than once I've been fucked awake by one or the other. We call them the Satyr twins, Frank and Gus. They'll probably be the first to fuck you every day your first work week and their eyes will be glued on you all day long. They're always hot for the new guy.

They're both silver and black Bears. Gus has salt and pepper hair with a long silver beard he keeps forked and braided. Frank has a mostly black medium length bushy beard and hair with a silver patch on the chin and silver mustache. The rest of their fur is salt and pepper all over their bodies. They're covered in tattoos and both of them love to ride their Harleys. Seeing them go down the street is an awesome sight, they're like furry Ursine Knights riding off to war. Seeing them fuck is pretty awesome too, like watching Bears in heat, which is what they are!

There are times all of us stand around in a ring, jacking off on them as they 69 on the floor; they love that warm rain of Bear cum. We rub it all over them as they suck each other off."

"Well, I guess it's time to rinse off and we should get around to having dinner." We disconnected ourselves from each other and began rinsing off. "How does beer and frozen pizza sound to you? That's one pizza for me and two for you, I don't want my Cub starving." He said merrily as he patted my belly from behind. "Great! Can we cuddle on the couch and watch movies afterward?" I asked. "You do read minds after all, don't you!" We laughed and kissed some more.

That night, after a couple of old movies, a few more beers and some popcorn; we slept together as mates. Papa inside of me all night long. Though we'd have other partners for sex, this was a strong and lasting bond.

My leg healed completely after two weeks and I started growing taller, more muscular and a lot furrier. About four months or so after my fall into the ravine and subsequent rescue by my HusBear, I changed and was pleased to wake up to an incredibly long thick cock growing from between my legs. I'd always had light brown/blond hair before. Now, after the change, I'd become dark nut brown with a black beard. I asked Art about it and he said it happened sometimes when men became Werebears. He thinks it has to do with the alteration of my genetics by Werebear genes or perhaps recessive genes from one of my grandfathers that was brought out by the combination with Werebear genes I started work a week after my first change and had a blast just like Art said I would.

I'd like to tell you all about it, but it's late and that's another story!

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