Friday, June 13, 2014

Who Wants A Bear

Who Wants A Bear?

by Hairy1

(This is a work of fiction, and no real persons or events are depicted. Safe sex practices are not depicted; but in real life, get tested and always play safe. If you have comments, please contact the author at
(Copyright 2012, all rights reserved. No part may be reproduced electronically or otherwise without the author's express permission)

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Not when everything goes wrong, or bad things happen, not when anything spectacularly good happens, but when you just get by, nothing is quite good enough but not bad enough to require changes? Not just at work, but at home too?

That’s why I’m sitting at the bar by myself this Friday. The work week has just dragged on and on and on. Would it be more fun here with some company? Yeah, it sure would. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of flings and one night stands, but I’ve always been too busy for a long term boyfriend. Exactly – the fact that my job leaves me too busy for a steady beau means that how I work takes away part of my ability to unwind after that work. A nice Catch-22. Where does that leave me? Well, let’s just say that a Scotch on the rocks is my best buddy at the moment.

The life style doesn’t necessarily help me to attract a companion either. I don’t take the time to exercise or eat right. I’m what you’d call a bear. A bigger guy, full salt and pepper beard, hairy all over and not into all that “metro” grooming stuff, though I do keep myself clean and presentable. I look and act just like I am, I’m not changing it (I’m close to 50, damnit, too old to learn new tricks), if people don’t like it they can just deal. Did I mention that I’m stubborn, too? So, it isn’t like all the guys are jostling around me or forming a line to spend time with my sparkling wit or cute smile or hot bod. I don’t mean just here at the bar, either. I’d been cruising the websites with my smartphone to try and find a hook-up to blow some steam with, but no luck there either.

It looks like my one pal has left me, too. At least I can catch Ted the bartenders’ eye, and signal that I need another.

So here I sit, a fat furry grumpy old gay man that none of the pretty boy popular crowd wants to even look at. Maybe I should order a whole bottle to go with the bulk package of self-pity mixer I brought along. My fascinating contemplation of watching the ice in my drink slowly melt is unexpectedly interrupted by a deep voice.

Hey. It’s Kevin, right? You mind if I sit here, bud?”

Uh, yeah, sure, it’s a free country.”

I mentioned my charm and sparkling wit already, right? And this wasn’t even me trying to scare someone away.

Hearing him actually sit on the bar stool next to mine and order a beer, I settled back to continue my intent scrutiny of the ice diluting my Scotch.

This place sure is quiet tonight.”

He certainly was persistent, but at least I figured I knew why, he was just passing the time until someone interesting happened by.

Uh huh” was all he got out of me.

Sorry, looks like you’ve got a lot on your mind. I won’t bug you anymore.”

Dang right I have a lot on my mind, that ice won’t melt if it isn’t watched, now, will it?

I heard him start to get up, and it entered my thick head that instead of moping around being alone, I could at least have a conversation until he found someone better.

Wait a sec; I’m the one who’s sorry. You don’t need to move. And yes, I’m Kevin, but I usually just go by Kev.”

That’s when I took a look at him, a real look, sticking out a hand to shake. His paw was as beefy as mine. He was maybe half a head shorter than me, at least sitting, stockier but of similar build, with a blonde beard and chest hair spilling out of the top of his shirt. There was enough grey interspersed in his hair to make me guess that he was close to my age. Now, generally I’m attracted to smooth guys, but when this man saw me stick out my hand, the smile that lit his face got me then and there. Suddenly, he wasn’t a distraction but someone I wanted to spend some time with.

You probably don’t remember me, Kev, but we’ve run into each other at a few parties over the years. Heh, you always seem to manage to leave with a new found “date” in a big hurry too.”

Oh shoot, he was familiar! I’m awful with names and faces. He must have seen the sudden look of panic in my face, as he gripped my hand firmly and shook.
I go by Jim myself, though some people call me worse names” he laughed.

That laugh really broke the ice, and I started to chuckle as well. With that, it seemed like I suddenly remembered how to have a polite interesting conversation, not just about sexual conquests or work or the weather, and not just how to speak but how to listen.

We sat and talked, eventually switching to soft drinks, for well over an hour. I was actually enjoying myself a lot more than I would have been if I was flirting and trying to pick-up a guy. I don’t know - it was like there was some sort of connection; it was like we’d known each other for years. No pressure, no stress, just relaxed companionship.

We actually got a bit silly, and at one point I was laughing so hard at some joke he told that I almost fell off my chair. Quickly gripping the bar, I accidentally bumped a hot young guy who had come up on my other side unnoticed to get a drink, causing him to spill on himself.
Watch it, you big clumsy ape!” he exclaimed angrily.
Watch it yourself, you little punk” said Jim. “You’re the one who crowded in so close. Of course I see why, Kev here is a real woofer.”
With that, the guy stalked off to the restroom of the now much busier bar to clean off, an indignant look on his face.
Thanks Jim, I did make him spill though.”
I know, but “clumsy ape” just set me off. I got called stuff like that a lot as a kid, it was really hurtful, and so I just had to say something.”

Well, it’s true I’m not graceful, Jim. And I am as furry as an ape.”
Nah, you’re a bear, not an ape, and you’re a damn handsome one, too. You deserve respect.”
What the hell, was this guy defending my honor? Who knew I could still blush. I was saved from stammering out a response by the DJ starting the music, a loud Lady Gaga song.
Hey Kev, this is a good dancing song. Let’s just see how graceful you are.”
With that, Jim grabbed my hand and pulled me out on to the dance floor. I shocked myself by not resisting too much.
Now, I can’t dance. Period. But, smiling and laughing and trying to follow Jim’s lead, I was having fun. By the fourth song, I managed to not step on his feet even once.
During a break in the music, as the DJ was discussing requests, the handsome young guy from earlier approached us.
Hey, I’m sorry about what I said. I have a quick temper and a big mouth.”
No, that ok, I shouldn’t have bumped you. I’m sorry.” I flashed him a big grin.
I’m Craig.” He turned to Jim. “Look, do you mind if I cut in for a dance or two?”
Looking between us, how we had drifted closer as we were talking, at the big grin on my face, the smile on Jim’s face lost some of its character, becoming forced or fake looking.
Oh yeah, sure, if that’s what Kev wants. Have fun.”
As the music started again, Jim walked slowly back to the bar, and Craig started to dance with me, getting closer and closer. Instinct took over, this is all I had ever really done on a dance floor before, use it as an excuse for physical contact. Craig began to grind into me, his hands on my hips, and I began to grope his ass. The touching became even more blatant, Craig breathing heavily into my neck, my hard on straining against my jeans. It looked like I was getting that quick hook-up I had wanted after all, with exactly the kind of guy I was always attracted to.
But I couldn’t stop myself from repeatedly looking over at the bar, where Jim sat slowly drinking another beer, his back to the dance floor, his shoulders hunched. After the song ended, I surprised myself.
Thanks Craig that was fun.”
Yeah, big guy, let’s go someplace and have some more fun.”
I took a couple of steps back. “I will, Craig, and I’m sure you will too.”
Huh? But…”
I took his hand lightly. “Craig, you’re very attractive. Any guy here would be lucky to spend time with you. I’m gonna go rejoin Jim though, and finish our conversation.”
But, well, wait, I know you think I’m hot. He’s, he’s, he’s just a bear. You can have me, who’d want a bear?”
Yeah, I guess he IS a bear. That’s a good thing. It’s who he is, but it isn’t all he is. I don’t know what is gonna happen, but, you know what, I want Jim. That’s who wants him.”
With that, I turned and walked away from an open mouthed Craig. My hormones may hate me, and I really didn’t know what to expect, but given the choice between more comfortable relaxed time with Jim or a quick hook-up that now would seem like just empty fun, I for a change took the less shallow path.
Walking up, I placed a hand on Jim’s shoulder.
Ya mind if I sit here, bud?”
Jim looked up at me, and then back at the dance floor towards a still staring Craig.
What happened? He’s exactly your type.”

So that means I can’t sit here?”
Of course you can, Kev, of course. But why? Did that little jerk say something again?”
I parked my wide butt on the barstool. “Jim, it doesn’t matter if he did or not. What matters is that I’m having a great time with you, and so I came back.”
I’m not complaining, but he’s the kind of guy you like playing with, how can you walk away? That’s what you were looking for, right?”
I might be shallow, but I gotta say, sometimes being with a good buddy is just a hell of a lot more important than “wham bam thank you man” is.”
Jim’s smile returned. “I think so too.”
Besides, you’re pretty damn good eye candy yourself, if I do say so myself.” I was a bit surprised to find I really meant it; it wasn’t just some pick-up line.
It was Jim’s turn to blush, just as Ted came back smiling with another round.
We nursed this last round, then switched to coffee, laughing and talking, and were caught totally unawares when last call was made. The hours had flown by, and I still felt invigorated and engaged. We got up to leave, and I impulsively drew Jim into a hug.
Thanks bud. I didn’t know it ahead of time, but this was exactly what I needed to break out of that self-pity funk.”
I think Jim was taken aback by the hug, as he stood stock still, and I released him, worried he may have taken it wrong. I wasn’t flirting, I wasn’t trying to pick him up – or was I? Now it was my turn to go still and think.
Seeing my face, Jim chuckled. “Look at us, Kev, acting like a pair of school boys not knowing what to do next. Let me say this – I’ve enjoyed this evening greatly and I’m not ready for it to end.”
I smiled. “You know, Jim, I’m not either.” I threw an arm around his shoulder and we walked out of the bar together.
I don’t need more coffee, Kev, so I don’t know what to suggest. I’d say we could head to my place, but I have a deal with my roommates to let them know if I’m planning to bring a guest, not like I do it much, and it’s a bit late for that.”
Roommates? Like a relationship?”
Sort of” Jim laughed. “My little brother and his girlfriend.”
Yeah, that’s a relation. I was thinking more about carnal relations though” I blurted out without thinking, embarrassing myself. Why was I embarrassed to be so forward? It wasn’t like me. “I’m sorry, Jim, I don’t mean to push things.”
Does that mean you aren’t interested?”
I thought about it. I had never been with anyone like Jim – like me. It had never interested me before. But I found that I was attracted to Jim, and more than physically, so what the hell.
You’ve commented on “my type” a few times, and I thought the same. But, Jim, you are attractive to me. Ya wanna come to my place and see were things go? No pressure or anything?” Romantic, I’m not.
Kev, I have to be clear, you ARE my type. But I don’t want to push you into something just because I made you miss something else.”
Geesh, I told you – I choose who I spend time with. Not some hot twink. Not you. I chose to spend the evening with you, and I want it to continue. So just drop this whole thing about there being a more interesting guy.”
I don’t know what made me do it, I just needed to drive that thought from his mind; he wasn’t just second best, damnit. I threw my arms around him, drawing him close, not just a platonic guy hug this time, and I kissed him.
Now, I consider myself a pretty accomplished kisser. This one started out soft, lips just brushing together, until he wrapped his arms around me and returned the kiss, his lips parting, mouth opening slightly, his warm breath mixing with mine, and then my tongue sought his. “Swapping spit” is a crude way to describe the passionate exploration we made of each other’s mouths, tongues dancing, each open to the other. Yes, I mean passionate, this went beyond the mere physical, beyond sexual, there was some emotional connection I hadn’t experienced before, nor expected.
Damn, a pair of hot rutting bears. What a sight. Get a room, guys, otherwise I’ll need to hose you down” said Ted with a knowing wink, as he pulled the door to the bar closed tight and locked it.
The kiss broke with a giggle. Yes, a giggle, I admit it. So much for being macho.
Heh, we’re a public spectacle now.”
Maybe we should continue in private.”
Determining that we were both fine to drive, we decided that Jim would follow me home. That way we wouldn’t need to retrieve a car later.
A short ride later, I pulled into the garage while Jim parked in my driveway. I have a decent 2 bedroom ranch in the ‘burbs – enough for me without being too much work. No fancy decorations or anything, I prefer comfort to frills. But it is neat and clean.
I had Jim follow me in through the garage entrance and closed the door behind us.
Welcome to my humble abode. Make your…” was all I got out before he had me pressed against the wall, kissing me exactly where we had left off earlier.

One beefy paw cradled the back of my head, pulling my face into his. His body pressed into mine, pinning me between his bulk and the wall, moving against me slowly yet urgently. A low moan broke between our lips, rumbling across our chests. A moan filled with need and desire. I don’t know if it started with Jim, or with me, but I know that it reverberated through us both, filled us and expressed our wants.

Jim’s other hand somehow managed to work its’ way between us, and as he nibbled at my lower lip, he started to unbutton my shirt. He made it sensual, working slowly and carefully, clearly giving me time to stop him if I wanted. Stop him, hell – I wanted to rip both of our shirts off, but he made it even better. I pushed him back a bit, enough so I could use my hands to carefully unbutton his shirt as well. He didn’t release my head, though, drawing me to him, keeping the kiss going. At the same time, he raised a knee slowly between my legs, pushing them apart, up between my inner thighs until he could grind it up against me – not hard, not painfully, but suggestively.

Both shirts fell fully open at the same time, as the kiss continued. Now, I’ve been rather hairy a long time, and was teased about it as a kid, guess that is why I have always thought smooth guys were what should be hot. I’ve touched and felt a lot of smooth skin, and had it pressed against me, and enjoyed it. Chasers have seemed to enjoy playing with my fur as well, but enough guys have been turned off by it over the years to keep my own prejudices in place, and keep my hunting geared towards smooth men. This pre-conceived notion of mine made what happened as Jim moved slightly closer even more astounding.

With the shirts drawn aside, we came together chest to chest, belly to belly, for the first time. I don’t know what caused us to take it slowly instead of grabbing, groping and pulling; maybe there was still some hesitancy on both sides. Whatever it was, it worked! As Jim’s fur first touched mine (we both have thick pelts on our chests), softly and lightly, it was like a whole new set of nerve endings was ignited with pleasure. Each hair seemed to send its’ own signal of joy to my brain, and then when he moved, and the hairs brushed against each other, it was like nothing I had ever felt. I know it wasn’t purely physical, that the chemistry between us had a lot to do with it, but that purely physical part was simply amazing. I felt my eyes close, my head tilt back against his hand, and I let out a big sigh and then a moan.

With my head tipped back, Jim moved his lips to my neck, kissing softly along my beard line as he moved his torso slowly, continuing to keep our fur in play as the pleasure across my body was intensified. My hands slid under his open shirt and around him, across his back, and I held him closer, partially for support, as my knees felt weak due to the treatment he was giving me. Coming up for air himself, Jim paused.
Damn Kev, you’re even hotter than I had imagined, I wish I was more a twink for you …”

I finally regained enough control to use my hands to slowly remove Jim’s shirt the rest of the way, feeling his upper body in the process. Comfortably padded, just like me. Once his shirt fell to the floor, I grabbed him and turned him, his back to the wall now, and pinning him with my belly against his, quickly shed my own shirt. Positioning one hand on either side of him, I kissed him hard, forcing my tongue into his mouth, pressing my body into his. Breaking the kiss, I turned his head by nudging it with mine, and licked behind his ear, then whispered directly into it.

Forget being a twink, Jim, or any freakin’ thing else. I’m gonna show you just how much I want exactly who you are.”

With that, I nipped his earlobe, and then started to gently bite and lick my way along his neck. At the same time, I lowered one hand and began to fumble with his belt.

I mentioned before I was a bear, right? Most of the time, bears aren’t what you’d consider graceful. So I guess it was only fair that despite the slow care taken when unbuttoning our shirts, my dropping of first Jim’s pants then my own was more of a tugging and yanking experience, while I kept him pinned against the wall and worked my mouth on his neck. Of course, when I tried to move us only to be hampered by the fact that we both still had our jeans around our ankles, and we nearly fell over, the laughter than ensued just added to our camaraderie. Experience had always taught me that something like that meant I’d be laughed at, not with, and would have to tough my way through the situation. This time, not only was it a release of some of the tension, but it gave Jim a good reason to grab my ass and squeeze. Still chuckling, we looked into each other’s’ eyes and realized that we could just relax with each other; there was nothing to prove at all.

Allow me” I said, and knelt down to first remove Jim’s left shoe and then lift his foot up out of the pants, drawing his sock off at the same time. I repeated this on the right side, all the while admiring the bulge in the briefs right at my eye level. I breathed in deep, catching his scent, and found it incredibly erotic. My hands still on his right foot, I leaned forward and mouthed his hard cock through the white cotton fabric, rubbing my lips and tongue against it. If I had thought there was a tent there before, I was mistaken, as this bit of stimulation brought Jim fully to attention. I’m pretty sure that the big wet spot appearing on the briefs was not just my saliva, but equal contributions from us both.

I ran my hands up Jim’s right leg as I continued to mouth him, gently tracing the muscles of his calf, then caressing his thigh inside and out, before letting my hands separate to either side of him. I hooked fingers on either side of his waist band, moved my mouth a bit back, and slowly dragged his underwear down. The cock that sprang out once the elastic was drawn low enough was a beauty, maybe 7 inches long and wide with a flaring cock head, nestled in a patch of dark blonde pubic hair. I tore my eyes away from it long enough to look down and make sure Jim stepped out of the underwear successful, but before I could take it in my mouth, Jim pulled me back up and kissed me, sweetly and deeply, his arms around my back and mine drifting down to caress the light furs the covered his behind.

Now my turn” whispered Jim, as he released me and knelt down himself. Instead of removing my pants first, he went right for my tighty whities, drawing them down to knee level before swiping his tongue across the slit of my cock.

Mmmmmmm, that tastes good.” And so saying, he proceeded to swallow me right down, his soft beard rubbing against my balls. With my legs still held together by my pants and underwear, all I could do was lean forward and place my hands on the wall behind him as he grabbed my ass and started rubbing my cheeks.
Now, I like sucking cock myself – a lot. And I’m pretty good at it, I think. But what Jim was doing to me was unbelievable, between his tongue, lips, and teeth, the warmth of his mouth, playing with my ass. Who knew a bear could purr? Once he started, I could feel it rumbling through me, from my cock to my balls, I swear it hit my prostate because suddenly Jim had to swallow hard as my pre-cum flow got stronger. That didn’t stop him, no sir it didn’t, it just encouraged him all the more. Honestly, I don’t know which of us felt more pleasure.
Normally, I can last a good long time. But given the hour (remember, we had closed the bar) and the incredible job being done on me, I felt myself getting close pretty quickly. I know, wasn’t that what I was saying I needed earlier, a quick release of tension? Part of me didn’t want Jim to stop, but the rest of me wanted to share more with him first.
I’m getting close, stud.”
Mmmmmm” he said around my cock, grabbing my ass tighter, running a finger through the hair in my crack.
I managed to straighten myself up, and cradle his head in my hands, pulling myself back enough to get my cock out of his mouth. He looked up at me, puzzled.
Come on, Jim, help me get these pants off, I want to finish this on the bed and be more comfortable. And I want our first time to last longer than this.”
With that, he smiled, kissed the tip of my cock gently, and helped me get my underwear and pants off. You might find this odd, but it felt nice having someone help with that, something so individual and personal. Looking down, I saw the Jim’s cock was still hard as a rock, and a long string of pre-cum ran down from it to the floor.

I helped Jim up then, and kissed him gently this time as I took his hand. There is definitely something about hand holding that is under rated. Our grips are normally firm, but now it was light yet strong. I gave him a gentle tug, inviting instead of demanding, leading him to my bedroom, leaving our clothes strewn across the floor.

My bedroom is a simple affair, a king sized bed in the center of one wall, a pair of nightstands, and a dresser, with an attached master bath. I almost felt shy leading him in; maybe because this wasn’t a conquest, this was a friend. Then, as I leaned over to pull the comforter and sheet back on the bed, Jim gave my ass a light swat followed by a soft rub.

Now that is one fine butt you got there, Kev, furry and a nice handful.”

Ha, did he think he was the only one who could play a bit rough? I turned and grabbed him, spun him around, and pushed him down onto the bed on his back. Before he could react, I leaned down with my hands on his thighs and took his whole cock in my mouth. Hearing him gasp, I ran my tongue up and down the underside of it, before lifting my head enough to swirl my tongue around the flare of the head of his cock. I used my hands to spread his thighs gently wider as I started to bob my head up and down, working him with both my tongue and lips. One of his hands rested on my head, not pushing but caressing, while the other reached to my shoulder and slowly ran fingers back and forth across the fur there, which reignited those pleasure sensors in me. My own cock was still rock hard from the treatment given to it earlier.

I moved my hands down Jim’s thighs slowly, feeling him part his legs wider without thinking, and grasped the back of his knees. Pulling my mouth off his now throbbing cock, I lifted his knees up, exposing more of him.

Oh yeah, Kev …”
The man had a pair of fuzzy bull balls, which I started to lick softy. When I took the first of them in my mouth, rolling it with my tongue, bathing it, I heard Jim start to growl. Yeah, literally to growl. Maybe this is what that purr from earlier sounded like without his mouth full. Whatever it was, he was pushing all my buttons doing it, this was a real man who was sharing real pleasure with me, uncensored and unafraid. I treated the second of his balls like the first, then released it and ran my tongue down Jim’s perineum, that line between balls and ass. He shuddered a bit then started thrusting his hips, and just as I realized that I had brought him as close as he had brought me earlier, he placed both hands on my head and gently pulled me upward. Thinking he wanted my mouth on his cock again, I eagerly complied, but before I could even start, he said in a soft husky voice
Kiss me, Kev, please kiss me again.”
With that, I carefully released his legs, and crawled up onto the bed over him, kissing as I went, first at his waist where the belt buckle would sit, then the bottom of his stomach, then his navel, then up to the center of his chest, to the hollow of his neck and Adam’s Apple, softly at his bearded chin, and finally my lips met his. My body settled into his, covering him, each individual hair once again igniting need and pleasure. He brought his legs up over mine, intertwining them, and wrapped his arms around me. As we kissed, our tongues again wove a complex dance. Our hard cocks, pressed against each other, coated with saliva and both of our pre-cum, began a dance of their own. We thrust against each other leisurely at first, but that wasn’t to last. We had brought each other too close, the need was too great, and so the movements of our hips became more frantic. Our cocks, sliding against each other, moved smoothly in the warm tight embrace of our hairy soft bellies, aided by copious natural lubricants.
I’d like to say that, studs that we are, Jim and I kept this up for hours, but who am I kidding? With everything that had happened, there was no holding back, and no need to. Often you hear how a man’s senses all center on his penis in those final moments, and that had usually been the case with me, but this time the orgasm wracked my entire body, my entire being. Our thrusts had become fast and erratic before we shot, me first, then feeling my cum begin to coat him sent Jim off as well. We clasped each other close, the kiss becoming more of a shared panting and attempt to recapture our breath. Jim finished first, and I had a pause then one last hard thrust and grunt before the final spasm hit.
We lay there together, breathing hard, resting, for a few minutes, and then I gently kissed Jim’s face – his cheeks, his nose, his eyelids, and then his lips. He opened his eyes and kissed me back, and sighed contentedly.
You stay here a second, I’ll be right back” I told him, before carefully disentangling myself and heading to the bathroom. When I returned shortly thereafter, it was with two warm hand towels.
I figured we didn’t want that glazing to dry and stick us together.”
Ha, yeah, and nice as being close to you is, that’d hurt, all that hair getting pulled. And I like all your hair right on your body.”
My intent had been to clean us both myself, but instead, I smiled, handed Jim one of the towels, and settled back down in a separated 69 position. I gently began to clean him with the warm cloth, and he did the same for me, first his cum covered belly, then his pubic area, his cock, and his balls. It was amazing how much seed there was. Neither of us talked, but just enjoyed this mutual cleaning and exploration, this relaxation after the event.
Eventually, I got up and tossed the towels into the hamper, clicked the lights off, and climbed into bed again. We shifted and then snuggled close together, kissing again, caressing. In these wee hours of the night, we soon drifted off to sleep holding each other.
Some time later, while it was still dark, careful movement in the bed brought me to a half awake state. It was Jim getting up, trying not to wake me. I guess it was about that time, when he could still get up and discreetly leave before the morning light shone on us. I can’t say I’d never done it myself, or that it hadn’t happened to me before with no regrets. I didn’t want him to go, but I had to allow him the dignity. It had been a great time, more than I could have expected, so I just lay still with my eyes mostly closed, pretending to still be asleep as I listened to him tip toe away.

As I lay there, it gave me time to realize that maybe I had been wrong about some things. I liked to think that the guys I had been with before had just been for fun or to blow off steam with, but some were more. Smooch or furry, thin or stocky, young or old, we were all people inside, and no one should be judged by looks alone.

The sound of a loud stream of water almost gave me a start, until I realized it was just Jim relieving himself. Yeah, it made sense, take a piss before you go out into the cold and had to try and hold it all the way home. I hid my movement with some small shifts, settling myself back into a comfortable sleeping position on my side, facing away from the bathroom.

I heard Jim again moving quietly about the room. I figured he’d sneak out the door, pick up his things, and be on his way. But instead, he carefully slid back into the bed. He paused when he realized that I had rolled, then he spooned up right behind me, moving slowly so as not to disturb me. His cock was still slightly hard, and pressed into my furry ass crack enough so I knew it was unquestionably a man behind me, his hairy chest brushed lightly against my furry back, his belly fitting snugly into the small of my back. He lifted his arm up around me, holding me lightly, softly kissed the back of my neck, sighed and settled in. I think he fell back to sleep very quickly, as his soft snoring soon filled the room, and I found it all so comfortable, I felt so secure with this mans’ body pressed against mine and his arm around me, that I soon joined him.

It was quite some time later that I woke up to that same call of nature that had struck Jim. He had rolled in his sleep, so it was easy enough for me to get up out of bed quietly and relieve the pressure. It seemed like it went on and on for hours, but after the soda and scotch and coffee last night, that was no surprise. Even with the shades drawn, sunlight was filtering into the room. I could see Jim in the bed, so peaceful and frankly beautiful. I felt like I could look at him forever like that. The tent I saw in the sheets was causing a similar reaction in me. Who was I, staring lustfully as this hairy bear of a man in my bed, looking at him tenderly and deciding to let him sleep? Either I should be running screaming because he wasn’t a twink, or I should be jumping him then and there. Instead, I smiled and quietly headed to the kitchen.

After I used the grinder and got some coffee going, I scrounged around and took some bacon out, whipped up a batch of pancake batter, and started cracking eggs. I put an apron on (cooking while naked might seem fun, but the lil’ guy and splattering hot bacon grease are not a good combination) and started cooking, just simple fare of crispy fried bacon and scrambled eggs and flapjacks. It didn’t take long after the smell of frying bacon and fresh coffee filled the house for Jim to shamble into the kitchen, albeit a bit bleary eyed.

Coffee’s in the thermal carafe, and there’s a mug out, unless you want juice, which is in the fridge.”

Jim poured a cup, and breathed in deep. “Mmmmm, this smells heavenly, Kev.”

Thanks. Nothing like that stuff from last night, I hope. I prefer my coffee fresh ground. Extra strong, too, gets me going in the morning.”

Jim very obviously eyed my butt and the apron. “I see something better to get me going in the morning.” Setting his mug down, he walked over and hugged me tight from behind, careful not to get in the way of my cooking duties.

By the way, good morning, handsome.”

Good morning to you, sexy” I replied, turning my head to kiss him lightly.

Nope, we didn’t abandon the food and do it on the kitchen table. But that might be an idea for another time. Jim just reached over, grabbed my coffee mug and refilled it, then stood by to help dish out breakfast (or maybe it was brunch). We sat and ate it leisurely together. I hand fed Jim the last piece of bacon after which he licked my fingers clean, I returned the favor after he dribbled maple syrup down his chin. We talked about everything and nothing, even the weather was fascinating. We stood side by side and washed the dishes – who knew even that could be enjoyable. Oddly, this didn’t feel like a breach of hospitality, having him help me with the dishes, it felt like more of a general sharing and companionship.

Well, Jim, now that the dishes are done, it looks like there are just a couple more things that need to be washed.” With that, I shed the apron, grabbed his hand and pulled him along, marveling all over again at how good it felt to just hold his hand.

Anything you want, Kev.”

I’m glad you feel that way, stud” I replied, as I led him into the master bathroom, watching comprehension dawn on his face, and seeing a big smile.

I opened the glass shower door, reached in and started to run the water so it could get hot. My shower is a large one, more than big enough for two bears, with a tiled floor and walls and two shower heads, adjusted for either rainfall or massage. As we waited for the water to warm up, I grabbed him an extra toothbrush from the medicine cabinet, and we stood side by side at the sink, hips touching, brushing and then rinsing. I drew him then into a kiss and a hug, and I wondered if the steam was from the hot water in the shower or the passion of our embrace.

We broke our kiss and entered the shower. Hard to believe, but damn he looks even furrier wet – and it’s a great look. I couldn’t help but to run my hands over his wet body, and he did the same to me. Before we could get too carried away, I reached over and grabbed the shampoo, poured some into my hand, and began to massage it into his hair, my fingers working it deep into his scalp. I stepped a bit closer so he could lean into me as he relaxed into my ministrations, my fingers working to lather his beard as well. He closed his eyes, relaxing into my touch, leaving me in control. I carefully moved him a bit, and let the rainfall stream of the shower wash the lather out as I gently worked his hair with my fingers, then shifted him back again, this time rubbing conditioner in. While letting that work for a minute or two, I massaged the muscles of his neck and shoulders, then again moved him to rinse.

Turn around now, Jim. Arms up and on the wall.”

I then proceeded to use body wash on his broad back, taking my time, learning the landscape of this delightful body. I washed his arms, moving my hands back and forth slowly, then his underarms. I knelt then and washed each leg, my hands slowly caressing his thighs, calves, and feet. Getting more body wash, I ran my hands over his furry ass cheeks, then up and down his crack, causing him to spread his legs wider. My finger passed over his hole, back and forth, the lather making everything slick. I stood up them, pressed myself against him, my now full hard cock wedged in his crack, and began to slowly move my body in slight circular motions, my fur against his lathered body acting almost like a loofah. Reaching around him with more body wash, I lathered his chest, paying special attention to his nipples before working my way down to his stomach.

I turned him around again; bringing him back into rinsing position, and as the water ran over him, knelt in front of him, intent of thoroughly cleaning one last area. I lathered his rock hard cock, stroking it several times, and then lathered his balls as the streaming water rinsed the soap from his throbbing member. Reaching a soapy finger back into his crack and teasing his hole again, I took his cock into my mouth. His loud moan let me know it won’t be long, and I started to suck hard, milking him with my mouth, as he wiggled his ass against my finger. Suddenly, his hands gripped my head tight, for support or maybe instinctively, and Jim thrust once, then again, and bellowed. Yes, bellowed. If I thought there was a lot of cum covering us the night before, it was nothing compared to the seed I was swallowing. Sweet and salty and all Jim. He thrust one more time, then shuddered, the flow gradually subsiding. He started to soften, and I reluctantly let him out of my mouth, backing away enough to gently lather both his pubic hair and his cock as it went flaccid, and watched the shower rinse him.

I stood then, letting the shower rinse the last of the body wash out of my chest fur before embracing Jim, kissing him again, letting him taste his own ejaculate. I held him tight for several minutes as he regained some of his composure, and then he reached over to get shampoo and work it into my hair. Breaking our kiss, he pushed my face back enough to lather my beard as well, all the while looking directly into my eyes, before I was forced to close them to be rinsed off. He then rubbed conditioner into my hair and beard, and drew me close as it worked, lathering my back and arms with the body wash as he held me before rinsing me down.

Kneeling, Jim took my still hard cock into his mouth, letting it just rest there as he used the body wash on my thighs. When I tried to move my hips, he reached one hand up and grasped my balls firmly, making it clear that holding still is my only option. He used his free hand to slowly wash my calves and feet, singing softly to himself around my cock, letting the vibrations and movement drive me wild. His free hand then found my ass, washing my cheeks with soft circular motions, and then he ran a lathered finger up and down my crack. Reaching forward with my hands, I had to press against the wall for support as he started to slowly bob his head back and forth on my cock at the same time he gently inserted a finger knuckle deep into my hole. He began slowly moving his finger in a circular motion, stretching me as he sucked, all the while carefully pulling down on my balls. Rather than being frustrating, it took me to a heightened level of pleasure and held me there, poised but unable to go over the edge.

Suddenly, he released my balls, and without thought or conscious will, my hips began to move, thrusting forward and back, sliding my cock back and forth in his mouth and his finger in and out of the lips of my hole. The final straw was when he met my forward thrust with a lunge of his own, taking me deep down his throat, pressing his beard against my balls, which exploded forth my seed uncontrollably. My ass throbbed around his finger as he swallowed my load. I roared out loud then, a raw primal sound, as my toes curled on the tile floor and he used his arm to steady me. Wave after wave hit me, I shot five, six, then a seventh time.

Exhausted, I felt him again lather my ass, cock and balls, cleaning them gently, almost reverently, then stand and maneuver me for rinsing. We stood under the hot water for several more minutes, just holding each other, brushing our lips together, thanking each other in light words and smiles and looks.

Eventually, before we ran out of hot water altogether, I turned the water off. As much fun as the shower was, I found drying Jim off equally fun, running the soft towel over him, watching his soft fur dry off, laughing as he shook his head and sprayed me when I didn’t get to drying his hair fast enough. And having him dry me was just as nice, all soft attendance to detail. It was an opportunity for us both to explore each other’s bodies in full light, with no rush or pressure – and I’m happy to say, not only was Jim delighted by my body, but I found myself equally delighted by his. I don’t know how I had ever been so blind as to not see the beauty, the sheer masculinity in a hairy body.

Damn, Kev, if we keep this up, it won’t be long before I am ready for another round.”

You know, Jim, you drained me really well, but I have to agree.”

Just then, Jim looked at the clock, which was well past noon. “Good grief, I better get out of here. My brother is expecting me; we’re headed to the game this evening and I’m supposed to be buying stuff for tailgating.”

I laughed and swatted his butt. “This tail of yours better get into gear then.”

As we gathered up his things, we agreed how nice a time it had been. As trite as it sounded, I found that I actually meant it. I grabbed him and hugged him close, holding on tightly.

I really did have a wonderful time, Jim. I mean it, this was better than anything I could have imagined. Thank you.”

Heh, you know how adorable it is to see a big masculine bearded man blush bright red.

As Jim got dressed, his cell phone started to ring. Seeing that it was his brother, he quickly answered.

Hey … yeah, yeah of course I remember, I’m headed to the store now … yes, I will get soda too, not just beer … I don’t know, check to see if we have charcoal and text me, if not I’ll grab a bag … what, no, I didn’t know that, is he ok? … I’m gonna run, I’ll see you in less than an hour … yes, it was a lot of fun … ha ha ha, fine, it was about time … ok, bro, bye.”

Sorry about that, Kev, I figured I better let him know I was on the way.”

No problem. I hope you have a lot of fun.”

I hope this isn’t weird, but I had a wonderful time, and, well, I don’t want to push things, so it’s ok if you don’t want to, and I don’t know if you’d even like it, but …”

Slow down, Jim, don’t get flustered buddy. What’s on your mind?”

One of the guys going to the game has a stomach bug, so we have an extra ticket. I was sorta wondering if you’d want to come? Don’t feel obligated or anything.”

I laughed. “I’d like that a lot. Not just because it’s going to be a good game, but I really do want to spend more time with you.” There was that smile of his again. What was I going to do, it got me each time I saw it. “You sure your brother will be ok with you bringing your latest conquest?”

It was his turn to laugh. “He’ll be fine, as long as we let him get his sex jokes in. He knows I’ve had the hots for you for ages, he kept telling me just to ask you out. Besides, he’ll want another person in the mix to see who the designated driver is.”

Ok, if you are sure. What can I bring for tailgating?”

Nothing, don’t worry, I’ll get everything at the store. I’d normally make potato salad and the such, but that would need to sit.”

How about…”

Jim reached out and grabbed my crotch. “This is what I want to eat. Just bring it.”

Ok, it was my turn to blush. I got the address and promised to be at his place in a couple of hours, where the group is meeting. After one last hug, he headed out the door and off to the market.
So, here I am sitting by myself again. No Scotch on the rocks this time. No pity party going on. Eager to go be with Jim again, impatiently waiting to leave so I don’t seem too eager. I don’t know where things are going, but I like Jim and want to see where this is headed. Funny thing is; I like Jim not just as a sex object or acquaintance, but as a friend and maybe more. Ok, fine, as a sex object too – there’s nothing wrong with that. This is no storybook happy ending where I’m going to tell you I already love Jim – I just don’t know, but maybe it might grow to that. Thinking back to the night before and what Craig said – who wants a bear indeed. Well, I know that Jim wants me. And I want him: as a friend, as a playmate, as a lover, and maybe more. I guess that is the real joy of it, that there are no limits, no judgments, just two men able to enjoy one another and express it openly. Even if it took some effort to get it through my thick skull, yeah, I know who wants a bear. And I’m damn happy about it.

The End


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  4. Thank you for the kind remarks! I did leave the story open ended in case a sequel came to mind (I am currently trying to get another sequel done, but just have to get my big furry behind into gear and work on it), but until reading these, I wasn't sure if I would. Now, I am toying with a few ideas. I think more of my work will appear here soon.

    Big bear hugs,

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