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Brown Bear coffee House - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

By mid-October Brian and Moose were back to their workout routine, rotating through the various muscle groups through the week. Moose watched Brain carefully, making sure to guide him as he lifted the barbells so that his form was correct. He stood over Brian, spotting him as he did his reps.

Brian enjoyed the fantastic view of Moose's package from below and, despite the distraction the intense concentration on proper form provided, he was getting another hard-on; third time this session. They both had been working up a sweat and Moose in a tank top, showing off his already impressive musculature and auburn body fur was more than enough to send Brian to fantasy land if he didn't keep concentrating. The physical effort was an aphrodisiac, one that complimented the already potent bear musk that was permeating the air. For his part, Brian being similarly dressed had Moose reacting in much the same way and his current bulge had swelled while thinking about stuffing his cock in Brian's mouth and feeding him his cum as a reward for his hard work. He shook his head and silently chided himself for thinking about that. “I AM incorrigible.”

Today was arms, chest and back day and Moose had done his presses first. Brian and he had done curls together; Moose encouraging Brian to do just a little more until he'd pushed him to his absolute limit. The big bear's sweat was having that same effect on Brian that the sheets and shirt had before. Brian wanted to have some sexual release and was thinking about doing that in the shower after the workout.

Moose was pushing the young man pretty hard, but with that push came a great deal of caution; humans just don’t heal as fast. Moose reflected that over the past few months, they had stopped and started a few routines, but nothing ever fit or seemed right and this was the reason the workouts weren't as regular earlier on, Brian needed more rest time to heal; Moose was constantly having to adjust to compensate for that.

- - - - - - - -

Having noticed the frustration from the two, Rusty, on his own, had called Vic. Vic provided Rusty with the number of a bear named Grant Morgan, a personal trainer who had been working with werebears and humans since the early 1900's.

The advice was simple, “A werebear builds muscle much differently than a human or even an ordinary bear. The workout must put each body part through a complete range of motion. The movements must be fluid and deliberate. Hit the muscles from every possible angle, from every imaginable position. Don’t let the body rest, and keep it growing and healing. Forget the human gym-science. Bear workouts are forceful and grueling, because bears regenerate so quickly. Thus, because muscle is simply functional scar tissue and the only kind of scar tissue, werebears seemed to keep, they built it faster and didn't need as much resting. Humans, well, humans need that slower approach and pushing them too hard causes delays.”

Grant had some sound advice for training Brian involving resistance training, and he detailed that for Rusty to give to Moose as well.

Both men had started adding more muscle; Moose was shedding some of his padding, though that would never go away completely; and Brian was starting to look a little more like a muscle cub and much less like the malnourished young man he had been.

Rusty had thought it odd that Norman could get even denser than he already was but by God he was becoming truly massive and positively solid. He had commented on it often lately, particularly after a good rough fuck. The great part for Rusty was that afterward, while he rested on his love, he could feel all that thick muscle underneath the soft layer of his padding. He thought Moose felt like he was made of rock or steel with a soft covering that only partly concealed the strength beneath..

- - - - - - - -

Setting the bar back on the bench supports, Moose noticed Brian's wood and his own dick stiffened in response. They were done for the night and Brian frankly admired the straining bulge in the bear's shorts. They both looked at each other at the same time and Moose laughed, “I guess we're both pretty worked up.”

Brian had turned bright red, stood, turned, and looked away, “Jeez, how embarrassing,” he said. “I feel like I did in school when I'd have to get up and write on the board when I had a boner.”

Moose laid a big paw on his sweaty shoulder and turned Brian around, placing the other paw on his other shoulder looking down into his grey eyes, “It's OK Brian, really! We're both normal, healthy men, we're gonna throw a boner now and then, particularly when we've raised our testosterone levels with exercise… Hey... we're both gay so it's OK to look. I'm not gonna beat the piss out of you for it like some straight guys would.” Moose smiled. “So, don't fret. Look all you want, OK?”

Brian smiled, reaching up to pat Moose's hairy shoulder, “OK, I won't… Fret, I mean.”

“OK, so let’s go look in the mirror at the progress we’ve made.” The two went over to the two six foot wide floor to ceiling mirrors and did some posing for monthly evaluation. Brian went first and Moose pointed out the areas where progress had been made, what still needed some work, and what was well developed and they could work on later.

Brian always loved evaluation, it filled him with pride and Moose was very encouraging and complimentary. When he pointed out what still needed improvement, it was never negative and he always said something like, “… but it’s coming along and you’ll have it in no time, you’ll see!” But more than the ego boost, which was really improving Brian’s confidence and outlook on life, he was really learning how to properly train and maintain his body.

Then it was Moose’s turn. He pointed out to Brian where he’d progressed since last evaluation and it crossed Brian’s mind that Moose was developing at rather fast pace and so he had to ask, “Ummm… Moose…why am I developing so much slower than you are? I mean, my muscles haven’t grown nearly as fast as yours. Is… is there some sort of super protein powder or something I should be taking?”

Moose had anticipated this question and had a deflecting answer ready, “No, Brian, people just develop at different rates. I 'm one of the lucky ones that can pack on muscle rather quickly. I tend to plateau though and don’t progress much after that. I would have to do something truly extreme to progress much beyond what I am now. I’m just about at my limit now, I’ve been here before but over the last couple of years I’ve sorta let myself go and lost some of my mass. I expect to gain probably twenty to thirty more pounds of muscle and then I’ll flat-line; then it’s just maintenance after that… because I won’t use things like steroids to push myself beyond that point. Those things will give you cancer.” He gave Brian a look that said, without saying it, ‘and I really don’t want you to use them either’ “It’s better to build it naturally, we’re doing this for health, strength and to build character; sterioids defeat all three of those goals, am I right?”

“Damn right, Boss!” Brian said and Moose smiled. Brian only called him Boss when they were training or doing something else physical. Brian was actually somewhat relieved as he’d suspected that Moose might be on the juice and that’s why he was growing so rapidly by comparison.

Moose so wanted to pull Brian into a kiss, but instead patted his shoulder back and said, “Speaking of putting on some mass,” Moose patted his belly and chuckled, “let's go see what that cookin' bear of mine has on the stove tonight! I think I smell beef and blackberries.”

Brian screwed up his face, “Eeeeewwww...”

“Not in the same dish, doofus!” Moose said and chuckled again as he threw Brian a towel.

“I know, but the thought of them together just didn't sound that good.” Brian said as he mopped sweat from his forehead and headed for the door and toward the stairs to the apartment above. Moose followed closely behind, admiring the view in front of him, thinking about how well his cock would fit in that tight ass as the pair climbed the stairs. He knew he was falling hard for the kid and he really needed to watch that.

- - - - - - - -

It was Saturday evening, and between rushes in the shop earlier, Rusty had put together dinner in a crock pot that simmered all day, adding the slower cooking vegetables first and other ingredients later. Dessert was going to be a cobbler he had put together during the afternoon lull. Rebekah, Donovan, and Jackie were doing the night hours, and Rusty bid them a 'good night' and headed up stairs as the sun was sinking. Moose and Brian were working out in the garage. He went out to the garage check on them, heard their laughter and kidding through the door as they worked out and decided not to interrupt their male bonding. He popped the cobbler in the oven and had biscuits made and ready to bake a few minutes before dinner was ready. He was putting the last seasoning touches on the stew when Moose and Brian came bounding up the stairs joking with each other.

“How’s my pumped up hubby?” Rusty asked, looking up from his cooking.

Moose grinned, “Pretty damn hot if you ask me.” he said and lifted his arms and curled them in the classic muscle man pose, making his biceps and pecs bounce.

Rusty giggled.

Moose came around the counter into the kitchen and gave his hubby a hug and a quick kiss. Brian was amazed at how comfortable and natural it was for them to do so. His parents had never been so openly affectionate with each other.

Moose rumbled in a deliberately deeper register than he usually used, “So, what’s for dinner, hotness? Your man and his workout buddy worked up a powerful hunger!” and then snuffled at Rusty’s ear which elicited another small giggle.

“It’s a surprise, Norman.” Rusty said, “But I’m guessing you already know with that sniffer of yours.” Rusty grabbed Moose’s nose and gave it a wiggle and then he sniffed at the big red bear, “And it smells like the two of you need a shower.”

“Right!” Brian said, still turned on from the workout and by how sexy this loving exchange between the two had been. He seriously needed to jack off in the shower or he wasn’t going to be able to focus on conversation during dinner. He also wanted to give the couple a little private time. “I'll be back in thirty.” and so headed down the stairs.

Moose whispered in Rusty’s ear as Brian was leaving, “He’s really serious about his workouts, love. You should see how determined his face gets… and how hot he looks when he’s lifting. He’s dead fuckin' sexy too!”

“I can imagine, I went out to give you a dinner update earlier, but decided I wouldn’t interrupt; you two need time together.” Rusty said, “You know, I think it might be a lot about him taking control of his... maybe his destiny… his future? You seem to be just what he needs to find that. It really does me good to see how relaxed and happy he is lately, despite everything he's been through. Youth is nothing if not resilient, I suppose…”

“Yeah. I hadn't thought of that.” Moose said, “I guess I’m sort of a mentor to him… you too, of course.”

“I think so, too. I guess he’s learning a lot about what it means to be gay just by watching.” Rusty said as he was checking on the dessert in the oven.

After a short pause, he looked at Rusty. “And what we were talking about last night... you know… really I think you should tell him. I don't know how to get this kinda thing started.” Moose said.

“No, you should bring it up. It's better coming from you. It will be fine, Norman.” Rusty countered.

“No, I'll just screw it up and scare him off, I won't say the right thing, and...” Rusty put a paw on his love's arm.

“Trust me it’s better coming from you, you’ve bonded in a different way than he and I have. He likes you; hell, he wants you. Can't you smell that? It’s all over him, particularly after one of your workouts; he reeks of desire. It was pretty strong with him standing there.” Rusty paused.

Moose looked down at his hands on the kitchen counter. “Well I can’t say the feeling’s not mutual.” Moose said and absently rubbed his crotch. “If he were a werebear, I’d have him bent over that bench and I’d fuck his perky ass after every session.”

Rusty gave him a look, sighed heavily and rolled his eyes. “Focus, Norman.”

“Sorry love, guess I’m pretty worked up too.” Moose grinned. “But I'm still worried...”

“Tell you what, when we’re talking after dinner, you give me a look if you get stuck and I'll pick up, but you need to start off. Trust me. You’re the one he’s kindred to; God knows how that happened, but it did and it’s why he’s such a natural fit with you.” Rusty smiled at the anxious-looking bear. “Kinda different bein’ a Papa Bear, isn’t it?”

“Particularly to a human cub.” Moose mused.

“Now! Into the shower! Cool off that torrent of hormones… maybe rub one out, clear your head.”

“Or you could just give me a blow job.” Moose said lustfully as he pulled his mate into his arms and gave him a kiss.

“Yeah right, that’ll cool things off.” Rusty swatted his lover’s butt, turned him around and made shooing motions and off the lumbering beast went.

After a hearty dinner of beef and lamb stew with buttered biscuits and blackberry cobbler with a very rich, locally made, French vanilla ice cream for dessert, Brian helped clear the table and helped Moose with putting away leftovers and washing the dishes as Rusty sat back on the couch, checking his email.

Conversation between the three revolved around the shelter fire, the tragic loss of life and the possible grim future for those who counted on the facility while they cleaned up. When chores were done and they were all sitting in the living room, Moose gave a nod to his husband, who closed and set the laptop down on the coffee table.

Moose cleared his throat and said, “Brian,” and he placed his large furry hand on Brian’s shoulder. Brian tensed, braced for some kind of bad news. Moose cleared his throat again. “Since you’ve started living here, we’ve grown very fond of you. You’ve proven yourself a remarkable young man. That night, the one of the fire, I think we both realized just how much you mean to us both. We were really frantic, trying to find you in among the staff and residents of the shelter. I can't tell you how panicked I was when I realized you were still in the building and how relieved I was when I found you in that fire and you were still alive.”

Moose coughed nervously, then continued. “I know what we said when we first offered you a place to stay, and it’s still holds true, we don’t want a houseboy or sex slave or whatever, but… what we do want… is to include you. In our home, as part of our... our family”

Brian looked to Rusty, who took his hand in his own and nodded. Brian turned back to Moose.

“So, Rusty and I have a, uh, a proposal for you. We want to share our bed with you. That's if you want to, I mean. Not every night, we understand if you need privacy and alone time. You’d keep the room downstairs for yourself, but those times when we all feel we’d enjoy it; you'd be very welcome to join us. I mean, if you want to. You don't have to. If it's...” Moose stopped and looked closely at Brian, trying to gauge his response, then looked Rusty with a kind of desperate look. Rusty took over from Moose, who was beginning to get tongue-tied.

“We know that you’ve not had a lot of experience with others, from what you’ve said, and with that in mind we'd take everything at your pace, letting you explore as much as you like, as long as you like. We truly want to share sex, companionship and yes, even love with you, if you’re willing and if it would please you.” It was Rusty's turn to look closely for Brian's reaction.

There was a long pause. Brian looked down at his hands, trying to frame the words properly. He didn’t want to hurt either of these wonderful men by saying something the wrong way. Still looking at his hands the young man said, “I’ve never had sex before, the closest I’ve ever come was that one time my boss tried to force himself on me and that really wasn’t sex… that was an attack. I’m a virgin, I guess, and I don’t know how to do a lot of things, so I’m afraid I’d disappoint you. Until recently, I’d never imagined having sex with guys as hairy as… well…”

“Us?” Rusty asked.

“I was going to say me, but yeah. I’d always thought men like us, I mean gay men, were supposed to be with…”

“Smooth guys… girly guys?” Moose supplied.

“Well no, I mean I guess they could have facial hair or something, but you two… I never knew that big hairy guys… I mean I always thought guys like that were straight, like my dad… mean, I’m hairy but I thought…” Brian stumbled to a stop.

Rusty took a breath, and then put his hand on Brian's thigh. “You thought you were alone? The only hairy gay kid in the world, right?” Rusty gave the young man’s leg a gentle squeeze. “Gay men are supposed to be feminine and fussy; smooth, catty, sharp-tongued mean girls. Queeny, slender men with affected high pitched voices, constantly sipping on a cocktail while dressed in drag, with tons of makeup.”

Rusty smiled at the thought. He’d actually known a few guys like that, before Norman, who weren’t bad in the sack and weren’t bad guys when it came down to it. A bit dramatic, but nice guys.

Brian sighed deeply. It felt good to talk with these big, masculine men who seemed to understand, to have had the same thoughts that he had. “You have to understand,” he said, “I was very sheltered and there aren't a lot of resources to find this stuff out if you don’t have access to certain things on the internet. My parents had blocks on the computers at home and the school computers were also blocked. There was no one I knew I could talk to about any of this. After I came out and was kicked out, I didn’t have time to look for what I might like, I had to focus on surviving. Over this last year, I’ve begun to understand what I like... and what I like is guys like us… hairy guys, regular guys.”

Moose could no longer resist, he leaned in and pulled Brian into a long firm hug. Rusty leaned over and rubbed Brian’s back.

“It’s OK Brian,” Moose said “you’ve discovered that you like bears, that you are a bear. There are LOTS of us and at one point or another; we’ve all been there, wondering if there were any others like us.”

Rusty inwardly played with the unintentional double meaning of what his mate had just said in his mind, and smiled to himself.

Moose released Brian from the hug, took his hands in his own and looked him square in the eye. “Remember, you tell us what you’re comfortable with. We’ll ask and suggest things, but the decision is yours, every time, OK?”

Brian nodded.

“How about we start by getting naked together, out here, and do a little exploring before we move to the bedroom and start the ‘asking and suggesting’?” Rusty proposed, as he moved to the curtains to draw them closed.

“I think I’d like that.” Brian said and reached for the bottom of his t-shirt. In moments, the trio wasn’t wearing anything more than their fur and the smiles on their faces.

The image of Moose that Brian had imagined, before seeing him in a tank, was sparsely covered compared to the furry beast he’d come to know and who stood before him now in all his hirsute glory. It didn’t look like there was a bare spot on him except where he shaved his neck and places on his hands and feet. The man had serious pelt, even more than his husband.

Rusty pulled the young man’s gaze away from his hulking partner and took Brian’s bearded cheeks into his hands. He gently, kissed him on the lips, slowly pushing his tongue into Brian’s mouth. Moose moved behind Brian and hugged both he and Rusty at the same time, sandwiching him, while nuzzling and kissing Brian’s neck. The feel of that soft fur, rubbing against his own was pure paradise. The young man was fully erect and his cock nuzzled into Rusty’s crotch and slid against Rusty’s erection. He moaned in pleasure as two sets of hands explored his body, gently raking through his fur. He in turn explored Rusty’s generous pelt and was probing in his mouth, caressing the shorter bear’s tongue with his own.

Rusty broke the kiss and grinned. “I think you’re going to like this.” he said and knelt before the young man. He peeled back Brian’s foreskin and began lapping at the precum. Brian arched his back and put both hands on Rusty’s head. Moose pulled him close to his furry body. Brian craned his neck, turning his face up to face Moose and began deep kissing him, their beards meshing as Moose gently began rubbing and tweaking Brian’s erect nipples.

“Don't worry about what to do, Brian,” Rusty whispered softly, anticipating what was flickering though Brian's mind along with the flashes of ecstasy, “your body knows what to do, just let it happen.”

This caused Brian to pulse out precum all over the middle Rusty’s mustache, under his nose. Rusty began licking it out and growled happily at the sweet taste, then engulfed Brian’s entire length. Unsure of what to do in spite of Rusty's comment, Brian stood mute, but his body shuddered on its own in pure pleasure. Rusty expertly teased the young man’s cockhead under his foreskin as Moose continued to play with his nipples, nibbling on his neck as he did so and then he got an idea. He raised his hairy arm above his head and pushed Brian’s face into his deep armpit. The young man was slightly shocked and began to move away but caught the raw male musk. His cock reacted almost instantly, getting even harder than it was and gushing a load of sweet precum which was very quickly consumed by Rusty. Moose, thinking he’d gone too far began to lower his arm and apologize when Brian lifted it back up and pushed his face back into the pit. He began nuzzling, spreading the musk into his beard. Moose held him close and Brian began shaking and moaning in pleasure. Again flashes of Moose mounting and claiming him raced through Brian’s mind as he huffed the bear-scent. Moose pulled Brian’s face out of his pit and forced his tongue into the young man’s mouth, roughly, savagely kissing him, growling deep in his chest, thrusting his erect cock against Brian’s thigh.

In seconds Brian was gripping the back of Rusty’s head, thrusting and shooting down his throat. The strawberry blond bear hugged Brian’s pelvis to his face and took all he gave, tickling his cockhead, sucking and coaxing out every last drop until Brian broke the kiss with Moose and cried out for Rusty to stop. Rusty pulled off and Brian panted, unsteady on his feet. Moose supported him.

“FUCK!” Brian muttered between breaths, “That was the most intense thing I’ve ever felt.”

Moose chuckled. Rusty beamed up at the young man from his kneeling position, “Let me guess... your first blowjob?” If it was possible, the already flushed Brian turned even redder and answered quietly,


Moose gently hugged him, kissing him on the side of the head, “Congratulations then! You just got blown by an expert! I can’t think of a bear equal to the job other than myself; at least not within fifty miles.”

Rusty stood and kissed Brian, sharing a little of the flavor of Brian’s seed with him.

“You taste good Brian, Norman is going to have to have some of that.” he said and gently patted Brian’s balls. Brian smiled.

“Let’s get you into bed. I think some cuddling and a short nap is in order.” Moose said and began moving him toward the bedroom. The oversized bed easily accommodated three men but Brian was purposely positioned and cuddled between the two bears right in the middle of the bed. There’d be plenty of room on either side for more bears. They talked softly of what they could do and what Brian might like.

Brian suggested that he’d like to give Rusty and Moose both a blow job; that he’d like to taste them.

“Uuhhh… that might not be a good idea.” Moose began. Looking deep into Brian’s eyes

“Why not?” Brian asked.

Rusty quickly answered, holding Brian against his chest. “Because, one or both of us might give you what we have.”

“Do you guys have AIDS?” Brian asked frankly, without accusation.

Thinking rapidly, Rusty said, “No, not AIDS or herpes or any of that kind of STD,” Rusty thought quickly, “but we might be carriers of hepatitis C… There’s no risk to you as long as we use condoms. It’s suggested that if people with it have sex where there might be blood involved, like anal sex, condoms are a wise precaution.” Rusty silently congratulated himself on having recalled an article he’d read a couple of months back on the subject and the plausibility of it as a reason for not engaging in fluid transfer. “We have a supply of condoms here in the bedroom, in the event we have company who would like to play with us.”

“But how'd you know I didn’t have an STD?” Brian asked.

“Because you would have said something, Brian” Moose said, “Just like we’re saying now. I’m telling you so you know the risks. It’s my fault. I had body fluid transfer a couple of years back with a friend. I was irresponsible and caught it, despite his use of condoms for my protection. Rusty’s positive for what I've got. Lots of people live with this sort of thing and don’t endanger others with it. We’re careful not to infect others when we play.” Moose concluded, having built on Rusty’s cover story in a believable way, even including the truth about their condition being his fault.

“However, if it makes you uncomfortable, we can just cuddle and jack you. Certainly giving you oral won’t hurt you in any way.” Rusty said.

Brian was thoughtful for a moment.

“No… No I’m not uncomfortable. We can use condoms and I’ll be just as happy.” He said brightly… and then yawned. “Oh man!”

“Tired?” Moose asked.

“A little. You mentioned a nap?” the young man smiled.

“That we did! Bears like naps.” Rusty said and the two bears cuddled the young cub between them; stroking his and each other’s fur. It was about 9 pm, a little early, but naps after sex is something built into the Y chromosome. They snuggled until all three were fast and deeply asleep.

- - - - - - - -

The moon rose high and full in the sky and Brian awoke with a start. By the height of the moon in the sky coming through the windows, Brian guessed it was probably 12:30 or so. Sleeping with someone was a totally new experience, and here he was with two hairy naked men. The dream he’d been having was a little scary, but exciting too.

He was trapped in a building and all the doors he tried were locked, and the walls were moving in to crush him. Someone was pounding on the walls, yelling but he couldn’t tell who it was; the voice was muffled so he couldn’t make out exactly what they were yelling. He pounded back and there was more unintelligible yelling, then he could finally make out that it was someone was yelling his name.

He pounded on the wall again and this time there was a loud roar and a huge grizzly broke through the wall, Brian fell back and the bear stood over him. He was terrified, the bear was sniffing him and then he scooped Brian up and ran with him out into the sunlight and he was free, the bear disappearing in the light.

It was obvious who the bear stood for in the dream. It was simple, the dream represented Moose rescuing him from the fire, but why a bear? Why had he seen Moose as a bear in both his dream and the hallucination in the fire? Moose WAS big and strong and hairy, just like a bear. He kinda lumbered like one too, which Brian found endearing. They called themselves bears. Was that it? Brian reached out a hand and gently stroked the furry shoulder of the big man.

From behind Rusty whispered in his ear, “He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?”

“Yes.” Brian wasn't aware that Rusty had been awake, but, oddly, wasn't bothered or concerned.

“I fell in love with him so quickly I didn’t even realize I had, until the first time we were apart for more than a few hours… when he went to gather his things and say goodbye to his kids. It was the first time I ached for him; for his absence and his pain.” Rusty said.

There was a pause and he continued, “That wounded him deeply, leaving his kids, but deeper still was how they were turned against him. It’s healed over mostly, but it’s still there and surfaces occasionally. He carries it well. He pretends it’s all over, but I see it in his eyes those times.” Moose snored on and Rusty sniffed a little. Brian knew without looking that he was tearing up. Rusty cleared his throat quietly and said, “You mean a lot to him, Brian; to me, too.” Rusty whispered, and squeezed Brian's shoulder.

Brian turned to face Rusty and was suddenly overwhelmed by emotion. He pulled the bear to him and kissed him hard and then, when their lips parted he said. “How did I never know there was such tenderness in such gruff looking men?”

Moose reached over and in a sleep roughened voice said, “’cause we big ol’ gruff bears don’t show it to most folk.” as he scooted closer to Brian’s back and kissed him in the furry middle of it.

Moose was hard and his cock poked Brian’s thigh.

Brian giggled. “Someone’s got early morning wood.” He gulped. “Did I just say that?”

Rusty laughed, “You did and he’s got early morning, morning, late-morning and all-day-long-into-the- night wood.”

“And that makes you a very lucky bear!” Moose said reaching over Brian to pat Rusty’s shoulder.

Moose scooted in even more and Brian found himself sandwiched between two very warm, very furry, very good smelling bears. He nuzzled into Rusty’s chest fur and beard, inhaling deeply, getting hard as he did so.

“How about the three of us get into the shower and clean up some.” Moose suggested.

“But, we took a shower after the workout,” Brian said, “and I used deodorant.”

Rusty kissed the young man on the lips and smiled, “I don’t think Norman was suggesting that you stink. I think he has something in mind that you will probably really enjoy and he doesn’t want you to feel self-conscious.”

Moose was nibbling on Brian’s ear, breathing hotly, which sent shivers of pleasure down Bran’s spine.

When Moose had stopped and Brian had gathered his composure, he asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Moose moved his bearded lips from kissing the back of Brian’s neck to the young man’s ear and whispered, “I want to rim you.” Brian obviously didn’t understand so Moose explained, “I want to lick your butthole; it drives most guys wild, but to do that I want to clean you. Of course Rusty and I will clean up the same way too. That way none of us feels like we’re offering a dirty hole. Come on, I'll show you.” Moose patted Brian’s furry butt. “So as Coach Vic used to say back in school, ‘…let’s hit the showers men!’”

Brian scrambled out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. Moose started to get up, but Rusty put a paw on his arm. “We've got to be careful, Norman, we don't want to...” Moose stopped him, “I know, and I will be careful, slow and easy, no rushing him.”

“That isn't exactly what I meant, Norman.” Rusty paused, gathering his thoughts. “We know that guy tried to rape him. I'm afraid that he might think that's all he is good for...”

“You mean, being someone's bottom, only that, just being used?” Moose asked. Rusty nodded.

“Relax, sweet bear. I got that handled. Watch and see... it'll be fine!” Moose pulled Rusty up off the bed and hustled him into the bathroom.

During the shower Moose and Rusty lavished attention on Brian as he’d never experienced before. Head to toe they washed him; luxuriating in the feeling of his soaped up body. He, of course got to soap each of them with the help of one of the other husbands and of course, as Moose had said they were cleaned both outside and in… the irrigation attachment was a completely new, but not unpleasant, experience for Brian.

Once toweled off, the trio returned to bed. Moose dug out the Spartan brand Mega size condoms and lube and handed one to Brian. “Would you like to put a raincoat on my cock?”

Rusty giggled, “Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?”

Moose laughed but Brian had a puzzled look on his face. “It’s from a movie, we’ll show you later.” Rusty said.

Moose was stroking his cock, but Brian took over, marveling at how another man’s cock felt in his hand. He thumbed the head and Moose shuddered with pleasure and growled, “Fuck!”

Brian’s thumb was covered in clear precum as he worked Moose’s cockhead, squeezing out generous globs of clear bear nectar, covering his thumb. He started to raise his thumb to his mouth.

Rusty quickly said, “Here… let me help you with that.” Taking the young man’s hand to his mouth, engulfing his sticky thumb in his mouth, sucking on it suggestively… Brian smiled widely, remembering how well Rusty had sucked his cock earlier. Rusty then bent down and suckled Moose making ‘mmmm’ sounds, obviously enjoying the flavor.

Moose looked down at his love, smiling and then looked up at Brian and pulled the young man into a deep tender kiss. Rusty pulled off and gave Moose’s cock a kiss and Brian then broke the kiss with the big bear.

Brian tore open the package and pulled out the condom and rolled it over the monster jutting up and out of a thicket of dense red crotch fur. Once on, Brian himself bent down and took as much of the sheathed cock into his throat as he could before gagging.

“Take it easy there Brian,” Moose said. “If you slow down a bit it will be easier. It’s not a race, even as horny as we all are. We have plenty of time.” Brian took the advice and sucked Moose for a few minutes as Rusty had. The two bears kissed and played with each other’s nipples while Brian got acquainted with the art of cocksucking.

Brian pulled off and as Rusty had done, kissed the cockhead with the same love and reverence. Brian realized this was foreplay and a ritual of love at the same time.

Moose then handed Brian a condom from another box of Spartans. These were not the ‘Mega’ size and were intended for Rusty. He repeated the ritual that was performed on Rusty, sucking him and Brian then sheathed Rusty’s thick blunt cock in a condom. Brian found it easier to suckle Rusty as he didn’t go down quite as far in the throat as Moose had. He also gagged less owing to Moose’s advice to take it slow and easy.

Once both bears were ready, Rusty lay on his back and spread his legs, his cock jutting straight up with his head toward the foot of the bed and suggested to Brian, “Why don’t you and I sixty-nine while Norman rims you?”

Brian was rock hard and leaking. He nodded and crawled over Rusty’s furry body. He took the cock in his mouth as Rusty began vigorously sucking Brian. Moose gently spread Brian’s ass open and began nuzzling his hole with his thick, soft, auburn beard which elicited moans from Brian around Rusty’s cock. Moose began burrowing into Brian’s ass and felt his body began to shudder in pleasure, the young man obviously loving the treatment. This continued for at least a half hour, with short breaks for Brian to cool down. Neither of the bears wanted Brian to shoot too soon, building him up and then letting him cool off.

Moose, having slicked Brian’s hole with spit reached for the bottle of lube and began working it in. Moose said, “I’m going to put my fingers in you Brian and begin opening you up. What I want to do is get you relaxed and ease my cock into you, would you like that?”

Brian answered an affirmative, “Mmmm hmmm” as he suckled.

Moose gently pushed his middle finger into Brian's lavishly-lubed hole and sought out his prostate; when he found it, Brian moaned from the pleasure. “You OK there, buddy?”

Brian managed to gasp out a “FUCK Yes!” while Moose repeatedly pressed and rubbed the young man's nut.

Rusty swatted Brian’s butt gently to let him know he wanted to separate. They shifted so the pair were face to face as Moose began to work a second meaty, blunt finger into Brian with more lube. “Second finger... you doing OK?” Brian nodded. He’d never done anything like this before and he loved how good it was making him feel.

Over the course of the next half hour, while Rusty and Brian kissed, Moose relaxed Brian’s anal ring using plenty of lube. “Three fingers... good bear!” Moose was spreading his fingers apart, managing to get his pinky in, opening Brian up gently. Four fingers was a lot, but Moose didn't want to hurt Brian, especially this first time. When he was ready he handed the bottle of lube to Brian and motioned him to get up. None of the three were in the least bit soft.

“Lube my lil’ ginger bear up.” He said and Rusty got on hands and knees.

Brian, having paid attention to how Moose had worked lube into him, began doing the same for Rusty. The process, of course, didn’t take more than half a minute. Rusty had been used to taking Moose’s size for years and opened up immediately.

“Now mount that hot bear’s ass like a man!” Moose rumbled huskily into Brian’s ear sending shivers of pleasure and anticipation through the young man. Suddenly, though, a doubt intruded.

“Can I?” Brian's cock was straining, rigid and dripping from the prostate massage Moose had given him, but Brian was unsure of how to proceed or if he should. This was, after all, the mate of the huge red furred man whispering in his ear. “I mean, is it OK with you?”

“Sure. It's all give and take. It’s not like we haven’t played with other bears before, you know that; and it's not about dominance and who’s a pitcher or a catcher, it's about pleasure. He wants you in him as much as you want to fuck. Look at yourself.” Moose nodded downwards towards Brian's rigid, drooling pole, taking it in his big paw and giving it a firm squeeze, which made Brian moan in pleasure. “Listen to what your body's telling you, man. It's just as natural as anything else we've done. Just center your cock on his hole, but don't be afraid to do what your body wants to. My lil' bear's real sturdy, he loves to be pounded and I doubt you can be too rough for him.” Moose was grinning as Brian moved tentatively up to Rusty's waiting ass. “Feel that, that little flex as your tip meets his pucker?”

Brian nodded.

“That’s my bear welcoming you into him.” Brian turned his face to Moose with a ‘kid in the candy store’ grin which Moose returned. “OK, you're good to go! Push into his hot furry ass.” Moose patted Brian's butt.

Brian thrust forward and sank his cock deep in one stroke, gasping from the sensation. “God DAMN!!” he breathed in pure pleasure. Rusty growled in equal pleasure, Brian wasn’t as big as Moose, but Rusty’s nut was being rubbed just as effectively.

Brian was flooded with a heady mix of sensations he had never experienced before. He had never dreamed of fucking a hairy furball before. The sensation of fucking was utterly different than jacking off. His cock felt enveloped, surrounded by heat and pressure and sensations he couldn't describe, but that were wonderful beyond expectation. He pumped his cock in a natural rhythm that he didn't know he knew. Rusty pushed back in time with him, giving the young man even more stimulation, then eased down on the bed.

As Rusty settled into a laying position on his belly, Moose put his paw in the middle of Brian’s back and said, “You ready, cub?”

“I think so.” Brian said. Rusty was massaging Brian’s cock with his ass muscles, squeezing and milking it as the pair lay still, waiting for Moose.

Moose mounted Brian, putting his cockhead to Brian’s anus. Brian tensed a bit. “Relax buddy,” he said soothingly, “just push out a little like you’re taking dump.”

Brian did and felt Moose’s cock begin to invade him and tensed again, Moose stopped but did not pull out. “Push out against my cock, Brian.” Brian did as instructed and suddenly Moose was halfway inside, which caused Brian to gasp.

“That’s it, slow and easy. You OK?” Moose asked.

“Fuck!” Brian said, “Better than OK! That feels SO good!” Rusty had not stopped milking Brian’s cock and now Moose was rubbing Brian's prostate with his huge monster.

“I'm gonna hold here for a bit, let you get used to having a bear in your butt, OK?” Brian nodded, unable to speak clearly. Moose held still until he felt Brian's muscle ring relax, then slowly pushed in more. Brian clenched around Moose’s rod and relaxed and repeated. He was learning from what Rusty was doing. “That feel’s fuckin’ good, buddy.” Moose rumbled. He pulled back slightly, then pushed back into the young man. He repeated, each time a little deeper into Brian's virgin ass, until most of his cock was inside.

Moose chuckled, “OK buddy, Papa’s going to start fucking you now. That’s going to force your cock into that sweet dick-milker you’re in. You ready for that?”

“Fuck yeah!” Brian almost growled.

With that Moose thrust all the way into Brian. The motion brought a gasp from the young man and a grunt from Moose. Brian felt impaled by Moose's cock, but he didn’t feel harmed or used. It was as if he was being given a gift, something he had desired without actually knowing what it was he had wanted. Just fucking Rusty had been wonderful: this was heaven!

Moose slowly started building his speed, and Rusty squeezed Brian’s cock on the out stroke and relaxed on the in. Taking note of what Rusty was doing, he began doing the same to Moose and concentrated on the rhythm Moose was setting.

The three were moving in sync and all three were beginning to sweat. The effect of being up close and personal with the musk of two bears was pushing buttons in Brian, sending sparks from the base of his brain down his spine and throughout his body. Before he knew it, he was roaring and for the first time he shot his seed into another man. He growled in pleasure, cursing a blue streak as he thrust as hard as he could into the furry beast beneath him.

“That's it, bear! Breed my hubby's ass!” Moose growled with pride, “Give him your bear seed!”

Brian grunted out as he emptied the last of his load; but the bears were not done with him yet. Moose kept his rhythm and Rusty continued to milk the cock that remained hard; drained, but still hard. Brian was not thinking about anything except the fireworks exploding in his brain and soon he was getting back in sync with Moose and Rusty as his senses returned to him.

Moose, now aware that Brian was completely open and relaxed, began speeding up. Brian was having a hard time keeping up and Moose pushed him down into Rusty so that he was immobile. Brian laid on Rusty and gave up on thrusting into his cum slicked hole, which continued to milk his cock. Moose began pounding into Brian, rubbing his long, fat dick across Brian’s prostate. In turn Brian’s cockhead was rubbing against Rusty’s prostate and the pair were growling together like bears in heat. Moose snarled and chuffed, jackhammered Brian five more strokes before roaring at the top of his lungs in orgasm, squeezing Brian’s shoulders hard as he blew his load into the condom. The pulsing of Moose’s cock set off a chain reaction and Brian began shooting a second load into Rusty. The heat of the fresh load of cum and eager thrusting set Rusty off who arched his back and humped the bed beneath him, cursing and grunting. His ass spasms and Moose’s continued thrusting milked one last load out of Brian as Rusty shot his last in his condom.

Slowly the thrusting subsided, Moose buried his semi-hard cock deep in Brian’s ass and collapsed on the couple beneath him, sweat soaking his fur and bathing Brian in bear scent. Moose relaxed, hugging Brian tightly and within minutes began to snore.

Brian was starting to feel squished and Rusty said, somewhat breathlessly, “You better wake Norman up before you’re crushed.”

Just as breathlessly Brian said, “Yeah, I don’t think I could stay this way for long.”

He patted Moose’s furry right thigh like a pinned wrestler tapping out, “Moose, you’re crushing us.”

Moose stirred and took his weight off, reaching down and holding the rim of the condom as he gently pulling out of Brian.

Brian in turn pulled out of Rusty. The three rolled onto their backs. After a few moments Moose squeezed his condom off, collecting the seed in the distended condom and tying it off. Rusty did the same. Moose handed Brian a washcloth to dry off and put his and Rusty’s condoms in the bedside trashcan.

The three settled down, Brian again between the two bears. Moose pulled Brian to his damp chest and Rusty spooned Brian from behind.

“Thank you, both.” Brian said simply. “I’m glad my first real experience was with you two. Was I OK?”

“You were perfect, cub.” Moose whispered into Brian's ear.

“We’re very pleased to have been able to do that with you, Brian.” Rusty said, “It takes a lot of trust to give yourself to someone, especially the first time.”

“I’m very proud to have been your first, Brian, and deeply honored,” Moose said and kissed him.

“Hey, I was his first too, I wanna kiss!” Rusty said in mock protest and Brian craned his neck back and Rusty kissed him.

Brian buried his bearded face in Moose’s chest fur, breathed deeply and said, “You smell so good!”

Moose gave Rusty a knowing look and Rusty nodded.

“You smell pretty good, too, Brian. We all smell like sex, but each of us has our own scent and I think it’s a comforting smell to sleep with.” Rusty said, and suddenly yawned. He cuddled up, hugging Brian from behind and said, “Let’s sleep some.”

“I second that.” Moose agreed. Brian didn’t answer; he was already ahead of the husbands and well on his way to dreamland. He was inhaling Moose and Rusty’s pheromones, bonding with the bears as he slept.

He dreamt of traveling naked with bears through mountainous forests in dappled moonlight, running with them and hugging them and petting their fur; he felt safe and protected by them in the night.


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