Friday, June 13, 2014

Who Wants A Bear

We'd both like to welcome our good friend and fellow writer of bear fiction, Hairy1.  We are posting his most recent story here; and he's written a short introduction for you below:
"First off, I want to say that it is a great honor to be allowed to share a story (or two or ?) here at The Writing Bear’s Cave. These are the two men who inspired my great affection for the genre, and frankly for them as well.
My writing style, honestly all over the place, is not the same as theirs, but I think there are some similarities. This particular tale, Who Wants a Bear?, is my most recent (though I have several in the works) and attempts to explore in a light fashion some of our modern concepts of what is attractive. I don’t mean in any fashion to imply that certain physical types are not, this is a commentary from the perspective of the characters.
Pleasant reading. Big bear hugs, Hairy1, aka UrsusPilosus


  1. I think I know what is attractive to me, and your story is well written and engrossing. Thanks for sharing it

  2. Thank you,Hairy1,for the fun read! Thank you,also,Papa Werebear and Ursus Majr,for welcoming your fellow author to this excellent website! Who wants a bear? I think we all do!

  3. Erikr - I am glad you enjoyed the story. You are very welcome, Sweet Cub!

    Anonymous - You are very welcome as well. I agree with you - a lot of us want bears!

    Thanks like these are what makes typing out my stories worthwhile - knowing that others enjoy them. The thank yous are very much enjoyed and appreciated.

    Big bear hugs!