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Brown Bear Coffee House - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Across town, above the Brown Bear Coffee House, Moose growled deeply as he forced his unsheathed cock deep into Brian’s ass. Brian was being stretched out as Moose changed from human to bear. The tightening sensation was driving the bear wild with lust. The young man moaned in passion as he took the werebear’s meat within but the moaning was muffled by the thick dick thrusting and throbbing in his throat, supplied by the bear’s mate.

You’re mine now cub, gonna plow you good! I made you mine and now you’re gonna be just like your daddy!” Moose rumbled and then roared at the top of his ursine lungs, finishing his transformation into full bear shape as he emptied his balls into Brian. As Moose pumped his thick, sticky seed into his cub, Rusty, spurred on by his mate’s magnified scent, began gushing out wads of sweet cum, feeding Brian. The young man’s body started to spasm as he was filled at both ends.

Then it began, what they knew for months now would happen. Fur began growing all over his young muscular, hairy body. His enlarged muscles twitched and he writhed in a mix of pain and pleasure as he started growing into his even larger new form. His face started elongating and stretching into a bear’s muzzle, claws formed on his hands and feet as did thick black pads.

Moose looked down, his thick ursine cock still lodged in his cub’s changing ass, a tail was forming at the base of the boy’s spine and Moose massaged it with his paw, knowing how good it would feel for him. Brian responded to that with a deepening growl of pleasure which caused his changing cock to pump out the remains of his human seed onto the sheets below. Moose reached under and between his cub’s legs and massaged and played with Brian’s growing balls, encouraging them to start producing werebear sperm.

Moose felt overwhelming pride, seeing his cub grow into a bear. HIS bear! Brian grew larger, his body stretching into a new size. He was becoming covered in a rich chocolate brown fur, his thick beard disappearing into it. He developed a longer, more pointed muzzle and his human teeth fell out, to be replaced by a set fit for his new species. His shoulders were more powerful but lacked the prominent muscle hump.

He was a black bear, just like Rusty! He had the longer more pointed erect ears black bears had, which had migrated from the sides, to new positions on his changing skull. Moose had expected him to be a grizzly, like his daddy, but no matter. There was no feeling of disappointment as his cub took on Rusty’s ursine heritage; it just meant the big bear would have two black bears in his bed, one dark and one light!

Moose and Rusty, invigorated by their cub’s transformation were immediately ready for round two and so continued to fuck him. Soon they were shooting more of their seed into his hungry muzzle and ass. The stubby tail that had formed at bottom of his spine wiggled in the cutest way as his hole tightly gripped Moose’s cock in a rhythmic way. Moose growled happily at how funny it was to watch…


Moose was snapped out of his erotic dream by someone screaming. He was painfully hard and leaking precum all over. The screaming caused him to growl and snarl defensively out of instinct.

Oh my GOD! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!” Brian screamed, beating Moose’s hairy chest, trying to escape from his grasp.

NORMAN, WAKE UP!” Rusty shouted.

The young man was trying to wriggle out of the half changed Bear’s arms and he was very frightened. He’d gone to bed with the couple and fallen asleep after a very satisfying round of sex and now he was in bed with Rusty and some sort of… bear… thing… monster something.

Rusty pulled Brian into his arms, “It’s OK… shhh… calm down. It’s just Norman, he won’t hurt you.”

Brian was wild eyed, fists drumming on Rusty. Moose was now awake, in half shift and also quite shocked. He was beginning to change back to his human shape. Brian finally managed to pull out of Rusty’s arms and bolted, naked, out of bed.

Brian, stop!” Rusty pleaded and jumped out of bed, followed after him.

Brian was down the stairs and into his room faster than Rusty could follow, bracing himself against the door to keep the monster out.

Rusty reached the door and tried the handle: locked. He knocked on the door and called out, “Brian, it's me, Rusty. It's OK, Norman won't hurt you. Please... let me explain.” No answer. “Brian.... please. Open the door, or at least listen to me. Brian?”

Rusty began to say something and there was a heavy furry hand on his shoulder. “No love, let me.” Moose said softly.

Brian.” Moose called through the door in a deep gentle tone. There was no answer. “Brian, it's OK, it's me, Moose.”

Brian remained quiet.

There was a pause, and Moose looked at Rusty with worry in his eyes. He was beginning to wonder if Brian hadn’t climbed up on the dresser and jumped out the window. Brian, please come out. I know I scared you and I'm sorry, but you have nothing to fear from me and we have to talk.”

No shit.” Brian said quietly in a very small voice.

Really. Please cub, come out and let's talk.” Moose pleaded.

Why didn't you tell me? What the fuck ARE you?” Brian said a little louder, but still softly.

It's complicated, Brian, but please, come out and talk with me... with us both. Honestly Brian, why would I hurt you? Why would I save you from the fire if I wanted to hurt you? Please come out.”

There was pop sound of the door moving back into position and of Brian moving his bulk away from the door and then the door opened wide. Brian saw the two men before him, completely naked and looking as they always had.

Moose smiled wanly and offered his big paw to the young man.

Brian hesitated for a long time and just as Moose was about to withdraw it, he finally took it, and they walked up the stairs.

Brian sat in the big leather chair in the living room, Rusty and Moose sat on the couch, everyone wearing shorts and T-shirt now.

Tell me this was a bad dream. Please tell me that.” Brian said in a whisper.

Rusty looked at the very worried-looking young man opposite him. “Brian, I know you must have questions, and all this must have been a real shock to you...”

Love, let me do it.” Moose interrupted. “It's my fault, let me, OK?” Rusty nodded.

Sooo... OK” Moose said, “Ummm... OK, Brian... I don't really know how to begin here. I...”

WAS I dreaming?”

No, Brian, you weren't dreaming, if I told you that, I’d be lying. That was me you saw. Me... as a bear. Oh, hell, I KNOW this sounds loony toons, but I swear I am not making this up and you are NOT losing your mind, Brian.” If anything, Brian looked more filled with doubt and fear than before.

Moose sighed. “Look, just believe me for a bit here. You've heard of shape-shifters or have seen them in movies, haven't you, werewolves, weretigers, stuff like that?” Brian nodded his head slowly. “Well we are something like that, Rusty and me. We're what you’d call 'werebears' or ursanthropes. We can change our shape from human to bear and back. We heal fast from just about anything, we don't get sick...”

But... but you said you had Hep C,” Brian blurted somewhat illogically, directing the accusation to Rusty.

We don't. I just said that to cover why we couldn't have unprotected sex with you, something you could believe.” Rusty looked steadily into Brian's troubled eyes.

So... you lied to me.”

Yes, it was a lie, but not completely so, and done with a reason. Would you rather I’d told you the truth of what we are? Would that have been easier for you to accept or believe… or would you have crept out in the middle of the night to get away from the bat-shit crazy gay couple? You would have been back on the street; I didn’t want that to happen. Sometimes a lie is beneficial for more than just the liar.” Rusty's eyes bored into Brian's, not giving an inch.

Then why have sex with me at all?” Brian wasn't in the mood to give any ground, either.

Because we like you... love you. I said what I did out of concern for you. If we had just refused to have sex with you, you would have thought the reason was you, that we felt there was something wrong with you, or that you weren't desirable. Which you are. Desirable.” Rusty said. Brian put his head down in his hands.

Moose got up from the couch and went over to Brian and sat on the arm of the chair and put his arm across Brian's shoulders. “Look I know this is hard, and it certainly isn't what I wanted, or Rusty wanted....” Before he could finish his thought, Brian interrupted.

So, in the fire... when I was picked up...”

What you saw in the fire, of course, was me,” Moose said. “I changed because I needed strength and size to find and rescue you. You were why I was there, but we arrived when we did because Rusty’s werebear nose woke him. Rusty is actually the one who saved your life; I would have slept through it or roused too late to get there in time. A minute or two later and you and that other guy would have died. If nothing else, I’m glad we are what we are because it allowed me to save you and him. I couldn’t have done that as a human; firemen weren’t going in there because that part of the building was too far gone.”

There was a long pause as things sunk in for Brian. Then he said flatly, “So, tell me... how did it happen, you changing, I mean?”

Until about six years ago, Rusty and I were just ordinary middle-aged human beings... just as human as you,” Moose said.

How'd you become... whatever it is you did become?” Brian asked.

Werebears, we're werebears Brian. We change into bears or half form, like you saw tonight and with age we can be anything from fully human form like now to full bear. Some of us are so good at it they can change only part of themselves; an arm or just their head...” Rusty caught Moose's eye and mouthed 'Too much.' Moose nodded and cut it short. “The point is Brian, neither of us wanted to harm or scare you, all we want to do is love you,” Moose said.

Rusty then spoke up, “That's the what. The how is why we use condoms with you. There WAS a reason for our using condoms, but it wasn't Hep C; because, obviously, we do have something that you could catch. About six years ago Norman consumed the seed of one of our close friends. We didn't know he was a werebear. Like us, he was careful to use a condom with humans, but my Norman; well he knew Walt from school and had always been attracted to him. When he found out he was gay, too, he really wanted his cum, but Walt insisted on a condom.”

So after we were done and he was sleeping, I untied Walt's condom and ate the sperm,” Moose said, “and four months later I became a werebear and made Rusty a werebear too.” Brian's arched eyebrow made Moose hasten to add, “No, I didn't know what was happening to me, and I had NO idea what I was doing to Rusty.” Moose hung his head.

Rusty put his hand on Moose's arm, “Norman, you were out of your mind with lust. You were changing; your bear took over and satisfied his need... it wasn't your fault.”

So, is that how it happens, fucking?” Brian asked.

Rusty responded, “Usually, but any exchange of semen or blood will do it. Not saliva.”

Like AIDS?”

NO! It's not like that at all. Our blood and seed heal, they don't kill!” Rusty, on edge, all but shouted at Brian.

But it makes someone a, a werebear, right?”

Yes,” Moose said in a very quiet voice.

Is that what you... that bear... was going to do to me?” Brian said. “Were you going to fuck me?”

No! I would never do that bareback!” Moose said. “I'm different now. I know what's going on. I changed because of a dream I was having about you, about us. Look, I feel a very strong attraction to you and, I know you feel it for me, even now. You feel it, don't you? You felt a chill of excitement and a stirring in your loins at the thought. It happened about thirty seconds ago.”

Brian was shocked. Yes... but how did you know?”

Because I can smell it Brian, you're kicking out 'let's fuck' pheromones like crazy and, well, it's because of me... because I'm making those pheromones, too; and it's affecting you and so it becomes a feedback loop. Brian, I wasn't supposed to be a werebear. There's something called 'kindred' among werebears, well, were-creatures there's more than just...” Moose said.

Rusty interrupted, “Norman, stay on topic,” he said squeezing his love's shoulder.

Right. Anyway, what I'm getting at is, I wasn't kindred and I took Walt's sperm into me and that's usually bad. Usually the human goes crazy with the change and they end up needing to be put down, it's part of the blood thirsty werewolf lore, but if you're kindred, the change goes much easier, which is...”

Norman!” Rusty gave him a look.

What I'm trying to say that, the reason you are so attracted to me, and I to you, is that you must be kindred to me. Somewhere down our family lines, we share an ancestor, which means there's a whole new line of kindred out there now because I have changed. It's why the scent in the sheets and the smell of my musk gets you so worked up; and why I get so damned horny from your scent. Tonight, in my dream, you and I and Rusty were fucking and I wanted to claim you, to bring you into our family. I wanted you to be our cub, for Rusty and me to be your Papas. I wanted to keep you close, and safe and... and to love you. I was so full of joy, dreaming that.” Moose's eyes were glossy with tears just barely held back.

Your scent and that dream is why I think I changed in my sleep. You're the first kindred of my line I've ever encountered. But Brian, please know… I wouldn't have harmed you. Deep down you know it's true, my scent is telling you that I wouldn't, it's why you're not afraid anymore, you can smell it... because it goes both ways with kindred and werebear. I wouldn't have raped you in my sleep and if I'd woken up and you hadn't first, I would have shifted back and gone back to sleep. Brian... I'm not a monster: I wouldn't and won't harm you.”

There was silence for some time as Brian considered all he'd just learned, then he slowly said, “I believe you. I don't think you would harm me. But it's not a full moon tonight. Can you change whenever you want to? Can you control it? Or does it control you? Look, I have to know, do you think your bear would?”

No! The me that is the bear and the me that I am now are one in the same. Changing at first unsettles things, but as the years go on you gain more control.”

OK... then I want to see,” Brian said, now almost defiant instead of scared.

Moose looked and Rusty and his mate said, “Well go on, he's curious.”

I get that.” Moose said, “Are you sure it won't freak you out again?”

Brian nodded. “Go on,” he said.

Moose stood up, moved the coffee table to give himself more room between the couch and chair. “It's kinda fun to rip out of clothes, but that gets expensive after a while. I'm mostly tee shirts and shorts or sweats anyway, but still, I have my favorites I don’t want to ruin.” Moose said as he stripped out of the shorts and shirt and got on all fours, hands and feet flat on the ground with his butt in the air; and then he began to shift his form.

Brian watched intently as Moose's body stretched, as bones grew and rearranged. He watched as his face pushed out into a muzzle and auburn fur covered his body, his tail formed and grew fuzzy. His ears migrated and changed shape, and claws replaces finger and toe nails and finally, Moose was a grizzly bear, standing on all fours. He looked over at Brian, and snuffled the air. He sat back on his butt and growl-warbled something, turned his head and winked one eye at the young man.

Did he just try to say something to me?” Brian asked Rusty.

No, he said something to me, but it was about you,” Rusty said.

What did he say?”

He said: Judging by the scent the cub is giving off, I think he's kinda turned on, a little frightened though,” Rusty said.

And he could tell all that by my scent?” Brian said.

Your mouth can lie, your body's scent tells the truth,” Rusty said. “I could tell the same thing by your scent, so I wasn't surprised. Scent is language to us, to all bears, really. Now, Norman hasn't become a slavering beast and he isn't holding you down and raping your brains out, so I'd say it's probably pretty safe to go over and pet him... he rather likes that,” Brian was hesitant, “Go on! I can tell you want to by your scent too, and so can he.”

Brian looked over at the bear who stuck his tongue out and licked his big wet black nose. He shrugged and walked the two or three steps over to the bear and began petting him like an overgrown Rottweiler, scratching behind Moose's ears.

Moose warbled and chuffed something and Rusty translated, “He said he really likes being scratched behind the ears, but if you want to make him happy, rub his back or his belly.”

OK, so which?” Brian asked.

Moose lay down on his side and then rolled onto his back, his forelegs held close to his chest with the paws bent and his back legs splayed, like a dog would.

He's being cute, isn't he?” Brian asked. “Wait... can he understand me?”

Of course, but yeah... he's laying it on – thick. Usually works too.”

Moose whuffed.

Norman is showing you his belly like a dog would; to show you he's being vulnerable... well, he’s not really that 'vulnerable', being a werebear and all, but it's the gesture that counts, I suppose.” Rusty smiled warmly.

Brian knelt and with both hands, began rubbing Moose's belly. The bear almost purred in pleasure and twice bent his neck forward to lick Brian on the face. Moose's increased bear musk was having an effect on him, he was becoming horny and on the third time Moose bent forward, Brian grabbed the bear's head, put his lips to the front of the muzzle and thrust his tongue into the bear's mouth.

Brian was surprised at his actions and it was more than a little odd for him, because it was like kissing a big dog. Still, the lust was rising in him and he just went with it. Rusty was getting the feeling that Brian was becoming just a bit more comfortable with the situation, maybe more than ‘OK’ with what they were.

'There's more we need to discuss with him, but that can wait until tomorrow.' Rusty thought, looking down on the two cavorting figures on the floor. He figured that things were going to be fine; maybe a hiccup here and there after tonight, but generally fine... and he was really tired. A giant yawn escaped, and Rusty realized he was minutes from falling asleep on his feet. What was happening on the floor was likely to become more involved and he decided to interrupt.

OK you two,” Rusty said yawning, “You've both kissed and made up... can we please go to bed now?”

Brian was a bit embarrassed. “I still can't believe this is real. But that felt... really good.”

Oh, it's real, all right. So, bed?” Rusty yawned again, a real jaw-cracker this time.

Umm... sure,” Brian said. Moose growled something out to Rusty and the strawberry blond bear nodded.

What did he say?” Brian asked.

He wants to sleep in full bear shape, with you snuggled in his arms, if you would like. He wants to show you he can behave. I think it's a pretty good idea myself, given all that's happened tonight. I'm beat. Think I'll sleep in half form next to you two, I seem to recharge faster that way. Trust me, you won't need covers. Maybe we should crack a window open, you're going to be warm. You up for that?” Rusty yawned again and stretched his arms over his head, his furry belly exposed as his tee shirt road up. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it in the chair behind him.

Yeah... yeah I'm up for that,” Brian said.

Good! Now come here and give Papa Rusty a good night kiss and we can get some sleep.” Rusty held out his furry arms for a hug.

Brian wrapped his arms around the shorter man and kissed him. Rusty held Brian as he began shifting into half form. Brian could feel the change happening, muscles building under the fat, the body reshaping; and it had the desired effect... Brian was very turned on. Rusty wanted good associations with the transformation. He then released him with a quick lick of Brian’s lips and stepped out of his shorts. Brian returned the lick with a kiss. Rusty was slowing his change, but was still quickly covered in orange tinted white fur at this point. Rusty pulled Brian’s shirt off as Brian shucked his shorts.

Damn! You're pretty! I thought you'd be a grizzly,” Brian remarked.

Rusty shook his bearish head, “I'm a Kermode. I've no idea how that happened, but I am.”

Brian's eyes grew wide. “You can talk!”

In half form, yes. Norman’s command of English in half form isn’t as good, something he needs to work on.”

Moose snorted and chuffed in reaction to that comment.

He patted Brian's furry butt and pointed to the bedroom. He motioned over his shoulder to Moose and the big bear rolled to all fours and followed the pair into the bedroom.

The bears piled into the huge bed. Brian went to the window and opened it a little while Rusty finished his metamorphosis and after drawing the blackout curtains over it, snuggled down between the two bears. He kissed them both on the muzzle and with his butt against Moose's front and Rusty facing him; the bears laced their arms around the young man. Moments later, man and bears were asleep.

In the morning, Rusty awoke in human form. He looked over at Brian, and the grizzly, his Norman. He was still embracing the man in his huge furry forelegs, huge paws wrapped around Brian’s torso, like he was the grizzly’s teddy bear. His furry hind leg thrown over Brian’s legs, both sleeping so peacefully. It was simply an adorable sight.

It was Sunday, the coffee shop wouldn’t open until noon and of course the PT office was closed; there was time before breakfast to just enjoy. He lay there, watching the two, happy and content.


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